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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Jul 26, 2020 11:40 pm

*The opening of the show is a recap of last week with the backstage fight between Team Frost & Team Lawless as well as Marshall Murdoch winning the #1 Contender's match and the Wolf Gang assaulting Liam Wood. We head to the announce team to hype up tonight's show and they talk about the prospect of crowning two new champions as well as Crime Lord becoming King of 6CW and who will gain the advantage heading into War Games.

Jackson Jackson then enters the arena and heads for ringside. He holds the 6CW Championship up to the camera and says that whilst he congratulates Marshall Murdoch on winning last week there is no way he will be leaving tonight as champion. Jackson goes through the list of everyone who has tried and everyone who has failed, adding that Murdoch will be added to the list tonight. Jackson says he's heard a lot of comparisons between he and Marshall in terms of their careers but he shrugs them off saying that Murdoch hasn't achieved anything compared to him and will always be a perennial "nearly" man. Jackson says he has backed up the hype each and every time he steps through these ropes.

Marshall Murdoch interrupts and he says Jackson has always had a big mouth and loved the sound of his own voice but he prefers to talk with his fists so how about they bring the main event forward and get started right now. Security arrive to make sure both men are kept apart as they continue to trade verbals. Charles and Karl Kramer then make their way onto the stage and they just want to make it clear to whoever wins tonight that their reign will end at Beachfront Brawl when they defend against the King. Jackson jokes that he has already beaten Crime Lord and Murdoch says if Kramer somehow squirms through again tonight then he owes him one. CK reminds Murdoch that if it wasn't for his nephew he wouldn't even have his shot tonight. The King granted him an opportunity but he can soon take it away. Jackson interrupts the back and forth to tell Marshall to get his game face on because tonight's main event will be the most difficult match of his career

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Jul 26, 2020 11:56 pm

*Team Lawless are in Miss Jessica's office and she is making it clear that she expects nothing but total domination during the tables match tonight. She says they fired a warning shot last week but failure is not an option so they cannot rest on their laurels. She shrieks at them about gaining control of 6CW and that she will do "anything" to make sure that happens. Johnny Lawless enters and hands her a file, saying that he has begun putting the plan into motion.

*Clarke James is interviewed before the strap match and he says that he is fully aware that everyone expects him to take a beating tonight at the hands of Ojore but that isn't going to stop him from going out there and fighting. He knows the dangers but he says he used to run with a bunch of guys who caused a whole lot more damage than the Wolf Gang so maybe he'll surprise a few people with what he has planned for Ojore. Travis Sharp asks his opinion on the main event and CJ admits he is friends with both so he just hopes they put on a match for the ages. Marshall Murdoch enters the scene and they hug. Marshall asks if CJ needs someone watching his back but James says this is his fight and MM needs to concentrate on Jackson. Marshall walks off and CJ heads toward ringside where he finds himself facing Jackson Jackson. Jackson re-adjusts the 6CW Championship on his shoulder and they nod at one another before the scene changes.

*Robin Reborn is prophesising to the Wolf Gang about how tonight they set the record straight and begin to make a serious impact in this industry. He says the oppressors are laughing at them but they'll be the last ones laughing when the power is in the red right hand of justice. Reborn tells Drake and Ojore to finish the nonsense with Clarke James and draw a line because he wants to mistakes later on during the UK Championship match.

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Jul 26, 2020 11:57 pm

Bout 1
Strap Match
Clarke James vs Ojore

JT: Folks we are kicking off this Summer Showdown spectacular with a first ever Strap match here in 6CW….

HE: Finally Clarke James is going to pay for sticking his nose in everyone’s business…..he can’t run and he cannot hide tonight….

JR: The challenge was made after last week’s show and Clarke James accepted, somewhat surprisingly…

JT: CJ isn’t the sort of man to back down from a challenge…

JR: I agree but still….this match dictates that he must be attached to his opponent at all times, that means his usual tactics go out of the window….you have to admit the rules favour Ojore…

JT: No doubt about it….Ojore has the power and size advantage….you’d have to believe he is going to exercise that advantage….

“” echoes out as Clarke James appears on the stage. Pyros explode behind him and then he makes his way down the ramp into the aisleway….

JR: Clarke James had quite the eventful night two weeks ago….as well as riling the Wolf Gang again he also played a huge part in Marshall Murdoch becoming number one contender to the 6CW Championship…

JT: James played a huge assist for his friend and there have been questions arisen from that going into tonight…..will he have a role in the main event?

HE: There’ll be nothing left of Clarke James by time the main event starts, believe me…..he’s run out of road…

James rolls into the ring and then, after a conversation with the referee, reluctantly offers up his wrist so that the strap can be attached….

JT: That is pure leather and if either man decides to use that as a weapon it is going to leave a lasting impression…

HE: Ojore doesn’t even need that….all he needs is to get his hands on CJ and that’ll do enough damage….

“Sandwitches” then sounds out and the mist forms on the stage before spotlights illuminate the giant figures of Ojore and Drake…

JR: I don’t see why Drake needs to be out here for this one…..

HE: He’s showing support for his stablemate…..nothing wrong with that….

JT: And nothing to do with the fact that he also has a gripe with Clarke James? The Wolf Gang haven’t been able to keep themselves out of a single match since they debuted on the roster…

JR: They hunt in a pack and it seems tonight will be no different….

JT: The only absence is the leader, Robin Reborn, but I’d imagine he is busy preparing for his UK Championship challenge later tonight….

Ojore and Drake stand at the base of the ring and glare up at Clarke James, who is pacing back and forth, before Ojore climbs up into the ring. Ojore’s eyes never waver from his foe…

JT: Ojore looks like a predator sizing up its prey….

HE: That’s exactly what he is doing….he pleaded with Reborn to get this match done, he has been desperate to get his hands on Clarke James….

JR: James has proven a slippery customer, that is for sure…..but tonight he can’t go anywhere….

The referee sets about fastening the opposite end of the strap to Ojore’s huge wrist whilst the two combatants stare across at each other. CJ’s eyes are moving from Ojore to Drake and back again….

JT: Clarke may be regretting agreeing to this and he sees his future in front of his eyes….but he was never going to lose face by refusing the challenge….

JR: The rules are as follows folks….you can win by pinfall or submission, there are no disqualifications or countouts…..but you can also win by touching all four corners in a row…..if your sequence is broken at any point then you must start again..

JT: That has to be Clarke’s tactic….he’s smaller and faster….go for the corners….

The referee sounds the bell and there is a brief pause before CJ runs to the first corner and slaps the turnbuckle. He sprints across and slaps the second turnbuckle but barely starts moving again before Ojore tugs him straight back to the centre and drops him with a huge clothesline…

HE: Yeah that tactic didn’t work out too well for him did it…

JR: This could turn into a long night for Clarke James…

Ojore drags James up and nails a massive headbutt that sags him back into the ropes before whipping him across the ring. James grabs at the ropes to prevent himself coming back but Ojore yanks on the strap again and scoops him into a powerslam on the return….

JT: You can see already that Ojore has no intention of touching the turnbuckles….he wants to punish James….

Ojore bounces off the ropes and returns with a huge legdrop across the back of CJ’s neck and rolls him over…………………1…………………2……………….CJ gets his shoulder up.

JR: Ojore almost looks pleased that CJ is putting up a fight….he wants to enjoy this…

Ojore rags CJ up and launches him against the turnbuckle before chasing in for a splash but James moves at the final moment, sending his opponent against the turnbuckle. CJ then runs off the ropes and returns with a flying lariat…

JT: Wasn’t enough to take Ojore down….he truly is a man of war….

JR: He’s a monster….

CJ gets back up and nails a step-up enzeguiri to the temple, the impact echoing around the empty arena, but still Ojore won’t fall…

JT: Those shots had an effect but not enough to drop the big man….

Clarke looks a little confused but then he grabs the strap and he wraps it around Ojore’s neck before dragging him to the corner…

JR: CJ getting creative with the strap….

JT: It’s all legal….

CJ stands on the turnbuckle, behind Ojore, and then he leaps over his head with the strap in hand and connects with a modified version of a snapback neckbreaker (ala John Cena or Charlotte Flair)….

JT: That might just do it….he drove Ojore’s face into the canvass and crushed his throat at the same time….

………..Ojore powers out!

HE: Ridiculous to think that would be enough…..we’ve all seen the kind of damage Ojore can sustain over the years, he’s a machine….

JT: I’ll never forget Ojore’s run in the Xtreme division, he proved his mettle time and again…

CJ looks a little crestfallen but then he remembers Ojore is down so he goes for the corners. He slaps the first two turnbuckles without any resistance….

JR: Clarke doesn’t need a pinfall or submission, however….he can pull this off….

CJ is rushing for the third turnbuckle when Drake climbs up onto the apron. James leaps into a forearm smash on the “Avenging Angel” but that allows Ojore to pull Clarke back to the centre and drills him with a Samoan drop…

JT: All it took was a momentary distraction and Ojore is right back in the saddle…Clarke James is almost in a handicap situation here….

JR: Which is always the case when you are up against the Wolf Gang….

Ojore rakes his boot across James’ face and then he grabs his wrist to drag him toward the corner….

JT: Not sure on Ojore’s tactic here…

JR: I am….he’s going to crush CJ….

Ojore climbs onto the second rope and he bounces up and down, hovering over his opponent, before launching himself backward…


CJ manages to roll out under the bottom rope in time, sending Ojore crashing onto the canvass and then he tugs as hard as he can on the strap so Ojore is pulled forward and smashes his face off the ringpost….

JT: James may have just created a huge opening for himself…

CJ rolls back in the ring before Drake can attack and he quickly scrambles up the ropes. Ojore has rolled away toward the centre but is still grounded….



James lands flush across the exposed chest of Ojore and he scrambles onto the pin……………….1………………………..2…………….thr-Ojore kicks out again!

HE: Still not going to be enough….you’re basically facing the Terminator in there….

JT: Ojore is proving an immovable object….

CJ wraps the strap around his fist and he drops onto Ojore’s chest to drill him with right hands. He wraps the strap around Ojore’s head and pulls back on it, digging it into the face and eyes of his foe….

JR: Clarke doing whatever he has to here….

JT: Survival instincts kicking in…

CJ tries to wrap his legs around Ojore’s huge back to keep him in place but the Ugandan is thrashing around and then death rolls out, crushing CJ in the process. They both get back up and James tries to rush forward but finds himself trapped in Ojore’s arms….


Ojore nails a huge belly to belly slam, landing all of his bodyweight on CJ’s chest as they fall...................1………………………..2…………………3!

JT: Clarke James is as resilient as they come….but these moves are taking effect….

JR: That may have broke a rib or two….

Ojore glares at the referee for a second and then he stands and yells at CJ to get up. Drake is watching with enjoyment….

JT: I’m sure Drake would love to be in there too, dismantling CJ….

HE: He’ll have his chance….

CJ is nearly on his feet when Ojore grips him in a full nelson and begins to squeeze on the sides of his head….

JR: This must be like being trapped in a vice….he’s going to crush CJ’s skull…

HE: If he puts his fingers in his eyes he could pop it like The Mountain in Game of Thrones…

JT: What’s wrong with you?

HE: I never said he should, I said if he did….

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Jul 26, 2020 11:57 pm

CJ is in a whole lot of pain from the submission and looks like he could pass out at any minute. He is in desperation mode as he stomps down on Ojore’s foot and then slings his head backward into his foe’s face….

JR: Clarke fighting dirty here….

CJ manages to drag himself free and then uses the loose part of the strap to pull through Ojore’s legs and he launches upward…..

JT: Straight to the crown jewels….all legal….

Ojore groans in agony, doubling up, and CJ quickly slams him down with a double armed DDT………………..1………………….2………………….Ojore pushes CJ halfway across the ring.

JR: What does it take?

HE: Something that Clarke James does not possess….he isn’t capable….

JT: He’s going for the turnbuckles again….

CJ stumbles over and he slaps his hand against the first turnbuckle before quickly doing the same to the second. Drake rolls into the ring to prevent the third being reached but as he runs at James, CJ forward rolls underneath him….

JR: He’s got three….he only needs one more….

Drake tries to launch an attack again but CJ pulls down the top rope and sends him tumbling over to the outside. He then staggers up and makes the final jaunt….

JT: James has got this….


James is about to reach out to slap the final turnbuckle when Ojore thunders into him with a running block (Pounce) that takes CJ off of his feet and crashing into the ropes. Ojore then grabs the loose part of the strap and wraps it around CJ’s throat before throwing him over the top rope….

JT: This is sick….he’s trying to hang him over the ropes…

JR: And he’s succeeding….James is going to sleep here….

HE: It’s all legal, he can do what he wants….make CJ pass out and he can do as he pleases…

CJ’s face is quickly passing from red to purple as the strap tightens around his throat. He kicks his legs in midair, with nothing to save him, and then Drake comes forward…

JT: The hell is he doing? NO HE CAN’T…

Drake has a kendo stick in hand and he lashes it repeatedly into the exposed stomach of CJ to add insult to injury, leaving deep red welts. The referee climbs from the ring to confront Drake…

JR: I don’t think this is wise from the official…

JT: But he’s absolutely right…..this is hard enough for CJ without having to fight Drake as well, this wasn’t billed as a handicap match….

Drake is merely amused by the referee’s remonstrations as Ojore drags CJ back onto the apron and then uses the strap to launch him over the ropes into the ring. CJ barely has fight in him as Ojore drags him up…


CJ responds with a thunderous low-blow, making Ojore’s eyes water, and then Drake shoves the referee to the floor and rolls into the ring…


Drake rushes forward for the spear but CJ steps aside and sends him crashing through Ojore. CJ takes advantage of the shock on Drake’s face and launches him from the ring….

JT: Drake just took out his own partner….CJ has outsmarted them again….he’s got it in the bag….


HE: Why are you counting? The referee is still outside the ring….

The referee is rubbing his back, following the push from Drake, but he gets back up and rolls into the ring……………………….1……………………………2………………………………3!

JT: Ojore just had enough time to recover….Drake affecting the outcome of this match once again…

JR: Ojore may have kicked out but he also may have cracked ribs and all CJ needs is to touch all four turnbuckles…

CJ looks briefly disappointed by the kickout but quickly stumbles up to reach the corners. He slaps two in quick succession and then makes it to the third with his outstretched palm. The fourth and final turnbuckle looks an inevitability….

HE: Not so fast…

CJ meets resistance as Ojore, despite being badly winded, is holding fast on his end of the strap. James is trying to pull back and slap the turnbuckle…

JT: James just can’t summon enough power…

JR: Ojore is as strong as they come…

Ojore gets both hands on the strap and then he pulls with all his might and brings James into a huge back body drop. James holds his spine as Ojore stumbles up and then bounces off the ropes….


Ojore leaps into the air for a splash but James avoids it and then he wraps the strap around Ojore’s head and neck whilst applying a modified crossface….

JR: Sensational improvisation from Clarke James….can he actually make the monster tap out?

JT: James showing why he is regarded in such high esteem….

Ojore is desperately trying to rip the strap from around his neck but not even his giant hands can do anything about the leather digging into his throat. His eyes are bulging as his oxygen supply runs out and CJ continues to rip back on his head and neck…

HE: This can’t be happening…..there’s no way….

JT: Clarke James victorious by submission wouldn’t have been high up on many betting slips tonight but it’s a huge payoff if it comes off…

JR: I’m not sure Ojore will tap…..

JT: Then he’ll pass out instead…

Ojore tries to pull himself toward the ropes but he is a mile away and can’t summon the fight. His head begins to sag as CJ roars from the effort he is exerting….

JR: This may go down as one of the most impressive wins of Clarke James’ career…


Drake is back in the ring and he drops a big elbow on the back of James to break the submission. The referee immediately begins remonstrating but Drake throws him aside…

JT: Always the numbers game, always fighting against the tide….the hell is James supposed to do?

HE: Give in…

Drake kicks James over onto his back and drops several more elbows to the chest before going into full mount with heavy punches to the head. Ojore begins getting to his feet…

HE: Now James is going to pay….he’s been a thorn in the side of the Wolf Gang for too long…..

Ojore stares down at James with anger in his eyes whilst he rubs at his throat. Drake then points to the turnbuckles…

JT: At least one of them is being practical….Drake suggesting Ojore goes for the four turnbuckles…

JR: I’m not sure Ojore will take that method of victory…

Ojore looks annoyed as he walks over and slaps the first turnbuckle. He seems reluctant as he follows up with two more….

JR: Ojore is a “man of war”…..this isn’t sitting right with him and you can tell…

Ojore ambles toward the fourth turnbuckle but then pauses. He shakes his head at the same time he feels a tug on the strap…

JT: And look at the balls on Clarke James….even with his back against the wall…

James is on his knees and he spits on the mat with fury as he beckons for Ojore to come and finish the job. Ojore seems to swell from the provocation….

JR: James would rather go out on his shield….

HE: He’s a fool….

Drake takes a step forward but Ojore holds up his hand to indicate everything is in hand. He grabs the strap and tugs at it so that James gets to his feet….

JT: Looks like they are going to settle this mano et mano….OH!

JR: Slapped the taste from his mouth….

James smirks at Ojore and then spins around to slap Drake clean across the face. Drake staggers and then looks murderous but Ojore rushes in and knocks CJ down with a lariat to the back of the neck. Ojore stands over James…

JT: You can see Drake wants to get him some of Clarke James but Ojore wants to finish this…

HE: And finish it he will…

James is on rubbery legs as Ojore drags him back up. James is groggy but he takes a look at Drake and then shoves Ojore away and crotch chops at Drake…

JR: One last act of defiance….

HE: For nothing….BONFIRE!

Ojore grabs CJ and scoops him onto his shoulders before nailing the “Burning Hammer”. Ojore then applies the “Batista Bite” in the centre of the ring…

JT: He calls this the “Crawl”…

JR: I’m not sure CJ will even be able to do that after withstanding this…

HE: He’s withstanding nothing, this is over…

Ojore is literally crushing James between his arms in the middle of the ring and CJ goes limp after a minute or so. The referee gives the signal to end the bout….

JT: This one is over….James didn’t tap but the pain was so excruciating he passed out…

JR: Dominant victory for Ojore after a valiant display from CJ…..James fought well in a handicap situation but eventually he has fallen…

HE: It was inevitable…

Ojore keeps the submission locked in for another minute before finally releasing, leaving James a flattened heap on the floor. Ojore gets to his feet and after allowing the referee to briefly raise his arm he chases the official from the ring….

JT: The Wolf Gang have finally settled their debts with Clarke James here tonight….

JR: I’m not so sure about that….Drake looks like he wants his collection…

Ojore looks down at CJ and then at Drake before signalling for his ally to take his shot. Drake smirks and then backs up in the corner as Ojore removes the strap from around his wrist…

HE: By time this is over Clarke James won’t be wrestling in this company for a long time….if ever again…..I bet he is rueing ever screwing with the Wolf Gang now….

“Papercut” suddenly booms through the speakers as Marshall Murdoch comes sprinting down the aisleway. Ojore and Drake prepare themselves for a fight but Murdoch merely reaches in and grabs CJ by the heels before dragging him to safety….

JT: Marshall Murdoch coming to the aid of his friend….he wasn’t prepared to sit back and watch him sustain any more damage…

HE: Murdoch is sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong….not exactly the distraction he needs just hours before he challenges for the world title…

JR: Murdoch and James started this journey together, Marshall may be preparing for the biggest match of his life but he wasn’t going to let CJ take anything else here tonight….that’s his boy…

JT: Ojore and Drake got their pound of flesh…

HE: I’m not sure they’ll see it that way….Marshall Murdoch just disrespected the Gang….

Murdoch puts CJ’s arm over his shoulder and helps him into the aisleway. He casts a glance back over his shoulder and Drake & Ojore, who look livid, and then continues to help his friend toward the backstage area.

JR: What an explosive way to kick off the Summer Showdown…..there’s a whole lot more where that came from folks so don’t go anywhere…

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:15 am

*The commentary team talk about the Strap match and how Marshall Murdoch may have saved CJ from career-changing injuries. They then give an update on Liam Wood and the bruised spine he suffered two weeks ago. They say Wood isn't expected back until the next show where he has vowed to unleash the full force of the Viper against the Wolf Gang. The scene then changes and Crime Lord is being interviewed by Christy James. Crime Lord takes offense to Christy saying he has been granted a second chance at the "Road to Royalty" and makes it clear that he is getting what he deserves and that if it wasn't for Charles Kramer he would already be King. Crime Lord vows to set the record straight tonight and then he doesn't care if it is Jackson Jackson or Marshall Murdoch at Beachfront Brawl because they will feel his wrath. He says now is the time for him to rule with the same dominance he had in 6WF, Like It or Lump It!

*Jackson Jackson is shown sat in his locker-room when Perfect Jack enters. PJ says he knows they're fighting different battles right now and professionally they haven't always seen eye to eye but outside of here they've always gotten along so good luck but if he does lose then 6CW could always use his help in the fight against Team Lawless. Jackson takes offense to PJ thinking he may lose and accuses him of being a Marshall fanboy. PJ fires back and says he and Marshall aren't friends, their common ally being Clarke James, and that he was actually rooting for the champ tonight but maybe that was misplaced. PJ says he'll leave Jackson to get his mind right whilst he fights to keep the company alive.

*Cillian Frost is accosted by Charles and Karl Kramer. The Consultant makes the introductions and says his nephew is soon to be 6CW Champion. Kramer says if Frost needs anything he shouldn't hesitate to ask, he and KK will happily aid the cause. Frost tells them that it is good to know he has their support and he'll keep it in mind. CK wants to talk about potential successors as General Manager but Frost wants to concentrate on winning the war first. Frost leaves and CK assures his nephew that everything is falling into place for them.

*We get a rundown of the history between Crime Lord and Karl Kramer heading into their upcoming match. The commentary team then hype Crime Lord and some of his biggest career victories, including the domination during Time Attack and three separate 6WF Championship wins. We get a glimpse of how he returned to 6CW and beat all comers but has been off form as of late whilst Kramer has gone from strength to strength.

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:20 am

Bout 2
Klash for the Kingdom
Crime Lord vs King Karl Kramer

T: A real clash of the titans up next here!

JR: It certainly is Jeff, this is very much a case of the immovable object meeting the irresitible force.

HL: And it's certainly some big stakes, with the title of "King of 6CW" at stake.

JT: While that title doesn't necessarily come with any actual royal perks, it certainly put you at the fore-front of the conversations when it comes to big match scenarios.

JR: A guaranteed shot at Beachfront Brawl, to be exact

“Out of the black” blazes out through the speakers as Crime Lord saunters out onto the stage. He moves from one foot to another on the spot, cracking his knuckles, before strolling down the ramp to the ring. He climbs up the steel steps and then enters the ring through the middle rope.

JT: When it comes to this industry, Crime Lord has pretty much won it all...but he has never been a king!

HL: He should have been though Jeff. He was robbed of that crown by the constant interference of Charles Kramer at Scars and Stripes.

JR: Well we saw at Kramer's coronation that Crime Lord was certainly unhappy with that outcome, he has one final opportunity to claim that crown tonight.

The lights down and then the sound of Canon explodes out of the speaker before O Fortuna kicks in. Karl Kramer marches out onto the stage wearing his royal robe, carrying both the crown and sceptre. He storms down the ramp to the ring, staring down at Crime Lord who smiles back.

JT: Karl Kramer looking regal in his royal attire.

HL: His court jester, Charles Kramer, conspicuous by his absence with Karl even allowed to carry the sceptre!

JR: We all know why The Consultant is not out here with his nephew tonight, because of that disgusting attack which ended with Crime Lord F5ing Kramer onto the royal throne.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Crime Lord and Karl Kramer meet in the middle of the ring for a test of strength of seismic proportions. Crime Lord gains the initial advantage but Kramer soon pushes back, Crime Lord is driven towards the ropes so places his body in between the 2nd and 3rd ropes to force a break in the hold from the referee.

Kramer retreats and welcomes Crime Lord forward to try again. The duo do lock-up once more, but not for long as Crime Lord lifts a knee up into the gut. He applies a side headlock, but Kramer quickly whips Crime Lord into the ropes. He goes for a shoulder block on the rebound but Kramer stands tall and knocks Crime Lord down with a shoulder up off his own.

The veteran rolls up to his feet almost in shock at the power of Kramer. He fires a right hand which Kramer swats away, he then comes back with a couple of right hands of his own and then a big headbutt. Crime Lord stumbles into the ropes, Kramer throws him out across the ring and as Crime Lord returns to the middle of the ring, Kramer connects with a Samoan Drop. He covers.

Ref: 1......................2......Kick out!

Kramer gets up to his feet, he wastes no time in going back on the offensive with a couple of hefty stomps into the abdomen. He rolls Crime Lord onto his front and then applies a waist lock. Kramer lifts Crime Lord up to a vertical base and then connects with a couple of gutbusters. He then throws Crime Lord out across the ring with a gutwrench suplex.

JT: Strong start to this contest from Karl Kramer.

HL: He was never one to lack confidence, particularly with Charles Kramer backing him up, but I think becoming royalty has really taken Kramer to another level.

Crime Lord pulls himself up using the ropes, he walks out of the corner and Kramer takes him down with a clothesline. Crime Lord rolls up, Kramer grabs the right arm of Crime Lord and then pulls him in before nailing another big clothesline. Cover.

Ref: 1.........................2............Kick out!

Kramer allows Crime Lord up to his feet, he hits him with a couple of headbutts which back Crime Lord up into the corner. Kramer uses this opportunity to pummel away at Crime Lord, hitting lefts and rights to the body of Crime Lord. The king of 6CW then throws Crime Lord across the ring to the adjacent corner.

Karl Kramer sprints in and hits a big shoulder drive into the abdomen. He then proceeds to drive a series of shoulders into the abdomen, he then slings Crime Lord over his shoulders and runs out of the corner to deliver a powerslam. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1........................2..............Kick out!

Crime Lord forces the shoulder up. Kramer drags him to his feet, hitting a couple of forearm smashes to the face. He then attempts a suplex on Crime Lord but this is blocked by the multiple-time world champion. Crime Lord then counters with a knee up into the stomach before following that up with a swinging neckbreaker on Kramer. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.......................2.............Kick out!

JR: That could herald a much-needed change in momentum in this contest for Kramer.

JT: Indeed, Kramer was holding court over the match up to that point.

Crime Lord gets to his feet, he immediately starts stomping away on the head of Karl Kramer. He rolls towards the ropes, Crime Lord then drops a knee down across the throat of Karl Kramer. He then drags Karl Kramer to his feet, holding him in the air in a suplex position before nailing a brainbuster. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

Crime Lord synchs in a front facelock on Karl Kramer before dragging him up to his feet. Crimey then fires in some stiff European Uppercuts into the chin, followed by a huge forearm smash that sends Karl Kramer stumbling into the corner.

He then takes a few steps back, before running in and nailing a big boot to the head. Karl Kramer stumbles out of the corner and Crime Lord drops him down to the canvas with a spinebuster. Cover.

Ref: 1................2.............Kick out!

Karl Kramer forces the shoulder up, Crime Lord goes on the attack and stomps away on the head of Karl Kramer repeatedly. He rolls towards the ropes, where Crime Lord continues the stomping attack until the referee steps in. Crime Lord quickly grabs the legs of Karl Kramer, dragging him forward slightly before hitting a choke slingshot.

Crime Lord then lifts up Karl Kramer, before driving his head into the mat with a firm STO. He hauls up Karl Kramer in the hold, and then hits a reverse STO before covering.

Ref: 1.................2...............Kick out!

JT: Ruthless dominance here from Crime Lord.

HL: Exactly what we've come to expect from this legend of the industry.

Crime Lord drags up Karl Kramer and throws him into the corner. He sprints in, hitting a clothesline. Crime Lord then follows this up with a mixture of open and back-handed chops to the top of the chest, with red marks appearing almost instantly on the chest of Karl Kramer. Karl Kramer stumbles out of the corner and Crime Lord connects with a pop-up powerbomb.

JR: Incredible strength from Crime Lord.

Ref: 1.........................2.................Kick out!

Karl Kramer kicks out. Crime Lord boots away on the back before dead-lifting Karl Kramer up from the canvas, hitting a German suplex. He keeps the hold applied and hits a 2nd German suplex. Still the hold is kept in and Crime Lord drags up Kramer for a third German Suplex but the King of 6CW dead-weights and Crime Lord is unable to fling him down.

Crime Lord hits a couple of elbows to the back of the head and goes again, but once more Kramer blocks. This time Kramer elbows away at the head of Crime Lord who is forced to release. He bounces off the ropes to run at Kramer but the behemoth counters with a back body drop. Crime Lord rolls to his feet and Kramer drops him to the canvas with a side-slam. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.......................2...............Kick out!

JT: Yet another momentum swing in this contest.

Kramer climbs to his feet, he proceeds to drop a series of elbows down into the abdomen of Crime Lord. He then climbs up and stands above Crime Lord, who pulls himself up by clutching at the body of Kramer. Triple K lifts Crime Lord high up into the air, walking around the ring with him before dropping him down to the mat with a delayed vertical suplex.

Crime Lord stumbles up to his feet, Kramer stands behind him and connects with a big atomic drop before running off the ropes to take down Crime Lord with a leaping crossbody block. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..........................2.................Kick out!

Crime Lord forces the shoulder up. Kramer drags him to his feet, he then scoops up Crime Lord before walking to the corner where he hits a snake eyes. Crime Lord slumps against the turnbuckles, Kramer sprints in and delivers a big stinger splash to his opponent. Crime Lord slumps down, Kramer retreats to the opposite corner before running in...

JT: Cannonball Senton in the corner!

Kramer drags Crime Lord away from the corner, he then runs the ropes and connects with a leaping splash down onto Crime Lord. He covers.

Ref: 1............................2................Kick out!

Kramer rolls Crime Lord onto his front which he then follows with a couple of leaping knees into the back. He then drags up Crime Lord, holding him across his chest. He stands in the middle of the ring, delivering a couple of backbreakers. He then follows that up with a version of the World's Strongest Slam, driving Crime Lord into the canvas. He goes for the pin.

Ref: 1............................2...................Kick out!

Karl Kramer lifts Crime Lord to his feet, he clenches him around the waist in an attempt to apply the King's Krush Bearhug but Crime Lord headbutts his way out of the predicament. He then grabs Kramer by the waist and slings him out across the ring with a big belly to belly suplex.

Kramer rolls up to his feet, stumbling into the path of Crime Lord who delivers a 2nd Belly To Belly suplex. The King of 6CW rolls up to his feet, Crime Lord runs in and takes Kramer down with a running big boot to the side of the head. Cover.

Ref: 1..........................2................Kick out!

Crime Lord applies a seated rear waistlock on Karl Kramer while simultaneously driving elbows down into the top of Kramer's head. Kramer gets up to his feet only for Crime Lord to drive him into the canvas with a pumphandle slam. Crime Lord locks in a front facelock on Kramer.

He fights up to his feet, only for Crime Lord to drive a series of knees up into the grill of Kramer. He follows that up with a lifting DDT. Kramer rolls over onto his back, Crime Lord leaps into the air and connects with a big leg drop across the throat. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..........................2..............Kick out!

JT: What a contest it has been between these two! Two behemoths just beating the living hell out of each other.

JR: All for the prize of becoming the king of 6CW, a position that of course elevates you very much towards the world title scene.
Crime Lord drags up Kramer in an armbar, he then throws him into the ropes and on the rebound connects with a clothesline. Kramer gets to his feet and Crime Lord drives him into the mat with a spinebuster. He covers.

Ref: 1..............................2.................Kick out!

After the kick out, Crime Lord immediately goes on the attack by stomping away on the head of Kramer repeatedly. Crime Lord steps back to the corner, lining up Kramer, before sprinting in...


Ref: 1...............................2........................Kick out!

JR: Closest we've come so far!

Crime Lord hits the mat in anger. He gets to his feet, waiting for Kramer to rise, before attempting to set up for the Lock n Load but Kramer dead-weights and Crime Lord struggles to get him up into the air. He succeeds on the 2nd attempt but with only a loose grip that allows Kramer to free himself and land on his feet behind Crime Lord.

He scoops the veteran onto his shoulders and then delivers an Electric Chair Drop, Kramer goes for the cover.

Ref: 1..........................2...................Kick out!

Kramer lifts up Crime Lord, he launches him into the corner and Crime Lord crashes into the turnbuckles, flipping into the air and landing slumped in the corner. Kramer runs in, hitting a big knee to the back. He then drags up Crime Lord, before driving him into the mat with a scoop slam.

He lifts up his opponent and delivers three more successive scoop slams followed by a running powerslam in the middle of the ring. Cover.

Ref: 1..........................2.......................Kick out!

Crime Lord forces the shoulder up. Karl Kramer stomps away on him before dragging him to a vertical base. He launches Crime Lord into the ropes...


Ref: 1................................2.......................Kick out!

This time it's Kramer left frustrated at being unable to put away his opponent. Crime Lord is dragged up by Kramer, who throws him into the corner. Kramer runs in...

JR: Kiss the...

JT: Crime Lord moves!

Kramer crashes into the turnbuckles, he stumbles out of the corner, Crime Lord scoops him onto his shoulders...


Ref: 1..............................2..........................Kick out!

Kramer forces the shoulder up and Crime Lord looks on frustrated. He hauls up Kramer and throws him to the corner, where he runs hitting a big clothesline. He then props Kramer onto the top rope and then climbs up to the 2nd rope himself.

JR: My god this could break the ring!

JT: Crime Lord setting up for a Lock n Load from the top rope...

HL: Kramer fighting it.

Kramer elbows away at the head of Crime Lord repeatedly, eventually forcing the release as Crime Lord walks out of the corner. Kramer manages to maintain some balance on the top rope, Crime Lord runs at him...

JR: Wow!

JT: We don't see Kramer fly often at all.

HL: It was more like a fall to be honest but there wasn't half some impact!

Kramer hits a crossbody from the top rope. Crime Lord stumbles up, Kramer picks him up and hits a running double leg drive into the turnbuckles. Kramer steps back...



Ref: 1........................................2...........................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

JT: This one is all over!

JR: Karl Kramer wins, Karl Kramer retains his crown, Karl Kramer is still the king of this company!

JT: Kramer wins the Klash for the Kingdom, exacting a measure of revenge for Crime Lord's attack on his uncle and ultimately proving that he deserves that crown.

HL: It as an incredible contest between these two, full of powerful exchanges but ultimately Kramer came out on top, winning it with his new royal finisher.

JR: All hail the King!

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:37 am

*Ojore and Drake are congratulating one another on the defeat of Clarke James but then they begin talking about Marshall Murdoch's interference and how he has to pay. Robin Reborn shuts them both down and reminds them that the issue with CJ is over. He assures them that the day of judgement will come for everyone in 6CW and they will be held accountable for their part in the injustices but now all focus and attention must turn to Uryu Ishida. Claiming the UK Championship and a modicum of power is just the beginning but it will at least provide a platform for their voices to be heard a little louder. Reborn says they are no longer knocking on the door, they are setting fire to the foundations and they will watch it burn whilst they claim what belongs to them.

*Uryu is interviewed by Fleur Michaels ahead of the UK Championship match. Uryu doesn't want to talk about injuries, says he's had plenty over the years, because he doesn't want any excuses tonight. He says the Wolf Gang make excuses, they want to point the finger and blame everyone else for why life hasn't turned out the way they wanted but he refuses to be that guy, he will not play that card. Uryu says he has had to work hard, probably harder than most, to get where he is today and he isn't about to just hand it over because these young guns want to kick up a fuss and cry about "injustice". Uryu says if Reborn and the Wolf Gang want to implement change then do it with their own blood, sweat and tears just like everyone else. Uryu says he doesn't have any backup here tonight, he hasn't had any his entire career but that has never stopped him from turning up and giving everything, just like he is going to tonight. And when it is over he'll still be the champion.....because every day is like the first day on the job and he's just as hungry for it as he was back then. Reborn doesn't understand that because Uryu doesn't talk about....he is about it.

*Charles Kramer is waiting in the back to welcome King Karl following his victory. KK hands the sceptre to his uncle and CK tells him now they can focus on Beachfront Brawl and becoming 6CW Champion. Marshall Murdoch walks by them to fill up his water bottle and they exchange. Murdoch sarcastically congratulates Kramer but promises him that once he wins tonight there is absolutely no chance he leaves Beachfront with the world championship. CK tells Marshall that he highly doubts MM will win because he doesn't belong at the top and he can see the choke developing already but if he does somehow overcome Jackson then his nephew will victimize and humiliate him live on pay per view.

Marshall smiles before walking away. Perfect Jack is talking to CJ about the attack earlier tonight by Drake & Ojore. CJ assures PJ he is fine and that Marshall saved him. Murdoch makes it clear "That's what true friends are for" which earns a glare from Jack as the scene ends.

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:42 am

Bout 3
6CW United Kingdom Championship
Uryu Ishida (c) vs Robin Reborn

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6CW UNITED KINGDOM CHAMPIONSHIPPP!

JT: Welcome back to the millions of you watching at home! Up next here on this special Summer Showdown, we have the first of two title matches this evening.

JR: It sees the veteran Uryu Ishida defending his 6CW United Kingdom Championship against a former world champion who has returned with a changed attitude, a changed vision and some seriously impressive support.

HL: I think tonight marks the first step on Robin Reborn, and the Wolf Gang's, ascent back to the top of this company.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first...the CHALLENGER...weighing in at 230lbs...ROBIN REBORNNNNN!

"Sandwitches" blares out around the empty arena, Robin Reborn marches out onto the ramp. He stands in the middle of the stage for a few moments before making his way through a misty fog filling the top of the stage. Reborn strides to the ring and climbs up the steel steps.

HL: The Wolf Gang have been incredibly impressive since their arrival back here in 6CW, led by Robin Reborn.

JR: I'm very surprised that Reborn is out here alone tonight, he never usually seems to travel anywhere without his followers.

JT: I wouldn't be too concerned Jack, we know that wherever Reborn goes, Ojore and Drake are never far behind.

Ring Announcer: And now...weighing in at 204lbs...the REIGNING AND DEFENDING 6CW UK CHAMPION...URYU ISHIDDAAAAA!

"Hold On Tight To Your Dream" roars out through the arena and Uryu walks confidently out onto the stage with the 6CW UK Title strapped tightly around his waist. He paces down the ramp, he undoes the title from around his waist and slides it under the bottom rope before sliding it in himself. Uryu leaps to his feet and holds it up.

JT: Uryu has had more than his fair share of his issues with the Wolf Gang already.

JR: He's already defended against Ojore, he now needs to do them same again.

HL: It was hardly a convincing defence, he won by disqualification because Ojore beat him to a pulp.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings to start the match-up off. Uryu and Reborn lock up. Reborn places Uryu into a side headlock, but he quickly attempts to counter with a belly to back suplex. Reborn flips out and lands on his feet behind Uryu. Uryu spins around, he throws a clothesline which Reborn ducks and then chopbocks Uryu down to the canvas. He then mockingly slaps him across the head.

Uryu drives up to his feet, lunging at Reborn in anger who easily counters with a hip toss takedown. The champ rolls up to his feet, , Reborn snapmares him down to the canvas and then bounces off the ropes, hitting a running dropkick to the face. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...............2.......Kick out!

Reborn gets to his feet, he immediately goes back on the attack with a succession of leaping elbows drop down into the chest of Uryu. Reborn then locks in an armbar hold on Uryu, who fights to his feet, only to be sent back into the canvas with an arm drag takedown. Reborn keeps the armbar hold applied as Uryu gets to his feet.

Uryu Irish whips Reborn to the corner, he climbs up to the top rope and moonsaults back onto the on-rushing Uryu. He staggers up and walks straight into knee to the stomach from Robin Reborn, who runs the ropes. Reborn stops dead in his tracks and boots Uryu in the head, he jolts up and Reborn hits a spinning back elbow to the head. He covers.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

JT: Strong start from Robin Reborn to this match-up.

JR: This is the new Reborn we've seen since his return, mixing that trademark speed with a bit more of a vicious side to him.

Reborn goes on the attack with a series of stomps onto the head and neck area of Uryu. He applies a reverse headlock on Uryu, lifting him to his feet and transitioning through into more traditional side headlock. Reborn pushes Uryu back into the corner, the veteran places his body between the ropes to force a break.

The leader of the Wolf Gang steps back reluctantly, but he runs in as soon as Uryu removes himself from the ropes and hits a hard kick the gut. He then unloads on Ishida with a series of punches to the head and body. He switches up to knife-edge chops followed by another hard kick the abdomen. Uryu slumps down, Reborn retreats to the opposite corner before sprinting in and nailing the Helluva Kick.

Uryu stumbles forward out of the corner and Reborn plants him into the canvas with a spinebuster, he hooks the leg.

Ref: 1........................2..............Kick out!

Reborn once again returns to stomping away on Uryu before eventually letting him up to his feet. He pulls in Uryu, hitting a couple of stiff forearms to the face from short-distance, before throwing Uryu into the ropes. On the rebound, he takes him down with a clothesline. Uryu rolls to his feet, Reborn goes for a big kick...

JR: Ducked it...

HL: Roll up from Uryu!

Ref: 1.........................2..................Kick out!

JT: Uryu close to stealing it out of nowhere there!

The pair rise to their feet simultaneously, Reborn throws a punch but Uryu blocks. He fires in a couple of stiff headbutts that force Reborn into retreat. He falls into the ropes, Uryu Iaunches him into the opposite ropes and on the rebound, meets him in the middle of the ring with a high-angled dropkick. Reborn rolls up, Uryu kicks him in the gut and then plants him with a DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1.....................2............Kick out!

Reborn forces the shoulder up, Uryu stands waiting for him to rise before lifting him into the air and connecting with an inverted atomic drop. Uryu then hits a lifting knee to the face before quickly hitting the ropes and connecting with a swinging neckbreaker on the rebound.

JR: Uryu starting up to build up a head of steam here as he looks to try and retain his championship.

Ref: 1.......................2..............Kick out!

Uryu goes straight onto the attack, hitting a couple of knee drops into the face. He then applies a sleeper hold on Reborn, but he counters this with a jawbreaker. Reborn runs the ropes, but Uryu lifts him into the air and slams him down into the mat. Uryu then runs towards the ropes and springboards back to nail a lionsault on Reborn. Uryu covers.

Ref: 1.....................2..............Kick out!

After the kick out, Uryu allows Robin Reborn up to his feet before booting him in the stomach. He goes for a snap suplex but Reborn blocks, and then counters with a snap suplex of his own. Uryu rolls to his feet and Reborn takes him down with a clothesline. Uryu rolls up again and on this occassion, Reborn connects with the big kick to the head and Uryu crumples in a heap to the canvas. Cover.

Ref: 1......................2................Kick out!

Reborn grabs Uryu by the arm and drags him to the corner, he proceeds to crash a series of knees into the face. He then uses the ropes to spring in back and connect with a dropkick to the face. With Uryu slumped against the turnbuckle, Reborn retreats to the opposite corner before sprinting in and connecting with a facewash kick.

HL: Reborn once again exerting some serious punishment on Uryu in the corner, we've already seen that on a few occassions in this match.

Robin Reborn lifts up Uryu, he rests his legs on the bottom rope before hitting a couple of kicks to the stomach as he holds Reborn up in a front facelock. After those kicks, he drives him into the mat with a spike DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1..........................2..................Kick out!

Robin Reborn drags up Uryu in an armbar hold. Uryu goes for a clothesline, but Reborn ducks underneath it and then connects with a perfect pele kick to the head of Uryu. He stumbles back into the ropes and falls into the middle of the ring where Reborn plants him into the mat with a snap powerslam. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.....................2................Kick out!#

Uryu forces the shoulder up. Reborn allows him to his feet where he hits a spinning heel kick. Reborn then goes to the outside, waiting for Uryu to rise...


Ref: 1.................................2..........................Kick out!

JT: Closest we've come so far!

Reborn allows Uryu to his feet. He goes for a boot to the gut, Uryu catches, Reborn goes for an enzaguri kick but Uryu ducks it and Reborn falls face first into the mat. He staggers to his feet, Uryu feeds the boot and successfuly hits the enzaguri kick. The champion then heads up to the top rope...

JR: Uryu's own version of the flying forearm he was just hit with!

Ref: 1...............................2...................Kick out!

Reborn kicks out sooner than Uryu managed. Uryu rolls Reborn onto his front and then rolls back the years, hitting the brick-a-break, driving a series of knees down into the back. Uryu then picks Reborn up from the mat in an impressive dead-lift before nailing a German Suplex. The UK Champion steps to the corner, waiting for Reborn to rise, he then runs in and connects with a Tornado DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1............................2....................Kick out!

Uryu allows Reborn to rise and then connects with a monkey flip that sends Uryu to the corner. Reborn sprints in and connects with a big shining wizard. He grabs Reborn by the head and sprints out of the corner, nailing a bulldog. He covers.

Ref: 1...........................2....................Kick out!

Reborn kicks out. Uryu allows him up and then connects with a snap DDT. Uryu steps back to the corner and then sprints in as Reborn rises...

JT: Realisation!

JR: This could win it for Uryu!

Ref: 1............................2.............................Kick out!

Reborn powers the shoulder up just in time. Uryu stands waiting for him to rise, he hits a hip toss and attempts to transition through into sunset...

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:45 am

JT: Uryu going for the armbar...

HL: Ooh! Brutal kicks from Reborn!

Uryu goes for the armbar but Reborn boots away viciously at the head of Uryu, forcing the break. They rise up, Reborn leaps into the air and nails an unassisted enzaguri kick. Reborn runs the ropes and connects with a curb stomp. He covers.

Ref: 1............................2..................Kick out!

Uryu gets the shoulder up off the canvas. Reborn allows him to rise before leaping into the air and hitting a hurracanrana. Uryu stumbles back up, Reborn knees him in the gut...


Ref: 1......................................2.................................Kick out!

JT: So close!

Reborn beats the mat in frustration, he then steps to the outside, waiting for Uryu to rise...



HL: The ref taking all of that!

Reborn springs in off the ropes towards Uryu, who dives out of the way at the last moment and Reborn crashes into the ref. He turns around, uncaring about the referee, and goes to take down Uryu but he blocks a punch then fires back at his rival. Reborn stumbles back, Uryu runs in and knocks him down with his realisation kick.

JT: Uryu going up top, lining up the split second.

HL: This is all well and good for Uryu but his cowardice took out the referee.

Uryu steadies himself on the top rope when the cameras pan to the top of the stage which shows Ojore and Drake making their way down to the ramp menacingly.

JR: Speaking of cowards, here comes the back-up.

Uryu steps down off the top rope and beckons on the rest of the Wolf Gang. Drake stands on one side of the ring, Ojore the other. Drake steps into the ring first and Uryu bravely takes the fight to him, pummeling away at the veteran 6CW man but Ojore is quickly over and hits a big forearm smash into the back of the head.

He then grabs Uryu and slings him down to the mat with a big German suplex. Uryu rolls to the corner, Ojore starts stomping away on him as Drake gets to his feet and he helps up their leader, Robin Reborn, then they join Ojore in the corner in pummeling away at Uryu.

JT: This is an ambush, a mugging, a beating. Nothing more.

JR: With the ref down, there's nothing that can be done.

Uryu is dragged back to the middle of the ring by the Wolf Gang who stand over him when the lights suddenly go down...

HL: What the hell is going on here?

Suddenly "Revival Mode" kicks in and Liam Wood marches out onto the stage, a furious look on his face.


JR: A man who has had more than his fair share of issues with The Wolf Gang.

JT: He looks like he has a score to settle that's for sure!

JR: He wasn't supposed to be here tonight...

Wood marches down the ramp, steel chair in hand. He climbs up the steel steps and into the ring. Drake runs in at him, Wood ducks and then drives his chair into the stomach of the on-rushing Ojore before then crashing another shot into the abdomen.
Wood turns and runs at Drake who dives out over the top rope and then sprints around the ring towards his leader Robin Reborn, they grab a leg each of Ojore and pull him out of the ring as Wood runs towards the ropes with the chair, jaw-jacking and running his mouth at the Wolf Gang.

JT: A little bit of payback for Liam Wood tonight.

JR: And Uryu will be mighty pleased to seemingly have an ally in his fight against the Wolf Gang.

Reborn, Drake and Ojore make their way out through the empty seats, still trash talking Liam Wood. Uryu is slowly getting up to his feet in the middle of the ring as Liam Wood turns around. Wood offers a hand and Uryu accepts the help up to his feet.

Uryu looks at Wood and nods, Wood nods back. Uryu goes to leave the ring...


Liam Wood pulls Uryu back and then launches him into the ropes...


JT: Maybe not an ally after all for Uryu!

HL: As ever, Wood is happy to fight as the Lone Wolf. Tonight he got the chance to exact a little revenge on the Wolf Gang, he did that. But he's not Uryu's friend, and when someone has gold, Liam Wood normally wants that.

*Wood stands in the middle of the ring over Uryu as the show goes to a break.

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:57 am

*Team Frost are assembled ahead of the "Tables" match and Cillian Frost is trying to get his troops on the same page but an argument breaks out between Marty Helms and Dicey Reilly. Helms makes it clear he wants no part of the "team" and he can do it alone but Dicey scoffs and says he's a one legged man who has had his a55 kicked by Team Lawless time and again. Dicey is all for removing Helms from the team but PJ tries to act as peacekeeper and says they've all got a common enemy so they need to work together. After that they can sort out their differences anyway they like but they should align until Beachfront Brawl. Cillian Frost looks grateful for PJ's input and gives a speech about how he wants to make 6CW great again but he cannot do it alone. Dante Phoenix is banged up after last week's bout with Tyler Roth but he steps forward and says he hasn't had belief in himself or anything in a long time but he believes that if they work together they can topple Team Lawless. Dicey and PJ agree but Helms doesn't look impressed.

*Fleur Michaels catches up with Liam Wood in the backstage area and asks about his interference in the UK Title match. Wood said that was only a taster of what is to come for the Wolf Gang. He says the Viper's fangs are filled with poison now and he's going to make sure he takes every last of them down, no matter the cost to himself or anyone else. Fleur asks him about Uryu but Wood makes it clear he and Ishida aren't friends and he doesn't want an ally, especially one as old and pathetic as Uryu. Wood says maybe it's time he put the old dog down and took his title away from him because all Ishida is going to do is get in the way. Wood says his eyes are finally open and he sees what needs to be done.....2020 and beyond will see the rebirth of Liam Wood.

*Travis Sharp tries to grab a word with Crime Lord and uses the word failure which causes Crime Lord to flip. Crime Lord beats Sharp senseless and then delivers an F-5 into a nearby wall that leaves Sharp unconscious and needing medical treatment. Crime Lord grabs the camera, pulling it close, and tells 6CW to sleep with one eye open.

*Johnny Lawless is going through last minute tactics with Team Lawless and says they have all been given a great opportunity by his sister and that their careers will flourish once they have total control of 6CW. Lawless says Tyler Roth will be calling the shots at ringside, which causes a couple of raised eyebrows, but he wants all four men to know that they are as integral as one another. They move as one and that is what sets them apart. Lawless reminds them all of how they have been treated in the past and overlooked but he and his sister believed in them so now is the time to repay that. Lawless wants blood and his team promise to deliver it.

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:00 am

Bout 4
Table Elimination
Team Frost vs Team Lawless

The action returns to ringside and there are tables lined up all around, stacked against the barriers. “Riot” then screams through the speakers…

JT: It has been a wild night thus far at the Summer Showdown and things are about to kick up a notch as the battle for control of 6CW adds a new chapter…

JR: We are just over a month out from War Games at Beachfront Brawl where Team Frost and Team Lawless will battle for the ownership of 6CW, here tonight they collide in an elimination tables match to decide who will have the advantage heading into the ultimate conflict…

HE: Team Lawless obviously already have the upper hand, as was demonstrated two weeks ago, but tonight they’ll cement that by securing the man advantage heading into War Games….look at them, it wouldn’t surprise me if they completely whitewash Team Frost tonight…

Pyros explode and then Tyler Roth, Jimmy Phillips, Ricky Nelson and James McManus walk through the smoke-filled aftermath. Roth is shouting words of encouragement to his allies…

JT: The introduction of Tyler Roth has certainly boosted Team Lawless in recent weeks….his power and dominance as well as a desire for brutality makes him the perfect weapon for Jessica & Johnny….

HE: Roth is a stone-cold killer and it’s that edge that will lead the Lawless twins to complete power here in 6CW…

Roth leaps up onto the apron as the rest of Team Lawless climb inside. They all stand in a line and face the entranceway before “Born to fight” booms through the airwaves…

JT: And on the opposite side it is Mr 6CW leading the troops into battle….fighting to keep the company in the ownership of the man who breathed life into 6CW once more…

HE: Misplaced loyalty…..

JR: Guys like Dicey and PJ have seen the kind of hostile takeover before and they are adamant they will do whatever it takes to prevent it…..

JT: To do this day Genesis is regarded as the biggest threat 6CW ever saw but the evil that resides within the Lawless twins may just trump it….these men are our last line of defence…

Dicey Reilly, Dante Phoenix and Perfect Jack all stride out onto the stage and stare down toward their opposition. They all share a knowing look before “Remedy” echoes out…

HE: And what a defence they are, they can’t even get on the same page….they aren’t a cohesive unit….

JR: There is no denying a lack of companionship between the members of Team Frost….Marty Helms still believes he can fight this war himself and refuses to nail his colours to the mast…

JT: And it cannot be denied that the friction between them is a real issue for Cillian Frost….he has to find a way to get them all on the same page….

HE: It isn’t possible….Helms cannot be tamed…

JR: He doesn’t need to be….but they all need to find a way to unite against a common enemy…

Helms, knee still strapped, walks out to join the rest of Team Frost but keeps his distance. He and Dicey stare at one another and then Reilly inclines his head to signal for his allies to follow him…

JT: The rules in this match are very simple folks….the first team to successfully put all members of the opposition through tables will be victorious and will secure their team’s advantage going into War Games…

JR: Let the chaos commence….

Tyler Roth seems to be visibly shaking with rage and anticipation before leaping from the ring and he rushes into the aisleway to begin the fight with Dicey Reilly, who barges Helms aside to throw his own punches. Both teams collide on the outside…

JT: If the referee has any sense he’ll stay at a safe distance and let these men have it out….all he needs to do is call for the bell when the dust has settled….nobody wants to be collateral damage in this war…

HE: It’s inevitable….all wars have casualties…

Perfect Jack pushes McManus up against the ringside barrier and tees off with knife edge chops to the chest whilst Dante Phoenix drags Ricky Nelson by the hair and begins slamming his head off the top off the announce desks. Marty Helms and Jimmy Phillips are going punch for punch until JP stomps on the top of Helms’ knee brace and then he pushes him forward with velocity, sending Helms crashing against the steel steps…

JT: That was flush on Helms’ damaged knee…

Helms flips over the top and lands in a heap, writhing in pain, and it allows Phillips to then assist Tyler Roth with Dicey Reilly, clotheslining him from behind. Roth drags a table away from the edge and sets it up in the aisleway…

JR: Dicey Reilly may end up being the first victim here…

Perfect Jack breaks away and he clatters into Roth from behind before ramming him into the security railing. Jimmy Phillips drives a boot into PJ’s stomach and then tries to suplex him through the table…

JT: Dicey making the save there….

Dicey pushes the table over so that Jack is suplexed onto the concrete floor instead. Dicey then drives kicks into Phillips’ head before dragging him up and he launches him against the plexiglass barriers…

JR: We need this was going to be all out carnage and that is what we have so far…

Dante Phoenix and Ricky Nelson are in the ring and Phoenix connects with a dropsault as Nelson comes back off the ropes. Phoenix hits a face-plant suplex and then he rolls from the ring to grab a table. He slides back in and sets the table up in the corner, upright against the turnbuckle…

JT: Dante Phoenix looking to give his team an early advantage….

James McManus storms the ring and flattens Phoenix with a heavy lariat to the back of the neck. He stomps down on his rival before grabbing the ladder from the corner and sets it up in the centre of the ring. McManus drags Phoenix on top of the table before ordering Ricky Nelson to climb the ropes…

JR: Team Frost with the numbers here inside the ring….

Ricky Nelson climbs to the top rope but then Marty Helms is on the apron and he shoves Nelson off, sending him flying to the outside in a heap on the floor. McManus rushes over to the ropes but eats a big forearm smash from Helms…

JT: Two men that know each other very well….former allies now on two very different pages…

HE: McManus always was the smarter of the two…

Helms climbs into the ring, shuffling slightly on his bad knee, and then uses McManus’ momentum as he sprints in to lift him up and flapjack him against the ropes. McManus is dazed as Helms spins him around and plants him with a spinebuster.

JR: Even on one leg we are seeing just how dangerous a proposition Marty Helms can be…

Helms shoves Dante Phoenix off the table and the two men exchange a glare before Helms drags McManus up and throws him on. Helms slams fierce right hands into McManus’ face and then heads for the corner…

JT: Not sure this is wise given the injury to Helms’ knee…..he’d of been better off letting Dante Phoenix do the high risk….

JR: Helms isn’t going to ask anyone for help….he doesn’t even want allies…


Tyler Roth is up on the apron and he grabs Helms’ injured leg and drags him down onto the apron before delivering a sickening uranage slam that crushes Helms’ spine off the solid edge of the apron, leaving him to fall to the floor below. Dante Phoenix runs to the turnbuckle and springboards off with a dropkick to Roth (ala Jericho) but the big man doesn’t fall. Phoenix then nails a step-up kick under the jaw before catapulting himself over the ropes and drags Roth off the apron into a tornado DDT to the concrete floor…


Perfect Jack has rolled into the ring as James McManus slumps off the table and he immediately kicks him in the gut for the “Perfect Plex” but McManus counters into a sit-down inverted jawbreaker. McManus bounces off the ropes and returns with a pump kick to the stomach….


McManus ploughs PJ into the canvass and then he grabs the table and folds it before placing it back in the corner once more. He drags Jack up into a front facelock….

JT: McManus has made a few mistakes for Team Lawless of late, including a defeat to Perfect Jack two weeks ago so he wants to be the man to lead them to victory tonight….get back in Jessica’s good books…

Dicey gets up on the apron so McManus shoves Jack aside and then nails Reilly with a right hand that sends him down to the outside again. He then ushers Jack to his feet and scoops him up…


McManus looks for a tombstone but Jack kicks his way off the back and then explodes with a release German suplex that sends McManus flying back through the table that has been set up in the corner….

JT: McManus’ plan backfired and he’s the first man eliminated….

JR: One down and three to go, Team Frost in the ascendency…

McManus is upside down in the wreckage of the table as PJ rolls onto one knee and looks satisfied. He gets to his feet as Jimmy Phillips catapults over the top with a heavy shoulder tackle takedown. Jack staggers up in the corner and Phillips crunches into him with a clothesline before lifting him onto the top turnbuckle…

JT: Phillips is thinking “muscle-buster” right now….

Dante Phoenix springboards through the air with a dropkick that wipes Phillips out and sends PJ rolling under the bottom rope to the outside. JP gets back up and Phoenix nails him with a “downward spiral” before rolling from the ring to grab a table…

JT: Team Frost looking to take out two straight here and put themselves firmly in the driver’s seat….

Phoenix gets two tables and he stacks one on top of the other on the outside before sliding a third into the ring. He sets the table up and drags Phillips on top of it…

JR: Jimmy Phillips looking like his days are numbered…..DAMMIT!

JT: He isn’t even part of this match…

HE: But he is Team Lawless….it’s half his team…

Johnny Lawless appears from nowhere and is on the apron. He grabs Dante Phoenix’ arm and pulls him off the turnbuckle, guillotining him across the ropes. Jimmy Phillips has now recovered and he quickly whips Phoenix off the ropes…


JT: It didn’t break…

Phillips catches Phoenix in midair and powerbombs him on top of the table but it doesn’t break, much to the chagrin of Team Lawless. Johnny Lawless is barking orders as Phillips drags Phoenix back up and tosses him on top of the table…

JR: Not often we see Phillips heading for the ropes…

HE: He needs more momentum to break that table….what the hell is it made of?

Dicey is back up and he grabs Phillip’s heel but JP manages to kick him away, sending Reilly back down to the outside. Dicey, however, is persistent and clambers up again…

JT: Dicey doing his best here to save Dante Phoenix….

Dicey manages to pull Phillips down onto the apron with him and then he scoops him onto his shoulders before nailing a rolling fireman’s slam (Green Bay Plunge) from the apron to the concrete floor below….

JR: That was not a pretty landing…..what the hell is Lawless up to now?

HE: Whatever it takes for the team….

JT: This surely won’t count….

Johnny Lawless has took it upon himself to start climbing the ropes now, his eyes fixed on Dante Phoenix, who is still draped on the table. The referee is in the ring and trying to plead with Lawless but he is shooed away….

JR: Lawless and Phoenix have had their troubles for a long, long time….this will just be the latest episode…..

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

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Lawless’ flapping allows Phoenix to roll off the table and then he springboards onto the ropes before dragging his foe off the top turnbuckle through the table with an incredible cutter. Lawless is face-down and unconscious….

JR: Dante Phoenix just wiped out Johnny Lawless….

JT: Johnny boy may think twice about getting involved again…..

HE: Now he’s going to pay…

Phoenix is barely back on his feet when he eats a brogue kick from Tyler Roth that spins him 360 through the air. Roth drags Phoenix up with ease and whips him off the ropes before tilt-a-whirling him into a “shock treatment” backbreaker on the comeback. Roth drags Phoenix up and flips him into a powerbomb position before rushing for the ropes….



Phoenix is launched out of the ring and he crashes through the stacked tables that he’d set up earlier in the match. He is a battered mess on the floor as Tyler Roth merely stares down at him….

HE: Tyler Roth is the difference maker….that is the beast that will lead Team Lawless to victory….he cannot be stopped….

JR: Team Frost will give it a damn good go…

Marty Helms is back in the ring and he beckons Roth around before driving a steel chair into his gut, doubling him up. He lashes the chair against Roth’s spine before bouncing off the ropes and returning with a Hail Mary swing to the skull….

JT: Marty Helms just did a damn good job on Roth….

HE: But he didn’t put him through a table and that’s the aim….

JR: Folks currently we are dead level….both teams have lost a participant….Dante Phoenix and James McManus has been eliminated…

HE: And Johnny Lawless has been assaulted…

JT: He stuck his nose where it wasn’t needed….

Helms chucks the chair aside and is stripping the padding from his elbow when Ricky Nelson leaps in from behind with a flying knee to the back of the head, sending Helms sprawling across the middle ropes on the opposite side. Nelson smirks and then looks for a 619….

JR: Got too cocky….

Helms catches his feet and drags him back through the ropes before drilling him with the “Light Out” elbow. Perfect Jack then slides a table in the ring and points at it….

JT: Helms needs to get over this ego thing because his teammates are trying to help him…

Helms begins setting up the table in the centre of the ring but then suddenly takes a low-blow from behind that sends him stumbling forward and through the ropes…

JR: Another man not in this damn match….

HE: He’s looking out for his protégé…

Mike Hill is laughing at his handiwork and then he begins trying to revive Ricky Nelson. Perfect Jack and Dicey Reilly then roll into the ring behind Hill…

JT: Hill may have come to the rescue of Nelson but now there’s nobody to rescue him….

Hill’s smile disappears as he realises he isn’t alone in the ring and then turns around into a series of right hands from both Dicey and PJ. They whip him off the ropes and send him flying with a huge double backdrop before PJ nails a huge overhead belly to belly suplex that crushes Nelson in the corner, leaving him slumped. Dicey then runs in with the “Hangover Cure” knee….

JR: Thanks for coming, Mike….

Ricky Nelson is back up and he superkicks Dicey in the face as he turns before ducking a PJ attack and he uses the table to kick up and over Jack’s head before drilling him with the “Rapid Fire”….

HE: Ricky Nelson is one of the most gifted athletes on the roster, give him his respect…

JT: Nobody doubts the kid’s talent….they just can’t stand his attitude….he really is Mike Hill V2….

Nelson stands over Jack and he trash talks him before dragging him up and launches him onto the table. Nelson looks to the corner but then he smirks with arrogance…

JR: It’s almost as though a lightbulb just came on….

JT: if he pulls this off then he puts his team within touching distance….

Nelson grabs Dicey and he throws him on top of PJ on the table. He laughs and dusts off his hands as he heads for the corner….

HE: Miss Jessica will have a new favourite after this….

Nelson is clambering up the ropes when Marty Helms swipes his feet and leaves him crotched on the top turnbuckle. Helms then drops back down and he drags Mike Hill under the ropes…

JT: Marty Helms, despite not being a team player, just made the save….

JR: And now he wants revenge on Mike Hill…

Helms rips the coverings off the Spanish announce table and he then places Mike Hill’s hand on the table before smashing the monitor into it, causing Hill to scream in agony. Helms then clatters Mike Hill in the head with the monitor, leaving him slumped, before dragging the steel steps away from the ring and toward the announce area…

JR: I’m not sure what Helms’ plan here is but it doesn’t look good….

JT: Not for Mike Hill anyway…..OH WOW!

HE: He can’t do that….

Helms drags Hill to the top of the steel steps and he flips him into the air before releasing him into a jack-knife powerbomb that sends Hill flying through the table and into a heap on the concrete floor. Helms just continues to stand there and look down…

JR: That’s for Scars and Stripes and for tonight….Mike Hill has had that coming a long a55 time….

JT: And the same could be said for Ricky Nelson….he’s about to get his….

PJ and Dicey have rolled off the table and they are both on the turnbuckle with Ricky Nelson. They share a look at one another before delivering a double superplex that drives Nelson straight through the table in the middle of the ring….

JT: Carnage all around us…..broke bodies strewn at ringside….

JR: And Team Frost are now ahead….

PJ and Dicey touch knuckles and then stare to the outside as Marty Helms glares back at them. Dicey then climbs from the ring and begins to slide another table back inside…

JT: Only Tyler Roth and Jimmy Phillips left to eliminate….suddenly things are looking up….

Jimmy Phillips has rolled back into the ring, on the blindside, and he is stalking PJ until he turns around…


PJ elbows his way free and then he delivers a “Perfect Slam” in the middle of the ring. Jack kicks wreckage away and then he grabs the table that Dicey slid in and he sets it up in the corner, vertical against the turnbuckle….

JT: Dicey is busy building a deathtrap here on the outside….

Dicey has placed four tables side by side at the entrance of the aisleway and then he puts another two tables on top of this. Marty Helms then climbs down off the steel steps and they both stare at Tyler Roth, who is beginning to stir on the outside….

HE: These two better get it together because that’s the only chance they have with Roth….

JT: He’s not looking too fresh right now….

Dicey goes forward but Helms grabs his shoulder and pulls him back. Helms then takes the lead and Dicey shakes his head…

JR: They just can’t get on the same page….

Helms grabs Roth but the giant responds immediately with a two handed shove that sends Helms flying back into Dicey, knocking him down. Helms looks back, momentarily, and it allows Roth to drive into him and pick him up before slamming him back into the ring post….

JR: Roth taking full advantage of Helms & Dicey’s lack of communication….

Roth then rolls into the ring and Perfect Jack looks to sprint at him but runs straight into a discus lariat that wipes him off his feet. Roth drags Jack to his feet and easily scoops him into his arms….

JT: Perfect Jack is staring down the barrel now….

Dicey is back in the ring and he clatters into Roth from behind, causing him to drop PJ, and then he spins the big man around and lands with right hands. He looks for an Irish whip but Roth is too strong, reversing easily….

JR: Dicey Reilly does not back down from a fight, no matter what disadvantage he may face…

Roth lowers his head for a backdrop but Dicey responds by grabbing his skull….


Roth counters with a backdrop and then he ushers Dicey to his feet and grabs him by the throat….


Marty Helms is back in the ring and he has his knee brace in hand to batter across Roth’s back, taking him down in a heap…

HE: That is an illegal weapon…he did the same to Ricky Nelson last week….

JT: It isn’t illegal in this match….

Helms is snarling at Roth but then Dicey shoves Helms in the chest and points to the outside of the ring….

JR: Dicey still hasn’t got over Helms knocking him down earlier…

HE: These two are unbelievable….

JT: Roth shoved Helms….on that occasion there was nothing that could be done…

JR: Doesn’t look like Dicey is accepting that….

Helms is pointing in Dicey’s face, using the kneebrace, and Dicey takes offense before slapping Helms’ hand away. They both go nose to nose…

JT: This is getting out of hand here….it’s the middle of a match, get it together….


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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

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Tyler Roth is back on his feet and he roars forward before spearing Dicey straight through the table that had been set up in the corner, leaving the Irishman out cold.

JR: Dicey Reilly is out of this match…..the issues between he and Marty Helms just will not abate….

HE: And that will lead to the end of Team Frost, mark my words…

Helms is momentarily stunned by what has happened but then Perfect Jacks spins him around to ask what is going on. Helms looks ready to argue but then Roth is back on his feet so they take the fight to him…

JT: We are now down to a two on two situation and let’s hope Perfect Jack and Marty Helms can work together a damn sight better than Helms and Reilly could…

They both slug at Roth and then look for a double Irish whip but before he comes back off the ropes Jimmy Phillips drags Marty Helms to the floor from the outside….


Phillips drags Helms to the corner and batters his injured, and exposed, knee against the solid steel post time and again. Tyler Roth returns from the ropes with a jumping knee to the jaw of Perfect Jack and then lifts him into his arms before nailing a swinging STO….

JT: Perfect Jack just suffered “Capital Punishment”….

JR: And Marty Helms is suffering more than ever with that knee…

HE: I bet he feels pretty stupid for taking that kneebrace off now…

Roth picks the brace up off the floor and he smirks as he climbs to the outside. Phillips keeps Helms’ knee pinned against the ringpost….

HE: Helms used the brace on Roth first and you said it was perfectly legal…

JT: Unfortunately that’s as true as it ever was…..THIS IS DIFFICULT TO WATCH!

Helms’ screams of pain fill the air as Roth uses the brace to smash against his knee on ten separate occasions. Roth then throws the brace aside as Helms crumples out of the ring to hard flooring….

JR: That knee may be beyond salvation….

HE: Just like Team Frost…

Perfect Jack is trying to use the turnbuckle to drag himself up as Jimmy Phillips rolls back into the ring and crashes into PJ with a stinger splash from behind. Phillips then runs the opposite ropes as Jack starts to turn around…


Jack, somehow, ducks the clothesline at the final moment and digs down deep with a release German suplex. He staggers up and heads for the ropes….

JR: Jack has to be running on fumes here….but he is a day oner….6CW Original and he is fighting for the future of this company…

HE: He needs to know when to quit….

JT: There’s no quit in Perfect Jack….



Jack is on the ropes when Tyler Roth climbs onto the turnbuckle to lash the knee brace across the top of his head, leaving him sat on the ropes but in a fugue state. Jimmy Phillips then recovers and climbs onto the turnbuckle to join his rival before scooping him onto his shoulders…..Phillips then leaps toward the outside and he nails an “Attitude Adjustment” through the six stacked tables in the aisle, leaving both men completely out….


JR: That is one of the sickest things I ever saw in the history of professional wrestling…..Jack’s spine may be broken….

HE: That is what sets Team Lawless apart….they will do whatever they have to in order to ensure their bosses seize control of this company….

Tyler Roth is nodding his head in appreciation of Jimmy Phillips’ effort and then he climbs back down to the outside, where Marty Helms is still cradling his knee. Roth grabs a table and easily launches it over the ropes into the ring….

JT: Phillips is still, technically, in this this match but for now we are down to two…..Tyler Roth and Marty Helms….

JR: And Marty Helms can’t even stand up….

HE: This is inevitable….

Helms looks up at Roth defiance and gives him the finger. Roth smirks and nods before stomping on Helms’ knee. He drags him up and laughs as Helms tries to throw punches and elbows before throwing him inside the ring….

JT: The moment Tyler Roth showed up at Scars and Stripes we knew the game had changed and we are witnessing that again here tonight….he is the embodiment of everything Team Lawless stands for…..the deadliest hired mercenary in the game today….

Roth sets up the table in the centre of the ring and then rounds on Helms, who is sat in the corner. Helms spits at Roth’s feet and beckons him to bring it on…

JR: Marty Helms is going to fight and claw….he’ll do whatever he can….

HE: but it won’t be enough….

Helms is trying to kick out with his good leg but Roth catches it and then drives in so that he can block anymore kicks. Helms then gouges at his face and eyes before sinking his teeth in…

HE: He’s biting him, he can’t…

JT: He can and he will…

Helms smashes his head into the bridge of Roth’s nose and lands another solid forearm to the temple so that Roth staggers back a little, blood dripping from several scratches and cuts on his face. Helms then manages to kick out with his good leg and he catches Roth in the gut….

JR: This is animalistic, this is instinct and the will to survive here….

Helms places both hands on the ropes at either side and uses all of his bodyweight to drive upward with his knee under Roth’s chin, staggering him back toward the centre of the ring. Helms then pushes away from the corner with as much momentum as he can muster….

JT: He’s got one shot here…

Roth suddenly and surprisingly, for a big man, responds with a snap superkick to the mouth that sends Helms back against the turnbuckle. Helms hits the corner and staggers back out into Roth’s arms….


The bell sounds almost immediately after Roth delivers the swinging STO through the table in the centre of the ring, leaving Helms in a battered heap. Roth stands over him and blinks away the droplets of blood from the gouges around his eyes whilst “Riot” blasts through the speakers….

JT: Team Lawless have done it….they have the advantage for War Games and the momentum…

JR: They showed that they are the more cohesive unit and that will be a very worrying sight for Cillian Frost and anyone supporting Team Frost… the end that was decimation and brutality personified….

HE: Once the cracks appeared, which they were always going to, Team Lawless took total control…..Tyler Roth is leading the Lawless Twins to ultimate glory and he will be the figurehead of the future….

JT: A scary thought but one that is becoming a more and more distinct likelihood….

Roth climbs from the ring and he drags Jimmy Phillips from the outside wreckage whilst Ricky Nelson, Mike Hill, Johnny Lawless and James McManus are all sat on the stage waiting, all of them nursing their own wounds.

JR: Team Lawless took their knocks tonight…..but they showed their formidable edge as well….

JT: They also have outside interference helping them….

HE: It wouldn’t have made any difference…

JR: It won’t when they’re all locked inside the cell at Beachfront Brawl….it’ll be four on four that night and the best team will be victorious…

HE: And the result will be the same….Helms and Reilly can’t get on the same page so Team Frost is dead in the water before they’ve even began, face up to reality…..

The cameras pan around to show Marty Helms and Perfect Jack still unconscious. Dante Phoenix is being tended to by medics on the outside whilst Dicey Reilly is sat on a chair in the aisleway looking despondent whilst rubbing the back of his neck….

JT: The future is looking very bleak indeed…..I’m not sure there’s even a solution to this issue…

HE: Just get used to the fact that this company will soon rest in the hands of Jessica and Johnny Lawless….not even your precious “heroes” can stop that from happening…it’s over…

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:18 am

*Robin Reborn is showing tearing the Wolf Gang locker-room apart following his failure to win the UK Championship. He has words with Drake and Ojore about leaving their posts backstage and allowing Wood access. He tries to compose himself and talks about "stumbling blocks" and "overcoming adversity". He talks about their "people" and the sacrifices and suffering they have endured so that they can have this opportunity. Reborn vows it will not be in vain and that if Liam Wood wants a war then that is exactly what he is going to do. He talks about the ancient stories of cutting off the snake's head and it grows two more but not if you set it on fire and watch it burn from the inside out. Reborn says Uryu got a lucky escape too but at Beachfront Brawl the sands will stain red in the setting sun.

*The scene changes and there is a huge commotion as Dicey Reilly and Marty Helms are shown brawling inside the Team Frost locker-room. PJ, Dante Phoenix and Cillian Frost do their best to separate the warring allies and Jack starts yelling about them being a disgrace. Jack says Dicey is supposed to be "Mr 6CW" but he is contributing to its downfall. He then points at the door and tells Marty Helms to get the F out if he doesn't want this because they can't afford any more passengers. Jack says from next week they need to retaliate and they need to let Team Lawless know that this is a war they cannot win because right now they are cantering toward victory. Jack says he'll be damned if he lets this company die in his own hands, he won't have that blood on his conscience. He shakes his head and leaves as the remaining men all stare at one another.

*Marshall Murdoch is interviewed by Fleur Michaels ahead of the main event. Marshall says this is the culmination of all the years of hard work and that finally it will pay off when he is crowned the new 6CW Champion. Marshall once again admits he doesn't like Jackson but he respects him as a champion and he knows this will be a tough fight but he is confident that he is better in every single department. He knows his gameplan and he knows Jackson won't be able to handle him. Marshall talks about how tonight represents the next chapter of his career and that he will no longer just be associated with the Church....he says he burnt it down and from the ashes he has risen again, the Chosen One.....the 6CW Champion

*The scene changes for the final time and Jackson Jackson is interviewed by Christy James. Jackson won't be drawn on the conversation with PJ earlier or any suggestions that Marshall Murdoch has got inside his head. Jackson says he has heard it all before and ahead of every single title defence he has been doubted and written off. He says tonight is just another routine and he will execute the plan the same way he always does with the same outcome. He says Marshall is nothing more than average and he has never been in the deepest waters where only the elite survive. Jackson says this isn't tag team wrestling and there is nobody to bail Marshall out when the going gets tough....he says he is all alone, you win alone and you lose alone....and tonight Murdoch will find that out the hard way....Jackson gets right in front of the camera and holds the mic up to say "And Still" before walking off. We get a glimpse of Charles and Karl Kramer watching on and Jackson gives them a fleeting glance before heading for ringside.

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:19 am

Main Event
6CW World Championship
Jackson Jackson © vs Marshall Murdoch

Ding ding

Michael Bird: Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for the main event of the evening………..scheduled for one fall and it is for the 6CW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

JT: The whole night has been building toward this point and we’ve sensed the energy all day….the richest prize in the game is about to be contested in what promises to be an epic encounter…

JR: The Summer Showdown has truly been a night to remember and we are ending it with a bout for the ages…

HE: I’m not a big fan of either of these guys but even I can’t deny the anticipation…’s a shame the fans can’t be here to witness this…

JT: The hype on social media has been as high as I can remember for a world title match in sometime….Jackson Jackson has been dominant since 6CW reopened its doors….he has still yet to taste defeat via pinfall or submission and has turned back every single challenge to date….but the challenger is a tenacious and determined as anyone the champion has faced since winning the strap in December…

JR: Marshall Murdoch has been waiting a long time for this moment….since he returned to 6CW he has made it clear that his one goal was to become world champion and now the opportunity is here….can he seize it?

“Papercut” booms through the airwaves and there is a spray of pyros across the front of the stage before Marshall Murdoch walks onto the stage. He looks full of focus as he throws a few shadow punches and nods his head in time to the beat…

Michael Bird: Introducing first, the challenger…………from Houston, Texas……weighing in at 242 pounds…………..The Chosen One……………Maaaaarrrrrsssshhhhaaaallllllll Muuuururrrrdddoooocccchhhhh!

JT: Since day one, Marshall Murdoch has vowed to become a world champion….after transitioning from UFC to 6WF as a member of the Church of Hero he has promised to breakout and shine on the biggest stage but it has never quite come to fruition…he has always worn that “nearly man” tag and it has haunted him, regarded as the best ever to never be champion….tonight he can exorcise those demons, he can finally prove that the faith in him was not misplaced….that he truly belongs at the top table…

JR: Murdoch has all the tools but until he won that #1 Contender’s match last week he was suffering a real crisis of confidence….he’d lost his last few big bouts and there have been question marks about his ability to handle pressure…

HE: Well he better hope he doesn’t choke here tonight because there’s a long line of superstars waiting for a world title shot and if he loses he’ll find himself right at the back of the queue…

Murdoch pulls off his hoody and adjusts the straps on his MMA gloves before climbing into the ring. He stretches against the ropes and throws a few more punches before fixing his gaze upon the stage…

JT: There has been plenty of animosity building also between the two combatants…..they don’t like one another despite moving in similar circles over the years…

JR: They both share common friends, especially in Clarke James, but there is no love lost between them and that should make this one even more spectacular…

“Take me to the hospital” then screeches through the airwaves and Murdoch stiffens slightly as purple pyros explode before the champion makes his entrance…

Michael Bird: And his opponent………hailing from London, England…..weighing in at 225 pounds……….he is the reigning and defending 6CW World Heavyweight Champion……….Jaaaaacccckkkkssssooooonnnn Jaaaaaaccckkkkksssooooonnnn!

JT: Two hundred plus days as world champion….Jackson Jackson has already proven all of his doubters wrong but his desire to be the best and standout beyond any that have ever come before him is what drives him every single time he steps between those ropes…

JR: Jackson has always had to live with comparisons to his former mentor Max Adamson and the success enjoyed by the Australian….but JJ is out of the shadow now, he has proven to be his own man… half of the greatest tag champions in 6CW history and now a world champion who will live in history….

HE: These two men share similarities in their careers…both had major success as tag team stars before moving onto their own path….both shrouded by the legacies of their mentors….Jackson has removed the shackles and proven himself…

JT: And Marshall retired his former mentor only a few months ago….I’ll never forget the way he brutalised Hero in that very ring…

HE: But Murdoch has yet to prove himself at the highest level…

JR: That’s his intention for tonight…..this is the chance he’s been waiting his entire career for….

JT: Murdoch has said, time and again, that all he needs is one chance….

JR: Jackson says “if you come at the king, you better not miss” and Murdoch says he only needs “one shot”…..this could be an instant classic…

HE: I think we are about to see two men in their primes putting on a match that will be talked about for years to come….

Jackson Jackson makes his way down the aisleway and then climbs up into the ring. He unstraps the 6CW Championship from around his waist and holds it high whilst getting right up in his challenger’s face….

JT: You could cut the tension with a knife….

JR: And that’s what it is all about…..a championship steeped in history, the opportunity to be known worldwide as the best professional wrestler in the world today….

HE: Jackson Jackson has turned back every single challenge to date……Damion Onyx, Liam Wood, Marty Helms, Crime Lord, Uryu Ishida, James McManus….the list goes on…

JT: Not one man on the roster has been able to beat him in the last ten months….

JR: So the question is, what can Marshall Murdoch do differently? How can he beat the champion?

JT: Well if he wants that title for himself he better find a way….this is the pinnacle, this is the hallowed halls…..only the best survive here…in order to cement your place in history you have to be able to do what others cannot….

The referee pushes Murdoch and Jackson apart before giving them both a stern talking to about his expectations. He takes the championship belt from Jackson and holds it high in the air before passing it out to the timekeeper. He then checks both combatants for concealed weapons and makes sure they are ready to go before signalling for the bell to start proceedings…

JT: One fall to a finish…..6CW Championship on the line…..who is leaving the Summer Showdown as the man?

Murdoch and Jackson circle one another and feel out for the openings before engaging in a lockup. Marshall quickly spins around and takes the back of the champion…

JR: Murdoch is going to try and wrestle early, establish dominance….

JT: Remember Jackson Jackson did some MMA work with Aaron Heath a few months ago, he isn’t a novice….

HE: Compared to Murdoch he is…

Jackson tries to keep his hands locked on Murdoch’s wrist, preventing him from lifting, but Marshall drives knees into the backs of the champion’s legs and the succeeds in picking him up and slams him onto the mat. Jackson tries to scramble for freedom but Marshall keeps him wrapped and works to a top position so he can crash down punches, forearms and elbows…

JT: Jackson doing everything he can to cover up here but Marshall is showing how bad he wants this, those are thudding shots and they sound even more deadly without a crowd…

Marshall is punching at Jackson’s hands and arms before driving the point of his elbow toward the champion’s temple. He tries to slip his arm under the armpit of Jackson…

JR: Murdoch is looking for the early submission here, I really didn’t think we’d see Jackson in deep this early…

Jackson is trying his best to roll and free himself but Marshall keeps himself locked on his back. The champion manages to turn his hips and adjust his position but that allows Murdoch to fall on top of him in full guard…

JT: This might be even worse…

HE: God damn that was brutal…

Jackson’s face is uncovered and it allows Marshall to drive straight down with a forearm that immediately bursts the champion’s nose. Jackson is trying his best to squirm free and buck Marshall off of him but Murdoch is tight on his hips and is punching down at the body and face…

JR: This almost resembles a UFC mauling….Jackson is taking a beating here from the challenger…

JT: This is Murdoch’s fight thus far and that spells real trouble for the champion…

Jackson manages to pull one of his legs free and he kicks up so that Marshall has to break free of him. Marshall is back on his feet but hovering over the champion, looking for chances, and every now and then he drives down with heavy punches and forearm strikes…

HE: Jackson is trapped on his back here and not where he wants to be…

Jackson is trying to up kick but Marshall grabs his leg and then drives down again with another punch that sprays blood all over the canvass. Jackson senses the danger and quickly rolls onto his front to crawl away but Murdoch dives on him…

JT: He’s looking for that seated sleeper again….

Jackson manages to get both of his feet on the bottom rope and then he pushes all of his bodyweight backward so that he ends up on top of Murdoch…………………..1………………..2………………kickout!

JR: The champion almost retained out of desperation….he knew nothing about it….

Murdoch quickly scrambles to his feet and he drives into Jackson, as he stands, with another huge and brutal takedown that echoes around the empty arena. Marshall smashes down again with ground and pound before grabbing the arm of Jackson…

JT: Marshall is not giving Jackson a minute here and he is executing a perfect game plan to suit his style….

JR: And now he’s looking for some kind of armbar…..Jackson is bleeding badly from the nose and that will be affecting his breathing….nightmare start for the champ…

Jackson keeps his free hand locked into his other palm so that Marshall cannot fully extend the arm into the submission. They continue to tussle on the deck until Jackson manages to prise himself free and rolls forward….

HE: And Murdoch straight back for that sleeper….if there was an octagon around them right now I’d swear this was MMA….

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:20 am

Jackson looks a bloody mess, crimson streaming from his nose and staining all round his mouth, but he will not allow Murdoch to get full control of the submission. Jackson drags his body toward the ropes again and pulls himself under but Murdoch goes with him….

JT: Marshall wants to take Jackson out in record time….

JR: He can’t get any kind of favourable decision outside the ring though…..


Jackson suddenly stumbles and Marshall believes he is fading but then the champion drops to one knee and throws with all of his weight so that the challenger comes over his shoulder and collides with the steel steps….

JT: Very smart from the 6CW Champion there and that will stem the tide, at least momentarily….

JR: He may have knocked Marshall out there….

Jackson staggers away and wipes his face, leaving blood all over his forearm, and then he rolls back into the ring in order to break the referee’s count….

HE: Well there’s a mistake right there, take the count out victory, you moron….

JT: That isn’t Jackson’s style, his title defence hasn’t been built on that….

JR: Plus, given the issues between he and Murdoch I think he’ll want a clean victory to show dominance…

HE: Then he is a fool….

Jackson grabs Murdoch and he slams his face against the top of the steel steps three more times before dragging him and launching him back into the ring. The champion pulls himself onto the apron and nails a catapult plancha across the prone body of his opponent…

JT: Jackson needs to get into a rhythm now, use his speed and agility to wear the challenger down….

Murdoch stumbles back up and Jackson lifts him into an inverted atomic drop before whipping him off the ropes and nails a big dropkick on the comeback. He pulls Murdoch up again and scores with three successive European uppercuts, backing Marshall to the ropes, before whipping him toward the corner…

JR: Murdoch able to get a reversal on that…..


Murdoch ends up sending Jackson to the corner but the champion immediately leaps onto the turnbuckle and twists back into a discus elbow smash. They get back up and Jackson feints for a superkick upstairs before booting Murdoch’s knee from under him and then a snap DDT (ala Miz) to his kneeled opponent….

……shoulder up again!

JR: This is where Jackson can excel…up the pace….when it is slower it suits the ground and wrestling game of the challenger….

JT: Jackson needs to drag Marshall into deep waters….this is his terrain now, Murdoch is a stranger to this level…

Jackson pulls his foe up and looks for a vertical suplex but Marshall floats over the back and attempts to counter with a German suplex. Jackson looks for a swinging back elbow but Murdoch ducks out of it and then attempts to reverse with a Northern lights suplex….

JR: Marshall seems to have an answer for everything right now…


Jackson blocks the suplex but hooking both of Murdoch’s arms and then lifts him off the floor with another DDT, this time spiked. Jackson gets to his feet and staggers over toward the corner…

JT: The champion has fashioned himself a huge opportunity here….if he hits it…..if he hits it…


Jackson gains amazing hang time for the double rotation moonsault that lands flush across the body of Marshall Murdoch. Jackson is momentarily winded but then crawls into the cover…

HE: Despite the early problems, Jackson Jackson is going to do it again…maybe I should start believing….


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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:21 am



JT: To both men….this is the pinnacle….this is professional wrestling at its highest point….

Jackson staggers to his feet and he holds up three fingers to the referee, disbelief on his face, but the official assures him it was a two. Jackson doesn’t seem impressed at all as he rounds back on the challenger…

JR: Jackson almost seems shocked that Murdoch found the capacity to kick out….perhaps he doubted the toughness of the challenger…

JT: Well he’s never been here before….Murdoch has been in big matches in his career but we don’t know his championship pedigree, he’s an unknown quantity….

HE: Well we’re finding out a bit about him tonight….

JR: He’s shown grit thus far but he’s going to need plenty more because he’s about to get JACKED OFF!

Jackson gets Marshall up for the “pumphandle flatliner” but on the way down Marshall gets his arm under Jackson’s and the other around his neck, dragging him to the floor…

JT: He’s got it locked in deep here….out of nowhere, the champion in a whole world of trouble….

JR: That’s how dangerous Marshall Murdoch is, the MMA skills coming to the forefront….

Jackson is kicking his legs and trying to squirm as Marshall wraps his arms deeper around the throat and pulls him in closer. The referee is knelt down and trying to communicate with the champion…

JT: Jackson may have faded here, the referee is struggling to get a response…

JR: The official will stop this….he has no choice if Jackson is out….

Jackson, in the throws of desperation, pushes himself into a headstand and over on Murdoch…………….1………………………2…………….shoulder up.

HE: Marshall almost getting caught out again….

Both men scramble for their feet but this time Murdoch ducks into the champion and launches him with a t-bone suplex. Jackson staggers back up and tries to grab the ropes but Murdoch waistlocks him into a backward roll and then a release chaos theory suplex….

JT: Marshall gaining control again here now and instead of the ground game he is going for the wrestling….

JR: So many facets to this man’s game…

Jackson is on his feet once again and this time Murdoch nails a release overhead belly to belly. Marshall beckons the champ up again and he grabs his right leg, lifting it, and then connects with a huge clutch release suplex…

HE: Jackson is being launched all around the ring here, and he’s struggling to grab his breath…

JT: Marshall senses it and he knows he has a big chance here…..MARSHALL LAW!

Murdoch summons Jackson up and then launches forward for the tornado roundhouse kick but the champion ducks it and then swipes Marshall’s legs before nailing a jumping double foot stomp to the spine. Jackson then runs the ropes and returns with a cartwheel into a standing moonsault to the back…

JR: The champion may be hurting bad here but he’s been against the wall before…he’s overcome the odds time and again…

Jackson takes a deep breath and then he drags Marshall up and scores with a wrist clutch into a cradled slam pin……………..1……………………2…………Marshall kicks out. Jackson punches his hand into the mat….

JT: First signs of a little frustration from the champion….

Jackson gets back to his feet and he spits blood onto the mat before waiting for Murdoch to get to his knees and then nails a stiff superkick to the mouth. Jackson staggers over to the corner again and starts to climb….

JR: He came close the last time he went high….second time a charm?

Jackson gets to the top rope and he looks down upon the challenger before launching himself into a picture perfect Snuka Splash…

JT: Murdoch knew what was coming that time…

The knees come up from Murdoch and drive into the stomach of the champion, leaving him doubled up in agony. Murdoch quickly grabs him and rolls him into a cradle………………..1………………….2………..Jackson shifts out and applies a crossface….

JR: Out of nowhere, the champion showing his own ground game in the face of adversity….

Marshall is yelling out in agony as Jackson rips back on his head to apply more and more pressure. The referee is in Murdoch’s face and asking him if he wants to quit but the challenger claws at the canvass to drag himself closer and closer toward the bottom rope…

HE: Marshall Murdoch doesn’t want this opportunity to pass him by….he has wanted this chance since day one…

Marshall is yelling, suffering through the pain, but he shakes his head repeatedly when the referee asks him if he wants to quit. The challenger digs his fingers into the canvass and pushes himself forward…

JT: Murdoch made the ropes….but how much damage did he suffer? The crossface is torturous to the back, neck and shoulders…

Jackson relents on the submission after the referee’s count reaches four. He gets to his feet and stomps down on the back and neck of the challenger before grabbing his heel to pull him back toward the centre…

JR: Jackson and the 6CW Championship have become one….symbiotic…..I believe the champion will do anything and everything to keep it that way…

Jackson drops down to try and apply the crossface again but Murdoch rolls with him until they break loose of one another. They both get to one knee and stare at each other…

JT: So different in their styles and approach but here they are, locked in stalemate…

JR: They’ve given their all thus far but neither man has been able to best the other….we were anticipating a classic and that is what we are getting….

They both reach their feet and circle one another before diving for a lockup. Murdoch drops at the final minute and clings to Jackson’s left leg. Jackson tries to break free but stumbles and the challenger is able to take him down…

JT: Murdoch going back to his signature….

Marshall rips forward with a knee to the head of his downed opponent and then begins to drive down with elbows to the skull of Jackson as the champion tries to cover up…

JR: This is becoming vicious to watch….I’ve seen UFC fights stopped under these circumstances….

JT: Jackson isn’t answering back here….he’s trying to squirm and block but he’s taking damage…

Marshall punches down with heavy fists but then the referee intervenes and warns him for the use of closed fists. Jackson is able to crawl against the ropes and the cameras get a shot of blood seeping from the back of his head…

HE: One of those vicious elbows caused that damage…..OOOOOH!

JT: That was naughty from Marshall Murdoch…..and the referee is giving him a very strict talking to…

Murdoch walks back toward Jackson, still rested against the bottom rope, and he punt kicks him in the head, soccer style…

JR: That is a throwback to the old PRIDE days and they outlawed that move…

JT: And rightfully so….Murdoch walking a tightrope there, he could easily have been DQ’d….

JR: I’m not sure he’d be able to deal with that kind of mistake…

The referee makes Marshall aware, in no uncertain terms, that one more infringement of that kind and he’ll throw him out. Murdoch looks annoyed but then he backs up toward the opposite corner and beckons for Jackson to get to his feet…

JT: Jackson has taken brutal shots to the head throughout this match…..knees, elbows, fists and forearms….there is every chance he’s got a concussion…

JR: And yet he’s still trying to stand….still trying to defend his title with honour…

HE: But he’s standing right up into Marshall Murdoch’s path….and Marshall knows he is closing in…

JT: This could be the moment that Marshall Murdoch has worked towards his entire career….DRIVE BY!

Marshall storms out of the corner and launches himself through the air for the flying knee but Jackson drops at the final second to send his opponent over his head and crashing into the turnbuckle. Marshall staggers back up and Jackson grabs his tights, dragging him down into a pinning predicament……………………….1………………………….2…………..shoulder up!

JR: Marshall got a little overconfident there and it almost cost him his dream…

Marshall quickly gets back to his feet, angered, and he looks for a spinning backfist but Jackson counters into a backslide……………………..1……………………2………….kickout. They get up again and Marshall aims a roundhouse kick but Jackson ducks it and connects with a tiger suplex…………….1……………………2……………shoulder up again!

JT: Jackson is countering everything now…..the champion is finding the belief from somewhere…

They get up again and Jackson looks to leap over Marshall but the challenger catches him on his shoulders, only for JJ to counter with a headscissors that sends MM crashing into the ropes. Marshall staggers back toward the centre and Jackson nails him with a “Sliced Bread #2”…

JR: Shiranui…..Murdoch walked straight into it…

…….thr-shoulder up!

JT: But it still isn’t meant to be…Marshall Murdoch is clinging to this match and his chance…

JR: But it is slipping away from him…

Jackson takes a deep breath and then he pulls Murdoch into a vertical suplex. He swivels his hips and drags him up again before nailing a second & third straight. Jackson kneels over Murdoch for a moment and then stumbles over toward the corner…

HE: Jackson has gone high twice already….he’s 1-1….

JT: But he knows he needs something big to win….he knows Murdoch won’t just lie down….

Jackson looks back over his shoulder and realises that Murdoch is already beginning to stir. JJ drops back down and he grabs Marshall by the wrist before whipping him to the corner. He then follows in but Marshall drives both feet up into his opponent’s face, knocking him back…

JR: Marshall going to the second rope…not his style at all…

Murdoch takes his time to lift himself onto the ropes and it allows Jackson to springboard onto the ropes and then jump into the corner with a European uppercut to the jaw that makes MM sit down on the turnbuckle. Jackson then climbs up….


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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:21 am



The ring shakes from the huge aerial assault. Jackson kneels for a moment, blood streaming from his nose again, and then he drops into the cover……………………1……………………….2…………………3!



Jackson stares at the referee for a moment in disbelief but then he shakes his head and wipes the blood from his nose. He gets to his feet and sucks in a deep breath before dragging Murdoch back to his feet…

HE: He’s giving Murdoch no time to recover here and that’s the right thing to do….

JT: Murdoch has proved his toughness but now he’s about to get JACKED OFF!

JR: End of days….

Jackson has a few choice words for Murdoch as he pulls his limp form up and then he connects with the pumphandle flatliner. He rolls Marshall over, nodding his head, and hooks both legs…

JT: Murdoch put up one hell of a fight….maybe the biggest challenge of Jackson’s career….but this one is over, the champion has overcome once more…



The referee’s hand is millimetres from the deck when Murdoch’s shoulder comes up off the mat. Jackson Jackson rolls off the pin and screams into the canvass…

JT: What is happening here? Marshall Murdoch is soaking up the beating of a lifetime and begging for more….he will not die, he will not give up on his hope of being world champion…

JR: But how much more can he withstand?

HE: How much more can Jackson throw at him? This is mentally toiling for the champ…

Jackson looks up, his eyes showing confusion, and he looks to the referee for an answer. The official holds up two fingers and tells him the match must continue…

JT: Jackson has finished near enough every opponent with that move…..the champion always finds a way…

JR: But nothing he is doing tonight has been enough….Murdoch just keeps coming…

JT: Jackson looking to make sure that ends here and now…..

Jackson looks down at Marshall, who is on all fours, and he spits in frustration before getting him in a pumphandle position and dragging him up…

JT: Marshall’s been “Jacked Off” once but now he’s going to get “REALLY JACKED OFF”….

Jackson flips Murdoch up into the tombstone position but Marshall kicks his legs and drops off the back before shoving Jackson into the corner….



JT: Jackson’s turn to show his toughness and durability…..he’s holding onto that championship by his finger nails…

JR: These two men have given their absolute all here tonight…..a main event fitting of the richest prize in professional wrestling…

HE: And they’re not done….not until either of them can find a way to end proceedings….

Marshall gets to his feet and he drags Jackson by the head for a piledriver but the champion drives them back to the corner. He slams an elbow into Murdoch’s gut and then tries to drive upward with an uppercut but Marshall catches his fist and then responds with a headbutt to the injured nose…

JT: The blood just splattered on the camera…

Jackson staggers away, holding his face, and then he walks forward again so that Marshall can lift him up and nail an “Texas Slam” (Alabama). Marshall keeps hold of Jackson’s leg and turns him over…

JR: Anklelock applied….this is a huge moment in this match….

JT: Marshall on the cusp again…this is where he excels and he will snap that ankle if he has to…

Jackson’s yells fill the silent air as he tries, desperately to rush for the ropes. He gets within an inch of safety when Marshall drags him back to the centre to reapply the pressure…

HE: Jackson Jackson’s title reign is in serious jeopardy here….I don’t think it has ever been in so much danger….

JT: Marshall Murdoch is seconds away here….

JR: Either that or the champion’s ankle is going to shatter….

Jackson reaches out for the ropes again but Marshall cranks up the pressure even more and twists the ankle at an obscene angle. Jackson’s eyes are glassy, blood seeping from his nose….

JT: This is it….eight months as world champion coming to an end….


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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:22 am

Jackson looks ready to tap but then does the only thing available to him and that is to throw himself into a forward roll that sends Murdoch flying forward and through the ropes onto the apron. Jackson is writhing in pain on the canvass, clutching at his ankle….

JT: That ankle may very well be broken….Jackson didn’t quit, he showed his mettle once more but how much damage has been done?

JR: I’d be amazed if he can put weight on it…

Jackson is sat on the canvass now and trying to get to his feet but each time he stands on his injured ankle it gives way. Marshall is getting to his feet on the outside and he yanks himself up on the apron again as Jackson manages to find his feet and staggers toward the ropes…

JT: Marshall knew he was coming…

Marshall drives through the middle rope but Jackson launches his knee up and collides with Murdoch’s skull, leaving him slumped through the ropes. Jackson seems deep in thought for a moment….



HE: But Jackson landed on that ankle….I don’t know who is hurt more…

The back of Murdoch’s head splatters against the hard flooring but Jackson’s ankle lands hard as he drops, twisting at the same time. The referee is leaning through the ropes and looking down on both combatants…

JT: I’m not sure either are going to be able to recover in time…

JR: It would be an anti-climax to such an incredible contest to end things on a double countout….

HE: What is he doing here?

JT: I have to admit I’m surprised to see Clarke James out here….

JR: He’s good friends with both men and he looks genuinely concerned for their welfare….

Clarke James appears from backstage, worry on his face, and quickly rushes down to ringside in order to check on both men. Jackson is sat against the ring apron, clutching his ankle, whilst Marshall is on all fours…

JT: Clarke James doesn’t seem to know who to check on first…

JR: I have to admit I like Clarke James’ style here….he’s letting the referee know that he thinks this match should be allowed a proper conclusion…

HE: He has no jurisdiction…

JT: He doesn’t but the referee seems to agree with his sentiment…

CJ offers a hand out to Marshall Murdoch and he helps his former teammate up before Murdoch climbs into the ring. James then helps Jackson to his feet, the champion struggling to put weight on his ankle…

JR: Not what I was expecting to see during this contest but I think it is the right call….this has been an exceptional bout and it deserves a natural ending…

Jackson is just pulling himself up on the apron as Murdoch comes toward him. JJ fires a forearm shot over the top rope into Marshall’s face and then he catapults himself over the top…

JT: Murdoch caught him there with that spinning backfist in mid-flight….LOOKOUT NOW!

Marshall punches Jackson back to the ropes and then sprints at him but Jackson ducks his shoulder at the right moment to backdrop MM over the top and sends him flying down on top of Clarke James…

HE: Serves James right for getting caught up in business that doesn’t concern him…

JT: Oh do be quiet, Henry….

Marshall staggers over to James to make sure he is ok but CJ is struggling with his eye. Jackson then runs the ropes and returns with a flying baseball slide that sends Murdoch crashing into the security barrier…

JR: Jackson taking advantage of the situation…..the champion showing no emotion…

JT: He has become so use to winning that he’ll do what he has to…

HE: No he is checking…

CJ is on his knees, blinking, and trying to rub at his eye as Jackson comes toward him from behind and puts an arm on his shoulder….

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6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Summer Showdown Results July 26th 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:22 am


JR: I think it was an accident….

CJ, instinctively, swings his elbow back behind him and it smashes clean into the face of Jackson, spraying blood from his already damaged nose. Jackson staggers back in pain….


Murdoch pushes himself away from the barrier and he delivers the tornado roundhouse kick to the back of Jackson’s head, sending him forward so that his head collides with the side of the ring. Murdoch quickly grabs the champion and throws him under the bottom rope….

JR: Marshall Murdoch has struck….he saw the opening and he has took it…

HE: I still don’t understand what happened…

Jackson is clearly on the verge of unconsciousness but tries to crawl for the opposite side of the ring as Murdoch grabs his ankle and drags him back…




Jackson’s screams fill the air as he tries desperately to thrash and free himself from the clutches of the challenger. Murdoch’s legs are wrapped around Jackson’s free leg whilst he twists and rips at the ankle….blood is streaming down around the mouth of Jackson as he reaches out again, a million miles away from where he needs to be…



Ding ding ding





HE: And are we just going to ignore the direct assist from his former ally?

JT: I mean the instant replays will show us exactly what happened but I’m pretty sure it was little more than an accident…

The instant replays show Jackson checking on Clarke James before the elbow swings around to clatter him in the face, followed by the subsequent series of events that led to the end of the contest. We go back live to ringside as “Papercut” is booming through the sound system and Marshall Murdoch is on his knees in front of the referee…

JR: They’ll analyse that ending, I’m sure, and there’ll be plenty of folks with an opinion on what went down but for me that was one of the best 6CW Title matches in recent memory and when it came down to it we have crowned a new champion…

JT: The ten month reign of Jackson Jackson is over…229 days as 6CW Champion have just come to an end in the most dramatic of fashions…

JR: Jackson Jackson will go down in history as one of the most dominant, fighting champions we’ve ever had….he never ducked a challenge and took on all comers but finally he met his match…

HE: He’ll regroup and after that conclusion he’ll definitely want another shot….you can’t tell me, accident or not, that Clarke James did not influence the outcome of this match…

JT: Maybe so and as a former champion it is his right to invoke his re-match clause but for tonight it is about Marshall Murdoch….the road has finally led him to the pinnacle, he can finally stand proud as the Heavyweight Champion of the World….

JR: The 22nd different man to hold the 6CW Championship….he joins the elite….and unsurprisingly the man he entered this business with is there for his crowning moment…

HE: Still think it was an accident?

The referee hands Marshall the 6CW Championship and he looks at it for a moment, in disbelief, before cradling it. He hoists it over his head and lets out a roar before turning to find himself facing Clarke James. They stare at one another and then CJ smiles and begins to applaud. They walk forward and embrace…

JT: I do still believe it was an accident, yes….but Clarke James is hardly going to be disappointed that one of his closest friends is now the 6CW Champion…

HE: Tell that to Jackson Jackson…

Jackson is hobbling in the aisleway, blood stained around his nose, and then he turns back to glare as CJ raises Murdoch’s arm in victory. Jackson’s eyes flash with fury at what he is witnessing…

JT: What a night it has been here at the Summer Showdown….and we are ending it with a brand new 6CW World Champion…

JR: I can’t wait for all the fallout from this…

The show ends with Jackson continuing to stare back as Marshall Murdoch climbs onto the turnbuckle to celebrate with the 6CW Championship. Clarke James remains in the centre of the ring, applauding.

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