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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3)

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3) Empty 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3)

Post by JJJohnson Mon 27 Jul 2020, 9:50 am

*Marshall Murdoch’s Championship Celebration/Address to the 6CW roster

Bout 1
Tornado Tag
Dicey Reilly/Perfect Jack vs James McManus/Jimmy Phillips

Bout 2
Liam Wood/Uryu Ishida vs The Wolf Gang

Bout 3
Marty Helms vs Tyler Roth

Main Event
Clarke James vs Karl Kramer

*Crime Lord speaks on loss of form
*Jackson Jackson reacts to losing the 6CW Championship
*Beachfront Brawl announcements
*And more

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3)

Post by JJJohnson Tue 28 Jul 2020, 12:26 am

*Tyler Roth is walking in the backstage area following the tables victory over Team Frost at the Summer Showdown. Christy James accosts him for an exclusive interview.

Christy: Tyler.....fresh off of, what can only be described as, a dominant performance and a victory that has given Team Lawless the advantage heading into War Games....would you agree with the consensus that your arrival and recruitment has firmly put Jessica & Johnny Lawless in the driving seat for control of 6CW?

*Roth smirks

Roth: You coming onto me? I mean (beep) I wouldn't blame're what, like an ageing 7 out of 10?

*Christy looks affronted

Roth: And I'm prime, a physical specimen of domination whilst your old, broken down, husband is at home unable to even get it up anymore....I can see that hunger in your eyes, Christy...

Christy: Just answer the question...

Roth: Feisty, I like it.....the fact is, Christy, that your question is ridiculous because you and everyone else already knows the don't need me to say it or me to talk myself up because take a long look at what just happened out there at ringside and the picture speaks a thousand words....destruction, obliteration, a massacre....I've barely broken sweat whilst Team Frost are being mopped up from the floor...those pathetic excuses for fighters will be lucky if there is an ounce of them left to walk into War Games and let's be honest, not a single one of them is walking back out...

Christy: We're talking about three former world champions....two 6CW Hall of Famers....these aren't just middle of the road competitors...

Roth: Maybe not to you, but to me they are....they're like roadkill that I just steamrolled....once upon a time they may have had a storybook career but they're done....they don't belong in the ring with a man like me and sooner or later they are going to be strapped to their beds in the retirement home for forgotten has-beens, just like that loser you call your man...

*Christy scowls

Roth: Don't hate, Christy.....this is just too easy for me and you witnessed that call these men legends and yet they crumbled in my bare hands, these are supposedly the creme de le creme of 6CW but against me they looked like pigs for the slaughter, unable to prevent their inevitable demise...

So do I think my recruitment turned the tide for Team Lawless? I'd wager they'd of won anyway but now it is an iron clad guarantee because the whole world knows there isn't a man on that team capable of beating me....damn I don't think there is a single man walking this planet right now who could...

Christy: Well we have just had confirmation that at the next Proving Grounds you will go one on one with Marty Helms in a no disqualification match.....

*Roth begins to laugh

Roth: Seriously?

*Christy nods

Christy: You don't seem overly moved by that news...

Roth: Is that a joke? Christmas just came early for me.....I know you all have it in your heads that Marty Helms is some kind of psychotic sadist but rewind to five minutes ago and take a long look at what I just did to him in the middle of that ring....Helms is a pound shop wannabe that looks pathetic in comparison to the real thing...

He strides around here with his (beep) in his hand like he's the big I am, the baddest man in the land but he has no concept of bad....but at Proving Grounds he's going to find out...

You are all going to come to realise, Marty Helms in particular, that I am a different beast and when that bell sounds, especially with no disqualifications, you are a victim in waiting....because I am going to hurt you and when it is all said and done it is highly unlikely you will leave the same way you entered...

Even at 100% this fraud is no match for me but we are talking about a one legged man in an a55 kicking contest so forgive me if I'm not quaking in my boots, Christy, because the writing is already on the wall...

I'm not an out of shape Frank Horrigan or an unmotivated Cerberus....I am the hunter in this scenario and my prey is already begging for a mercy kill....I'm just intrigued at how much pain and suffering he can withstand before I break him beyond recovery....

Christy: You seem motivated and compelled by a desire to wound and hurt your a self proclaimed "mercenary" is that the incentive for your return to 6CW? Is that what you have been promised, the chance to inflict immeasurable damage?

Roth: This is the hurt business, Christy, so you can wipe that shock off of your face as though it comes as any damn surprise....we aren't here to number one motivation is success and winning but if that comes hand in hand with the opportunity to leave a broken, bloody carcass on the canvass then all the better for me...

The sound of bones breaking and my opponent's crying for help turns me on and the Lawless Twins know that, that's why they hired me, so what you have witnessed thus far is only the tip of the iceberg...

I didn't just come back to maim and victimize my opposition....I didn't return just so the Lawless's could gain control of 6CW....I came back with a vendetta, a point to prove, and I won't be leaving until this company pays for disrespecting me.....I left 6CW and conquered the goddamn planet, I was feared and revered the whole world over and now I'm back like a nightmare that you just can't wake up from and it doesn't end until the whole roster bends the knee to their master...

One by one they shall fall and whoever is left standing for the final scene, holding the 6CW Championship, will be the unluckiest son of a b1tch on God's green earth....

Now if you'll excuse me, there's champagne on ice!

*Roth gives Christy the once over and smirks before walking off

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3)

Post by TwisT Tue 28 Jul 2020, 5:33 pm

"O Fortuna" plays and the camera focuses on the stage with Karl Kramer already sitting there on his throne. He gazes round as The Consultant comes into shot, removing his crown and sceptre. Karl then slowly rises and starts to walk down to the ring, looking menacing and confident. His uncle follows, carrying the crown and sceptre still and waits outside the ring. Karl climbs through the ropes and stares at the hard camera; lifting a mic to his lips as the music stops.

KK: He gave his everything and it got him nothing. And that is the last time Crime Lord fails to take me seriously. F*ck Crime Lord. F*ck the whole of 6CW.

He stares around.

KK: You see, that throne, sceptre and crown is just for you lot. Material things like that has never bothered me. But the title of King.....that is f*cking everything. That means that everyone of the little fights and bitches going round 6CW means nothing. All that matters is what the King wants and right now he has a thirst for Karnage.

He smirks.

KK: Wouldn't be a shame if the reason Murdoch won the gold had a serious accident in the next match?

He nods his head.

KK: See I am not going to complain how you got the job done Murdoch. You saw your chance and I respect that. But unlike my last match, you haven't proved a f*cking thing. You still had to rely on your buddy to get over the line. But you have a sense of humour Murdoch I give you that......waiting until your supposed friend is unconscious before you lend a hand. I suppose you wanted your little puppy put down but didn't have the f*cking guts to do it yourself.

He smirks and looks at the camera.

KK: Get someone else to do your dirty work when you f*cking can't.....the tagline for Marshal Murdoch's 6CW World Heavyweight title reign.

Karl paces the ring.

KK: And so the little lapdog has made it to the main event to face the King. Well, I am sure Murdoch is going to be in his corner ready to pull him away from danger. How about doing it after the nineteenth time I smash his face in with my fist? Twenty would be overkill right Murdoch and you don't want to involve yourself before might end up in the firing line yourself.

Kramer chuckles and continues to pace the ring.

KK: All the distractions you have right now, will be nothing when you face a fully focused fighting machine. If James can see out of that eye of his, I would watch how I destroyed Crime Lord. That is his kinda era isn't it? Another old guy going to come out here and tell me how dominate he was 50 years ago. And Murdoch had better give that lapdog the night off.....let him blow up the balloons or prepare the cake for your celebration. Just don't let him get into that ring because the only thing you will be celebrating is the destruction of the reason why you have that belt in the first place.......

He stares at the camera.

KK......and without the dog, that title is as good as mine.

He points to the camera.

KK: So let me right here and now make a decree.......the King demands his ransom. And Murdoch, James or nobody in 6CW is going to stop me from getting it. You want a soundbite from the King? Then take this f*cking home with lot haven't seen anything yet.

He holds his stare and nods menacingly


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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3)

Post by Marsh Tue 28 Jul 2020, 8:36 pm

Straight after Summer Showdown the camera is following Marshall Murdoch backstage as he makes his way back to his dressing room, his newly won 6CW World Championship sat proudly over his shoulder.

As he goes to push his locker room door open the excited voices of Vlad, Xeres and Zakky can be heard starting a celebration party, upon hearing this Marshall slowly turns back from the door and crumples into a sat-up position, leaning against the wall opposite. He takes the title off his shoulder and rests it against his knees, Marshall seemingly unable to take his eyes off it.

MM: ‘They said I couldn’t do it, they said I was the nearly man, they said I couldn’t win when it really mattered. Well today I shut them up, and you came to me, after ten long,  long years of trying, no longer can they call me the nearly man, no longer can they say that I’m the man who can’t handle pressure, with you round my waist, nobody can say that anymore, nobody can call me those things … they can call me champion instead.’

(Marshall shakes his head slowly, before resting his head back against the wall): ‘Ten years, ten blo0dy years of trying to get to this point. (Marshall looks up and down the empty corridor) This isn’t quite how I pictured it, but after 10 years of knocks, injuries, setback after setback, being looked over time and time again, I really don’t care.’

(Marshall looks back to the belt, and again appears to be talking to it). ‘And you know the sweetest thing about it? Ripping you out of Jackson’s undeserving hands, he’s been very quick to say over the last month that ‘we’re not friends’, Average Jack’s been the samel. (Marshall looks at the locker room door and hears the party now in full swing). Well with those guys and Clarke I’ve got all the friends I need, I’ve got my brotherhood, and now you (Marshall looks back down to the belt) are part of that. With you, I really won’t be losing any sleep if Jackson Jackson doesn’t want a post match pint.’

‘You know, I always thought when I finally won you that that would be it, I’d finish with that, but now that I’ve got you, I am not letting you go without a fight. Now we (Marshall leaps to his feet with a new found energy, but still focusing on the belt) have a party to attend.’

(Marshall enters his locker room, and the former ‘minions’ can be heard cheering as the door closes)


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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3)

Post by Uryu Ishida Tue 04 Aug 2020, 10:50 am

Uryu slowly walks into the arena and sees a familiar security guard wearing a facemask who approaches as Uryu sighs.

???: What brings your dumb ass back here?

UI: Frank piss off, I'm not in the mood tonight.

F: Good, maybe I can become UK Champion, hang it over my toilet as seeing you with it makes me wanna vomit.

Uryu shakes his head and kicks the ground.

UI: really wanna go there?

F: I already am there Uryu, what the Frak ya gonna do about it?

Uryu throws a punch to Franks head, he staggers back a few steps and walks forward, inches from Uryus face.

F: That it? Even Jimmy Saville hits harder than that! If thats all you got left then just pass the belt over to Liam Wood, or me, or the next toddler you see.

Uryu grits his teeth as Frank motions for another punch.

UI: Frak you Frank, I ain't done yet! I have a match this week thats four on one, everyone wants what I got and my back was already against the wall when I won this championship! You have any idea what that's like?

F: I do, once I beat up 4 drugged up hippies at Glastonbury because they looked funny. Stoned outta their minds, literally licking each others wounds for a high. Good times.

Uryu looks concerned before sighing heavily.

UI: I go out there and do the best I can already and yet all I hear are my bones and muscles....

Frank suddenly starts yawning and looking uninterested, checking his phone before Uryu seething with anger slaps it to the ground. Frank rolls his eyes.

F: The same Frak thing every time Uryu, no wonder the crowds arent here with the crap you bore them with. Wahhh I hurt, Wahhh i'm old, Wahhh wahhh wahhh. You think they all dont know that already? Jesus christ you dont get it. What you are in right now isnt a wrestling match, you have four guys wanting to kill you and I bet you have only thought about survival.

Uryu thinks about it as Frank shakes his head.

UI: What the hell else is there?

Frank slams a surprised Uryu against a wall.

F: Fight them! Don't wrestle them or be cute with your acrobatics or that Sunkist finisher. You are trying to escape a bar fight where you should be winning it! You are a champion now, prove it!

Frank lets Uryu go and glares. Uryu turns around and heads towards the locker room.

F: Puss...

Uryu suddenly spins around and strikes Franks jaw with a left haymaker that sends him to the floor as he coughs blood into the mask. Uryu smiling as he looks at his hand.

UI: Heh... thanks.

Uryu proceeds towards the locker room.

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3)

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Wed 05 Aug 2020, 3:45 pm

*Coming back from the video of Uryu assaulting a member of staff backstage, we see the Wolf Gang in the ring. Ojore and Drake stand either side of a seated Robin Reborn.

RR: Ahhh, the joys of the good guys. One is beating up backstage crew, another is beating up the guy who tries to lift his sorry little career back into some sort of ignorant bliss and safety.

And it's interesting. Both men have such different value. Uryu's is absolutely minimal, nothing really but a warning to younger wrestlers about the ravages of time and the disappointment of continued failure.

But Liam, Liam has value. And we will bring it out of him. His talent cannot be allowed to be squashed by his achingly repetitive personality. We have come here and we can save him from his own bad habits, as we have been doing. The anchor of Uryu against the light of the Wolf Gang. Descend further or ascend to something new.

*He looks to his watch

RR: Time ticks away though. Patience is tested to its limit, it really is. We have a purpose, Liam is merely a personal project. Let's make Liam interesting, relevant and purposeful. I remember the Liam obsessed with Thunder, the Liam obsessed with Dicey. Bridesmaiding away his career.

*He glares down the lens intently

RR: Embrace the betterment of Liam Wood, take what we teach you. Watch the decrepit Uryu as a warning, don't let a one tone career leave you a footnote in this company. You, Liam, can be something more.

*He stares without talking and then hands the mic to Drake

D: But Uryu cannot. I am tired of you, Ojore is tired of you. And we will soon be tired of punishing you, which means we will entirely end you. Ojore over there, he may not talk much, but we call him Whispering Death. He can do things no one else can do, not even myself and Robin.

*The camera focuses on the dead-eyed stare of the African warrior Ojore

D: And when we decide it is time to unleash the full fury, you will see your own blood everywhere you look.

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3)

Post by The Last Outlaw Wed 05 Aug 2020, 10:30 pm

*As Roth walks away, Christy looks to move on but is halted by the figure of Marty Helms slinking up to her

MH: Quiet, I don't need more people knowing where I am and looking for me.

*She pauses and he eventually nods for her to talk

CJ: Then why are you out there talking to me?

*Helms smirks

MH: I'll give you that one, Christy, you've thought that through. But just because I don't want to be seen does not mean I do not want to be heard. And there are a lot of people around here who need to listen to me. Roth, Dicey, Frost...Jessica.

*A grimace appears

MH: Yes, that little b*tch and her brother, and whatever else, they all need to stop, think and learn a thing or two. Remember a thing or two, maybe, about Marty Helms. But I doubt they'll take a moment to think, they rarely have. So, Christy, how do you think I'm going to remind them?

*Now he smiles, a sadistic smile full of malice

MH: That little comeback kid is about to get his fuc*ing face ripped off. I'm going to break his teeth with my fist.

CJ: So it seems you do have some interest in this War Games feud..?

MH: Christy, I will fight anyone who crosses me, and I fight in my own way. But the message, the real message, is for one man in particular.

*He moves towards the camera and rips the microphone from Christy's hand, staring daggers down the lens

MH: Jackson Jackson. He ran and ran from me, and he might think he's got away now, my title gone, another little puppet the focus of my ire.

But Jackson...

You're top of my list. Still. You can't hide, I've known you and your games from the start. And I will end you. Not the way Matlock has ended your title reign, I mean end you. Break you. Punish you and teach you the lesson you've been hiding from. It's not that your title reign is ended, it's that soon I will ensure you never come near one ever again.

Just look at Roth come the end of this night. He'll be a fraction of the wreckage I will make of you.

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3)

Post by x12x Wed 05 Aug 2020, 10:54 pm

The camera rolls and we see Liam Wood stood in a darkened hall, his eyes focused on the camera, a smile covering his face

One of the biggest things about change is self awareness...the power to realise not only your strengths but your faults and improve yourself at every opportunity you can get. A man without self awareness is destined to fail and can be prone to delusion.

Hi Robin...

Wood waves at the camera before turning his attention to Robin Reborn

Earlier today Robin Reborn released another video aimed at yours truly and despite talking a lot he never really said ANYTHING. The man talked as if he was some sort of profit here to save me from my self and while I was bored for the majority of it one thing did stand out to me and that was when Robin said my talents would need to be saved from my repetitive personality...which is ironic given the fact that every single time he's taunted me, he's used that exact same insult...week after week after week after week...

What was it I was saying about self awareness?

Wood shrugs and again continues

Week after week Robin Reborn has been threatening to end my career but as always, it's all hollow words from a man who doesn't really know what he's talking about. You see, he wants to talk about me like my career is over, he wants to talk about me like I'm passed it but we all know that it's wishful thinking coming from a man who beat me because his minions did everything they could in their power to get the job done for him...

...but he's still clueless.

Wood smirks before continuing

Robin Reborn says he remembers the Liam Wood obsessed with Thunder and the Liam Wood obsessed with Dicey Reilly...well then he should remember that both of those versions of me not only showed that I am the man but they became the World Champion while both of those men disappeared. Thunder and Dicey both vanished and I was the one still standing, I was the one still here and I was the one still holding championship gold because that is what I do.

So be careful careful what you wish for.

Wood's tone turns serious as he finishes his short speech

If you continue to try and make me your 'personal project' you might just become the next 'obsession' for me, you might just have to deal with what both of those men had to deal with and you might end up being the next in line to get left behind and forgotten.

Wood turns the camera off, leaving the screen to go black.


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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3)

Post by Perfect Jack Wed 05 Aug 2020, 11:46 pm

Perfect Jack is scene walking gingerly to the backstage area from the car park ahead of Proving Grounds when he is approached by Christy James for an interview. Jack lets out a sigh and speaks.

PJ: What is it now Christy?

CJ: I just wanted to see how you were and ask if you could provide a medical update for the fans after you were driven through six stacked tables in elimination tag match for the advantage ahead of the war games match at Beachfront Brawl.

PJ: You want an update do you? Here, let me show you.

Perfect Jack unbuttons his shirt and winces as he shows the camera the plentiful cuts, bruises and scars from the attitude adjustment through six stacked tables.

CJ: Surely you can't keep going, surely you need to take time off and recuperate?

PJ: Take time off and recuperate? Christy if I do that there won't be a 6CW to come back to! You do realise what they're trying to do right? They're gonna do what so many have failed to do before, is control 6CW and run it into the ground. I can't afford to let that happen, me and the lads can't afford to let that happen. This company means the world to me, it's given me so much and I've given my body to it. Yeah, I'm might be a few years older, I might have a few grey hairs but as long as I have my beating heart, as long as I can clench my fist and throw a punch, I'm still gonna fight.

PJ: If they want 6CW, they're gonna have to put me in the ground first before it happens. Advantage or not, they're in for a hell of a fight.

Perfect Jack walks on towards the locker room area, still limping and walking gingerly.

Perfect Jack

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3)

Post by Beer Thu 06 Aug 2020, 2:57 pm

The following is a exclusive…

Jeff Thadeus is shown in a small room as Clarke James enters, Jeff reaches out and shakes his hand and gestures for him to take a seat. James winces as he sits in the chair, clutching at his ribs…

JT: Clarke, thanks very much for taking the time to sit and talk to us, I’m sure you’d rather be relaxing, or rather recovering following your strap match…. How are the ribs?

CJ: Yeah, they’re pretty sore, but I’ll heal. Thanks for having me, been a while since I did one of these interviews.

JT: I guess the first place to start is how you feel? Not your ribs, but about your return, is this how you expected things to go when you came back?

CJ: Well, probably not. I guess there has always been a part of me that loves this business, you know? But when I came back, it was purely to visit Jack and Marsh. Jack and I had such a great run, from out of nowhere really, those kinds of friendships don’t come along in this business very often. We had the merchandise, the rivalry with Jackson and Frank, plus Max. The ‘we are all rainbows’ stuff, the random signings. You know, that was actually real? We would just rock up to random places, tweet that we were there and see how many people would actually turn up. It was so much fun.

JT: And you came so close to making history?!

Clarke chuckles…

CJ: Yeah man, when it all started, it was all thrown together, and sometimes that’s the best way to create. Once it started, the management just ran with it, the Tag Titles, the UK, the International…. And they were behind it all the way. It was us that suggested the World Title, and dropping everything for a shot. We thought they would never buy it, and they did. And you know, that moment in the ring with Jack, afterwards, that was the moment we knew it was over.

But back to your point, I never planned on returning. But, things started, and they approached me and asked if I wanted to stay, and I felt it was right for me. I still got that buzz being in the ring, I’ll just see where it goes.

JT: You’ve had run ins with the Wolf Gang, and some would say some of your actions in your matches haven’t exactly been what you’d call ‘sportsmanlike’, any comment on that?

CJ: I’ve been in the business long enough to have picked up a few tricks of the trade. It’s about being opportunistic. Factions come and go, they try and run roughshod over the roster, lets not forget where I started. As for sportsmanship, I call it doing what it takes to win, and there isn’t a superstar in this business who wouldn’t do exactly the same in my position.

JT: So let’s go back to last week… the World Title match, do you want to explain your actions?

CJ: Explain what?

JT: Many would say that you deliberately cost Jackson the title when you elbowed him?

James shakes his head in disbelief…

CJ: That is nonsense. Let me guess, because it’s Marshall you think I’ve gone out there and done him a favour?

JT: Well, he did help you out?

CJ: Look, this isn’t some sort of ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’ deal that we have…

JT: So why were you out there?

CJ: Because they are both friends of mine, two friends who were taking each other to the absolute limit. That match deserved a proper finish, a clear winner. No DQ, no screwy finish, no interference. With everything that goes on here, I was doing right by my friends. When I got blinded, I had absolutely no idea what was going on, who was around me. It was just a reactionary thing?

JT: That cost Jackson his world title?

CJ: You’re looking for something that isn’t there. It was instinct. I’ve been jumped on, ganged up, attacked. Everywhere I turn one of the Wolf Gang puppies is there. I had no idea who or what it was, I instinctively threw my elbow back, I didn’t mean to cost Jackson. And look, I’m happy for Marsh, he deserves it, and everyone saying they wouldn’t have taken advantage is lying. But I genuinely had no idea, and I’m genuinely sorry to Jackson, it was never my intention, there was no setup, there was no collusion. It was just an unfortunate accident, and one I hope he can forgive me for.

Look this has been fun, but I’m not going to sit here and have you suggest that I deliberately cost a friend of mine his World Title. It was an honest mistake. And we’re done…

James gets up, a look of disappointment on his face as he exits out of shot. Thaddeus shrugs as the 6CWcom logo flashes up on screen.


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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 6th August 2020 (Beachfront Brawl Build up Week 3)

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