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Post by JJJohnson Fri 28 Aug 2020, 7:06 pm

Voiceover: What was war? A three lettered word that could obliterate everything. War tears people apart, even those who were once close as brothers. Victims of war are constantly drowned in tidal waves of guilt, regret and pain. Pain is not simple; it is physical, emotional and mental; all victims of war feel all three types. In war, nowhere safe. Nowhere.

25th October 2019

Crowd: Thank -you x10

JR: A lot of respect right now....

(Frost looks moved by the reaction of the crowd, catching him a little off guard, but he regains his composure and holds up his hand to quieten the noise in order to speak)

Frost: Ladies and gentlemen; I'm not out here to deliver an Oscar winning speech because I know you all came here to see some wrestling and not listen to me speak...

However I'd just like to say welcome back to 6CW!

(The crowd pop and a deafening "6C-Dub" chant strikes up)

Frost: I'd like to thank each and every one of you....those of you here in the building, all of you watching online on Youtube right now....every single one of you who has shown support for 6CW since we announced the re-launch....because without each and every one of you this would not be possible.....without all of you 6CW would not don't thank me.....thank yourselves......this is for you....for all of you!

(More cheers ring around)

Frost: Tonight marks a new beginning.....a fresh start....for all of all of our fans, to all of our staff and to every single superstar there in the back ready to come out here and compete the time is now to make 6CW better than it has ever been....

Frost: I think I speak for everyone involved here in 6CW in saying that tonight has been a real success and I want to thank you all for being a part of that......this is just the first step but believe me when I tell you that things are just going to get bigger and better from here on out....

But just before we go off air tonight I have one more piece of business to attend to....I promised by the time this night was over you'd have a new General Manager.....and I am a man of my ladies and gentlemen....without further ado allow me to introduce to you......the new General Manager of 6CW....

Frost smiles and steps back from the entranceway as "Sweet but a Psycho" blasts through the airwaves. Liam Wood's eyes narrow and Scott Harris looks perplexed but it is the face of Hero, sat in the front row, that is the most telling as a very familiar face makes her way out onto the stage. Long fiery red hair down to her backside and dressed in a very short, revealing, red dress.

JT: Wow...

JR: What do you even say?

HE: The landscape just shifted...

Miss Jessica: Like this is going to totally be so much fun!

The show ends with Miss Jessica blowing kisses to the stunned crowd and she tips a wink to the competitors in the ring whilst Hero's face remains white as a sheet.

Voiceover: You must remember, the most important rule of any successful illusion: First the people must want to believe in it.

15th Nov 2019

(Jessica clicks her fingers and the door of the office opens slowly. Jessica's eyes widen and the remaining ball drops from her hand)

Jessica: Engel....Harlequin....

(There are screams from the crowd as Engel is standing in the doorway of the office. He slowly walks in front of Cillian Frost, tilting his head from side to side, and then he dives at the 6CW owner and tackles him to the floor. Engel is in hysterics as he chokes Frost into unconsciousness)

JT: What on earth....what is the meaning of this?

JR: I have no idea....Engel is a law unto himself...

JT: We need security back there pronto....

(Cillian Frost goes limp and slowly Engel raises his head, the laughter subsiding, to stare at Miss Jessica. Jessica is pressed against the office wall, looking terrified, but slowly she relaxes and a smile crosses her face. She reaches out and takes another glass of champagne before tilting it in the direction of the door, where Johnny Lawless is now standing)

Voiceover: The concept of the benevolent dictator, just like the concepts of the noble thief or the honest lady of loose morals, is no more than a meaningless fantasy.

(We then get clips of Miss Jessica stacking the odds in favour of the likes of Jimmy Phillips, James McManus & Ricky Nelson whilst making Dante Phoenix’ life hell. We see Phoenix stumbling upon the big secret inside Cherry Falls Asylum and then befriending Dicey Reilly before the May 20th edition of Proving Grounds)

May 20th 2020

JT: McManus should look in the mirror over that…..and I think there are other forces at work here…

HE: What do you mean?


Helms is clutching his knee, writhing and yelling in pain, as McManus spits down on him and then walks away to where a figure is waiting for him. Miss Jessica has the broadest grin on her face as she places an arm on McManus’ shoulder, cackling with delight as she surveys Helms’ misery…

JR: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…..Miss Jessica said Helms would pay for rejecting her…

JT: Marty Helms is finding out first hand that how vindictive the boss can be…

McManus and Jessica walk away from the scene as Helms tries to drag himself up but his knee gives way completely and he yells out in even more pain.

May 30th 2020

HE: No there is sense in it….Miss Jessica wants Marty Helms punished for turning his back on her….

JR: They were never in cahoots…..Helms made that clear….it isn’t his fault that Jessica wanted him to lead some kind of backstage war that none of us even have a clue about….Marty Helms doesn’t work for the establishment….

HE: He’ll be lucky to work at all after this…

Miss Jessica continues to smile and laugh as the beatdown of Helms continues and then James McManus applies a figure four in the centre of the ring. Helms is yelling in pain as Phillips and Nelson take it in turns to stomp down on his injured knee…

JT: Helms is being tortured here and Miss Jessica is loving every damn minute…

Miss Jessica slowly makes her way across the walkway and climbs through the ropes. He is watching Helms being deconstructed and smiles, vindictively….

Jessica: Marty, baby, it didn’t have to be this way…….but you broke my poor little heart and now you need to pay for that….you understand, don’t you?

Jessica kneels down and mockingly caresses Helms’ chin before slapping him across the face at full force.

Jessica: I’m not a complete monster though and I come bearing gifts, of sorts…..for weeks and months you’ve hounded me, to the point of boredom, about your worthiness of a shot at the 6CW Championship….although you don’t look very worthy right now do you?

*Another smile dances across her lips

Jessica: Well, Marty, today is your lucky day babe… week at Proving Grounds I’m going to let you kill two birds with one stone….see James here has been pursuing you ever since you put his wife in hospital and I reward those who please me so you and he will fight for the number one contender ship……oh and it will be LAST MAN STANDING!

JT: Whoah….that is huge….

Jessica: Which is quite amusing when you think about it….because looking at you I’m not sure you can even stand at all….but just incase there’s any life in that knee of yours….

Jessica suddenly clicks her fingers and Ricky Nelson climbs up onto the shoulders of Jimmy Phillips. Nelson stands up to full height before leaping off with a foot stomp across the knee, Helms’ scream of pain fills the air…

Jessica: If by some miracle you can beat James next week then I’ll let you have your one and only shot at the 6CW Championship comes Scars and Stripes….but something tells me you’re not going to make it that far…

You should know, Marty, that I take things very personally and I’m prone to uncontrollable outbursts of anger and vindictiveness… hello, psycho girl alert……you made me very unhappy when you rejected me and now you’re going to see what you could have won whilst I take everything away from you….

*McManus releases the submission hold and gets back to his feet as Helms writhes in pain on the floor. Nelson, Phillips and McManus shield Jessica as she continues to taunt Helms…

Scars & Stripes 27th & 28th June 2020

(The clips show Dicey Reilly being screwed in his RTR semi-final against Crime Lord by Ricky Nelson and then the referee’s false call to hand Jimmy Phillips victory over Perfect Jack)


Helms is suddenly grabbed from behind by a man mountain and back suplexed into a devastating snap sit-down powerbomb (Teddy Hart’s Hart Rate). The intruder then drags the limp form of Jackson Jackson on top of Helms as the referee starts to stir…

JR: That’s Tyler Roth……former 6CW Superstar and United Kingdom Champion….but what the hell is he doing here?

JT: He’s just absolutely destroyed Marty Helms…..

HE: That was beautiful to watch….

JR: This shouldn’t be going down this way….

The referee slowly pulls himself across the canvass and he slaps his hand down against the canvass….


JT: This one is over but dammit it shouldn’t have ended this way…..a phenomenal 6CW Championship match soured by this shocking invasion…

Ding ding ding

Michael Bird: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner…………AND STILL 6CW Champion…………….Jaaaaccckkksssoooonnnn Jaaaaacccckkkkkssssooooooooonnnnnn!

JR: Jackson Jackson is leaving Scars and Stripes still 6CW Champion but he doesn’t know a damn thing about it….

HE: That’s two months running….how can you say he isn’t lucky?

JT: Those claims aren’t going to go away after what we just watched….but Jackson Jackson had no idea what was going to happen here….

JR: None of us did….Helms and Jackson had put on a match for the ages before Jessica’s goons showed up…

The instant replays document the attack from Nelson, Phillips and McManus before Jackson fights them off. We see Helms knocking the champion out with “Lights Out” before Tyler Roth turned up to decimate Helms…

JT: And what about Tyler Roth’s role in all of this? Who allowed this beast of a man into the building?

JR: I’ll give you three guesses but you’ll only need one……we all know Miss Jessica was never going to let Helms leave as world champion and Roth must have been her insurance policy…

HE: And what a policy he is….look at him…

JT: Roth is a machine of violence, if he is aligned with Miss Jessica then she just became even more dangerous to the stability of 6CW….

Roth has a snarling smirk on his face as he climbs from the ring and “Take me to the hospital” booms through the speakers. Phillips, McManus and Nelson are all getting to their feet on the outside and they stare at Roth…

JR: I don’t think Jessica had informed her soldiers that they were getting a new member…

HE: It’s a good job she did because Roth didn’t drop the ball….

JT: This is a tragedy however you cut it….despite what anyone thinks of Marty Helms, as a man, the fact is he fought this bout on one leg almost and he was seconds away from walking out as world champion, his life’s goal, before he was screwed…..Helms put on a performance to be proud of and it was all for nothing….

HE: Marty Helms needs to realise that he caused this all himself…

JR: How?

HE: He turned Jessica down…..had he agreed to align with her then he’d be leaving tonight as champion…

JT: That’s bull(beep)….Jessica’s power and influence shouldn’t mean a goddamn thing, politics shouldn’t play a part…..the 6CW Championship is illustrious and it is tarnished every time something like this happens…I lay no blame at the door of Jackson Jackson but I know that when he watches this back he won’t be satisfied with retaining his title in this manner…..Jackson wanted to end his issues with Helms in a fair fight….

HE: Jackson should be grateful….without Tyler Roth he wouldn’t be 6CW Champion anymore….

Jackson has been handed the 6CW Championship and he rolls from the ring, staggering into the ringside barricade, whilst still attempting to get his focus back. He holds his jaw and winces in the pain wracking his body…

JT: Jackson knows he was in the fight of his life here tonight but he doesn’t know how he won….

HE: He will soon enough and he should be down on his knees in thanks….

Marty Helms is barely stirring on the canvass as Tyler Roth points to McManus, Phillips and Nelson before climbing back up into the ring….

JR: What’s Roth doing now? This is over….

JT: He’s sending a message….as if he hasn’t already….

Helms is out of it, his hands on Roth’s boots, and then big man drags him up with ease and lifts him into his arms before swinging him into a reverse STO (Crimson’s Red Alert)…..Roth kneels over Helms with a dark expression on his face…

HE: This has been a truly sensational opening night of Scars and Stripes…..

JR: And there’s still another evening to go….

JT: It’s going to take some time getting over what we have seen here……

JR: Well we’ve got less than twenty four hours….but I agree, this image right here will live long in the memory….

Roth continues to kneel over Marty Helms as Phillips, McManus and Nelson surround the ring. We then get a glimpse of Miss Jessica in her office with a huge smile on her face as the show comes to an end.

*Later that night*

*An ambulance is shown in the parking lot of the Emirates Arena. The doors from the main building open and Marty Helms, with the aid of crutches and paramedics, is making his way toward the vehicle. Helms’ knee is in casing and looks in a terrible condition following his bout with Jackson Jackson the subsequent attack by Miss Jessica’s army. Helms is reluctant to accept any kind of help but realises he can’t get into the ambulance without it so he agrees. Helms is shown taking a seat inside and then the doors close. The paramedics climb inside and then an arena security guard raps his knuckles on the side of the ambulance to give them the green line to leave.

*The ambulance sets off and is about to take the ramp that leads up into the main streets of Glasgow when a 4x4 Range Rover crashes right into the side of it, knocking it off course. There is smoke from both vehicles and plenty of commotion as 6CW personnel rush out to offer their assistance. The paramedics have opened the front doors and they stagger out, one bleeding from the side of his head, but then they are ambushed by James McManus and Ricky Nelson. The 6CW security teams then turn and make sure nobody else can get near the ambulance, complicit in the ambush.

*The backdoors of the ambulance open and Marty Helms is shown trying to hobble out but Jimmy Phillips is on hand and he slams one of the doors back against Helms’ head, sending him toppling down onto the floor of the ambulance and cries out in pain. Phillips then pulls the medic out and launches him across the floor. We get a shot of Miss Jessica standing in the midst of security with a cold, calculating grin on her face. Tyler Roth then appears. Phillips closed the doors on the back of the ambulance again as Roth steams into the side of it and begins to rock the vehicle with unnatural strength. He ambulance is swaying as Roth grunts from the effort and then succeeds in tipping the whole thing on its side, landing on the concrete with a sickening roar of impact that echoes through the whole lot. Every member of staff and personnel on site stops dead, shock across their faces, as Miss Jessica begins to laugh and Roth, McManus, Phillips and Nelson all stare at the ambulance with amusement.

*The night after*



The intruder suddenly removes the mask and reveals the grinning face of Johnny Lawless. Phoenix’ shock turns to rage but he has no time to respond as he’s hauled from the ladder and caught in a ferocious powerbomb from Tyler Roth….

JR: Miss Jessica’s new equalizer….Tyler Roth just shattered Dante Phoenix in two….

JT: But what the hell is Johnny Lawless’ role in all of this…

Lawless has climbed from the ring and he’s helping Ricky Nelson up, rolling him into the ring. Lawless helps Nelson to the ladder…

JR: This is insanity….Dicey needs to get back out here and stop this…

HE: Nobody can stop this…..


Tyler Roth drags the limp form of Dante Phoenix from the ring and he flips him into another powerbomb position before launching him straight through one of the plexiglass barriers, leaving him a wreck inside the fan area…

JR: Tyler Roth is an animal….first Marty Helms last night and now Dante Phoenix….Miss Jessica’s grip has tightened once more and her enemies are falling at her feet….

Ricky Nelson is halfway up the ladder when we get a feed from backstage of twenty security guards piled on top of Dicey Reilly and handcuffing him whilst Jimmy Phillips and James McManus try to lay the boot in. Dicey is full of profanity and anger but he cannot overcome the numbers as he is dragged away from the arena…

HE: Finally….Dicey Reilly should never set foot in 6CW again….I hope Mike Hill’s alright….

JT: This needs to be stopped….Jessica’s out of control….her thirst for power is beyond dangerous….it’s pulling this company apart….

Mike Hill is shown sat in the back of the flatbed truck, breathing a sigh of relief, as Dicey is taken away by the security detail and then McManus and Phillips help him out. We then go back to ringside as the bell is ringing and Ricky Nelson is pulling the briefcase from its hook….

JR: Ricky Nelson has won this damn match…..Dante Phoenix has been robbed and brutalised….

HE: Justice has been served…

JT: How can you call this justice….this was worse than a handicap match…..even with Dicey’s help, Phoenix was facing insurmountable odds…..Nelson, Hill, Phillips, McManus, Roth and Johnny fricking Lawless….that’s 6 on 2….

JR: And just what is Lawless’ role in all of this? We saw him in that mask two weeks ago and now again here tonight….

JT: Lawless was the manager of Engel Harlequin, he and Phoenix crossed paths many times and it was Phoenix who, seemingly, had rid 6CW of both his adversaries….but Lawless is back and he’s aligning himself with Miss Jessica’s soldiers….what is the link here? What are we missing? And what the hell are they protecting?

JR: All that information is in that briefcase but unfortunately Dante Phoenix no longer has possession of it….Miss Jessica holds all the cards…

HE: This is a beautiful moment….

JT: This may be the end of 6CW as we know it…..who can stand up to this tyranny? We are looking, first hand, at what happens when you oppose the powers that be….

HE: Then maybe it is time everyone fell in line….it’s either Jessica’s way or the hard way…..this is not a war that can be won….

Voiceover: But I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready, you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me.

Because you may find yourself in the middle of a storm but you must never have the word “surrender” in your dictionary. Fight back is the only word you need.

I needed to wake up, stand up, and fight!

Salvation can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light!

12th July 2020

*There is a long pause and then “The man” booms out. There is complete shock on Miss Jessica’s face as Dante Phoenix arrives with Cillian Frost. Frost is holding the “file” from Cherry Falls and says he’s been having some very enlightening conversations with Phoenix. Jessica tries to interrupt but Frost says now is his time to speak.

*Frost goes on about how he brought 6CW back to repay the fans for their unwavering support and he truly believed that Miss Jessica would make a fine General Manager, despite her past, but he now sees how foolish he was.

The big screen then highlights some newspaper cuttings with headlines such as;


*Miss Jessica can be seen squirming as she looks up at the evidence in front of her. Cillian Frost says it almost reads like something out of a Hollywood thriller and yet here they are. Jessica & Johnny Lawless, who would have ever believed them brother and sister. And whilst in their teens they were connected to the mysterious death of a classmate. However just when it seemed like they were destined for jail they were spared by the confession of another young boy who lived on their street, a loner with an infatuation.

*Frost points back to the big screen and we see transcripts of conversations from the Cherry Falls Asylum where Engel Harlequin admitted that he had grown up with the Lawless’ family living nearby and despite never being accepted by society he was always made to feel special by two of the most popular kids in school. It transpired that Jessica manipulated this “love” to make Engel do whatever she wanted, despite being repulsed by him, and that her brother, Johnny, was a huge part of the plot too. Engel was sent to Cherry Falls Asylum after being declared criminally insane

*The documents go on to reveal that whenever Jessica found herself in a spot of trouble over the years she would turn to Engel and every time Engel would do her bidding whilst her brother used his position on the B.O.D of Cherry Falls to ensure his timely release. Miss Jessica, herself, was then admitted to Cherry Falls herself in 2011 following a breakup with Lex Hart that saw custody of her son pass to Hero. Engel Harlequin would then target Hero (Night of Glory) and even kidnapped Austin Lawless, only to return him to Jessica upon her release

*Johnny Lawless’ wrestling career ended and he became successful in business ventures and built contacts that allowed him to pull strings for both his sister and Engel Harlequin’s erratic behaviour, all with the intention of seizing as much control as possible. Upon hearing of 6CW’s re-opening Jessica pleaded with her brother to get Engel released one more time whilst she concocted a plot to seize the company for herself, believing that it was her right to run a company with which they all had a prestigious history.

Engel’s job was to take out Cillian Frost, which he did, and then Jessica manipulated the Frost family to sign control of 6CW to her so that she could run it in his name. The Lawless’ twins then ensured Engel was returned to Cherry Falls but they didn’t bank on Dante Phoenix stumbling across this treasure trove of information, unravelling their plot.

Frost has returned to take control of his company but Jessica finds her voice, her brother alongside her, and says that 6CW now belongs to them. She has given everything to this business and she’s had to endure all the insults over the years but she won’t give this up for anyone. She says Frost’s wife signed the contract and there is no going back on that. Frost admits Jessica owns a portion of the company but not all of it and earlier today Cillian Frost bought all the remaining shares from the shareholders, making him a 50-50 partner. Jessica and Johnny Lawless are outraged but Frost tells them it is real simple. They have their army and he’s fortunately got one of his own, loyal to 6CW. So why don’t they have a match. Beachfront Brawl. War Games. For Control of 6CW.

Tyler Roth/Jimmy Phillips/James McManus & Ricky Nelson vs Dicey Reilly/Perfect Jack/Dante Phoenix & Marty Helms

*Jessica and Johnny Lawless consider for a moment and then they agree. They say they’ll seize total control and make sure Frost never sets foot in the building again. Jessica says that everyone who has stood beside him will be punished until they beg to be released from their contracts. This is her 6CW. Frost disagrees and says 6CW has been on life support during her tenure but he promises to breathe life into the company once more. There is a staredown as the rest of Team Frost join (minus Marty Helms) on the stage whilst the commentary hype up and discuss the huge show opener.

Voiceover: We are not enemies but we are just hostile to each other because or different views and opinions

(“Warriors” by Imagine Dragons is in full flow now as we see Marty Helms and the rest of Team Frost at loggerheads with one another before we see clips of both Team Frost & Team Lawless getting the upper hands during many of their battles. We see Tyler Roth beating Helms down and Dicey Reilly making the save)

August 6th 2020

*Marty Helms is just entering the backstage area when he is ambushed by Ricky Nelson, James McManus and Jimmy Phillips. Helms takes some big shots and is slammed into a freight door until Dicey Reilly, Perfect Jack and Dante Phoenix make the save. Team Frost get the upper hand and then Johnny Lawless tries to sneak attack Helms with a steel chair but Cillian Frost intercepts. Helms recovers and hits Lawless with the "Lights Out" elbow before he sets the chair up on the concrete and powerbombs Lawless straight through it. Helms and Cillian Frost lock eyes as the rest of Team Frost watch on. Miss Jessica be seen in a rage in her office

Franklin D. Roosevelt: I have seen war…..I have seen blood running from the wounded….I have seen the agony……….I hate war!

(We now get a montage of previous “War Games” matches with blood-stained rings and broken bodies. We get clips of all members of Team Lawless and Team Frost with pain etched all over their faces whilst Miss Jessica & Johnny Lawless watch on with smiles and Cillian Frost looks concerned)

August 16th 2020

HE: This is soon to be their company, show some respect…

JT: I will when hell freezes over….they’ve looked that damn smug all night and I want to know why…

Tyler Roth has pulled away from the action and is heading up the ramp as Jessica & Johnny stand on either side, continuing to smile down at the ring. The rest of Team Frost are now regrouping at the front of the ring as though preparing themselves for what happens next….

JR: I have a bad feeling about this…

JT: You and me both…..Roth has suddenly withdrawn from proceedings and the damn Lawless twins look like Xmas has come early…


Tyler Roth walks into the backstage area and a few moments pass until he returns, pushing a chair with Cillian Frost tied to it. Frost’s mouth is gagged….

JT: This is sick….what the hell is the meaning of this?

JR: Team Lawless have one last message to send, it would seem…

JT: They can’t….



Jessica’s evil grin continues to radiate malice as Tyler Roth easily picks the chair up off the floor and carries it to the edge of the stage before just throwing Frost through the air, sending him crashing through a series of tables and production equipment….

HE: A rouse all night….they planted the seeds of doubt within Team Frost and whilst they bickered between themselves they have struck with a moment that will not be forgotten…

JT: This is a goddamn disgrace….Tyler Roth has just destroyed Cillian Frost….this goes way beyond…

HE: This is a war, Jeff, and you all knew there would be casualties from the outset…..Cillian Frost does not belong in this business and now you know why…..there is no way he or his team can win at Beachfront Brawl….give it up now before they all suffer the same fate…

Dante Phoenix and Dicey Reilly have already sprinted around to the wreckage to check upon Cillian Frost’s condition as medics begin to arrive on the scene. Phoenix is down on one knee and trying to talk to Frost whilst Marty Helms is still standing in the aisleway, his eyes locked on the Lawless twins…

JR: Jessica promised to get everyone’s attention here tonight but nobody anticipated this…..the battle lines were drawn a long time ago but there is no turning back from this point, it is all or nothing, winner takes all at Beachfront Brawl…

JT: 6CW either lives or dies in two weeks time…

HE: 6CW will be reborn into an era of change…..Cillian Frost’s vision is over…..his team is still as divided as ever, they have no chance…..SEE!

Ricky Nelson has slid a steel chair into the ring and Jimmy Phillips capitalises on Perfect Jack’s attention being elsewhere by slamming the weapon against his spine. Phillips drops the chair and then delivers a huge “Touchdown” on top of it before rolling from the ring as Marty Helms attempts to climb inside….Phillips joins the rest of his gleeful teammates as they head up the ramp to join their leaders…

HE: Take a long look because that is the future….that is what you will see at the end of War Games….Team Lawless standing tall whilst Team Frost mourn their fallen…..we are so close to the end now but the spoilers are already in…

JT: The future of 6CW looks bleak….

JR: This great company has fought many wars over the years but this may just be one step too far…

Cillian Frost is being lifted onto a stretcher as Dicey Reilly and Dante Phoenix remain at his side. Marty Helms is standing in the ring and glaring up at Team Lawless whilst Perfect Jack is sat in the corner, wincing at the pain he has endured during his bout. Johnny Lawless is hyping up his team whilst Miss Jessica looks down upon Cillian Frost with sickening pleasure.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen we are out of time but we will see you in two weeks’ time at Beachfront Brawl for the “End of Days” battle inside War Games…….Team Frost or Team Lawless….only one can survive…..who will control 6CW when the smoke clears and all is said and done?

Voicover: The greater the obstacles, the greater the victory….it’s winner take all….(echoes over and over into the background) winner take all, winner take all!

(The video ends with a stand-off between Team Frost and Team Lawless before we get a shot of the “War Games” structure hanging from the canopy over the custom-built arena on Yas Island. The eerie blue light illuminates the cages whilst the sun goes down and total darkness takes over)

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