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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1)

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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1) Empty 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1)

Post by JJJohnson Tue Sep 01, 2020 10:13 am

Cillian Frost announcement on the future of 6CW

Bout 1
James McManus vs Liam Wood

Bout 2
6CW UK Championship
Robin Reborn (c) vs Uryu Ishida

Bout 3
Clarke James/Marshall Murdoch vs Crime Lord/Karl Kramer

Main Event
#1 Contender (6CW Championship)
Dante Phoenix vs Dicey Reilly vs Marty Helms vs Perfect Jack

*Plus much more

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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1)

Post by Uryu Ishida Sun Sep 06, 2020 1:41 pm

*At Beachfront Brawl*

Uryu glanced at the camera passing him by as he sat on a chair, hunched over and sighing. Noises of celebration were heard outside the room as Uryu smiled.

UI: Nice to hear...

Uryu leans back, grimacing and gasping for air. the light showing his torso was littered with purple patches.

UI: became champion...congratulations.

Uryu starts slowly clapping.

UI: Don't get me wrong...this is as fast as I can clap right now. You beat me up good...but you haven't put me down. That is going to be your mistake. Am I sad I'm no longer champion? In a sense...glad I defended it as much as I did. Woulda liked to have done it a few more times, gone against some more quality...

Uryu pauses and doubles over, trying to draw in breath. The cameraman steps forward but Uryu raises his arm to stop him.

UI: But...i lost it against you...against the guy who wants to burn this place to the ground...that...

Uryu slowly staggers up and walks out the door.

UI:...Cannot be allowed to continue....

Uryu struggles to walk, using the wall to hold himself up.

Uryu Ishida

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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1)

Post by TwisT Tue Sep 08, 2020 2:54 pm

“O Fortuna” plays and King Karl Kramer walks down the aisle unaccompanied by his uncle. He carries the royal sceptre over his shoulder and his robe slung over his other shoulder. His crown adorns his head as he confidently marches down to the ring. He leaves his royal artifacts on the apron and steps between the ropes. He is handed a microphone, as the music dies down.

KK: There are a few things I want to just get out the way right from the start. I know there are a lot of people who need to hear what I have to say so I want to give those watchful eyes something to savour….

He looks at the royal artifacts and grins.

KK: I am still the f*cking king. Nothing has changed. A loss to Murdoch tastes bitter. And the excuse of interference is something I will never f*cking make. That’s what puts me above feverybody else who has lost a title match. But, what the loss gives me is a clear path to get what I deserve…. not at some beach party. Not as a prelude to a f*cking boring main event. Not as 6CW’s afterthought.

He smirks.

KK: No, to really rub your noses in it, I am going to win my shot at Born in Fire. A place so full of history that winning it would be the equivalent of pissing on everything 6CW stands for….

He glares at the camera.

KK: People have short memories you see. After every title match there has been since I came here, there was always a f*cking rematch. Always. Murdoch got one. Crime Lord got one. Jackson got one. But King Karl Kramer doesn’t get another shot. In fact, his rematch is going to four unknown guys in this week’s main event. His time buried. His time overlooked.

He paces the ring.

KK: So, what does the King get. A tag match against three guys that just can’t get away from me. It’s like our lives are meshed into one royal saga.

He glares at the camera again.

KK: Well, if I have to play nice with Crime Lord then I will. If I have to beat Murdoch and James then I will. If I have to go all the way to Born in Fire before I am crowned 6CW World Champion, then I will. But remember this……as much as you want me to go quietly into the f*cking night; I am nowhere near finished. So why don’t those so called no.1 contenders have a good hard stare in the mirror and come back to me if they dare want to argue they deserve the shot.

He smirks again.

KK: King Karl Kramer is a 6CW legend already. He is better than anything here and anything there has ever been. That championship Murdoch still clings to needs me; not the other way round. I will wait. I will sit on my throne, with the title I have earned, and watch you scurry about for scraps.

He looks at the camera once more.

KK: One last thing. Roth, don’t make things personal. Take your medicine and realise that the business is always more important than the individual. You ended up looking dumb because… are dumb. Don’t try and understand it. Don’t try and question it. Don’t try and get revenge for it. Otherwise, the King will just have to put you down.

Karl drops the mic to his side but then remembers something.

KK: Oh and Frost, the Klan give you congratulations and notice for your win. Things could be so different right now. Savour it. But remember things can change and have changed. I am sure my uncle will be talking to you quite soon….

He nods his head and waits.

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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1)

Post by Marky Tue Sep 08, 2020 3:54 pm

Jackson Jackson is sat backstage, he is deep in thought as he looks straight down the camera

Jackson: Two hundred and twenty nine days. Ten months. That's how long I was your 6CW Heavyweight Champion of the World. I toppled giants, I overcame monsters... And after reflection, Marshall Murdoch deserves to be the new Champion. He beat me. It is what it is. But the comedown from losing the 6CW Championship was far greater than I expected.

Jackson seems calm as he continues

Jackson: I should clarify, I have no problems with underhanded tactics in matches. I didn't actually have an issue with Clarke James costing me my Championship, because I've been in his position before. Cheating to win is part of my DNA. My problem with Clarke James was this perception that it was entirely accidental. That he "didn't mean it". Just f*cking own it. But that all paled into insignificance, because my mind was blurry. I began a downward spiral, where I was desperate to claw back the Championship I had lost, instead of reassessing the situation, and accepting what had happened.

Jackson sighs as he looks to the floor

Jackson: My rematch against Marshall, I was underprepared. I was focusing on all the wrong things. Like Clarke James being the referee. Like how Marshall had taken something from me and that I had to get it back there and then. I fully believe that I can beat Marshall, the same way I beat everyone else who was supposedly better than me. I stayed Champion for ten months. Marshall beat me in a back and forth match to win the title, either of us could have won that day. But I beat myself in the rematch. I handed Marshall his first defence on a silver platter. I did not compete to the best of my ability because I was not mentally ready. And then, emotions got the better of me. I attacked and blamed Clarke James.

Jackson smirks

Jackson: I was still on the comedown from losing my title when I faced Clarke. I was blinded by rage, I was making mistakes, and I let myself be cheated out of a win. I actually don't care that Clarke used the ropes, I would have done the exact same thing. I'm more annoyed at myself for not preventing it. For too long, I've let my actions do my talking but I've had enough of hearing everyone else speak. Now its Jackson's turn to speak.

Jackson stands up and swats his chair away

Jackson: Beachfront Brawl didn't go my way. From an outsiders perspective, I lost my title, I lost my rematch, and then I lost to Clarke James, so I can see why they are choosing to have a number one contenders match without me. It doesn't mean I like it, but it does show me what I need to do to get back to the peak of 6CW. I'll tell you what does irritate me though. No match at all.

Jackson shows his anger as he says those last four words again, but much quieter

Jackson: You can't just forget I existed 6CW. I was your World Champion for ten months. I now accept I lost the 6CW World Heavyweight Championship I held for two hundred and twenty nine days. But now Marshall Murdoch and the entire 6CW Roster now needs to accept that I am coming back for that title. I dont care who I have to face. I dont care if I have to fulfill your quotas of backstage segments to get my way back into contention. I am Jackson f*cking Jackson. I've no doubt I'll go on Twitter and read questions like "Is Jackson Jackson back?"

Jackson glares into the camera

Jackson: The answer? He never f*cking left.

Jackson walks off as the camera fades to black


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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1)

Post by x12x Fri Sep 11, 2020 11:48 pm

Our scene begins in a darkened room, we see the former EWF World Champion Liam Wood sat on his own. His head bowed as he speaks to himself. A somber tone on his voice as he does.

You've been down can get back up
you've been lost can find yourself again
you've been champion before... can do it again.

Wood sighs

I know it feels like climbing that mountain is impossible right now but if anyone can do can. So pull your head out of your a** and prove to everyone you can do it.

You might have nothing to show for your hard work but this won't last forever.
As Mac Miller says...

Wood pauses, taking another breath before finishing

I haven't seen the sun in a while but I know that the sky's still blue.

Wood nods to himself before standing to his feet, determined yet again


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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1)

Post by Perfect Jack Sat Sep 12, 2020 12:22 am

The following interview takes place a few days after Beachfront Brawl at the 6CW arena. Christy James is standing by waiting for Perfect Jack to arrive and he does in joyous fashion.

CJ: Ladies and gentlemen I am glad to introduce my guest to you at this time, Perfect Jack!

Jack walks into shot beaming with pride.

CJ: First thing's first Jack, I just wanted to congratulate you all on defeating Team Lawless at Beachfront Brawl in one of the most brutal war games matches I have ever seen.

PJ: Thank you Christy, for the first time in a long time, I feel fantastic. I feel undefeatable, yeah I have a lot of scars and bruises, a black eye for good measure but that pales in comparison to the overwhelming pride I have for myself and the team. No one gave us a chance, they all thought we weren't on the same page, yeah one of us might dislike the other, one of us has a long standing history with the other, but we all shared one thing in common, over love for 6CW, our desire to keep this company going in times none of us have ever experienced.

CJ: It was an incredible effort by you all, one the 6CW fans will always appreciate and never forget.

PJ: Thank you Christy, but before we go I have a few little things I'd like to get off my chest. First of all to those cowards and especially that b!tch Miss Jessica, you and your little lapdogs failed. You failed in everything you tried to do. You tried every trick in your little playbook to break this team up, to destroy 6CW. Well no more, your games are over and everytime I see you around I'm gonna shoot you a wink and a smile, just to remind you all that you lost.

PJ: One more thing, I just wanted to dedicate that victory to the fans, not the ones I wanted to prove wrong, but to the ones I wanted to prove right. To prove them right in supporting me, chanting my name, wearing my merch, picking me up when professionally I was at my lowest. That victory was for you. As for the fatal four way number one contendership match, to my fellow team mates, I wish you all the best of luck and may the best man win, because I intend to win. Thank you goodnight and much love.

Perfect Jack smiles, shakes the hand of Christy James and walks off.

Perfect Jack

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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 12th September (Born in Fire Build Week 1)

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