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Diana Rigg

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Diana Rigg Empty Diana Rigg

Post by guildfordbat Fri 11 Sep 2020, 12:49 pm

Saddened to hear of the death of Diana Rigg. A hugely talented and versatile actress.

From what I already suspected and have read today, much of her best work was on the stage. I can't really claim to know about that area of her work but can clearly recall some of her television and film performances.

She was stunningly memorable (rIck on the Morning Music thread puts it in more graphic terms) in the '60s tv series The Avengers playing Emma Peel, said to be a play on Man Appeal. She was feisty off the set too, demanding and getting a substantial pay rise when she found out she was getting the same money as the camera man.

Two films I would recommend in which she plays leading roles are Evil Under The Sun based on the book by Agatha Christie and On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the only Bond film with George Lazenby in the leading role. OHMSS is a cracking story with an ending to match and Rigg's leading lady, unlike any other Bond film, is pivotal to it. It was reputed she didn't get on with Lazenby and took to chewing garlic before filming any close up scenes with him. I saw he denied that yesterday although I feel such protestations would have carried more weight if made by her or him during her lifetime.

However, the one film I would recommend most of all is Theatre of Blood, made in 1973. A darkly comic story of a Shakespearean actor, played wonderfully by Vincent Price, who takes murderous revenge on the literary critics who have snubbed him. Rigg plays Price's daughter and assists him in a variety of disguises. The film also features a host of greats and not so greats from the time. I just had a quick read about the film on imdb. I was both surprised and pleased to read that it was Price's ''personal favourite of all his movies'' whist Rigg regarded it ''as her best movie''. Well worth catching and appreciating so much about Diana Rigg. RIP.


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Diana Rigg Empty Re: Diana Rigg

Post by superflyweight Fri 11 Sep 2020, 1:50 pm

Lovely work guildford.

I thought she was great playing Andy's mother-in-law in Detectorists (in which she played the mother of the character played by her real-life daughter, Rachel Stirling). She wasn't in it much, but her forthright, straight-talking manner played well against Mackenzie Crook's hesitant and shambling Andy.


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Diana Rigg Empty Re: Diana Rigg

Post by Atila Sat 12 Sep 2020, 5:49 pm

It seems a back handed compliment to say that someone was beautiful when they were younger but Diana Rigg truly was beautiful when she was younger. Me and my brother who is a massive James Bond fan have had conversations about the best "Bond Girls" in the past, Diana Rigg from 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' is always mentioned by me.

The only other acting roles I knew her from was from the 60's TV series 'The Avengers', I thought she was hot in that too.

So sorry to hear of her death.

R.I.P. Diana Rigg.


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Diana Rigg Empty Re: Diana Rigg

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