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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 2:53 pm

*The show goes live on air with a recap of Cillian Frost's speech from last week about how a newly appointed 6CW Council will now be running proceedings. We go live with the small gathered crowd and the commentary team talk about how it could be back to empty arenas next week with new government guidelines. The team debate what to expect from the newly formed Council, wondering who Cillian Frost was seen speaking to at the end of the last show, and then they run down the card for tonight, hyping up the return of the TV Championship.

We head backstage and we can hear cheers from the crowd as 6CW alumni, Mark Matzko is standing by with Christy James. Christy welcomes Matzko and wants to talk to him about tonight's Battle Royal as he is, after all, a former TV Champion. Matzko says winning the title was the proudest moment of his career and the belt meant a great deal to him. Christy wonders whether Matzko may enter the match and he smiles but is then attacked from behind by Jimmy Phillips. Matzko tries to get up and fight but Phillips drives vicious knees into his gut and then delivers a powerbomb on the solid floor. Phillips turns to the cameras and says he isn't sharing the limelight with these has-beens any longer before placing Matzko in a "Coquina Clutch". Matzko quickly passes out but Phillips keeps the hold locked in as security pour into the scene to break it up. The commentary team talk about how Phillips seems to have reignited his vendetta against the stars of the past.

*Dante Phoenix is in the backstage area with Fleur Michaels ahead of the TV Championship Battle Royal. Phoenix admits he hasn't been feeling himself recently and it is clear to see he's struggling but he maintains that he is fit to compete and he wants to begin a new chapter in his career. Fleur questions Phoenix' mindset and he momentarily seems to glaze over but then reaffirms that he getting things under control and that tonight we'll see the best of him. Fleur doesn't look convinced as Phoenix walks away. Dante passes a mirror and he does a double take, staring deeply at his reflection, before shaking his head and walks toward the entrance to ringside

*Tyler Roth is heading for ringside when Timothy Allen tries to stop him for an interview. Roth says there is nothing to say because the upcoming match is a foregone conclusion and the TV Championship already belongs to him. It's Reaping time and he has nine souls to collect. Roth shoves past Allen but finds his path blocked by a smirking Jackson Jackson. Roth tells him to move and Jackson just laughs before telling Roth he'll see him out there.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 2:59 pm

November 14th, 2010
Born in Fire IV
6WF Championship
Crime Lord (c) vs Tyson Armstrong

MW:But that championship means everything to him...he will dig down deep and he will find something...he always does..

Crime Lord grabs the head of Tyson and he rains in hard fists before yanking him up and whipping him to the corner.He rushes in and jumps into a bigtime bodysplash before stalking Tyson from the corner and he flips him onto his shoulders again...


Tyson spins off the back and hooks his arms for the german suplex but the champion spins around again and hits a german suplex of his own.He keeps his arms locked and lifts Tyson into a second...



Tyson gets up and makes a cling for the ropes but misses them and is hauled into a fifth german suplex.Crime Lord stands up up again again and he elbows his way out,he looks groggy and swings another clothesline...six

MW:Eight german suplexes from champion to challenger...absolutely over!

*Crowd pop

RJ:Had to be a the most it was a millisecond away...Tyson somehow lives to fight another day!

The crowd are cheering and Crime Lord looks fit to burst as Tyson kicks out from the eight german suplexes.Crime Lord hauls his opponent up and lifts him high into a torture rack and begins to apply maximum pressure....he squeezes the life from Tyson,who refuses to quit and then drops him onto his shoulders...

MW:Amazing...LOCK N LOAD!



MW:Sensational...again the champion refuses to quit to the rabid challenger...

RJ:Crime Lord will not quit...and Tyson will not relent...what the heck is it going to take?

Both men are flat on their backs as Crime Lord kicks out of another Tysonator.The crowd are cheering on the big Texan,he crawls to the corner and he looks exhausted as he tries to climb up.Crime Lord sits up in pain and his eyes are glazed over...

MW:For my money this has been the greatest wrestling show ever produced...once again we have raised the bar beyond reachable limits...every month we redefine ourselves...and this match for me could take the biscuit as the best of the year....

RJ:Tonight we have seen so many matches that could be considered match of the year...if not match of the decade....but this match is taking it one step further...its all about being the man...and only one of them can be...

Both men stagger into the centre of the ring,Crime Lord swings Tyson around and kicks him in the stomach,he flips him up but Tyson drops behind him and pushes him into the corner before running and jumping into a bodysplash...

MW:Crime Lord caught him in a bearhug....TYSONATOR!



MW:He's won it with his Tyson's move

RJ:Tyson has the ropes Mike...Armstrong still had the presence of mind to find the ropes!

The crowd cheer as Tyson reaches out a fist and grabs the ropes just in time.Crime Lord bangs the mat repeatedly in frustration and he swears at the referee before rolling from the ring.He grabs the timekeeper and launches him across the floor before grabbing a steel chair and folding it up...

MW:Remember the title cant change on a DQ folks...Crime Lord knows he wont lose this way...

RJ:Shady tactics from our champion...this isnt right!

Crime Lord slams the chair off the floor and waits for Tyson to stand,he looks around at the booing masses and then swings the chair back....CRACK!


The referee grabs the back of the chair and pulls it off Crime Lord and throws it to the outside,Crime Lord looks at the ref with fury but before he can act he is spun around and lifted onto the shoulders of Tyson before being F-5'ed into the canvass...drawing huge cheers...Tyson seems to excel in a second wind as he gets to his feet...he looks around as 20,000 fans rise to their feet and he beats his chest and gives the "X" salute...

RJ:These men have thrown everything but the kitched sink at one another....they have traded signature moves and it still hasnt been enough...what can Tyson pull of here?

MW:It's going to have to be something of immense magnitude to rest the 6WF Title from the iron fist of Crime Lord....what are you doing Tyson?....what are you...

RJ:Flashbacks of last year's Born in you remember Mike...

MW:I...I...Oh my god I do...JJ Johnson against River Ace and Hero....








ding ding ding

*Crowd ultra pop


Announcer:Ladies and is your winner....and NEW 6WF World Heavyweight Champion....Tyson Armstroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!

MW:He did god he did it RJ...not many believed....not many thought he had what it takes but he has proven them word he has made history....what a story...what a night...what a year it has been for Tyson Armstrong!

RJ:It started just 12 months ago on this very year later and this man has realised a boyhood dream...Tyson Armstrong has survived adversity,he has been in a war here tonight...but when the smoke clears...when all is said and done...he is the brand new,6WF World Champion.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 3:04 pm

Bout 1
6CW TV Championship
Battle Royal

The action swings back to ringside as the participants of the 6CW TV Championship Battle Royal are currently making their way to ringside. A plinth has been erected by the announce area so that the title belt can rest upon it…

Michael Bird: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is an over the top battle royal for the vacant 6CW Television Championship!

*Cheers from the gathered audience

Michael Bird: The rules are as follows; all participants will begin in the ring. Elimination can only occur when a superstar is thrown over the top rope and both of their feet must touch the floor. This process will continue until only one superstar is remaining and they will be crowned the new TV Champion!

JT: Simple rules but this is a fantastic way to kick off another action-packed edition of 6CW Proving grounds, folks…..ten of 6CW’s premier athletes set to battle for the honour of calling themselves TV Champion….

JR: The TV Champion was reinstated last week by Cillian Frost and we learned that it will be defended on a weekly basis with a ten minute time limit for each bout...

HE: Does that apply to tonight as well?

JT: I believe an extension has been granted for this evening in order for a definitive conclusion….this is a huge springboard incentive for all of the combatants….many legendary superstars have held this title….JJ Johnson, Daniel & Dicey Reilly, Cobra, Hero, Cerberus, Jerome Dubois and Geoff Steel amongst others…..a win here tonight could be the platform to greatness for one of those men…

JR: Without a doubt….winning championship gold is no small feat, especially with the growing competitiveness of the 6CW roster…..every single man in that ring wants to leave with the strap and for each of them it represents something different….any picks, Henry?

HE: You’re looking at my pick right now…..everyone else can forget about it…

Tyler Roth is currently striding down the aisleway toward the ring with a supremely confident look on his face. He climbs up onto the apron, keeping his vest on, and steps through the ropes as the rest of the playing field glare at him.

JR: It’s a very legitimate pick…..Roth has yet to taste any pinfall or submission defeats since returning to 6CW…

JT: But nobody has to pin or submit him again here tonight either…

HE: Who is going to get him over the top rope?

JR: It may take more than one…..Roth may very well be the favourite but you look around and I think there’s plenty of contenders….

JT: Including the former 6CW Champion…

“Take me to the hospital” then blares out as Jackson Jackson appears on the stage. Most of the crowd cheer, albeit it there are some boos, but he barely seems interested as he makes his way to ringside…

JR: Jackson Jackson has been on somewhat of a downward turn since losing his world title but this is a great chance to change his fortunes….on paper the most successful superstar in this match…

HE: Once upon a time I’d of been rooting for him but his time has come and gone…..

Tyler Roth is staring over at Jackson as he hops over the top rope to complete the roster. The referee holds up the TV Championship for them all to see and then passes it out to the timekeeper, who subsequently placed it on its plinth, whilst the cameras pan around to show all the superstars…

JT: Drake, Dante Phoenix, Jimmy Phillips, James McManus, Ricky Nelson, Ojore, Karl Kramer, Uryu Ishida, Tyler Roth and Jackson Jackson……one leaves as the TV Champion….

JR: Incredible list of talent with so many achievements between them….but who is about to add another to their CV?

HE: We’re about to find out…

The bell sounds and there is a second or two of complete stillness before the ring erupts into action. Uryu Ishida flies across and tackles Karl Kramer, ramming forearms into his face, whilst Jackson Jackson takes off through the air with a dropkick to the chest of Tyler Roth….

JT: Look at guys like Roth….Ojore….Drake…..Kramer….huge individuals that are going to prove extremely difficult to remove from this match…

Ojore and Drake nod at one another and then rush forward with a huge double clothesline that swings Ricky Nelson inside out. James McManus steps forward with a right hand to Drake but then eats a headbutt from Ojore that drops him immediately….

JR: And already we are seeing the Wolf Gang working together….that could be disastrous for everyone else in this match….

They drag McManus back up and whip him off the ropes before drilling him with a double one-handed spinebuster. Dante Phoenix runs to the corner and springs onto the turnbuckle before flying back with a headscissors on Ojore but he can’t drag him down….

HE: Ojore is too strong for that nonsense…..

Phoenix is just left dangling in midair, his legs around Ojore’s shoulders, and then Ojore launches him back upward and lets him drop as Drake runs in and destroys him with a midair spear….

JT: I don’t know if anyone had Drake or Ojore as their pick before we came in but maybe now is the time to consider it….

Karl Kramer shoves Uryu away from him and he is body pressed by Drake into a forward slam/spinebuster (ala Goldberg). Kramer then bursts forward and he flattens Drake with a shoulder tackle…

JR: Whoah….maybe there is an answer to the Wolf Gang after all….

Ojore looks for a huge open hand chop to the top of Kramer’s head (ala Khali) but KK ducks underneath it and then shows incredible strength to land a scooped slam. Jimmy Phillips spins Kramer around….


Kramer elbows free of Phillips, sending him toward the ropes, and then rushes after him for a clothesline but JP ducks and sends Kramer over the top….

JT: He’s gon….NO!

Charles Kramer looks worried on the outside but his nephew manages to land out on the apron. Phillips runs across to finish the job but Kramer levels him with a right hand and then catapults back in with a shoulder tackle takedown (ala Sheamus)….

JR: Nearly disastrous for Karl Kramer there…

Tyler Roth looks to drill Jackson with a pumphandle slam but the former world champion drops off behind and lands a backstabber. Jackson then grabs Roth by the hair and tries to pull him up…..

JT: Tough ask for Jackson here but I’m sure that won’t deter him…

Roth just shoves Jackson away toward the corner and then darts forward for a stinger splash but JJ avoids it and sends him against the turnbuckle. Jackson then springs onto the turnbuckle as Roth staggers out and twists back into a discus elbow that takes the big man off his feet….

JR: Never underestimate Jackson Jackson….it isn’t about the size of the dog in the fight….

Ricky Nelson is back up, albeit winded, and he attacks Jackson from behind and then runs him forward and launches him through the ropes into the ringpost. Nelson gives Roth the thumbs up…

JT: Team Lawless may be no more but could we see a reunion of sorts in this match?

HE: Nobody else would stand a chance….

Nelson looks for Jimmy Phillips and James McManus as he tries to plot with them. All four men take a corner….

JR: This just changed the dynamic….

Karl Kramer is standing side by side with Uryu and Dante Phoenix as they look across at the former allies. They then burst forward and begin to brawl…

JT: Kramer and Roth going at it here…..very interesting…

Roth’s huge punches seem to be rocking Kramer but then he rakes the eyes and connects with a sit-down full nelson bomb (ala Bully Ray). James McManus has Dante Phoenix up on his shoulders but then Dante scrambles off and shoves McManus into Ricky Nelson…


McManus spins back around and Phoenix levels him with the roundhouse kick (Black Mass). Jimmy Phillips flips Uryu up for a “dominator” powerbomb but Ishida drops off the back and then shoves Phillips away into Kramer….

JT: KARNAGE….This didn’t go well for Team Lawless….deja vu….

Tyler Roth is getting back up and Ishida, Kramer and Phoenix all exchange glances. They ready themselves for the first elimination…

JR: What an incredible turn of events this would be…….OH MY!

Roth suddenly bursts from his knees, knowing what is coming, and he almost decapitates both Uryu and Phoenix with a double clothesline. Kramer makes a beeline for him but Roth dodges him and connects with a snap superkick and then a discus lariat….

HE: Tyler Roth is a monster….a real life machine….


JR: He did say he was a mercenary…

Roth glares around and then he drags up the unconscious form of James McManus and just throws him over the top rope for the first elimination of the contest. Roth then grabs Dante Phoenix by the head….

JT: McManus was out as soon as Phoenix hit that roundhouse kick….Roth just took out the trash….

HE: He’s doing a second collection….

Jackson Jackson is out on the apron but he springboards back in with a flying knee to the back of Roth’s head, sending him staggering across the ring. Ojore and Drake are now back up and they fixate on Uryu….

JR: We know all about the issues between Uryu and The Wolf Gang…..Reborn may have moved on but I’m sure he won’t be adverse to Drake and Ojore continuing his campaign….

Drake crouches down in the corner and waits for Uryu to stand before he rushes forward and launches into the huge spear…..

JR: Uryu saw what was coming….

Uryu leaps over Drake and then slams a superkick into the back of his head. Drake stumbles forward….


Karl Kramer lands the “Superman punch” that sends Drake toward the ropes and then he and Uryu run forward with a double clothesline….

JR: Drake’s gone….Uryu and Kramer working together….well I never….

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 3:05 pm

Ishida and Kramer glare at one another and then Uryu makes to walk away….

JT: Kramer double crossed him….

Kramer grabs Uryu by the shoulder and quickly tries to launch him over the ropes but Ishida lands on the apron and then he drops KK with a guillotine across the top rope. Uryu catapults back in and drills him with a DDT….

JR: We saw last week that there is some growing animosity between Kramer and Uryu so needless to say we were surprised to see them working together momentarily….

JT: Even in that moment, though, they removed a huge obstacle from this match….

Uryu is just about up when Ojore lifts him onto his shoulders….



Tyler Roth grips Ojore with both hands around the throat and drives him into the mat with a sit-down chokebomb, the impact of which shakes the ring. Ojore stumbles back up to his feet and Roth runs off the opposite ropes before pumping through the air with a devastating knee to the head….

JT: Ojore all at sea here……HE’S GONE!

JR: That is a statement from Tyler Roth…..two eliminations now….

Roth roars forward with a big boot that collides with Ojore’s face and sends him over the top to join Drake on the outside. Roth glares down at the members of the Wolf Gang and then turns around into a spinning heel kick from Dante Phoenix…

HE: Phoenix must have a deathwish going after Roth….

JR: Phoenix has no fear….

HE: He has no braincells….

Phoenix is willing Roth to get back to his feet when James McManus ploughs into him from behind…

JT: McManus has already been eliminated dammit….

McManus stomps down on Phoenix’ head over and over with vicious intent until he is unmoving. He looks wild as he drags Dante up and just launches his limp body over the top rope…

JR: Surely that can’t count….McManus wasn’t active in this match…

JT: I’m not sure on that…..technically he went over the top rope….

McManus is quick to follow and he drags Phoenix back up and launches him, head-first, against the steel steps….

JR: McManus has snapped here….

HE: I love the intensity….

JT: Things have not gone well for McManus in recent months, it looks like the buildup of frustration has erupted….

JR: And he’s causing yet more head trauma to Dante Phoenix…

The referees on the outside are trying to plead with McManus but he props Phoenix’ head against the steel steps and then runs back in with a knee trembler, crushing his skull once more. McManus’ eyes are bulging with rage as he drags Phoenix up, feeling no resistance, and then ploughs his head straight into one of the plexiglass barriers….

JT: Dante Phoenix has been destroyed here….this is heinous….

HE: He’s finished….

JR: Phoenix has been suffering recently, clearly something linked to the damage sustained to his head during the cause of his war with Team Lawless….and now this….

HE: He’ll be a full blown cabbage by time he wakes up…

JT: Don’t joke about that, Henry….James McManus should be ashamed of himself here….

Security have now arrived and they get in between McManus and Phoenix as a ringside doctor is called to assess Phoenix’s condition. He is face down on the floor and not moving as McManus just continues to glare…

JR: I think this is probably a good time to go to a break….

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 3:06 pm

The action returns and James McManus has been removed from ringside whilst Dante Phoenix is just disappearing into the backstage area with the assistance of the medical team. Back in the ring and Uryu Ishida has just taken out Jimmy Phillips with a springboard forearm…

JT: Uryu Ishida, Jackson Jackson, Tyler Roth, Karl Kramer, Ricky Nelson and Jimmy Phillips remain….one of these six will be the Television Champion….

Mike Hill leaps onto the apron for a distraction and that allows Ricky Nelson to attack Uryu from behind. He drags him into the centre of the ring….


Uryu spins all the way through and he drills Nelson with an inverted DDT. Nelson gets back up to his feet and Karl Kramer hits him a “Kiss the ring” punch that sends him into Jackson Jackson….


Nelson is flattened into the canvass and then Uryu leaps up onto the top rope….

JR: SPLIT SECOND….Goodnight, Ricky Nelson!

Uryu lands the 450 splash on Nelson and then he drags him up and lifts him over the ropes before Karl Kramer spins Uryu around….


Kramer looks for the spinebuster but Uryu rams punches into his head before freeing himself. He stumbles across the ring and Kramer rushes after him….


Uryu drops down and he grabs the top rope, sending Kramer over but somehow KK manages to land on the apron…

JT: Yet another close call for Karl Kramer here…..BUT THAT’S IT!

Uryu is quickly up and he springs onto the turnbuckle before twisting back with a missile dropkick to Kramer that sends him flying off the apron and to the outside…

JR: Huge shocker here at Proving Grounds….Uryu just eliminated the King of 6CW….

Kramer is irate on the outside and his uncle looks stunned as Uryu tumbles away from the ropes with a grin. Jimmy Phillips wastes no time, however, in ramming into Ishida with a brutal knee to the gut and then whips him off the ropes….

JT: Pop-up….

Phillips looks for the pop-up powerbomb but Uryu counters in midair with a headscissors takedown. Phillips stumbles back up and Uryu runs at him…

JR: Uryu is out…no…

Phillips uses Uryu’s momentum to backdrop him over the ropes but Ishida clings on. Uryu lands with a step-up kick to Phillips’ face, knocking him back, and then prepares to leap…

JT: He can’t do that….that no good son of a ….

Charles Kramer grabs Uryu’s ankle to prevent him from jumping back into the ring and that allows Jimmy Phillips to storm back over with a “Game Changer” clothesline that sends Uryu flying to the hard flooring…

HE: Uryu is a gonna….thank goodness for that…..I couldn’t deal with another Uryu title reign….

JT: Uryu has been screwed here by the Kramer Klan….

JR: And Jimmy Phillips takes out another veteran….

Phillips trash talks Uryu and motions a belt around his waist before he turns back around and is superkicked in the knees by Jackson Jackson…

JT: The former world champion turning it up….

Phillips drops into a kneeled position and Jackson nails him with a shining wizard. Phillips stumbles back up and walks into an inverted atomic drop before eating several European uppercuts that staggers him back into the ropes. Jackson backs away and then rushes in…

JR: Jackson looking for the elimination here….

He leaps into the air but Phillips catches him with an uranage slam (ala Samoa Joe). Jackson gets back up and Phillips grabs his wrist, pulling him forward…


Jackson battles free of Phillips’ clutches and then kicks him in the stomach before nailing a standing “Spanish Fly”…..He drags Phillips up and runs him for the ropes….

JT: Second time lucky….

Phillips throws his hands out to block and then he slams his elbow into Jackson’s ribs to break his grip. Phillips pushes away from the ropes and runs at Jackson…


Jackson ducks underneath the clothesline attempt and he slams the back of his heel into Phillips’ gut, doubling him over, before grabbing his head for a “Sliced Bread #2”….

JT: Phillips caught him on his shoulders….running powerslam!

JR: Lookout now….

Phillips charges Jackson forward but he kicks his legs and drops behind before trying to bundle JP over the ropes to the outside….

HE: Get him, Tyler!

Roth is back in the mix now and he attacks Jackson from behind before dragging him away from the ropes and launches him across the ring with a Biel throw. Jackson stumbles back up and Roth drags him forward….



Roth has Jackson in his arms and he swings him for the STO but Jackson’s trailing legs catch Phillips in the face and send him off balance. Jackson manages to land out on his feet and he kicks Roth right between the legs….

JR: Phillips is dazed……Roth is down…

HE: I’ve never known a luckier superstar ever…..

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 3:07 pm


The crowd are cheering as Jackson quickly sprints over and launches Phillips over the top rope to the outside. Tyler Roth is doubled up, struggling to breath, as Jackson turns back on him….

JR: Down to two…..and Roth is hurting here…..Jackson Jackson is in pole position…..

JT: First time we’ve seen Roth down….he does have weaknesses….

HE: Kick any man below the belt and they’ll drop….

Jackson is licking his lips and he looks amused as he stalks Roth. He waits for the big man to rise and then grins at him….

JR: He’s goading Roth….and it’s working….

Roth tears forward and looks for a huge boot but Jackson ducks it and causes Roth to get caught up in between the middle and top ropes. Jackson runs across the opposite side and returns with a flying dropkick that topples Roth onto the apron….

JT: Jackson Jackson is actually going to do it….

Roth has one hand clasped on the top rope and he’s trying to hold on as Jackson bites his hand and then punches at it to release. He is leaning over the ropes and trying to push Roth down…


The crowd are booing, shocked faces all around, as Ricky Nelson slams into Jackson from behind and tips him over the top rope….

JT: Where on earth did Nelson come from? I thought he got eliminated….

JR: I don’t think he did…..he went over the top rope earlier but I believe he survived….can we get some footage?

Jackson Jackson is kneeling on the outside in disbelief as Ricky Nelson mockingly bows to him and the booing fans. The replays from earlier show Nelson returning to the ring, voiding his elimination, but then rolling out under the bottom rope to hide under the ring….

JT: That no good sneak….hiding under the damn ring…

JR: But he’s grossly miscalculated here…..because Jackson wasn’t the last man….

HE: Oh, Ricky….

Tyler Roth has returned to the ring and he is up on his feet. Ricky Nelson is looking proud of himself and giving Roth the thumbs up, motioning what he just did to Jackson Jackson….

JT: I think Nelson believes he did Roth a favour and that will save him here….

JR: But they are the final two so it doesn’t matter… their days as running buddies is over….

JT: And I think Nelson is realising that….

Roth smirks and he returns the thumbs up before turning it upside down as all the colour drains from Nelson’s face. He barely gets his hands up in time as Roth almost splits him in two with a spinning lariat….

JT: Tyler Roth may have been the favourite coming in and he looks destined to make good on that now…..THE HANGMAN!

Roth easily pulls Nelson back up and cradle suplexes him into a running muscle buster (Ryback’s Shell-Shocked). Mike Hill is holding his head in his hands on the outside as Roth pulls Nelson to his feet and presses him over his head….

JR: This is over with….Tyler Roth is taking that TV Title home….

HE: And who will be able to take it from him?

Roth turns and walks Nelson toward the ropes but he finds his way barred by Jackson Jackson, who has leapt back onto the apron. Roth looks annoyed as he tosses Nelson back down to the canvass and then swings at Jackson….

JT: Jackson Jackson poking the bear here….

Jackson drops off the apron just in time but he manages to grab Roth’s wrist and he is holding on for dear life (think Hogan-Sid Royal Rumble 92). Roth is pulling back and Jackson starts to lift off the floor….

JR: Hang on a minute….

Ding ding ding

HE: Huh?

JR: Wow….

JT: What happened?

Michael Bird: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner……AND NEW 6CW TELEVISION CHAMPION……Riiiiccckkkkkyyyy Neeeeelllllsssssooooonnnnn!

Mike Hill rolls into the ring with his protégé and they both work together to push Tyler Roth over the top rope, with assistance from Jackson Jackson. Back live and Nelson is bouncing around in disbelief as he is handed the TV Championship….

JR: Jackson Jackson just screwed Tyler Roth out of the TV Championship…..Ricky Nelson has done it….I wasn’t expecting to call that here tonight….

JT: Nor was I but there you have it…..Nelson has done it…..he has overcome the odds, albeit with some serious assistance…

HE: It looked a foregone conclusion…..Jackson Jackson better book a flight to the other side of the world because Tyler Roth’s hunt begins now….

JR: And Ricky Nelson better enjoy his new title because he’ll be defending it every single week….

Jackson Jackson is backing up the ramp with a smirk as Tyler Roth slams his hand right through one of the plexiglass barriers. Mike Hill and Ricky Nelson continue to celebrate and Hill wraps the title around his protégé’s waist….

JT: Ricky Nelson’s first championship and his mentor will be proud….

HE: Following in the footsteps of greatness….

JR: What a way to kick off this show…..there is so much more to come but I’d say the 6CW Council will be happy with how their first night has started….

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 4:14 pm

*Backstage following the Battle Royal and we see Dante Phoenix being helped to the backstage area. Phoenix suddenly drops to one knee and clutches at his head before James McManus runs in and delivers another huge knee to the temple. Security quickly back McManus away as his eyes burn with rage. McManus walks away and is greeted by his wife, who has a vindictive smile on her face.

*Christy James is waiting for Uryu as he enters the backstage area. Ishida is disappointed not to be the TV Champion but he knows he has rattled the Kramer Klan, forcing them to resort to underhand tactics. Uryu accuses them of being bullies, throwing their weight around, and he feels a renewed sense of purpose whilst that kind of behaviour still exists within the locker-room. Charles Kramer interrupts and mocks Uryu for being over the hill and out of his depth. Kramer promises Uryu that if he continues to pursue this then it will end very badly for him. Christy tries to ask a question but CK cuts her off and talks down to her, which sparks a response from Uryu. CK smiles as he backs away, hands in the air, and he speaks in Japanese "Anata no unmei wa fuin sa rete imasu"

*Clarke James is talking with Timothy Allen and we get a recap of last week's attack from Crime Lord. CJ says he isn't surprised, Crime Lord has always been on the edge of snapping, but assures everyone that he is absolutely fine and if Crime Lord wants to get into it again then he needs only ask. CJ says he has unfinished business with the Wolf Gang so he's looking forward to getting his hands on Robin Reborn tonight as he continues to push himself forward in the new ranking system from the 6CW Council. Tim Allen asks about CJ's friendship with Marshall and Perfect Jack and if he feels conflicted about their upcoming title match but CJ says the best man will win on the night and won't be drawn any further on the matter.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 4:18 pm

28th November, 2011
Born in Fire V
6WF European Championship
Marshall Murdoch (c) vs Clarke James

James gets the shoulder up, Murdoch quickly stomps away on the right ankle of James...ANKLE LOCK! Murdoch locks in the submission move, the crowd are booing and hurling abuse at the European Champion, he continues with the hold his COH pendant swinging around.

RJ: James won’t be able to deal with this amount of pain for much longer.

James looks like he is about to tap, with Murdoch screaming at him. This seems to give James some adrenaline, he begins nodding his head and the crowd get behind him with a “LET’S GO CLARKE” chant circling the arena. James is nowhere near the ropes, but he manages to turn on his back and then boot Murdoch away into the ropes.

James gets to his feet, though he is hobbling along. Murdoch runs towards him but James counters with a tilt-a-whirl neckbreaker, the crowd pop loudly as James lifts up Murdoch and hits him with a gutwrench suplex. He drags Marshall to the centre of the ring where he hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.............2...........Kick out!

Clarke gets to his feet, he waits for Murdoch to rise before whipping him out across the ring, bouncing off the opposite ropes and hitting a flying shoulder block. Murdoch rises to his feet, James runs off the ropes...

RJ: Lou Thesz Press...Look at those punches!

James flays away with punches to the face until the referee pulls him away from the scene. James allows Murdoch to rise, the European Champion prods him in the eye then goes for Amen(Codebreaker) but somehow James counters with a spinebuster. He goes to the corner...

MW: Corkscrew Senton!

Ref: 1................2................Kick out!

Marshall manages to force the shoulder up, but James looks ready to finish the match off. He drags Murdoch to a vertical base and kicks him in the gut, he sets up for Faithless but Marshall reverses with a T-Bone suplex! James gets to his feet groggily, Murdoch runs in going for the Marshall Law...

RJ: How did he avoid that?

James manages to duck under, he bounces back off the opposite ropes...

MW: He’s stealing the Marshall Law...Murdoch ducks...

RJ: He hit the ref! James hit the ref with the Marshall Law kick!

James turns around in utter shock, seeing the ref on the floor. Murdoch runs at Clarke, he counters with a drop toe hold...

RJ: Blind faith! It’s locked in! The crossface!

James locks in the crippler crossface, Murdoch desperately tries to fight it and get to the ropes but James drags him back, keeping the crossface locked in at the same time. The crowd are cheering on James, with sweat dripping down his face.

MW: No!


*The crowd are going wild, James still has the hold hooked in as he realises there is no ref to signal for the bell to be rung.
MW: No referee! This is brilliant.

RJ: James keeping the hold locked in still, imagine the effect this is having on Marshall...oh damn it! Not tonight! Get out of here.

*The crowd descend into mass boos as Crime Lord and Rapture sprint out from backstage. Crime Lord is the first into the ring, he hits James with his trademark steel pipe. James falls off Murdoch and Crime Lord boots away on him, whilst Rapture helps Murdoch to his feet.

When Murdoch finally arrives to his feet, Crime Lord chucks him James, Murdoch hits the Amen. Rapture drags up James and then Murdoch hits his 2nd finisher, the Marshall law, James falls to the canvas. Rapture awakens the ref, he and Crime Lord dive to the outside quickly before the ref spots them. Murdoch is covering James, waiting for the count to begin.

Ref: 1...............................2...........................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

RJ: Damn it! On the biggest stage of them all, the Church have to do that to win their match. This is disgraceful!


The crowd are booing loudly, Crime Lord and Rapture roll into the ring, handing the European Title to Marshall who holds up the belt, though he is still a bit groggy.

MW: Fantastic win for Marshall Murdoch in this grudge match, though what a match it was.

RJ: James would have won it, were it not for the interference of the Church!

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 4:19 pm

Bout 2
Clarke James vs Robin Reborn

• The commentary team make a point to revisit the earlier issues between CJ & The Wolf Gang before Reborn’s feud with Liam Wood began. Reborn enters with the “Liberation” Championship and he makes sure to address the cameras before taking a knee in the centre of the ring

• Clarke James enters and he answers Reborn’s speech with a huge right hand, drawing cheers from the crowd. The commentators discuss Crime Lord’s attack on CJ last week and if there will be any lasting effects

• CJ scores a nearfall with a Samoan drop but then lands across Reborn’s knees after attempting a corkscrew senton from the top.

• Reborn hits a twist of fate for a nearfall and then he nails a helluva kick in the corner. He lifts CJ up high for a frankensteiner but it is countered into a top rope powerbomb for a very close two

• CJ sets up for “Faithless” but Reborn battles free and nails a pele kick before following up with a split-legged moonsault from the middle of the ropes for a two count

• Reborn rolls out onto the apron and looks for the springboard forearm smash but CJ avoids it and then counters with a spinebuster from a two

• CJ whips Reborn off the ropes and looks for a tilt-a-whirl but Reborn lands out on his feet for a snap leaping neckbreaker (Dolph Ziggler). Reborn then goes to the corner for the shooting star press but CJ avoids it at the final moment

• CJ is gearing up for “Faithless” again when Ojore and Drake appear on the stage. CJ readies himself for a fight whilst the referee orders the Wolf Gang members to stay their distance. Reborn takes advantage of the referee’s back turned to poke CJ in the eye and nails “God’s Angel” (Wing Clipper)

HE: It was only a matter of time…..this result was obvious….

JT: Obvious? Reborn was looking a beaten man until his backup arrived….


The crowd are applauding and cheering as Reborn is spun around by Liam Wood and smacked right between the eyes with the “Liberation” belt. Wood quickly drags CJ over Reborn and dives from the ring as the referee turns…

HE: No, he can’t…..

JT: Ojore and Drake better move quick…


JR: Too late….

Wood dives from the ring and disappears behind the announce tables as the referee’s hand slams down for the three and Clarke James is declared victorious. James is just about out of the ring, holding his neck, as Ojore and Drake dive in…

JT: Liam Wood just sent a message loud and clear…..Robin Reborn said he wasn’t interested in Wood as a challenger but the Viper isn’t going away….

HE: He’s nothing but a pest, he needs putting down….

JR: Well then maybe Reborn should grant Wood his request and defend his title…

HE: Wood doesn’t deserve another shot…

JT: There are many that believe Liam Wood should be the champion….

HE: Those people are idiots…..Reborn is the champ and it’ll stay that way…

JR: Be that as it may, Clarke James just pinned him in the middle of the ring…..CJ’s upturn in fortune continues….

HE: He was handed it on a plate….

JT: That isn’t Clarke’s fault…..he fought a great fight and was in a fantastic position before Ojore and Drake turned up….

CJ stumbles into the aisleway with a smirk as Ojore and Drake help up an irate Robin Reborn. Reborn pulls away from them and looks disgusted….

JR: Robin Reborn feeling let down by his fellow wolves here tonight….

JT: It hasn’t been a night to remember for the Gang….

HE: It isn’t over yet…..and Liam Wood better grow eyes in the back of his head….

JR: Clarke James gains some overdue revenge here tonight on the Wolf Gang and he’s walking away happy……but I think you’re right, Reborn and the Wolf Gang are not going to be forgetting Liam Wood’s actions in a hurry….

HE: Dead man walking….

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 4:35 pm

*Fleur Michaels approaches Jimmy Phillips in the backstage area and wants to ask him about his earlier attack on Mark Matzko and what his agenda is. Phillips is irate and says he is sick and tired of every regime being just as crooked as the last. They wheel out these has-beens and never-wheres for a cheap ratings pop whilst the active roster are busting their balls to feed off the scraps. Phillips makes it known that anyone considered a "legend" or an "alumni" that turns up and takes television time away from him will have a target on their back. Phillips says if anyone has a problem with that then they can make it known to his face because next week he is issuing an open challenge and he can't wait to see which older-timer has the wrinkled up balls to step up.

*The scene changes and there is a huge commotion as Dicey Reilly and Marty Helms are beating lumps out of one another in the backstage area. Helms rushes Dicey backward into some production equipment but Dicey turns the tables and slams Helms into one of the huge freight doors into the arena. Security, referees and members of the roster rush in to break them apart as the commentary team talk about the growing issues between the two volatile superstars. We get a clip of Helms' attack on Dicey to end last weeks' show and the announcers debate if they can keep it together for tonight's main event.

*Robin Reborn leads Ojore and Drake into the backstage area and he is berating them for allowing Liam Wood to blindside him and cost him his match. Timothy Allen approaches and Reborn gives a speech about how they are no strangers to adversity but they will not bend and they will not break. He says the 6CW narrative paints them as the bad guys and they are used to it but history will remember them as pioneers and propagators of change. Reborn holds his "Liberation" belt up and says this is a tool, it provides a platform for his voice to be heard and he will make you listen, he will make the 6CW Council listen and if they don't then watch what happens next. Timothy Allen asks if Liam Wood will get a shot at the title but Reborn shakes his head and says Wood had his chance and he blew it, he isn't worthy.

*Clarke James walks into the back following his victory and Perfect Jack is on hand to congratulate him. PJ says they should grab a drink after the show because it has been so long since they caught up. CJ half-heartedly agrees and Jack assures him that he isn't looking to put CJ in the middle of things between he and Murdoch, he just wants to catch up with his friend. PJ says he can separate personal and business but makes it clear he will take care of business at Born in Fire when he becomes the new 6CW Champion. Clarke says he knows it will be a great match but won't be drawn on lending support. Jack gets a little annoyed with CJ's off-handedness and says CJ is forgetting himself following Marshall around like a lapdog. CJ snaps back and says PJ doesn't understand the bond and Jack tells him that he's right, he doesn't understand because when Marshall picked up his ball and left it was Jack that was there by CJ's side. PJ accuses Marshall of using CJ to get results and he just hopes it doesn't all end in tears. PJ says he'll be waiting in the usual spot after the show for a drink before walking away, leaving CJ deep in thought.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 4:38 pm

28th November, 2011
Born in Fire V
6CW Championship
Geoff Steel (c) vs Blue Dragon vs Keith Leone

JT:Blue Dragon hits this and we have a new doubt about....

The crowd cheer and some scream as Geoff Steel is back up,barbed wire bat in hand and he slams it against the skull of Blue Dragon,causing him to crotch himself on the top rope.Steel throws the bat on the floor and then climbs up on the top rope with Blue Dragon...

HE:Never forget the champion....Geoff Steel is just as adept in an "extreme" environment...

JT:Yes he is....and now don't think....don't do it Geoff.....OH SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!

Crowd:Holy (beep) x10


Leone manages to roll off the table at the last minute as Steel piledrivers Blue Dragon from the top and through the table in the middle of the ring.The whole stadium is rocking as all three men lay sprawled on the canvass...

JT:These three warriors all came in here with the desire to be the number one....they have shown beyond all doubt that they are willing to leave it all in this ring here tonight....what a match...

HE:Arguably the best I have ever seen.....

Dragon is motionless in the wreckage of the table.Steel is clutching his back as he uses the ropes to pull himself back onto his feet.He looks in alot of pain as he walks back into the centre of the ring...

JT:Leone is lying in wait....

Leone is on his feet and he kicks Steel's legs out from underneath him and tries to synch in a sharpshooter.Steel scrambles desperately on his back as the crowd watch on with anticipation...

HE:Leone gets this locked in and you can bet your bottom dollar that this match is all over....

Steel summons all his leg strength and manages to kick Leone across the ring.He gets back up and Leone comes towards him and Steel swipes Leone's feet this time...


HE:Small package...

Leone pulls Steel down into the pinning combo..........................1.......................2..............Steel kicks out.Both men scramble back to their feet and Leone spins Steel up onto his shoulders...


Steel drops off the back with a series of elbows before spinning Leone around and kicks him right in the midsection...


Leone swipes Steel's legs at the very last second and then slingshots him into the corner,causing Steel's head to collide with the top turnbuckle.He staggers back around.....






The referee is about to bring his hand down for the third time when Mr Kenty,Michael Sweetwater and Jackson Black drag Leone from the ring and begin to pummel him on the outside of the ring.Leone barely has the energy to fight back as they slam him against the ringpost and then Kenty nails the Mic Check on the concrete floor...

JT:What the hell is this (beep)....Genesis are screwing over Leone....I can't believe what I am seeing....

HE:I'm guessing that this is what Alex Walker was telling Mr Jones to "make happen"....

JT:But why?

HE:Leone is obviously a danger to starting to believe the "conspiracy" now Jeff?

Sweetwater kneels over Leone and punishes him with fierce right hands.Black orders the tag champions to pull Leone up and then he scoops him onto his shoulders and nails the American Slam on the hard flooring...

JT:Leone has been decimated here....

HE:In the ring...


JT:What the....?

HE:The match is over....

ding ding ding

Mike Bird:Ladies and is your winner......................

The cameras show Steel with a hand draped over the unconscious chest of Blue Dragon,barely registering a three count.The crowd in attendance are going wild at Steel's victory but there is obvious confusion as Genesis back up the ramp,leaving Leone in a heap on the floor.

JT:Geoff Steel has retained the 6CW Title in one of the dandiest goddamn matches I have ever seen....that was a classic....but the fact remains,Keith Leone was on the cusp of victory when he was brutally assaulted by Genesis....but why?....what the hell is going on around here?

HE:I don't know....these three men pushed one another to their absolute limits here tonight....they have done 6CW proud....but you cannot hide from the fact that Genesis have a serious problem with Keith Leone....

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 4:39 pm

Bout 3
Crime Lord vs Liam Wood

• The bout starts like a flash with both men exploding from the blocks with high impact moves. Crime Lord quickly sets up for the “Lock n Load” but Wood fights out and nails a belly to belly suplex

• Wood tries for the “Manson Driver” but Crime Lord battles free with a backdrop and then drops Wood with a spinebuster for a two

• Crime Lord looks for the “Drive By” knee but Wood avoids it and then hits a chokeslam/backbreaker combo before heading to the top rope for an elbow drop that scores another two.

• Wood looks to whip Crime Lord off the ropes for the “World Eater” but Crime Lord turns inside and attempts the “Lock n Load” again. Wood drives elbows into Crime Lord’s jaw and clotheslines him over the ropes onto the apron before connecting with a huge running apron spear that sends both men crashing to the hard floor

• Wood tries to get Crime Lord back in the ring but is driven back into the ringpost and then Crime Lord hits the “Lock n Load”, slamming Wood down on top of the announce table (although it doesn’t break)

• Crime Lord returns to the ring and orders the referee to count. The count reaches eight

JT: The referee’s count is at eight here…..I’m not sure Wood is going to make it….

JR: And even if he does, his ribs must be shattered…..he’s walking right back into the dangerzone…

HE: He should take the cowards way out, sums him up…


The fans behind the barriers cheer as Clarke James sprints down the ramp, unbeknownst to the referee, and he spins Crime Lord around before nailing him with “Faithless”. CJ is already out of the ring as Wood just about rolls in before the ten count….

HE: He can’t do that…..that should be a DQ….

JT: He just did that…..Clarke James getting even with Crime Lord after last week’s events…

JR: And despite the injury, Liam Wood is now in pole position….PSYCHO CRUSHER!

Wood is leaning against the ropes, gasping in his breath, but he sees Crime Lord trying to stand so he runs over and drills him into the mat with the foot stomp….



JT: Wood gets the win off of Clarke James’ assist….

HE: Screwjob….

JR: Crime Lord opened the door last time out with Clarke James and tonight he has reaped his own…..big win for Liam Wood….

Clarke James is already gone into the backstage area as “Revival Mode” blasts out and the referee raises Liam Wood’s arm in victory. Wood keeps his other arm across his ribs…

JT: Wood knows he was in a real fight tonight and those ribs are an unfortunate bulls’ eye…..


Wood is still celebrating his victory when he turns into a rib-shattering spear from Drake. Robin Reborn are also at ringside now…

HE: Now Liam Wood is going to pay for what he did to Reborn earlier….

JT: Liam Wood was attempting to force Robin Reborn’s hand….but now The Wolf Gang are answering back….

JR: And in force…..this was never going to be a fair fight….

JT: That’s all Wood wants…..but I don’t think he will ever get it…

Ojore climbs into the ring and he runs off the ropes before returning with a huge splash to the already injured ribs of Liam Wood. Robin Reborn is full of rage as he orders his allies to pick Wood up….

HE: Reborn wants Liam Wood to hear his answer loud and clear….

Reborn unstraps the “Liberation” belt from around his waist and he holds it up to Wood’s face, letting him know he’ll never have it, before he drives it straight into Wood’s gut. Wood sags but is held up by Ojore and Drake…

JT: Liam Wood is really going to need someone to look at those ribs when this is done….

Ojore and Drake shove Wood back against the ropes and then they lift him up on the comeback and drive him down across their knees in a sickening double gutbuster. They keep him there, their knees digging into his ribs, as Reborn climbs out onto the apron and then springboards back in with a double foot stomp to the back, driving Wood harder into the knees of Ojore and Drake….

JR: What a crushing attack here….

HE: And if Wood knows what is good for him he will give up because this is not a fight he can win…

JT: The Wolf Gang hunt as one…..pack mentality…..and I don’t think that is ever going to change….unless Liam Wood can find a way to combat them all then he may be out of his depth….

Reborn picks the “Liberation” belt back up and all three members of the Wolf Gang stand over Wood, who is face down on the mat, before raising a lone fist into the air.

JR: Message sent loud and clear here tonight….Wood fired first but the retaliatory strike was devastating…..

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 5:00 pm

*Ricky Nelson is looking at himself in the mirror with the TV Championship around his waist when Mike Hill storms in popping a bottle of champagne. They begin celebrating and Hill is telling his protege that this is just the beginning when Jackson Jackson walks in, applauding. Jackson says he actually admires Nelson's audacity for hiding under the ring and stealing the championship, he's annoyed he didn't think of it himself but then he remembers that he isn't a coward. Nelson and Hill tell Jackson to clear out and Jackson feigns hurt before saying that Nelson has to defend the title every week, that's stipulated, so he better enjoy it whilst he can because he'll be answering the call at the next show. Jackson mockingly offers congratulations as he leaves Nelson looking annoyed.

*Crime Lord is in a menacing mood and Timothy Allen looks intimidated in his presence. Crime Lord says Clarke James is either very brave or very stupid for continuing the issues between them, he knows CJ so he'll plump for stupid. Crime Lord says given his run of results he knows he won't be in contention for a title shot but Born in Fire is a great stage to make a statement so how about he and Clarke James clash. Crime Lord talks about the history of the event for both men and vows to retire CJ in a pool of his own blood. He says if CJ doesn't accept willingly then he will make him.

*We get a recap of The Wolf Gang's attack on Liam Wood and the commentary team state that Robin Reborn has put out a message on social media to tell Wood that if he wants a shot at the title then he has to defeat Ojore & Drake in a handicap match at the next show. We then hear how results will now have an impact on forthcoming title shots and champions will have a certain amount of mandatory defences each year as well voluntary ones

*Charles and Karl Kramer are talking about yet another disappointing night and KK is clearly very frustrated. His uncle assures him that everything will fall into place but sometimes you have to be patient. CK says he does have something in mind though and they will put that into action next week because he doesn't want anyone meddling in their plans. Tyler Roth then walks past and he glares at the Kramer Klan. Roth asks KK if he really knows his uncle and what he is capable of. KK just glares but Roth smirks and says eventually the mask will slip and everyone will see "Korekuta" for who he really is. Roth walks off and KK demands answers from his uncle but CK tells him "all in good time".

*Marshall Murdoch is getting ready for the main event and he is just picking up the 6CW Championship when Clarke James walks in to ask if he's ready. Marshall tells him that he's world champion so he is always ready. Marshall says he is glad CJ is there and that draws a smile but Murdoch then tells him it's because he wants to talk to him. He says there is too much talk about how he can't get the job done on his own and that he needs CJ to help him win, something he can't allow because it shows weakness. He says they are brothers but he said months ago they are on different paths now and he doesn't want anything getting in the way of his upcoming defence, he can't afford to lose focus. Marshall says he hopes CJ understands but he doesn't want him out there because he doesn't want his title reign to have an asterisk next to it, he wants to be remembered as the best. He says he'll always have CJ's back and he knows it is vice versa but he needs to do this alone. Marshall claps CJ on the shoulder as he leaves, CJ looks subdued.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 5:03 pm

November 30th, 2012
6WF Born in Fire VI
Max Adamson vs Uryu Ishida

MW: What athleticism this is from Uryu.

Uryu continues to wrench back on the submission hold and Adamson looks in great pain as the referee checks on him. The crowd are cheering for Uryu but Adamson is still fighting and somehow manages to flip his way out of the hold. Uryu is up quickly as Adamson clutches at his back, Uryu drops a knee into the back and then takes Adamson to the corner where he boots away at the back of Max until once more the referee has to intervene.

Uryu stands waiting for Max to rise before leaping up and nailing a back-cracker ala Carlito on his opponent. Uryu then hits another running kick to the back for good measure before making the pinfall attempt on Max.

Ref: 1...............2..............Kick out!

Uryu is up onto his feet quickly and once again starts stomping away on the back of Max. He then sits down on top of Max knees first...

RJ: Brick a break!

MW: Uryu driving a succession of short, sharp, painful knees into the back.

Uryu eventually rolls away and again stares to Clarissa who once more has a look of concern on her face. Uryu then goes to the top rope but Max is up quicker than expected and sprints to the corner. He leaps to the top rope and hits Uryu with a headbutt....


MW: It works 2nd time around!

Adamson slowly rolls over into the pinfall.

Ref: 1.................2.................Kick out!

Uryu forces the shoulder up off the canvas, the crowd cheer him loudly. Max slowly gets to his feet and waits for Uryu to rise, he then grabs him by the back and flings him to the canvas with a German suplex. Adamson keeps the grip applied, lifting Uryu up and hitting a 2nd German suplex, then finally a 3rd German suplex! He bridges over on the 3rd German suplex.

MW: That is tremendous stuff from Max Adamson!

Ref: 1...............2................Kick out!

Uryu again kicks out, Adamson lifts up Uryu and whips him into the ropes nailing a back body drop. Max then goes to the top rope, Uryu stumbles up and walks straight into a high-angled crossbody from Max.

Ref: 1....................2.......................Kick out!

RJ: Another close call!

Max gets to his feet, he stands waiting over Uryu menacingly. Uryu gets to his feet, Max boots him in the gut...



Uryu counters with a rotating DDT and leaps to his feet to loud cheers from the crowd. He is about to go to the top rope when Clarissa jumps onto the apron. Uryu’s eyes widen with anger as Clarissa shouts at him, Uryu walks towards her slowly and methodically.

He stands staring as Clarissa continues to shout abuse at him from on the ring apron. The ref attempts to get involved but Uryu shakes his head, continuing to listen with a snarl on his face. Clarissa then goes to slap Uryu, he grabs the hand and forces it down...


Adamson comes running at Uryu going for a gore but he leapfrogs over the top. Adamson just stops himself from nailing his girlfriend with the move before apologising profusely as she gets off the apron. Adamson turns around...roundhouse kick from Uryu! He goes up top...


Ref: 1..................................2..................................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The crowd erupt into cheers as Uryu is declared the winner by Mike Bird. Uryu leaps to his feet with a grin on his face, staring down at Adamson and then towards Clarissa who tries to avoid eye contact as she beats the apron in frustration.

MW: What a win for Uryu here over Max Adamson, that should help him banish some of the mental demons inside his mind.

RJ: Revenge is sweet for Uryu tonight.

Uryu climbs the ropes to salute the fans as Adamson clutches at his abdomen in the middle of the ring.

MW: They say revenge is a dish best served cold but to me, I think revenge is a dish best served in front of 80,000 people. It will not get any better than this Uryu, take in this moment.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 5:03 pm

Main Event
Dicey Reilly/Marshall Murdoch vs Marty Helms/Perfect Jack

JT: Main event time folks and this is going to be like lighting the touch paper and making a run for it…

JR: Explosiveness personified….tag team action coming up and an incredible way to top off an amazing night….

HE: Still doubting the 6CW Council? They’ve given us a show here tonight….

JT: They have, it cannot be denied….hopefully they can keep this level up because they’ve set the bar high…

“Remedy” crashes through the speakers and there is a very mixed reaction from the crowd in attendance. Marty Helms appears on the stage and he smirks, pushing some hair from his face….

JR: Last week we witnessed first hand that Marty Helms seems to have rediscovered his killer instinct….

HE: Seems to? It was a delight to watch him destroy Dicey Reilly right here in front of us…’s about time someone put Dicey down…

JT: Marty Helms was an integral part of Team Frost, despite his differences with the rest of his allies, and that has won him some supporters in the 6CW Universe but a leopard never changes its spots and that came to fruition two weeks ago…..Helms and Dicey never liked one another and Helms struck first in what we expect will be the first of many battles…

HE: He struck before Dicey did….

JR: We don’t actually know Dicey would have…

HE: You can tell yourself that but they’ve been waiting to destroy each other for months… was inevitable and there’ll only be one winner…..Dicey’s days of being a bada55 are over, Helms is a born killer…

JT: Dicey Reilly never backed down from a fight in his life and he’s still one of the toughest SOB’s in the business…

HE: But he’s past it…remember what Marty Helms did to Cerberus? Nobody has ever done anything like that to the monster…..Helms, in this mood, is deadly…

Helms climbs into the ring as “I am perfection” rings out to unanimous cheers from the crowd. Purple pyros explode into the air as Perfect Jack saunters out into view…

JR: Another member of Team Frost, another saviour of 6CW and, most importantly, the new number one contender to the 6CW Championship….

JT: Jack was victorious two weeks ago in that #1 Contender match and at Born in Fire he will have the chance to become a two time 6CW Champion…….tonight we’ll get our first preview of he and the 6CW Champion up against one another….

HE: Jack is another who has had his day….I don’t like Murdoch either but Jack is out of his depth….

JR: Perfect Jack has been a consistent top tier performer since he returned to 6CW…..the veteran is as good as ever and Marshall Murdoch would be a fool to underestimate him…..Jack won War Games, he won last week and if he slaps on that figure four against anyone then you can forget it…..Born in Fire is going to be incredible….

JT: But what about tonight? Jack must work with Helms despite a lack of trust…..Jack has made it clear that he doesn’t agree with what Helms did to Dicey last week….

HE: Jack should concentrate on his own business and keep his nose out of others….

JR: Which is what Marty Helms told him….a very uneasy alliance here…

Jack poses in front of the fans and then he and Marty Helms stare one another down. “Born to fight” then booms through the speakers and the crowd go wild…

JT: Always maximum love from the 6CW Universe for the Dublin Destroyer…..3 time world champion, Grand Slam winner, Hall of Famer….Dicey Reilly is 6CW personified….

HE: And he milks every last bit of it….Dicey hasn’t been relevant in years and yet here he is, still stealing the limelight….

JR: Dicey was also part of the victorious team at Beachfront Brawl so I’d say he was still pretty relevant….

HE: And what kind of beating did he take in that match? Couple that with last week and his growing years….he’s lucky to still be walking…

JT: Dicey did, indeed, sustain some terrible injuries during War Games and that was only exasperated with the damage caused by Marty Helms during our last show…..but it’ll take more than that to keep Dicey down….

HE: Marty Helms will find a way and that should worry you all….I don’t like Dicey but I don’t him taken out of here in a bodybag….I remember when Cassius Zhi destroyed him, I fear this will be worse….

Dicey stands at the base of the ramp and he glares at the ring, where Marty Helms is staring right back, and then “Papercut” sounds out….

JT: Just waiting on one more and here he is…..the 6CW Champion……the man currently sat atop the mountain….

JR: The best in the world….

HE: When he has Clarke James helping him…..face it, nobody actually knows how good Marshall Murdoch is because he can’t get the job done alone…

JT: I don’t believe that but I think we’re going to find out tonight…..Marshall was very clear with Clarke James earlier, he doesn’t want an asterisk next to his title reign….

JR: Murdoch was very blunt with CJ….James has done nothing but try to help his friend but the question marks are beginning to mount…..can Marshall Murdoch really maintain his run at the top off of his own volition?

JT: Tonight will be our first indicator but Born in Fire will be the teller…..Perfect Jack is one of the best 6CW has ever seen…..we know about his ties with Clarke James too……who is the better man?

Marshall stands side by side with Dicey Reilly and they give a nod before climbing up into the ring. Marshall stands away from all three other participants and raises the 6CW Championship, a clear sign that he wants everyone to know he stands alone…

JR: Marshall making sure everyone knows who the man is….

HE: Which is a telling sign….he’s feeling the pressure…

JT: I’m not sure Murdoch is the kind of man to wilt under pressure…

HE: I’m telling you, the questioning is getting to him…

The referee gives his final instructions to both teams and then there is some discussion over who will start the bout. PJ and Helms seem to be in some kind of disagreement before Helms bursts away and drives his knee into Dicey’s gut….

JR: I think PJ wanted to start out but Helms wants to pick up where he left off last week…

Helms snarls at Marshall Murdoch and at his own teammate before clubbing Dicey across the back. He shoves him into the ropes and drives his elbow into the chin before whipping him across the ring…

JT: Helms stole early control but Dicey rallying back…

Dicey returns with a stiff boot to the face as Helms lowers his head for a backdrop and then he drops him with a discus forearm smash. Helms gets back up and Reilly drags him into a facelock…

JR: Jack…

Helms manages to fight and scrambles over the back of the suplex attempt before he shoves Dicey off the ropes and nails a spinebuster on the return. Helms backs up in the corner and he beckons for Dicey to stand….

JT: Helms setting his stall for that sickening punt kick……ran into a brick wall!

Dicey leaps off the floor with a clothesline as Helms sprints toward the centre of the ring. They get back up and Dicey drops Helms again with a shoulder tackle before beckoning him up and onto his shoulders for a back to belly driver (White Noise)…


JR: You keep writing Dicey off, Henry, but the veteran has bounced back from adversity before….he’s no stranger to being told he’s reached the end of the road only to answer back…

Dicey grabs Helms’ arm and tries to apply a kimura but Helms stands up into the hold and runs back to the corner, driving all the wind from Reilly’s body. Helms pulls clear and he waits for Reilly to come at him before scoop slamming him to the deck. Helms then points to the top rope….

JT: Marty Helms is a huge man…..the top rope is not his usual method of attack…

HE: But just think of the destruction he will cause when he lands….

Helms takes his time to reach the top and it allows Dicey to get to his feet and land a big right hand. The Irishman then climbs up the turnbuckle and delivers a ring-shaking superplex…

JR: Huge impact here in the early going….

Dicey sucks in a deep breath as he gets to his feet and then grabs Helms by the head…


Helms swipes Dicey’s legs and catapults him to the corner, which allows Marshall Murdoch to make the tag. Murdoch is quickly into the ring and he hammers into Helms with a right hand before pushing him back to the ropes with bodyshots and then a solid uppercut through the guard. He grabs Helms’ wrist and looks for a whip but Helms turns inside and then drags Murdoch toward him….


Marshall scrambles off the back of Helms and lands a solid punch to the spine before spinning him around into a DDT………………..1………………2……………shoulder up!

JT: The world champion showing us why he’s the man atop the mountain….not many men have a shootout with Helms and come out on top like that….

JR: But Marshall doesn’t want Helms….he wants Jack….look at that….

JT: Statement of intent…

Helms is getting to his feet when Murdoch just shoves him into the ropes and motions for PJ to tag in. Jack doesn’t need a second invite and he quickly slaps Helms’ arm….

JR: We’re about to get our first preview of what is to come to Born in Fire…

Jack steps into the ring and he and Murdoch lock eyes as they circle. Murdoch then initiates a tie up and PJ quickly drops to one knee and attempts to take the back….

JT: Two highly skilled technicians at battle here…..this is, potentially, a wrestling fan’s dream….

Murdoch keeps elevated and refuses to allow Jack to take control. He attempts to pull PJ’s arms free of his waist before slamming his own elbow back into Jack’s head and he twists out so they are facing each other again. Marshall applies a headlock and Jack drops back into the ropes before shooting him across the ring. Marshall comes back and PJ drops down so that Murdoch has to leap over him….

JR: Mindgames here….

Marshall comes back off the opposite ropes and Jack leapfrogs over him before lashing knife edge chops into Marshall’s chest as he turns around. He backs Murdoch up with more chops and forearm blows before he looks for a whip…

JT: Marshall not wanting to budge here…..

JR: That’s one way to get what you want…..

Marshall drops his arm back across the top rope to stop his movement so PJ delivers three stiff kicks to the stomach and drags him forward into a huge overhead suplex. Marshall gets back up and Jack delivers a huge back suplex that dumps the world champ on his neck…


JR: Both men have tremendous suplex variation but PJ is arguably the master….

Jack stomps down on Marshall’s legs, targeting the knees and ankles, and then he drags his right leg up off the canvass and then slams it back down….

JT: PJ is looking to soften up Murdoch for the figure four….

JR: Laying the groundwork….

Jack drags Marshall to the ropes and he places his leg on the bottom rung before leaping up with a double stomp across the knee joint. He then pulls Marshall back toward the centre…

JT: And here he goes…

HE: Too early…

Jack attempts to apply the submission but as he bends down Marshall grabs his hair and rattles off punches and then a massive up kick to the underneath of the chin that sends Jack staggering back into the ropes…

JR: And Marty Helms has stolen back control….not that the world champion knows…

Helms, still unhappy at being tagged out, gets himself back into the ring and he almost decapitates Murdoch with a running boot to the face as he stands…..Helms then drags Marshall back up…


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 5:04 pm

The ring shudders from the sit down powerbomb……………………1…………………….2…………………Dicey Reilly stomps on the back of Helms’ neck to break the count….

HE: Marty Helms had this match won….what a disgrace….

JT: It is a tag team contest so Dicey was well within justification to break that count….

HE: Murdoch relying on others to bail him out as usual…

The referee moves to intervene but doesn’t get there in time to stop Dicey from landing a brogue kick on Helms that sends him through the ropes to the outside. Reilly quickly leaves the ring and he lifts Helms into a back suplex position before slamming him down on top of the Spanish announce table….

JR: Dicey looking to get even for what happened to him two weeks ago….

Helms holds his spine as he rolls off the table and Dicey crashes him back into the ringpost before tossing him into the ring. Marshall is still reeling from the powerbomb but he gets back to his feet and drags Helms into a t-bone suplex…

JT: Dicey put it on a plate for Marshall…..

……….PJ drags Murdoch off the cover!

JR: A lot of respect between PJ and Dicey Reilly but no way is Jack going to just stand by and watch Marshall Murdoch win this match…

Marshall and PJ glare at one another as Jack is backed away to his corner. Murdoch gets back to his feet and he positions himself in the corner as he waits for Marty Helms to rise…

JT: The world champion coming back from the brink here and he might just end it here….MARSHALL LAW!

Murdoch whips out into the tornado roundhouse but Helms uses the twirling momentum to counter with a spinning back suplex (Baron Corbin’s Deep Six)…..both combatants are down as the referee begins his count…

JR: Both men now in need of a tag….

JT: Jack in the mix….

JR: And Dicey….this could be good…

HE: Two geriatrics together….

Dicey and Jack take the tag from their respective partners and they both pause momentarily as they step in the ring. They stare and then nod, respectfully, before tearing forward and trading with vicious lefts and rights. Dicey’s punches seem to have more weight behind them and he stuns Jack with a right cross but then Jack retaliates with a vicious chop to the chest and a knee to the stomach….

JR: Two of the best in 6CW history and they’ve had some battles over the years….no strangers to one another’s arsenals…

Jack pulls Dicey forward and looks for a suplex but Dicey floats over the back and shoves Jack off the ropes before tossing him with an overhead throw as he returns. Jack gets back up and Dicey kicks him in the gut…



Dicey looks for his patented piledriver but then PJ swipes his legs and attempts the figure four submission. Dicey leans up and grabs Jack’s head before pulling him down into an inside cradle……………….1……………….2…………..kickout. Both men scramble back upright and Jack ducks a clothesline attempt before scoring with a huge German suplex…

JT: And now Jack is finding some momentum….this is him in his element….

JR: Dicey with a one way ticket to suplex city…..he nailed all three!

Jack clings to Dicey’s waist with tenacity and pulls him up into three successive German suplexes, finishing on a bridge……………..1…………………2……………….shoulder up. Dicey is still struggling on the deck as Jack scrambles up and runs the ropes, returning with a somersault cutter to his downed foe (Charlotte’s Natural Selection). Jack staggers over to the turnbuckle and climbs high…..

JT: Perfect Jack looking every bit the number one contender to the world championship right now…..dropped the elbow…

The crowd give a cheer as Jack drops an elbow to Dicey’s chest from the top rope. Dicey is winded from the impact and he struggles back to his feet….


Jack looks for his finisher but Dicey swings out and lands a kick to the stomach. Dicey flips Jack up into a powerbomb position but Jack drops over his shoulder…



HE: Murdoch returned the favour…

The referee’s hand is coming down for the three when Marshall Murdoch pulls PJ off the cover. Jack gets to his feet and goes face to face with his rival…

JT: This is what we are going to see at Born in Fire…..but is it now time for a real preview?

Both men exchange words and then Marshall shoves PJ in the chest. Jack responds with a push of his own before Murdoch slaps his opponent….

JR: Murdoch slapped the taste right out of Jack’s mouth…

JT: And now it is on…

Jack’s head snaps back but then he drops low and shoots for Murdoch’s legs, taking him down. Marshall is covering up as Jack launches punches and elbows down at the world champion…

JT: Marshall Murdoch is the former UFC star but Jack showing his own ground credentials here….

Jack throws shots to the body but then leaves his left arm exposed and Marshall grabs it, yanking it into a kimura lock….

JR: But this is Murdoch’s domain and he may just take Jack’s arm home with him….

HE: Murdoch isn’t the legal man though, he can’t win it…

JT: But he can leave Jack in a whole world of hurt….

The referee is trying to break up the action as Jack yells out in pain and Murdoch continues to tear and rip at his arm. Jack is kicking his legs, in desperation, and trying to free himself but he can’t….

JR: I think Jack’s arm will break any second….

Marty Helms suddenly stomps on Murdoch’s head to break his grip. Helms rips the padding off of his own elbow and grabs the 6CW Champion by the wrist, yanking him up….

JT: Helms spotting a huge opportunity….LIGHTS OUT!

Helms swings the huge “Bullhammer” elbow at Marshall’s head but he ducks it and Helms loses his footing which allows Dicey Reilly to scoop him on his shoulders….


Dicey nails a fireman’s carry slam (Attitude Adjustment) that dumps Helms over the top rope to the outside of the ring. Marshall has staggered back toward his own corner as Dicey turns toward Jack…

JT: Jack is cradling that arm, there may be some serious damage….

JR: And now Dicey is presented with the chance to end proceedings…..

Jack stumbles up and right back into Dicey’s path where he receives a sharp kick to the gut. Dicey flips Jack up and then charges him toward the corner, releasing him into a turnbuckle bomb that leaves PJ slumped down in a seated position….

JT: Dicey Reilly is about to knock off the number one contender………HANGOVER CURE!


Dicey thunders into Jack’s head with the huge knee and then he grabs his heel to drag him back toward the centre…

HE: Here comes the implosion…

JT: Dicey doesn’t look impressed at all…

Marshall leans over the ropes and slaps Dicey’s back to make the blind tag. The world champion climbs into the ring to make the cover but Dicey steps in his way….

JR: Murdoch wants the win over Jack….

HE: He’s so used to gaining off of other’s hard work that he can’t help himself….

JT: I don’t think Dicey is going to stand for it….

Dicey is shaking his head and making it clear that this is his victory. Marshall attempts to barge past him but Dicey grabs his shoulder and pulls him back…

JR: This wasn’t the team I was expecting to turn on one another….

Marshall draws his fist back to throw a punch but then Marty Helms grabs Dicey’s foot from outside the ring and drags him under the ropes. Helms quickly launches Dicey against the glass barriers and then whips him toward the steel steps…..BOOM!

JT: Dicey escaped a fight with his own partner but he couldn’t escape Marty Helms….

JR: And now they’re picking up where they left off…

Helms begins ripping the coverings off the announce tables and then gives the middle finger to the fans who are booing him. In the ring, Marshall Murdoch has PJ on his back and nails a “Texas” slam…..he keeps hold of Jack’s leg and turns him over….

JT: Anklelock applied now…..Jack in a whole world of trouble…..first it was the arm, now the ankle….


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

Post by JJJohnson Fri 25 Sep 2020, 5:04 pm

On the outside, Helms grabs Dicey and pulls him away from the ring apron but suddenly Dicey whacks him in the head with a barbed wire baseball bat…

JR: Dicey’s got Betsie….and he just levelled Helms….talk about an equaliser…

Blood has been immediately spilt from Helms’ head as the barbed wire makes contact with his skin. He staggers over toward the announce table and then Dicey slams the bat into his gut before turning it sideways and rams it into his head again…

HE: That should be a disqualification….

JT: The referee’s too busy waiting to make a call on the action in the ring….

Murdoch is ripping at Jack’s ankle and a tap out looks imminent but then Jack rolls forward at the final second, taking his foe by surprise, and the world champion is sent crashing into the ropes. Jack tries to hobble up, his ankle causing him distress, as Murdoch rushes him again….

JR: Ducked it….PERFECT SLAM!

Marshall jumps out the back and spins him around…

JT: Codebreaker…

Marshall lands the double knees to the face and leaves Jack flat on the canvass. He staggers over to the corner and he beckons for Jack to get back up…

JR: Those knees will have scrambled Jack’s senses and now he is in the line of fire….

JT: Murdoch is lining him out…..OH MY LORD!

A huge crash is heard as the cameras pan around to see Dicey driving Marty Helms through the Spanish announce table with a “Craicdown” piledriver, leaving the wreckage bloodstained. Marshall Murdoch is momentarily taken aback but then he pulls free of the corner…

JR: Dicey just destroyed Marty Helms…..payback for what went down two weeks ago….

JT: And now Marshall Murdoch is about to send a big message…..MARSHALL LAW!




Marshall twirls out for the tornado roundhouse kick but Jack catches his foot. PJ swipes the standing leg of the champion and looks poised to apply the figure four but instead he drops over the top into a quick-fire bridge for the surprise three count….

JT: He tricked him….he suckered the world champion in and Perfect Jack just made a huge statement ahead of Born in Fire….

JR: If he pulls that at Born in Fire and Murdoch falls for it again then Jack is the new world champion….Marshall got overconfident but he also showed his fear of the figure four and that opened the door for Jack……this is massive…

HE: And now you know….Marshall Murdoch told Clarke James to stay away and he got beat…..Murdoch cannot get the job done by himself…

JT: This may, indeed, have an effect on the mindset of the world champion….I don’t believe he can’t win without Clarke James backing him up but the evidence does seem to be mounting…

JR: And what a confidence boost for the number one contender…..still think he’s too old, Henry?

HE: No comment….

“I am perfection” booms out as Jack rolls away to the corner and fist pumps the air. Marshall is already on his knees, shaking his head in disbelief, as he locks eyes with his rival…

JT: Marshall can’t believe it…..

JR: He was so sure that he’d won…he felt Jack was there for the taking but it backfired…

JT: I think he got distracted….it only took one second but he withdrew his gaze to watch what was unfolding between Dicey and Helms on the outside and it cost him…

HE: Excuses….a world champion should not lose concentration… second or not… Born in Fire he will lose the 6CW Championship, I am certain of it after tonight….

Jack gets to his feet and looks delighted with his win as Marshall continues to stare at him. We then get a shot of Dicey Reilly dragging himself away from the wreckage in the announce area whilst Marty Helms continues to bleed on the floor….

JR: And what about this rivalry? Because Dicey got some revenge here tonight but you know Marty Helms isn’t the kind of man to stay down…..

HE: Helms will hunt Dicey to end of the earth after what happened here tonight, I promise you…..this does not end well for Reilly….

JT: It ended pretty well for him tonight but I agree that this one is far from done….The Dublin Destroyer showed he’s still one tough S.O.B but how will Helms respond?

JR: We are out of time for tonight folks but thank you for joining us….we’ll see you in two weeks!

The show ends with Marshall Murdoch grabbing the 6CW Championship whilst Perfect Jack stares at the belt with a hungry smile on his face.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Wednesday 23rd September (Two days later)

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