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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 8:33 am

*The show goes live with a recap of last week with Perfect Jack pinning Marshall Murdoch and Marty Helms' brutal attack on Dicey Reilly and then we're inside the arena. The commentary team hype the show and run down the card whilst the gathered crowd (Government approved) make plenty of noise. We get a huge pyro display and then "Sandwitches" booms out to welcome the arrival of the Wolf Gang. Robin Reborn immediately gets on the mic and tells the crowd to shut up because he's got a lot to say and he wouldn't be surprised if the establishment tried to cut him off before he gets started. Reborn holds up his title and reaffirms that it is the "Liberation" Championship and that he is leading the revolution. He is the advocate of change and he is dragging 6CW, kicking and screaming, into the modern world. He talks about how he recruited Ojore and Drake because they share his ideals and they, too, have been victims of prejudice in this industry but that when they are done that will never happen again. Reborn says they have a platform now and they have eyes on them which means whether you like it or not you are going to listen. Because every time he opens his mouth it's not just live on Sky Sports but it's trending on Social Media, it's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram....he says millions upon millions are waking up to sickening cancer that has spread through this company but he has a cure.....he is the cure, he is going to make a brighter future, one where and his brothers get the respect they deserve.

"Revival Mode" interrupts and Liam Wood is out on the stage. Wood is hurting from last week's attack but looks ready for a fight. He says Reborn is right, some aspects of this industry are out dated and archaic. Wood agrees change is needed and he is fully in support of that kind of facilitation but Reborn isn't the man for the job. Because Reborn is a fraud and a charlatan. Wood accuses Reborn of using a mass movement to serve his own agenda. He tells everyone that Reborn is a liar and all he cares about is himself. Wood says that as long as Reborn has that title, the UK Title, he is dangerous.....because he is using his platform to spread hatred and division.....Wood says that cannot continue and vows to take the title away from Reborn at Born in Fire.

Reborn is angry at Wood's accusations and says what would he know about their struggle considering he has lived nothing but a life of privilege. Reborn accuses Wood of being an unwanted sympathiser and the kind that give the real movement a bad name. Reborn says Wood is the man dragging down statues and spray painting buildings because they think they are making a difference when in reality they are overshadowing the hard work of those who are fighting the real battle. Reborn says Wood can shove his support up his a55 because he isn't wanted and he also doesn't have a hope in hell of taking the "Liberation" Championship. Reborn hoped that the beating Wood sustained last week would be enough to put him off but some people are even dumber than they look. Reborn reiterates that the only way Wood gets a shot is if he beats Ojore and Drake tonight in a handicap match and they both know that won't happen.

Wood says he's built a career off of proving people wrong and tonight will be no different. He can't wait to wipe that smug look off of Reborn's face and send the Wolf Gang packing with their tails between their legs. Wood says once he's injected the poison of the Viper into the veins of the Wolf, slowly but surely the results will be deadly......he tells Reborn there is no known cure so he better prepare for inevitable Born in Fire this will end and only one of them will survive...

Reborn laughs at Wood and says he won't even make it to Born in Fire but he is so confident that Wood isn't on his level that if, by some miracle, he somehow wins tonight then he can name any stipulation he likes for their match at the PPV. Wood is all smiles as he backs away, leaving the Wolf Gang in the ring. The commentary team debate on tonight's match and what stipulation Wood may be inclined to pick if he gets the opportunity.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 8:44 am

*Tyler Roth is backstage with Timothy Allen. Allen asks about last week's TV Title Battle Royal and how Jackson Jackson seemingly cost Roth the title. Roth says some people have a deathwish and he's happy to grant Jackson Jackson his request because when you open the door to the Reaper, your soul belongs to me. Roth says because Team Lawless were unsuccessful at Beachfront Brawl everyone seems to believe he was unsuccessful but he's still the sickest, most violent individual on this roster so maybe he needs to send a reminder to everyone sleeping on him. Tim Allen asks about the growing atmosphere between Roth and Charles Kramer but Roth won't be drawn. He says he knows all about CK and soon his mask will slip, they always do, but offers little else. Roth says his full concentration is on making 6CW realise the mistake they made when they let him go. Roth was a huge star everywhere else and soon he will be at the top of 6CW too. Jackson Jackson interrupts but keeps at a distance. He smirks at Roth and mocks him, saying he thinks he's a big star but in reality he doesn't have what it takes to succeed here in 6CW. He didn't back then and nothing has changed. Jackson says everyone's scared of Roth for some reason but he isn't. Roth tells Jackson that he should be but JJ merely grins and walks away, leaving Roth in a rage.

*James McManus is with his wife, Jenny, in the locker-room. McManus is rewatching his attack on Dante Phoenix last week and seems satisified. McManus says Phoenix is the reason his career de-railed and last week was payback. McManus blames Phoenix for wrecking the Lawless' plans of domination but Jenny says the Lawless twins are gone and McManus needs to start looking to the future. She says her husband can be world champion, she has always believed it, but now is the time to make good on that potential because it won't last forever. She says she's been in the backstage area for years hearing people mock her husband, looking down at him, so now he needs to make them show respect. Now is the time to show the world the real James McManus. A voice from the shadows tells McManus that "Jenny is right" and they both turn to a faceless figure. The figure says "Our time is now" as the scene ends.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 8:45 am

Bout 1
Jimmy Phillips open challenge

*Jimmy Phillips is all business as he enters the arena. He is still dressed in a vest and joggers as he demands a mic. Phillips enters into a rant about how his generation, the future of the industry, are being held back to allow the nobodies of yesteryear to keep stealing their opportunities. Phillips says he hoped the new 6CW Council would be different but so far they’ve dug up Finlay and Mark Matzko for a cheap pop so he is wondering who has the balls to try and take this moment away from him tonight.

*There is silence and Phillips smirks before “If you smeeeelllll what the Rock….V2….is cookin’” hits the airwaves and then former 6WF Tag Team Champion Rock V2 swaggers onto the stage. The commentary team talk about V2’s history and heritage but he is barely through the ropes when Phillips attacks him. Phillips drives vicious knees into the skull and then he drags Rock V2 into the centre and nails a double powerbomb, releasing him into a jack-knife on the second. Phillips demands the referee ring the bell as he stalks V2 and then drills him with the “Touchdown” as he rises. Phillips mocks his foe now and gives the famous eyebrow raise before running the ropes and returning with a “People’s Elbow”. He nonchalantly covers for an easy three count.

*Phillips rolls V2 from the ring and then he picks the microphone back up to ask if that is it. Phillips says surely there’s more attention-seeking b1tches in the back that want to steal his thunder so come out and try it. Former 6WF Hardcore Champion, Phoenix Rose then enters the stage and the commentary team talk up his famous Born in Fire battle with Enforcer. Rose storms the ring and he manages to avoid Phillips’ attack before taking him down and unloads with rights and lefts. Phoenix gets back up and takes to the outside before grabbing a trash can. He gets back in the ring and he slams the weapon over Phillips’ head before placing it on the canvass. He drags Phillips up for “The Kiss” (Michinoku Driver) but Phillips fights off the back and he pushes Rose against the ropes before nailing a pop-up powerbomb on top of the trash can as he returns. Phillips looks almost amused by Rose’ aggression and then runs the ropes for the “Game Changer” clothesline as he tries to get back up. Phillips covers for another three count

*Phillips drags Rose from the ring and he rips up the coverings, exposing the concrete floor, before nailing a muscle-buster that leaves his opponent completely motionless. Phillips rolls back in the ring and he seizes the mic. He says if there is anyone else back there who considers themselves worthy of taking his place then now is the time to make themselves known. “Last of the International Playboys” then booms out as 6WF Hall of Famer, Diablo walks out. Diablo has his own mic and talks about his history in 6WF and how he’s seen plenty of men like Jimmy Phillips in his time. Diablo says he doesn’t believe he can still be a world champion, he got a call to help promote Born in Fire because of his affiliation with 6WF, but there is more talent in his little finger than Phillips will ever have.

*Diablo is up on the apron now and he’s telling Phillips that the disrespect needs to stop, being consumed with rage and hate won’t mask his shortcomings. He sees, like everyone does, that Phillips could be a star but he is going about it the wrong way. Diablo says he could help Phillips….Phillips seems to be mulling it over but then laughs and says he sees Diablo’s trick, he knows he isn’t man enough to take his platform so instead he wants to ride his coattails instead. Diablo shakes his head but Phillips smacks him in the face with the microphone. Diablo is badly dazed as Phillips quickly locks him in the “Coquina Clutch” and then pulls him into a body scissors, choking him out. Security storm to ringside to try and calm the situation down but Phillips continues to punish Diablo whilst the commentary team talk about Phillips’ vendetta and how he seems to have snapped. Phillips finally releases, leaving Diablo unconscious, and leaves the ring as medics begin to check on the Hall of Famer. Phillips storms up the ramp and then pauses at the top to tell the cameras that “Nobody is taking this away from me, nobody…..come and try, I dare you to try”.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 8:57 am

*Crime Lord is standing in front of the camera as the action goes backstage. Crime Lord says he doesn't have much to say but what comes out of his mouth should be heard loud and clear. Crime Lord reiterates that he has challenged Clarke James to a match at Born in Fire but as of yet CJ has not been man enough to give him an answer. Crime Lord says CJ is forcing his hand and that perhaps the only way to get him to agree will be the sight of Marshall Murdoch's mangled body later tonight.

*Diablo is being helped into the backstage area when Jimmy Phillips attacks from behind. Security try to contain the issue as Phillips drops behind Diablo and lands vicious clubbing forearms to the back of his neck whilst the commentary team talk about Diablo's history of neck injuries. Phillips drags Diablo's head up and holds it in front of the camera whilst telling anyone that will listen that he doesn't care about reputations because anyone and everyone can get it. Phillips says they need to realise that every time they drag out an alumni to promote the Born in Fire PPV they are painting a bull's eye on their chest. He says this year at Born in Fire it will be his breakout moment and he dares anyone to try stop him. Phillips then puts Diablo back in the "coquina" clutch as security try to pull him loose. The commentary team discuss who can stop Phillips' vendetta.

*Christy James is talking to Uryu backstage. Christy tells Uryu that he needs to be careful meddling in the business of the Kramer Klan because they are dangerous but Uryu says he can't just stand by and watch bullying take place, he will always stand up for what is right. Uryu says he is looked up to as a role model and he has a duty to fulfil that. Christy talks to Uryu about being unsuccessful in his attempt to win the TV Title last week and asks what he sees for himself at Born in Fire. Uryu says Born in Fire is a magical night full of great history and although he doesn't yet know what it has in store for him this year he is looking forward to making more memories when he gets there. We see Charles Kramer watching and listening to the exchange from behind a pillar.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 9:02 am

November 30th, 2012
Born in Fire VI
6WF Hardcore Championship
Logan Kincade (c) vs Blue Dragon

MW: My god I think that Logan Kincade has snapped here, he has gone completely crazy on Blue Dragon.

RJ: You talked about Blue Dragon taking out his frustrations earlier, I think this is Kincade doing exactly the same but in a much more brutal way.

Logan continues to smash the chair into the head of Blue Dragon. He then throws a chair aside before pummeling down on the head of Blue Dragon with a succession of fists. Kincade drags up Blue Dragon, he puts him onto his shoulders before hitting a run slam throwing Blue Dragon into an advertising poster for Born In Fire with Kincade on.

Blue Dragon writhes in pain but Kincade doesn’t relent, Logan picks up Blue Dragon and then irish whips him down a set of stairs back down amongst the fans where the railings were knocked down.

MW: Kincade has just lost it.

RJ: My god! That must have broken Blue Dragon in half!

Logan picks up Blue Dragon in the air and then throws BD into the ring-area with a gorilla press slam. Logan steps over the railings, he picks up Blue Dragon and then smashes the head of BD into the steel ring post continually. Kincade moves the steps away and then lifts up Blue Dragon.

He powerslams him onto the steel steps. He picks up Blue Dragon and hits 4 more powerslams on the steps. The ref looks to try and step in but Kincade pushes him back. Logan lies BD down on the steel steps, he goes up to the top rope and nails a huge splash. Kincade finally covers.

Ref: 1.................2.................

MW: What is he doing?

RJ: Logan just broke the pin himself! This is sick, come on referee. Stop this match for god’s sake, Kincade has lost it!

Kincade picks up a steel chair, puts the head of Blue Dragon onto the steel steps before hitting the con-chair-to 4 times. Logan goes to the announce table, he stares down at RJ and Michael Wire who leap out of their seats.

Logan removes the covering of the table, he removes the two TV monitors and smashes them into the side of Blue Dragon’s head who is barely standing. Logan drags up Blue Dragon, he sits him in front of the announce booth. Kincade then brings out another table, as well as another trash can which he immediately rams into the face of Blue Dragon who is slumped down in front of the announce table.

RJ: Sorry folks it is quite hard to commentate at the moment with all of this happening in front of us.

Blue Dragon pulls himself up using the table only for Kincade to send him flying over the top with a big clothesline. Kincade then steps over the table and hauls BD onto the announce table as well. With the table already set up...





Ref: 1..........................2.....................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

RJ: Thank god.

Mike Bird: The winner of this match by way of PINFALL and STILLLL 6WF HARDCORE CHAMPION...LOGAN KINCADEEEEEE!

MW: It’s over, what an absolute beating Blue Dragon took here from Logan Kincade here at Wembley Stadium.

RJ: We know that Logan has a few issues but tonight he just completely snapped, I have never seen anything like that.

MW: You have to wonder how Blue Dragon will recover from such a traumatic match.

*Logan is handed the Hardcore Title match, he holds the title belt up before stepping over BD with a grin on his face. Logan walks up the ramp slowly, he reaches the top when a man steps out onto the stage.

RJ: Who is that?

Logan stares at the man, he clearly recognises him. He stares at a tattoo on the arm of the man, which the commentators are also drawn to.

MW: The same tattoo as Blue Dragon...

RJ: And Kincade recognises has to be, that’s the man who caused it.

MW: It’s their father!

The man has an envelope in his hand, staring at Logan who grins.

RJ: The man behind the envelopes?

Kincade smirks again at his dad who just stares back. Kincade walks towards him but his Dad slaps him across the face. His dad then turns and leaves the stage, leaving Logan confused as Born In Fire goes to a commercial.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 9:03 am

Bout 2
Marshall Murdoch vs Crime Lord vs Uryu Ishida

*Crime Lord attacks Uryu before Marshall has entered and he launches him from the ring before beckoning the world champion to come and fight

*Marshall and Crime Lord share an intense staredown as the commentary team talk up their history and then they begin to fight. Crime Lord quickly attempts the “Lock n Load” but Marshall fights out and swipes his legs for the anklelock but Crime Lord battles free. Marshall looks for the codebreaker but Crime Lord catches him with an overhead throw.

*Crime Lord looks for the “Drive By” knee but Marshall catches his leg and takes him down for the ankelock. Crime Lord gets to the ropes but Murdoch drags him back and applies a leg-vine. The submission looks a possibility but then Uryu springboards back in with a legdrop on Marshall to break it up.

*Uryu hits a springboard tornado DDT on Marshall and then a springboard “Stylin’ DDT” on Crime Lord as he gets back up. He drags them both together and nails an asai moonsault before covering Marshall for a two. He then covers Crime Lord and also gets a two

*Uryu lashes a calf kick into Marshall as he stands and then a standing shooting star but only gets two. Ishida heads out onto the apron for a springboard forearm but Crime Lord catches him on his shoulders. Crime Lord prepares for the “Lock n Load” but Uryu lands on his feet and then hits the ropes for a “slingblade” takedown. Marshall rushes in but Uryu drop toe holds him on top of Crime Lord and then hits a double rolling thunder. Crime Lord gets up and Uryu hits him with a spinning heel kick and then goes up top.

*Uryu hits the “Split Second” but Marshall pulls him off the cover on two and applies an anklelock. Uryu is in a lot of pain and contemplates tapping out but then rolls forward and sends Marshall through the ropes to the outside. Uryu hits the world champion with a suicide dive but Marshall catches him in mid-flight with a sensational codebreaker counter

*Marshall gets back into the ring and he stalks Crime Lord before attempting “Marshall Law” but Crime Lord avoids and nails a huge release German suplex. Crime Lord nails the “Drive By” knee but Marshall manages to kick out on two. Crime Lord berates the referee and then drags Marshall up for the “Lock n Load” but MM fights off and nails a t-bone suplex counter. They get back up and Marshall hits Crime Lord a hat-trick of “American” suplexes but only for a two.

*Marshall looks for his own running knee (ala Daniel Bryan) but Crime Lord almost wipes him inside out with a clothesline. Crime Lord, surprisingly, heads for the corner and begins to climb. Marshall manages to get back up and he stops Crime Lord on the top rope and manages to lift him off into a “Texas” slam (Alabama) before turning him over into an anklelock. Crime Lord is yelling in agony and his hand is ready to tap when Uryu leaps back in and nails the springboard forearm on Marshall, knocking him from the ring.

*Crime Lord hobbles back up and Uryu dropkicks him in the back before sprinting into the corner with a shining wizard. He unloads with a series of kicks to the body (ala The Miz) and then he grabs Crime Lord’s wrist to pull him away from the ropes for the armbar. Crime Lord fights out and then pulls Uryu toward him for the “Lock n Load” but Ishida performs a three revolution spin into a DDT. He crawls for the corner and climbs up.

*Uryu hits the “Split Second” on Crime Lord and the referee counts to three but just before he can complete it, Uryu is dragged out of the ring and destroyed on the hard floor by a spinebuster from Karl Kramer. The commentary team are stunned and debate the reasons as Charles Kramer stands on the stage with a smirk. KK drags Uryu up and then spinebusters him again on the steel ramp. Uryu is left writhing in pain as KK heads back to join his uncle.

*Marshall gets back into the ring and he hits Crime Lord with the running “Drive By” knee (ala Daniel Bryan) but Crime Lord kicks out at two. Murdoch seems to be really struggling with his self-belief as he beckons Crime Lord back up. He attempts “Marshall Law” but Crime Lord drops and nails a low-blow. Crime Lord rolls from the ring and grabs a steel chair before returning to the ring. He drives the chair into Marshall’s gut and across his spine before setting the chair upright in the middle of the ring. He drags Marshall to his feet for the “Lock n Load” as Clarke James comes running down the ramp.

*The commentary team talk about how Marshall told CJ not to intervene but Jeff Thadeus adds that CJ has his own issues with Crime Lord so he wasn’t likely to just sit back and watch this unfold. Crime Lord grabs the steel chair and he swings it at CJ as he rolls in the ring but James ducks the blow and then nails a Samoan drop counter. CJ debates using the chair but then Marshall is on his feet and he holds his arms out, questioning why CJ is there.

JR: I think Marshall is being a touch unfair here…..if it wasn’t for Clarke James then Crime Lord would have crushed his skull…

JT: Marshall made it clear, though, that he didn’t want all these questions hanging over his head….he wants to prove himself the worthy leader of the locker-room…

HE: He should be on bended knee…..CJ is carrying his career right now….

CJ is trying to explain to Marshall that he was out here to prevent Crime Lord from using the steel chair anymore. Marshall is shaking his head and looking annoyed but then Crime Lord clatters into him from behind and knocks him into CJ, sending James from the ring….

JR: I don’t think that was part of the plan….




JR: No way…..Crime Lord just pinned the 6CW Champion….

JT: After a huge mis-communication between Murdoch and James….this is not going to help matters at all…

HE: I don’t like either but James was out here doing Marshall a favour and had it thrown back in his face…..the 6CW Champion is an ungrateful SOB and he deserved that defeat….

Clarke James is back up on the outside and he looks stunned as Crime Lord has his arm raised in victory and then leaves the ring with a smirk. He gives CJ the finger as he backs up the aisleway and then James slides in to check on Murdoch….

JT: This match flipped on its head in just a few short minutes….first it looked like Uryu had it locked down until the Kramer Klan came out here and demolished him…..we’ll need more on that turn of events….

JR: And then just when it looked like Crime Lord was going to crush Marshall Murdoch with that steel chair out came Clarke James to save the day…

HE: Only he never….because in the end the outcome was the same….

JT: And whether he likes it or not that blame lies with the world champion… has to be said that his run for form right now is less than stellar…

JR: Something that will be pleasing Perfect Jack very much….PJ is on fire right now whilst the world champion is faltering ahead of their Born in Fire showdown….

JT: And once again Clarke James, whether inadvertently or not, finds himself embroiled in the middle of it all….

HE: Another lover’s tiff ensuing…

Marshall is holding his ribs, wincing, as CJ helps him up. Marshall pushes himself away from CJ and snatches his 6CW Championship before climbing from the ring, leaving James with his hands on his hips. Marshall is shaking his head as he walks up the ramp….

JR: I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this tonight….Murdoch and James need to get this sorted because right now it isn’t doing anyone any favours….it benefits nobody with them at loggerheads…

HE: Actually it does….it benefits Perfect Jack and it most certainly benefits Crime Lord….he’s won here and that is a huge statement…..last week he issued a challenge to Clarke James for Born in Fire but we need to start discussing a world title shot….

JT: Let’s not get carried away…

HE: He just pinned the champion…..if the 6CW Council have any sense they’ll give Crime Lord his shot….then we can have a real champion….

JR: We’ve got one….he’s just struggling for form right now….

HE: It’s a little more than that and you know it…..

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 9:21 am

*We get a clip of Liam Wood from earlier today in the trainer's room. Wood's ribs are heavily strapped up and the examiner is looking at the x-ray shots. The doctor advises Wood takes the night off because he suspects broken ribs but Wood says there is absolutely no way he isn't competing here tonight. Wood says he would rather die than roll over for Reborn & The Wolf Gang. The doctor wants to get on the phone to the 6CW Council but Wood pleads with him to let it go ahead. The doctor reluctantly agrees and leaves. Wood winces in pain and looks a little dispirited but then his own phone rings. He answers it and tells the caller that it's unexpected to hear from them but he has a smile on his face. The call seems to give Wood a new lease of energy

*Ricky Nelson is doing his stretches backstage whilst Mike Hill gives him a pep talk. Hill is talking about his own rise through 6WF and headlining at Born in Fire. He says he always knew Nelson would be a star from the moment he saw him and this is just the beginning. He says he deserves his spot at Born in Fire as TV Champion so don't let anyone take what you have earned. Hill says Jackson Jackson is trying to steal his spotlight but they won't let that happen. Ricky Nelson looks pumped from his manager's pep talk as he repeats the mantra in the mirror.

*Clarke James catches up with Marshall Murdoch backstage and wants to talk about what just happened but Marshall isn't in the mood for talking. He reiterates that he told CJ to stay out of his business but Clarke snaps back that he was saving Murdoch from taking a beating. Murdoch scoffs and says CJ is the reason he lost. CJ looks annoyed and says maybe Marshall should think about who is the reason that he is 6CW Champion. Marshall shoulders his belt and tells CJ that he deserves to be world champion and he got there off of his own hard work. CJ tries to calm the situation but Marshall tells him to stay out of his business because he's becoming too much of a distraction.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 9:24 am

November 30th, 2012
Born in Fire VI
6WF World Championship
Cassius Zhi (c) vs JJ Johnson

RJ: My god I have never seen JJ Johnson like this, he has completely lost it and who can blame him? Think of what Zhi did to Clarke James, to Castiguer, to Marlo Green and to his pregnant girlfriend Brandi. Zhi is getting his comeuppance right now!

MW: And Wembley is loving it RJ! Loving it!

Eventually JJ steps back, he drags Zhi forward from the corner but Cassius prods him in the eye. Zhi goes for another Dragon’s Fury...



Ref: 1....................2.......................Kick out!




MW: They don’t want to give the other man that pleasure, to give that other man the satisfaction of beating them.

JJ doesn’t get distracted, he is immediately onto his feet and starts stomping away on the right ankle of Cassius Zhi. He hits a couple of knee-breakers before synching in the Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring and the crowd erupt.


JJ stands with blood pouring down his face, twisting away on the right ankle of Cassius Zhi who is in absolute agony with blood also pouring down his face. Cassius desperately tries to fight but JJ drags him backwards and then sinks down to apply even more pressure.

MW: I think that is both an attempt to cause more pain but also sheer exhaustion on the part of JJ Johnson.

RJ: He’s really got this ankle lock synched in though Michael!

JJ is twisting away on the ankle of Cassius Zhi who screams in pain but refuses to give up when the referee checks on him. The crowd are chanting for Zhi to tap but he doesn’t, he is banging his head in anger against the mat, trying to psyche himself up. Cassius edges slightly closer to the ropes only for JJ to apply even more strain on the ankle.

The ref again asks Zhi if he wants to quit but once more the champion refuses and again edges slightly closer to the ropes. He wipes the blood from his face and with one last monumental push manages to stretch out and grab the bottom rope.

MW: Unbelievable from Cassius Zhi! I thought he had lost the match there, JJ really had that hold locked in.

RJ: These fans, myself I can not stand Cassius Zhi but you can only stand and admire the heart he jsut showed there. The true heart of a Champion was on display there and then as Cassius escaped the ankle lock.

MW: But is the damage done RJ? How will Zhi get back into this match?!

JJ can’t believe it as he stares at Zhi with an almost begrudging respect. He then lifts up Cassius and sets up for the Fade to Black but Cassius manages to spin his way out and then counter with an edge-o-matic. Zhi hooks the leg.

Ref: 1................2...............Kick out!

JJ fires the shoulder up but Cassius is up to his feet quickly. He stands patiently over JJ, waiting for him to rise. He then hits a big punch to the stomach, Zhi puts JJ Johnson onto his shoulders...

RJ: What is Cassius doing?

MW: No way!




Ref: 1....................2....................................Kick out!



RJ: Neither does Cassius!

Cassius shakes his head, he stares a hole right through the referee before dragging up JJ and setting up for the shockwave but JJ blocks, he spins Cassius around...




Ref: 1.........................2........................................Foot on the rope!


RJ: How did that not win JJ Johnson the match?

MW: Tremendous ring awareness from Cassius Zhi! A true champion if ever I saw one!

JJ cannot believe it, staring at the foot of Zhi rested across the bottom rope. He quickly recomposes himself before lifting up Cassius, he sets up for the Access All Areas but is shoved into the ropes by Zhi...



Ref: 1............................2................................3.Kick out!





RJ: He just will not be beaten!

Neither man can get to their feet immediately following the shockwave. They lay slumped as the crowd chant JJ Johnson’s name but Cassius Zhi is the man who is up to his feet first. The crowd boo as Zhi then goes to the top rope, they then erupt as JJ also gets to his feet.

JJ strides towards the corner and clambers up to the top rope to be stood alongside Zhi. The two start exchanging huge punches as they stand on the top rope. Zhi gets a slight advantage as JJ topples back slightly only for JJ to follow back in with a series of huge punches of his own.

RJ: This is very precarious for both men.

Zhi fires back off a headbutt, JJ then hits a headbutt of his own and carries on from there with some huge punches. The crowd pop as JJ then puts Cassius onto his shoulders.

MW: No JJ! Don’t do it! Don’t do it!

RJ: This is seriously dangerous. This, without exaggeration, could end the careers of these two great warriors, of these two great champions!

MW: He’s set up for it RJ...





Ref: 1..............................................2.............................................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!





RJ: WORTHY OF A BORN IN FIRE MAIN EVENT! And these fans certainly appreciate the winner of this match!


The crowd erupt with noise as JJ Johnson is announced the winner of the match, the referee rolls to the outside and takes the 6WF Title into the ring. Both men are still down on the mat...

RJ: Look at what this match has done to these two great competitors tonight Michael, neither can even get to their feet such was the effort they put in.

MW: Cassius Zhi gets a lot of hatred from these fans rightly so, but I think tonight he may have earned their respect alongside their hatred because he put on one hell of a performance tonight. Zhi did not want to lose this match, he kicked out of moves that he had no right to. But JJ Johnson just had that bit extra, maybe it was the crowd’s adrenaline.

RJ: Maybe it was everyone he was fighting for Michael. JJ Johnson was fighting for the fans, he was fighting for the company, he was fighting for Castiguer, he was fighting for Clarke James, he was fighting for Marlo Green and he was fighting for Brandi and his child. I am sure they pulled JJ through some of the toughest moments in that match.

MW: The show he and Cassius Zhi put on tonight was nothing short of spectacular. It looked like Zhi had it won at times, it looked like JJ had it won earlier than he did. They threw everything at one and another, and it wasn’t working. It took something out of this world to end this match.

RJ: An unbelievable contest but with an outcome that 80,000 people wanted. JJ Johnson the new 6WF UNDISPUTED CHAMPION!

Cassius Zhi is the first man to get to his feet in the middle of the ring as the referee checks on JJ Johnson who is still lay on the canvas. Cassius looks down at JJ before leaving the ring and skulking up the ramp shaking his head.

MW: JJ Johnson won this match but Cassius is first onto his feet, and this really does not look good for our new champion. He has not moved since getting the pinfall..........

RJ: He is out cold, Mike......

MW: You're right, 'Arj, he hasn't moved a muscle, I don't even think his eyes are open?

RJ: This isn't good...

The referee moves to check on JJ, he tabs his check with his hand but receives no response. He checks the pulse of JJ and begins calling his name but again receives no response.

MW: What's happening now??

RJ: Oh god....

The referee gets to his feet, shaking his head, he gives up the 'X' sign as the crowd fall deathly silent. Cassius stops on the ramp, looking down at the body of JJ Johnson and the referee. His face changes from one of anger to his familiar sadistic grin, his head twitching as EMT's pour out from the back...

RJ: Oh look at him, basking in this. That's not a rival anymore, Cass. That's a human being. A human being that just put on the main event of a lifetime and hasn't got up, show some damn compassion.....

MW: 'Arj you need to calm down, this isn't the time or the place....

Cassius turns and walks of the stage as the EMT's enter the ring. The first man clears the referee from the ring as a second kneels down before JJ, checking his pulse before telling a third man to administer oxygen....

RJ: Folks, I wanna apologise for my outburst, but this is harrowing to say the least. For those of you just joining us, or those of you who have been here from the start, I can assure you that this is not scripted. This is not a stunt. JJ Johnson, the new 6WF Undisputed Champion has been unresponsive since delivering the VIP Experience from the top rope. In what was probably the greatest spectacle in 6WF history, this is the worst thing I have ever had to call....

The medics continue to administer oxygen to JJ as the first medic waves up the ramp, calling for assistance. The crowd begin to clap and a chant begins to echo around the arena....

Crowd: JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ!

MW: Looks like they are gonna get JJ out of here....

Two medics emerge from the back carrying a stretcher. The camera pans to a young fan in the front row being comforted by his mother as another couple look on in distress. A medic leaves the ring and address RJ and Wire on commentary....

Medic: Can you relay this to the people watching. JJ Johnson is stable. He has a pulse. We believe he has suffered a post traumatic stress concussion, which can cause temporary paralysis and unconsciousness. We're getting him on a stretcher and take him to a nearby medical facility....

The crowd erupt into a cheer as the body of JJ Johnson begins to move but the cheers turn to gasps as the body of JJ Johnson begins to convulse...

RJ: Oh god, you better get in there...

The medic heads from the announce table and enters the ring, dashing to the side of the champ....

MW: Well folks, you heard that, we believe JJ to be stable, and that he is suffering some form of temporary trauma.....

The medic looks back at the announce table and gives a reassuring look as JJ's body regains composure.

RJ: Seems like that's a good sign...

The medic heads back out of the ring to the announce table as the crowd cheer at the sight of Abe Abercorn coming down the ramp, he heads to the announce table gesturing the crowd to continue cheering and the reply with a loud JJ Johnson chant.....

Medic: Right, that's a good sign, it means any temporary paralysis has gone, we still need to get him to a medical facility....

AA: Gentleman, I've received some urgent news, Brandi gave birth to a healthy baby girl about 25 minutes ago. We just received notification from the hospital, but she doesn't know anything about JJ....

RJ: So, JJ Johnson..... The 6WF champion, is now father to a baby girl...

A man at ringside catches the conversation and soon the arena begins to roar with approval as they will JJ to wake up....

Medic: Right, well we need to move him...

A second medic rushes to the ropes and shouts across to the announce table...

Medic: His eyes are open....

The medic and Abe head straight to the ring as RJ gets to his feet and urges the crowd to keep chanting....

MW: Come on, JJ!!

Abe kneels down next to JJ as the medics check his pupils, they help him sit up and the crowd raise the decibel levels once again....

Crowd: JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ!

RJ: Listen to this ovation!

JJ puts a thumb up to the crowd to a huge roar.... He looks up at Abe as the cameras pick up his voice ..

JJ: Abe............did I do it?

Abe smiles...

AA: Yeah, you did it, JJ...... But there's something else....

JJ: Brandi?

AA: She's fine, JJ, you're a father, to a healthy baby girl....

The crowd erupt again, chanting JJ's name as tears begin to fall from his eyes. Abe gets up, walking to the ropes and collecting the 6WF title, he heads back to JJ, kneeling down beside him and placing his hand on his shoulder...

AA: Take your time, JJ...

Abe gets up and walks away as the medics check JJ over again. He asks them to back off as he adjusts his position, kneeling down, clutching the 6WF title to his chest....

RJ: There he is, the man who defied it all. JJ Johnson. Your 6WF Champion....

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 9:25 am

Bout 3
6CW TV Championship
Ricky Nelson © vs Jackson Jackson

Ding ding

Michael Bird: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a ten minute time limit……and it is for the 6CW Television Championship!

JT: Championship action coming up next folks with the newly reinstated TV Championship back up for grabs…

JR: The TV Title has a great history here in 6CW and the Council decided now was the time to bring it back….last week we saw a ten man battle royal to crown a new champion and here is how that went down…


The crowd are booing, shocked faces all around, as Ricky Nelson slams into Jackson from behind and tips him over the top rope….

JT: Where on earth did Nelson come from? I thought he got eliminated….

JR: I don’t think he did…..he went over the top rope earlier but I believe he survived….can we get some footage?

Jackson Jackson is kneeling on the outside in disbelief as Ricky Nelson mockingly bows to him and the booing fans. The replays from earlier show Nelson returning to the ring, voiding his elimination, but then rolling out under the bottom rope to hide under the ring….

JT: That no good sneak….hiding under the damn ring…

JR: But he’s grossly miscalculated here…..because Jackson wasn’t the last man….

HE: Oh, Ricky….

Tyler Roth has returned to the ring and he is up on his feet. Ricky Nelson is looking proud of himself and giving Roth the thumbs up, motioning what he just did to Jackson Jackson….

JT: I think Nelson believes he did Roth a favour and that will save him here….

JR: But they are the final two so it doesn’t matter… their days as running buddies is over….

JT: And I think Nelson is realising that….

Roth smirks and he returns the thumbs up before turning it upside down as all the colour drains from Nelson’s face. He barely gets his hands up in time as Roth almost splits him in two with a spinning lariat….

JT: Tyler Roth may have been the favourite coming in and he looks destined to make good on that now…..THE HANGMAN!

Roth easily pulls Nelson back up and cradle suplexes him into a running muscle buster (Ryback’s Shell-Shocked). Mike Hill is holding his head in his hands on the outside as Roth pulls Nelson to his feet and presses him over his head….

JR: This is over with….Tyler Roth is taking that TV Title home….

HE: And who will be able to take it from him?

Roth turns and walks Nelson toward the ropes but he finds his way barred by Jackson Jackson, who has leapt back onto the apron. Roth looks annoyed as he tosses Nelson back down to the canvass and then swings at Jackson….

JT: Jackson Jackson poking the bear here….

Jackson drops off the apron just in time but he manages to grab Roth’s wrist and he is holding on for dear life (think Hogan-Sid Royal Rumble 92). Roth is pulling back and Jackson starts to lift off the floor….

JR: Hang on a minute….

Ding ding ding

HE: Huh?

JR: Wow….

JT: What happened?

Michael Bird: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner……AND NEW 6CW TELEVISION CHAMPION……Riiiiccckkkkkyyyy Neeeeelllllsssssooooonnnnn!

Mike Hill rolls into the ring with his protégé and they both work together to push Tyler Roth over the top rope, with assistance from Jackson Jackson. Back live and Nelson is bouncing around in disbelief as he is handed the TV Championship….

JR: Jackson Jackson just screwed Tyler Roth out of the TV Championship…..Ricky Nelson has done it….I wasn’t expecting to call that here tonight….

JT: Nor was I but there you have it…..Nelson has done it…..he has overcome the odds, albeit with some serious assistance…

HE: It looked a foregone conclusion…..Jackson Jackson better book a flight to the other side of the world because Tyler Roth’s hunt begins now….

JR: And Ricky Nelson better enjoy his new title because he’ll be defending it every single week….

Jackson Jackson is backing up the ramp with a smirk as Tyler Roth slams his hand right through one of the plexiglass barriers. Mike Hill and Ricky Nelson continue to celebrate and Hill wraps the title around his protégé’s waist….

JT: Ricky Nelson’s first championship and his mentor will be proud….

JT: Ricky Nelson winning the first championship of his career and now, for as long as holds the belt, he must defend every week here at Proving Grounds…

JR: And tonight he makes his first defence….and challenges don’t come much bigger…

HE: Maybe a few months ago but not any more…..Ricky Nelson is on the up and up and there’s no way he loses here tonight….

JT: He’s facing a former world champion…..I wouldn’t bank on him….

“Take me to the hospital” booms through the speakers and there is a flash of pyrotechnics before the challenger arrives on the stage…

Michael Bird: Introducing first, the challenger……..from London, England….weighing in at 225 pounds…………Jaaaaaccckkkksssoooonnnn Jaaaaaaccckkkkssssooooonnnnnn!

JR: Jackson Jackson was the first 6CW Champion following our rebirth….he held that title for over two hundred days and proved himself as an elite level performer…..things may have gone awry since losing his belt but tonight represents a huge opportunity to get himself back on track….

JT: One of the greatest tag team performers of all time…..a stellar world title run….Jackson Jackson knows what it takes to be successful and he excels on the big stage so I would mark him down as the favourite here, despite his current dip in form….

HE: You’re crazy….Jackson hasn’t been able to buy a win as of late…

JR: But sometimes all you need is a chance…..Jackson believes this could be his ticket back into higher contention and with Born in Fire just around the corner everyone wants a prominent role on the card…

Jackson climbs up into the ring and seems full of confidence as he stretches against the ropes. He walks back in the direction of the entrance and starts to beckon for his opponent…

JT: Jackson is ready to go……is the champion?

“” echoes out and then Mike Hill swaggers out onto the stage, a grin on his face. Hill then points back to the entrance (NWO style) as the champion walks out…

Mike Bird: And his opponent….accompanied to the ring by Mike Hill…..weighing in at 220 pounds……he is the reigning and defending Television Champion……….Rrrrriiicccckkkkkkyyyy Neeeellllssssooooonnnn!

JR: Ricky Nelson entered 6CW with big talk on his potential, having being trained first hand by Mike Hill…..after a slow start to his career, finding his feet, he found himself rising the ladder as a member of Team Lawless…

JT: And we all know how that ended…

HE: With Nelson as the TV Champion, that’s how…

JR: Not quite…..Team Lawless may have failed with their quest to seize control of 6CW but it gave Nelson a great platform to grow as a performer….he headlined Beachfront Brawl as a part of the brutal War Games match and although he and his allies were unsuccessful Nelson has now gone on to capture championship gold….

HE: So the Lawless twins had a positive effect on his career…

JT: That’s a reach….I’d say Mike Hill has had a positive effect on his protégé’s career, as we saw last week when he won that belt….

JR: Nelson surprised a lot of people with that win but now defending it is the true test of his credentials….

JT: Ten minutes on the clock from the moment the bell sounds…..if no decision is reached in that time then we declare a draw and Nelson retains….

JR: A concept designed by our Council to guarantee entertainment….

Nelson vaults over the ropes and then unstraps his title from around his waist. He smirks at Jackson as he raises the belt in the air…

JT: That’s what they came to fight for….

JR: Being a champion in 6CW is a great honour…..this belt alone has been held by some of the very best in our history…..

HE: And Ricky Nelson will go on to become one of them….

JT: He could very well….or Jackson Jackson may win and add more weight to an increasingly impressive CV….

JR: Already we have seen some extraordinary action here at Proving Grounds…..I think this one may take us to the next level…

The referee takes the belt and hoists it over his head. Mike Hill quickly leaps onto the apron and Jackson aims a punch at him, allowing Nelson to charge in on the blindside…

JR: Hill already a factor…

JT: But Jackson was anticipating it…

JJ shows great agility to sidestep and sends Nelson against the turnbuckle before unloading with right hands and then backhand chops to the chest. He grabs Nelson’s wrist and whips him to the opposite corner, the champion slamming against the turnbuckle….

JR: Jackson Jackson was a world champion and this would be a huge win for Ricky Nelson if he was to pick it up tonight… would certainly cement his credentials as a titleholder…

HE: Nelson has beaten Perfect Jack too….for a rookie in his first year to hold wins over two former world champions shows the path he is on….

Nelson stumbles from the corner and Jackson flies into him with a brutal front dropkick (ala Finn Balor) that sends him back into the turnbuckle and down into a seated position. Jackson tips a wink to Mike Hill and then runs into the corner for a top rope-assisted slingshot dropkick to his downed foe (ala Jeff Hardy)….

JT: Jackson is flying in the early going here….as I said, a win here and becoming TV Champion could be exactly the boost his career needs after a poor run of form….

Jackson drags Nelson toward the centre of the ring and hits him with a vertical suplex. He keeps his arms locked in place as he swivels his hips and pulls the champion up again….

JR: Jackson loves these in threes…..a homage to the late, great, Eddie Guerrero….

Jackson nails two suplexes but on the third Nelson is able to float over, locking his legs around the arms of the challenger, and drags him backward into a crucifix pin…………………1………………2………..kickout!

JT: Nelson almost pulled a fast one despite being on the receiving end since the opening bell…

They both get back to their feet and Nelson is able to dodge a punch from Jackson before he springboards onto the ropes and floats back….


Mike Hill holds his head in his hands as Nelson floats back into a jumping discus forearm smash from Jackson. Nelson stumbles back up and Jackson wrist clutches him into a flipped cradle slam………………1……………………2…………….shoulder up again!

JT: Right now we are seeing a difference in levels….which is what many predicted beforehand….

Jackson grabs Nelson by the head and drives heavy elbows into the back of his neck before he hoists him back up and whips him back to the corner. He runs in but Nelson is able to drive his feet up into his opponent’s face…

JR: Might be the opening needed for the champion….

Nelson lifts himself up onto the second rope but Jackson recovers quickly and drags his feet out from under him, causing him to crash down on his back on the canvass. Jackson then climbs the ropes as Nelson crawls toward the centre…

JT: Ricky Nelson is struggling here….

HE: Not for long….

JR: That should be a disqualification….

The referee has his backed turned and is being distracted by Ricky Nelson as Mike Hill climbs onto the apron and swipes Jackson’s legs, leaving him crotched up on the top rope. Nelson then makes his over as his manager drops back to the outside….

HE: The referee saw nothing….Mike Hill just showing his protégé the way…

JT: That was cheating and you know it….

Nelson trash talks Jackson and slaps him across the face before climbing to the top rope and delivers a sensational top rope hurricanrana. The impact leaves Jackson rolled over into a seated position and Nelson quickly runs off the ropes before returning with a diving knee strike to the face…

JR: Nelson about to make a successful defence……

…….Jackson throws his shoulder up!

JT: Jackson Jackson proved his resiliency time and again during his world title reign…..Ricky Nelson is going to need to bring more….

Jackson tries to stumble up and Nelson launches him against the turnbuckle, chest-first, before dropping him with a back suplex as he returns. Nelson lands a standing moonsault and then he heads to the corner, nailing a quick-fire split-legged moonsault….

HE: That’s why they call him “Rapid”….

1………………….2……………….Jackson kicks out. Ricky Nelson has some words with the referee as Jackson rolls to the outside for a breather….

JT: I don’t have an exact time but I’d say we are fast approaching the halfway point of the ten minute limit….

JR: And right now it’s the champion who is best placed…..he either wins or retains through a time limit draw….

Mike Hill makes his way around toward Jackson and there is a stand-off between them which allows Ricky Nelson to fly under the bottom rope with a baseball slide that sends the challenger crashing against the ringside barrier. Nelson nods at his teacher…

JR: Jackson Jackson is struggling to deal with the numbers….

JT: Are you surprised? Mike Hill isn’t in this match and yet he’s having a real impact….it shouldn’t be allowed…

The referee is trying to get the action back in the ring as Ricky Nelson climbs back up onto the apron. Mike Hill is instructing him to get back in the ring…

JR: Mike Hill seeing the benefit of just grabbing a countout victory here….

JT: A smart move…..a win is a win….

JR: Seems like maybe Ricky Nelson wants to make a point….

Nelson signals to Hill that he knows what he is doing and then he runs along the apron and dives off with a senton splash….


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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 9:28 am

JT: Hill can’t believe it….Nelson just self-sabotaged his own title defence….

JR: The over exuberance of youth….

Jackson moves at the final moment and Nelson just crashes down onto the solid floor. The champion is writhing in pain as Jackson drags him up and throws him into the ring….

JT: Jackson doesn’t have the luxury of a time limit draw or the count out….

JR: But he does have a damaged champion and that may prove pivotal….

Mike Hill is by the apron, shouting words of encouragement to Nelson, as Jackson grabs him by the back of the head and slams his face off the apron. Jackson then launches Hill backward against the ringside barrier…

HE: That is disgraceful…..completely uncalled for….

JT: Jackson doing the right thing in my book….he’s created a huge opening here….

The challenger gets himself up on the apron and then he springboards in with a floating knee (ala Seth Rollins) as Nelson stumbles to his feet. Nelson is all at sea as he gets back up and Jackson drills him with a “Shiranui”…..

JR: Diamond dust…..I think we’ve got a new champion…

……….Nelson just gets his shoulder off the mat!

JR: Ricky Nelson showing his own resiliency here and the youngster is to be admired for that but I’m not sure there is much left…

JT: Nelson was in full control when he, inexplicably, took such a huge risk….now he is staring down the barrel against a seasoned finisher….

JR: Right now, you would have to say it looks likely that we will crown a new champion…

Jackson and the referee exchange different views over the count but then the challenger focuses back on the champion. Nelson is struggling to his feet in the corner as Jackson runs into him with a leaping back splash. JJ then lifts Nelson up onto the top rope and climbs up…

JT: We’ve seen Jackson take it up high before…..

JR: And if he lands what he intends then that TV Title is going home with him…

Jackson pulls Nelson in close and is preparing for a top rope “Spanish Fly” but Nelson begins to answer back with vicious, desperate, elbows to the temple and then succeeds in shoving Jackson back down to the canvass. Jackson lands hard on his back and then rolls over as Nelson gathers himself….


Nelson launches himself into the corkscrew senton but lands right across the knees of the challenger as he ploughs them up into the air. Jackson sucks in a deep breath as he gets back to his feet…


JR: New champ…


JT: Why isn’t the bell sounding?

JR: Ask Mike Hill…

Hill is on the apron, holding the back of his neck, and the referee is forced to interrupt the count in order to send him back down to the floor. Hill continues to remonstrate and distract the official…

JT: Jackson Jackson should be the Television Champion right now….

HE: He should have been disqualified when he attacked Mike Hill earlier and that is what Hill is trying to tell the official….

JR: Hill knows exactly what he is doing here….

Jackson realises what is happening and relinquishes the pinfall. He looks annoyed as he rushes over to the ropes and manages to grab Hill before he can drop to safety. The referee is trying to sort the situation out as JJ launches Hill over the top rope into the ring….

JT: Mike Hill thinks he is in pain now? Well I’d say it is about to get much worse….

JR: Nothing more than he deserves…

HE: How can you condone this vicious, unprovoked, attack?

JT: Do me a favour….

Hill struggles to his feet and then Jackson nails him with a big right hand that drops him again. The referee is trying to regain control of the situation as Jackson drags Hill back up…

JR: Now Hill is going to get “Jacked Off”….

JT: Two for the price of one tonight….

Jackson flips Hill through for the “flatliner” but then stops at the final moment and shoves him to the floor as Ricky Nelson gets up and charges in. Jackson manages to just avoid Nelson’s attack and he kicks him in the stomach before scoring with a hat-trick of suplexes….

JT: Ricky Nelson just has not been able to get back in this bout since he took that risk….

JR: And now he finds himself on the cusp….and not even Mike Hill can help him now….

JT: Jacksault incoming!

Jackson hits the final suplex and then heads for the corner. Nelson is flat on the canvass and the referee is rolling Hill toward the outside….

HE: I don’t want to watch what happens next….ACTUALLY I DO!

There are boos from the audience in attendance as Jackson gets to the top rope but is then launched back off by his heel and smashes his head off the turnbuckle. He spins around and is almost decapitated by a huge discus lariat from Tyler Roth….

JR: What on earth….

JT: Roth and Jackson have had a running war of words recently…..

HE: Jackson Jackson is the reason Tyler Roth isn’t the TV Champion….

JR: I think this is the favour being returned….

Roth climbs from the ring but remains on the outside as Ricky Nelson stumbles back up and he takes quick advantage of Jackson’s condition…


HE: This is exactly how it should be going down….

The referee, completely unawares of what has just happened, turns around as Nelson connects with “CrossRhodes” and then hooks the leg….


JR: Eight minutes on the clock and Ricky Nelson has his first successful defence of the Television Championship….

JT: Following a huge assist from that beast right there….

JR: Tyler Roth just getting started here….

Ricky Nelson quickly dives from the ring as Tyler Roth leaps back in. Nelson grabs his TV Title and kisses it before he helps Mike Hill up and assists his manager into the aisle….

JT: Nelson and Hill getting out of Dodge…

HE: They achieved what they came here to do….they have no reason to stay behind….

JR: They really don’t want to catch any of the collateral damage….

Tyler Roth barely acknowledges the presence of Hill or Nelson as he stands over Jackson with a silent rage. Jackson is groggy from what has just happened but is trying to get to his knees….

JT: Jackson Jackson has just had a taste of Tyler Roth’s ammunition….

JR: I think more of the arsenal is coming his way….

HE: He really is an idiot…

Jackson turns and he sees Roth but instead of flailing he remains defiant and gives Roth the middle finger. Roth shakes his head and smirks before running through Jackson with a brutal kick to the face. He drags him back up and destroys him with a cradled “muscle buster” (Shell Shocked)….

JT: Tyler Roth sending a very clear message here tonight….

JR: And I think Jackson received it loud and clear…..what began as a small conflict just escalated into a declaration of war….

HE: This was no war, this was a demolition…..Jackson Jackson would be well served to accept his beating and leave it at that….because we just saw about 1% of what Tyler Roth can do….

The referee tries to reason with Roth, momentarily, but then scarpers for safety as Roth takes a step toward him. The crowd continue to boo as Roth drags Jackson up again and snaps with three consecutive powerbombs, releasing Jackson into a jack-knife on the third…..

JT: Jackson Jackson has been on a poor run of form since losing the world title but I haven’t seen him physically assaulted in this manner, maybe ever….

JR: Jackson showed glimpses tonight of the kind of talent that won him the 6CW Championship in the first place….but you wouldn’t know it from the scene before us right now….

HE: Tyler Roth is a completely different animal to anything we have seen in 6CW for a long time, if ever before, and Jackson Jackson really shouldn’t have made him mad….

JT: Jackson isn’t the kind of man to shirk a challenge or back down from any situation but he may want to have a serious think before he chooses a course of retaliation…

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 9:39 am

*Dicey Reilly arrives at the arena and Christy James is there to greet him. Christy expresses her concerns at what Dicey went through last week and the injuries sustained at Beachfront Brawl, she questions if Dicey should be going ahead with tonight. Dicey appreciates Christy's concern but he was "Born to fight" and it doesn't matter how many injuries he has because Helms made the challenge and he was never going to turn it down. He says Helms believes he is a bad man, trading off of what he did to Cerberus, but Dicey Reilly has been putting men like Helms in their place for over ten years. Dicey admits he isn't 100% but he is still the baddest SOB in 6CW history and tonight he'll prove it again. He says Helms is going to find out the same way Keith Leone did, JJ Johnson did, Cassius Zhi did, Genesis and Lex Hart. Dicey says the only one getting hurt tonight is Marty Helms and you can believe that.

*Robin Reborn is shown giving Ojore and Drake their final instructions. Reborn doesn't just want Wood beaten tonight, he doesn't just want him humiliated. He wants him finished. He doesn't care what it takes. He says Liam Wood is a pretty big name so with the lights on bright he will serve as a great statement point for their vendetta. Reborn says it is imperative they go high profile to capture attention. No mercy is the mantra (channelling Cobra Kai) and he continues to repeat it as the scene ends.

*Marshall Murdoch is standing by with Timothy Allen. TA asks about the issues with CJ and the upcoming match at Born in Fire with Perfect Jack. Marshall says all the critics and armchair world champions currently questions his form will eat their words at Born in Fire. Marshall earned this (holds up the 6CW Championship) and busted his a55 for ten years to make it a reality so nobody will ever take that away. Marshall says he works harder than anyone and he doesn't need any help, he doesn't need anyone watching his back. Marshall repeats that he is the 6CW Champion and that won't change so get used to it. A cheap win for Perfect Jack last week and a fluke loss tonight mean nothing because when it matters he will win, he will dominate and he will prove that he deserves this spot.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 9:40 am

Bout 4
Liam Wood vs Drake/Ojore

*Liam Wood enters first and his ribcage is heavily bandaged. A ringside doctor is heard talking to him and he is once again given the option to forfeit but he dismisses it out of hand

*Robin Reborn accompanies the Wolf Gang and they are full of confidence. Wood starts out the match with Ojore and uses his speed to dodge an attack before scoring with three snap jabs. He runs off the ropes and returns with a jumping knee to the face but Ojore doesn’t go down. Wood runs the ropes again but Drake knees him in the back and then Ojore hits a diving body block (ala Bray Wyatt) to the injured ribs.

*Ojore attacks Wood’s ribs with stomps and hammer fist blows. He launches him against the turnbuckle and erupts with a huge splash and ten successive shoulder thrusts. Robin Reborn is looking smug from the outside as Ojore ribs all the bandages off of Wood and chokes him to the count of four.

*Drake tags in and he military presses Wood before dropping him into a spear/spinebuster (ala Goldberg) for a two count. He whips Wood off the ropes and drills him with a sidewalk slam for another near fall. Drake sets up in the corner for the spear but runs straight into a desperation superkick. Wood hits Drake with three more and then a double armed DDT but Ojore breaks the count at two

*Ojore and Drake double team Wood and they nail him with a double flapjack off of the ropes and then they lift him into a spinebuster but slam him on his front instead to add misery to the injured ribs. Ojore takes over and he drags Wood to the corner for a Banzai drop but Wood moves at the final moment. Ojore is winded and Wood quickly climbs onto the second rope and nails a “Psycho Crusher” foot stomp but Reborn distracts the referee to prevent the count.

*Drake runs in and punts Wood in the ribs and then drags him up into the jackhammer. Ojore then makes the cover as the referee comes over but amazingly Wood kicks out at two. Ojore goes on the rampage with more attacks to the ribs and then puts Wood in a bearhug.

*Wood fades quickly and looks to have passed out but somehow keeps alive on the referee’s check of his arm. He gouges at Ojore’s arm for release and then runs the ropes but returns into a brutal headbutt straight to his injured body. Ojore hits him with a gutwrench powerbomb (Earthquake) and then tags Drake back in

*The referee is asking Wood if he wants to continue as the commentary team discuss potential internal injuries. Wood is adamant that the match will continue and he goads Drake to attack him. Wood is up in the corner and Drake thunders into him with a huge splash and then ushers him out into a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster for a two count.

*Robin Reborn begins yelling at the referee and remonstrating to the cameras about a conspiracy. He wants to get in the ring with his “Liberty” title but the official won’t let him enter. Wood is barely able to stand as Drake once again sets up for the spear but this time Wood sidesteps and sends Drake crashing into Reborn, causing Reborn to fly off the apron and into the security railing. Ojore quickly drops off the apron and rushes around to check on his leader….

JR: Reborn didn’t see it coming…..wiped out by his own man…

JT: He had no business being up there anyway….

HE: Wait…, he can’t do that…..OH NO….

The referee is leaning through the ropes and is unawares of what is transpiring behind him in the ring. Wood is still struggling as Drake grabs hold of him and he does the only thing possible, lands a brutal low blow…..

JR: And Reborn left behind his title…

The “Liberty” belt is on the canvass and Wood grabs it before slamming it straight into Drake’s face. He sways around and Wood kicks him in the gut….


HE: NO….

The referee spins around and slides across the canvass as Wood makes the cover……………………..1………………………….2…………………….Ojore realises what is happening and abandons Reborn as he rushes for the ring……………………3!

JR: Too late, Ojore…..somehow, some way…..Liam Wood just pulled it off…..

JT: Tremendous heart, courage and determination….he just stuck two fingers up at the Wolf Gang and now he’s coming for the UK Championship at Born in Fire….

HE: You mean the Liberation Championship….

JT: I mean what I damn well said…..this isn’t the Politics Show….that’s the UK Championship and Liam Wood has his shot….

JR: Not only that but he also gets to pick the stipulation……Robin Reborn is going to be furious when he finds out….

JT: If Reborn had quit his meddling then I don’t believe Wood had a chance here tonight…..Reborn’s inability to keep his beak out has backfired very badly indeed….

Wood has already rolled from the ring and dropped to one knee in the aisleway by time Ojore is back in the ring, stunned by what just went down. Wood has a smile on his face despite the intense pain shooting through his ribs….Robin Reborn is shown sat on the outside, disbelief on his face, as Wood’s arm is raised in victory….

JR: Ojore and Drake are going to be back in the doghouse tonight…..they have not fulfilled their obligation at all….

JT: They may have had the numbers but they didn’t possess the sheer will and grit that Liam Wood had here tonight…..a worthy challenger he will make at Born in Fire…..what a match that will be….

JR: One of the most intense rivalries in recent memory here in 6CW is going to add a whole new chapter….I just can’t wait to find out what Wood has in store…

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 10:19 am

*Tyler Roth is approached by Fleur Michaels and asked for a quote about his attack on Jackson Jackson. Roth says he believes his actions spoke louder than any words could. He says Jackson has a date with the Reaper and at Born in Fire he will collect the soul of the former world champion. Roth says this isn't about being cost a TV Title or anything so trivial. He says Jackson told the world he wasn't afraid of Tyler Roth and that's something he heard plenty during his time in Japan but every man that uttered those words paid the price, just like Jackson will. Charles Kramer comes into shot and Roth says it's good timing because he was just talking about his victims and once again asks about Johnny Oko. Kramer stiffens up but says Oko is recovering well. Roth wonders when "Korekuta" will rear his head in 6CW and CK tells him he should be careful what he wishes for.

*Uryu hobbles into the backstage area and has to lean against a wall to recover. Christy James approaches and looks concerned but Uryu says he is fine. He knows now that he is under the skin of the Kramer Klan and that only lends weight to his belief that they need to be stood up to. Christy says she admires Uryu but thinks he is crazy because he has his wish, she has just been informed he will face Karl Kramer at Born in Fire. Uryu seems pleased but winces in pain. Christy tells him he needs to be careful because now he is a direct threat and she knows Charles Kramer will do whatever it takes to get him out of the way. Uryu says they'll never see him coming.

*Marty Helms appears on the screen and he is alone in his locker-room. The greatest hits of Dicey Reilly is playing on the TV behind him and there are posters of old 6CW PPVs featuring Dicey up on the walls. Helms tells everyone that Dicey is indeed a hall of famer, a living legend and we should all be thankful for what he has done for this company. But all good things must come to an end and now he's nothing but a limelight thief, washed up and good for nothing. Like an old reliable dog who you just can't bring yourself to put down. But Helms doesn't do sentiment and he doesn't have the same guilt pangs so he'll have no problems doing what nobody else has the balls to do. He says he is going to put Dicey out of his misery here tonight and we can all go back to enjoying what he used to be instead of shaking our collective heads at the caricature he has become. He says Dicey Reilly doesn't belong in this 6CW.....Marty Helms' 6CW.....Helms says the end is hear and smirks!

*Crime Lord snatches a mic from Timothy Allen and tells the 6CW Council that he hopes they were watching because he just pinned the 6CW Champion. He says that is grounds enough to be crowned the new #1 Contender so if they have a spine they'll remove Perfect Jack from the main event of Born in Fire and install him instead. Tim Allen asks about the challenge to Clarke James and Crime Lord says the offer still stands. He has absolutely no problem in destroying both pretenders on the same night, proving once and for all that he was too big and too good for the Church. Crime Lord says the 6CW Council have a great opportunity here to stamp their authority and lead this company in a new direction, with him at the helm. He says he'll be back next week and he expects an answer from the Council and from Clarke James....if he doesn't get what he wants then God have mercy.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 10:23 am

16th December, 2013
Born in Fire VII
6WF European Title
Title vs Career
James McManus (c) vs Finlay

Finlay gets the shoulder up just in time. McManus hauls him to his feet and nails a running powerslam. He then heads to the top rope, Finlay stumbles up and McManus flies off the top rope, going for a crossbody block...

MW: Finlay rolls through!

Ref: 1.......................2....................Kick out!

RJ: Close call!

McManus and Finlay rise to their feet at the same time, McManus goes for a clothesline which Finlay ducks under...




Ref: 1..............................2..............................Kick out!

RJ: McManus kicked out! How?!

MW: I don’t know RJ, fighting spirit from the champion!

McManus staggers to his feet, Finlay slings him over his shoulders and goes for the Celtic Cross.

RJ: This crowd is on tenterhooks, If Finaly hits this it’s all over!

MW: Elbows to the head! McManus is fighting his way out!

McManus manages to fight his way out, he kicks Finlay in the gut...


MW: That has got to finish it! Devastating move by McManus!

Ref: 1.............................2......................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Mike Bird: Ladies and Gentleman...the winner of this match by way of PINFALL AND STILLLLL 6WF EUROPEAN CHAMPION...JAMES MCMANUSSSSSSSS!

MW: McManus wins it! Thank god for that, it would have been an absolute travesty if Finlay had won the title this evening!

RJ: Shut up Michael, that display was worthy of winning the title tonight, in the end James McManus just had a bit too much tonight!

MW: This ushers in a new era for 6WF and this should be a great starting point for McManus to build from.

James McManus is handed the European Title by the referee, he holds it high above his head and the crowd begrudgingly applaud him. McManus then sees Finlay stirring, beating the canvas in frustration.

McManus strides towards him and he hauls up Finlay.

RJ: Don’t do it McManus, it’s his final moments in 6WF.

MW: One final message from McManus...

RJ: Oh what a display of sportsmanship from McManus! And these fans appreciate the gesture!

McManus shakes Finlay’s hand before handing him the European Title, Finlay holds it up as McManus raises his arm. Finlay nods in respect at McManus, before waving to the fans.


RJ: These fans showing their respect for a true 6WF legend!

Finlay and McManus stride up the stage, the crowd continuing to chant Finlay’s name. They reach the top of the stage, McManus leaves through the curtain but Finlay turns around, taking one final look out onto the 6WF fans. He then turns away and leaves the stage for the final time, a tear in his eye.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 10:24 am

Bout 5
Parking Lot Brawl
Dicey Reilly vs Marty Helms

The scene opens up in the parking lot of the arena as a dozen or so vehicles have been positioned in a makeshift ring. There are overhead lights on to illuminate the area but also the headlights of various vehicles have been left on. There are some members of the roster shown hanging around to watch the action whilst many crew members, security detail and referees have joined the on-hand medical team to witness what is about to happen.

JT: Ladies and gentlemen what we are about to witness is not for the feint at heart…..this is guaranteed brutality….

JR: The challenge was put out on social media by Marty Helms and Dicey Reilly accepted….these two men are hell-bent on destroying one another, there is no negotiation with that….so tonight they collide out in the parking lot…..

JT: Pinfalls or submissions are the only way to win…but there are no limits, no other rules to prevent these men from ripping the other apart……a parking lot brawl…..I mean just looking out there at those vehicles, deadly weapons within themselves, and I’m already concerned about what is about to go down…

HE: Marty Helms is about to end the career of Dicey Reilly…..Reilly is a fool to have accepted this…

JR: Dicey Reilly is a proud man, a fighting man, and there was no way he was going to back down….

JT: This has been building for months…..even before both men joined forces as members of Team Frost……the dislike was instantaneous….

JR: Marty Helms believes Dicey Reilly looks down at him…..he believes he doesn’t get enough recognition for what he has achieved here in 6CW and he sees Dicey Reilly as a perfect way to send a message that he is the baddest man on the roster….

HE: He is….nobody should ever forget what Helms did to Cerberus, he vanquished the unbeatable monster….so just imagine what he is going to do to Dicey Reilly….

JT: Both of these men have found themselves on the periphery for a little while….they helped Team Frost win at Beachfront Brawl but a high profile victory for either is what they need to propel themselves back into main event contention…

JR: This match, alone, is main event worthy….this could go down in history….

Marty Helms is shown walking through the arena, with a vest on and a pair of jeans. His hands are taped and he is putting gloves on. He looks in an incredibly focused, angry mood, as he shoves open another door and finds himself walking toward the ring of vehicles in the lot. Helms continues to walk with a purpose and heads straight to the middle of the ring. There is some applause and shouting echoing through the air as Dicey Reilly then appears on the opposite side of the lot….

JT: This is a throwback to the old school….this is just two bad men looking to find out who the top dog is….this is “let’s take this outside” kind of action….

JR: And look at this gathered crowd, the whole of 6CW knows what is about to happen and nobody wants to miss this…

HE: This is Coliseum worthy…..two gladiators walking toward the impending bloodbath knowing that only one can survive….

JT: And both are so supremely confident it will be them…

JR: Neither of these men are at 100%....neither man has fully recovered from what happened to them at War Games…..but that means nothing and there will be no excuses…..this is not going to be a wrestling match… not expect a technical masterpiece….what we are about to see is a good old fashioned fight….

Dicey is also dressed in a vest with a pair of black trousers. His hands are taped too and he steps past Perfect Jack, who claps him on the shoulder, and then ambles past a side-parked motorbike in order to get inside the combat zone. Marty Helms lifts his head to stare at Dicey, a smirk on his face…

JT: Both of these men have been involved in some of the most brutal matches in 6CW history…..could this top them all?

JR: Quite possibly…

Helms: One last chance, Reilly… can walk out of here with your tail between your legs and save yourself…..maybe even eek out one more payday for your pathetic existence…but I promise you, no I guarantee you, that if you go through with this then I will end you and the myth surrounding you… are old, washed up and quite frankly never that good in the first place….

Reilly: Are you finished? Only I came to fight, not suck one another off….

Helms: Jokes, that’s all you’ve got because you know what’s coming….I’ll give you credit, you used to be a pretty bad guy….you kicked a lot of a55 over the years and your place in the hall of fame is cemented forever…..but I am a whole different level to anyone or anything you have faced before and I want you to remember that I told you that before it happens….you could have walked away, maybe even got that big Night of Glory send-off….but now, here tonight, will be the last time anyone ever sees Dicey Reilly compete in 6CW…..I am going to brutalise and victimize you to the point where you will not stand, you will not rise, you will not breathe through your own capabilities…

Dicey: Dirty talk…that’s more like it….now you are getting me excited, big boy….

Helms: My legacy will be built on the foundations of your downfall…..I should already be the pinnacle of this company but they’ve done everything they can to keep me down….but sacrificing you, the standard bearer of 6CW, will push the envelope so far up their a55 that they’ll have no choice but to accept me as number one…

Ever since you returned and disrespected me I have dreamt of the moment when I could drown you in a pool of your own blood whilst I listen to the sound of your bones snapping under my boot….now that moment has arrived…

Dicey: Do you want me to come back when you’re done talking? Because in all honesty this is boring…..everyone knows that I was born to fight and you say you are too but all I can hear is you flapping those gums…

Helms: You may have been born to fight but you’ll die with a whimper….you are the past and I am the present and future….tonight I bury you….

Dicey takes a step back and sits on the bonnet of a car. He exaggerates a yawn which seems to anger Helms and then he comes rushing forward…

Dicey: Hallelujah, about time…

Dicey suddenly throws powder from his pocket and it hits Helms in the face, blinding him immediately. Dicey then drops down off the car…

JT: Reilly showing his street instincts….he’s a veteran, this is his territory…

HE: That was a dirty trick…

JR: This is survival….you do whatever you have to…

Helms is trying to claw the powder from his eyes as Dicey drills him with vicious right hands, staggering him back. Helms throws his hands out and finds the boot of a black Camaro to stabilise himself but Dicey quickly seizes him and slams his head against the solid metal…

JT: This is a street fight, this is low down and dirty…..there’ll be no technical wrestling here tonight….

Dicey rams solid knees into the ribcage of Helms, each blow drawing a wheeze, and then he grabs him by the shoulder and runs him across the lot before launching him against the side of a delivery truck….

JR: Both of these men have been involved in brutal wars throughout the years but I’m not sure either has ever been in this kind of fight….

JT: Not one sanctioned by 6CW anyways….although I don’t think either is a stranger to a car park scrap….

Dicey smashes Helms head against the side of the truck again, causing him to drop to one knee, and then he backs away a few metres…

JR: Dicey practising his social distancing……HANGOVER CURE!

Dicey attempts to slam his knee into Helms’ head, crushing it against the van, but Helms moves at the final second as Reilly collides with the vehicle. Helms is still having difficulty seeing but he does manage a sickening low-blow…

HE: That just about evens it up after Dicey’s cheap tactics….

JT: Both methods are legal in this environment….

Dicey is down on his knees now and breathing heavily as Helms stumbles over to the gathered crowd and rips a bottle of water from a crew member. Helms pours the water over his face in order to clean his eyes..

JR: Helms is looking like a man who wants to cause some very serious damage now….

HE: And that spells more than just a little danger for Dicey Reilly…..

Helms has an ugly snarl on his face as he stalks Dicey and then he swings open another car door as Reilly comes close, driving it straight into his head. Helms drops down into full guard and begins to tee off with brutal right hands….

JT: Closed fists and you can hear that power in those punches…..Helms is breaking Dicey’s face…

Helms grabs Dicey’s head and then just slams it back against the concrete. He stands up and glares at the crowd…

Helms: Take a good look at your hero…..he’s no match for me…..anyone else want some? Step up….

Dicey has rolled over on his stomach and is trying to push himself up as Helms charges back over and punts him in the ribs. He grabs Dicey’s head and holds it up, staring into his face…

Helms: End of the line…

JR: Dicey Reilly defiant to the last…

Dicey spits in Helms’ face but that only angers him further and he drags Dicey up before flipping him onto his shoulders and then powerbombs him straight onto the windscreen of another car, the glass cracking under the weight of impact. Dicey is just motionless in the wreckage…

JT: Dicey Reilly just got demolished….

HE: Just like Marty Helms told him he would…

Helms seems to be savouring the damage he has caused and then he climbs up on the bonnet of the car. He stands over Dicey and stares down at him….

JR: Marty Helms just needs to make a cover here and this is done…

HE: Marty Helms will decide when he is done….

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 10:25 am

Helms bends down and seems to be in the process of dragging Dicey back up when Reilly seizes him and begins to bite at his face. Helms is yelling in agony and tries to withdraw as Reilly kicks out at his kneecaps….

JT: What a landing!

Helms’ legs are taken out from under him and he falls from the bonnet with his jaw clattering against the solid steel, leaving him writhing in pain on the concrete…

JR: Marty Helms’ jaw may be broken after that….

JT: And look at Dicey Reilly’s back and head…..the wounds suffered during War Games have reopened…

Dicey sits up from the windscreen and there is blood staining his vest as well as the back of his head. He climbs from the car and staggers toward Helms…

JR: This is just carnage…..I didn’t expect much else but I’m not sure how much these men can take….

Helms has both his hands on the floor, trying to get up, and Dicey stomps down on both of them which causes his foe to yell in agony. Dicey then makes his way over toward a yellow Mini and he pops the trunk….

JT: Oh my….

JR: I think Dicey had a little pre-plan…

Dicey withdraws “Betsie” from the boot and the camera zooms in on him dragging the weapon along the floor as he makes his way back toward Helms. Helms is cradling his left arm as he raises his head and sees Dicey approaching…

JT: All of a sudden Marty Helms is seeking penance…..what a surprise…

Helms throws his right hand up and is pleading with Dicey for mercy but Reilly shakes his head and then draws the bat back…

HE: All a rouse….Marty Helms is too smart…

Helms punches Dicey just above the groin, winding him, and then scarpers away. Dicey gets his breath back and follows as Helms dips his hand into the back of a flatbed truck…

JT: Was that a wrench?

Helms swings a steel weapon around and it clatters into the side of Dicey’s head, opening a cut above the eye almost immediately. Dicey stumbles away and then Helms drives into him with a tackle/spear that takes him into the open door of the car from earlier…

JR: The door just snapped clean off….

Both men and the door land hard on the concrete. Marty Helms gets himself back onto his feet and he picks up “Betsie”…

HE: Dicey is going to be regretting bringing “Betsie” out to play now….his career is about to ended by his own weapon…

Dicey is clearly in a lot of pain as he uses the side of the car to get to his feet. He then turns around as Helms smashes the barbed wire bat into his ribs…

JT: That is tearing at flesh….look at the way it just tore through Reilly’s vest and skin….this is abhorrent….

Helms rips the bat away and then he draws it back before swinging it with full venom at Dicey’s head….

JR: We almost had a repeat of the Walking Dead there….

Dicey ducks at the final second and the bat leaves a huge dent in the car that it hits. Reilly stumbles away and Helms follows…


Dicey grabs a helmet from a motorbike and throws it at Helms but he manages to bat it away. That allows Reilly to deliver a solid boot to the gut and then he rams Helms’ head straight through the passenger window of the Camaro. Helms’ staggers back, his face covered in blood, as Dicey picks “Betsie” back up…

JR: Someone may need to think about stepping in here….

HE: Do you want to volunteer?

JR: These two are going to kill each other….

Helms throws some wild punches, missing by miles, as he tries to pre-empt Dicey’s attack despite the blood in his eyes. Dicey then smashes the bat into his knee….

JT: That was the same knee that Helms had so much trouble with going into War Games….Reilly showing his cerebral side now…

JR: Helms was expecting Dicey to go high with his attack but Dicey is cutting the legs off of the beast here…

Helms drops down on one knee and then Dicey turns the bat on its edge and drives it down against the back of Helms’ outstretched calf, cutting it open. Helms drops down on all fours as Dicey stands over him and then presses the barbed wire against his bloodied face….

JT: Marty Helms is busted wide open…..that car park is stained with his blood…

Dicey continues the assault for nearly a minute before he releases, leaving Helms slumped on the concrete. Dicey then opens up the flatbed to gain entrance into the truck….

JR: I dunno what Dicey is thinking about here but it does not have a happy ending….

JT: Let’s be honest there was never going to be anything happy about this….

JR: I don’t believe either man has come here tonight to gain a clean cut victory…..this is about maiming the opposition….this is about a definitive end…

Dicey drags Helms up and throws him onto the bed of the truck and then climbs up with him. Dicey then places Helms’ head between his legs….

JT: Dicey Reilly rolling back the years tonight….we’re seeing the Dublin Destroyer in all of his glory….the same man who conquered Keith Leone, conquered Cassius Zhi….

JR: Dicey about to put the exclamation point on this…CRAICDOOOOOHHHHH…..

Dicey is preparing for the cradle piledriver in the back of the truck when Helms battles back and counters with a backdrop that sends Dicey crashing back down onto the concrete in a heap…

HE: Reilly’s spine may be shattered….his skull too….I told you this would be the end of him…

JT: There’s no way to learn how to fall like that…..his neck crumpled underneath his whole bodyweight….

JR: This is just out and out brutality….

Helms is sat in the back of the truck, blood running down his face, whilst Dicey is barely moving on the concrete floor. There are medics on the scene to check on the condition of both men…

JT: If anyone has any sense here they’ll call this off….it has gone far enough…

There is a medic shining a light in Helms’ eyes but he shoves them away as he drops from the truck, stumbling as he does so. Dicey is still crouched on the floor…

JR: Dicey Reilly really could do with seeing a doctor….

JT: Marty Helms has other, blood-thirsty, ideas….

Helms watches a team of medics tending to Dicey on the floor and then he grins as Reilly is on all fours and then runs across with a sickening punt to the skull…

JR: Dear lord…

JT: If Dicey’s neck and spine weren’t damaged already then you can guarantee it now…

Helms looks maniacal as he is backed away by crew members and security. Dicey is flat on his back, staring into the sky, as medics attend to him and call in for more assistance…

JR: This is bad….in fact it may be even worse than that….

JT: Ladies and gentlemen Dicey Reilly is hurt here….

JR: The bad blood between these two men has taken this to a whole new level of violence….

JT: Dicey’s neck may be broken…

A stretcher is wheeled into the fight area and then a gurney is lifted to the floor so that the EMT’s can begin strapping Dicey to it. Dicey is seemingly conscious but unable to do much else…

JR: Both of these men did so much damage to one another in such a short space of time here tonight…..this may be the first mistake made by the 6CW Council because I don’t believe this contest ever should have been sanctioned….

JT: I don’t think it would have mattered….nothing and nobody was going to stop Helms and Dicey’s collision course….unfortunately this was inevitable….

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 10:25 am

Dicey is lifted up onto the stretcher but then there is shouting and alarmed faces as Helms shoves past the medics and begins to drive vicious punches into Dicey’s head. Reilly is unable to defend himself as Helms tees off on him…

JR: This is sick…..Marty Helms is the sickest son of a b1tch I’ve ever known….

HE: Dicey Reilly knew what he was getting into….Helms told him it would end here tonight and he’s making good on that….OH MY!

Helms grabs “Betsie” in order to scare off the gathered crowd of medics and security and then he begins wheeling the stretcher across the parking lot at pace. He releases it and sends Dicey crashing, headlong, into the side of the arena….

JT: Jesus….how much more is the human body able to withstand….Dicey Reilly can’t even defend himself….

The gurney has fallen off the stretcher but Dicey is still attached to it as Helms stomps down on his head. Helms releases the straps so that Dicey can get loose but the Irishman isn’t moving….

JR: The killer instinct has returned for Marty Helms, without a doubt, and at the expense of the biggest name in 6CW history….as far as statements go, they don’t come greater than this…

JT: This is heinous….

Marty Helms, blood all over his face, just stands over Dicey as the camera pans around to show the stunned expressions of everyone in attendance. Helms then begins to shake his head…

JR: Enough is enough here….we need some serious interjection…..

JT: There’s no onsite authority….

JR: Well maybe that needs to be remedied because otherwise we may just end up with a body on our hands…

Helms stumbles back over toward the ring of vehicles and he picks up “Betsie” once more. The medical team are trying to plead with him and a referee gets in his way…

JT: No, don’t……OH CMON!

Helms just slams the bat into the gut of the referee and then swipes it toward the skull of another as they try to intervene. The rest of the crowd disperses as Helms staggers back toward Dicey, who is unmoving….

JR: I really don’t know if we can watch any more of this….

HE: This really is starting to look a lot like that episode of Walking Dead….now might be the time to draw a line….

Dicey is face down on the floor, there is shallow breathing, but he is showing no signs of movement. Marty Helms is twirling the bloodied bat in his hands and then he raises it up over his head….

JT: He’s going to cave Dicey’s skull….someone please….

There are flashing lights and sirens as three police cars suddenly rush into the scene. Officers pour from the vehicles and surround Helms, blocking his route to Dicey…

JR: Talk about divine intervention….

HE: Somebody called the police?

JT: Someone did the right thing, the only thing….

Helms is illuminated by the flashing red and blue lights, his eyes full of malice through his crimson mask, and he slowly throws the barbed wire bat to the floor. The police officers move in to handcuff him…

JR: Marty Helms is heading for a night in the cells by the looks of things….

JT: Getting Helms and Reilly as far away from one another as possible is the only solution right now…..

HE: But what’s the solution? Because as long as these two men are employed by 6CW they are going to try to end one another….

JR: I’m not sure Dicey Reilly is going to be doing anything for a while…

JT: Don’t count the Irishman out…..he was spared here tonight and that may be all the reprieve he needs….but this is a big decision now for the 6CW Council because I hear what you’re saying, Henry…..these two men will not be content until the other is finished for good….

Marty Helms is marched past the crowd in the parking lot and escorted to the nearest police car before he is forced inside. The cameras zoom in on Helms’ bloodied face behind the glass….

JR: Marty Helms isn’t unscathed here either….he is sporting the scars of war….

JT: And there’ll be more to come unless someone puts a stop to this….

JR: Well for tonight, at least, it’s over….

One of the officers slaps his hand against the top of the police car to signal to the driver that they can go and the vehicle begins to pull out of the lot. The car is approaching the exit when the flatbed truck slams straight into the side of it…



The side of the police car is crumpled, the windows shattered, and then the door of the truck opens and Dicey Reilly staggers out, on his feet momentarily, before collapsing in a heap once more…

HE: I didn’t even see Dicey get up….how the hell did he even manage to drive that truck?

JT: It took everything he had left…..every fibre of his being…..but he was determined to answer back for what Marty Helms has done to him tonight….

JR: This is insanity….these two men, this is beyond warfare….

Dicey is quickly attended to by onsite EMT’s whilst security and more medics pour over toward the smashed up police car. The other police offers rush over for added assistance…

JT: This is like the scene out of war movie….devastation everywhere…

The officers from inside the damaged car climb out and appear uninjured, although shaken up, whilst it soon becomes apparent that Marty Helms is in a bad way…

JR: Helms was cuffed in the back of the car….

HE: He’s out….

JT: The impact of the collision sent him forward into the guard between the front and back seats…..his whole face may be broken…

JR: Neither of these men are going to recover from these injuries in a hurry….

Stretchers are brought in for both men and we get glimpses of both, unconscious, being strapped to protective gurneys. The medics are looking very concerned whilst the police officers are on their walkie talkies radioing for ambulances…..after a few moments we hear more sirens…

JT: Blood and broken bones may just be the beginning of the end for both of these warriors…I highly doubt they will ever be the same after this…

JR: This may be the last time we see either Dicey Reilly or Marty Helms….I still cannot believe what we have just witnessed here at Proving Grounds….

JT: Our well wishes obviously go out to both men…..we strive to be the best wrestling promotion on the planet and I believe we are but that was tough to watch….

HE: That wasn’t wrestling, that was a brawl to end them all…

JR: And end it, it might just have…

Ambulances arrive on the scene and both men are wheeled in separate directions as the action heads elsewhere.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 10:44 am

*Onlookers from the "Parking Lot Brawl" are still stunned by what just happened as Jackson Jackson walks past them, swinging a can of paint. Jackson uses the strap to swing the tin at the windows and smashes them all, including the windscreen, and then he opens it up and launches paint all over it. Tim Allen rushes in, looking flustered, and tells Jackson that the car belongs to Tyler Roth. Jackson knows and is all smiles as he yells out that he accepts Roth's challenge for Born in Fire. Jackson says he doesn't fear the reaper but the reaper should fear him.

*Liam Wood joins Fleur Michaels in the backstage area. Wood is banged up but seems in good spirits. Fleur asks who called Wood earlier tonight but he is coy on the answer. He says he is here to tell the world what he has planned for he and Reborn at Born in Fire. 2 out of 3 Falls. He'll be revealing the three fall stips next week at Proving Grounds. Robin Reborn is shown watching on a screen and he turns to face Ojore and Drake, heads bowed, with rage in his eyes.

*Charles and Karl Kramer surround Christy James backstage. Christy looks worried but CK assures her she is safe despite her growing friendship with a dead man walking. CK wonders what GazzyD thinks of Christy/Uryu's friendship. KK promises that Gazzy has nothing to worry about because Uryu will be an invalid after Born in Fire but CK jokes that will only attract Christy more because she is drawn to broken down losers. Christy says they can make all the jokes they like but Max Adamson, Cassius Zhi and many others overlooked Uryu and he has outlasted them all. Charles Kramer's mood changes and he assures Christy that they are not Max Adamson or Cassius Zhi and her tiny, fragile, mind could not comprehend the horrors they are capable of. CK tells Christy "Sugu ni hyōji sa remasu" and grins before they walk away.

*Clarke James is approached by the returning Travis Sharp. CJ seems dispirited by his earlier clash with Marshall Murdoch and conflicted about the upcoming match between Marshall and Perfect Jack. CJ says he is just trying to do the right thing but keeping everyone happy is proving too difficult. Sharp asks about Crime Lord's challenge for Born in Fire and CJ says he has no problem taking that match....he and Crime Lord have unfinished business and perhaps taking out his frustrations on him will help him to see things clearer. Perfect Jack approaches and he says he knows he and CJ are opponents here tonight and they've had their differences lately but PJ still considers Clarke a "brother". He says he knows CJ is in a difficult position but he doesn't want that to come between their friendship. PJ says tonight is business and at Born in Fire it's between he and Marshall but he and Clarke are tight for life no matter what. CJ nods and they fist pump as the commentary team debate if they are on back on the same page and what that may mean for Marshall Murdoch's title reign.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 10:48 am

16th December, 2013
Born in Fire VII
TAW World Championship
Mike Hill (c) vs Mr Kenty


MW: Hill raising the pace!

Ref: 1......................2..................Kick out!

RJ: Mike Hill getting closer and closer here!

Hill rolls to his feet, he stands waiting for Kenty to rise and then goes for the Over The Hill...

MW: Blocked, inverted suplex by Kenty!

Kenty drags up Hill, he locks in The Pass-Out but Mike Hill is the man who counters quickly this time, with a snapmare. Hill then nails a vicious kick to the back of the head. Hill then goes to the top rope...


Ref: 1..............................2.............................Kick out!

RJ: So close for Hill!

MW: That was very close 'Arj!

Hill then drags up Kenty, he slaps him across the face a couple of times.




Ref: 1..........................2..........................Kick out!

The crowd are on their feet applauding, cheering Kenty on as Hill is on his knees, looking at the referee almost incredulous that Kenty has kicked out!


MW: I’m stunned… Hill nailed that Mic Check, he probably executed it better than Kenty ever has… Kenty was motionless; Hill was in the ascendancy… this match was over! How has Kenty done it?!

Wide eyed, Hill just looks at Kenty, who is almost motionless. Hill then looks to the turnbuckle…

RJ: Hill’s looking for emphasis!

MW: He’s gone for ‘The Next Big Move’ once already and failed; is this really worth the risk?!

Hill drags Kenty to the corner and lies him prone, stomping Kenty hard twice to prevent him stirring. He begins to climb to the top of the turnbuckle, and holds his position, breathing in and looking down on Kenty, flash bulbs going off all around him! Hill takes a deep breath... And leaps…


MW: Hill crashed and burned!!

Hill attempts the 630 corkscrew senton, completing the full revolutions picturesquely but at the dying last, as contact is to be made, Kenty instinctively pulls his knees up, driving them into the back of Hill who rebounds off rolling onto his front screaming out in agony, clutching the afflicted area.

RJ: The pendulum swings!!

Kenty for the first time in a while stirs, crawling towards Hill, he rolls him over and makes the cover…


Crowd: 1…………….2…………….


The crowd are euphoric for only a second as Hill drives his shoulder from the mat, seemingly at the last as Kenty rolls away, grimacing at how close he was. Both men slowly stir, Kenty pulling himself up via the ropes, as Hill gingerly gets to his feet, favouring his back.

RJ: These two men have shown that they’re warriors tonight! So many near falls, neither wants to lose! This is a Born in Fire classic!

MW: Nobody wants to lose on the big stage, nobody!

The two men advance on eachother and begin to trade tired blows, each rocking the other occasionally. Kenty begins to build up some momentum, piecing together a combination of lefts and rights that rock Hill backwards. The crowd roar on every blow that lands as Hills legs begin to buckle under the impact. Out of nowhere, however, Hill nicks a thumb to Kenty’s eye, and storms in with a clothesline… Kenty catches him.


Crowd: 1……………2…………….YEAHHHH!


Kenty reels Hill in for the Mic Check, but the wily Hill engineers a roll up out of it, Kenty stunning the crowd again by kicking out of it. Hill’s eyes look fit to burst out of their sockets as he angrily pulls Kenty round to face him…


CROWD: ONE……………………………TWO………………………………….THREE!!!



MW: Unbelievable!

Kenty is on his knees, incredulous as the crowd are all on their feet, ‘Turn up the Trouble’ playing loud over the speakers. He looks at the referee, seen asking him if it’s really happening.


The replays are being played around the arena as Hill sits himself up against the ropes, demoralised. The replay shows Hill setting up for another Mic Check. He holds the position for just a second too long and Kenty capitalises with an elbow to the temple, turning Hill around and hitting one himself, making the winning cover immediately after.

Back in the ring, there are tears in Kenty’s eyes as he is handed the TAW Championship, he looks at it shaking his head…

RJ: You better believe you’re holding that Kenty! That’s right kid you’re the champion, your dream has come true!!

Kenty stands up and finally holds the title up in the air and the crowd pop loudly as fireworks go off above him, he then climbs to the the top of the turnbuckle and holds the title aloft.

RJ: He wanted his Born in Fire moment and he’s got it! Mr Kenty: TAW Champion!

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 10:49 am

Main Event
Clarke James vs Karl Kramer vs Perfect Jack

JT: It’s main event time ladies and gentlemen. Time to bring this fascinating night of action to a conclusion with yet another monster triple threat contest….

JR: It’s amazing to think what we have already seen here tonight and yet there is still more to come….I know we say it every week but 6CW is head and shoulders above the competition…

“O Fortuna” booms through the airwaves as Karl and Charles Kramer walk out onto the stage. KK is adorned in his full regal dress and raises his sceptre in the air as Michael Bird introduces him…

HE: Bow down to the king of 6CW…

JT: Not the first time we’ve seen Karl Kramer here tonight…..he had a big part to play in the first triple threat bout of the evening….

JR: Destroying Uryu on behest of his uncle…’s been an up and down few months for the Kramer Klan but they’re still hell-bent on rising to the top of this promotion…..a win in such a high profile main event like this would be a good way to start…

JT: It sure would…..Kramer really believed he would leave Beachfront Brawl as 6CW Champion, they both did, and ever since it has been a battle regaining that kind of momentum… times frustration has shown and that manifested itself in a verbal barrage on Christy James, Uryu intervened and he paid the price….now Karl Kramer will be looking to send another message to the rest of the roster….

HE: And they will hear it loud and clear….Beachfront Brawl was a blip, a stumbling block, but that happens in every pursuit of greatness…..Charles Kramer is a seasoned architect of success and I have no doubts he will guide his nephew to the summit of 6CW…..


Crowd: Holy (beep) x10





The Kramers are standing on the stage when they turn back toward the entrance. Uryu is up on a platform above them and he runs across before launching himself off, flying fifteen feet down, and crashes into both uncle and nephew. Uryu is holding his ribs…

JR: Uryu said he had a renewed purpose and that is exactly what we are seeing here…Karl Kramer bust him up earlier tonight but despite the possible injuries that he suffered, he is getting even with the King of 6CW…his Born in Fire opponent....

JT: And his interfering uncle….

Charles Kramer is unmoving but Karl Kramer is slowly staggering to his feet. Uryu rushes behind him and dives into a dropkick that sends KK rolling down the ramp toward the ring….

JR: Charles Kramer may need medical attention here….

JT: And Uryu is gunning for Karl Kramer…..this is turning into a firefight….

HE: It was a cheap attack….

JR: It was retaliation…

Kramer is up again, tangled in his royal robe, and Uryu grabs him from behind before launching him into the ring. Ishida then climbs up onto the apron and he waits for KK to rise….

JT: Karl Kramer may be about to face some public backlash…..


Ishida springboards in, looking for a flying forearm smash, but Kramer crashes the sceptre into Uryu’s exposed midsection, dropping him to his knees immediately. Kramer staggers to the corner to regain himself as Ishida writhes on the canvass…

JR: The injuries that Uryu suffered earlier tonight have come back to haunt him…

HE: Royal justice is incoming now and it is nothing more than Uryu deserves… dare he lay hands on the King….

JT: Uryu had every right to stick up for himself and Christy James….but unfortunately I think it’s going to come back on him right now….Karl Kramer does not look impressed….

Kramer is snarling as he removes his robe and then he picks the sceptre back up. He spins it in his hands and then ushers Uryu to his feet…

JR: Uryu has no idea what is coming his way…

*Huge cheers from the crowd


“I am perfection” booms through the airvwaves and the #1 contender comes sprinting down the ramp, diving under the bottom rope. Karl Kramer quickly moves away from Uryu and swings the sceptre at PJ as he gets to his feet…


JT: I think Kramer forgot he was in a triple threat match here….

HE: He was distracted by an unprovoked attack….

Jack ducks the attack and nails a huge release German suplex on Kramer. The referee is checking on Uryu, who is badly winded, and then we see Charles Kramer being tended to by medics on the stage. The crowd are chanting for Jack as he beckons KK back up and nails a huge overhead belly to belly suplex. PJ is full of momentum as he grabs Kramer’s wrist and drags him to his feet….


The “Olympic” slam drives all the wind out of Karl Kramer and then Jack makes his way to the corner. He climbs up to the top and signals to the crowd before coming off with a solid elbow drop to the heart of his opponent. Kramer is all at sea as he staggers back up….

JT: This is only a matter of time here….

HE: A king doesn’t deserve to be treated this way….he was blindsided….


Jack looks set to nail the hooked fisherman’s suplex when Kramer spins out and nails a very borderline knee to the groin…

JT: I don’t think the bell has sounded as of yet but it wouldn’t matter anyway….triple threat means no DQ….

JR: A triple threat match that doesn’t even have all three participants out here yet…..


Kramer grins at the booing audience and goes for the sceptre once more whilst PJ is squirming on the mat. He picks the weapon up when “Blind Faith” booms out and Clarke James comes storming down to ringside….

JR: We saw a possible reconciliation moments ago between Clarke James and Perfect Jack and now CJ is here to save the day….

JT: But they are still, technically, opponents in this match….

HE: The weirdest love triangle I have ever known is shrouding the 6CW Championship picture….

Kramer steps forward, readying to swing the sceptre again, but CJ dives for his legs and takes him down before unloading with a flurry of rights and lefts. Kramer manages to get his legs up and kicks CJ off him…they both scramble up and Kramer rushes forward….


CJ uses Kramer’s momentum to lift him up and drills him into the canvass. CJ then grabs the sceptre….

HE: Put that down, peasant… do not have permission to hold that….

JT: Clarke James has no respect for the throne…….and he is about to make King Kramer aware of that….

HE: He is an enemy of the crown, somebody stop him….

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 11th October 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 11 Oct 2020, 10:50 am


CJ swings the sceptre at Kramer’s head but KK ducks at the very last second and the weapon crashes across the top of Perfect Jack’s skull, leaving him out. CJ is stunned by what has just happened and then Kramer grabs him by the shoulder and chucks him through the middle ropes….

JT: What the hell just happened?

HE: You’re boy, CJ, just took out Perfect Jack….Marshall Murdoch’s double agent strikes again….

Jack’s eyes are rolling in his head and he is barely conscious as Kramer drags him up by the wrist and then decimates him with a huge “Karnage” spinebuster for good measure…

JR: If anyone had a bet on the way this has gone down then put the lottery on tonight because you’ve got sight we could only dream of…..


JT: The way this started, with Uryu flying off the entrance structure to take out the Kramers to somehow Karl Kramer winning this match…..I mean, what do you even say?

HE: Because he is the King…..and he just proved why….rising above adversity……that man right there, you should be on bended knee singing in adulation about him….

JR: I wouldn’t go that far…..Kramer is the benefactor of a bizarre turn of events…..the result, of course, is all that matters but let’s not pretend he got there off of hard work….

HE: It doesn’t matter….Karl Kramer just pinned the #1 Contender…..earlier tonight Crime Lord pinned the 6CW Champion…..these are the men who just be at the forefront of this company…..instead of the insane soap opera unfolding before our eyes involving CJ, Murdoch and Perfect Jack…

JT: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more unpredictable….Clarke James whacked that sceptre over Perfect Jack’s head….

JR: I’m pretty sure it was an accident…

HE: Are you? The same way it was an accident when he took out Jackson Jackson for Marshall to win the 6CW Championship? I find it funny how all of Clarke James’ accidents seem to involve him taking out Murdoch’s future opponents….

Karl Kramer stumbles into the aisleway and demands the referee raise his arm in victory, a grin crossing his face. Uryu is just getting to his feet on the outside and he locks eyes with Kramer…

JT: Uryu can’t believe it…….he came out here for retribution on Kramer and he thought he had it but somehow his plot has backfired….

HE: Because Uryu isn’t on Karl Kramer’s level…he should take this as a sign to keep his nose out of everyone else’s business from now on…

JR: I’m not sure it’s going to go down like that….these two men will meet at Born in Fire and I think we can guarantee fireworks...

Clarke James has rolled back into the ring and is on one knee with his head in his hands as he sees PJ slumped on the canvass. CJ rushes over to check on his friend….

HE: Crocodile tears now but we see through your act, Clarke…

JT: Doesn’t look like an act to me…..CJ looks genuinely upset at what has transpired here….

CJ is trying to help Jack up as PJ sways badly on the spot. Jack is struggling to focus but when he does he shoves CJ away from him and motions about being hit over the head….

JR: It looks like we may have a problem here…..Jack believes CJ hit him intentionally….

HE: Because he did….

JT: We have another very sticky situation on our hands, it would seem….like déjà vu….this is Jackson Jackson/Clarke James/Marshall Murdoch all over again…

JR: And talking of the 6CW Champion…

Marshall Murdoch suddenly appears on the stage and he starts walking down to the ring as CJ and PJ continue to argue. CJ is trying to reason with his friend but Jack is adamant that it was an intentional attack….

JT: I’m not sure Murdoch being out here is going to help matters….he’s had his own problems with CJ here tonight…..


Jack shoves CJ in the chest and orders him to leave the ring. James looks hurt by his friend’s actions but puts his hands up in mercy and makes his way toward the ropes. He climbs to the outside as Jack turns away from him and eats “Marshall Law” from the 6CW Champion….

JT: Murdoch taking advantage here and delivering a message to his challenger….

HE: Don’t tell me this wasn’t planned….CJ knew exactly what was going down…he set this all up…

JR: He doesn’t look like a man who was in on the plan…

The cameras show Clarke James stood on the outside looking torn as Marshall Murdoch kneels over Perfect Jack in the ring. Murdoch and CJ lock eyes…

JT: I think there’s a whole lot more to this story…

JR: I think you’re right but we’re going to have to wait at least two more weeks to find it out because we are out of time folks…..thank you for joining us, we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have….we’ll see you in two weeks for the final Proving Grounds before Born in Fire….it promises to be a night to remember……goodnight!

The show ends with Marshall Murdoch and Clarke James continuing to stare at one another whilst Perfect Jack remains motionless between them.

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