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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:05 pm

*The show begins with the commentary team hyping up the final show before Born in Fire. We get the announcement that 6CW has been granted special dispensation for 10,000 fans at Wembley Arena for the upcoming PPV. We get a VT of Marshall Murdoch taking out Perfect Jack to end the last show and Clarke James being caught in the middle. The commentators also discuss Crime Lord’s victory over Marshall last week and his subsequent call for an immediate title shot. It seems Crime Lord has appealed to the 6CW Council with his request so we’ll see how that pans out here this evening.

*Jimmy Phillips enters the arena and we get a rundown of his recent attacks on 6CW/6WF “alumni”. Phillips is on the mic and he’s taking shots at the stars of the past, making it clear that their time is over and his time is now. Phillips says “welcome to the haunting of the hall of fame” and he pleads with any “legend” to put down their walking stick and step up. He says he knows they are desperate for that one last pay cheque so come get it. He has heard that the 6CW Council has been reaching out for “star power” and he sees that as disrespect to the stars of the present and future like him. We get the sound of a horn as a golf buggy comes steaming into the arena and the crowd gathered are cheering at the sight of Steve and Gerry Johnson (The Producers). Belinda is sat on the top of the buggy and is throwing “COVID-FREE” muffins over the plexiglass barriers to the supporters. Jimmy Phillips looks disgusted as Salsa Pigmento climbs up into the ring to challenge him.

*Phillips asks if this is a joke and the kicks Pigmento between the legs. He easily bench presses him over his head and walks him to the ropes before launching him out on top of The Producers. He then turns around to a “Down & Out” combo from Hobo and the “Soft Shoe Shuffle”. Phillips retreats before any more damage can be done and looks thunderous from the aisleway as Trash TV join Hobo in the ring. Hobo gets on the mic now and says he was happy in retirement but Phillips made it personal when he attacked Diablo (Or is it Bezerker, SCIEACF?) so now he’s back to get even. Hobo says Phillips has no clue what it takes to be a “legend” and that he isn’t worthy of a spot at Born in Fire (The same PPV where Hobo won his first world title) but he’s more than happy to make Phillips famous at the PPV. Phillips nods his head from the stage and draws his finger across his throat. The crowd are hyped and the commentary team big up the return of Hobo and what a massive bout it will be with Phillips at Born in Fire. Trash TV vs The Haunting of the Hall of Fame

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:06 pm

*Liam Wood arrives and he seems in a hyped mood. Fleur Michaels is there to interview him and wants to know if he’s decided what stipulations he wants for Born in Fire. Wood said he thought long and hard about it but he has made his decision. He wants to beat Reborn at every facet of his game so we’re heading for a two out of three falls match. First fall will be submissions only. Second fall will be pinfall only and the third fall (which Wood believes they won’t need) will be contested inside a steel cage. Wood wants to make sure that the rest of The Wolf Gang are kept away because they are the only chance Reborn has. Wood says he’ll remove the “Liberty” Championship from Reborn and restore it to its former glory because dishonouring the company you work for isn’t the way to have your voice heard. Wood is clear that he supports change in professional wrestling but Reborn is not the man for the job. Wood guarantees victory and knows it’ll look good beside his TV Championship. Fleur looks confused but Wood tells her he’s heading out to accept the Open Challenge. He’s feeling lucky.

*Marshall Murdoch & Perfect Jack go head to head in the backstage area. PJ accuses Murdoch of being a “coward” after his attack last week but Murdoch is more than happy to do it again right here and now. PJ is ready for a fight when Clarke James gets involved to separate them. CJ tries to keep it civil and urges both men to settle it at Born in Fire but Murdoch reiterates to James that he needs to stay out of this. Marshall wants no excuses when he embarrasses PJ at Born in Fire and no doubts who the 6CW Champion is. Marshall shakes his head at CJ and leaves. PJ looks annoyed and Clarke looks conflicted as the scene comes to an end.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:10 pm

16th December, 2013
Born in Fire VII
Six Man Tag Team Match for control of 6WF Lockdown
(Geoff Steel, Dicey Reilly & Cassius Zhi)
Church of Hero
(Hero, Clarke James & Marshall Murdoch)

Ref: 1...............................2..........................................Kick out!




Hero turns around in shock as he hears the crowd’s eruption at the kick out. Steel shakes his head in disbelief and looks in shock for a moment, he then drags up James...



Ref: 1...................................2...........................................Kick out!




The crowd are going wild but suddenly they descend into huge boos as Logan Kincade, Mike Hill, Udo Berg and Visage stride out onto the stage. Hero makes his exit past them as Re-Genesis pace down to the ring.

MW: What in the hell is going on here?

RJ: Walker has got the rest of his troops to come and do his bidding, because these two can’t get the job done!

Mike Hill, Berg and Visage surround the ring, before leaping onto the apron as James gets up. They then step in and grab James, holding him. Steel is about to punch James when the crowd erupt as Keith Leone steps out onto the stage.

MW: Leone isn’t a part of this match, what’s he doing out here?

RJ: Neither are the rest of Re-Genesis!

Leone then steps aside as Mr Kenty then walks out onto the stage. He is followed by Vortex, Johnny Oko, Cameron Faith, James McManus, Blue Dragon, Zakky Spencer, Xeres and Rasta.

RJ: What’s going on here?

MW: I don’t know RJ! I don’t know what the hell is happening!

The camera is still on the action at the top of the stage where the crowd are now in shock as Lex Hart and then finally Crime Lord walk out to join the others stood at the top of the stage. They walk down the ring slowly before suddenly bursting into a sprint, they slide into the ring...





Leone takes down Kincade with a spear, pummelling away on his head. Mike Hill goes after Kenty but the new TAW World Champion greets him with a huge punch to the head. Blue Dragon joins Leone in pummelling away at Kincade, whilst Cameron Faith and McManus go to help out Kenty.

Oko and Vortex then take out the giant Udo Berg and Visage with simultaneous clotheslines. Xeres, Zakky Spencer and Rasta stand in front of Clarke James, protecting him from Geoff Steel. Lex Hart spots Dicey on the ring apron, he runs in and hits a baseball slide to the stomach whilst Crime Lord knocks Steel down with a running boot to the head.

Kincade is dumped out of the ring by Leone and Blue Dragon, the same is doen to Hill by Kenty, with Cameron Faith and McManus following him out where they continue to fight off the former world champion. Oko and Vortex easily rid the ring of Visage, signalling for Xeres, Spencer and Rasta to block him off as they then lift Udo Berg onto their shoulders and dump him out over the top rope.

McManus moves away from helping Kenty, he then joins Oko in sending Visage staggering back up the ramp, whilst Crime Lord and Lex Hart join in with Vortex as they punch away at the huge figure of Udo Berg, sending him into retreat.

RJ: The 6WF Locker-Room has just fought off Re-Genesis!

MW: They have united to try and take down Alex Walker! For their sake, I hope the COH win this match now!

The cameras then survey the scene in the ring, James and Steel are down on the mat, Murdoch is on the apron trying to pull himself up and Dicey is coming to on the outside. Suddenly the crowd erupt as James kips up to his feet, but he struggles to stay standing.

Steel gets to his feet and the two start exchanging booming punches, Steel gets the advantage with a kick to the mid-section. He goes for an Irish whip, James reverses by pulling Steel in and going for a Samoan Drop, Steel drops down the back. He goes for a lariat, James ducks...


Ref: 1..............................2........................................Dicey Reilly breaks the pin!



Dicey Reilly quickly starts stomping away on the head of Clarke James. He then lifts up the former European Champion, he then throws a flurry of right and lefts at the head of James before whipping him hard to the corner. Dicey sprints in and nails a stinger splash.

He then starts beating down on James with punches to the stomach and head, the speed and power of the punches are like that of a champion boxer.

MW: Reilly is absolutely unloading on James here!

Dicey then goes to whip James out of the corner, he reverses the momentum...



Murdoch collapses to the mat in agony, clutching at his right knee in pain. James leans over to check on him, Steel is up and he turns James around. He boots him in the gut and goes for the Blade Cutter but James counters with a back body drop.

James drops to the floor and tries to lock in the Blind Faith but Steel wriggles and writhes free of the attempted submission hold. He gets up to his feet as does James, Steel throws a clothesline that CJ ducks. He scoops Steel onto his shoulders...SAMOAN DROP!

Steel is on the canvas. James then stands over the Re-Genesis man, waiting for him to rise. Steel claws at James to get to his feet, James grabs him...




Ref: 1.........................................2................................................................3!


Ding, Ding, Ding!









Clarke James is slowly up to his feet, he beats his chest a few times and the crowd cheer him loudly. He then goes over to Murdoch, who is still in great pain. James helps him to his feet, signalling for Murdoch to lean on his shoulder. The two embrace in the centre of the ring to a huge pop, and the cheer gets even louder as some familiar faces step out onto the stage.


Keith Leone, Mr Kenty, Vortex, Johnny Oko, Cameron Faith, Blue Dragon, James McManus, Rasta, Xeres, Vladdy Spencer and countless others make their way down to the ring. They are all back-slapping Murdoch and James, they then lift them onto their shoulders.

RJ: 6WF has been saved by Marshall Murdoch and Clarke James, I can’t think of a better way to leave you than that!

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:11 pm

Bout 1
TV Title Open Challenge
Ricky Nelson © vs ???

Ding ding

Michael Bird: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the 6CW Television Championship!

*Cheers from the gathered crowd

JT: Well the open challenge has been answered….could Liam Wood be heading into Born in Fire as the TV Champion?

JR: Potentially he could leave as a double champ if he can dethrone Robin Reborn at the upcoming pay per view…

HE: He’ll leave the same way he enters tonight; with nothing….

JT: Wood is riding high on momentum…..he upset the odds last week with a win over Ojore & Drake….we just found out his chosen stipulations for his challenge against Reborn at Born in Fire and now he’s got his sights set on another of 6CW’s champions….

HE: He’s getting in above his station?

JR: Above his station? Wood is a three time world champion….

“Revival Mode” is screaming through the airwaves and there are cheers from the small section of fans that have been allowed into the building. A jet of pyros explodes across the stage…

MB: Introducing first, the challenger……from Hereford…………weighing in at 225 pounds……The Viper, Liiiiaaaammmm Wooooooodddddd!

Wood storms out onto the stage and takes a deep breath. He nods in appreciation of the crowd’s support before motioning a belt around his waist on the way to the ring…

JT: Liam Wood has achieved most things in his career…..he’s been involved in some of the biggest matches and moments in 6CW history but he has never held the TV Championship….

HE: And he never will…

Wood climbs up into the ring and he paces back and forth before “Hate me now” booms out. There is another procession of fireworks as Mike Hill swaggers onto the stage with a grin…

Mike Bird: And his opponent……..from Malvern…..weighing in at 200 pounds…..he is the reigning and defending 6CW Television Champion……………Riiiiccckkkkyyyyyy Neeeellllsssssoooooooonnnnn!

HE: This is a champion that we can be proud of…..Ricky Nelson is carrying the TV division on his shoulders…

JT: He’s been the champion for a month, let’s not get carried away….

HE: And what a month it has been….you didn’t give him a chance in the Battle Royal and you didn’t give him a chance against Jackson Jackson either…

JR: He got plenty of help on both occasions…..especially from that man right there, his mentor….Mike Hill…

HE: Is it Nelson’s fault that he has such an incredible manager? Mike Hill is one of the best of his generation and now he’s passing the knowledge on to Nelson….this young man will be the future of this company….

JT: I’m not going to disagree, Nelson is supremely talented, but this is still very early days and he is now facing the biggest challenge of his career…..

HE: So when he wins tonight will you give him the credit he deserves?

JT: If he wins then I’ll absolutely give him props….

JR: Ricky Nelson and Mike Hill believe this is the beginning of a journey that culminates with Nelson as world champion……if that is the case then Nelson will need to prove he can overcome challenges like this one in front of him…..

Nelson vaults over the top rope and he unstraps the TV Title from around his waist as he bounces in front of his challenge. Liam Wood is unperturbed and merely stares at Nelson as the referee stands between them…..Mike Hill is grinning from the outside and bangs his hand off the apron, shouting words of encouragement to his charge….

JT: Remember folks we have a ten minute time limit here…..if no decision is reached in that time then we call a draw and Nelson leaves with the title….

JR: A race against the clock…..the 6CW Council believe this scheme will make for a higher entertainment value and I have to say I agree…

The bell sounds as Wood and Nelson circle one another. Wood moves in to initiate a lockup and Nelson seems happy to oblige until he drives forward with a kick to the gut…

JR: Cheap move there from Nelson…..suckered Wood in…

HE: The challenger was a fool to fall for it…

Nelson grins and mocks the booing audience before giving Mike Hill a thumbs up. He pushes Wood’s chin up and lashes a chop into his chest before grabbing his wrist and looks for an Irish whip…

JT: Wood with the quick turnaround there….BUT DIDN’T SEE THAT!

Wood reverse the whip and sends Nelson across the ring but Nelson handsprings back and nails a bicycle kick in mid-jump. Wood staggers to the corner and Nelson sprints in with a flying corner dropkick before dragging the challenger out….

JR: Nelson looking to end quick here….RAPID FIRE!

Wood drives his knee up into Nelson’s face to break his grip and then he spins out and nails a roundhouse kick to the temple that sends Nelson through the ropes and onto the apron. Mike Hill looks concerned as his charge uses the ropes to pull himself back up….


JR: Liam Wood is looking to walk out of here as TV Champion and send a huge message to Reborn and the Wolf Gang…

Liam Wood dives through the middle ropes with an apron spear that crashes both down onto the concrete floor. Mike Hill is chewing his nails as Wood drags Nelson back up and throws him into the ring…

JR: Ricky Nelson’s title reign is looking in big trouble here and Mike Hill knows it…

HE: You just can’t wait to see him fail….it’s pathetic….this is a blip, it ain’t over yet…

Mike Hill looks to be contemplating getting involved but Wood glares at him and he steps back. The challenger pulls himself onto the apron and scales the ropes. Nelson is slow to rise and then Wood launches into him with a huge flying lariat takedown. Mike Hill has his head in his hands as Wood wraps his hand around Nelson’s neck and chokeslams him into a backbreaker….


JR: Nelson barely has his fingertips left on the TV Title….

Wood grabs Nelson by the head and drags him up. He flips him into a powerbomb position and prepares for a “lungblower” but Nelson rolls down the back for a makeshift pin…………….1…………………….2……………kickout. They scramble back up and Wood sidesteps Nelson before throwing him against the ropes…

JT: SNAP GERMAN…..Nelson looking in a bad way here…

Nelson is all at sea as he makes it back up and Liam Wood flips him into a fallout neckbreaker. Wood points to the top rope again and the crowd cheer….

JR: Wood looking to lock this one up……first TV Title in the offing…

Wood gets to the top rope and is preparing to drop the elbow from on high when Mike Hill gets onto the apron to distract the referee. The official is imploring Hill to get down but he is refusing to budge…

HE: This is a true manager, leading by example….

JR: Mike Hill sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong as usual….

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:12 pm

The crowd cheer as Wood suddenly changes tact and he leaps off the top rope with a double axe handle to Hill’s head, sending him flying to the concrete…

HE: He can’t do that…..

JT: He can and he did…..Hill standing in the way of Wood’s quest for gold…

JR: But he may have created an opening…

Wood looks down on Hill and trash talks him which allows Nelson to sneak up with a cheap roll up………………1…………………..2……………….kickout. Both men battle back to their feet and Nelson runs in but Wood counters with a tilt-a-whirl….


Nelson counters in mid swing and drills Wood into the canvass. He quickly gets back up and springboards off the ropes with a lionsault….

JT: Nelson might just pull it off…

1…………….2…………..shoulder up!

JR: Liam Wood not going to just give it up….he needs that momentum heading into Born in Fire…

HE: Well he better hurry up because right now he’s getting his a55 whooped and he’s on the clock…

Nelson screeches at the referee and demands a quicker count. He grabs Wood by the head and pulls him into a piledriver but Wood charges him back into the corner and explodes with shoulder thrusts. Wood backs away and does a lap of the ring before sprinting back in for a yakuza kick….

JT: Nelson knew what was coming….

Nelson is able to throw himself aside and sends Wood crashing against the turnbuckle. Wood is having trouble freeing himself from the ropes which allows Nelson to leap behind him with a poisonrana that sends his opponent rolling back toward the centre of the ring…

HE: Now you’re witnessing a champion in all of his glory….LOOK AT THAT!

Wood looks groggy, on his knees in the centre, as Nelson runs at him with a low flying knee strike to the face…………1……………………….2……………….kickout!

JT: Wood showing his resilience….

JR: But how much is this taking from him? He’s looking at a gruelling two out of three falls match with Robin Reborn at Born in Fire….no way is that tank going to be full…

HE: That’s his problem for believing his own hype….nobody made him take this fight….

Nelson grabs Wood’s arms and pulls him up off the canvass before stomping his head back into the mat with a vicious standing version of a “kerb” stomp. He then points to the top rope and the crowd boo him…

JT: Ricky Nelson looking for the one big equaliser….potentially his biggest career win…..NEW NEXT BIG….

Nelson leaps off for a corkscrew senton but crashes across the upturned knees of the challenger. Nelson is writhing in pain, holding his spine, and then we get a shot of Mike Hill who is crouched against the apron shouting instructions at his client…

JR: I see Mike Hill has made a miraculous recovery from that assault earlier….

HE: He’s a living miracle….

JT: He’s full of (beep)…..the clock is running down here for both men….

JR: Which suits Nelson….he retains if we reach the time limit….

Wood is resting against the ropes, sucking in deep breaths, and then he beckons Nelson to his feet and delivers a stiff kick to the gut….

JT: End is nigh…….MANSON DRIVER….

Nelson swipes the legs of Wood and then looks to bridge over the rope but Wood kicks out with power to send the champion staggering back to the corner. Wood gets up and rushes in but Nelson drives both knees up into his face…..Wood staggers back as Nelson lifts himself onto the second rope and then leaps forward…

JR: Caight him….LUNGBLOWER!

Wood catches Nelson on his shoulders and drills him with the brutal knees to the spine. Mike Hill leaps onto the apron but eats a huge forearm to the mouth from the challenger. Wood then drags Nelson to his feet….


HE: Say it ain’t so….

JR: It was good whilst it lasted, Ricky Nelson….

Ding ding ding


Wood drills Nelson with the modified piledriver and looks set to cover when Robin Reborn smashes the “Liberty” Championship into the back of his head for the disqualification. The referee tries to intervene but quickly scarpers as Ojore and Drake join Reborn in the ring…

HE: This is sensational….

JT: This is a damn mugging… other way to describe it….this is a three on one assault….

JR: The Wolf Gang are threatened by Liam Wood……that’s why this is happening…

HE: Ridiculous notion….Liam Wood was a fool to think he had the upper hand…he is the prey here…

The crowd are booing as Ricky Nelson scrambles from the ring to join Mike Hill. Nelson clutches the TV Championship to himself with a tight embrace….

JR: Ricky Nelson knows he just dodged a bullet here tonight…..

HE: He is the rightful and dominant TV Champion, show respect….

JT: I wouldn’t go that far but Ricky Nelson is still the TV Champion…..

HE: Just like Robin Reborn is the “Liberty” Champion and that won’t be changing for a long time….

Ojore and Drake flip Wood up and then drill him with a vicious double powerbomb that causes Wood to land badly on his neck. Reborn is pacing around the ring, prophesising and trash talking, as Ojore puts Wood in a full nelson and hauls him off the floor…….


JT: This is the grand plan, obviously…..Reborn wants Wood incapacitated before Born in Fire….

Ojore releases Wood in midair and Drake storms in with a brutal spear that resembles a car crash. Wood is writhing in pain on the floor as Reborn begins removing his jacket…

JR: Enough is enough here….

HE: Reborn is an architect of change…..he decides when it is enough……he is sending a message….

Reborn rolls up his sleeves and then drops down on top of Wood, exploding with vicious punches to the face over and over again. A cut opens above Wood’s nose and another on his forehead as the blood begins to seep down his face…

JT: Liam Wood is a busted mess here……this just went from 0 to 100 very quickly….

HE: Liam Wood is learning a very valuable lesson…….he is standing in the way of a movement….this is way bigger than him….than all of us….

Reborn is apoplectic as he gets back to his feet and orders Ojore & Drake to pick Wood up. Wood is dripping blood and offers no resistance as he is held upright….


Reborn smashes his championship belt into Wood’s face and he sags again. Reborn lands more punches and then he grabs Wood’s face and holds the belt there….

JT: This is heinous….

HE: This is war…..and Liam Wood is a casualty…..Robin Reborn and the Wolf Gang are leading the revolution….6CW will embrace this….wake up….

Reborn continues to rant at Wood and then he backs away and raises his championship belt as Ojore and Drake let Wood drop to the floor. The gathered crowd are booing as Reborn stares into the camera…

Reborn: You can’t run… can’t hide….each and every one of you is accountable….judgement is coming for you all….ReBorn in Fire…

*Reborn laughs and then smiles

Reborn: Remember that…..ReBorn in Fire….

*Reborn lets out a howl and then beckons for Ojore & Drake to follow him from the ring

JR: What a way to kick off tonight’s show……Liam Wood and Robin Reborn are going to collide in two weeks…..two out of three falls for the “Liberty” Championship……what a match that is going to be at Born in Fire…

HE: ReBorn in Fire… heard the man……don’t hide from it, Jack….embrace it….ReBorn in Fire….

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:13 pm

*James McManus is ranting to his wife about not having a match tonight or anything lined up for Born in Fire. Jenny tells him that management can’t hold him back forever and sooner or later he’ll get his chance to get back on track. McManus says maybe he needs to shake things up to get noticed when there is a knock at the door. He opens it but there is nobody there, just a parcel. He brings it inside, a black and gold box, and unwraps it. There is a note inside, written in a deep red font, that merely says “Born in Fire…..See you there”. The lights flash on and off and there is an eerie laughter in the air. Jenny McManus looks worried but her husband shakes his head and says he knows Dante Phoenix is behind this. He didn’t realise Phoenix was so stupid to pursue this but he is going to end him for good at Born in Fire.

*Ricky Nelson and Mike Hill stumble into the backstage area with Nelson continuing to cradle the TV Championship. Travis Sharp is there to interview and he questions Nelson’s run as champion after a “lucky” escape earlier tonight. Nelson looks to answer but Mike Hill jumps in and takes offence. He proclaims Nelson a true fighting champion, the best TV Champion in history, and that if anyone doubts that then they’ll eat their words at Born in Fire because they are offering another “open challenge”. Hill says Nelson can beat anyone in the world and he’ll prove it at the PPV, scoffing at the suggestion of needing time to prepare. Ricky Nelson looks a little taken aback by his manager’s offer but takes a look at the TV Title and seems to draw strength. He holds it up to the camera and reiterates that he will beat anyone.

*Clarke James is interviewed by Timothy Allen. TA asks about the issues between Marshall & PJ but Clarke makes it clear that he isn’t picking sides because both men are his friends and he just wants to see the better man walk away as world champion at Born in Fire. CJ says he has his own issues to deal with and that means taking care of business with Crime Lord at the PPV. Tim Allen asks about Crime Lord’s victory over Marshall last week and his demand for a title shot but CJ shoots that down and says over his dead body will Crime Lord muscle into the world title scene when he has to see him first. CJ promises to put Crime Lord in his place at Born in Fire when a crew worker enters the scene and whispers something to him. James looks taken aback by what he is told.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:16 pm

8th December, 2014
Born in Fire VIII
Undisputed Championship
The Saint (c) vs Chris Patricks vs Max Adamson

MW: Three German Suplexes in succession!

RJ: Bridging over into the pin attempt!

Ref: 1..........................2.......................Kick out!

This time it's The Saint who gets the shoulder up. Max quickly hauls up The Saint, slinging 6WF's General Manager and World Champion over his shoulders. He smirks...



Ref: 1................................2..................................Kick out!

MW: How the hell did he kick out of that?!

Max punches the canvas in frustration. Adamson retreats to the corner, waiting for Saint to rise..





Ref: 1...........................2.......................Kick out!

Adamson gets the shoulder up. Patricks has no hesitation in heading straight to the corner, and up to the top rope. Adamson is lay flat on the canvas, Patricks dives off the top rope...



Ref: 1..........................2..................................The Saint breaks the pinfall!

The Saint quickly lifts Christopher Patricks up to his feet after breaking up the pinfall...



Ref: 1.......................................2...............................................3!






The Saint shakes his head in sheer disbelief. He gets to his feet, Saint lifts up Patricks and sets up for The Saint's Row but Patricks manages to free himself. He drops down the back and Saint turns around....



Ref: 1.............................2.............................Kick out!


Chris Patricks gets to his feet, he sets up for Enigma Bomb but The Saint uses his size advantage to back body drop Patricks to the canvas. Patricks rolls up to his feet, he runs at Saint who attempts a spinebuster but Patricks counters with a DDT. He quickly locks in a Boston Crab on The Saint...

MW: He's going for the submission!

RJ: Patricks going for the win by submission...



Ref: 1....................................2...................................



Max lifts up Chris Patricks, he slings him over his shoulders setting up for the cyclone but Patricks counters with a Tornado DDT. He goes to the corner, slowly climbing to the top rope....

MW: Here it comes....



Patricks writhes in pain, staggering around the ring into the path of The Saint who has just stirred to his feet...







Patricks runs at Max to try and stop him covering Saint...





Max hooks the leg of Saint...

Ref: 1............................................2..................................................................3!





Ding, Ding, Ding!







Adamson is slumped on his knees in the middle of the ring, the crowd are booing him loudly as the referee passes the Undisputed Title belt to him. Adamson clutches the championship close to his chest, his head bowed for a few moments.

RJ: Adamson looks genuinely emotional about winning this match, about regaining the title...oh, look at his damn face!

After having his head bowed for a moment, Max looks up, a smug grin etched across his face as he get up to his feet, holding the Undisputed Title high above his head!

MW: That's the Max Adamson we know and love, that's the attitude that has got Max his second world title.

RJ: What a match that was Mike! So many nearfalls, at different points in that match I thought all three had it won!

MW: But in the end RJ, it was Max Adamson who got the job done, he was the one who found that move to end the match, he rose to the occassion.

RJ: As much as I despise Adamson and the way he's acted, he has been the form competitor in 6WF, he deserved his moment and he got it. But now he's going to be unbearable.

MW: He has the right to be unbearable, he's a two time Undisputed Champion of The World!

RJ: And I think that is the right note to end this show on!

Born In Fire goes off the air with Max Adamson stood on the turnbuckle, holding his Undisputed Title high aloft to loud boos from the fans.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:17 pm

Bout 2
Pick your poison (Marshall Murdoch will pick PJ’s opponent)
Perfect Jack vs ???

*Perfect Jack enters the arena and is met by huge cheers from the audience. He uses the ropes to stretch, waiting for his mystery opponent, and then a knowing look crosses his face as “Blind Faith” plays out and Clarke James enters.

*The commentary team talk about how Marshall Murdoch is playing mindgames and they go over the issues between PJ & CJ that arose last week.

*CJ gets in the ring but he is holding up his hands and trying to reason with his “opponent”. The cameras get in close and CJ is making it clear that he doesn’t want to fight Jack. He apologises for last week but Jack is adamant that Clarke took him out on purpose and that he’s working with Murdoch.

*CJ continues to make it clear he doesn’t want to fight but Jack slaps him across the face to rile him up. CJ looks annoyed as he shoots for a double legged takedown and begins to fire off punches. The commentary team talk about how Marshall Murdoch must be enjoying this situation right now.

*Jack battles free of CJ and they scramble to their feet. CJ looks ready to make another plea but PJ slams a knife edge chop into his chest and then a European uppercut. PJ looks for an Irish whip but CJ reverses and then wipes Jack out with a spinebuster on the return.

*The cameras are still picking up on CJ talking to Jack, reasoning, but Jack drives his head up under Clarke’s chin and then launches him with an overhead belly to belly suplex. The commentators are now debating on how ramifications this could have heading into Born in Fire as Jack grabs CJ’s wrist and then nails him with a “Perfect Slam”.

*Jack grabs CJ’s legs and attempts the “figure four” but CJ kicks him away. PJ rushes back in but eats a solid kick to the gut and an elevated DDT. CJ is on his knees, catching his breath, and still trying to explain the situation to PJ.

*James gets to his feet and is looks exasperated as Jack starts to get back up. CJ is torn and considering “Faithless” when Crime Lord storms the ring and attacks him. Crime Lord drags CJ up and launches him against the turnbuckle before unloading with mudhole stomps.

*PJ gets back up and he clatters Crime Lord from behind before spinning him around and nails knife edge chops to the chest. He looks for an Irish whip but Crime Lord reverses and then pulls Jack inside and onto his shoulders for the “Lock n Load”.

*Jack fights off and drops behind before shoving Crime Lord into a spinebuster from CJ. Crime Lord gets back up and takes a “Perfect Slam”. PJ & CJ glare at one another and then they double clothesline Crime Lord over the top rope and out into the aisle.

*Crime Lord looks loathsome as he backs up the ramp and the commentators debate whether the Council will grant his request for a title shot. PJ & CJ watch him go and then return to staring one another down. Jack seems, finally, satisfied that CJ isn’t against him and they touch knuckles which sparks another debate about whether or not they will now work together after Murdoch put them in this position. We get a shot of Marshall watching on a monitor backstage and he looks contemplative as ideas swirl about who he will face in the main event.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:19 pm

*Uryu is getting himself prepared for the upcoming tag team match when Christy James approaches. Christy once again makes it clear that she thinks Uryu is making a mistake by getting into a feud with the Kramer Klan but Uryu is adamant that he is going through with it. He didn’t back down from Adamson or Cassius or Engel and he won’t be doing that here because a man without values or principles has nothing. Christy looks admiring but tells Ishida to be careful as Jackson Jackson swaggers into shot. Jackson puts his hand on Uryu’s shoulder (something he doesn’t look comfortable about) and assures Christy that there is nothing to worry about because he’ll keep an eye on Uryu.

*Robin Reborn is preparing to deliver a new prophecy when there is a commotion and The Producers almost run down the Wolf Gang in their golf buggy. Salsa Pigmento is waving a white flag from the back of the buggy as they narrowly avoid more crew members. Reborn looks annoyed and then turns to Ojore & Drake to tell them that they’ll have their own sacrifices to feast on at Born in Fire. Drake and Ojore look happy about this news as the commentary team worry for the futures of The Producers

*We get a full rundown of the brutal & hellacious “Parking Lot Brawl” between Dicey Reilly and Marty Helms last time out. The commentary team say both men were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries and had to be kept there for awhile afterwards in order to aid their recovery. They debate on whether we’ll ever see either man in a ring again when the feed is interrupted by a camera in the hospital that shows Dicey Reilly being treated. Dicey looks badly banged up when Marty Helms bursts in and brutalises him some more. Helms destroys Dicey and then produces a contract. He presses Dicey’s bloodied forehead against the paper and says that he contacted the 6CW Council to have this contract drawn up. He says Dicey’s career ends at Born in Fire in a “street fight”. Helms is clearly hobbling as well but looks pleased with himself as he leaves the room. Doctors and nurses rush back in to tend to Dicey as the commentary team wonder how such a match has been sanctioned.

*Jimmy Phillips is standing by with Fleur Michaels. Fleur makes the mistake of thinking Phillips should be pleased to share the stage with a “legend” like Hobo at Born in Fire. Phillips is angry at Hobo’s interruption and promises to “Cancel” Trash TV for good at Born in Fire. Phillips says Hobo’s demise will be the start of his rise to the very top tier of 6CW.

*Tyler Roth is interviewed about his upcoming tag team match and bout with Jackson Jackson at Born in Fire. Roth promises to feast on the soul of Jackson and that he is just one more obstacle in the way of him becoming 6CW World Champion. Charles Kramer is there and Roth asks him what he wants. Kramer says tonight they are a team but Roth scoffs and shakes his head, saying he’ll never be on the same page as a man like Kramer. Roth says he knows Kramer is used to controlling situations and what he expects of those he controls but Roth can’t be controlled and Kramer would be a fool to even try it. Roth tells Kramer to make sure his nephew is up to standard tonight because he is carrying no passengers. Roth says he has one mission here in 6CW and that is to get to the mountain top. Kramer says their mission is the same so their paths will cross at some point which draws a laugh from Roth and he tells CK to be very careful. Roth leaves The Consultant, who is smirking.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:23 pm

November 6th, 2018
Born in Fire IX
6CW UK Championship
Last Man Standing
Liam Wood (c) vs GazzyD

HA: No.....don't do it,'ll kill him.....


Gazzy battles against Wood's grip and he pulls free before swinging his head up, the chair still wrapped around it, and he headbutts Wood clean in the face. Wood drops in a heap and Gazzy pulls the chair free and places it over Wood's chest...

HA: GazzyD will not be denied....OH WOW!
Gazzy grips the top turnbuckle and nails a split legged moonsault, clattering down onto Wood and crushing the chair against his chest. Gazzy staggers away in pain as he referee counts.....1....................2...........................3..............4....................5.......

HE: Gazzy knows that won't keep Wood down...

HA: But it will have hurt a hell of a lot, Wood may have a broken rib...

Gazzy pulls the chair up again and he drives it into the ribs of Wood, doubling him up, and then crashes it across his back. Wood drops down on his knees and Gazzy draws the chair up over his head....

HA: He's gonna crush his skull...

Gazzy winces in pain suddenly, clutching his head, and he staggers away. He is blinking badly and holding his head...

HE: I told you this match should have been stopped when Gazzy got hit by that pyro...

HA: And since then he's took untold punishment to his head....

Wood laughs and he quickly seizes Gazzy from behind and runs him forward, throwing him through the ropes and straight into the ringpost....THUD!

HE: Straight to the skull again...

Wood drags Gazzy away from the corner and then he whips him off the ropes and pushes him into the air...


HE: And that, is that....

Gazzy just flops on his back after taking the brutal knee to the face...............1...............2...................3............Wood raises his arms and basks in the audience's boos........4..........5..............6.......7.....

HA: GazzyD has been so brave but the sooner he gets to hospital the better...



*Crowd pop


Wood is shaking with venom and then he grabs the steel chair off the canvass.....CRACK!......He shatters it across Gazzy's skull again but he looks less than impressed. He wraps the chair around Gazzy's head once again before rolling from the ring and grabs a second chair. He climbs back in and places the second under Gazzy's head before heading for the corner....

HA: What the hell is he doing?......Someone needs to step in now....

HE: Yeah, Liam I think you've proved your point now....

Wood perches on the top rope and he stares down at GazzyD, who is still on the bed of steel. Wood's eyes are devoid of emotion as he stands to full height....

HA: Please someone stop this...

There are cheers but looks of concern as Christy James comes running down the ramp, sliding in and quickly heading for Gazzy's side. She looks up at Wood and pleads for him to stop...

HA: Christy, you shouldn't be out here.....Wood is a lunatic....

HE: I don't like this...

Wood's eyes widen and then he smirks as he climbs down off the ropes. Christy is fearful but continues to kneel at Gazzy's side, cradling his head...

HA: We need security out here...

Christy's eyes are full of tears as she continues to beg for Wood's mercy. Wood begins to smile and then he grabs Christy by the hair and drags her up to her feet...

HA: Take your damn hands off here, you animal....

HE: She never should have come out here......why has she done this?

HA: She's trying to protect the man she loves....she can't watch him take any more punishment.....Gazzy needs serious attention...

Christy draws her hand back and tries to slap Wood but he catches her hand with his free hand and smiles wider. Gazzy is now slowly drawing himself up, currently on all fours as he turns to face the situation in front of him.....Gazzy begins to seethe and swell with anger...


HA: GazzyD looks like he wants to kill Wood...

HE: What he wants and what he is capable of are two very different things right now....he's in no physical condition...

Gazzy continues trying to stand and Wood grips Christy's hair tighter and he looks into her eyes, the cameras picking up on his words...

Wood: Tell him to stay down......tell him to stay down or so help me I'm going to end it right here....I'll put him in the goddamn ground...

Christy is visibly crying as he stares at Gazzy, who is a mixture of pain, fear and anger. Gazzy is swaying unsteadily, blinking back but baring his teeth at the same time....

Christy: Gazzy, please.....I love you....

Gazzy continues to stare at Wood and Christy....

Wood: Do as she says....

Gazzy: You let her go, you son of a b1tch....


Gazzy takes a deep breath and then raises his hands in surrender, slowly dropping down to a seated position. Wood turns to the referee and inclines his head, motioning for him to count...

HE: I can't believe Gazzy is going out like this...

HA: He has no choice...

.......9.......Wood smirks as he throws Christy down onto the floor next to Gazzy and then boots the challenger clean in the face. The crowd boo furiously and Christy looks heartbroken as Wood drags Gazzy back up and whips him off the ropes....


Wood pushes Gazzy airborne and, at the same time, grabs a steel chair before smashing it into Gazzy's head as he comes back down. Gazzy is split wide open, blood pouring down his head, as Wood throws the chair down at Christy's side and demands a count....

HA: Liam Wood is a sick, sick man....

HE: Whatever it takes to be champion...


Ding ding ding

HA: Thank the Lord it's over....

HE: GazzyD may never be the same again....

HA: I don't think either man will.....but GazzyD needs to go the hospital.....

Mike Bird: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner...........and STILL 6CW United Kingdom Champion..............Liiiaaaammmm Wooooooooodddd!

Christy is kneeling over Gazzy, cradling his head and sobbing, as Wood rips the UK Title from the referee's hands and raises it into the air. Christy lifts her head to look at Wood, hatred in her eyes, and he returns the gaze....

Wood: Tell him it's over...

HA: Liam Wood is a dangerous individual......

HE: He showed how ruthless he can be....and what it takes to an elite member of the 6CW roster...

HA: I think both of these men showed elite traits here tonight....but circumstances have converged to conspire against Gazzy here at Born in Fire.....Wood has taken full advantage and he is walking out with his championship....

HE: The same way he walked in, like he promised....

Wood passes the EMT's in the aisleway as they climb into the ring to tend to Gazzy. The fallen challenger is bleeding badly and looks in a lot of pain as the medics try to load him onto a stretcher...

HA: The sooner Gazzy gets tended to the better....

HE: Is this the end?

HA: Not if I know GazzyD.....the heart of a lion.....he showed enough tonight to know there's still plenty in the tank...

HE: Even after a beating like that? I'm not so sure...

The crowd roar and cheer as Gazzy refuses to be loaded onto the stretcher and instead insists on medics and Christy helping him to walk out of the arena. A "GazzyD" chant rings out in Manchester as he hobbles up the ramp...

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:23 pm

Bout 3
Jackson Jackson/Uryu Ishida vs Karl Kramer/Tyler Roth

*Karl Kramer and Tyler Roth are already arguing with one another at ringside before the match even begins. This allows Uryu and Jackson to nail tandem aerial assaults to the outside with Jackson moonsaulting off the top rope on Roth whilst Uryu front flips over the ropes onto Kramer

*Kramer is brought inside and Uryu prepares for a springboard forearm smash but Charles Kramer grabs Ishida’s ankle from the outside to spare his nephew. KK then takes advantage and he shoulder charges Uryu, sending him off the apron and crashing into the plexiglass barrier.

*KK runs Uryu around the ring and launches him, upside down, against the corner of the security barrier. He then charges him into the steel steps before throwing him inside the ring. Charles Kramer is applauding from the outside as Kramer connects with three scooped slams in a row before running the ropes and returns with a huge splash for a near fall.

*The commentary team hype the matches upcoming at Born in Fire involving these four men and then deliberate on the past issues between Charles Kramer and Tyler Roth. KK sets up in the corner for the “Cannonball Run” but rushes straight into a spinning heel kick from Uryu. Ishida tags in Jackson. Jackson springboards in with a discus elbow smash and then a “Shiranui” but Roth breaks it up.

*The referee intervenes but not before Roth turns Jackson inside out with a discus lariat. Roth and Charles Kramer exchange a glare as KK drills Jackson with a sit-down powerbomb for a two count.

*Roth wants a tag but KK sneers at him. KK then beckons Jackson up and looks for “Kiss the Ring” but Jackson dodges it and nails a backstabber. Jackson crawls for the tag but Roth rushes around the ring and pulls Uryu off the apron before launching him across the announce tables.

*Roth returns to his corner as KK nails three successive rib-breakers on Jackson and then launches him with a fall-away throw. Kramer is lining up for “Karnage” but then Roth slaps him on the back for the blind tag. Roth and Kramer look on the verge of blows

*KK finally leaves the ring and Roth nails Jackson with an uranage backbreaker before just launching him across the ring with a Biel throw. Jackson gets back up and Roth connects with a flash superkick and then a full nelson bomb for a two count

*Roth sets up for a finish but Jackson flips over his back and then nails a very questionable kick to the lower regions. The referee can’t make a call which allows Jackson to tag in Uryu. Uryu goes up high and nails a flying karate kick to the temple but Roth powers out on two

*Uryu connects with roundhouse kicks to the chest (ala Daniel Bryan) but Roth ducks the buzzsaw kick to the head. Roth shoves Uryu away and gets up before chasing to the corner but Ishida rolls aside as his opponent hits the turnbuckle. Uryu goes to the apron and nails a springboard forearm smash but Roth kicks out again at two.

*Uryu tries to grab Roth’s arm for the “Sunset” armbar but Roth is too strong and he drags Ishida into a flapjack that slams Uryu down on his front.

*Roth beckons for Uryu to get up but Kramer blind tags which leads to another confrontation and a shoving match between both. Uryu then looks to spring an attack but Kramer sidesteps and launches Ishida against Roth, knocking him off the apron. Charles Kramer has a smirk on his face which Roth sees and then Kramer hits “Karnage” on Ishida. Jackson breaks the count at two

*Roth and CK are in an argument on the outside when KK climbs out to intervene. He gets in Roth’s face and they argue until CK calms the situation and sends his uncle back into battle. Kramer looks for “Kiss the Ring” but Uryu meets him in midair with a leaping enzeguiri to the temple. Uryu manages to tag in Jackson.

*Jackson takes Kramer down with three successive running dropkicks. JJ hits an inverted atomic drop and then a standing “Spanish Fly” as Charles Kramer implores Tyler Roth to do something. Jackson indicates he is going up top for the “Jacksault” when Roth storms the ring and hits a pump-through knee strike to the jaw of Jackson and then a “shock treatment” backbreaker. Roth offers his hand to KK and helps him up as The Consultant smirks. Roth then headbutts Kramer in the face and demolishes him with a “Shell Shock” muscle buster. Jackson recovers and nails the “Jacksault” before tagging in Uryu.

*Charles Kramer is looking dismayed as Roth climbs from the ring and just glares at him. Uryu goes up high and connects with the “Split Second” before making the cover for the three and the victory.

*Uryu and Jackson celebrate the victory as KK rolls out of the ring to join his uncle, an ugly snarl on his face. We get a shot of Tyler Roth and the Kramers staring at one another as the commentary team discuss what this might mean for Born in Fire and beyond.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:29 pm

*6CW’s newest recruit, Ethan Shaw, appears in a backstage segment. Shaw is hitting the bulls’ eye on a darts board with apparent ease and tells the camera that his first target has been acquired. Shaw teases that it could happen anywhere, anytime but when it does he will leave his mark. Shaw warns 6CW and says one by one the roster will fall but who will be first? He smiles, darkly, into the camera as the scene ends.

*Perfect Jack is interviewed by Christy James and he is fired up. Jack says Murdoch pulled a cheap trick by selecting CJ as his opponent but he has come to expect nothing more from the world champion, he now sees him for the exact kind of man that he is. PJ says he knows CJ is feeling conflicted but he expects no favours from his friend because this is between him and Murdoch and they will settle it at Born in Fire. He vows to make Marshall tap out and strip him of what he doesn’t’ deserve. Christy asks about Crime Lord and a potential title shot but Jack shakes his head and tells Crime Lord to join the queue. He earned his shot and it will be him, not anyone else, who dethrones Murdoch.

*Robin Reborn & The Wolf Gang deliver a sermon on Liam Wood and what they did to him earlier tonight. Reborn wouldn’t be surprised if Wood doesn’t turn up at Born in Fire and tells him that is the right thing to do because he doesn’t want this smoke. Reborn says nothing and nobody can stop this movement, this is bigger than any individual, bigger than 6CW as a company. Reborn promises that the Wolf Gang will make an example of anyone who crosses their path so if you see them coming either run away or get run down. Reborn holds up the “Liberty” Championship and says this is a tool of change and he is the architect.

*Karl Kramer is in a rage backstage after the tag match and wants to pursue Tyler Roth. Charles Kramer tells his nephew to get it together because Uryu is their first priority and then after that they will deal with Roth. He tells KK to trust him because he always has a plan and this one is better than ever. He tells KK that Roth’s day is coming and on that day all shall be judged.

*Crime Lord is shown in the backstage area and he isn’t happy after being attacked by Perfect Jack and Clarke James. Crime Lord promises to paint the canvass red at Born in Fire with Clarke James’ blood but first of all he wants his answer from the 6CW Council. Crime Lord makes it clear that if he doesn’t get what he wants then what happens next is on them because he’ll make sure Born in Fire and every event after that does not run smoothly….he is a problem that 6CW really doesn’t want to have to deal with.

*Marshall Murdoch is shown leaving his locker-room with the 6CW Championship and he is interviewed about his mystery opponent. Marshall doesn’t care who he is facing because he is the world champion and he is better than anyone on this roster and anyone in this world, he will prove that each and every time he steps in the ring. Marshall laughs off any suggestion that his form is a concern or that he needs anyone’s help to win matches. Marshall says he is the man and nobody can or will change that. He got here alone and all he has ever needed is himself, nobody else. Marshall makes it clear that there will be no more doubters after Born in Fire when he puts PJ back where he belongs and that is at the bottom of the pile. Marshall holds up the 6CW Championship and says this is the only thing that matters in the world to him and they’d have to kill him to take it from him. Marshall brushes off PJ’s accusations about mind games and says this is warfare and anything goes, if PJ can’t hack that then he really doesn’t belong because at Born in Fire it’s only going to get worse. Marshall says he will do whatever it takes to remain world champion

CJ enters the scene and wants to talk & reminisce on their history at BiF but Marshall once again makes it clear that he has to do this alone and that CJ needs to stay away. He says what they achieved is in the past and now Murdoch is concentrating on the future. Murdoch leaves CJ looking downtrodden.

*Tyler Roth is getting ready to leave the arena and gets in his car. He starts up the engine and starts to pull away when there is an awful screeching noise as his car is separated in half. Roth looks stunned as he gets out and realises that Jackson Jackson had tied a winch from a pickup truck to the back of the car and was pulling the opposite way at the same time. Roth looks venomous as Jackson hops out the truck and laughs before leaving the scene. The commentary team question Jackson’s tactics and what payback he will face at Born in Fire because Tyler Roth isn’t a man to play games with.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:30 pm

6th November, 2018
Born in Fire IX
6CW Championship
Handicap Ladder Match
Cerberus (c) vs Clarke James/Perfect Jack

HE: The prize at the end is the biggest of them all Harold, the World Championship!




Cerberus is left in a heap under the ladders, while Clarke James and Perfect Jack writhe around on the canvas, clutching at their abdomens.

HE: What a huge risk these two just took!

HA: The question is, has it caused just as much damage to them as it has to Cerberus?

HE: You can't keep Cerberus down Harold, it is worth the risk to do something like that.

James and Jack roll out under the bottom ropes, still clutching at their waists. They shuffle around to be in front of the announce table, the duo hold each other's heads and smile at each other. They slap hands, before grabbing onto the table. They begin to pull themselves up using the table, before leaning on each other as they recuperate some energy.

Eventually, Perfect Jack and Clarke James roll into the ring. They pick up a couple of the ladders that had been laid onto Cerberus, they slowly but surely pop the ladders open and up. The pair nod to each other before slowly, wearily climbing up the ladder...

HA: Moving at a snail's pace up those ladders.

HE: But it could be fast enough Harold! Those titles could be just a minute or so away from James and Jack.

HA: We may well have a joint world champion, something that is practically unheard of.

HE: Oh my god, I can not believe what I'm seeing! How is Cerberus even moving?

Amongst the wreckage of ladders, legs and arms can be seen flailing away and before long it becomes obvious that Cerberus is managing to squirm his way out of the ladders. James and Jack stop in their tracks mid way up their own ladders as Cerberus crawls towards the ropes and pulls himself up slowly.

HA: Clarke James and Perfect Jack are shocked.

HE: And look at the size of the ladder that Cerberus is grabbing!

HA: It's that huge ladder which James threw into the ring!

Cerberus props up the ladder in between those of James and Jack, he begins to climb it as Jack and James discover a second burst of energy to try and clamber their way to the top of the ladder and the championship belt.

HE: They aren't going to get there in time!

Cerberus manages to get equal footing with Clarke James and Perfect Jack. The pair start fighting it out with Cerberus on the ladder. James and Jack get the initial advantage over Cerberus, but he soon fires back with some elbows to the head of Clarke James.

Jack manages to grab the arm of Cerberus, and Clarke James then grabs the other one. However, this does seem to momentarily wobble James, Perfect Jack quickly releases the arm of Cerberus to grab CJ and steady him on the ladder.

HA: What incredible teamwork from these two!

This gives Cerberus an opening, he starts pummelling away on the head of Perfect Jack while simultaneously flinging some elbows back into Clarke James for good measure. Cerberus fully focuses on Jack for a few moments, hitting some headbutts. He then turns to James, he begins punching away on him with big right hands.

Cerberus continues with the huge punches on James, and his ladder starts toppling once again.

HE: Jack again saving his team-mate!

HA: But now a real opening for Cerberus!

Jack reaches over to grab the ladder of James and steady it, but this gives Cerberus an opening. He pummels both of their heads on the top of the ladders, he then places a hand around the throats of Clarke James and Perfect Jack...








Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings to signal the end of the match-up and the crowd are on their feet, the noise in the arena is incredible as they try to take in everything that they have just witnessed.


HA: What an incredible match that was!

HE: Unbelievable Harold! I still can't quite believe all that I just witnessed. How has that happened?

HA: Cerberus is still the champion, he retains the title belt in a handicap ladder match. What an amazing achievement, what a champion!

HE: But what a test Harold. Clarke James and Perfect Jack were unbelievable in there tonight, they put everything on the line. What about that double frog splash onto the ladders?

HA: But how about the fact that Cerberus managed to recuperate from that to climb the biggest of ladders, to win an exchange of punches a stride those ladders and then launch them off with a double chokeslam! Unreal.

HE: That's why he's the champion Harold, that's why he's one of the most dominant champion we've ever seen in 6CW, EWF, 6WF...I'm not sure I've ever seen someone quite like this man.

*Cerberus sits atop of the ladder for a few moments, clutching his title belt to his chest. He then lifts the title belt high above his head in one hand as he makes his way slowly down the ladder.

Cerberus reaches the bottom of the ladder, he then climbs out of the ring and slowly drops to the outside. He holds the title belt in the air as he walks up the ramp to the back. The camera than pans to Perfect Jack and Clarke James who are beginning to stir.

HA: A monumental effort from these two this evening, an incredible performance!

HE: It wasn't quite enough but that shouldn't take anything away from these two, drink in this ovation guys, they've earned it.

Clarke James shuffles over towards Jack who is propping himself up against the ropes. James nods to Jack and slowly, the two men manage to drag themselves to their feet using the ropes. They walk towards the middle of the ring, shaking their heads as they look up at Cerberus heading to the back.

They turn to each other, smile and then embrace in the middle of the ring. The crowd pop even more as they separate, before holding each other's arms aloft and pointing to one another as Born In Fire goes to a commercial.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 8:31 pm

Main Event
Pick your poison (Perfect Jack will pick Murdoch’s opponent)
Marshall Murdoch vs ???

JT: Folks we are just two weeks away from Born in Fire and what a show we have had so far….the final Proving Grounds before the PPV and I’m not sure the action could have been any better….

JR: Where do even begin with what we have seen tonight? Trash TV are here & Hobo will face Jimmy Phillips at Born in Fire……Wood/Reborn in a 2/3 falls for the Liberty Championship……Uryu & Kramer…..Roth & Jackson…..Dante Phoenix is returning…..Helms/Dicey in what promises to be a career-altering street fight…

HE: And then the Perfect Jack/Clarke James/Marshall Murdoch triangle…..the world championship picture is shrouded in confusion and mistrust…..

JT: And where does Crime Lord fit into all of that? He is adamant that he deserves a shot at the title…

JR: He does hold a pinfall victory over the champion but he’s still waiting on a decision from the Council….

JT: But now is time for our main event…….earlier tonight Marshall Murdoch threw a curveball by selecting Clarke James as Perfect Jack’s opponent….

HE: Although it backfired in the end as PJ & CJ teamed together…..

JR: Which may have muddied the waters even more…..Murdoch insists he doesn’t need anyone watching his back but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want his best friend on the same page as his world title challenger…

JT: Perhaps inadvertently he may have pushed the two together….and who knows what that means for Born in Fire….

JR: We don’t even know what that means for what we are about to see… it’s Perfect Jack’s turn to pick Marshall’s opponent…..

“Papercut” rips through the airwaves as the 6CW Champion makes his entrance. Murdoch looks in a dark mood as he places his title belt over his shoulder and then strides down the ramp…

JT: Marshall Murdoch returned to 6CW months ago as a man on a mission….he was sick of being touted as the best to never win a world title and within a few months he completed that mission….he took out Jackson Jackson, albeit under controversial circumstances, and he has vowed that nobody on the roster or in this world will take away what he has worked to achieve…

JR: But in some ways that is where all the problems started…..Murdoch’s “controversial” title win has been questioned in every quarter….every win or every success since then has been analysed and over analysed…..everywhere he goes he has to listen to those who say that without Clarke James he would never have won the title, he would never have kept the title and he would not sit upon the mountain top….

JT: And that’s why Marshall has made it clear to Clarke James that he doesn’t want his help….because Murdoch doesn’t want that hanging over him….he is the world champion and he wants to prove he can do it all on his own….

HE: But he can’t…..because all those demons and thoughts in his head are true….without CJ he is nothing…..

JT: I don’t believe it….Murdoch is an incredible technician, one of the best, and right now he is having a crisis of confidence…..if he can overcome that then he will return to being a champion of insurmountable stature….

HE: It will be too late by then….I’m no Perfect Jack fan but he is in the champion’s head and at Born in Fire he is going to take Murdoch’s title, just like he has taken his best friend…

Marshall Murdoch climbs up into the ring and he does a couple of laps before stopping in the centre. He glares up at the entranceway, focus burning in his eyes….

JR: Murdoch said he doesn’t care who Jack has chosen because he is the best and there is nobody on the roster that can compete with him…

JT: As the world champion he should feel that way….

HE: Except right now he can’t buy a win and he’s dismissed the only friend he had……Murdoch has gone from the hunter to the hunted…..

JR: Oh my….

HE: Brilliant….

JT: Hunted may just be right….Marshall Murdoch is surrounded by the pack here….

“Sandwitches” booms through the speakers and Murdoch stiffens slightly as Robin Reborn walks onto the stage, flanked by Ojore and Drake. Reborn has a grin on his face…

JR: As far as main events go they don’t come much bigger than this….champion versus champion….

JT: But two weeks out from Born in Fire Marshall Murdoch is facing, arguably, the most dangerous proposition on the roster….look what they did to Liam Wood earlier tonight…..

HE: Murdoch better kiss that title goodbye now…..if there’s anything left of him by the end of tonight then Perfect Jack will decimate the leftovers….

JR: Robin Reborn and the Wolf Gang have been crying out for a platform to showcase themselves….to make a statement…..well Perfect Jack has presented them with the biggest one possible here….

HE: PJ is smarter than he looks….Murdoch thought he’d pulled a masterstroke when he pitted CJ & PJ against one another but this is next level….Reborn has no affinity toward Murdoch, there’ll be no teaming up here….Murdoch is about to get his a55 kicked…

Reborn climbs up on the apron as Ojore and Drake stride around opposite sides of the ring. The “Liberty” Champion holds his belt in the air as he climbs through the ropes and goes face to face with the world champion….

JT: Reborn and co made a real mess of Liam Wood at the beginning of tonight’s broadcast….Ojore & Drake had murderous intentions when they ran into The Producers earlier too….so I’d say the Wolf Gang has bloodshed on the brain tonight…..that does not bode well for Marshall Murdoch…

JR: Murdoch is a born fighter……he will not back down but even he must recognise the danger he is in the right now….

HE: Oh he knows….

We cut backstage to Clarke James watching on a monitor, his expression unreadable, and then we return to ringside as the referee is giving final instructions to both men. Reborn is talking trash to Murdoch, a grin on his face, as they circle and the bell sounds…

JT: The 6CW Council continuing to deliver on their promise to present the best broadcast in pro wrestling today…..this is a pay per view worthy main event…

HE: Marshall Murdoch should count himself lucky that this isn’t the pay per view because if so his title would be on the line and he would absolutely be getting dethroned…

Reborn and Murdoch continue to circle one another but then Ojore and Drake grab a leg each and drag Murdoch under the bottom rope to the outside. Murdoch rallies with rights and lefts on both men as the crowd cheer him on but then Reborn dives under the ropes with a baseball slide to the back of the world champion….

JR: This is just an all out assault… intention here whatsoever from Reborn to go one on one with Marshall Murdoch…

HE: He’s two weeks out from defending his title….why should he?

Marshall clatters into the security railing and then Ojore thunders against him with a brutal splash that crushes him against the plexiglass. Drake runs over with a hard kick to the head of the downed Murdoch before all three men begin stomping a mudhole…

JT: Surely someone is going to stop this? Clarke James, where are you?

HE: In the back where Murdoch told him to be….I bet he’s regretting that now…..Murdoch is all alone…

JR: And Perfect Jack’s plan has succeeded in dramatic fashion…

The beatdown continues and then Reborn orders his cohorts to get Murdoch back into the ring. They launch Marshall under the bottom rope and then climb in themselves. They hoist the champion up, pinning his arms, as Reborn steps onto the apron…

JT: The Wolf Gang have certainly put 6CW on notice here tonight….two weeks out from Born in Fire and suddenly all eyes are on them….WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT!

Reborn springboards in and erupts with a brutal forearm smash to the face of the world champion, leaving him slumped on the deck. Reborn stands over Murdoch and glares down at him before he begins to drag him back up…

JR: Reborn not content as of yet…..

JT: The same way he wasn’t when they took Liam Wood out of commission earlier…..Reborn wants his message heard and this is the perfect way to do it……GOD’S ANGEL!

Reborn demolishes the world champion into the canvass once more with the “Wing Clipper” and then he takes to one knee. Ojore and Drake stand behind him and raise a lone arm whilst the “Liberty” Champion performs the “Black Panther” pose….

HE: Take a good, long, look because this is the future of 6CW…..this is just the beginning but you are getting a preview of what is to come……Robin Reborn, the Wolf Gang….they are taking over…

JT: You may just be right…..Marshall Murdoch, the 6CW Champion, didn’t even stand a chance here….he didn’t have a minute to prepare…..two weeks away from a huge pay per view title defence and he has been left in a battered heap at the hands of the Wolf Gang….

JR: And I’m sure Liam Wood, wherever he is right now, is watching this with trepidation….he felt the wrath of Reborn and co earlier tonight and once again he is witnessing the extent of their capabilities….I don’t know if there is anyone who can best them….

JT: This really wasn’t how I was expecting us to sign off tonight as we head toward Born in Fire but here you have it…..Marshall Murdoch was struggling for form as it was but now this? Is this his last ride with the 6CW Championship?

JR: Perfect Jack, like it or not, has played a blinder…..he picked Reborn knowing full well that he’d bring the Wolf Gang…..he knew what Murdoch would be facing and he knew that there was no way Marshall would leave unscathed…..

HE: And now the world champion is ripe for the picking……

Reborn, finally, stands and he takes one last look at Murdoch before leaving the ring with his allies. They slowly make their way up the ramp as the cameras show the concerned looks from the fans in attendance….

JT: Marshall Murdoch was adamant he could do it alone….he made it clear that he didn’t want Clarke James looking out for him and now he has paid the price….in his hour of need he had nobody to turn to….

HE: And his own arrogance and ego brought that on….he is the architect of his own downfall….

Marshall Murdoch is clearly in a lot of pain as he drags himself toward the ropes and is trying to get himself back up. He winces in pain as he gets to one knee….

JR: Marshall is a fighter, it is in his blood, and he will fight until there is nothing left to give but one has to wonder just how much there will be when he gets to Born in Fire….even at 100% he would be in for the fight of a lifetime against Perfect Jack but he’ll be lucky if he is half of that when it comes down to it…..

HE: I’ve said it all long that Born in Fire would be the end of Marshall Murdoch’s run and now I know that is the truth….

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

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JT: You could be right…Murdoch is facing a bleak and uncertain future…..WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE!


Murdoch is barely upright, unsteady on his feet, when he is spun around and drilled by an F-5 from Crime Lord. The crowd are booing as Crime Lord gets back up with a smirk on his face…

JT: What is the meaning of this? A damn mugging…..Murdoch didn’t have a damn clue….

HE: Crime Lord has been lobbying all night…..for the last two weeks…..he wants his shot at the title…

JT: Get in line…..the Council didn’t grant him his shot…..

HE: He is owed it….

JT: You earn it…

HE: He did….he beat Murdoch in the middle of that ring two weeks ago….

JR: Guys…

The referee from the previous match is in the ring and remonstrating with Crime Lord as Murdoch squirms on the canvass. Crime Lord merely glares at the official and then he reaches in his pocket and produces a piece of paper. He hands it to the referee, who reads it, and then waits for the official to talk to the Michael Bird….

JT: What on earth is happening here?

JR: I have a bad feeling about this….

The ring announcer is nodding at the referee and he, too, takes a look at the piece of paper before stepping away to make an announcement….

Michael Bird: Ladies and gentlemen… per an official decree from the 6CW Council…..the following contest is scheduled for one fall……and it is for the 6CW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

JT: WHAT?!? NO….



JT: It can’t go down like this….

HE: You’re damn right it can…..Crime Lord deserves this…..he earned it…

JR: Marshall Murdoch was a sitting duck….he’s already been decimated here…..the world champion is literally staring down the barrel now…

Marshall is in a lot of distress as he once again crawls toward the ropes. Crime Lord seems amused as he steps behind the champion, waiting and stalking, before he waistlocks him into a huge release German suplex…

JT: Crime Lord is at his predatory best here….he smells the blood in the water…

JR: He smells his first ever 6CW Championship…..

Crime Lord chases the referee away from Murdoch before he nails the world champion with a further five release suplexes. Marshall is in serious pain, struggling to catch his breath, as Crime Lord drags him back up and hits another huge F-5….


HE: Get that title….

Crime Lord drops on top of Marshall and he hammers him with brutal right hands before choking him until the count of four. He gets back up and stomps repeatedly on Marshall’s head….

JR: Crime Lord has never liked Marshall….never liked Clarke James…..he wants to eliminate that part of his history…..eliminate any ties to the Church….

JT: He regards that as the low point of his career….he maintains he was always better than his counterparts, that he lowered himself to be part of something that was beneath him…..and now is his chance to show, once and for all, that he is on another level….

JR: It is just a matter of time here…..Marshall is struggling to breath here…..he may be concussed, he certainly has internal injuries…..

HE: This is a thing of beauty….

JT: And Crime Lord is enjoying the pain he is inflicting…..he knows he can end this at any time and leave here with that title….

JR: The landscape of this whole company is about to shift with just two weeks before Born in Fire….what does this even mean for the pay per view?

HE: Who cares…..finally we’ll have a world champion we can be proud of….here we go, one more time….LOCK N LOAD!

Marshall has blood running down the corner of his mouth and offers no resistance as Crime Lord pulls him up and lifts him onto his shoulders. He parades him around the ring, mockingly, and then throws him into another F-5…..

JT: New world champion….

Ding ding ding


There are cheers as Perfect Jack storms the ring and he takes Crime Lord down before he can make the pin. Crime Lord tries to cover up as Jack hammers him with right hands and forearm smashes….

JT: The last person I expected to save the day….

HE: This is a disgrace…..Crime Lord should be world champion….

JR: Perfect Jack has a date with destiny two weeks tonight and he is crystal clear that he wants to win the world title from Marshall Murdoch….it has become personal between the two of them….make no mistake, Perfect Jack’s outlook here is a selfish one….

HE: Because who’d you rather face at Born in Fire? A fully fit, brand new world champion in Crime Lord or a barely functioning one in Marshall Murdoch….

JT: Jack and Murdoch have been at loggerheads for weeks….their issues deserve a proper conclusion and that is what Perfect Jack is ensuring here….

Crime Lord gets his feet up and manages to kick Perfect Jack off of him. They both scramble up and Crime Lord tears forward but Jack drops and pulls the top rope down, sending his attacker flying over to the outside, much to the delight of the audience…

JR: Second time tonight that Perfect Jack has thwarted a Crime Lord plot…..

HE: He’ll pay for that in time, mark my words…

JR: Be that as it may our Born in Fire main event remains intact…..Perfect Jack will challenge Marshall Murdoch for the 6CW Championship….

HE: Whatever is left of Murdoch, that is….let’s not paint Jack out as some kind of hero here…..he’s the one who put Murdoch in this position in the first place….he fed him to the Wolves, literally, and then left him wide open for Crime Lord’s assault…..

JT: I can see how you’ve drawn that conclusion and maybe that was Jack’s plan all along…underhanded? Maybe but damn smart…..Jack is practically fresh as he bids to become world champion once more….whilst the current champ can’t even get to his feet right now….

Crime Lord is backing up the aisle, pointing back at PJ and Murdoch, with a snarl on his face. Jack watches him go and then he turns and helps Murdoch to his feet, grudgingly. The referee places the 6CW Championship in Murdoch’s hands and both champion and challenger glare at the gold before raising their eyeline to one another….

JR: And that’s what it is all about….being the man….being the 6CW World Champion……there can be only one….

JT: The most sought after prize in professional wrestling… just saw that with your own eyes….these two men will go to war in two weeks but there are always others waiting in the wings to pounce should the opportunity arise….the world champion is surrounded on all sides….friends….enemies….they all want what you have….

HE: Marshall Murdoch has no friends left, he made sure of that….

JR: Well that’s the other factor as we head into Born in Fire….Clarke James did not come to Murdoch’s rescue here as he always has….he heeded the champion’s demand…..will he do the same at Born in Fire? Or will he aid his other friend, Perfect Jack?

JT: And what about the man backing up the ramp right now? Because Perfect Jack just screwed him out of the world title and Crime Lord isn’t the man to forget that in a hurry…..he will face Clarke James at Born in Fire and I can’t help but feel the fate of those four men is somehow intertwined….are they on a collision course for the ages?


Crime Lord is suddenly spun around and drilled on the stage by a “Faithless” from Clarke James. Both Perfect Jack & Marshall Murdoch’s gaze is interrupted from one another as they turn toward the stage and exchange stares with the now-rising Clarke James….

JT: Two weeks from tonight…..Born in Fire…..we’ll see you there!

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Sunday 25th October 2020 (BORN IN FIRE GO HOME SHOW)

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