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6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020

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6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020 Empty 6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun 25 Oct 2020, 9:01 pm


Live from Wembley Arena, London
Start time : TBA
Official theme song: "Fire" by Kasabian

Youtube Pre-Show
Drake/Ojore vs The Producers

Live on Sky Sports Main Event

Bout 1
6CW TV Championship
Open Challenge
Ricky Nelson (c) vs ???

Bout 2
Clarke James vs Crime Lord

Bout 3
Dante Phoenix (???) vs James McManus

Bout 4
Jackson Jackson vs Tyler Roth

Bout 5
Street Fight
Dicey Reilly vs Marty Helms
Official theme song: "Blood" by Breaking Benjamin

Bout 6
Jimmy Phillips vs Hobo

Bout 7
King Karl Kramer vs Uryu Ishida

Co-Main Event
6CW "Liberty" Championship
2 out of 3 Falls
Robin Reborn (c) vs Liam Wood
Official theme song: "Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine

Main Event
6CW World Heavyweight Championship
Marshall Murdoch (c) vs Perfect Jack
Official theme song: "Enemy" by Fozzy

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6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020

Post by TwisT Fri 30 Oct 2020, 10:26 am

“O Fortuna” erupts around Wembley Arena and the lights illuminate the stage where King Karl Kramer is sitting on his throne. He sits there as the music plays around him, looking across the empty rows of seats in the massive building. Charles Kramer appears and stands to the right of his nephew. Karl rises and starts to walk to the ring with The Consultant following him. Both men enter the ring and stand by stand in the centre of it. The music ends and Charles Kramer begins to speak into his microphone.

CK: Uryu, 6CW’s favourite underdog, may well have been born in fire. But like all men, he will burn to ash when confronted with a star. That star is King Karl Kramer.

Both Kramer’s smirk before Charles continues.

CK: When this match was announced, there was an air of resignation in the Kramer Klan. 6CW laying on the loudest voice in this company so he can simply be batted away. Eradicated in a show of strength and determination by my nephew in his goal in reaching the very top of this business. But when I analysed it more than that, I saw it was a test. 6CW embarking on a suicide mission in the hope that somehow King Karl Kramer will fail…

Charles Kramer walks toward the hard camera and looks into it.

CK: Tell me what would have more poignance than Karl Kramer smashing the face of the 6CW’s last hope? Someone who believes in justice. In the power of the heart. In rising above hate. Tell me what would happen if Karl Kramer took one look at all that is good in 6CW captured within Uryu’s weak frame and simply blew him away. What would that say about 6CW is right now? What would that say about its future? What would that say about everybody else taking part in Born in Fire?

Charles takes a long look at the camera before smiling and pulling away.

CK: Of course, as a card, it is absolutely stacked. Full to the brim with 6CW’s greatest wrestlers. But this match has something more to it than name power. It has the ability to make or break 6CW. When Uryu is dispatched back into his toy box, the Kramer Klan will start to pull together a group that will terrorise this company for many, many months. If Uryu elegantly proves the disbelievers wrong as only he can, then 6CW will continue to play the record it has for the past year.

He turns and slaps Karl on the shoulder a few times.

CK: This PPV begins and ends on match 7. Everything else will just fade to black; evaporate into dust as Born in Fire becomes an imitation of ones of yore. If you intend to sit through the white noise that precedes and continues after the destruction of Uryu, then please feel free. It will be unbearable, a farce, a celebration of inadequacy. But much more than this, it will showcase what 6CW has become without following the guiding light that stands beside me. This continues only because I allow it…..anyone who disagrees with that is blind to the obvious. But I guarantee by the end of the PPV, those blind will be forced to open their eyes as 6CW is exposed for the whole world to see.

He takes a sideways glance to his nephew and then looks back at the camera.

CK: Uryu…..the stage is set to showcase once again your super human powers in self-preservation. I genuinely wish you the best of luck. Karl on the other hand is looking forward to knocking you out cold. It will be a spectacle worthy of Born in Fire. We are both looking forward to it……there is a lot riding on this one.

Charles smiles and lowers his microphone.


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6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020

Post by Uryu Ishida Sun 01 Nov 2020, 4:45 pm

Christy is seen walking to the roof as the door is open. She spots Uryu looking out over the city, his ribs lightly bandaged.

C: Uryu, you requested interview time? Though I have to ask, why here?

Uryu waves her over, not looking in her direction as the cameras catches him smiling.

UI: Listen....

A few seconds pass as Uryu sighs happily.

UI:...That is the sound I have lved with and enjoyed for so long. The sound of time passing. Like a friend who continues to walk with me regardless. It helps me clear my head and relax.

C: Uryu, you seem to like this place a lot, even though you don't have the greatest winning record here. What does Born in Fire mean to you?

UI: Well, it is like returning home. Seeing an old friend and making sure I am at my best. This place gives me that extra spark, that tells me I can go out there and go beyond my limits, even more than most see me do. Honestly...I feel like I needed to return home after the year I have had...

Uryu looks down at his ribs and strokes them gently.

C: You won the UK Championship, fought Jackson Jackson in a Match of the Year candidate for the World Title and you have taken on The Wolf Gang. You have had a good year Uryu.

UI: This will cap it off perfectly though. Doing the right thing has always been my code. It's what I was brought up to do and well, I guess it's why I am a bit of a late bloomer in the ring, Do good and good will come to you. Standing up to Karl Kramer was the right thing to do and I go into this match with the intention of proving to him and Charles that good will come to me. Yeah it may be old fashioned but...

Christy suddenly stands next to Uryu, looking out across the landscape, catching him off guard.

C: Thank you...

He turned and looked at her.

UI: What?

C: Thank you Uryu....

UI: I...I was just doing the right thing...but you are welcome?

She turned to look at Uryu, still a little bewildered at the sudden conversation shift.

C: Don't stop doing the right thing. Ever.

Uryu nods and looks back to the skyline.

UI: If I ever did stop someone would kill me. Though I do have a request for my match.

C: Oh?

UI: A post match interview from you. Just sit at ringside and watch until it's over. Enjoy me teaching the king the right thing to do and then after the match I will take your questions as Charles watches his lucky charm being taken away on a stretcher.

Christy thinks for a few seconds, her face running through concern, uncertainty and curiousity before nodding.

C: I will have to clear it with the higher ups but alright, it is an unusual request though, may I know why?

UI: Well, I want to announce my intentions for the next year. What better time to start than after my match?

C: Alright. Well thank you for your time Uryu and see you after your match.

UI: Take care Christy.

Uryu smiles and continues to look at the skyline, the sun peeking out for a brief moment as Christy heads back into the building.

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6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020

Post by Uryu Ishida Mon 02 Nov 2020, 2:26 pm

"Hold on Tight to Your Dream" starts playing as Uryu walks out on stage, ribs still lightly taped and stares at Charles and Karl Kramer.

UI: So...let me get this straight. You think I am the last man standing in your way to dominating 6CW? You think that highly of me? Well I am unsure if you are telling the truth, lying to put pressure on me or just plain deluding yourself. Do you think that beating me is going to cement your legacy here and make me submit? Do you know where you are right now? Because it certainly sounds like you are in Dreamland!

Uryu looks around at the rows of empty seats, nodding.

UI: I think you need to be brought back down to reality and I am very glad to do that. It's one of the many lessons you need to be taught. I mean the only reason you and I are even in this situation is because you seem to only respect yourself. You stepped out of line one too many times and I am here to put you back in place. Oh and before you go on about changing the record and i'm a part of a guard that doesnt want to adapt go look back to last year. Go and look back to what I was doing around Born in Fire IX. Compare it to now. I think you will agree I have had one of the best years of my career and that is because I adapted. Sunset came into play and all throughout this year I have been tweaking little things here and there. Yet...

Uryu shakes his head and grimaces.

UI: ...You had to go and start pushing my buttons. You had to go on your campaign of disrespect and intimidation. You had to start trying to have your way with everybody, wrestler, catering, securiy, announcer or interviewer it didnt matter to you as it kept up your fantasy of power. You got caught red handed and you don't like it so you are going to try and take out one of the men left here who knows the true meaning of respect. You think it will all turn to gold when you have moved me out of your way. You think about all the others who have thought "huh, Uryu will be a two minute match" and then it turns into a thirty five minute war! You go back and watch my matches Karl, watch them well. Then take this little bit of information in. Born in Fire is where I am at my absolute best. So how much do you think it will take to keep me down for three seconds when we meet?

Uryu glares at Karl and awaits a reply.

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6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020

Post by TwisT Thu 05 Nov 2020, 1:55 pm

Karl glares at Uryu, while his uncle smirks.

CK: Uryu, you overplay your importance! Your involvement in this match is insignificant to us as it was at Born In Fire IX. You feel this is some great crusade of good against evil. Of respect versus apathy. But you are wrong. You are 6CWs hope because there is no other hope. The last man you would choose to take your side in a battle is the only one in the building. And yes, we can talk all day about the significance of other matches and other people and other stories....etc etc etc......

He walks to the ropes.

CK: But when it comes down to it. When it really comes down to the bare bones of the matter. Match 7 is the only one left standing. The rest simply isn't worth peoples time. It doesn't elevate you to legendary status. It just makes you.....well...…"here".

He walks to his nephew.

CK: This isn't going to be a two minute match. This isn't going to be a thirty-five minute match. This is going to be a massacre of however long Karl wants it to go on for. It won't cement his legacy. But it will provide a small crumb of enjoyment for being overlooked yet again by 6CW. For the very purpose of Born in Fire, you are 6CW Uryu. Just you. And that tells everyone about the sorry state of affairs we are in.

He looks back at Uryu.

CK: The only one deluded in this empty arena is you. Think less of what to say and think more about how this came to be. Compare it to Born in Fire IX. Compare it to Born in Fire VIII. Compare it to any era of 6CW. Look for yourself in them and you will easily see your place. Now realise why your place right now may seem like the best of your career. Look around you. Breathe in the activity. Stare hard in the mirror. I don't need to spell this out to you but Karl here will happily beat the notion into you.....

He smirks again.

CK: ...the notion that in an empty bowl even sh*t rises to the top.

He laughs as the Kramer Klan looks at Uryu in disdain.


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6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020

Post by Perfect Jack Thu 05 Nov 2020, 10:09 pm

The scene opens with Perfect Jack sitting in the empty stands of the Wembley Arena, just a few short days away from Born in Fire X. Perfect Jack is sitting there, fixated on the empty ring that's already been built. He is silent for a few more moments before he is approached by Christy James.

CJ: Perfect Jack I've been looking for you everywhere.

PJ: Well you've found me, I suppose you have some questions for me.

CJ: I do yes, it's been a hectic last few weeks, we've seen you pick up a pinfall victory over the champion Marshall Murdoch and in response he hit you with a devastating Marshall Law straight after your best friend Clarke James accidentally, some would say, struck you with a scepter.

PJ: A lot to unpack there, (Perfect Jack rubs his head) a lot of things to think about. I won't lie to you, there have been some thoughts running through my head these past few weeks, but deep down inside I trust Clarke James to do the right thing.

CJ: The right thing?

PJ: Yes, the right thing. I'll say no more. Next question please.

CJ: It's been some turn around for your career Perfect Jack, during the first few months of your return there were questions over your ability to compete but to no one's surprise you have turned it around and not only played a helping hand in saving 6CW, you've earned yourself a main event spot for the 6CW championship.

Perfect Jack's calm demeanor turns serious.

PJ: Funny you should mention that, I have turned it around haven't I. I proved to everyone that I still got it baby. It never left me and it never will. I'm not Perfect Jack for no reason Christy. I have the fans support to thank for that. Those who never doubted me, those who stood by side and cheered my name, lifted me up while I was down. Sunday is for them. I won't let them down, just like they didn't let me down. Sunday isn't for proving those who doubted me wrong, Sunday is for proving the ones who stood by me, the ones whose energy and support kept me going. Sunday is an opportunity to prove them right. Right for standing by me.

Perfect Jack stands up and t urns his attention towards the empty ring.

PJ: Come Sunday night, I walk into Born in Fire a challenger, and whatever it takes, whatever I have to do. I will walk out of Born in Fire a CHAMPION.

Perfect Jack looks at the camera man who has been filming this.

PJ: Because Marshall Murdoch, you can't beat PERFECTION!!!!

Perfect Jack

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6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020

Post by Uryu Ishida Sat 07 Nov 2020, 3:13 pm

Uryu looks down for a few seconds, staring at his hands before quietly speaking into the mic, not lifting his head.

UI: I get it... A new slant I admit but I get it...I am the one thing you can't stand. The guy that won't just lay down and die. The guy who regardless of the wall in front of him still tries to climb it over and over. Well, today I can look behind me and see a twenty foot wall behind me that I climbed to the top of, sat on it for a while and then was pushed off, falling to where I am now. I gave myself one attempt to climb back up but I obviously faltered. Then I turned around, looking at what was ahead of me. A great big fifty foot wall with the tiniest ray of sun showing over it. Sure it's dangerous to climb and if I fell, hell my career could be over. Yet I have to climb it without complaint. I have to go all out because lets face it, when am I ever going to have another chance?

Uryu starts pacing back and forth across the stage, his head still down.

UI: Yet all I can hear around me are questions from guys like you. Why is he even here? Who lets him into the arena? Who wants him even as a contender? Uryu or Rasta, who's worse? Who put him as my opponent? Can I at least have a challenge? You guys are all the same...thinking about how you deserve everything because of history, birthright or wealth. Looking past the guys who have been here all along and still going strong.

Uryu raises his head and stares at Karl and Charles, eyes full of fire and passion.

UI: Look at the commentary desk, ten years and they are both still here! Announcers, Interviewers and hell even James McManus has never missed a day here! Do we complain about what we are given? No! We may have been given bad hands but what we do is sit down and improve upon them. If that means James talking to Jenny or Mike talking to me and seeing what we can do thats what happens. We do not suck our own dicks and declare ourselves king just because we feel like it! We understand that our reputations are earned through what we do! I do not ask the fans to call me certain names like you. I am given them by the fans, the people that know me and let me just go through a few for you. Upstart Ishida, The Pitbull, Unbreakable, Timeless. Hell in recent weeks I've had fans call me The Grand Old Man! I want you to understand that the only names I see assosiated with the pair of you boil down to calling you both complete Kumquat!

Uryu looks up at the rafters and smiles.

UI: Karl, I am going to drag your pompous, overconfident ass down to earth, where those who you look down upon will only yell one thing. OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! See you later.

Uryu heads backstage to warm up, leaving Charles and Karl in the ring.

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6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Born in Fire X - Sunday 8th November 2020

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