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6CW BORN IN FIRE X - LIVE RESULTS (8th November 2020)

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6CW BORN IN FIRE X - LIVE RESULTS (8th November 2020) - Page 2 Empty 6CW BORN IN FIRE X - LIVE RESULTS (8th November 2020)

Post by JJJohnson Mon 09 Nov 2020, 1:01 am

First topic message reminder :


A video begins to play, a long stretch of road can be seen, tumbleweed blows across the road as a solitary car flashes by. Dusts settles back on the highway as a sound begins to play, the camera swings round as AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ can be heard. The camera zooms in on the front of a car, badly painted in what appears to be camouflage. The word ‘KANT’ sprawled across the bonnet in black letters. The camera zooms out to show a beaten up old army truck, driven by Xeres as Zakky Spencer stands in the back of the truck, clutching a giant Nerf gun pretending it’s a rocket launcher. Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch are stood either side of Zakky, shaking their heads….

CJ: I’m sorry man, this was the best I could do….

Marshall shrugs…

CJ: Look, it’s budget cuts! What do you want me to do, pay for it out of Church funds?

‘Highway to Hell’ begins to fade out and Vlad changes over the 8 track as Zakky pretends to make gun sounds to the annoyance of Marshall who slaps him over the head causing Zakky to fire a foam bullet in front of a startled Vlad…

CJ: Will you be careful with that, you could’ve killed him!

Marshall shakes his head as James berates Zakky….

MM: 'And you only got foam bullets? What good are they in an emergency?'

ZS: 'It was all they had left in the props department.'

MM: 'If you want something doing properly... anyway we need a plan of action'

(Marshall dramatically pulls a large map of 6CW headquarters and lays it out on the truck floor before over exaggeratedly pointing at various rooms )

MM (aside to CJ): 'I've always wanted to do that'

(Clarke rolls his eyes but Marshall carries on regardless)

MM: 'Rights gents, we need a plan of action - as a wise man once said 'fail to plan and you plan to fail', I think it might have been Gandhi actually and he knows about this sort of thing, so we need something foolproof, and lets face it with you lot it needs to be foolproof

(Marshall looks around and Zakky and Vlad nod in agreement)

MM: Right it's not the most tightly secured area, so I think we can just smash the front doors in

CJ: 'Euphemism?'

MM: 'Actually no, its the best I could come up with at such short notice, unless you've got a better idea?'


Marshall and Clarke look stunned as Vlad shouts at the top of his voice...

CJ: At ease, soldier, what is it?

Vlad: I have an idea....

MM: Go on?

Vlad: We ring the bell.

Marshall and Clarke stare in bemusement....

CJ: Have you been out in the sun too long, soldier?

MM: Clarke...

CJ: Yes, Sergeant?

MM: You're not really in the army...

CJ: Oh.....

MM: He's not really a soldier...

CJ: I see...

MM: I'm not a soldier.

CJ: Uh-huh! Anyway, moving on swiftly, i say we skip the front, and pile are way in through the back door....

MM: Eu....

CJ: That way we can slide in, completely undetected. Ease ourselves gently in to position before unloading on them...

Zakky fires off another round from the nerf gun and Marshall and Clarke look up at him before Marshall whispers in Clarke's ear...

CJ: What?

MM: Who are we after anyway? Keith Leone? Dicey Reilly? Lex Hart? Median?

CJ: Nate Nack?

MM: Paddywhack?

??: Don't take no flack?

??: Rhyme in time to the rhythm of the track.

James and Murdoch look up to see Ant and Dec driving in the other direction on a similar looking truck, James shakes his head in disbelief as Marshall stares solemnly....

MM: I miss Jimmy Nail....

James pats Marshall on the back...

CJ: We all do, but we have bigger things to deal with right now...THE MAP!

Zakky moves forward, unpinning the map from the truck floor. Marshall grabs desperately at thin air trying to retrieve the map....

The map falls tantalizing out of Marshall's reach before catching the breeze and flying off into the distance.

MM: 'God dammit! Who's idea was it to rent a truck that's basically open plan?'

CJ (looking sheepish): 'I told you there's budget cuts! It was either get a better vehicle or cancel the sky subscription in the church!'

Vlad (firmly): 'Which would have meant no more Russia's next top model'.

CJ; 'Yeah he was adamant he wasn't losing that, and the next step up from this was a corsa, and that would have been one hell of a squeeze'

MM: 'Fair point, its not the most threatening of vehicles either. What do we do know though?

(Suddenly Vlad grabs the gun off Zakky and points it straight at Zakky's face)

MM: 'Woah, steady on, I know he messed up but that's a bit too far, I admire the sentiment though. Besides we are forgiving folk hear at the church, and Zakky is our friend, we won't resort to such inhumane punishment.

(The camera fades to black and then cuts back several hours later as 'road to nowhere' by the Talking Heads is playing, Zakky can be seen tied up in the corner of the truck)

MM: 'What's taking so long?'

CJ: 'Turns out the map of 6CW also had directions to 6CW written on the back, and Xeres doesn't know the way to their arena'

MM: 'Do they not play at big venues like the M.E.N. and Wembley though? Surely everyone knows where they are?

CJ: 'No actually I don't think they actually attract enough people to do that'

MM: 'Where are we heading then?'

CJ (pulling out a ticket) : 'The Altrincham College Sports Hall - glamorous'

MM: 'You bought a ticket?'

CJ: 'I thought it would be rude not to, we can't just barge in within a ticket can we?

MM: 'I though that's exactly what we were doing?'

CJ: 'Oh yeah...'

MM: 'Anyway Xeres step on it, I want to be there by the time we get back from the advert break!'

(The camera cuts to commercials and when it returns the Church is outside the Altrincham College Sports Hall)

MM: 'Well that was handy'

CJ: It's all about continuity, Marsh.....Hey Chris...

Marshall looks stunned as Chris Patricks walks past....

MM: But isn't he?

CJ: No, that's Chris Benoit.

MM: Ah. And the weights bench?

CJ: Rehab.

Marshall nonchalantly shrugs his head as Xeres sprints over to the two men...

Xeres: Errr, guys, I have some bad news.

CJ: They didn't renew your contract, we know.

Xeres: What?

CJ: Oh, er, nothing, do continue....

Xeres: But you said...

MM: God dammit, will you spit it out boy?

Xeres: We're at the wrong venue?

Clarke face palms as Marshall looks sheepish before dismissing Xeres...

MM: No, i can't be wrong. Trust me, this is where 6CW holds their shows.

Xeres: It's not, sir. This is TNA.

Vlad walks into shot and places the nerf gun in the face of Marshall as James places his hand on the gun, moving it away from the face of Marshall as he shakes his head at Vlad...

CJ: We really need to start doing background checks on these guys....

MM: We?

CJ: Yeah?

MM: Are we back together then?

CJ: Well isn't this what this is all about?

MM: I thought it was for HBO?

CJ: You mean Dr. Shoe?

MM: No the TV company.

CJ: Trash TV?

Marshall rolls his eyes...

MM: Have you always been like this?

James points at the scar on his head...

CJ: Head wound. Schrapnel from a howitzer. I stilll hear the screeching late at night.

The screen zooms in on the face of James, sweat begins to pour as the sound of gunfire fills the screen before the camera cuts to Marshall...

MM: No you didn't. Cassius hit you with a chair. I saw it. I laughed........VLAD!!!

Vlad pokes the gun in the face of James as we head to commercial.

The commercials are about to roll when Marshall pulls the camera back in.

MM: 'Woah... we only cut to adverts a few minutes ago! Folk'll go switching to corrie at this rate, and it's a goodun tonight, they finally reveal where Ken Barlow went to.'

(Xeres lets out a groan and can be seen with his head in his hands)

MM: Problem?

X: 'Forgot to sky plus it'

MM: 'Relax its on series link...VLAD!! That's really not helping

(Vlad is now prodding Clarke in the temple with his gun, before Marshall forcibly pushes the gun down, however Vlad only moves the gun down as far as Clarke's crotch)


(Vlad shrugs and moves the gun away before motioning himself shooting into the air)

MM: 'Ah go and shoot something over there if you're really that desperate to'

(Marshall waves in hand vaguely in the air and Vlad crouches down before prowling off)

MM: (aside to Clarke): 'I think you're right about the checks, we've got to check CRBs as a minimum from now on, anyway are you alright now?'

CJ: 'You don't know man! You weren't there!'

MM: 'Yes I was, in fact I wrestled earlier that night, but no-one ever remembers the midcard do they? Anyway what are we going to do now, we're miles away from 6CW and the shows about to start!'

X: 'I have a cunning plan'

MM: 'Go on the Rodney let's hear it'

CJ: 'It's Baldrick actually'

MM: 'What?'

CJ: 'You called him Rodney, you should have said Baldrick, it's a Blackadder reference'

MM: 'I'm from America, cut us some slack will you? I've never actually seen either of them.'

CJ: (whispering in Marshall's ear) But you're from the North?

(Before Marshall can respond they are both distracted by the sound of a gun going off before a window smashes and there are loud screams)

MM: 'He hasn't...'

CJ: 'He has...he's shot TNA...'

MM: 'Well he hasn't shot the whole of TNA has he?'

CJ: 'Does it matter? Well the hell do we do now then?'

MM: 'RUN!'

(Marshall, Clarke and Xeres all run off leaving Vlad behind)

CJ: 'Where are we running to?'

MM: 'To the COHmobile!!!'

(Clarke suddenly pulls up with an unamused look on his face and glares at Marshall)

MM: 'What? I thought it might catch on'

(Clarke shakes his head as the three men all jump back in the truck)

We come back from commercial, smoke billowing around the side of the highway as the camera close in on the overturned tank, Clarke James is stood puffing a cigarette as Marshall looks completely shocked…

CJ: That escalated quickly.

MM: Yeah.

CJ: Vlad killed a guy.

Marshall turns and stares at James….

MM: Seriously, after what Max Adamson put us through last year you’re really going to go down the Anchorman route!? COME ON!

Marshall flings his arms up in the air, knocking the cigarette out of James’ mouth. He walks away as the camera shows Vlad dragging the body of Zakky Spencer from the wreckage of the truck. Marshall nods in appreciation before they widen in horror. The camera pans round to show Xeres bound and gagged, blood tricking down his face…

MM: Jesus Christ man, they’re not hostages, they’re injured!

Marshall runs over, pulling the gag out of Xeres’ mouth and untying him, Vlad stares at him blankly, releasing Zakky who slumps to the floor. James waltzes over, tapping away at a Satellite phone…

MM: Where did you get that?

CJ: I got it for the trip?

MM: How much was it?

CJ: Er……..i dunno, about a buck, fifty?

Marshall looks unimpressed….

CJ: Like three hundred, maybe four…

MM: So you wasted the budget on this phone.

CJ: Maybe. But look how cool it is?

James waggles the phones in front of Marshall who looks impressed with the technology before shaking his head…

MM: It’s not the point, how is that gonna get us out of here?

CJ: It’s a satellite phone?

MM: Right?

CJ: So it means we can watch Sky Sports News on the go?

James points down at the phone as the image of Jim White can be seen, the phone cuts out…

CJ: Oh…

MM: What?

CJ: Out of battery.

MM: Seriously? You’ve got to be joking…

CJ: If I was joking I’d say a rabbi and a priest walk into…..

Suddenly a gust of wind blows past the two men, the sound of Spanish guitars fills the air, a mysterious figure stands, his long curly black hair blowing in the wind, his ling trenchcoat flapping behind him, James and Marshall move towards him, Vlad walks aside them, moving the nerf gun up only to be stopped by Marshall, they approach the man., the sun blocking his face….

CJ: Who are you?

The mysterious figure drops a black cigarette in the floor….

??: Ola, senor…… my name, is Alejandro….

The figure walks out of the sunlight….

??: Alejandro Suarez…..CHA CHA CHA!

Marshall and Clarke stand in shock as Vlad faints, crashing into the floor with a thud as we head to commercial.

Marshall and Clarke were stranded on this long and lonesome road, when all of a sudden there shined a shiny ...  Alejandro Suarez in the middle of the road...


AS: 'Play the best song in the world, or I'll eat your soul...CHA CHA CHA'

So Marshall and Clarke, they looked at each other and they said


MM: 'Hang on, how the bloody hell are we supposed to do that?'

CJ: 'Easy, wait there for a sec...'

(Clarke wanders off to the remains of the truck whilst Marshall tries to make small talk with Alejandro)

MM: 'So you're a demon huh? How's that working out for you?'

(Fortunately the awkwardness is interrupted by Clarke returning with an electric guitar and a triangle)

MM: 'Where did you get them from?'

CJ: 'I picked them up before we went'

MM: 'Why? And it's more expenditure!?!'

CJ: 'Well it was going to be a long trip and I thought we might need some entertainment on the way, and yes but they're only on rental and look how handy it's turned out to be!'

MM: 'Well I'll admit it was a good job you thought ahead, and I suppose it's not too bad if you've just loaned them.'

CJ: 'Exactly, but unfortunately the drum kit didn't survive the crash so we've lost the deposit on that...'

(Marshall shakes his head before Alejandro loudly clears his throat and taps his watch)

CJ: 'We'd better get playing then'

(Marshall picks up the electric guitar looking puzzled)

MM: 'And how do you propose we do that? We can't even plug this in!'

CJ: 'Through the magic of television Marsh!'

So they played the first thing that came to their heads and it just so happened to be...well it was pretty bloody awful actually.
Needless to say, Alejandro was stunned, whip-crack went his whoopy...beard, but he wasn't done...

AS: 'Well that was pretty Poopie lads, so now I'm going to have to eat your souls'

(Marshall and Clarke look at each other completely indifferently)

AS: 'CHA, CHA, CHA!!!'

(Marshall and Clarke's facial expressions turn to one of horror of Alejandro approaches then)

MM: 'RUN!!!!'

(Both men start running)

CJ: 'Where to? We can't go back to the truck!'

MM: 'Over there, there seems to be a hiding hole'

(Marshall, Clarke and the recovered Vlad jump down the hole into pitch darkness, until a beam of light blasts out and Clarke can be seen holding an industrial standard torch)

MM: 'Seriously, how much money did you spend?'

(Before Clarke can answer they are interrupted by footsteps approaching in the distance, before a familiar figure walks into view)
Mark Palmer: 'Nobody gets in my well...'

CJ: Oh Poopie....

MM: You've gotta be kidding me.

Vlad begins to cower in fear behind the two men as Mark Palmer approaches....

MM: It's been nice knowing you, Clarke.

CJ: I love you, too, Marsha.

MM: What?

CJ: Erm.....olive juice.

Palmer moves closer to them, stepping into the light and staring them down before breaking out into a huge smile...

MP: Well hello there, friends! Welcome to my well!

Palmer flicks a switch on the wall as a bright neon sign on the wall lights up saying 'Mark's Well', only with numerous bulbs missing...

CJ: Nice!

MM: Yeah, lovely.

MP: I haven't seen anyone down here in a long time....

James looks around noticing a skeleton in the corner of the well...

CJ: Pst, Marsh....

MM: What?

CJ: Lookit!

Marsh ignores James as Palmer continues to talk...

MP: Ever since that incident in 6WF, i've become somewhat of a recluse. Looking for that final resting place....

CJ: Oh god, he's gonna kill us!

MM: Will you shut up.

MP: I'd heard about it, see. Someone told me there was a place where old 6WF characters went to die, or at least their careers....

CJ: Oh my god, oh my god!!!


Palmer turns and faces the pair....

MP: Problem?

MM: Nothing. You were saying?

MP: Ah yes, this place, this humble resting place. It had been mentioned to me many a time. I'd get cryptic messages, accidental PM's, once, this guy came to my house, took of his pants and offered himself to me if i joined....

MM: Sounds like how Hero recruits....


The camera cuts to Vlad who looks confused and upset...

MP: But i never found it. I dug and i dug and i dug and nothing, until one day it hit something...

CJ: A passer by?


CJ: Ok, ok! Continue...

MP: I thought i'd found it. I climbed up, desperate to see if this place existed, but no, it was nothing more than a shell of what i was looking for. I stared into the ring, nothing but a confused Frenchman standing over the body of a drug ravaged clown...

MM: Wait a minute, are you saying you found...

CJ: 6CW?

MM: You had to steal my line, didn't you?

Palmer smiles.....

MP: Yes i did....

Palmer flicks another switch on the wall and a stream of lights flicker on revealing a huge tunnel....

MM: Whoa.......

CJ: Impressive. I haven't seen a hole that wide since that video Lex and Jess made.

MM: Mark, will you take us?

MP: I don't know, guys?

CJ: Please?

MP: Ok.

MM: That was easy.

MP: But i can't guarantee your safety. The trail will be long and hard. We must trek, day and night, even then there is no guarantee we will make it.
Are you will risk it?

MM: Sure.

MP: Oh, ok.

Marshall, Clarke, Vlad and Mark begin their journey as we head to commercial.

The four men are shown walking down the tunnel side by side as 'the long and winding road' plays in the background.

MM: 'It's an impressive structure Mark, but why did you make the tunnel so wide? Aren't you just making more work for yourself?'

(The shot then moves on several hours and the four men are still walking, although all seem to walking less purposely than before and Marshall is looking extremely exasperated)

VR: 'So it's something beginning with R?'

CJ: 'Yep'

VR: 'And it's definitely not Rylan from the X-Factor?'

CJ: 'Yep'

MP: 'Is it a rhino?'

MM: 'For God sakes it's a rock! Why on earth would there be a rhino down here?'

(The four men all stop worriedly for a moment listening intently)

MM: 'Well that's a relief, normally why I saw something like that a rhino would show up.'

(The shot then moves on several more hours and all 4 men are looking very tired now)

MM: 'Right lads we're going to have to stop for a moment'

CJ (looking concerned): 'Why are you alright?'

MM: 'Oh yeah I'm fine (Marshall points behind him) but spare a thought for the cameraman, he must be knackered lugging that thing all this way'

(The film then speeds up then and the group seem to pass the same photo of Mark and his well several times)

CJ: 'Hang on...we've been walking for hours and we don't seem to be getting anywhere, plus I'm sure we've been here before'

MM: 'Yeah, you're right, how much further is it Mark?'

MP: 'I'm not too sure, could be hours, could be days'

CJ: 'What if we just turn left here instead of right?'

MP: 'No don't do that...'

(Clarke, Marshall and Vlad ignore him and turn left, they walk for barely 30 seconds and are faced with the entrance to the 6CW arena, the 3 men turn around to stare at Mark angrily)

MM: 'You knew we weren't that far away didn't you? Why have you been keeping us down there for so long?'

MP: 'Sorry guys, but you don't know what it's like! I've been down here for two years with little to no human contact, I spend my days empty and alone with nothing but my memories to keep me occupied, it was just nice to have someone to talk to, well someone who could talk back, for once.'

(Marshall and Clarke exchange a look, and Clarke nods at Marshall)

MM: 'How do you fancy coming with us Mark? We could use someone to replace Xeres and Zakky?......Mark?

Marshall and Clarke turn round to see Mark Palmer replaced with The Consultant....

CJ: What's going on?

TC: Take a look....

Marshall and Clarke turn around, the 6CW Arena has been replaced by an empty Wembley Stadium, the Born In Fire poster hanging from the roof in the distance....

MM: I don't understand....

TC: Take it all in, Gentlemen....

CJ: Why?

TC: Because after tonight, you may never see it again....

The Consultant turns around and walks away, fading into the distance. Marshall and Clarke look at each over. The graveness of the situation etched across their faces. The walk forward slightly, stopping and looking up at the Born In Fire poster. The camera moves away, zooming in to the faces of Alex Walker as a bright white light begins to engulf the screen as 'I See Fire' by Ed Sheeran begins to play....

Images of previous Born In Fires are shown. Former 6WF stars like Nemesis, Rockv2, Diablo, Perfect Jack, Easy Money, Hobo, Enforcer, JJ Johnson, Saint, GDC are shown on the screen.

Images of the participants in tonights matches are shown before the image of Danny McGraw and Alex Walker are shown on screen.
The images die down and the sound of footsteps can be heard as Hero walks into shot. He looks at Marshall and Clarke and gestures to them.....

Hero: It's time.

Hero turns around and heads into the light as Marshall and Clarke follow and the opening credits roll.

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6CW BORN IN FIRE X - LIVE RESULTS (8th November 2020) - Page 2 Empty Re: 6CW BORN IN FIRE X - LIVE RESULTS (8th November 2020)

Post by JJJohnson Mon 09 Nov 2020, 2:37 am

Ding ding ding

JR: Get ready for the backlash from this one…’s happened again…

Michael Bird: Ladies and gentlemen; here is your winner………………AND STILL 6CW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION……………Maaaarrrrrsssshhhhhaaaallllll Muuuurrrrrddddoooooooccccchhhhhh!

JT: Marshall Murdoch is still the 6CW Champion….following one of the most physically enduring battles we have ever seen….

JR: But once more, despite all the buildup, the onus will be on how this ended….

HE: Because like it or not, Clarke James’ presence has determined the outcome….I’ll admit that this time may have been an accident but it no longer matters….the fact is that Marshall Murdoch remains world champion because of Clarke James…it can no longer be ignored….

JT: And although Murdoch will be glad to have retained his title after being so close to defeat….I’m sure this one will be tinged and stained with even more bitterness than the ones that have preceded….

“Papercut” is booming through the speakers as Marshall Murdoch just sits on the canvass next to the motionless form of Perfect Jack. Marshall doesn’t look happy with his victory but he takes the title belt from the groggy referee all the same…

JR: The referee came around just in time to count the three but he doesn’t even have a clue what engineered the ending….I don’t even think he knows Clarke James is here…

HE: He missed Marshall tapping out….he missed PJ tapping out…..and that will be another narrative coming out of Born in Fire because there will be plenty who believe Jack should be leaving as champion….

JT: And they’d be right….Marshall tapped, the evidence is there for all to see….but it wasn’t counted and somehow, some way, Marshall Murdoch has found a route to victory…

JR: He doesn’t look pleased though….

HE: Because he knows there’ll be more questions now…..tonight was about answers, about silencing his critics….but instead they have been provided with more ammunition…

Marshall continues to sit, looking at the 6CW Championship, as Perfect Jack rolls from the ring to be attended to by the medical team….

JT: Marshall Murdoch is going to need that leg examined, I’m not sure he can even stand on it…..

JR: And Jack is getting seen to as we speak, the challenger lost so much blood….

JT: A valiant effort from both….that was smash mouth, as physical as we expected if not more so and they will bare the bruises for a long time to come…

HE: I think there’s more than bruises….especially for Marshall, that leg is mangled…

There is towels stained with blood all around Perfect Jack as he is sat down against the plexiglass barrier, a medic shining a torch in his eyes. Back in the ring and Clarke James has returned, standing over Marshall Murdoch, looking forlorn…

JR: I believe CJ had the best of intentions….he came here to prevent any more damage being done…..he saw enough of that during the feud between Marshall and Jackson….he couldn’t bear to see Murdoch and PJ end one another’s careers…

HE: But he screwed up…he didn’t listen, he failed to honour Murdoch’s wishes….

JT: He did what he thought was right….

HE: He can look as sorry and as remorseful as he likes but I don’t think Marshall is in a forgiving mood….

Marshall’s eyes are full of darkness as he stares up at CJ. James has his head bowed but slowly he raises his head to meet the eyeline of his partner. CJ mouths the words “sorry” as he reaches out his hand….

JR: An olive branch….but will Murdoch accept?

JT: Murdoch looks like he wants to crack CJ’s head…

HE: He already missed the boat….Crime Lord did it earlier….

The two men just stare at each other for a minute before finally Marshall reaches out his hand and allows CJ to pull him up. Perfect Jack is watching from the outside, although he seems to be drifting in and out of consciousness….

JR: Penny for the thoughts of Perfect Jack right now?

HE: He’s probably realising he’s been screwed just like Jackson was…..I still believe Murdoch and CJ are in cahoots…

CJ and Marshall continue to look at one another and Marshall does not seem impressed. CJ whispers something to him and then leans in for a hug…..

JT: I’m not sure what to make of this…..

There are mixed reactions as CJ then grabs Marshall’s arm and raises it in victory, parading him to the audience. Marshall is still staggering on his leg as CJ takes the 6CW Championship and starts to tie it around the champion’s waist…

JR: There is so much more to this than meets the eye…..

Marshall stares at CJ for another moment and then makes to hobble away but CJ holds him back and motions something to him. Marshall shakes his head but James almost pleads…

JT: It looks like Clarke James wants to break bread….he wants to celebrate Marshall’s victory…

JR: Right in front of Perfect Jack….talk about salt in the wounds…

CJ climbs from the ring, walking past the medical team working on PJ, and then he returns with two beers.

JT: I think they were meant for Liam Wood’s celebration earlier but he didn’t get chance…

HE: He’s tee total anyway….

JR: Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch toasting the champion’s win…..I’m not sure how Perfect Jack will respond to this in two weeks at Proving Grounds…

JT: Well he is going to want answers and that is only right…..

JR: Seven years ago these two men headlined this event and saved their company from the clutches of a tyrant….tonight fate has pulled them together again but under very different circumstances…

HE: But they’re still on the same page, just like they were back then……they started out as hyenas in a pack and you never turn on your own kind, remember that…..


Both men clink their bottles together and Marshall takes a long sip. CJ then drinks from his before spitting the liquid into the champion’s face. Marshall is momentarily blinded and then CJ smashes his bottle right Murdoch’s eye…



HE: Clarke James was sick of being overlooked….sick of being downtrodden and talked to like trash by Marshall Murdoch…..this has been a long, long time coming…



HE: Clarke James is no longer the bridesmaid….the spotlight is on you now, Clarke…

Perfect Jack is wide eyed in disbelief at ringside after witnessing the heinous attack. Clarke James now leaves the ring before returning with a steel chair. He sets the chair up and sits down before reaching for Marshall’s bottle of beer…

JR: And he’s just going to sit there? After doing that to his best friend….

JT: I’d say the friendship is over….Clarke James has just destroyed his “brother” here at Born in Fire in one of the most shocking endings I can remember…

HE: Read between the lines and you could have predicted it…

JR: Says you…you’ve been telling anyone who will listen that they’ve planned this whole run…..egg on your face now, Henry….Clarke James is out for himself….

JT: And he has just sent the loudest and clearest statement of intent in his entire career….

Marshall Murdoch is in agony on the floor, blood seeping down his face, as he tries to remove any debris from around his eye. Clarke James just sits on the steel chair, sipping beer, as more medics arrive to check on the 6CW Champion….

JR: Folks we are fast approaching the end of the show….one of the greatest pay per views in recent memories….perhaps the best Born in Fire we have ever seen…..but this ending? How do you even sum this up?

JT: Backstabbing….betrayal….treachery…..pick anyone you like….Marshall Murdoch defeated Perfect Jack in a classic main event battle only to be the victim of a wicked assault by his supposed best friend, Clarke James…

HE: I can’t wait for Proving Grounds….

JR: 6CW has a new face of evil….goodnight!

The show goes off air with Clarke James continuing to sit on the chair with an eerie calmness, almost ignoring what is going on around him. Marshall Murdoch is still screaming in agony whilst Perfect Jack is standing in the aisleway, surrounded by medics, with disbelief all over his face.

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