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6CW Proving Grounds Monday 7th December 2020

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6CW Proving Grounds Monday 7th December 2020 Empty 6CW Proving Grounds Monday 7th December 2020

Post by JJJohnson Thu 26 Nov 2020, 10:34 am

Bout 1
6CW Interim Championship Tournament
King Karl Kramer vs Perfect Jack

Bout 2
Ricky Nelson vs James McManus

Bout 3
6CW Interim Championship Tournament
Crime Lord vs Liam Wood

Bout 4
6CW TV Championship
GazzyD (c) vs ???

Bout 5
6CW Interim Championship Tournament
Robin Reborn vs Tyler Roth

Bout 6
Jimmy Phillips vs Uryu Ishida

Main Event
6CW Interim Championship Tournament
Clarke James vs Jackson Jackson

- Further updates on Marshall Murdoch's recovery
- Marty Helms returns to Proving Grounds to provide his own prognosis following Born in Fire
- Dante Phoenix sits down with Timothy Allen to discuss his internal struggles
- Daniel Reilly will be back in action. Can the former world champion make an impact after a long hiatus?
- And much more

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6CW Proving Grounds Monday 7th December 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Monday 7th December 2020

Post by Ethan Shaw Thu 26 Nov 2020, 3:38 pm

The Ticking of a pocket watch is heard is whispers of “Follow Me” “Follow Me” “Death to Thee” is heard. Ethan Shaw is seen with his hoodie covering his head and a facemask of a skull covering his mouth.

ES: They say good things come to those who wait…Well the wait if finally over and my moment came where fear, destruction and chaos spread across 6CW.

The Scene cuts to Ethan Screaming, Shouting, and menacingly looking into the camera.

ES: Don’t think that I didn’t see you, hiding in the back, in the little corner like a coward. That cold sweat dripping down the neck…Wondering what options you have. Then you decided to make your move…

*Christy James is waiting in the backstage area for an impromptu interview with Ethan Shaw. Christy lets her emotions get the better of her after accusing Shaw of attacking Uryu and being a coward. Shaw looks unmoved but then Christy slaps him and he corners her. Uryu rushes in to attack Shaw and get him away from Christy but Shaw ends up getting the upper hand and he launches Uryu against the wall and leaves him slumped.

ES: This isn’t a fairytale good night story with yourself as the Hero, as you are nothing more than a pathetic excuse, a waste of oxygen which I intend on cutting off the supply of to your lungs…Speaking of fairytales. You’ve been patient, now it is time for a story…My story…25th of November 2020 I made my debut and laid a path of destruction to a former 6CW Champion and grab the attention in the world in just 3 minutes…Something you have failed to do your entire career. Many people believe that something unfortunate happened to me that day, but fortunately, something actually happened to you…You see the universe decided to extend you some mercy…

Shaw turns back to Christy but finds GazzyD standing there. Shaw weighs up the options and then leaves. Uryu starts to recover but Gazzy glares at him in anger as he takes Christy by the hand and leads her away. Uryu is left tending to his injuries.

ES: You see you have been given time…The most valuable currency in life. It will be very fascinating to see what you intend to do with that. Now you get to prepare for something you are not ready to deal with from the very beginning. Bear in mind this universe is mine. And I intend to ensure that it stays in the right hands. You will be seeing me sooner than you think.

Shaw slams the pocket watch closed.

ES: Time is out.

A gasp for air (Yarmouth Blade final moments before passes out)  is heard as the screen fades to black.

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6CW Proving Grounds Monday 7th December 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Monday 7th December 2020

Post by DanielReilly Thu 26 Nov 2020, 6:43 pm

The camera cuts backstage to a door with a plaque on reading ‘Daniel Reilly’. The door opens and our steps Reilly, with a smirk on his face.

DR: Ladies and gentlemen, the King is back. Allow me to formally announce that the ink is dry on my new contract and that the whole 6CW locker room is now under my ruling once more.
But I am fair man. You see I don’t care if you’ve been here for 10 years or 10 minutes, the fact of the matter is that one way or another, at some point or another, you will all fall before me as I lay waste to whatever so called talent is around here, to once again sit upon my throne!
Now last week I made my long overdue, yet must anticipated, return to in ring action back here in 6CW against a very old friend, or should I say foe, of mine in the form of Drake. Now Drake, I don’t quite understand about all this huffing and puffing about my victory, no matter the circumstances are, I guess you could say a leopard never changes it’s spots.
You see I’ve been known to reach the top no matter what it takes, no matter who I step on. I’ve stabbed many a person in the back to get to where I need to be, but then that’s the price you pay to be recognised as the most dangerous man in wrestling! And let it be known that I will be back on top, one way or another, no matter how long that may take. Championships will come my way sooner or later but not before I leave a trail of destruction and broken bodies lay behind me.
I am the King of the Streets, and I am back! Ladies and gentlemen, consider that your warning!


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6CW Proving Grounds Monday 7th December 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Monday 7th December 2020

Post by Uryu Ishida Tue 01 Dec 2020, 4:30 pm

Uryu is seen walking backstage when Fleur Michaels bumps into him, forcing Uryus arm to his ribs in pain.

FM: Uryu, got time for an interview?

Uryu smirks and breathes deep for a few seconds, smiling.

UI: Well since you just asked like that...sure.

FM: You seem to have let Ethan Shaw get the better of you recently, why?

UI: Get the better of me? Well The only times he has gotten the better of me were after my match at Born in Fire and when I wasn't cleared to wrestle. Well first let me just say doctors note be damned to the 6CW Council. I am not here to play it safe, if I was I would have stayed home last week. Renier Grohl, learn from your predecessors about me. If I am here, I am here to wrestle. As for Ethan? well last week I wasn't fully recovered from Born in Fire. This week I am. Come try and take me out now and you will see your error in judgement for even thinking of taking me out.

FM: After Ethan ambushed you, Gazzy D came to his wife's rescue after your failed attempt, any comments for him?

UI: Gazzy, all I wanted to do there was give Ethan a kicking he deserved and you can understand that. You saw my comments earlier in the night to Christy and I meant it. I asked for a favour, it didn't happen, I understand why and blame no one.

FM: Do you think Gazzy will...

Uryu looks a little frustrated at the question, which Fleur clearly notices and takes a second to move on.

FM: Sorry, you have Jimmy Phillips in a match this week, any thoughts on that?

UI: The kid that owes Randy Orton a paycheck? Well I guess it was going to happen eventually that he and I would meet. He seems to think taking out guys who made an impact is a fun occupation. He thinks because they are a little rusty he can run rampant through them all without repercussions.

Uryu pauses for a moment, sighing as his tone saddens.

UI: Hobo...was one of the first guys to welcome me into the building. He and The Producers wanted to do a series on (W)Rookie Wrestlers and ambushed me as I came in. I came to an understanding with them, sat under the learning tree and they helped me through the first year of my career, when they didn't even need to. We travelled, sang songs, hell he even got me to dress up as Elvis Costello for a karaoke party that we got thrown out of. He was respected, fun and knew when the chips were down he came up with a five star performance, even if he lost. He didn't moan or throw a fit, He would find his boys and find a place to have fun. But...he's not at home now, he didnt go out and have fun after Born in Fire.

Uryu glares into the camera.

The fun is over now Jimmy. I'm going to make sure you go back to school.

Uryu leaves Fleur standing there as he heads up to the roof.

FM: Thanks Uryu...

Uryu Ishida

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6CW Proving Grounds Monday 7th December 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Monday 7th December 2020

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