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6CW PRESENTS WORLD'S END (31st December & 1st January)

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6CW PRESENTS WORLD'S END (31st December & 1st January) Empty 6CW PRESENTS WORLD'S END (31st December & 1st January)

Post by JJJohnson Sat Dec 19, 2020 9:39 pm


Live from Hampden Park, Edinburgh (Crowd permitted with Government approval)
Start time: TBA
Official theme song: TBC

Live on Sky Sports Main Event

December 31st 2020 (Night One)

Bout 1
The Next Big Things vs The Parasite Killers

Bout 2
6CW United Kingdom Championship
Liam Wood (c) vs Crime Lord

Bout 3
"The King of the Streets" versus "The Haunting of the Hall of Fame"
Daniel Reilly vs Jimmy Phillips

Main Event
King Karl Kramer vs Tyler Roth
*Charles Kramer will be locked inside a cage above the ring

January 1st 2021 (Night Two)

Bout 1
Dante Phoenix vs Marty Helms

Bout 2
Jackson Jackson vs Robin Reborn

Bout 3
6CW TV Championship
GazzyD (c) vs Ethan Shaw vs Uryu Ishida

Main Event
Interim 6CW World Heavyweight Championship
Clarke James vs Perfect Jack

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6CW PRESENTS WORLD'S END (31st December & 1st January) Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS WORLD'S END (31st December & 1st January)

Post by Uryu Ishida Sun Dec 20, 2020 8:34 pm

Time Stands Still at the Iron Hill starts playing as Uryu walks out slowly, looking around at the empty stadium as he slowly rolls into the ring. As he goes to stand up he stumbles a little and has to grab the middle rope to help him back up. He composes himself and stares at the ramp and the top of the stage.

UI: An interesting situation I find myself in, isn't it? I fight Ethan Shaw, pass out. wake up to see Gazzy looking at me like I just pissed in his tea and Ethan on the ramp scurrying away. Having watched the match back I have to thank Gazzy for returning the favour. So Gazzy, thank you for keeping Ethan from likely killing me, even if I did ask you not to interfere... kinda glad you did. I don't mind swallowing my pride over that and I also don't mind doing it again for this...

Uryu goes to clear his throught but coughs heavily instead as the mic picks him swearing repeatedly to himself as he grimaces in pain. He takes a few seconds for the pain to subside.

UI: Obviously...i'm not one hundred percent, hell I wasnt even eighty percent against Ethan. So I am asking for your help in keeping him down for a long time. Once we do that, then we can kick each others ass to prove who's worthy of being called TV Champion. I mean, I didn't ask to be put in the match but I also can understand that the 6CW Council respect guys who try and do the right thing. Yet you seem to only be understanding that after all the years we have been in this company. I am a guy who speaks clearly and truthfully. I say what I mean and have no intention of playing mind games. I said it with Jackson Jackson, James McManus and Karl Kramer. If theres any words you can trust then mine are near the top of that list. I mean being honest with Jackson got me a title opportunity which I still have an itch to resolve. McManus tried to end my career, I told him that I wouldn't let up until he understood what he tried to do. Well he understood and is now propped up by Jenny and Fanatic! Karl Kramer wanted to show the world he is better than me and some would say that he did. I said I would show him how hard it would be and it took him four attempts to keep me from winning and another four to even succeed! Now his crutch is in a cage and I bet he's whining about it to someone who sees him for what he is, a spoilt brat!

Uryu smiles and chuckles to himself before staring at the titantron.

UI: He needs a whaaa-mbulance that kid. Anyhow, Gazzy, you can stay backstage, grab a cameraman and ask any questions you want of me or you could come out here, walk into the ring and ask them to my face. If you want to bring Christy along too that is fine but I am not planning on leaving this ring until we have a chat.

Uryu stands in the centre of the ring and looks towards the ramp whilst tapping his wrist.

Uryu Ishida

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6CW PRESENTS WORLD'S END (31st December & 1st January) Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS WORLD'S END (31st December & 1st January)

Post by Ethan Shaw Sun Dec 20, 2020 8:35 pm

A man sitting in chair is seen in distance with three photos on a wall one being GazzyD, the other horizontally to his right is Uryu Ishida, with Christy down under bang in the middle of the two of them. A pin with a red string is seen forming a triangle with all three.

ES: The way a human male operates has always been an interesting thing for me to observe...Man...The sign of power, confidence, strength can be taken down to its knees thanks to a tiny insignificant creature. (Christy Flashes on screen). You see...I personally have always found this fascinating. Allow yourself to indulge in such distractions, which also expose vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities that lead to fear...Fear leads to mistakes, mistakes which I will exploit...Exploit which will then lead to an unsurmountable amount of pain and suffering that "HE" will be delighted to see.

*Uryu is seen barely moving on the mat from their match earlier in the week.

ES: You looked down on me like some monster, like some freak...I take that personally...You see I am no monster...I am no freak...I am a necessity to this society and a necessity to 6CW...Without people like me in this world, there would be no people like you...(His voices turns deeper) YOU NEED ME...YOU need me...Without me there is no Hero to put down the evil Mr.Shaw! But with no evil there can be no good. How come one describe good without evil? you can't...They go hand in hand like a disturbing relationship...Each one causing destruction to each other...A Bit like you....Uryu....and Christy...You both cause destruction everywhere you go through you short sightness...Putting other people at peril like GazzyD...And your selfishness to change is what will be your downfall...Because where you get your strength from is where i spot your weakness....OH.....Christy....This time it will be oh so very different. There won't be a butterfly effects, and no matter the dimension the outcome shall always be the same......Ethan Shaw standing tall as the new TV Champion with GazzyD and Uryu at my feet unconscious from the pain i would have inflicted.

Shaw sniggers....

ES: You think i walk around with no purpose...But you will understand my mission...You will be added to my list...As the Body Snatcher always has the same outcome......This isn't a fairytale story...This...this is your self inflicted nightmare....How appropriate for my purpose to be revealed at World's End....Because that time is ticking and as the clock gets ready to Tock.....OH, it will be then you realise it is not just the End of a Reign, the end of the year, but the end of you both!

*Shaw stares into the camera.

ES: You want it darker?

A flame can be seen burning through the reflection of his eyes and he slowly shuts them.

ES: Fine i will kill the flame.

Ethan Shaw

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6CW PRESENTS WORLD'S END (31st December & 1st January) Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS WORLD'S END (31st December & 1st January)

Post by Ethan Shaw Sun Dec 20, 2020 9:11 pm

Agalloch - Plateau of the Ages hits as Uryu stands in the ring looking up at the ramp as Shaw appears at the top of the arena and makes his way down stairs with a fold out chair in hand. Uryu spots him and zones in on him as he makes his way to the front row and sets up his chair and stays behind the barricade staring in Uryu eyes as a small grin appears on Shaw's Face. Shaw points to the top of the ramps and is heard shouting "Focus on your little Christy". As he waits for GazzyD.

Ethan Shaw

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6CW PRESENTS WORLD'S END (31st December & 1st January) Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS WORLD'S END (31st December & 1st January)

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