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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021 Empty 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021

Post by JJJohnson Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:24 am

6CW Presents Proving Grounds - THE ROAD TO GENESIS


Show lineup:

*All the fallout from a historic World's End event

*Clarke James will speak for the first time as 6CW Champion (will he mention Marshall Murdoch? What is inside the mysterious bag he carrying?)

*New 6WF Champion King Karl Kramer will be live alongside the newly formed Empire. What will they have to say? Will the 6CW Council ratify the Championship victory?

*Are Johnny Oko & Vortex now members of the 6CW roster? Will The Consultancy be reborn?

*Will new challengers emerge for either world title?

*An update on Perfect Jack's condition following the horrifying injury he suffered in the main event of World's End. Will he seek retribution on Clarke James?

*Tyler Roth's injuries will be addressed. Is there a timeframe? And will The Reaper hunt down those who have wronged him? Have we really heard the full backstory involving Roth & Charles Kramer?

*The new TV Champion, Ethan Shaw will be in action. Will GazzyD or Uryu Ishida pursue a rematch with the maniacal menace?

*GazzyD issued an ultimatum to his wife, Christy, at World's End. Is she ready to make a decision on their future?

*Will Uryu retaliate against Gazzy's actions toward him or will he back away to explore new avenues?

*After a tremendous tag team bout at World's End, what is next for the Tag Team division? The 6CW Council will have an announcement to make. Will The Next Big Things or the Parasite Killers benefit?

*Will Crime Lord adhere to his indefinite suspension? Renier Grohl will provide updates

*Marty Helms will be live to call out Hellion and demand a re-match after the shocking turn of events at World's End. Will it be Dante Phoenix or Hellion that answers the call?

*What is next for Jimmy Phillips? The "Haunting" is the most in form superstar on the roster currently, will the 6CW Council see fit to reward him for his success?

*Robin Reborn was victorious over Jackson Jackson in a thriller so where does the Wolf Gang leader go from here? Will he get the platform necessary to carry his message to as many people as possible? Can the Wolf Gang force change upon 6CW?

*How does Jackson Jackson bounce back after another setback? With two world titles now active on the roster, can 6CW's resident prankster work his way back into contention?

*Will romance blossom between Liam Wood & Emmy once more? Who will step forward to challenge for the United Kingdom Championship?

*What's next for Daniel Reilly? The former two time world champion was in fine form but came up short against Jimmy Phillips. Can the King of the Streets become a serious threat in 6CW once more?

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021

Post by Uryu Ishida Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:36 pm

As the cameras turn on we see Jeff Thaddeus in the ring as Uryu Ishida is seen climbing in. The pair bump elbows and smile before Uryu looks around at the empty arena.

JT: Uryu, you wanted this time to talk. So how do you feel after your triple threat match?

Uryu keeps looking at the empty arena, circling Jeff but not looking at him. Jeff starts to follow Uryu with his eyes before seeing him lean against the ropes and look at the stage.

UI: Jeff, have you ever seen a career like mine? Where a guy stumbles, falters, gets betrayed by several tag partners, wins the odd title now and again yet nothing ever seems to change in him?

JT: Uryu...where are you going with this?

UI: I have been the guy who does what is right...I have had beatings, ambushes and been in the right place at the right time. My words have gotten me opportunities and my actions have proven I deserve those opportunities....yet, this is different. Have you ever been punished for doing something you thought was right Jeff?

Jeff doesn't answer, allowing Uryu to continue.

UI: Thats all that seems to be happening to me recently. I defend Christy, Ethan Shaw tries, actually he does beat me to a pulp. I see Gazzy coming back and I turn my focus onto Ethan Shaw. Christy encourages me to keep fighting and Gazzy takes this as flirting. I tell him to his face there was nothing untoward going on and now he declares me public enemy number one! She came out in the match last night because she wanted to see Ethan get a kicking he truly deserved! Honestly if Gazzy had focused on putting Ethan away instead of repeatedly disrupting me putting Ethan away I honestly wouldn't be so mad right now!

Uryu kicks the ropes in frustration as Jeff clears his throat.

JT: I must ask this Uryu, is there anything going on between you and Christy?

Uryu turns to look at Jeff, his eyes a little shocked but he then shakes his head and sighs.

UI: I guess for the record. Christy is a nice person, a collegue and friend. Is she in my future? well... that will be entirely up to her how it progresses.

JT: I can understand that. You haven't exactly had the best luck with women.

Uryu looks down and softly sighs.

UI: Clarissa...was an experience I learned from. She taught me not to be childish and hasty. Just be yourself...and it turns out her true self was to go with Max Adamson because of my mistakes...I vowed never to make those stupid rookie errors again and I have not. There's no point forcing things to happen, let nature take its own course. I'm sure you can understand that Jeff.

Jeff nods as Uryu looks back at the ramp, voice taking a more serious tone.

UI: Now focus is not on Ethan, Not on the rematch I am entitled to and not even on an opportunity to shut Clarke James up. Last night Gazzy did something after the match that really set me off. Something no man should ever do. He struck Christy, his wife. Accident or not that is something you never, EVER, do! You lost a lot of respect for acting like a petulant child! I don't care if you beat me black and blue but striking your wife? ugh! get out here so I can give you the beating you deserve!

Uryu steps back and looks ready to fight as Jeff leaves the ring.

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021

Post by DanielReilly Sun Jan 17, 2021 11:49 am

The cameras pan backstage and find Daniel Reilly stood alone. He smirks towards the camera, silent in thought, wondering how to address the fans of 6CW.

DR: All across the internet this last week has been talk about how I fell to Jimmy Phillips last week at Worlds End, talk about how I’m just another ‘old timer’ who couldn’t beat this exciting new talent. But one thing remains consistent, and that is the question of whether Daniel Reilly failed. The answer to that seems to have everyone in agreement: NO!
Yes, I lost to you Jimmy, but at what cost did you emerge victorious? How much did I take from you? These questions have been going through my mind, giving me pure excitement at the lasting damage I have possibly left. You see sure, you’ll recover physically, but mentally? I’m not so sure.
You made the mistake of approaching our match like I was any old guy from back in the day, but the reality is you were fighting with a King! You came into the match with pain and destruction on your mind and sure you got the win you craved but I served not just you but every other unintelligent critic back in that locker room that Daniel Reilly was and still is the real deal!
The scary thing is Jimmy is that I’m just hitting my prime. I’ve been around the block, won a couple World Titles here along with a couple other titles but when I returned, the question was whether I was back for a farewell. Whether I was back for one last short run to say goodbye, but I’m afraid the assumptions were incorrect. I’m here, I’m back and there ain’t a damn thing you or anyone else can do about it!
I’m the most dangerous man in wrestling and with one RKO, the world will lie at my feet. I run the streets and very soon, I’ll be back to running 6CW!
Jimmy, well done on your win my man, but I’m here simply to say thank you to you. Thank you for reigniting the flame that burns inside me, you are responsible for everything I do from this point forward. You are responsible for the carnage and destruction I am going to leave in my path!
It’s a long way back to the top of the mountain, but you can bet your ass I’ve begun the climb!


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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021

Post by Ethan Shaw Tue Jan 19, 2021 7:21 pm

Uryu steps back and looks ready to fight as Jeff leaves the ring.

The whole arena goes dark as sounds of crows are heard in the background “Plateau Of The Ages” By Alagoth Plays.

HE: Oh no it can’t be! It is! The brand new TV Champion Ethan Shaw!

JT: The most sadistic individual in 6CW today and the man that did exactly what he said he would do. Walk in World’s End as challenger and leave a path of destruction and leave as a Champion.

Shaw slowly walking through the smokes as the arena remains dark as a spotlight shines on him as he is seen wearing his sunglasses and his 6CW TV championship wrap around his waist and golden bat in hand. Shaw sniggers as the music stops as he points to Uryu with his golden bat.

ES: How ironic, ladies and gentlemen we are here tonight all looking at the walking contractiction that is Uryu…You haven’t figured it out? Have you? You don’t understand the purpose, the goal…Just why Ethan, why did you come to 6CW and do what you do…I came to 6CW because of people like you Uryu…What is your purpose? What do you stand for? You are just another lost soul with no personality who barely has a career to pick up from the ashes after I had finished with you. And believe me for now it is finished. You should be thankful it was GazzyD that laid you out when you went crashing through that table and not me. Because trust had it been me I would have gotten the job done and make sure that you were nothing left but a name added to the body snatcher list.

HE: I believe Ethan can do whatever the hell he wants to whoever the hell he wants.

ES: The whole situation stinks of irony…You see I see through you Uryu, I understand what you are and who you are but the problem is you don’t. You are a walking contraction and a man who stands for nothing. Why you ask? Because you try to play the role of the hero. The man who says everything is going to be alright and save us all from people like me…But the reality is that you are just as selfish as I am Uryu…You see something that you want and you take it…Like that little thing called Christy…Trust me you and me are more similar than you think, the only difference is that I get what I want while you Uryu, you will forever be known as the person who is always one step behind everyone else. You have always been the “ALMOST” man…

But this life is not about almost parasites like yourself. It is about men like me. Men who leave a path of destruction and drags the carcass into the new era and that is the era of Shaw…You don’t believe me? Why don’t you take a step back and look at who is the man who has made a statement and put the entire 6CW locker room on notice. I don’t allow myself to indulge in behavior that exposes weakness because it is there to be taken advantage by others. Other people like me who been staring and Christy James for the better part of 6 months learning and see what was happening between you and her and GazzyD and knew it was because people like you that this industry is dying like this company. You made a creature like Christy the center of attention, and took away the spotlight from what reality matters…

Shaw unhooks his belt and raises it in the air.

ES: This…my……6CW TV Championship…You should consider yourself fortunate…because right now you are apart of history…Everyone will forever remember this moment right here when Ethan Shaw turned up to Proving Grounds 2 Months into his debut as a Champion…But enough about you Uryu…Because just like your career I am done with you…To the rest of the 6CW world…I see you and don’t think that I have a target on my back now, because the target is very much on yours…I am coming for you…This is just the beginning..

Ethan Shaw

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021

Post by Uryu Ishida Wed Jan 20, 2021 4:36 pm

Uryu turns around to look at the commentary table and with the mic still in his hand talks to Jeff.

UI: Kids, always thinking that a few beatings can drive me away. Thinking that all it takes is me crashing and burning to stop me. We both know that my career is based on hardship, betrayal and survival. Yet here comes a kid who didn't pin me, who didn't make me submit at Worlds End and yet still declares he's coming after me when seconds before he says he is done with me! Kids need a goal to focus on and he's out here like a kid in a sweet shop wanting to eat everything, only he doesn't realise his belly cant handle it all.

Uryu turns back to Ethan who's slowly walking down the ramp with a scowl.

UI: As a champion here I didn't go out and declare targets when I know I had a target on my back. I welcomed every challenger I had regardless of the title I wore and believe me they all had VERY long lines. Even back when I held the European Title, My very first title I had five opponents the next day declare their intentions to take it from me. Yet you walk out here, say with such confidence that you are going to pick fights on top of that line coming after you? Good luck with that kid.

Uryu sees Ethan's expression and begrudgingly sighs.

UI: Whats the matter? Advice not what you wanted to hear? Well life isn't always going to go your way so the best thing to do is suck it up, accept what has happened and move on. Yet people seem to keep dragging me back, saying "it's not over" and stuff like that. Then they realise their mistake when they are staring at the lights, screaming in pain when they poked me one time too many. Well guess what is your lucky day. All the issues with Gazzy needed a vent and with you coming out here pushing me just that little bit more...

Uryu steps back to the middle of the ring, eyes not leaving Ethan.

UI: You want to try and end me? Come try it now! Lets start the show with a championship match!

Uryu throws the mic at Ethan who catches it and stares at Uryu waving him into the ring.

Uryu Ishida

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021

Post by Ethan Shaw Wed Jan 20, 2021 5:47 pm

Ethan glares back into Uryu Eyes.

ES: I am surprised Uryu, I am surprised by your stupidity, you want me to step into that ring with you and give you a title match?

Shaw makes his way up the steps and on to the apron as he leans across the ropes.

ES: Last time you and I had stepped into this ring together you needed your best friend GazzyD to save you. Just take a step back and think what I could do to you in this ring knowing that you are by yourself now. No GazzyD, No Christy James. Nothing. Just think of the pain I could inflict on you...Now you really want me to step into this ring? I think the answer to that is a simple...No...There is a difference between acting like the Hero and me being the villain. Just because you act like the Hero does not mean you get your happy ending...It doesn't mean you will stand in this ring, as a Champion with your insect Christy James by your side...Which last time I checked, where was she? Oh Yes, leaving World's End with her Husband...

Shaw turns his back and tilts his head.

ES: And as far as your title shot goes, you lost the right to dictate anything to me, you are nothing more than a loser who should simply retire than continue his poisonous career. But you know what I will give you a little glimpse into the future that is Ethan Shaw...Ever since day one when I revealed my presence to the public I foretold of a great revelation that would take place...I told you the future which was a simple matter to discuss. Because I am the one who creates it. Time itself resides with me...And absolutely no one else. I am the way of the future. And I am the new....beginning...and i am coming for....

Shaw stops and sniggers....

ES: Tick Tock, I'll Kill the Flame!

Ethan Shaw

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6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Thursday 21st January 2021

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