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6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday January 31st 2021

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6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday January 31st 2021 Empty 6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday January 31st 2021

Post by JJJohnson Fri 22 Jan 2021, 10:28 am

6CW Presents Proving Grounds - THE ROAD TO GENESIS


Show lineup:

"Open Gauntlet" for the 6WF World Heavyweight Championship
King Karl Kramer (c) vs ???
Confirmed participants: Daniel Reilly, Jackson Jackson, Jimmy Phillips, Robin Reborn, Uryu Ishida


Undisputed 6CW World Heavyweight Championship
Clarke James (c) vs Marshall Murdoch (c)

6CW Creative

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6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday January 31st 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday January 31st 2021

Post by Uryu Ishida Sun 24 Jan 2021, 2:45 pm

Uryu is seen on the roof of the arena in his wrestling gear, almost blizzard like conditions surround and attack him as he practices a few kicks and rolling techniques yet the camera picks up frustration and dissapointment as he repeats a few small sequences.

UI: Still not right! Come on Uryu, pull it together!

He stops and sits next to a heating pipe as he looks down at his hands starting to shake as he continues to talk to himself.

UI: You know he is just pushing your buttons...he doesn't want to stop. The man doesn't want to stop until I am a mess. He needs to understand that poking the bear is not a good thing. This old bear has teeth, claws and...and...

Uryu slowly looks up at the sky, snow hitting his face as he sighs and holds his head in his hands.

UI: What am I even doing... Ethan has me rattled, the guy who I need to speak to doesn't trust me and..well...

Christy: Well?

Uryu suddenly leaps to his feet and jumps back in surprise.

UI: What are you? how long have you been? Why are you here?

Uryu completely flustered and in a panic gets a warm smile from Christy as he composes himself.

C: I came to wish you luck, seeing as you need it right now.

Uryu takes in a few deep breaths and looks concerned.

UI: know Gazzy has seen what happened after he left, right?

C: Yes, I came to help after your rough match and we talked.

UI: Yes we did but I doubt Gazzy is going to believe that. He is starting to act like a loose cannon. All I want to do is set the record straight.

C: You are an optimist even now...Gazzy has been acting very aggressively and I don't think he cares who he takes it out on. Just...don't let it be you...

Uryu looks at Christys concerned face and nods.

UI: I want to kick Ethans ass just as bad as Gazzy does and honestly...I am sick of his mind games! I just want him in a match where I will beat him from pillar to post!

Uryu then roars in frustration at the sky as Christy puts her hand on his shoulder, calming him.

C: Look, maybe I can get Grohl to give you and my husband what you want. Ethan Shaw, two on one handicap match. Settle it all in the ring.

Uryu nods but remains skeptical.

UI: You can try but I don't think it will happen...

Uryu then looks at Christy smiling as he smiles back briefly.

UI: What we spoke about last week...I've had a think about it. Are you sure about it? Even with history being what it is?

C: It's my choice Uryu...

UI: Alright, just making sure.

The blizzard starts to calm as Uryu sees Christy shivering and embraces her in a hug.

UI: Come on, lets get back in before you freeze.

Uryu Ishida

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6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday January 31st 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday January 31st 2021

Post by Marky Tue 26 Jan 2021, 7:25 am

Jackson Jackson is sat in his locker room, taping his wrists ahead of the gauntlet match. He sighs as somebody knocks on the door, and in a monotone voice Jackson shouts "come in". Jackson looks at the open door in shock, the camera pans round to see Max Adamson stood there, in a navy blue suit, with a white shirt and an Australian flag tie. Adamson grins as he and Jackson hug.

Jackson: What are you doing here Max?

Adamson straightens out his suit after the brief hug with Jackson, and smirks

Max: Actually, Jackson. That's the question I'm here to ask you. Pleasantries out of the way, mate, I'm here because I was so offended by the absolute sh*tshow you've been putting on ever since you lost the 6CW World Heavyweight Championship.

Jackson looks put out as Adamson continues

Max: Jackson, you've got all of the talent and ability I had. Maybe even more. But the difference is, ever since you won and eventually lost that World Championship, you've lost all your motivation. You have no drive, no desire. No ambition. I can see how its happened though, you aren't solely to blame. How can you? You spend your whole life, from childhood to adulthood, with one goal. You work hard, you train harder, and after several years of wrestling training, honing your craft, then getting into 6CW, becoming Tag Team Champion, going away, working even harder, coming back into a sixteen man Iron Man Tournament, winning and becoming THE NEW WORLD CHAMPION...

Adamson grins as Jackson is sat reminiscing

Max: ...Its easy to see how you could have no more goals to achieve. See, the difference between us is, once I lost a World Championship, I worked even harder to win it back. That's why I won four. Five if you include the one I awarded myself in 6wE... Its like... Okay, its like I'm Lewis Hamilton, I've won World Championships, but I want more. The number I have never is, and never will be, enough. And you... You're Nico Rosberg. You won the big one, but then you quit. I mean, physically you're still here, but mentally... You ain't here. You checked out. One and done. And I blame myself, because last time I checked, I thought I'd done a pretty decent job of moulding you into a better version of me. Clearly, I've failed.

Jackson stands up, taking objection to Adamson's words

Jackson: Now hang on. I've never been any version of you. I've only ever been Jackson f*cking Jackson. Maybe you're right, maybe I have lacked focus since I achieved my dreams. But don't pretend I'm some kind of Diet Adamson. I'm full fat Jackson.

Adamson laughs and mocks "full fat Jackson"

Max: Ah, mate... That nickname sucks... But I'll tell you what. Enjoy your Gauntlet Match tonight. I dont fancy your chances, mainly because you haven't mentally prepared enough. But I'll stick around. I'll watch from backstage, hang out with some of the guys, obviously while trying to avoid Uryu Ishida... And maybe you'll surprise me. Maybe you won't. Hit me up later, and I can help you going forward. Good luck tonight, you need it.

Jackson looks in shock as Adamson leaves the locker room, with the door wide open, Jackson is silent as all you can hear is the hum of activity from backstage


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6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday January 31st 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday January 31st 2021

Post by DanielReilly Wed 27 Jan 2021, 8:12 am

‘Broken Dreams’ blast out through the arena as Daniel Reilly strolls out into the empty arena, surveying the empty seats around him before slowly strolling down towards the empty ring. He takes a second before climbing up and into the ring, slowly walking around it before reaching to an assistant at ringside for a microphone.

DR: I made my return here to reclaim the Championship that belongs to me, the 6CW Championship! Now everyone here knows that if you dangle a championship sized carrot in front of Daniel Reilly, well then it’s fair to say you have my attention.
I have declared myself for the 6WF Championship gauntlet and you’d be a fool to not put your money on me! I look at the confirmed names and I see not a single person who can shine a light to what I’ve accomplished! Not one man who can do what I do when I step into this ring!
I’ve been here, I’ve done that, yes I’ve been around the block but since my return, I’ve came back and each and every night, I’ve came out here and proved that I still have it, I am still the most dangerous man in wrestling!
There isn’t a single man in this gauntlet match who can do what I do or perform like I perform! And just to piss me off just a little bit more, the guy warming my Championship for me is walking around calling himself King! Now Karl, allow me to formally introduce myself to you. I am the real King around here, I am the King of the Streets! I run things around here and I will snatch that crown right off your head when I stand across the ring from you after dismantling the rest of these punks!
These guys are no match for me and to be quite frank, the fact I have to even go through them is a joke! I should be on top of the mountain and 6CW management want to put obstacles in my path, well I say Frak your obstacles! I’m going in focused and ready for war!
I refuse to leave this Sunday without cementing my legacy as the best to ever do this!
I’m coming to play on Sunday and anyone in my path will do so at their peril, I am the King of the Street and this Sunday, I will add 6WF Champion to my CV!


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6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday January 31st 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday January 31st 2021

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