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6CW Proving Grounds 28th Feb 2021

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6CW Proving Grounds 28th Feb 2021 Empty 6CW Proving Grounds 28th Feb 2021

Post by JJJohnson Thu 18 Feb 2021, 9:25 am

Confirmed for the show:

6CW Tag Team Title Tournament
Revolution (Daniel Reilly/Perfect Jack) vs The Wolf Gang (Drake/Ojore)

6CW Tag Team Title Tournament
The Empire vs EZ Money/Rasta

Handicap (At Wood's request)
Liam Wood vs The Death Squad

*Former 6CW World Champion, Geoff Steel is in action

*GazzyD/Uryu Ishida search for Christy James

*Elimination Chamber Qualifiers (Including Jackson Jackson, Robin Reborn, Jimmy Phillips and Marty Helms)

*Update on Clarke James/Marshall Murdoch/6CW Championship

*Plus much more

6CW Creative

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6CW Proving Grounds 28th Feb 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds 28th Feb 2021

Post by Steel Thu 18 Feb 2021, 10:31 pm

We cut to the backstage area, Geoff Steel can be seen stretching out in one of the corridors alone, he finishes up and picks up a bottle containing green liquid from the floor besides him, he takes a large drink. The familiar voice of Jeff Thaddeus can then be heard from out of shot.

JT: Hey Geoff, just wanted to say welcome home, it’s a pleasure to see you back.

Steel takes the bottle away from his mouth and holds it against his side.

GS: Thanks Jeff, I’m happy to be back.

JT: So how did all this come about, guess you couldn’t resist a shot at a title.

GS: You know me too well Jeff, I’ve always been one to grab every opportunity by the horns. It all happened pretty quick once the announcement was made that anybody had the opportunity to take part I made my enquiries, then it was just all about logistics from there and making sure the correct protocols were followed,two weeks in isolation in a hotel, consistent negative tests and I was given the all clear to make my return. It’s actually my first day back amongst the real world so double the cause for celebration I was starting to go a little stir crazy, i signed an NDA ahead of time so having to keep why I suddenly went off grid from those closest to me has been the biggest challenge, Im already getting slightly nervous about switching my phone back on, no doubt I’ll have some very angry messages to respond to.

JT: Needs must Geoff, I’m sure they can appreciate the need for silence, the noise that crowd made tonight must make the initial struggle worth while.

A huge grin come across Steels face.

GS: That’s what it’s always been about for me Jeff giving those fans a reason to get excited, it’s a strange time at the moment and if I can bring even an ounce of joy to a persons day it been worth while. That reaction was special though and it hit home just how much I’ve missed this place it’s been far too long.

JT: I’m sure it would have made it even sweeter had you advanced into the latter stages of the match, were you confident heading in you had what it took to get the win.

Geoff laughs

GS: I’m not as cocksure as I used to be, ten years ago I’d have backed myself a thousand percent and been extremely frustrated in myself that I didn’t bring it home, I’d like to think I’ve matured in the time I’ve been away, I knew going in I was going up against guys who have been in that ring week in week out there bodies used to the punishment who wouldn’t miss a beat. Whilst I’ve kept in shape and looked after myself these kale and kiwi juices ensure I get the vitamins I need, i couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve been in an environment that intense I’d like to think I held my own mostly and I’m certainly not just back to make up the numbers living off my previous achievements, there’s a lot of work needed that much is clear before I’m back at the level I want to be at, that’s all part of the journey though that’s what makes it exciting to me. I won’t lie though winning the 6WF title on my first night back was something I allowed myself to dream about, i spent a fair amount of time in 6WF and never once managed to hold that belt, sure I came close but it always evaded me, it’s a glaring blot in my copybook. Guess I’ll just have to climb my way back up to the point I’m considered a legitimate challenger again.

JT: Well I’ve just been informed you’ll be in action on our next show, no better place to start.

GS: You’re not wrong Jeff, hopefully it’s a level playing field and I get a fair crack of the whip next time out. I definitely didn’t think after one match I’d have several people already gunning after me, this is 6CW though I shouldn’t have been so naive to think I’d just be allowed to go about my business without people noticing, Although a lot of the faces have changed this place hasn’t changed all that much it seems, I wouldn’t want it any other way though it wouldn’t be home otherwise.

JT: Enjoy the rest of your evening Geoff.

GS: Si Thi

Steel then takes another long drink, then exits.


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6CW Proving Grounds 28th Feb 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds 28th Feb 2021

Post by Uryu Ishida Sat 20 Feb 2021, 5:04 pm

Uryu is seen pacing on the roof as he kicks the door into the building again and again.


The door forcefully swings back open as Uryu returns to pacing. Frank walks up the stairs and sees Uryu practicing kicks against the air.

Frank: You know they can hear you on the arena floor.

Uryu spins around and Frank has to duck to avoid a roundhouse kick Uryu threw wildly. Frank scowls and Uryu sighs in frustration.

F: Nice to know you care Uryu...

Uryu sits on the ground and sighs as he looks up at Frank.

F: We looked high and low, we can't find her.

UI: Look again...

F: Uryu...


Frank grabs his radio and talks into it.

F: Restart the search...again...

He puts it back on his belt.

F: There, search fourteen starting, happy?

Uryu quietly mutters to himself as Frank sits next to him.

F: And I thought you and Gazzy wrecking my office was bad. You are going loony.

Uryu turns and glares at Frank who shakes his head.

UI: I...just care about my friend...

F: Sure...and if it were me in this situation and not Christy you would be acting the same?

A few seconds of silence go by.

F: Thought so...

UI: Why aren't you looking?

F: I am, starting at the roof and going down.

Uryu shoves Frank over violently.

UI: Don't be a smartass! Not today!

Frank slowly stands up and looks down at Uryu.

F: Fine, you know that feeling better than me. I will keep looking. You keep brooding and thinking on what would have been instead of what it is.

Frank heads back into the building, leaving Uryu alone on the roof.

Uryu Ishida

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6CW Proving Grounds 28th Feb 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds 28th Feb 2021

Post by Ethan Shaw Sun 21 Feb 2021, 9:19 pm

A ticking of a clock can be heard as the screen remains black.

ES: What a sight. What a sound…

A swinging spotlight turns on as am empty chair emerges as the clock swings away we can see that we are inside an empty warehouse. As the light swings back a woman tied to chair with a black duffle bag on her head, with an electric timer clock on the side. The clock reveals 6 days, 1h, 30 seconds.
As the clock swings away again you can only see the timer ticking away as the light swings back Shaw appears by the side of the chair on the left side.

ES: Oh Hello, How do I introduce myself at this point…So many people have given me so many names I almost find it flattering you may know me simply as the man the call Shaw…Ethan Shaw…Mr.GazzyD, Mr.Uryu, this message is for the both of you…You see you thought our path had finished and that this…This right here would be over simply because this (Shaw points to his Title) is around my waist…But you were wrong. This isn’t my motivation, (Shaw chucks his title to the floor), this isn’t my goal, neither my purpose…Our paths will meet again…Because you are yet to understand the outcome that you find yourselves in.

Shaw begins to walk around the tied down girl as he strokes her neck, and sniggers.

ES: You see this…this situation right here…this reminds me of a funny story. So let me take a moment to tell you this funny story…You see there was this boy named Gareth, and he use to like to play near the railroad tracks. Leave the house, venture off into the woods, and have himself a good time, playing for hours…Now one day. Hahahaha. For no particular reason…It was not a good day, not a good time to be where he was. Same thing he always does, on the weekend he would go out and play near the railroad tracks. But after that day no one ever saw Gareth ever…and I mean ever again…The END.

Shaw stops and begins to smile menacingly at the camera.

ES: That was a funny story right? Did you two understand the moral of that story? Hein? Well there is not really one, because you see that is what you call real life…Because you see sometimes bad things happen to people with great potential, for no particular reason…You understand what I am trying to explain to you? Are you?

Shaw then stares at the girl and snaps as he kicks the chair hard as the girl falls to her side as panic screams are head…

ES: It is interesting to me to see how people react when fear take-over their mind, like, like see this individual…She finds herself in a bit of situation that is out of her control because she cannot anticipate what I may do next…So she sits there on this dirty floor waiting for someone to save her from this predicament…But we can also look at the two of you. Two men who have beaten the hell out of each other and screwed each other over more than I can count are willing to now work together to fight a common enemy…The only issue is that I am not common…And your alliance is built on weak foundations. You see, you cannot understand what I have given you…I have given you time, I have given you relevance, I have given you the chance to manage your own destinies without this cancerous weakness stopping you. You can now focus with the emptiness and time you now have…But you won’t…Pity…You had great potential the two of you…But I guess…I will just simply have to kill the flame…
The light goes off as the screams get louder and bangs are heard across the room.

Ethan Shaw

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6CW Proving Grounds 28th Feb 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds 28th Feb 2021

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