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6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday 7th March 2021

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6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday 7th March 2021 Empty 6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday 7th March 2021

Post by JJJohnson Sun 28 Feb 2021, 9:42 am

Confirmed for the show:

*King Karl Kramer vs Tyler Roth - Falls Count Anywhere

*Clarke James/Marshall Murdoch - Contract signing for 6CW Championship match at Genesis

*The Next Big Things vs The Parasite Killers II - Tag Team Championship Tournament

*The Empire vs Revolution - Tag Team Championship Tournament

*GazzyD vs Uryu Ishida - Elimination Chamber Qualifier (who will agree to face Ethan Shaw at Genesis?)

*Geoff Steel vs Jackson Jackson vs Robin Reborn

*Liam Wood will address Jimmy Phillips, UK Championship at Genesis and The Death Squad

*Marty Helms to call out Dante Phoenix

*GWF Champion, Mike Masters will appear. What is the motive behind his return?

*Plus much more

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6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday 7th March 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday 7th March 2021

Post by Uryu Ishida Sun 28 Feb 2021, 4:09 pm

The titantron flashes up as a cameraman slowly pans up to a set of stairs and reveals Uryu looking down yet not looking into the camera. He looks into the camera, eyes looking like they have not slept much as he takes in a tired breath and releases a low sigh.

UI: What do I do...What do I do this time? On one hand...Ethan Shaw deserves so much pain, regret...fury and sadness. Worry, anger, despondance. He deserves all my years of sorrow just to understand how far he has taken me... then he deserves every single blow that has been rained down on this body, all those years of submissions, injuries...the hospital stays..

He chuckles briefly to himself, an attempt at self motivation tried many, many times.

UI:...The awful food, being woken up every two hours just to check that I am still somehow alive. The sometimes sad moments that make me realise I still am...He deserves every single moment of those times where I am in pain yet still had to do the right thing. Crawl out of bed, train through coughing up blood, vomit and god knows what else. Hobble to the arena and greet everyone who works hard behind the scenes even though it hurts to smile. I would sigh and not say a word but sadness hurts me even more...

Uryu starts coughing heavily into his hand and almost falls forward down the stairs, the cameraman takes a few steps forward but Uryu puts his hand forward as the cameraman stops as Uryu breathes heavily as he sits back up and puts his coughing hand onto the wall.

UI: I...I'm just the price of...doing the right thing. So Gazzy should understand...I defended a friend when he wasn't in the building. I did the right thing...yet I am blamed for it. I am sorry she was brought into this...but I am not the one he should be venting at...yet it is happening. Yet...yet...yet...yet...fate leaves me a reason for continuing to opportunity to fight in the Elimination Chamber and get my hands on the man a way, started this mess. The man I should have beaten what seems like an eternity ago...I...

Uryu bashes the wall next to him with his fist and laughs, slowly turning into crying and frustration as he repeatedly hits the wall.

UI: WHY!?! Why do you tempt me so much Ethan? You put me in front of a man who has been blaming me every step of the order to save my friend I have to lose to him, or worse..lay down and let him win... Yet I can see him wanting to try the same thing...he has a right to do so, even more than myself...yet...there is an unwritten rule I follow besides doing the right thing...hell I have been following it every single time I have stepped into the ring. Most of you can guess what it is...and that I cannot break it. It would disrespect my fans, the folks who built and stepped into the ring...

Uryu starts coughing heavily again as he starts to stand up and slowly walks past the camera.

UI: The price of being a good man...I have to get through to him that I am not his target...

Uryu enters the building, a brief smile given to the camera as he leaves the shot and as the camera turns back it spots blood on the wall where Uryu put his hand when coughing.

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6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday 7th March 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday 7th March 2021

Post by Steel Mon 01 Mar 2021, 10:18 pm

Last Resorts sounds out from the speakers to announce the arrival of Geoff Steel, Steel walks out onto the empty arena stage. He purposefully strides down the ramp before collecting a microphone from the ring steps and climbs into the ring. He he stands in the centre of the ring looking around at all the empty seats waiting for his music to fade.

Steel lifts the microphone to his mouth.

GS: Somehow I don’t think I will ever get used to this, of all the strange things I’ve done in my career, coming out here and monologging to myself in complete silence is just surreal. Hopefully it’s not long before we can welcome all you people back if not only for my own sanity. I did come out here for a reason though, there’s a couple of topics I feel need an address.

Steel pumps the air with his fist

GS:First off I’m ecstatic to have picked up my first win since coming back, it’s out of the way now and I’m glad that it hasn’t been a drawn out process, the doubts never had chance to rear themselves in my head, it means for me I can start to concentrate more on what comes next I can start planning my moves on how I climb that mountain. I’ve earned another shot at the 6WF whilst six competitors in the elimination chamber is more manageable than the gauntlet match I won’t allow that to lead to complacency.
What works in my favour is history I know exactly the effort it takes to walk out of an elimination chamber the victor and whilst luck definitely plays a part, if called upon I will be ready to go from the first minute you can guarantee I will be prepared for the endurance test. Look at the guys that have already qualified, competitors at the very top of their game, the thought alone of taking them on is salivating it can’t come soon enough. I will get a taste of what’s ahead this coming week when I face off against Reborn and Jackson it’s an opportunity to stake an early claim and seize a mental advantage, there both as fierce as any opponent I’m likely to come across it’s yet another chance for me to gauge what level I’m currently operating at.

Steel starts to pace the ring.

GS: I also feel I need to make comment on this chatter I’ve heard spreading about me being given an easier ride that somehow I haven’t earned what’s coming my way. I’ve made it abundantly clear I’m back because I have unfinished business and I’m here to work hard to achieve my goals. If the name Geoff Steel gives me a leg up based on previous achievements there’s nothing really much I can do about that and I’m not just going to refuse a match based on this idea it’s beyond me at this point. If anything the bigger the challenge thrown my way the likelier I am to fail and I’ll soon get found out if I can’t compete at that level, that won’t stop me though I’m not just going to give, up I’ll fight tooth and nail to proof I have what it takes. If your one of those frustrated feeling like I’m back and I’ve taken your spot or been given an opportunity ahead of you, that’s on you, that’s all on you to proof why you shouldn’t be overlooked in the future, it’s not on me to fight your corner for you. The truth hurts and your damn right I’m here to take your spot, nobody in 6CW should believe their spot is guaranteed, hunger is what drives this company forward.

Steel shrugs his shoulders.

GS: If you’ve given it some thought and after all that you still feel aggrieved well you know where to find me. I’m more than happy to further proof my point.

Steel lowers the microphone signalling he is finished.


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6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday 7th March 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds - Sunday 7th March 2021

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