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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 15th April 2021

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 15th April 2021 Empty 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 15th April 2021

Post by JJJohnson Thu 08 Apr 2021, 1:54 am

Show lineup:

*All the fallout from the Genesis PPV

*How will Clarke James react to the news that he will defend the 6CW Championship against Marshall Murdoch in a Last Man Standing match at Day of Reckoning? Will Marshall Murdoch seek retribution after losing his title?

*Will Tyler Roth demand vengeance on The Empire? Or will a new challenger emerge for the 6WF Championship?

*With the Gateway to Glory on the horizon, who will be next to join The Saint and Mike Masters by throwing their name in the hat? Who will earn a title shot at Night of Glory IX?

*The Saint makes his in-ring return against GWF Champion, Mike Masters. Will ring rust factor? Or will Masters be Sainted?

*Can Robin Reborn build upon a tremendous performance inside of the Elimination Chamber? Will The Wolf Gang answer for another failure?

*Cameron Faith is back in 6CW. A return never to be forgotten but an unsuccessful bid for greatness. What is next for Faith? 

*Can Geoff Steel rekindle his Night of Glory dream following a setback? Is Jackson Jackson back in Max Adamson's shadow? With the Gateway to Glory around the corner, who can change their fortunes in a short space of time?

*Who will step up to challenge The Next Big Things for the 6CW Tag Team Championships?

*Who sent Emmy the rose? Is Liam Wood worried? Are The Death Squad likely to rear their heads again or is the chapter closed?

*Will Jimmy Phillips target Wood again or will he set his sights elsewhere? Will the "Haunting of the Hall of Fame" look for bigger and grander opportunities?

*Updates on Christy James. How will GazzyD react to what happened to his wife? Who will he blame? Will Uryu or Ethan Shaw speak on what happened during Destination Elevation? Gazzy is set to appear live to call out Uryu.

*Ethan Shaw remains the TV Champion but will he defend consistently or will the 6CW Council be forced to take charge of the situation?

*Will the 6CW Council rule on Marty Helms after his assault of Renier Grohl at Genesis?

*Has anyone seen or heard from Hellion or Dante Phoenix? Are we likely to see either in a 6CW ring again?

*Can Revolution fix their teething problems or is the newly formed tag team doomed to fail? Can the tag partners/former rivals sort out their differences?

*Will the Parasite Killers get their demands for a title shot met?

*Plus much, much more

Confirmed matches:

Cameron Faith/Geoff Steel/Jackson Jackson vs The Wolf Gang

Mike Masters vs The Saint

Revolution vs The Death Squad

*GazzyD calls out Uryu Ishida

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 15th April 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 15th April 2021

Post by Uryu Ishida Sun 11 Apr 2021, 7:21 pm

Uryu slowly walks to the ring with a mic as "Hold on Tight to Your Dream" starts to play, he quickly signals it to be stopped.

UI: Not the time for that...I have a few things to answer.

Uryu rolls into the ring and leans on the ropes facing the ramp.

UI: So...Genesis... Ethan Shaw...and...the unfortunate accident with our esteemed collegue and my friend Christy James. I will state that I did not ask her to come to my match. I have watched the match and being in a similar position to her...I would have done the exact same thing. I would have climbed the scaffold and done everything in my power to beat Ethan Shaw from pillar to post!

Uryu pauses a few moments, trying to shake off lingering pain and doubt.

UI: for what happened about...ugh...

He kicks the bottom rope in frustration.

UI: I am once again put into a situation...where no matter what I say...I can't win. Am I sorry for what happened to Christy? Yes. Is she her own person? Yes. Did I do all I could to help her afterwards? Yes...and that includes leaving her in the best of care and not getting in their way. What exactly could I have done there? I'm not a doctor and I would have only been in the way of the professionals. So I left them to their work and collapsed in a bathroom. I've spoken to her doctor there and she assured me her recovery is progressing well.

Uryu lowers the mic and shakes his head.

UI: I...I wanted to stay...but being the kind of man I am...I know I did the right thing...I always have done in my career. I stick by my friends and help when I can, throwing myself in the deep end to protect them. I didn't mind doing that because I was the only one getting hurt. Yet now...I honestly feel like I kinda deserve the kicking I'm doubtlessly gonna get. It was me charging at Ethan that is partially to blame for this situation happening.

Uryu then walks to the opposite ropes, so his back is away from the ramp, and leans on them.

UI: Gazzy, come on down and get it over with. Get all that anger out of your system, blame me for everything if it makes you feel better. I have just been doing what I feel is right...

Uryu calm yet degected looks around at the crowd as he waits.

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 15th April 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 15th April 2021

Post by Ethan Shaw Mon 12 Apr 2021, 3:04 pm

As Uryu looks on a shadow emerges from the back as Ethan Shaw makes his way out gingerly holding his back and golden bat in hand with the TV Championship on his shoulder as he makes his way to the centre of the ramp. Shaw tilts his head to the side.

ES: Mr.Ishida...It seems that as usual history has repeated itself, and for all your goodwill and positive intentions the outcomes remain the same. You seem to be unable to accept the fact as to who you really are. A selfish, self-serving, washed up has been who needed to be put down like the dog that you are...But once again you continue to prey on another man's wife and put her in harms way...What happened to Christy Jame is not on me...It is entirely on you. Did i ask for her to be involved in this devastating, possibly career ending match?

No...However Mr.Ishida, as usual you show that your ambitions outweigh your capabilities, and you realise that, which is why you are willing to sacrifice others to get to where you want to...Whether or not you asked Mrs.James to get involved or not is not the question because you knew full well that the outcome would be the same, which would be throwing your body off that platform and ending your career once and for all. You knew that, didn't you Mr.Ishida? Time with ticking away as you tried to survive every second that you could, because you knew with every blow that I was landing on you, that somewhere in the back Mrs.James would be watching you with closed eyes knowing that one moment or another she was going to get involved to come to your rescue. Hell, you even admitted that yourself! Didn't you just say that? Lets take a look!

Shaw points to the titantron where Uryu appears from his promo a little earlier:

"I will state that I did not ask her to come to my match. I have watched the match and being in a similar position to her...I would have done the exact same thing. I would have climbed the scaffold and done everything in my power to beat Ethan Shaw from pillar to post!"

Shaw appears on screen again.

ES: Funny that...You would have done the exact same thing, that sounds to me like you are an encouraging people to put themselves in the line of fire on your behalf...The more the days and weeks and months go by, the more you reveal yourself Mr.Ishida. You see it isn't me the monster who people fear but it is you. How sick must you be to put a women in such a dangerous predicament with me...You only knew what that outcome would be. And yet, after all the controversy...After all the press and media about what you call an "Accident" but i call inevitability you now stand here playing the victim, the beaten dog look...Cry me a river i see through you Mr.Ishida, i saw you for the true monster that you are...I was going to do the world a favour to put you down and out once and for all...But maybe just maybe i will leave that honour to GazzyD...At the end of the day my job is done...My message has been sent loud and clear...I am here standing and STILL your 6CW TV Champion!

Ethan Shaw

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 15th April 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 15th April 2021

Post by Steel Mon 12 Apr 2021, 7:27 pm

The cameras are in the backstage area following the events of Genesis, as the camera wonders the corridors, a door swings open and out walks Geoff Steel still in ring attire, his face showing the effects of the elimination chamber with blotches of dried blood visible, he holds an ice pack with one hand to his head. Steel begins to walk away when a shout can be heard.

TA: Geoff, hell of a match that was, any thoughts?

Steel slowly turns around to face Tim.

GS: my only real thought at the moment is where can I get a strong drink and some painkillers Tim, there will be plenty of time to dissect what happened out there tonight, right now I don’t have the mental capacity everything’s all a bit hazy, for starters I’m getting the feeling there were more people in that ring tonight than there should have been, I must have been seeing double even before my head rebounded of that structure.

TA: I don’t think it was just you seeing double Geoff, the Wolfpack sure did a number on you?

GS: Thanks for clearing up who was responsible Tim, I looked in the mirror earlier and assumed it was the worst children’s entertainer ever who’d been let loose on me, turns out it was actually my insides. What is clear in my mind now Tim is that there’s no escaping from the Wolfpack, the confrontation is now inevitable and we are heading for a collision, It’s becoming far too frequent them interjecting themselves in my business, well now they have my sole attention and that’s very bad news for them.

TA: Are you considering yourself out of the title picture for now Geoff?

GS: Twice now the Wolfpack have cost me an opportunity of claiming the title, for the moment they need to be my focus to ensure there not in the picture the next time opportunity come knocking, sometimes you have to take a step back to take two steps forward. If that means I also get to make fools of the Wolfpack it’s a price worth paying.

TA: Thanks for your time Geoff, I won’t keep you.

GS: Thanks, if anybody wants me in the next few hours tell them to check to the hotel bar.

Steel walks off looking slightly uneasy on his feet.


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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 15th April 2021 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 15th April 2021

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