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Congratulations! G.E.M.S.

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Congratulations! G.E.M.S. Empty Congratulations! G.E.M.S.

Post by laverfan Sun 18 Jul 2021, 8:02 pm

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Monfils! Gael & Elina Tie The Knot

Congratulations to the new couple.


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Congratulations! G.E.M.S. Empty Re: Congratulations! G.E.M.S.

Post by sirfredperry Mon 19 Jul 2021, 8:40 am

Guess Elina will still play under her maiden name which seems the norm these days. There are a number of marrieds/mothers playing at present and still appearing as miss/ms.

Henin and Matteck did tag their married names on. But it seems the days of Mrs Cawley (Goolagong) and Mrs Lloyd (Chrissie Evert) are gone.


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