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English 6 Nations

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English 6 Nations - Page 17 Empty English 6 Nations

Post by No 7&1/2 Wed 05 Jan 2022, 2:52 pm

First topic message reminder :

A potential answer to a potential problem. Baxter has said that if there is a risk of cancellations or playing in front of 1 man and his dog you may as well play all the games in England.

I suppose an interesting suggestion. If they could agree a slice of revenue from whichever grounds would host along with some teams giving up home advantage would people want to see this? It doesn't reduce the risk at all, merely increases it surely, gives England an advantage. It's unlikely the Government will bring in further restrictions as their hands are tied by the back benchers so reduces the risk of last minute changes. Just a big melting pot of cross contamination.

'Rob Baxter, Exeter’s director of rugby, believes that playing this season’s Six Nations in one country has “got to be better than cancelling it”.

The tournament is due to kick off in Dublin and Edinburgh on 5 February but currently finds itself shrouded in uncertainty. Under current Welsh Government restrictions imposed due to the pandemic and, specifically, the omicron variant, Wales would have to play scheduled home games against Scotland, France and Italy behind closed doors. Scotland are in a similar position for games at Murrayfield, while it has been reported that Wales could consider moving their home against Scotland, France and Italy to England.

Financial implications of behind-closed-doors home games for the Welsh Rugby Union would be significant. They faced an identical situation for last season’s tournament, with the shutters being down for matches against Ireland and England. Full crowds were, however, allowed at the Principality Stadium for Wales’ recent Autumn Nations Series before fresh restrictions took effect from Boxing Day.

Capacity crowds are currently allowed in England, provided spectators can prove full vaccination status or provide a negative lateral flow test. Against such a backdrop, playing the whole competition – it takes place across five weekends between early February and mid-March – in one country with permitted crowds has also been mooted in some quarters.

“The whole beauty of the Six Nations has been that change of environment, that change of weather conditions, going to play in Scotland, Wales, Ireland – those are the great challenges,” said Baxter. “That’s what makes the Six Nations such a great competition to win. You’ve seen French teams in that one week they can beat anyone in the world in Paris, and then the next week it doesn’t go quite so well in Cardiff. That’s the beauty of the tournament, that’s what from a rugby perspective I am sure we would all want to see happen.

“That said, we can’t all sit here and pretend the world is in an ideal place at the moment. For the national bodies, their responsibility goes beyond the professional sport, it goes right down to grassroots rugby, so if playing the tournament provides a level of income that cancelling it or no crowds doesn’t create, then we’ve got to look at the next best scenario. If the next best scenario is playing it in one country, where you can have sellout crowds, you can raise some revenue and you can keep that income stream going for all the bodies, then it’s got to be better than cancelling it.

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“I think with every sporting body, it’s revenue that is the biggest thing that has been damaged, so anything that can keep revenue online has got to be preferable to just binning things for a season,” Baxter added. “We’ve all had to try and find a way to keep going, to try and keep revenue coming in. It’s the same with any business, you’ve got to explore those options.”

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English 6 Nations - Page 17 Empty Re: English 6 Nations

Post by formerly known as Sam Mon 14 Mar 2022, 9:36 pm

GeordieFalcon wrote:In fact we pretty much know what the majority of the team will be:

1 Genge
2 George
3 Stuart
4 TBC (Probably Launchbury or Would he go for young Chissum?? i seriously doubt it)
5 Itoje

6 Lawes
7 TBC - Simmonds or Underhill
8 TBC - Dombrandt / Simmonds

9 Randall
10 Smith
11 Nowell
12 Slade
13 Marchant
14 Malins
15 Steward

I'd expect Launchbury. Only way I can see Ollie Chessum getting a start is if Eddie decides he wants to maintain the three lock option and puts Chessum at 6 and reverts Lawes to the row where he and Itoje were so effective. Chessum likes a lineout steal and the French lineout looked targetable.

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English 6 Nations - Page 17 Empty Re: English 6 Nations

Post by formerly known as Sam Mon 14 Mar 2022, 9:40 pm

MichaelT wrote:Is George Martin injured?

Possibly. Unsure whether he was rotated for rest or has a knock as he wasn't selected at the weekend and Borthwick has a no discussing injury policy. He's been playing really well this season but Eddie wants him to work on his carrying game as although he's always willing it can be hit and miss. He's not 21 until the summer so there's plenty of time for him yet.

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English 6 Nations - Page 17 Empty Re: English 6 Nations

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