Dalgleish, mending bridges?

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Dalgleish, mending bridges? Empty Dalgleish, mending bridges?

Post by Day V Lately on Thu 17 Feb 2011, 4:32 pm

Before the Anfield Derby I stopped short of writing an article on the old 606 (previous name james_toneys_gut), about how pleased I was with Dalgleish's comments, mainly due to laziness on may part.

Now I realise my fellow evertonians have had enough of hearing about Kenny, after the King Kenny media overdrive, but todays he comes out with more comments that could go some way to restoreing the strained realationships betweens Merseyside's bickering siblings.

When quizzed on how he felt to be leading Liverpool for the first time in Europe due to being banned last time, He responded that others such as Everton suffered more, as they were innocent at the time and were still banned. He didnt have to say that and I doubt he was prompted to bring up Everton by the journalist so fair play to the fella, and after the spoilt child Benitez's constant bitter post match rants, I'm sure Dalgleish's presence in Merseyside's football spotlight will have a positive affect between the clubs.

Just thought he deserved a bit of credit. :shooter:

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