"Nobel" Lance?

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"Nobel" Lance?

Post by Azabache on Fri 01 Apr 2011, 9:06 am

Just heard the news that the Swedish Academy is to honour Lance Armstrong with a special Nobel Prize, later this month.

The Citation will include references to his unique achievements in winning an unprecedented (and never-to-be-repeated?) seven Tours de France and will also mention his global charity work.

It is understood that Mr. Armstrong was approached a few years ago but modestly declined the honour as he was contemplating the return to competitive cycling that came about in 2009. Apparently, the announcement is to presage an imminent career move for the revered Texan and unconfirmed rumours in the United States centre on a bid for the Republican Governorship of that state.

Extracts of the Citation mention: “...his unique contribution to sporting excellence, global harmonisation and development....selfless devotion to team ethos....and [with apparent reference to the Livestrong yellow wristbands] the extension of the concept of proactive charity through novel methods that excite the imagination of a World Participative Audience....”

I’m sure fellow posters will be as ecstatic as I was to hear this wonderful news.

Surely the conferring of France’s highest award-the Légion d'Honneur- can only be a matter of time; and what better gift in this Royal Wedding year than Her Majesty to award a British honorary Knighthood?

Arise Sir Lance?


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