Gary Speed - one year on

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Gary Speed - one year on Empty Gary Speed - one year on

Post by spencerclarke on Tue 27 Nov 2012, 1:06 pm

Afternoon all,

Just a quick comment I would like to make one year on from Gary Speed's death.

One in three people will suffer from depression of some level at some stage in their life. It's an illness like others even though you can't see it. When it affect's peoples sleep it can wreck lives and lead to people make the wrong decisions in life. Keep an eye out for the signs in yourself and friends and family. That moan or whinge that looks like attention seeking might just be a cry for help.

Depression can be just as hard to deal with as other illnesses. Sometimes harder as it's difficult at times to know why you are suffering and people often do not understand what they can not see. If you are suffering there are always others going through the same thing and help is available. Don't feel ashamed to admit you are having trouble and don't bottle things up. It might take an outsider for you to be able to share your thoughts with, Bob Hoskins was right. 'It's good to talk'.

If you are lucky enough to not suffer from depression don't view those that do as weak or 'it's all in their head'.

RIP Gary and my thoughts are with his family.


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