New Euro Division?

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New Euro Division? Empty New Euro Division?

Post by Afro on Sun 18 Sep 2016, 10:53 am

Anyone up for a new league?

I'm thinking...

Real life teams, no drafts.

Simple tactics.

Odd number of teams. 3 people don't play each week and vote on matches
Voting a simple case of choosing a winner, no draws.
Unanimous win gets +2 "goal difference", split decision gets +1

One TP per week, plus bonus TP for each lawyer accepted.
2 lawyers per week. They can be random or nominated. Random ones at value + 5%, nominated ones at -5%
Releases only between seasons

League position determined by number of wins and then GD.
No scorers.

Some form of bonus to be determined to help raise money.
Miky runs it.

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New Euro Division? Empty Re: New Euro Division?

Post by Holymiky on Tue 20 Sep 2016, 1:24 pm

I'm up for this, not sure how the chosen TPs would work apart from the obvious, could potentially cause issues though couldn't it?


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New Euro Division? Empty Re: New Euro Division?

Post by Trebs on Tue 20 Sep 2016, 1:38 pm

Hey, so it looks like we've got wires crossed.
I posted this the other day - and think there's merit in both the ideas we've put forward.
My suggestion would be to make some kind of combination of the two.

Trebs wrote:Hey, so I've decided that now is the time to set up a new league. I feel refreshed and good to go.

The idea is that it will be an easy one to run, not too much effort required to make it work.

The teams will be low Premier League sides, with a plan to go on for two seasons before rebooting/resetting/doing something else.

Teams will be randomly allocated, with £25m initial budget irrespective of the side. If there is an odd number of managers (which I'm hoping for - then one will miss that week and be the voter). If there is an even number then we will have to work something out.

Foreign transfers will be done in the standard way, using Transfermarkt prices.

But lawyers will be different, in the sense that they don't exist. Instead, you can sell ONE player per week at 75% of TM value of your choice. Any subsequent releases are at 50%. But anyone looking to sign any of these players must pay 75% price. So there could be some bargains in there and hopefully this will stimulate domestics.

In addition to this, everyone can add £2m every week to their budget, win, draw or lose.

Tactics will be short, 150 words INCLUDING everything: substitutes, team talk and so on. And your inital squad must contain 23 players (any players on loan are considered permanent deals, so for example, Loic Remy is a Crystal Palace player).  

During the season, you may have up to 25 players in your squad. There will be FOUR injuries per week, taken at random. Once a player has been injured three times in a season, they are immune from injuries for the rest of the season - to prevent me deliberately injuring Pogba every week.

The other thing I'd be keen for is some sort of rewards scheme to make people want to finish in certain positions, I'd like relegation for the bottom two and something for finishing top four, just to add something to play for.

I'll take on the injuries, but I could do with some help:
Injuries - Trebs
League Table
Transfers/Players In League

Crystal Palace
(Southampton if required)


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New Euro Division? Empty Re: New Euro Division?

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