6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by JJJohnson on Wed 09 May 2018, 10:59 am

Match 1
GazzyD/Liam Wood/Mr Kenty vs Bam Sparkleston/Lion/Uryu Ishida

Match 2
Cameron Faith vs Marty Helms

*Keith Leone enters the Circus of Horrors

Match 3
James McManus/Mike Hill vs O'Callaghan/Vincent Costello

Main Event
Anthony Grace/Frank Horrigan/Jackson Jackson vs Cerberus/Clarke James/Perfect Jack

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by Marky on Thu 10 May 2018, 2:07 pm

"Machine Gun" by Portishead hits and the crowd boo, as Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan walk out to the stage, Max Adamson is noticeably absent as the former Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring. Both men are in their ring attire, Jackson looking particularly annoyed at recent events. Jackson snatches a microphone from ringside.

Jackson: Cut the music. Cut it right now. This shambles needs to end. And it needs to end immediately. We are just a few weeks away from our 6CW World Tag Team Championship match, we have a big 6 man tag match first, but all anybody can talk about is "Max this", or "Max that". F*ck Max.

The crowd audibly gasps as Jackson snarls into the microphone

Jackson: This isn't about our esteemed manager. When we won the Tag Team Championship from James McManus and The Fanatic, we won it because of what Frank and I did inside this squared circle. We did it with our own wrestling ability. Max got us into 6CW, and he helped us get our opportunity, but the actual results came from us two. We were never beaten for those Tag Titles, and on June 5th, inside the Tokyo Dome in Japan, we WILL win back those illustrious Championships.

Jackson hands the microphone to Horrigan who is much calmer

Horrigan: Jack and Clarke are on borrowed time. They can play "besties" with Max all they want, whether it's genuine or they're trying to get into our heads, the truth in the matter is that it will all be for nothing. The pair of them will get a taste of what's to come when we get our hands on them two weeks early. I don't know if Max will be present or not, but for his sake, he needs to stay out of our way. He needs to stay out of the ring, he needs to understand that being retired means staying retired. Being our manager means being our manager, not our third wheel. And he needs to understand that if he does anything that negatively impacts us winning back our Tag Team Championships, he's gonna need a lot more than OxyContin to recover from what will happen to him.

(Harold: Oh wow...)

Horrigan hands the microphone back to the now grinning Jackson

Jackson: See, this... This is why we are a great tag team. Always on the same page. As for this 6 man tag match before we get to Japan, we have to team with your 6CW World Champion Anthony Grace...

Jackson smirks as the mere mention of Grace's name draws heavy booing from the fans in attendance

Jackson: Listen yeah, Anthony Grace gets a lot of flak from the boys in the Locker Room, they don't think he's earned his place in this company, they don't think he's earned his place in this industry, but let me tell you something. Anthony Grace doesn't have many friends in the back, but he can be certain that in this ring are two guys who will be honoured to stand alongside Anthony Grace. When that bell rings, and Grace has Cerberus going after him, your boys Jackson and Frank will gladly stand alongside Grace and fight off that freak. Grace has a lot of things going for him, and has angered a lot of people, but to be alone in a war is something nobody should have to deal with.

Jackson laughs to himself

Jackson: And they call us the bad guys... Look at the horrible things us bad guys are doing... Like offering an olive branch to an alienated work colleague. Not like those good guys with their homophobic tweets and horrible, unfounded, libelous allegations. Wrestling fans are so retarded sometimes... The point is. We are coming for the Tag Team Championships. And while it looks bad for Grace facing Cerberus inside a Steel Cage, and for us with our indecisive management, by the end of June 5th, 6CW Genesis, inside the Tokyo Dome in Japan, Anthony Grace will remain the 6CW World Champion, and Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan WILL be your NEW World 6CW World Tag Team World Heavyweight World Champions of the World... World.

Jackson and Horrigan raise their arms aloft to more booing from the 6CW faithful, Jackson mockingly does a heart shape with his hands to the camera as the boos continue


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by Mat on Fri 11 May 2018, 9:10 pm

*Tim Allen is stood in the backstage area...

TA: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time...Mike Hill!

*The crowd descend into boos as the veteran saunters into picture, he smirks down the camera at the crowd reaction.

TA: So Mike, I suppose the question on everyone's lips is...why Vincent Costello? Why did you attack him? Why has he attracted your ire?

Mike Hill: This isn't personal Tim. Unfortunately, Vincent just found himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time, nothing more than that.

TA: How so?

Mike Hill: Mike Hill was getting to that Tim, so next time you've got such a biting follow-up question, why not just hold up a second before cutting off the Next Big Thing.

Cast your minds back to the re-up of 6CW and the first edition of Anarchy. The first match of this new era and who do they give it to? Vincent freaking Costello. And not only that, but before the match, they roll out the red carpet and welcome this guy back like he's the second coming of Jesus Christ.
Mike Hill was watching this unfold from the backstage area, and the one thing digging away at Mike Hill more than anything else was...who the hell is this guy? Like, Mike Hill had never even seen this man before. Mike Hill wondered whether he one of these guys that all the nerds on Twitter rave about that no-one has ever actually heard of?

But a quick Twitter search told Mike Hill that was apparently not the case. So Mike Hill asked one of the lackeys, sorry, valued members of production, who is this guy that everyone is falling over themselves for? And Mike Hill is told that it's Vincent Costello, the two-time EWF World Champion apparently.

And the first thing that came to mind when Mike Hill was told this was, what the hell is EWF and is it contagious? But apparently, it was some two-bit promotion from back in the day. Now obviously, Mike Hill didn't know this as at that time he was winning world championships, epitomising excellence and curating a Hall Of Fame Career in the biggest wrestling company of the time, 6WF. EWF wasn't even on Mike Hill's radar.  

That was when things finally hit home for Mike Hill. There I am, the most well-known member of the roster, the best wrestler in the company, the competitor with the most accolades and greatest pedigree, sat waiting for a return with no fanfare in a multi-man main event while this guy Costello is getting to be in the first match of the re-up.

There was no great build-up or promotion of the return to competitive action of Mike Hill, just a couple of quick comments from those two idiots on the commentary box. Mike Hill is a man who should have social media campaigns hyping his return, billboard with his face advertising the latest 6CW merchandise. Not a bit-part spot in a battle royal.

It could have been any other number of people, it just so happened that Vincent was the man who the 6CW hierarchy decided to hype instead of Mike Hill. It was Vincent whose presence lead to the greatest wrestler on the planet being so disrespected and disregarded by his employers. Mike Hill was damn close to handing in his notice before it even begun, going across the pond and headlining Wrestlemania.

But no, Mike Hill decided to finally put an end to the disgusting mistreatment he has suffered in the past years. For too long, Mike Hill has been over-looked in favour of guys who quite simply aren't fit to lace his boots. Vincent Costello is one of those men. He is not on Mike Hill's level. He can only dream of achieving what Mike Hill has achieved.

The bosses don't listen, so Mike Hill decided to show them. That's why Mike Hill attacked Vincent Costello, to prove a point.

TA: And if you don't mind me asking Mike, what point was that?

*Hill glares at Allen for a second.

MH: The point is this Tim...Mike Hill is the best god damn wrestler in the world and it's about time he was treated like it. And anyone who gets in the way of Mike Hill's return to his rightful spot in the Main Event will be disposed of and taken out of the way, one way or another.

*Hill shoves the mic aside and strides off down the corridor.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by The Last Outlaw on Sun 13 May 2018, 9:48 pm

The arena is bubbling over with noise and the crowd are having fun, but all that is changed as Remedy by Seether kicks in

HA: Oh wow, that is how to turn an atmosphere sour!

The crowd burst into a symphony of boos as Marty Helms walks out onto the stage

HE: The Last Outlaw! Impact in every step of his return here so far, this is a man with a plan and I think each part has been genius.

HA: You would…

Helms walks to the ring with a confident swagger, laughing at the fans who berate him. He sees one leaning over the railings and stops, pointing to him and gesturing from the camera to the fan. You can hear him saying “look at this idiot!”

HA: I can’t understand this arrogance, Helms was not this guy in EWF and when he joined 6CW.

HE: This is a winner’s attitude, brother. This is going to lead Marty Helms, The Greatest in waiting, this will lead him to titles and glory.

Helms rolls into the ring and grabs a mic

MH: Let’s give it up to that guy over there, whose stomach is hanging over his pants almost as much as he was hanging over the rail to get to me. Look at him! What do you people think you can do to me?! I’m a deadly weapon.

He looks around the arena

And good lord could the world do with me starting the cleansing process right here. There’s thousands of people sitting in here that no one would miss - oh hell we’d be saving the benefits office an awful lot of money on air fresheners.

The boos ring out again and Helms laugh

MH: Look, Harold was about to make a comment!

Harold Lloyd looks up at Helms as he stands leaning over the ropes confronting the commentator

MH: What was it, Harold? Something wonderfully insightful, I’m sure. Come on, how are you still doing this thing? Do you even know where you are? Why are you still being paid? Or is this some sort of care in the community project? Cos you seem like a senile, washed-up Jim Ross rip off, but you seem to have chosen how to be a dementia ridden version of his Bell;s Palsy days.

The commentator looks shocked and Helms just stares at him as Harold eventually looks down, saddened. Henry finally takes on the mantle

HE: That...that was too far. That’s not right…

Helms starts to swagger across the ring, twirling the microphone as the crowd boo

MH: Look at you animals. Shocked at me? Me?! I’m the one who is being kind here, that man is on the brink of dying in that chair. I’m helping this goddamn company with every swing of my fist; did anyone want to watch Uryu Ishida?! God no! So I ended that bulls*** - I put both him and whatever Bam is to sleep. They got what that pathetic weasel Lion was too scared to stand up to, hiding behind a little roll up and running away. Lesson learned, ready for the next man that stands in my way.

HA: He’s disgraceful

HE: Some of this stuff is true, brother. Some…

MH: Cameron Faith is out the back now saying goodbyes, if he knows what’s good for him. This is the last time he’ll perform for 6CW, after tonight he’ll be rolled around sucking his food through a straw and hoping that computer voice is lying spare from Hawking’s automobile. I have no time for washed up idiots like him, and even less time for the Scottish.

The crowd boo

MH: Anyone wearing a kilt to can take independence from Britain by drowning in the ******* sea.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by TwisT on Wed 16 May 2018, 2:17 pm

Suddenly a sweet piano intro plays before "Power" blasts out around the arena. The stage is bathed in gold and Anthony Grace steps out to a chorus of boos. He smugly readjusts the 6CW World Championship on the shoulder of his white coat and strides down the aisle. He stops midway to look at his partners in the ring, before shaking his head and pushing his sunglasses back against eyes. When Grace enters the ring, he casually shoos Jackson and Horrigan away. "Power" starts to quieten down, but the crowd still boo as Grace takes out a gold microphone from his coat pocket. He takes another look at Jackson and Horrigan, before speaking into the mic.

AG: I give much thanks to these two gentlemen as the 6CW World Heavyweight World Champion of the World... World.

Grace laughs.

AG: Oh but why set your sights so low and want to be the champion of the world? Surely my prestigious title reign has proved to you that Anthony Grace is far and away the best 6CW World Champion that has ever lived and in fact should now be crowned champion of the universe. The 6CW Universe. What a pity that universe is beset with unbelievers to my golden greatness.

He holds his hand out at the jeering audience. Taking a deep breath he stares at the audience.

AG: I used to say you needed to believe to achieve......ah what heady times! Being the peoples champion that everyone wanted to love and shake hands with. But what did that get me? What accolades did I win? A resource of such power and magnitude in a free-falling and doomed organisation. But my ill use by the 6CW management was only lessened by my ability to sell merchandise. From every vendor in every arena, Anthony Grace endorsed products flew off the shelves. And of course, it is due to that money spinner that 6CW is in more profitable times.

Grace paces the ring.

AG: So why mention the past when everyone of you is gazing at not only the present but the future? Well......it seems that the two individuals I am facing have brought out their own Rainbow range. A spectacle of dreadful in an array of colours. And they have done this because? Maybe they feel left out, maybe they want to stand out from the crowd. Maybe they are trying to be funny.

Grace sighs.

AG: So what can the World Champion do? Destroy it? Ban it? You see I spent my time thinking about this and my own conclusion was the same one I came to when I thought about the old 6CW…..

He stares at the camera.

AG: When people get bored, it will soon die out and they will be off trying to find their new gimmick to stay relevant.

He stares at Jackson and Horrigan.

AG: You two should be honoured to stand alongside me. But more importantly you should be bright enough to see the importance. Treat me right in this match and you will get those 6CW World Tag Team Championship belts quicker than you can ever do it on your own…..

Grace slaps his head in disbelief mockingly.

AG: Ah but you aren’t alone right! You have your manager. Yes…..and how is that working out for you right now?

Grace laughs.

AG: Gentlemen, side with the man who actually wields the power. Not wishes he still had some.

He looks at the crowd again.

AG: And as for Cerberus and is little magic act in the last show. It was cute I give him that. But most importantly it has pushed the PPV buy rates through the roof and given myself a nice little bonus in my pocket.

Grace stays calm as the fans boo again.

AG: Walker thinks he holds all the cards but plans are already in motion to derail his hopes and wishes. And Cerberus, well you are there for those little moments that make people tune in and watch on the edge of their seat. But apart from that, there is no way you will be 6CW World Champion.

Grace takes a deep breath.

AG: Whatever the odds staked against me, you can’t beat the man that owns the casino. And 6CW know better than to return to those dark days of Anthony Grace being anywhere other than top of the food chain.

He drops the microphone to his side and waits for a reply


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by Uryu Ishida on Thu 17 May 2018, 6:09 pm

"Mr Blue Sky" suddenly blares out as Uryu walks out to a cheering crowd, though his eyes stare at Marty Helms as he walks to the ring.

UI: Marty, let me remind you of what happened last week. You lost. You lost to Lion, one on one, with no one but yourself to blame for it. You lost to a man who you thought was beneath you and what do you go ahead and do? You throw a tantrum and interfere in a match i'm involved in...again. While I am not suprised by this you seem to think that you are going to get away with it. You think that all your actions have no consequences and you can just go on and be the guy who wrecks matches. Well I am telling you that Genesis, I am personally going to stop you from being the TV Champion.

The crowd cheer as Uryu gets in Marty Helms' face.

HL: A bold statement there.

UI: You have a problem with me? You think i'm old, washed up, degenerate, one foot in the grave, whatever! You think I am beneath you, just like you thought Lion was and probably think that Bam is too but I have one big advantage over them. I have the knowledge that you think I am the most dangerous of the three. You want to interfere in every match I have and prove yourself better than me? Well all you did was prove how much of a desperate, ball-less, joke you are! Yeah, you intimidate the audience and announcers but you do not intimidate me. Your threats do not rattle me because you cannot back them up. You have no power over me Marty and that must really burn you up inside. So watch this six man tag match carefully this week. You are going to realise this week that whilst Lion is a danger and Bam is in need of a translator that I am the most dangerous man in that fatal four way match at Genesis because I have fought a lot more battles than those two combined. I have worked harder to get where I am more than those two combined and I will show you that you should never look down on anyone again.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by Michael_Sweetwater on Sat 19 May 2018, 2:11 pm

*Lion is standing with Tim Allen, ready to be interviewed. Allen speaks first.

“Lion, good to see you again and you come into this week’s show with some strong momentum. That was a very clever victory over Marty Helms”

*Lion thinks for a second as he sees that Allen is leading with a statement rather than a question.

“Yes, it was a good win. It was the kind of win that a wrestler takes, wrestling being the art form that counters just plain fighting. Marty Helms wanted to hurt me, but he did not think about how to beat me. I go into wrestling matches to win them, and it looks like they’re finding out that my aims are achieved too.”

*Allen nods then asks a question.

“Are you excited to team up tonight and face three huge names in GazzyD, Liam Wood and the returnee, Mr Kenty?”

“Challenge is what this business is about. Hall of fame careers in 6CW, that resonates worldwide. So if these men want to be more than just the past of wrestling, they come into this match looking to prove they are, at the very least, the leading lights of the present day too. It is our job, Uryu, Bam and I, to try and remind them that it was hard work that got them on the pedestal they sit on, and without it they will be kicked off by better men. I look to prove that I am one of them”

*Allen doesn’t hesitate to fire in another question

“And you think you can take these men down?”

*Lion again stops to ponder what has been said, which causes Allen to interrupt

“Hesitation is rarely a sign of confidence, Mr Lion”

“But it is often a sign of intelligence, Mr Allen. Maybe this is where 6CW went wrong in the past, building up these men as unconquerable legends when they were always fragile, there to be beaten, there to be taken on. Hopefully, Mr Walker and his people will learn from that and we won’t see these men promoted above their station.”

“So you expect to win?”

“I aim to win, as always. The name Lion may not mean much to you, but I didn’t just burst on the scene. Those months when 6CW officials and fans were looking elsewhere for their wrestling fix were just a highlight of my current form - it is why the Tokyo Dome does not intimidate me, it is why bullies don’t scare me. Climbing to the mountain top is what I do, that you will all see...again”

*Lion walks away and the interview ends.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by The Last Outlaw on Sat 19 May 2018, 8:21 pm

Helms looks down at Uryu whilst laughing

MH: Nope, still gonna do it, helps you to know your place. And it seems to me like you have no idea where you are.

Helms turns away from Uryu and looks towards the turnbuckle.

MH: If I could address you two for a minute. The TA. It’s great you’ve magically joined us in the ring…

Helms chuckles to himself

HA: What on Earth?

Helms turns back to Uryu

MH: Do you even know where you are? There’s just nothing but nonsense that ever spills out of your mouth, but then what do you expect from a man who got asked the question “What should your ring name be?” and answered “Whatever is Japanese for cystitus”

A laugh goes out from a usually unsupportive crowd

MH: Does that sting? Or burn? Because the type of pain will let me know if you’ve got a woman’s bladder or full blown AIDs.

ENOUGH! I’m done insulting you, it’s a waste of my time. The best you can do is bring up how amazing you must be cos I kicked your ass...I did it cos I can, not cos you matter. Lion had taken the coward’s route so I took out you and glittertard.

Get this into your head, you worthless douche. I do what I want. Just cos Lion had four months making YouTube videos on Nokia phones in Mexico and Japan means I care about him.

Just because Bam Dam the Tram got sh*t out by TMZ does not matter to me.

And just because Max Adamson is still trying to work out if he knows your name from his Hentai collection does not mean I care if you live or die.

I am here to drain the swamp, and you three are just the ass hair that covers the sewage pipe.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by x12x on Sat 19 May 2018, 8:30 pm

As the scene opens we find ourselves in the reception area of Alex Walker's office, the receptionist can be seen sorting through files as Liam Wood storms in through the door. Wood slams his hand down on the desk causing the receptionist to jump and look up at the frustrated superstar.

Where's Walker...I need to have a word with him

Receptionist (Rec): Er, I'm sorry but you'll need to book an -

Wood cuts the receptionist off quickly before speaking.

Excuse me? Do you really expect me to book an appointment?

The receptionist sheepishly nods slowly at Wood who grits his teeth before shaking his head.

Yeah...that's NOT going to happen...you see, I'm not some enhancement talent here to bend over and say please...when I want something, I get it...and right now, I need to talk to that dumb prick Alex Walker. You see, if he thinks I'm teaming up with Mr Kenty and Gazzy D...he's got another thing coming. Do you understand?!

Rec: I'm sorry but he's out at the moment so you're going to have to book an appointment if you want to speak to him...

No...no...NO! I don't 'have' to do anything...normal people have to do things, Liam Wood does what he wants. Having to things is for people like you, people who can be replaced. Do you think I'm ANYTHING like you?!

The receptionist takes a deep breath and composes herself, brushing off Wood's comments before replying.

Rec: You can call him on this number but before you do, there is something else I have to talk to you about.

Wood rolls his eyes but motions for the receptionist to speak

Rec: Well...er...the last few times we've let you talk to the crowd, you've used certain words that have really upset a few of the fans. We've began to get a record number of complaints...

which word?

Rec: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] used it to describe Mr Kenty on multiple occasions.

So? He is a ret@rd...I'm shocked he can talk in fully formed sentences let alone wrestle...who cares anyway, it's just a word and people need to realise that being offended, means jack sh¡t at the end of the day. Were you offended?

Rec: Well actually I have a friend wh-

Wood puts his finger to her lips, shushing her

Nobody cares...not only are you in a pointless job but your opinion means nothing. There are bigger things to worry about than some fans crying over a word...the fans, can go f*ck themselves for all I care...the real victim here, is ME!

The receptionist looks confused but Wood continues

Don't worry, I didn't think you'd understand anyway...those fans though, the ones who cry themselves to sleep because I call Kenty what he truly is are the same sort of fans who rain down abuse at me week in, week out...those fans are the same fans who cheer when I get hurt or attacked by Mr Kenty when he's meant to be the damn referee...

...Those fans can act like they're being good people but they aren't! They're just out to get me, just like your pr¡ck of a boss who seems to want to put me in handicap matches and let referees screw me over.

So tell HR that Liam Wood said f*ck off and tell Walker that he can suck my d!ck too.

Wood turns around and walks out of the office, as he does the receptionist scowls

Rec: d!ckhead.

The scene ends.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by Uryu Ishida on Sat 19 May 2018, 9:37 pm

Uryu suddenly blocks Marty Helms from leaving the ring.

UI: I'm sorry were those words supposed to hurt me? You are running out of steam if thats all you have to insult me with. You are faltering, flopping around like a dying fish with your words and it's quite sad. Seeing someone in this company who doesn't have the balls to back up his words. Seeing you just yell, scream, insult and bite like a small child throwing a tantrum. What's your plan for Genesis? Run to the commentary booth, grab a mic and moan about how myself, Lion and Bam shouldn't be in this match? What if you get pinned in that match? You gonna complain to Alex Walker and say you were robbed? that we somehow cheated? I will give you what he will likely say.

Uryu clears his throat.

UI: Get lost you whining little b!tch! I brought the best talent here and if you can't deal with them, then leave!

As the crowd cheer, Uryu leaves the ring and stops at the top of the ramp.

UI: I hope you prove you can do something other than talk because If you even think you have won at Genesis already then you have already lost. See you in Japan.

Uryu heads backstage and passes a familiar watercooler, turns to look at it. Shakes his head and then heads into the locker room.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by Perfect Jack on Sun 20 May 2018, 10:28 pm

Perfect Jack and Clarke James are backstage heading towards their lockeroom after Jack's match against Jackson Jackson when they are stopped by Timothy Allen.

TA: Perfect Jack great win tonight against one half of The TA in Jackson Jackson, with the accidental help from their manager, Max Adamson. Thoughts?

PJ: Help? What do you mean?

TA: Max speared Jackson Jackson which allowed you to get the pinfall victory over him.

PJ: Ah I see. Well to be honest, I did all the hard work, I laid all the ground work. Max just "accidentally" speared Jackson Jackson. Which I gratefully took advantage of. So now when you look at it my way, I did all the hard work.

TA: You did all the hard work?

Perfect Jack has a big smile on his face because he thinks Timothy Allen is agreeing with him.

PJ: I'm so glad you agree with me.

CJ: And I'm glad you agree with him. With that being said, I do believe we have yet another night of celebrations to attend to.

PJ: You are so right my friend, I'll tell you what, drinks are on me tonight my friend. You can come too Timothy.

TA: Really? You mean it?

PJ: Sure! I'll get you a nice pint of water while me and Clarke here sample the finest beverages the local drinking establishments have to offer.

TA: Gee, thanks.

PJ: You're welcome!

Perfect Jack and Clarke James walk off with big smiles on their faces.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by Engel Harlequin on Mon 21 May 2018, 11:17 am

The scene opens in a room lit up by an open flame, Engel sits staring manically into the glowing embers flickering in front of him.

EH: Don't fly close too the sun they said. Icarus once flew up into the sky on hand made wings, he rose up...way into the sky. But you see, Icarus wanted to get even higher, maybe he wanted to touch the Sun, maybe he wanted to be a legend...an icon. But the higher Icarus got the farther the ultimate fall.

Engel lifts up an unlit candle above the fire and the wax begins to melt quickly. Drip drip drip into the fire.

EH: As Icarus reached up towards the Sun, towards greatness...the wax holding his wings together melted, the wings seperated and Icarus fell down...down into the darkness...hehehe.

Engel drops the candle into the flames and rocks back and forth a grimace upon his face. The flames die down to a gentle glow.

EH: Keith...Leone you talk of reaching down deep inside yourself to a darkness of which I have never seen. You talk of being unfazed by the things I do. Come down...down into my world into my darkness Keith. Enter my circus of horrors. You are not ready...6CW is not ready for what you have unleashed. Follow me Keith follow me. Bathe in the shadow.

Engels eyes widen and bulge.

EH: Dig deep Keith, dig deep into the darkness but do not dig too deep. For when my self fulfilling prophecy hits. When the only light you see is the whites in my eyes.. buried...buried beneath all that expectation and hope...WHOSE LAUGHING NOW...hehehehehehehe

The scene fades.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by Hero on Mon 21 May 2018, 12:56 pm

The scene cuts to outside where Bam Sparkleston is surrounded by a crowd including his friends Poopz and Mr PT. A BamFamTV logo replaces the 6CW one in the corner of the screen.
Bam: ERMAHGERD!!!! Holla for all my Bam Baes out there! Bam Fam TV here with all the hundo P goss for da world of Sick C Dubyaaaa! BOOOOM!

This week fam we got a 6 way tag team match playas, we got Gazzy D, Liam Wood and Mrrrrrrrrrrr Keeeeeeeeeennnnnntttttttyyyy

Rest of the crowd: KENTY!

Bam: v the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow with no brain Uryu and the Gucciest Dorothy this side of the Yellow Brick Road, Bam Sparkleston!

Poopz: Hold up blud, did you just refer to yaself fam as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? Like legit?
Bam: She’s like da boss fam, killer shoes, taking down witches like bam, bam bam! Don’t you be throwing shade at my Dotty blud.
Mr PT: Dotty out! Dotty out!
Bam: Whoah whoah whoah there PT, Dotty is my bae fam, she’s lit as. That film is like da GOAT bruh, it’s awesome with awesome sauce on top. Two words for ya blud…Flying monkeys!
Poopz: Flying monkeys?

Bam: Legit as fam, thought I was on some heavy s**t but fo’ sho’ them mofos are keeping it real. Those guys would sort that old Helmet Head no probs.
Poopz: Helms well did a number on you blud, he was like getting in your grill, stomping it to ya. He’s so gonna bust ya ass at Genesis.
Mr PT: Jeez Gaydar alert Blud what’s with the Helms bromance? The guy’s waving the freak flag and you’re all fanboi over him.
Bam: Ermahgerd fam, if we’re talking freak alert then like Lion? Grown man, dressed like a lion? Hello?

Poopz: You wear rainbows and unicorns blud. Glasshouses and all fam.
Mr PT: Roflcopter at Bam!
Bam: Anyway blud, this ain’t the reason we’re here today fam, we’re here to ask the question on everyone’s lips?

Poopz: What that then Bam?

Bam: Laurel or Yammy?

Mr PT: Yammy!

Poopz: Laurel!

Mr PT: Laurel out!

Poopz: Yammy out!
Bam: Well that’s all from BamFam TV this week, stay safe and…Bye Felicia!!

Bam and the crowd all start to floss as the camera fades to black


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by Beer on Mon 21 May 2018, 1:54 pm

Charlotte Grey is shown standing among a raucous crowd of people, surrounded by multi-coloured banners and bunting…

Charlotte Grey: Ladies and Gentleman,  I’m currently stood outside the Headquarters of the LGBT Foundation in Manchester as Clarke James continues his somewhat questionable crusade for LGBT rights, and he’s joined by his usual sidekick, Perfect Jack, and 6CW Producer, Alicia Kenny, who has been the subject of some unsavoury comments from The TA’s, Jackson Jackson…. James is here today to launch his latest campaign…

The camera pans out to show James stood at a podium, a wave of banners aired in front of him. The camera swings round to show swathes of people stood chanting for the two men as James taps on the mic…

Clarke James: People, please…. If I could have a minute…


Clarke James: Thank you. Thank you all for coming out here to support us today. I just want to say I’m overwhelmed by your support. It’s been a touch couple of weeks. I know we as a community got off to a rough start together. But after some intense counselling, and hearing some of your wonderful, heart wrenching stories, it’s a cause I am well and truly behind.

When I look out and see so many of our ‘We are all Rainbow’s’ wristbands, it fills me with immense pride. I haven’t seen a movement take off with so much passion and dedication since Lance Armstrong lost his testical to the US Postal team.

What we as a community need to do is bond together and prove to the world that ignorant, narrow minded, hate filled people like Jackson Jackson are not allowed a platform to spew their vile, revolting message.

*Crowd cheer*

Clarke James: It’s my immense pleasure to introduce you to the inspiration behind our latest campaign. The woman we all stand with. Please, put your hands together for….. Alicia Kenny!

The crowd erupt as Alicia Kenny walks up to the podium where she embraces Jack and James. Jack takes her hand and mouths ‘thank you’ as James raises her arms in the air to huge applause…

Alice Kenny: Wow……

She takes a moment to step back and look around the crowd…

Alicia Kenny: To be standing here, at the centre of this, is incredible. I never believed some shallow, disrespectful comments could bring us to the forefront like this. From the day Clarke jumped to my defence on Twitter, I knew I had a friend for life…

James places his hands on his heart and blows a kiss towards Kenny…

Alicia Kenny: I know Clarke is deeply sorry for his actions and his comments, and it’s his wish to push this community further forward, and highlight the struggles of every single person who ever had to go through what we’ve gone through.

I’m not gay, or lesbian. I’m not trans. What I am, is a strong, confident woman. To some, I might not be an oil painting. I might not have the body of Beyonce, or the face and figure of Kylie Minogue. But I am a woman. I don’t deserve to be targeted, outed, victimised for how I look. And importantly, nor does man, woman, or child.

I don’t have a team of people to make me beautiful each and every day. We are all unique, and we are all beautiful. And today, it is my pleasure to stand here with Jack and James and announce the launch of our new campaign…’It’s ok to not look ok’…

The crowd erupt into cheers as a huge banner unfurls behind them with the slogan emblazoned across it in rainbow colours…

Alicia Kenny: Today, we take a stand against all the Jackson Jackson’s of the world. Remember, we are all beautiful. We are all rainbows, and from today onwards, for the rest of our lives, remember, it is ok to not look ok!

The crowd burst into applause as Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ echos from the speakers. James and Jack join Alicia Kenny on the podium and raise her hands in the air.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by Fernando on Mon 21 May 2018, 8:39 pm

The lights go out in the 6CW Arena s red lights flash around the arena as the screen lights up like a film beginning


A black and white film of Anthony Grace getting his ass kicked by Cerberus inside the cage 2 weeks ago plays infuriating the champ 

 "Haunted" begins to play as Cerberus walks out with a big grin and a CJ & PJ LGBT "We are all Rainbows" shirt on 

You look a little agitated champ...
I thought you like movies that you star in...
I mean it's you are an Z-list actor right so you should be glad that people get to see your face...
I mean it's not like everyone here enjoyed watching you getting throw around the cage 2 weeks ago now was it...

A massive cheer goes up and Cerberus'  going to kill you chant starts

On the plus side when you lose your title at genesis...
You can take dumb and dumber behind you and recreate 3 men and a baby...
Since we all know how fond you are of small children...

HA: Did Cerberus just suggest what i think he did?
HE: Yes, Yes he did...
HA: Someone get CJ & PJ here to save the children 
HE: Set up the fundraiser immediately 

It just amazes me after all this time that The TA can't see what's going on...
It's quite clear that Max has gone into business for himself yet again...
He built The TA and now he's destroying it because a better team has come along that he can piggyback off to get his drug money...
CJ & PJ are the heroes that 6CW deserve...
CJ & PJ are your Tag Team Champions

Does heart hand gesture whilst whispering to himself i can't believe im getting paid for this sh*t

Genesis will be a day that goes down in history of an all inclusive 6CW...
CJ & PJ will continue to reign over the Tag Division...
And i will take my rightful place at the top of the mountain after i dethrone Anthony....
And 6CW moves on from your pathetic charade of being a champion...

It's time to put some respect back into this title...
Rather then being ridiculed for having a Z-list actor holding it cos he wants to play champion...
You can plead and beg and try figure whatever way out you like Anthony...

When that bells ring im going to make sure you are only able to be identified by your teeth...
Im going to watch your lifeless body bounce off the cage walls face 1st over and over...
Until i feel it's the right time to lay to you to rest...
And let Your Death Bells Toll...

HA: Cerberus looks like a man focused with one intention in mind
HE: And that's bad news for anyone that stands in his way let alone Anthony Grace


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Post by Nay on Tue 22 May 2018, 8:40 am

*The capacity crowd explode as “I Fought the law” Blasts around out the arena as Cameron Faith,  dressed in his usual regalia swaggers out microphone in hand. He walks to each side of the stage acknowledging the fans before making his way to the ring.*

HA: An impressive in ring debut from Faith last week, he really took it to the World Champion before Grace walked away.

HE: That’s Anthony Grace to you, and our world champion can do what he wants. You, me and Grace knew he is way above Faiths pay grade and shouldn't have been put in such a demeaning match. Grace was just making that point.

HA: Demeaning? Faith looked like he was about to pick up one hell of a win on his return until Grace turned tail and ran. At least Faith had the last laugh.

HE: That was disgraceful, he should be treating the world champion with respect, not sticking his nose in business that doesn’t concern him.

*Faith is stood in the middle of the ring waiting on the “There’s only on Cameron Faith” chants to die down, before raising the microphone*

CF: What a return to action that was last week, the buzz, the thrill of competing against the best. I didn't realise I had missed it that much till I stepped into that ring, and what match it was.

It was back and forth, two men just looking to leave it all in the ring that is until, your world champion Anthony Grace ran like a little b*tch, when the going got  tough.

*Faith starts walking back and forth across the ring*

CF: Which is a shame really cause make no mistake about it Anthony Grace, can go with the best of them when he really puts his mind to it. The problem is he’s also f****** coward, so instead taking the loss like a man, he ran, robbing these fans of the opportunity to see you getting you ass kicked!!

Robbing me of a victory actually worth celebrating, but don't worry Grace, I ain't finished with you, see if Cerberus doesn’t end your career in that cage , I want a rematch, I demand a rematch!

Sure the record books show that I beat you, by rights I should be the number one contender, I beat the world champion after all, but I ain't accepting that count out as a victory.

*Faiths stops walking*

CF: See I told you all that i came back to test myself against the best, to put together a run of career defining victories and last week just didn’t do that for me, so I don't give a f*ck if you walk out of Genesis world champion, because title or no title I am coming for that win, b*tch.

*Faith waits patiently as once again the crowd have burst into “There’s only one Cameron Faith” chants.*

HE: Does someone want to remind Faith, this is a PG show, he better be looking at a big fine!

HA: Rumour has it he read the appropriate behaviour clause in his contract and just told Walker to keep his first months wages. I don't think he gives the proverbial about the new PG, so to speak.

HE: If true p, thats disgraceful , the guys taking libertys, I can’t wait for Helms to teach him a lesson this week.

*The crowd finally settle a little as Faiths nods appreciatively before raising the microphone again*

CF: Which bring to this week, and Marty Helms. Now, I got to admit I don't know much about him but what I’ve seen over the last few weeks, the guys impressive. He's tough, determined, likes to fight and know what he wants.

He's forced his way into to the TV title scene, is now the bookies favourite to win that match. It's gonna be a tough match, and you can guarantee that Helms ain't gonna sh*te it and run.

I mean the guy has it all.

*Faith pauses as a grin appears on his face*

CF: Well except for one thing, he ain't Cameron Faith.

So Helms, I wish you all the best I  your title match at Genesis, I really do! But here tonight, your just another name i'm gonna introduced to the sole of my size 9 boot.

*The fans erupt one last time with Faith starting to exit the ring as “I Fought the Law” starts blaring again*

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 22nd May 2018

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