About 606v2

In January of 2011, the BBC made the announcement of its intent to close its sports forum at the end of the 2010/11 football season due to cost cutting across the corporation. From the fallout of this announcement, the decision was made by some of its members to set up an alternative.

606v2 was born shortly afterwards.

The creation of 606v2 was simple in its origin - create a home where the various sporting communities could migrate to post May 2011. The original concept was to create a work friendly replacement where members could continue the discussions and friendships that had been created at the BBC - an online community for all.

The forum grew quickly and continues to grow today. In 12 months, 3,800 members have already made the move to this site, which boasts over 3 million hits per month.

This growth has allowed us to evolve, too. From the ashes of the BBC forum, 606v2 has evolved into something more. From a mere forum, this site is growing into a much more interactive online magazine - exclusive features, competitions and interviews have made 606v2 exceed its humble root

And there is more to come. No longer hampered by a typical forum structure, the site continues to grow due its activity on social media sites and through exclusive partnerships with sports clubs.

From humble beginnings, 606v2 continues to flourish and our current aim remains similar to our initial agenda - we are still an online community for all. However, our aim is to keep the site fresh by expanding that community.

We hope you enjoy the 606v2 experience.

If you have any comments or would like to discuss any joint opportunities with the 606v2 team, then please email 606v2@daveyconsulting.co.uk