Englands injury curse

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Englands injury curse Empty Englands injury curse

Post by wrfc1980 on Fri 07 Mar 2014, 12:54 pm

The England Wales game on Sunday is a tight one to call. However the injuries to Cole, Corbesero, Tualagi and Vunipola really swing it the Welsh way. All 4 of these players are core to England and among our best. Question.
If Wales were to play England on Sunday without Adam Jones, Gething Jenkins, Jamie Roberts and Falatue (There equvilant of Englands injured players) how would they fare? I think England would win and would win well.


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Englands injury curse Empty Re: Englands injury curse

Post by propdavid_london on Mon 10 Mar 2014, 12:31 pm

I think that its a positive step that we/England can win without players considered Key only last year.
With those returning players there is more strength in depth.
The bench would have a whole new dynamic I suspect.
Would Mako V have a bench spot if Corbis was fit and in form? Marler has just had his best run for England!
Tuilagi may ocupy the bench spot of Barritt or another perhaps - a lot of people are talking of switching him to the wing.
Talking of wings there are plenty of those to come back into contention - Ashton (if on form), Wade, Yarde etc. Sharples?
Foden or Goode? as the back up now that Brown is pretty cemented in place.
Some of these will get an oportunity on tour youd hope.
England are starting to cultivate options in multiple positions.

Back to the post topic - On any given day, any team can switch off or rock up - Yes, Wales may struggle to cope with an injury list like that - but equally some of those new caps they would blood would stand then in good stead for future tournaments.

Its rarely ever a cricket score when these 2 teams meet.
Unless its the U20's!


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Englands injury curse Empty Re: Englands injury curse

Post by Peter Seabiscuit Wheeler on Mon 10 Mar 2014, 2:17 pm

Well its actually worked out alright for England, they now have some serious second choices or even players pushing to be first choice in a range of positions. The guys theyve bought in like Burrell and Wilson seem to be working out. CAre and Youngs swap shirts on a 6 monthly cycle as usual.

Foden ..is the obvious choice to replace Nowell whos the weakest of the new kids. He wont touch Brown of course, but could replace Goode on the bench if Lancatser deems it better to have a proper winger and go with Yarde or the other chap.

Tullagi is seriously pushed by Burrells try scoring record, but is the X factor player. The rest was needed.

Ditto Cole, Wilson has done OK now hes better but Cole is the class act when hes fit. Corbiserrio because of his long term injury concerns may struggle more to win a place back with Marler and Vunipola looking increasingly assured.

Croft may never recover properly form his injuries. Wood has been doing perfectly well in a balanced unit. I suspect if Croft does come back it would be on the bench first, England do lack depth in the flankers so Ive no doubt if he recovers hell be back in the extended squad, the matchday side may rely on injuries to others though.

BVP obviously a straight swap for tubs Morgan, but both seem to be doing well with their chances.

Ashton still cant tackle well enough for this Enbgland set up. Strettle is still a bit of a non entity and unlikely to get a look in anytime soon. Sharples used to be the golden boy but his star has faded a touch. It seems Watson, Yarde and Wade would be ahead of all at the minute.

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Englands injury curse Empty Re: Englands injury curse

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