6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 28 Nov 2014, 12:43 pm

Match 1
The Producers vs Bad Intentions

Match 2
Simon Cagero vs Terence Kray

Match 3
Red Arrows vs Bam Sparkleston/Enigma


Match 4
Jax Cutler vs Buck Riggins

Match 5
Max Adamson vs Anthony Grace

Main Event
#1 Contender (6CW Championship)
Ladder Match
Scott Harris vs Mike Masters vs Joshua vs JJ Johnson vs Jerome Dubois vs GazzyD vs DeMarcus Brown vs Enforcer

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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by x12x on Fri 28 Nov 2014, 12:49 pm

Our scene begins with shaky home video, it distorts and turns to static as smoke can be scene floating amongst the trees. The camera travels with the smoke getting thicker and darker causing the person behind the camera to cough and splutter. The camera continues to travel through the trees as it reaches a clearing where the sound of sobbing can be heard along with the sound of crackling flames as the camera picks up the sight of embers floating through the air.

The cameraman lowers the camera as he walks up revealing the ground that has various symbols burnt directly in to the ground along with the words “THE VOICES THEY CHANGE”. The man can be heard speaking under his breath as he walks further in to the clearing.

???: Oh...my......god...

The man stops dead in his tracks as the sound of sobbing has become louders and more audible on the camera. The man finally lifts the camera revealing the burning home of Edward Plague, the walls begin to collapse as the flames continue to engulf the victorian style mansion. Stood in front of the home are a group of people wearing the Brotherhood ropes all holding their plague masks in their hands. The camera gets closer slowly and as he does the members of the Brotherhood can be heard chanting amongst their cries

...NO CROWN...
...NO KING...


The chants continue with more and more members breaking up, suddenly one by one they begin to toss their masks in to the fire of the burning home before walking away and back in to the woods. A few members of the group walk past the camera, their faces emotionless, the marks of tears shown around their eyes.

The house continues to burn as the cameraman begins to back off, as he walks we hear him again.

???: What the hell is that?!

The man moves in closer to investigate as he spots writing that has been cut in to the tree, he begins to read it out loud, a sound of confusion at all times.

???: The fire punished the sins of the wrong man...the voices they change...the end is here...sweet oblivion open up your arms.

???: This is f***ed up...

The man turns back to film the house revealing the entire crowd removed apart from a single child stood watching the fire burn, the camera man begins to approach the child.

???: Where are your parents...what happened here.

The child looks up still holding his mask tightly, he smiles in to the camera and speaks

Child: Edward isn't here anymore, his mother wanted him to come home...he said he'd always love us but it was time for us to leave... will you miss him? I will.

With that the child throws his mask in to the fire and runs towards the woods before disappearing and leaving the man alone as the scene ends.


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by MtotheC on Sun 30 Nov 2014, 10:14 pm

TA: Good afternoon, I'm Tim Allen reporting for 6CW, backstage at Wembley Arena! Aftermath is just a few hours away and in a special exclusive interview for 6CW.com I have one of the big winners from Ground Zero, with me now the current reigning and defending EWF world champion... Vincent Costello!

The camera pans out to reveal VC standing smugly with the EWF title draped over his shoulder, dresses in a tailored suit he looks like the cat that got the cream

TA: Vincent how's does feel to have come out of the other side of hell in a cell with a victory over Liam Wood?

VC: You know what Tim, I'm in a reflective mood, so much so I'd like to share with you a story...

There once was a man, a man who got everything he ever wanted, he concurred everything that stood before him, every challenger, every enemy that was in his path... he smited down, laying waste to all that opposed him. But alas this great man, he grew complacent, he got to comfortable aloft the pedestal he shaped for himself and it wasn't long before a challenger who in comparison to the great man was nothing, but he had the hunger, he had the eye of the tiger and he took the great mans crown for his own.

Well Tim I may stand before you as the champion of the world, with Liam Wood clearly in my rear view now and on the run of my career but this great man will not grow complacent, I will never lose my hunger because my pedestal, the one Costello's Law has moulded from the ground up is unreachable, it's impenetrable and in all honesty Tim I'm only just getting started... If you thought you'd seen the most calculus, vindictive, merciless side of Vincent Costello before tonight then prepare yourselves and set your eyeballs to stunned because you haven't seen anything yet!

TA: So what's next for Vincent Costello here in 6CW? 

VC: Costello's Law has nothing left to prove, there are no questions left to be answered... I'm the champion and I will continue to defend this title with the honour and dignity I have up to this point.

The cream always rises to the top, yes it's a cliche, but why are cliches... cliches? Because they're true! And in the Aftermath of Ground Zero there's no questioning it, there's no denying it I am at the very top of 6CW. You know I read the the blogs Tim, I've seen the tweets... Before the PPV I was practically written off by all the critics...They said I couldn't beat Liam Wood, that he was a more superior wrestler, more technically gifted but like I've always said... Costello's Law finds a way, always has, always will. I may not be the most technical but I am the most dangerous FIGHTER in this company... just ask Liam Wood, he has the physical and emotional scars to prove it.

And tonight 6CW management in their infinite wisdom have decided to give me, the best damn thing on their roster the night off in ring duty, well that's fine, because you know what... I deserve it! But I won't be catching a west end show or hitting the town... I'll be here tonight when aftermath kicks off to ensure that all those critics, all the guys in the back and 6CW management know that the reign of Costello's Law has only just began!

TA: Finally Vincent, your match with Liam Wood at Ground Zero ended in somewhat controversial fashion with the Puppet Master Joshua inexplicably taking out your opponent, can you tell us what you know about the mysterious monsters reasons for doing so?

VC: Don't give me that controversial BS, I had Wood exactly where I wanted him before that maniac Joshua got involved and regardless of his actions the outcome of Hell In The Cell would have been exactly the same. And in regards to his reasons, who the hell knows and who the hell cares! Liam Wood got exactly what he deserved... A beating!

Costello shoves the microphone back into the hand of Tim Allen and walks off down the hallway


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by MtotheC on Mon 01 Dec 2014, 12:05 pm

HA: Welcome back to ringside, Aftermath has only just begun but what a show we have in store for you tonight!


Up the Bracket by the Libertines thunders out around the stadium to a raucous reaction from the 6CW fans, a spot light searches around the stadium for Kary…

HA: It’s the newest addition to the 6CW roster, the cockney crusader Terrance Kray!

HE: Where is he then?

The spot light continues to search around the arena before stopping at one of the fire exits… Kray can be seen making his way towards the ring through the crowd, everyone he passes patting him on the back or requesting to tag hands.

HA: Terry Kray was born and bred in east London, he’s one of their own and boy do these fans love a hometown guy!

HE: He’s a street thug, nothing more and another thing… what in the blue hell does ‘Ave-it’ even mean?!

HA: You should do your homework brother, Kray is far more than a street thug, he’s wrestled all over the world and held multiple championships, this guy is a legit competitor and a real coup for 6CW… there were federations in both America and here in England after his signature but Daniel Magnusson managed to tie him down to 6CW.

HE: He could have beaten Hulk Hogan and JJ Johnson in the same night for all I care; if he wants to impress me he needs to do it here in Wembley Arena inside a 6CW ring before I class him as a legit competitor!

Kray climbs over the guard rail and into the ring, collecting a microphone as he does so.

HA: And here comes Christy James to ringside it looks like she’s going to take this opportunity for an impromptu interview.

Christy climbs the steels steps and enters the ring, Terry lowering the middle rope for her as she enters.

HA: I guess she wants to know, like the rest of us just why Kray interjected himself between Cagero and Bam

HE: He had no right being out there and from what I’ve heard Simon is PO’d

CJ: Terry you’ve been on the independent scene for a couple years now, wrestling up and down the country, can you tell us just how it feels to be here in 6CW having signed with a major promotion for the first time in your career?

TK: I’m not gonna lie CJ, I feel pretty damn tip top, to finally be here and get my chance in 6CW is all I’ve wanted for a long, long time now. This is where every fighter wants to be, getting lively and Ave-ing it large in front of the best fans in the world.

CJ: You’re a London boy Terry can you put into words exactly what it means to be here wrestling at Wembley arena?

TK: A dream come true I tell ya… It’s about time that a real Londoner got their shot in 6CW, after all London is the heart and soul of this country, it’s the people that work these streets, that build the houses and drive the cabs that are the real life blood of 6CW. Not the shareholders, not the custard ratings or app downloads scores, it’s the people that flood this arena right here in the heart of London town… Wembley!

Crowd pop!!!

Kray leads the arena in a football style ‘Wembley’ chant

You hear that Christy mate? That’s the real sound of 6CW, not the sound of money ringing in the till but these people right here. You see I know what these fans want, I know how these people think… because I am one of these people, I’ve worked with them, I’ve walked the streets with them and I’ve shared a pint in the boozer with ‘em. The people who fill this arena are my brothers and sisters and they know that when they look at me they see one of their own staring right back at ‘em… I’m not some surfer dude from LA, I’m not a Canadian ice hockey player, or a degenerate criminal migrant from down under… I’m a Londoner, I’m one of them and when I win inside this ring, so do they!

CJ: And what does the future hold for Terrance Kray, what are you going to bring to 6CW that no one else does?

TK: Tonight is the dawn of the Cockney Crusade, it’s about time that all of the fans that pour their hard earned cash into this company get what they deserve and I’m on a one man cockney crusade to give it to them. They don’t wanna see a couple of old raspberry tarts bickering over who’s Hampton is bigger, what they wanna see is one of their own, one of their boys lacing up his daisy roots and banging some mug spark out.

You wanna know what you can expect from Terrance Kray… Expect a fight, expect hunger and expect me taking the fight to each every one of the boys in the back… and if anyone has a problem with that you can kindly direct them to these… two cold fingers!!!

The crowd pop again as Kray gestures with two fingers towards the entrance ramp.

HE: He’s certainly got some stones on him!

HA: Kray isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers that’s for sure.

HE: Ruffle a few feathers?! He’s just insulted, Enforcer, Max and thrown down the gauntlet to the rest of the roster on his first night here in 6CW… he better watch his back!

CJ: Terry, you certainly made an impact at Ground Zero coming to the aid of Bam and taking the fight to our current UK Champion Simon Cagero…

TK: Well CJ, if I see something I don’t agree with, I’m gonna do something about it and there’s two things about Simon Cagero that I just can’t agree with… the first is the way he slithers around taking advantage of others misfortune and the other is him holding that UK Championship… Cagero doesn’t deserve to represent this country, this great nation as its champion so I’m gonna take it from him and give this country someone it can be proud to call its champion.

Now if you don’t mind love I’m starving, my stomach thinks my throats been cut… I need some some grub before I spark out that mug tonight!

Up the Bracket blasts out again and Kray gives his two finger salute towards the camera as he makes his way to the back.


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 01 Dec 2014, 8:39 pm


*Christy James is backstage alongside an ecstatic but shattered Robin Reborn and Jack Hurst. The pair are hunched down, Hurst's right arm around Reborn's shoulder and both leaning back against the wall, their belts draped across their chests.

CJ: Guys, another great victory! How do you feel?

RR: WOOOO! That's how I feel baby! Stylin, profilin out there!

JH: Yes ma'am, we are really rather excited right now. Every defence is a battle. And we just came through another one.

CJ: With a little help from The Producers...

RR: Those boys, those Bad Intentions boys, they got dumb. You don't get your competition mad when they ain't in the match. They gotta be stupid, cos the only other option is they knew they was gettin' beat and needed an excuse.

JH: We are the tag team champions for a reason, Miss James. Come Aftermath we will have been champions for 123 days. We'll take on anyone, we've told the management that. Teams or cobbled together duos. We don't care. It's all about proving ourselves.


*The pair bounce away as Christy turns to cam

CJ: That's another 6CW exclusive, CJ out!

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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by Guest on Mon 01 Dec 2014, 11:31 pm

The crowd are getting settled in their seats at Wembley Arena when 'Limelight' blasts from the speakers and the fans rise to a huge ovation. Gazzy makes his way out to the stage and down towards the ring tagging the hands of the fans as he does. He circles the ring giving a younger fan his baseball cap and then he slides in the ring and begins to speak

g: At Ground Zero, we.........

gazzy is cut off as the crowd loudly chant his name. It reverberates around the arena as gazzy smiles to himself and waits as the cheers subside

g: Man I love you guys

again a huge pop from the crowd

g: As I were saying, at Ground Zero we went someway to clearing the gazzyD name and ridding this company of any false rumours that myself and Emma were having an affair behind Nate's back. Not only that but I picked up a win against Nate but most importantly of all, me and Christy.....well you all seen

This is met with a mixture of cheers and wolf whistles

g: Now I know I keep on harping on about this, but I had a pretty forgettabel return back to this company, wasn't all bad, but when it looked like it was getting better things usually took a turn for the worse, and then when you thought they couldn't get worse a little scrote by the name of Max Adamson seemed to keep on popping his head up and low and behold I was at rock bottom.

But what a turnaround it has been. I'm so happy that Christy, my former tag partner Angel.........you guys, I'm so made up that I listened to you. When I wanted to walk away its because of you lot that couldn't, and now look at how 2014 is ending, at Aftermath I have the chance to become the number one contender to a title that I helped Max Adamson, now I know you're back there Max, but before you come out chatting nonsense that people don't really pay attention to you know what I've said is true.

At the time, you were better than me. You won control over me fair and square, but lets take a wee walk down memory lane shall we? The date, April 6th 2014 and 6CW presented Day of Reckoning. The main event, a 30 man battle royal for the 6CW title which I had won the #30 spot, a spot which you forced me to give to you, and thats cool, I understood I was bound by contract, whatever. But who was the guy who having entered at #9 instead of #30 then proceeded to steal the show and hang in there whilst everybody around came and went. Who was the guy that made it to the bottom 3 alongside you and Enforcer? WHO WAS THE GUY WHO ONLY GOT ELIMINATED BECAUSE HE WAS TOO BUSY SAVING YOUR ASS AND THEN SAVED YOU ONCE AGAIN WHEN ENFORCER HAD KNOCKED YOU OFF THE RING APRON? WHO CREATED THE DISTRACTION TO BUY YOU THE TIME TO GORE ENFORCER OFF THE APRON AND GIVE YOU YOUR SECOND 6CW TITLE?

The crowd start up another chant of gazzys name and gazzy urges them on as the volume increases

g: Then lets fast forward the action. Granted against my better judgement I had grown to trust you again, me and you were going take this company back from The Authority at Night of Glory, if I helped you keep your 6CW title then that was that, and when Enforcer smashed you with the sledgehammer square between the eyes, who was it pulled the official out of the ring saving you yet again, only to later found you'd signed a deal with the devil

Lets face it Max, without me, there was no second title reign for you, but I can't deny since then...bravo. You've taken on and beaten all comers, all pretenders to the crown of 6CW champion. But that changes now

At Aftermath, I don't care who I have to pin, I don't care what legends, what future legends, what monsters I have to get through. Scott Harris and Mike Masters, these two may actually kill each other before the main event starts, but say they do make the match I still have issues after their petty rivalry nearly cost team 6CW against the Authority, issues that I I'd still love to get off my chest if either wants to step up to the plate

Then we have Dubois. Its safe to say me and Dubs have history, and I'd love nothing more than to send that cheese eating surrender monkey packing one last time.

But I don't have a problem with everybody in this fight. You Know...this will be the first time the history maker has stepped foot in the ring with JJ Johnson, but I do not intend for the name of gazzy to show up in the lose column of the history books. I have nothing but respect for Johnson, infact same can be said of Enforcer and Brown as well, but all that goes out of the window when the referee signals that bell because we all know what is on the line

Finally, we have Joshua. Seriously this guy shows up at Ground Zero, sets somebody on fire, then costs Liam Wood his revenge against Vinny Costello and all of a sudden he thinks he's main event? Seriously guy, you need to lock yourself in your bedroom, crank the Marilyn Manson up to 11 and worry about Liam Wood is going to do to you when he gets his hands on you you puppet loving freak.

I'm going to save you all time. At Aftermath I am walking out the new number one contender to your title. Me and you have unfinished business Max, I put that belt on you, and I'm damn sure that I'm the person that is going to take it from you. So when you and and Grace are through, I want you to go back to you dressing room, take a seat, crack open an ice cold Victoria bitter, throw another shrimp on the barbie and watch me become the new number one contender, because seeing

crowd: IS BELIEVING!!!

gazzy throws his microphone down to the canvas as ':Limelight' once again starts to play and he climbs the tutnbuckle posing for crowd


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by x12x on Tue 02 Dec 2014, 1:01 am

Our scene opens in a cold, cynical hospital room in a London hospital. The camera moves around showing the bare room before focusing on a figure lying in the bed staring in to space, as the camera gets closer we realise the figure is the Viper Liam Wood. A blank stare covers his face as he continues to watch dust fly through the light pouring in through the blinds.

In the background a tapping can be heard, as time passes it gets louder and closer causing Wood to sit up, as he does a face walks past the room window causing Wood to shake his head and turn away from the room door, sitting on the edge of the bed as Wood's friend and former 6CW member Thunder lets himself in, as Thunder walks he rests on a wooden cane.

Wood: Haven't you ever heard of knocking?

Wood refuses to look at Thunder who shakes his head in disappointment, he walks towards the bed before stopping and resting his cane on the floor.

Thunder: What are you still doing here Liam? The Liam I know is still in there would have been out the day after Ground Zero...if not the night it happened!

Wood lowers his head and looks at the ground but refuses to reply causing a look of frustration at Wood.

Thunder: I know he's still in there behind all the angst...

Wood: What's the point...it's just one thing after another!

Thunder: Seriously Liam? More excuses?! There's only one of us who needs a crutch in here and it sure isn't you...

Wood stands up and pulls on a Bullet Club t-shirt and his jeans before trying to leave the room, revealing a slight limp. Wood reaches the door but Thunder blocks his path using his wooden cane. Wood grabs it but pauses before reluctantly letting it go and moving back to sit on the bed.

Wood: What are you even doing here? If you're here to stop me going after Joshua then you're wasting your time...

Thunder: Why the hell would I be doing that? That guy needs his ass kicking and I know you're the guy to do it...

Wood: That doesn't exactly answer my question does it...I don't need your help.

Thunder rolls his eyes and sighs in frustration again

Thunder: I'm not here to hold your hand Liam, I'm not here to baby sit you...I'm here to get you to snap out of this bullsh¡t emo routine that you seem to be stuck in right now...

Wood attempts to speak but Thunder cuts him off obviously annoyed at his friend

Thunder: Oh my girlfriend left...get over it! It hurts to hear but crying isn't going to bring her back...Oh my best friend's career is over...I'll say it again! GET OVER IT! I am...so you have no right using me as an excuse for this cr@p!

Wood's eyes open wider in shock

Thunder: You seem to think that the world is over but it isn't! You're still breathing but if you keep acting like there's nothing left to fight for then what's the damn point because when you die...that's it...it won't be long until you're gone and forgotten!

Wood: Well aren't you the pick up that I needed Mike!

Thunder: I'm not here to give you a pick up I'm here to make you see that you have one lift and then that is it...no second chances...no replays...it's over. Now you have two choices with this information...

...You can let it overwhelm you, you can curl up in to a ball and wait for the end to come because obviously nothing is worth it OR you can stand up tall, scream “F**K YOU” at the top of your lungs and take life on head to head...you can realise that the life we have is short and you need to make it COUNT!

Wood pauses and looks at the ground, speaking in a soft, almost lost voice.

Wood: So what do I do?

Thunder: I can't answer that Liam and I don't think it even matters because whatever I say you'd probably run in the different direction because that's who you are...I'm just saying that you need to make a choice because that choice could be taken away like that (Thunder snaps his fingers).

Wood nods his head as Thunder walks towards the door, as Thunder reaches the door Wood speaks one last time

Wood: Thank you...

Thunder nods in acknowledgement without turning around before walking out of shot.


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by Crimey on Tue 02 Dec 2014, 2:24 am

*'Bridge Burning' blasts out of the speakers and the crowd boo loudly.*

HA: Well I'm guessing this will be Michael Hathaway and Jax Cutler and I imagine they won't be happy. Jax lost his International Title at Ground Zero.

HE: Of course they won't be happy, they were screwed, the whole world saw that it was a 2 count!

HA: Don't buy into Henry, you're smarter than that. Anthony Grace just out manoeuvred Jax and Hathaway, it takes a braver man to admit that they were bested. Let's hope that's what we see now

*Michael Hathaway walks out holding pages of paper stapled together, Jax Cutler follows, they both look furious. Michael Hathaway has a microphone in his other hand.*

MH: Cut the damn music, cut it!

*The music is abruptly cut out as Michael Hathaway and Jax go down the ramp, they walk and talk.*

MH: In my hand here is a lawsuit, a lawsuit directed at 6CW with affiliation with Anthony Grace and the referee of Jax's match at Ground Zero. In this document you will find our terms and you will find our demands. At Ground Zero, Jax Cutler was screwed over by a crooked referee, by a company with no morals and a "wrestler" with no discernible talent. Jax Cutler should be standing here champion, winner, instead it's going to have to get ugly...court dates, settlements, all the dirty laundry out on the table. 

HA: This is ridiculous!

HE: Ridiculous? Michael Hathaway and Jax Cutler have a right to be listened to. Don't oppress them Harold!

*Michael Hathaway walks up the steps into the ring as Jax effortlessly jumps onto the apron and steps into the ring. He stands by Michael Hathaway who is in the centre of the ring and folds his arms. Hathaway continues to shake the papers in the air.*

MH: At Ground Zero you saw, you saw, you saw *Michael is pointing at audience members* Everybody saw that Anthony Grace only got a TWO COUNT! Then how come the title is in his hands right now, how come Jax Cutler's shoulder is bare, how come things have had to come to talk of lawsuits and civil action and judges and juries?! I will stand here and tell you why....I will give you the TRUTH!

*The camera zooms in on Michael Hathaway and it's clear that he looks sleep-deprived. His eyes are bloodshot, he's slightly unshaven. Jax Cutler has a scowl on his face, his nostrils flaring with each finish of a sentence from Hathaway. His muscular arms are folded, emphasising his size.*

HA: It's so clear that this has been plaguing Hathaway. He must be delirious, he looks like he hasn't slept in days.

HE: Don't be so disrespectful, he probably hasn't slept to put together the best legal argument he could.

MH: The truth is that 6CW is desperate. Now, I don't want to start making accusations I can't back up but I am one hundred percent positive that I have this whole company nailed down. Something is up because they are showing time and time again their desperation. What else could explain them hiring psychopaths like Edward Plague and Joshua? What else could explain why the control of this company is so often disputed and fought over? But most importantly...it explains why what happened at Ground Zero did happen.

HA: Come on Henry, now I admire Jax Cutler, I can kind of understand why he has Michael Hathaway. But this conspiracy theory is nonsense.

HE: Hear him out.

MH: If 6CW is as desperate as I suspect, what could definitely help their cause is having, let's say for arguments sake, a big movie-star on their roster...Hmmm...makes sense doesn't it? Mainstream audience, attention from "Heat" magazine or "E!". Think of the amount of fans it would bring in, the kind of people who know nothing of wrestling, or fighting or athleticism but are just there to see a movie-star turned fighter. Think of the financial benefits, think of the advertising benefits, the TV deals that could bring in. Think of 6CW Films! That's what that kind of big movie-star on their roster could bring.

*The camera during this speech, cuts to fans holding Anthony Grace signs or in Anthony Grace merchandise.*

MH: That you can all accept, I can accept it, hell even Jax can accept it. No water off of his back, he's a competitor, an athlete...a WRESTLER. This movie-star wouldn't affect Jax Cutler, he's a champion not an entertainer. He's a wrecking machine not a pretty face. He's an expert in hurting people not in charming people.A movie-star in 6CW sounds okay, sure, I would prefer that the roster stay pure that it wasn't soiled by the introduction of attention-seeking, ass-kissing Hollywood sell-outs but I know that while the cameras would come for the movie-star...they would STAY for Jax Cutler.

However it's clear to me and it will soon be clear to everybody else that 6CW management obviously decided just having the movie-star wouldn't be enough, they got even more desperate, even more money-grabbing...what if the movie-star was a champion? What if the movie star was the 6CW International Champion?....Aaaand the penny drops.

*Michael Hathaway stands in the ring, silent a small, snake-like grin slowly morphs on his face.*

HA: You've got to admit Henry, it all makes sense.

HE: No it doesn't, he's shifting the focus away from Jax losing by trying to bring up ludicrous conspiracy theories.

MH: Jax Cutler lost at Ground Zero not because he was bettered by a growing force in professional wrestling but because Anthony Grace needed a championship and the PR of him being International Champion was too good to pass up. That's why there was a two count, that's why Anthony Grace defied the odds, that's why when I tried to get into contact with management or the referee I have been ignored at every turn. Anthony Grace was backed by management to win that title, there was nothing Jax could do, short of killing him that would have stopped their plan going ahead. This is the biggest screwjob in professional wrestling history and unlike those who have stood back and allowed themselves to be backstabbed in this way, I will not lie down, Jax will not lie down!

These papers are legal documents and they are going to bring 6CW to its knees. How stupid do they think I am? How insulting to Jax for them to think he would believe that Anthony Grace, that stuck-up, pretentious, ass-kissing, catchphrase-spouting, Poopie-talking son of a bitch, could beat him? We saw the two count, we saw right through your plan and now you've got goddamn questions to answer! I want them answered now! I will go through with this, I will sue 6CW, I will sue Anthony Grace, I will sue all of YOU for cheering along with it if I have to. 

This is an INJUSTICE! Jax Cutler should be stood here 6CW International Champion, he doesn't want to have deal with this, he's a fighter, he wants to fight, but if 6CW are going to play these games, he will take his considerable potential, he will take his unmatchable talent, he will take all of the money he is worth and he will go somewhere else. 

I want somebody who can answer us to come down to this ring RIGHT NOW, Jax wants his title back, he wants the truth out. That Anthony Grace is not GOOD ENOUGH to beat Jax Cutler in a fair fight and has to resort to cheap tricks, to corruption, to dirty plans to beat him. That's what we want. ANSWERS!

*Michael Hathaway is spitting with his last words, his eyes wide with rage, Jax Cutler arms are tensed in anger. The documents in his hand are a mess because of the amount Michael Hathaway has clenched his fist and shaken the papers around.*

HA: This is absolutely ridiculous, they have both gone down in my estimations after this.


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by Paul Mac 6CW on Tue 02 Dec 2014, 10:57 am

In an office in a location unknown Daniel Magnusson is sat at a desk reading through reams of paperwork, he sighs loudly and glances at the large clock on the wall which reads two o'clock. A knock at the door is followed by the entry of Dean Andrews

DA: Come on Daniel, you have been at it for hours, it's the early hours. Let's call it a night and come back with a fresh mind in the morning

DM: But I need to find something that precludes that man from ever stepping back in my company again, there has to be something in the fine print

DA: Now is not the time Daniel, come on

Magnusson shakes his head
DM: Even if I stop with that, look at all that paper work, there is so much to take care of

DA: Like what, let me help?

DM: Like everything!

We have lost a couple of guys after Ground Zero, whether it be to injury, or to a termination in their contract. We can't sit around and be comfortable with what we have, we need to look to the future, we need to be all that we can be, and then some.....

Andrews interjects
DA: The roster has never been stronger, yes we lost a few guys, Reilly, Altair, Plague and Nate to name a few but just take a look at some of the guys who have debuted over the last few weeks, Kray, Riggins, Enigma and then some of the talent we already had really starting to step up. Look at the Main Event for Aftermath, tell me you have ever seen a match so packed full of quality

Andrews places a hand on his bosses shoulder

DA: I know you're tired, I get that but don't let one man ruin what has been a great 6 months for you personally and professionally Daniel. You have changed this company for the better, everyone sees that and I am thankful for the chance you have given me again, so lets like you say focus on the future rather than the past

Magnusson rubs his eyes and he smiles wearily, standing he grabs his suit jacket from the back of the chair, the two men start to walk towards the door as the phone on the desk rings

DA: Just leave it, whatever it is at this time, its not good news

DM: Exactly

Magnusson answers the phone on loud speaker
DM: Daniel Magnusson.....

The voice on the other line starts to speak

VO: Hello Mr Magnusson, its the reception desk downstairs...erm, we have a courier here with a delivery for you.....errr...we've told him to come up but he's just stood in reception with this envelope.........errm and he won't take off his bike helmet

Magnusson and Andrews look at one another for a second
DM: I'll be straight down

The shot moves to a lift door opening and Magnusson and Andrews walking across the white marble floor in the building now revealed as 6CW HQ towards the reception area. Magnusson stops in his tracks as he sees the man stood wearing leathers and a blue motorcycle helmet with a silver lightning flash on the back. Dean Andrews places a hand on Magnusson's shoulder before stepping towards the courier who reaches out his right hand and hands over a brown envelope. Andrews takes the package and the courier turns and exits the building

Andrews steps back to Magnusson's side
DA: That was strange, are you expecting something

Magnusson is smiling
DM: I think I know what that is

Pulling open the envelope Magnusson laughs as the camera pans to show what is on the paper he pulls out. It reads 6CW Contract of employment and at the bottom of the page it is signed by ENIGMA

Andrews scratches his head as the scene fades
DA: The mystery continues

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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by Paul Mac 6CW on Tue 02 Dec 2014, 1:16 pm

Cutler and Hathaway are stood in the ring as the 6CW.com exclusive house show returns from a break

HE: We are sorry to our on line subscibers that proceedings this evening seem to have ground to a halt, but thats live entertainment for you

Hathaway: We are not leaving this ring until we get a re................

The sound feed goes off and Hathaway shakes the mic before hurling it to the ground, he starts to shout at the ringside crew who shrug their shoulders

HA: I hope you can all still hear me, we appear to be having technical difficulties

A gentleman in a suit appears through the curtain and he makes his way to the ring, walking up the steps he climbs through the ropes and stands facing Hathaway who begins remonstrating and pointing accusing fingers at the gentleman

HE: We can only assume what is happening at this moment in time folks, as you know Michael Hathaway has made the feelings of himself and his client Jax Cutler perfectly clear, this 6CW representative now appears to be attempting to calm the situation but with Cutler in the ring this is a very dangerous and volatile scenario unfolding tonight

HA: Henry I am being told that we are going to cut to a video feed whilst the in ring developments are resolved. We will endeavour to return with live footage as soon as we can

(Off mic)

HE: You have got to be kidding me, they must know how this looks?

Harold continues on ignoring his brother
HA: Let's take a look now at the story of Anthony Grace, from Hollywood superstar to 6CW champion

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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by TwisT on Tue 02 Dec 2014, 1:59 pm

A video montage plays showing Anthony Grace in a variety of films. A deep booming voiceover sounds out as the images continue

VO: Anthony Grace……one of the most talented actors the world has ever seen. A master magician of stage and screen, who risked respect to join the ranks of 6CW. Respect that has now been re-established as he soon starts 2015 as a champion. A champion…..of International standards!

A few images are shown of Grace in his wrestling attire and picking up wins against Jackson Black, Jerome Dubois and lastly, Jax Cutler.

VO: Tonight the entire 6CW will show their appreciation for Anthony Grace as we welcome him back to London. We give thanks…..amazing thanks…..for the new 6CW International Champion.

An image is shown of Grace holding up the belt and surrounded by fans.

VO: Let the party begin!

The video stops playing before cheering fans are shown. Wembley Arena has a capacity crowd in, eager to see the aftermath of Ground Zero. The camera pans to the ring which is now decked in red and has balloons held by a net hanging above. The camera starts to move around the crowd and picks up many Anthony Grace supporters; most of whom are carrying a replica 6CW International Champion belt. As the camera continues to circle through the COG’s, we hear the voices of the Lloyd Brothers on commentary.

HE: It is good to be back…..shall we get down to business?

HA: Indeed brother! What a PPV we have witnessed in Liverpool! Ground Zero could well have been the highlight to a truly epic 6CW year! Nearly all of 6CW’s titles were contested but only one man came out of the arena as a new champion……..

HE: I still think it was a two count…..but grudgingly I accept the result!

HA: As we see the thousands of COG’s in attendance, only one man can demand a reaction such as this. Anthony Grace took his first step in becoming a 6CW legend by beating someone who was deemed as unbeatable in some quarters. When Grace pinned Jax Cutler cleanly in the ring, he had finally proved his doubters wrong. Gone were the remarks of being a film star flash in the pan. Now, he had the gold around his waist that proved he was a wrestler of skill, desire and ability.

HE: Let us take you back to the closing moments of that Ground Zero match up.

The big screen starts to come on and shows the ending of Cutler v Grace:

HE: Here we go, this is it. Bearhug locked in. Grace has nowhere to go

The crowd is chanting Graces name loudly, but it doesn't help as he quickly begins to fade. Grace slumps in the arms of Cutler and the official lifts his arm in the air only for it to drop down back to his side, he lifts it a second time and it drops again, then a third

HE: Cutler all but won here, this arm drops and this one's over...AND IT DROPS


Grace stops his arm falling and it shoots back up in the air. It beats the air in time with the crowd’s chants and then he starts to come around, and connects with a punch to the temple of Cutler. The champion keeps the bear hug locked in and Grace continues to rain down punches as Cutler is forced to let go. Grace runs against the ropes and connects with a clothesline, Cutler falls down, but jumps straight back up and into a second clothesline, he gets up again and Grace bounces off the ropes again only to be tripped by Hathaway

HA: This is getting stupid now, the official should have sent him backstage ages ago

Grace turns to face Hathaway but is grabbed from behind by Cutler who kicks him in the stomach

HE: Here we go........CUTTING EDGE





The crowd is cheering wildly when Cutler goes for the Razors Edge only for Grace to fall down on his feet behind him and roll him up into a pin


HA: It was close, but I think you have to give Grace the benefit of the doubt here, he's overcome huge odds here tonight to win his first title as a 6CW superstar

The official brushes past the pair of Cutler and Hathaway to hand the title to Grace who punches the air. He gets to his feet and lifts the belt above his head as camera bulbs capture the moment

Cutler and Hathaway are still protesting when Grace interrupts. He extends his hand toward Cutler but the former champ looks down at it with disgust and then exits the ring with Hathaway in tow leaving Grace to carry on the celebrations in the ring.

HE: I am outraged; somebody should come out here and order this to be restarted. That was a two count. This man is a cheat, obviously being a childhood friend of Dean Andrews has its privileges

HA: Sounds like somebody is a little bitter over losing a fiver. Let me say congratulations to Anthony Grace, what a moment for this guy, what a match, and we still have plenty more to come.

The screen goes off and the camera zooms in on the Lloyd brothers. Henry is seen handing Harold a five pound note, while shaking his head. Harold is smiling broadly as he places the money into his jacket pocket.

HA: Always bet on the good guy…..

HE: Just cut to Christy will you!

Harold smiles and places a hand on his headphones.

HA: Christy……are you there?

The screen comes back on to see Christy James standing backstage.

CJ: Yes indeed I am guys! I just wanted to bring to your attention the total outpouring of congratulations Grace has received via social media. The messages have been coming by the thousands! At one point directly after the match, Grace had the top 3 trending topics on Twitter alone! Hashtags such as Believe 2 Achieve, International Superstar and Grace Wins were flying around the cyberspace and being retweeted and shared at a mind boggling rate. What’s more, Grace’s Hollywood friends were taking to Facebook to post their congratulations. Stars such as Samuel L Jackson, Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, Ian McKellan, Uma Thurman, Daniel Craig and Angelina Jolie………….

A selection of tweets and Facebook messages starts scrolling beside her on the screen.

CJ: But that’s not all! Grace also astounded fans that had paid to watch Ground Zero by asking 6CW to give out free champagne……all at Grace’s expense! He was also seen mingling with the fans after the PPV had reached its conclusion and was on hand for photographs and autographs. The rush for a memento was colossal and only reconfirms Grace’s pull when it comes to the 6CW fanbase!

The camera focuses back onto the Lloyd brothers at their commentary positions.

HA: Thank you for that Christy……..wow!

HE: Free champagne?! Is the guy serious?!

HA: It appears so! And why wouldn’t he share his pleasure of winning his first 6CW title?

Before Henry can answer, the tune “Amazing Grace” starts to fill the arena. The crowd go wild as they await the new International Champion. As they look to the stage, the figures of Daniel Magnusson and Dean Andrews come out from behind the curtain. They stand to either side of the stage and start applauding.

HA: Grace getting the support from the hierarchy here at 6CW! And why not? He has brought a wave of new fans to the business!

Suddenly, the curtain moves again and this time a small young fan appears. He is decked out in Anthony Grace merchandise and carefully holds the 6CW International belt over his shoulder. He steps out onto the stage a bit more, as Andrews and Magnusson smile broadly and continue their applause. After a few moments, Anthony Grace at last appears onto the stage and the crowd cheer loudly. He is wearing a crisp white suit and has a black shirt on underneath. Grace, wearing his usual cheek microphone, salutes the fans eagerly and even blows a few kisses to the females in the crowd. Carefully walking forward, Grace kneels down and whispers into the boy’s ear. The boy seems star struck at seeing Grace and enthusiastically starts nodding his head. He then slowly makes his way down the aisle, still clutching the International title over his shoulder. Grace follows close behind, slapping the fans hands and posing for photos when asked. Andrews and Magnusson watch them both head to the ring, while still clapping away.

HA: I still can’t get over the noise levels heard in this building whenever Anthony Grace appears!

Slowly Grace makes his way down to the ring, gently pushing the young fan forward whenever he stops. When they reach the apron, Grace takes the boys hand and leads him up the steel steps. They both enter the ring, as “Amazing Grace” continues to play loudly. Grace then stands in the centre of the ring and carefully lifts the boy up onto his shoulders. Suddenly, the ring posts explode with sparklers and the balloons fall from the sky. The arena screen shows the words “Anthony ‘Amazing’ Grace: New 6CW International Champion”, as the balloons continue to fall and fireworks go off from the stage. Grace talks aside to the boy, who slowly lifts the International title above his head. The leader of the COG’s smiles broadly as he rotates on the spot so that the entire arena can see the belt. As “Amazing Grace” starts to die down, the cheers from the crowd only get louder. Grace, surrounded now by balloons, waves and salutes to the audience.

HA: What a reaction! What a showman!

Grace takes the boy off his shoulders and holds him by the hand. He turns to the stage and gives Magnusson and Andrews a big thumbs up. The two main men in 6CW are still applauding, before exiting via the curtain.  Grace speaks to the boy and takes the belt off his shoulder, before a stagehand comes into the ring and leads the fan back down the steel steps to his family waiting at ringside. Grace applauds the family and the camera focuses on the young boy who is grinning and talking excitedly to his parents. The International champion then composes himself before speaking confidently to the crowd.

AG: Well……..we did it!

The crowd cheer at this and an “Amaz-ing Grace” chant starts up. Grace allows the chant to build and beams his best Hollywood smile. After about a minute, he asks the crowd for silence and then speaks again.

AG: And the important word in that sentence is “we”. WE paved the way to being the champion. WE held Mr. Cutler down for the 3 count. And boy, did WE celebrate the win afterwards!

He laughs as the crowd cheer again.

AG: That is why I got young Alfie there to bring out my 6CW International belt. He, along with the rest of the COG’s, have just the same claim to it as I do. It is fair and right to say that I would not be in this permission if it wasn’t for the thousands of fans that push me HIGHER and make me STRONGER! When I lost to Mr. Costello a few months ago, people said that my career was finished before it had begun. When I lost to Mr. Dubois at the last PPV, people said that films were the only thing I was good at! And yet, due to the POSITIVE reaction from the COG’s, the NEGATIVITY was washed away. And now……Anthony Grace stands before you as the NEW 6CW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!!!

The crowd give a massive pop as Grace holds the International title over his head. He lifts the gold back down and stares at it longingly, with tears in his eyes. He nods a few times in appreciation before he wipes his eyes and smiles.

AG: So here we are…….COG’s united in the 6CW machine. With gold around our waist and a BELIEF that is undying. We stare across the 6CW plains and see no mountain we can’t climb or nor river we cannot cross. This International belt is the start of something truly AMAZING! A time for all of us to give thanks and then ask the question…….WHAT ELSE CAN WE ACHIEVE?!

He looks out across the crowd as they lap up his words.

AG: But permit me now to get slightly negative……..

Grace starts to pace the ring and kick a few balloons as he talks.

AG: There have been slight misgivings in how WE won this belt. The former owner has made it clear of his displeasure and is threatening not just ME, not just YOU, but the entire 6CW organisation. Now, I know Mr. Hathaway feels as if he was cheated. They believe that there is no way that I could pin his client. However, the truth is I did. It was verified by 6CW official and sanctioned by the owners of 6CW. And I hate to say it Mr. Hathaway, but sour grapes just isn’t becoming of you…….

Grace turns to the camera.

AG: But…….but…….I would not be the man I am, without giving the fans what they want. Instead of attacking everybody you can, just concentrate on ME. If you want another shot at getting your hands on this belt, then I WELCOME it! If you want a chance to prove my win was a minor MIRACLE, then by ALL MEANS TRY! I am sure 6CW will allow you to have a rematch. I am sure 6CW will want the BLOCKBUSTER to have a SEQUEL. And Mr. Hathaway……and of course Mr. Cutler……here I stand ready. You want your SHOT…..You will get your SHOT.

He holds his title up so that the camera can focus on it.

AG: Don’t cry or deny. Just try…….to do something AMAZING!

The crowd cheer as Grace turns back towards them.

AG: But firstly……I have an upcoming match with the stand out guy of 6CW at the moment. OH WHAT A MATCH THIS WILL BE! Anthony Grace, newly returned from the North with gold around his waist, facing the 6CW World Champion, one Max Adamson! If ever there was PROOF of hitting the big time, then ladies and gentlemen WE…..HAVE…..MADE…..IT!

He raises his arms and gives a large beaming smile. He allows the crowd to quieten down before continuing.

AG: So Mr. Adamson; a man that I jokingly did not know on our very first meeting when I arrived here, you have a chance to prove to the world just WHY you are the pinnacle of this place. A match that the COG’s will cheer to the rafters and salute the victor. Hoping, beyond hope, that THEIR International Superstar will prevail! And that the A-lister of Hollywood will beat the A-lister of wrestling. As they stand tall…..applaud….and BELIEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


AG: You better believe it!

“Amazing Grace” starts to play as Grace kicks some balloons out at the crowd. He waves and salutes to them enthusiastically as they cheer back in his direction.


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by DP on Tue 02 Dec 2014, 8:11 pm

The scene opens in a darkened locker room. The camera slowly pans right and shows items scattered across the floor, some are broken, some are dented. It rests at the feet of a man, who sits with his back to the camera. The camera then begins to move up slowly, the small bit of light in the room enough to make out the two words on the back of the hoodie: 'The Sharpshooter'.

Scott Harris is sat upright, his back always turned to the camera. You can just about make out that he is fiddling with his hands, his foot constantly tapping, almost as if he is restraining himself to ill effect. He begins to speak, his voice almost broken with emotion.

SH: Have you ever experienced the feeling of your world crashing all around you? That feeling of euphoria, the euphoria of a new beginning, new, bigger, better challenges being taken away in one moment. The future seemed bright, hopeful... A new beginning was in the offing, within my grasp.

One swing of a steel chair and darkness.

Everything that was becoming lighter, black. The positivity that was starting to creep into my life, killed stone dead.

I've watched the moments from the end of my match at Ground Zero back, over and over again. It doesn't matter which part my focus is on, the perverse look on my fathers face after he struck me, the look on Masters' face where he convinced himself he'd outdone me, the silence around The Echo Arena as I lay there motionless after those repeated chair shots. It doesn't matter which moment I focus on because there are two words that are ingrained into my being: Personal hell.

I'm now living my worst nightmare. My sworn enemy and my father joined together in what would appear to be a mission to destroy me. Psychological, physical and emotional warfare.

I don't even know what's going to come my way, I don't know what they're going to try but, I welcome it.

That's right Mike, Daddy, I'm ready for you both! There's an old adage I heard once that I think fits. Someone once told me that to defeat the devil, you have to embrace the darkness yourself...

Harris turns to face the camera, his face is bruised, stitched, his eyes are both black and there is an evident scar from where he was cut open in the brutal Ground Zero match. He looks right into the camera.

SH: You're both going to realise that anything you can do, I can do worse. I've got nothing to lose, just everything to gain. Win or lose, these people Need more Harris and like them, that's what you're going to get. It's time to embrace my gene pool and become the same sadistic, underhand man that my father is... And do it better.

See you at Aftermath, Mike, Daddy.

Harris pushes the camera over and the picture becomes static.


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by Adam D on Wed 03 Dec 2014, 3:17 pm

Christy is backstage talking directly to the camera. She is sitting on a high stool.
Christy: Today, I am delighted to be able to bring you an exclusive chat with the Producers, I think.
The Producers are on similar stools either side of Christy.
PT: We definitely are the Producers.
Christy: ?
PT: you said you were delighted to meet the Producers, you think. We are the Producers.

Christy: I meant I think I am delighted to meet you.

HJ: You will be Christy. You should be thrilled. Delirious. Discombobulated. We are the crown jewels of the 6CW tag division and you get the first exclusive interview with us since our debut.

PT: This segment = Box office.
Christy looks on bemused before turning to her notes.
Christy: So why 6cw? Surely you had other offers on the table?

PT: Well funny you should say that. We did have offers. We had a gig at the drive Thru McDonalds in Slough. Good money but it was working nights.

HJ: We also had an offer from Schuh.

PT: Well we say Schuh but it might have been Dr Shoe. We really don’t know. All we know was that it was working for a respected brand, at the top of their respective industry.

HJ: You are right, definitely Dr Shoe then.

Christy: So nothing from the other efeds out there? EWF? 6WE?

PT: Well, 6WF did come knocking but they said if we wanted to main event again, we would first have to be involved in a car crash.

HJ: And I can’t go near pile ups since I made that film about the bus that couldn’t go below 50.

Christy: What was that called again? Speed?

PT: It was called “the bus that couldn’t go below 50”. And we have a wellness test this afternoon otherwise we would have joined you.

HJ: The truth is, we joined 6CW because we can see this place has a vision. It has some greats of the business representing the gold. It has class. It has a free snack bar.

PT: And Enforcer blackmailed the owners for us.
Christy: So what are your long term goals in 6CW?

HJ: I would like to be the 6CW champ

PT: I would like to be the EWF champ.

HJ: But that’s after we take the Red Arrows down. We know we are facing the Bad Indentations this week but our sites are on those jolly nice chaps, the Arrows.

PT: Bad Infestitations first. We take down the guys who have as much of a profile as a LS Lowry drawing.

HJ: Where do you keep getting these arty references from? Its enough to make me scream.

PT: Munch.

HJ: What do you want me to eat? Nevermind!

PT: Nirvana.

HJ: Stop it or I am going to leave right now.

PT: Will Young.

Christy: GUYS! Back to the interview! Do you think you have what it takes to be the next 6CW tag champs?

HJ: We are not here to run down the tag champs.

PT: That’s next week.

HJ: We like the Arrows. And when we get our chance with them, you will see how good they are. WE will show you that they deserve to be keeping our gold warm for the time being. But it is just a loan to them. They are our titles.

PT: Its true. Those titles were always ours and they just never knew it. Soon it will be time to take back them back for good.

HJ TAKE THAT! I Got one!

PT: You must be so proud.
The Producers continue to quarrel as Christy looks on discordantly.
Christy: This is Christy for 6CW and that was the Producers. Now I gotta go and talk to my agent.
The camera fades out with the image of Primetime and Hollywood arguing as Christy walks off.

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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by MtotheC on Wed 03 Dec 2014, 8:02 pm

Terrance Kray is backstage warming up for his match, as he stretches and throws punches into the air Tim Allen approaches...

TA: Terrance a quick word please?

Kray stops in his tracks...

TK: What can I do you for brother?

TA: Terry you are just moments away from your 6CW debut, facing off against the current UK Champion Simon Cagero...

Kray interrupts Allen, cutting him off

TA: Woah, woah... WOAH there Timbo... Cagero may be walking around this joint with the UK title, but I'll tell you this for free my pedigree chum... he ain't no UK champion! The brass tacks are there for all to see, plain as day Timmy, Cagero is running scared of the cockney crusade, this is our time, this is the peoples time, this is the peoples crusade... One voice, one message!

TA: And that message is?

Kray smiles and adjusts Tim Allen's tie, straightening his suit for him and then signals a two finger salute towards the camera...

TK: AVE IT!!!!!

Allen smiles as Kray pats him on the back and walks off towards the entrance ramp for his match


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by Marky on Thu 04 Dec 2014, 10:47 am

Anthony Grace continues to stand in the ring and wave to the fans, when "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons begins to play and the crowd reaction is mixed, the majority booing but some cheering as Max Adamson saunters out onto the ramp, his 6CW World Championship over his shoulder, Adamson is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt with "The Adamson Show" across the front in black lettering. Adamson stands at the top of the ramp with a microphone and waits for the music and the booing to stop before speaking to Grace;

Max: Now that Cringefest twenty fourteen is over... I would like to extend to you, Anthony Grace, my humble congratulations for your recent achievements. Seriously.

(Adamson applauds Grace as Grace himself looks a little surprised)

Max: I've got to hand it to you Grace. I knew you were a talented actor, but this has to be your grandest achievement of them all! Some of your films have been top notch, however nothing will be as top notch as what you have achieved here in 6CW. Bravo. To play the role of someone who is a worthy 6CW International Champion and play it to the extent where it's almost believeable is superb, arguably your finest piece of acting to date...

(The crowd boo as Adamson continues)

Max: ...Because if we're honest, and it's about time you heard from someone who isn't a "yes man" from your entourage, you are not the rightful International Champion. That Championship belt doesn't belong to you. It belongs to Jax Cutler.

(The booing is louder and a loud "Grace" chant begins to echo around Wembley Arena)

Max: You can boo all you like, it doesn't make it any less true. You, Anthony Grace, you stand there, in your expensive suit, with your stolen Championship and you call yourself a Champion? It's sickening. You were in the match but you know it wasn't a three count. You know you don't deserve to hold that title. And if you had any morals, any at all, you wouldn't be out here lauding it up to the fans here in attendance, you wouldn't be out here celebrating your "success", you would be in the back, earning the respect of the Locker Room having done the right thing and handed that Championship back to Daniel Magnussen, having vacated the belt.

(The booing is even louder as the fans begin to chant "You suck" at Adamson)

Max: But that's not even why I'm out here Grace. I've given my opinion, but I'm not out here to address the International Championship scene. I'm out here because in the Echo Arena, Liverpool, Max Adamson's 6CW World Championship defence featuring the rest of 6CW, I did exactly what I told you all I would do. I defeated Enforcer, and I stand here having been 6CW World Champion for EIGHT MONTHS! And that's only the beginning, believe me. This week's show Grace, is not about you. You're in the spotlight for only one reason. Because you are my opponent. You are my tune up match, Max Adamson versus Anthony Grace, non title of course, and when I'm done, I'm going backstage to sit and watch eight more non-entities compete in a Ladder Match to find out who I'll be defending my Championship against next. It's one of the biggest matches in history, as we look to see who Max Adamson will be beating, probably at Day of Reckoning, at the Phones 4 U Arena, Manchester, on February 4th 2015! We will find out if somebody, anybody can stop the tyrannical Australian Phenom.

(Adamson smirks at Grace and continues)

Max: THAT'S why I'm out here. I am the Champion, and we find out if anybody is worthy of being my mandatory challenger. We find out if anybody is good enough to stand toe to toe with Max Adamson and attempt to end my reign of terror. But I have to address the elephant in the room. GazzyD...

(The crowd react wildly and a loud "Gazzy" chant is started)

Max: Yeah, him. When I say elephant, I don't mean your fat girlfriend Christy James...

(Adamson continues speaking over the booing)

Max: ...I mean the fact you are in the Ladder Match to crown a new number one contender. I mean the fact you stood in that very ring, and ran your mouth off, claiming an assist for me winning this Championship eight months ago. Anything else you want to take the credit for Gazzy? Do you want to take the credit for me remaining Champion for eight months since then? Do you want to take credit for me earning money for sponsorship deals? I had sex with a woman last week, do you want to take credit for me sticking it in her? Maybe you could tell everyone how you grabbed my junk and poked it home... It changes nothing Gazzy. I was wise enough to use you to my advantage way back at last year's Day of Reckoning, in that infamous Gateway to Glory. I was wise enough to use you to my advantage to remain Champion and pave the way for me to join the Authority. And I was the brains behind that entire operation! The fact you're now calling me out, claiming it was all down to you, nah. Nah, you were just a plaything I used to my advantage, and if by some miracle you win the Ladder Match, I'll show you exactly why they call me the most dominant 6CW Champion of all time.


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by TwisT on Thu 04 Dec 2014, 2:06 pm

Grace motions to the crowd to stop booing and he turns to Max Adamson with a big grin on his face.

AG: Mr. Adamson! A pleasure as always! I must have missed your invite to the party! My apologies for that......please come and join me!

Adamson doesn't move as Grace opens the ropes for him. After a while, Grace takes the hint and backs away.

AG: It seems you have a lot to get off your chest. Feel free to! We are ALL friends here.....seriously! I admire what you have ACHIEVED and look forward at some point of reaching those giddy heights. However, permit me one second to take a small exception at this 6CW International belt being "stolen".......

Grace turns to the crowd.

AG: I think we all know what happened during that match. The respected official of 6CW slapped the mat three times and awarded me this magnificent belt. As much as I feel sorry for Mr. Cutler's current position, I feel in no need to hand back this belt. I won it fair and square......didn't I guys?!

The crowd cheer loudly at this and Grace smiles.

AG: In regards to our match, I look forward to it Mr. Adamson. It will be a chance once again for me to PROVE my credentials. You think it will be an easy ride and I think it will be a tough encounter. One of us will reign supreme but I hope that we can shake hands at the end of it.......

He turns back to Adamson.

AG: Now, please feel free to continue to use the stage as a forum for your views. Through communication we can create greater things. You should not be afraid of talking from the heart Mr. Adamson. A true man stands tall with his brothers. And we can all ACHIEVE!

He lifts the title up and smiles again, beckoning Adamson to continue.


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by Marky on Thu 04 Dec 2014, 2:46 pm

Adamson smirks as Grace holds his title in the air

Max: Easy there movie star, I never said facing you would be an easy ride. Now you're putting words in my mouth. I said it would be a tune up match for me. Whatever the outcome, I have the bigger picture to look at. Win lose or draw against you, my match against you is about continuing my reign as the 6CW World Heavyweight Champion. This match between us, is not your ticket to superstardom. This match for you might be your World Cup Final and Superbowl rolled into one, and that's something I'm going to have to take into account when that bell rings, but to me it is just another, regular one on one match.

(Adamson stops to stretch his neck and back muscles as the crowd jeer him)

Max: You can believe to achieve all you like, when that bell rings all you're going to achieve is the feeling of being Gored in the stomach. And as for us shaking hands at the end of the match? A handshake is a symbol of mutual respect from two fighters, two warriors after a brutal battle. Rest assured I'll shake your hand once our match is finished... On one condition.

(Adamson grins as the crowd boo once again)

Max: ...I'll shake your hand IF in our match you earn my respect. And if you feel that you need my respect to go forward, then that's great! Good for you! But when I was new to 6CW, I didn't go into matches hoping to earn the respect of my peers. I didn't go into matches against Champions hoping to shake their hand at the end. I went into matches to win, and to make them respect me. I went into matches and showed my ruthless streak, and I showed that I was going to be the man whether they liked it or not. You're lacking that fighter's spirit Grace. You need to be more ruthless. You got lucky in "winning" that International Championship. If you were less like Anthony Grace and more like Max Adamson, you wouldn't need luck.


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by TwisT on Thu 04 Dec 2014, 4:07 pm

Grace nods his head in approval and smiles.

AG: Of course, respect needs to be WON Mr. Adamson. And I feel that a respectful world makes it a much better place. For us old warriors and for our children, destined to be the NEW champions of the universe.

He looks over to the front row and winks at Alfie. The boy smiles, along with his parents.

AG: That handshake is something that is important to me Mr. Adamson. As you rightly says, it is a symbol that when the dust has settled, the combatants can still be GRACEFUL after the result. I haven’t come into this business to make enemies……life is too SHORT for that! I am here to test myself and hopefully become as successful as you Mr. Adamson. Let’s face it…..in 6CW your name is pure BOX OFFICE!

Adamson isn’t quite sure how to react to this, as Grace continues.

AG: However, success shouldn’t breed contempt! So you will have to excuse the reaction from the COG’s to your appearance here. I respect who you are and what you have done. I can see the look of a champion when I stare at you Mr. Adamson and I hope the COG’s see that same look when they stare at me in their millions! I know they BELIEVE and it is up to me to………


Grace laughs.

AG: Spoken like true disciples!

He turns to Adamson.

AG: And to ACHIEVE, I will have to climb great mountains. Some of them are taller than others. Some of them present a greater challenge that others. But they are all mountains that must be scaled Mr. Adamson! Maybe I will not be able to SCALE the great Mount Adamson come next Wednesday, but whatever the outcome, it will fuel the flame inside me……the flame that burns inside of ALL of us……to get back onto my feet and try again. And hopefully Mr. Adamson, with God in my corner and the COG’s in my heart, there will be a point when Mount Adamson is conquered!

The fans cheer and Grace smiles broadly. He extends his hand and nods.

AG: And at that point, I will take in the view and feel pride at the achievement. I will remember where I came from and how hard I had to work to get there. Then I will get on my knees, say a little prayer and be thankful for it. And at that moment, when the peak has been surmounted……I hope that the respect will be there to honour that handshake. Because Mr. Adamson, my hand will be ready for it……

He smiles again as Adamson looks on.


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by Marky on Thu 04 Dec 2014, 4:25 pm

Adamson looks frustrated, he begins to pace slowly back and forth across the stage as he ponders his response. He goes to speak on a few occasions but stops himself.

Max: You know what?

(Adamson looks increasingly annoyed and he continues to walk back and forth as Grace stands in the ring smiling at Adamson)

Max: I'm gonna kick the crap out of you, and I'm gonna wipe that Ned Flanders smug look of your face!

(Adamson throws the mic down and storms off backstage, leaving Grace bemused inside the ring)


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by TheCultOfPersonality on Thu 04 Dec 2014, 7:45 pm

At the latest live 6CW event, the crowd are waiting in anticipation for the show to get under way. All of a sudden to the dismay of the crowd, Mr. Jones walks onto the stage to a chorus of boo's. Mr. Jones stops for a moment before continuing with his walk. Mr. Jones is sporting a full three piece suit as he confidently walks down the ramp, he asks for a microphone and stands in the middle of the ring taking in the atmosphere from the crowd who aren't pleased to see him.

HE: Look who's back!

HA: What the hell is he doing here, nobody came here to see Mr. Jones.

HE: He can do what he wants, he's Mr.Jones!

MJ: Boy it feels good to be back. Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Mr. Michael Jones. I was the man behind the most dominant and illustrious faction this business has ever come across, The Authority. I am a business man, I've spent many of years building my business acumen and I was at one point the most powerful man in 6CW. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, that power was taken away from me.

*That releases a quick pop from the crowd. Mr. Jones sarcasticily gives a smirk to the crowd reaction*

MJ: But now, well I'm back. And I'm back with command, more presence and more passion that ever before. You see as a businessmen, I'm constantly looking out for opportunities. To be successful in this business, you have to grab peoples attention, you need tenacity and finally, which I believe is the most important, you need to take risks. And alas, it hit me. It got me thinking. In 6CW, who's one of the biggest and brightest talents going in our industry today. Who I do firmly believe can me make it to the very top. Well the answer is simply put, Masterful. 6CW universe, rise as I present to you my client, me new associate and more importantly, my friend....Mike Masters!

"Born a Champion" hits as Mike Masters swaggers his way out to a huge reaction, mostly filled with boos. Masters jumps on the spot before doing his signature swivel before making his way to the ring. Masters runs up the steel steps and walks up to Mr.Jones. The two begin laughing and shake hands as Mr. Jones guides Masters to the turnbuckle to taunt the crowd. Masters grabs a microphone.

HA: Look at the smug look on their faces, how can they be proud of what they did at Ground Zero, it was absolutely despicable.

HE: It was Last Man Standing, you have to be ruthless to win the the match, that is exactly what Masters showed.

HA: And what about this relationship, after everything Mr. Jones did to Masters and now this!

HE: Why don't you hear what the kid has to say before throwing out tantrums...

Masters looks around the arena, just as he's about to speak, a huge *You sold out* chant breaks out bringing a smile to Masters face.

MM: When an opportunity comes knocking, you grab it by the scruff of its neck and take it no questions asked. This...this is an opportunity I could not pass up. This man is everything what's right about this business. People, this is a business, he's a businessmen, it's not rocket science. Listen, in this industry, it's the survival of the fittest. I'm already one of the fittest talents in 6CW and so all I need to do now is survive. I need that surivival instinct. And surivive from what you say? Survive against those that look at me with disgust and question my motives. Survive against those that constantly disrespect me week in week out whilst ignoring the talents I possess. Not only am I talking about you fans, I'm also talking about 6CW management.

MM: This man took 6CW by storm. He was honest, ruthless and he didn't let anyone take advantage of him. He made lives a misery. Hell, he made my life a misery. Jones, I dispised you! I hated everything about you, I hated everything you stood for. But you know, that's what makes this man the man he is, he's the ultimate manipulator. You see, when he called me a couple of weeks ago, we got to talking and we realised that what's best for me and what's best for him is what's best for business. Mike Masters and Mr. Jones is what's best for business.

MM: At Ground Zero, the 6CW universe saw a crowning of a new era. Our era! At Ground Zero, you saw the extreme side of Masters, you saw the ruthless streak I've always had but this man helped me unleash it. I showed off to the world what Mike Masters is all about when I decimated my opponent to a skull crushing pulp. Ground Zero so me prove what I've been rather annoyingly going on about for the last few months. And that's Mike Masters is and will always be the better man. I knew it all along and I proved that my ex tag partner was just another heavy backpack strolling along my shadow. God dammit, I was the last man standing and showed why I'm perfect and he's not! #Showoff!

The crowd boo as Masters throws the mic down with adrenaline. Masters thens looks at Jones who begins to speak...

MJ: I couldn't have said it better myself Mike. And at Aftermath, this...this will all continue, out dominance is only just starting, you will become the number of contender for the 6CW championship. And as for you...son. *Mr. Jones gets up and close to the camera*. You disgust me. You're a disgrace to the family, how dare you disrespect your own father. You had your chance to make ammends, but now, I am gonna expose you as the b@stard you are. I do hope you get better though, see you around, son.

Masters begins laughing as he puts an arm around Mr. Jones' shoulders as the two exit the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd.


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by jeromedubois on Fri 05 Dec 2014, 12:14 pm

The scene opens within an office space where an interview set has been prepared, as Timothy Allen walks on the set with a few papers in hand, as he looks up at the camera man.

TA: Has he arrived yet?

Camera man: not yet Mr Allen we will keep you updated if anything changes!

TA: but we have already been waiting for 2h!

Allen sighs in frustrations

Suddenly the office door opens as Jerome Dubois appears wearing a pair of aviators, a sharp black suit and tie, as he looks around the set.

TA: Aaaaahhhh Mr Dubois we were wondering if you like turn up at all

A more somber Dubois simply shrugs Allen comment as he sits down sliding a cigarette out of his inner pocket.

Camera man: eeerrrrmmm sir no smocking on set please

Dubois slowly raises his head and gives an empty stare at the camera man as Allen quickly  walks in between them

TA: we can always make an exception for Mr Dubois though.

Dubois then lights up his cigarette as Allen sits in the seat opposite him.

TA: ready?

Dubois doesn't respond as Allen waves on the camera man.

Camera man. Rolling in 3.....2......1......Action!

Allen appears in the screen with a face shot.

TA: ladies and gentlemen my name is Timothy Allen and we are here doing an exclusive with the one and only Jerome Dubois.

The camera slowly zooms out as Dubois is shown.

TA: Well Mr.'Dubois having gone through one of the most personal feuds in recent history we saw a classic match between you and JJ Johnson at Ground Zero. A match that has been over 5 years in the making that the world wanted to see. However, unfortunately for you, JJ came out on top once more, and got his arm raised as the winner by the referee...how do you feel about what happened at Ground Zero?

For the first time a grin slowly emerges on Dubois face...

JD: I ask you Mr Allen....do you believe JJ really won?

TA: well yes he got the all important and arguably deserve 3 count!

JD: so where is he? Hein? Where is Monsieur Johnson? Because I can't see him....and I certainly can't hear him spit his poison at the people...my people! Because Monsieur Allen...while JJ may have got the win, I, Jerome Dubois stand here today as a not a loser but a conquerer, as a man who chooses to stand on his own two feet....unaided might i add....while JJ on the other hand mon ami, has a one way ticket back to the hospital after the beating I gave him....I was responsible for that...I was Monsieur Allen....no one in the last 5 years has dominated JJ Johnson the same way as I did! And make no mistake I dominated and humiliated JJ and showed the world exactly what I am.....a Wrestling God!

You can try and paint or twist the situation anyway you want but the truth of the mater is that I did exactly what I said I would do....I told the world 1 week before Ground Zero what exactly would happen...I preached and told all of you that I would be the last man standing or nobody would ever stand again...and here I am Mr Allen as the last man standing...

TA: well no matter how you try to manipulate the situation the truth of the fact goes on that you still haven't ever pinned or beaten JJ Johnson one on one....

Dubois shows signs of clenching his jaw trying to control himself.

JD: Mr Allen...I have to ask you, do you know how it feels to inflict so much pain and punishment on a human being that you feel their ribs cave in and snap in two?

Dubois reaches into pockets and reveals the straps that were wrapped around JJ ribs.

JD: because I do....this...this right here is my victory...this right here is my redemption...my payback! You see this?! (Dubois points to a part of the straps that have a little blood from JJ coughing out blood). Does that look a winner? No matter what you say that match taught me a lot...because that patch of blood right there....that shows me weakness....a weakness that I manipulated for my own self gain...can you imagine that Mr Allen, the so called standard, the fanchise initiative, the people's champion showed weakness for the first time against me...by doing that he let himself down and his people down.... Because I stood strong, and I looked good in doing so...so the question people should be asking themselves is not whether Dubois can beat JJ Johnson, but whether JJ has any strength left in him or desire to face me? Because if you ask me, JJ is going to stay well clear of me, because regardless of the results he knows that should he enter the ring with me one more time, I won't be as forgiven as the last time...The result would be different but the situation would remain the same...and that is me, Jerome Dubois standing tall out of JJ shadow might I add, as the last man standing!!!

TA: well that may be so Dubois but some say that you need JJ Johnson more than he needs you? How would you respond to that...

An increasingly uncomfortable Dubois squirms in his chair

JD: respond?! Monsieur Allen, I have finally shown the world that JJ is nothing more than an over hyped average wrestler who couldn't tie up my boots any single day of the week! Need him?! Jerome Dubois needs no man to validate his career! Have you forgotten. Already mon ami I am a 6CW hall of famer! I have already earned the respect of everyone who came before me! And come Aftermath everyone involved in the main event will truly see and understand that I don't need JJ, but for his sake and the sake of his health I hope to god he doesn't turn up. because Monsieur Allen, it is sad when you see a man who tries to cling on to his former glories when all he should really do is call it a day...I am worried for JJ and I care for JJ, which is why I am making this appeal to the 6cw fans to let your people's champion go....let him retire, because all you are doing is causing him pain and suffering when stepping into the ring with me. So please instead of cheering him on, get behind a man who deserves your praise...get behind a man who is a legend himself, and get behind your new people's champion ...the wrestling God! Jerome Dubois...

TA: and finally Mr Dubois, with Ground Zero firmly behind us, we now look to the future, and the future begins with Aftermath in over 1 week time. You are in the main event for an opportunity to become the number 1 contender for the 6CW title. However, it will be contested between yourself and 7 other men, including JJ, how do you feel about your chances?

Dubois Smirks and shrugs his shoulders

JD: first of all let me make one thing perfectly clear, I do not or ever will rely on chance...Unlike Monsieur Johnson who had the chance of a life time as lightning struck as he pinned me at Ground Zero. All I know are facts, because let's be honest actions speak louder than words...unless the words come from my mouth! So as far as aftermath goes it is very simple...I am stepping into the ring with men I have faced before and men I have constantly beaten...

TA: well not JJ Mr Dubois...

Dubois pauses as he rolls his fist up into a ball, as he rises out of his chair...

Jd: ECOUTER MOI!!!!!! JJ got lucky you hear me?! He had to resort to a last ditch tactic! I can beat him!!! I am better than him!!!! Il am the standard of 6CW!! All I need is one more match to get prove it! Just one! He took everything away from me in the 6WF everything...do you know what is like to see everything you love disappear beneath your very eyes?!? No! So once I beat JJ, you will then, and only then realise that the legacy and the legend of JJ Johnson was nothing more than smoke and mirrors and paled in comparison compared to mine! So you want to know what I am going to do at Aftermath?! Hein!? I am going to pick up the beating that I delivered at ground zero and that is with his blood on my hands! And I will beat the holy hell out of anyone who even tries to get in my way!!!! This interview is over!!!!

Dubois throws his mic on the ground and storms off the stage, as Allen looks on nervously in the distance

??: Hey what the!


Dubois is seen smashing a catering table as he storms off into the distance.

TA: He seems to be losing it...

Camera man 1: It's all about JJ, Tim...it is about JJ...


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by Steel on Fri 05 Dec 2014, 6:51 pm

The lights in the arena begin to dim and the crowd settle in anticipation for what may be about to occur, a bright white light then fills the arena as Gangsta Rap begins to sound from the speakers.

Harold: At Ground Zero DeMarcus Brown was able to retain his Xtreme title against all the odds, I’m not sure many would have backed Brown going into the event but he proved the doubters wrong.

Henry: I backed him all the way Harold, I knew Brown had it in him to put that monster to bed.

DeMarcus steps out from behind the curtain the Xtreme title flung over his shoulder; he begins to slowly make his way down to the ring, the effects from his battle with Ojore clearly visible via a limp and the grimace on Browns face with each step.

Harold: Ojore and Brown put each other through hell, you have to question whether both men will be in any condition to fight this coming week.

Henry: Brown better be ready he’s in a ladder match to determine who will Adamson for the 6CW championship.

Harold: It doesn’t look like he will be flying high at the moment.

Brown is now at ringside he struggles to climb into the ring and stops for a while leaning against the rope and taking a deep breath, he then climbs under the rope and asks for a microphone from ringside which he is just about able to catch. He then composes himself as the crowd settles.

DB: Well brother here I am, here is DeMarcus Brown, still your Xtreme champion as much as you all thought that it wasn’t possible, that Ojore would dismantle and torture me into submission. I hope what happened at Ground Zero shook some sense into you all and all those sat in the back who continue to think DeMarcus Brown will be an easy victory for them, if you have any further questions as to what I am capable off id seek out Ojore id start by checking around the local hospitals although you might not get much sense out of him with permanent brain damage. I have to at this point though pay my respects to Ojore and wish him a speedy recovery; you put up a good fight, a fight worthy of the title of man of war. There were times out there I wondered what I would have to do brother to keep you down, no matter what I tried you just kept on getting back up and coming straight back at me, for that you have my respect, but what you need to understand Ojore is there was no chance I was walking out of Ground Zero without my title. People may have thought going into our battle that this was personal between us, that I bared a grudge for you taking me out of action all those months ago, but I understand that was just business just as what I did to you Sunday was just business, no hard feelings buddy.

DeMarcus smirks

DB: That being said I can’t say I didn’t enjoy and thrive from the punishment I dealt out much like I would have done in the past, the feeling of causing another person pain at my own hands. I thought I was passed that, that I was more concerned with glory and championships, but what I realise is deep down what I enjoyed most of all from Ground Zero was the fight itself not walking out as champion, sure that was good but it was always going to happen, what surprised me was the reawakening of something I thought I had lost, something that I realise is why I made a name for myself when I first arrived here, an aspect of myself I am pleased to welcome back with open arms.

Harold: If that’s true DeMarcus Brown just became a big problem for a lot of people on this roster.

Henry: If you ask me I’d be glad to see the old DeMarcus back.

DB: It appears the manner of my victory at Ground Zero captivated the attention of another, another who has decided that it has earned me a shot at the 6CW title all be it, if I win ladder match on Aftermath against seven others. Usually I would rate my chances of winning as highly as anyone else, but look at me, do I look like a man capable of winning a ladder match at present, I can barely walk let alone fly around a ring, in ladder matches people get hurt, but I am already hurt and that doesn’t bode well. In my eyes that means I have nothing really to lose, what’s one more broken rib or another set of bruises, that doesn’t mean I can’t dish out a whole lotta pain of my own, the others may have a head start but It won’t take me long to even the playing field, Xtreme is my playground and a ladder match comes damn near close to that, I think this could be a whole lot of fun for everyone.

DeMarcus drops the microphone as his music begins to play.

He then struggles out of the ring and hobbles his way to the back


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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

Post by Mat on Tue 09 Dec 2014, 7:05 pm

*Christy James is backstage with a microphone in hand as the camera's begin to roll*

Christy James: Ladies and Gentleman, joining me now...Buck Riggins!

*Buck walks into picture, he removes his cowboy hat and tips it at Christy and then the camera before placing it back on his head.

Buck: Howdi Christy, it's a pleasure to finally meet y'all.

Christy James: Thank you, and likewise. So Buck let's start with Ground Zero, how did it feel to get the win on your pay per view debut?

Buck: Amazing Christy. I was happier than a pig in a mudbath! That kind of thing, it don't happen to guys like me. Buck Riggins, the small-town son of a farmer, beating Daniel Reilly on Pay Per View, that's what dreams are made of. Y'all have absolutely no idea just how much that meant to me, and to have these fans chanting my name after the match, well I hope that sent a message to my brothers and Pa back home. They said it was a waste of time, y'all thought I was a few bricks short of a wheelbarrow load coming to 6CW and following my dream.

Well y'all were wrong, and I don't need them Christy. You want to know why? Cos this is my family right here. These fans are my family, y'all have shown me more support in three weeks than my brothers and Pa ever did. And I'm going to pay y'all back for it. I ain't no movie star like Anthony Grace, I'm living life on a flat beer wallet so I can't get y'all a load of champagne to celebrate. All I can do is promise that I'll keep entertaining y'all, and I'll keep running over my opponents with the Riggins Rampage, just like I did to Daniel Reilly.

Christy James: At Aftermath, you go one on one with International champion Jax Cutler, but he and Michael Hathaway didn't really have a lot to say about you in the build-up to the match. What did you think about all they had to say?

Buck Riggins: Well, that Mr Hathaway could talk the hind legs off of a donkey I tell y'all that for nothing. The last time I saw a mouth that big, it had a hook in it! He was real mad wasn't he? I mean, he was madder than a pig at a pork-roast!

But I'll be honest with y'all, Buck really wasn't paying much attention to Mr Hathaway after a while. Cos he just kept talking, and talking, and moaning, and talking, and then a little bit more moaning. And if there's one thing that really annoys me, it's moaning. I know Jax Cutler lost his title, but moaning ain't gonna get that title back now is it? If I was him, I'd let my actions do the talking, rather than just standing by and crying like a baby after they lost their rattle.

They didn't say a lot about me, and I guess that's cos y'all think you're above talking about the new guy. Y'all probably think this match is a waste of your time, just like my family thought me coming to 6CW was a waste of time. And y'all know, I just love proving people wrong. If I have to beat the brakes off of Jax Cutler to make him recognise who I am, that's fine by me. Because my name is Buck and I don't give...

Crowd: F***!

Buck Riggins: They're getting better at this Christy!

Christy James: They sure are Buck, back to Harold and Henry at ringside.

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6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath 10th December 2014

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