6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:15 pm

*The 6CW logo appears on the blank screen, as “Here Come’s the Boom” by P.O.D kicks in. The crowd leaps to their feet, and erupt in a chorus of noise as blue, white, and yellow pyrotechnics display goes off. As the camera pans around the sold out 6CW arena across the thousands in attendance the voice of Harold Lloyd can be heard

HA: Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome once again to the sold out Wembley arena. The events at Ground Zero have sent shockwaves across the entire company, but there is no time for reflection.

HE: We are only four shows away from Day of Reckoning and the Gateway to Glory where one man will place his name into the Main Event match on the grandest show of all at Night of Glory. This crowd are at fever pitch and I can not handle the tension any longer


BOTH: AND IT’S TIME TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:16 pm

*The camera switches to backstage where a cordon of security is stood by the arena entrance, raised voices can be heard as the image zooms in to show Daniel Magnusson and Dean Andrews stood at the open doorway

DM: You’re not welcome here!! You lost any rights you had in this place the moment we defeated you at Beachfront Brawl

*Jones smiles smugly

MJ: I am not here to begin another battle of wits with you Daniel; you have already been shown to be my superior but as a business man I have many interests in and out of the wrestling world.

6CW is a valuable commodity; one that I know better than most if used correctly, if harnessed effectively that commodity can make people a lot of money. Surely as a fellow business man you understand that?

*Magnusson stares blankly

DA: Don’t give us that bull; we know why you’re back!!

*Jones laughs

MJ: Whilst it is nice to see that I still get under your skin Daniel I assure you that is not what is driving this reappearance. My decision to return is not one borne out of emotion; I am not here to get my revenge. I am purely here to maximise my profit margin. This is just business

*Magnusson snaps

DM: Do you really think we are that stupid, that it is mere coincidence that you choose to get back into wrestling in the very company that only a few months ago you owned aligning yourself with a man who is competing against your own son. You really expect us to believe that?

MJ: I do not expect anything; in fact I don’t care what you think.

I am not an employee of 6CW. I am here as an invited guest of Mike Masters. I have all the necessary security documents that facilitate my entry to this arena this evening and for many evenings to come. I have no intention of changing my plans just because you are uncomfortable with my attendance here

It is not my problem, now if you don’t mind

*Jones takes a step forward; reluctantly Magnusson tells the security team to stand aside and Jones walks into the arena towards the locker rooms

DA: What are we going to do Daniel; you know he’s full of it. There’s only one reason he’s back and that’s to mess with us

*The scene ends with Magnusson looking troubled as Jones disappears out of shot

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:18 pm

*The Red Arrows are in the dressing room doing stretches and talking, relaxed and at ease.

JH: I don't know who he is either but it doesn't really matter right now. He's been sending a message every time he turns up and we've got to make sure we match him

RR: And my boy Bam!

JH: No one ever forgets about Bam, he's quite the enigma himself.

RR: You don't think he might be Enigma do you?

*Hurst stands with his hands on his hips and shakes his head

JH: You need to stop jumping off things, your head is clearly taking a lot of damage

RR: Huh?

*The pair turn as we hear a knock on the door

?: Now presenting the future world tag team champions of the world...The Producers!

RR: Oh man

*Hollywood and Primetime enter the room with their arms out wide, strutting with huge smiles on their faces

H: Gentlemen! We thought we'd come say hello, I know you were looking for us

JH: We were?

P: Well, you had to say thank you at some point!

*Reborn takes a step towards the men

RR: What gives? We run our own ship man, why you think you gotta get involved?

H: Simple shakes! No one wants to see The Producers grab the titles from Bad Inventions.

P: But The Producers beating the Red Arrows...that's box office!

JH: But just like your latest flop "InConception" - nobody will ever see it

*Hollywood turns away and sighs

H: Pregnant women who had babies within babies - that should have been big

JH: So, thank you gents for your unnecessary intervention, but you can keep the celebrations to yourself, it was our win and we owe you not a thing.

*Primetime and Hollywood take a step back, both slightly offended

P: Fine! Be that way, what do we care? Not like we helped or anything.

H: God, you totally don't appreciate how rad we are

P: They totally don't

H: Let's leave these dudes to their warm ups bro, these broskis totally need it

*The pair leave and Robin looks at Hurst absolutely baffled by the two men and their behaviour

RR: I can't believe I was worried about those two guys, they are nuts!

*The scene fades

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Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:19 pm

Back at ringside and the mood has changed across the crowd

HA: Ground Zero was a spectacle of unbelievable proportion but it also was the night we saw perhaps the most horrifying scene ever witnessed in 6CW. To truly understand the gravity of the situation let us go back to that fateful night. To our viewers across the globe 6CW would like to warn you that you are about to see graphic footage that could be uncomfortable viewing…

Footage starts to play

HA: What a momentous night so far, and the action doesn’t stop. After this break

HE: Oh my god….

HA: What?

HE: We need to go backstage, now

HA: Why?

The camera view switches to the parking lot, a crowd are gathered in a circle but the screams of a woman can be heard

??: Oh my god, somebody, please call an ambulance!!!!

The camera moves through the crowd, Emma is crouched down, she is cradling Nate’s head in her arms, blood trickles from his ear as he lies unconscious. Emma is sobbing uncontrollably

E: I’m sorry, it wasn’t meant to end like this

Emma looks up at the crowd again pleading for help

The camera shows Christy stood with a shocked Gazzy D

GD: The car came from nowhere, but he was aiming for Nate, no doubt in my mind

CJ: Did you see who it was?

Gazzy shakes his head. Sirens can be heard in the distance. Emma is stroking Nate’s hair as the former 6CW champion remains unmoved

Emma is repeating over and over again
E: What have I done, what have I done……..

The video ends and we return to ringside

HE: At this point we had hoped to speak to Nate’s fiancée Emma to get an update of the condition of the former 6CW champion but understandably she is focusing on his recovery but we are joined this evening by Nate’s doctor

Good evening Doctor Wells

*A bespectacled man in his forties appears on camera, he nods and smiles

DW: Good evening

HE: What can you tell our fans about Nate’s condition right now?

DW: When Nate was brought into our care he had suffered severe trauma to the head, neck and back following the incident with the motor vehicle. He underwent emergency surgery with our initial concern being the amount of swelling experienced to the brain

HA: And how successful was that surgery?

DW: It is too early to tell about long term prognosis but our initial fears regarding Nate’s injuries have reduced and he is no longer considered to be in a critical condition. The patient is unconscious but his vital signs have remained stable for the last few days. Indicators are favorable but I would not be doing my job correctly if we didn’t maintain close watch but we remain optimistic

HE: That is great to hear Doctor Wells, what are the next steps for you and your team

DW: We will take things slowly at this stage; the patient is still receiving respiratory help and he remains in an induced coma, he is surrounded by loved ones who are aiding his recovery and my team is there to ensure he gets the best treatment available, as I said we remain cautious but optimistic

HE: Thank you for joining us tonight Doctor Wells

The video link ends and the commentary team are back on screen

HA: A terrible situation for all involved, will we ever find out what truly happened on that evening, only a small handful of people know the truth but perhaps now is not the time for pointing fingers. I am sure everybody at home will share with us sending our thoughts to Nate in wishing him a quick recovery. Nate Nack is a name that is synomonous with everything that this company stands for and we hope the day comes again when we can show that man just how much he means to us all

Commercial break

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:21 pm

Match 1
The Producers vs. Bad Intentions

Back from the break and Bad Intentions are already in the ring

HA: These two guys will feel very hard done by following their loss at Ground Zero

HE: And no doubt they will point the finger of blame squarely at their opponents tonight

HA: The Producers have made waves since coming to 6CW, often figures of fun in the wrestling world Primetime and Hollywood have shown whilst their behaviour backstage is a little off the map

HE: A little, they’re nuts!!!

HA: But in the ring so far their performances have shown they have a real ability that if harnessed correctly could lead to great things in the tag division

HE: The Producers, great things, now I’ve heard everything!

Strobe lights then begin to whirl around the arena and then they come to stop at the entranceway. A red carpet rolls down the ramp and a voice sounds out…

“Lights, camera, action!”

*Crowd pop

HA: Here we go

HE: Let the circus begin

The crowd are applauding wildly as Primetime and Hollywood Johnson make their way out onto the stage. They are dressed in matching waistcoats and bow ties, huge grins on their faces. They wave to the crowd and high five before they begin their walk to the ring…

HA: Legends of the wrestling world

HE: In their own mind

HA: Movie greats

HE: Don’t make me laugh

HA: However you want to describe them these two men have brought a lot of fun to 6CW

HE: But maybe this is where the joke ends…..

Primetime and Hollywood roll into the ring and are immediately attacked by Bad Intentions

HA: Confidence Carter and Justice Porter wasting no time this evening

HE: They blame The Producers for costing them their chance at Tag gold and they want to make them pay

Glory is screaming from the side at the ring to make them suffer as the ref struggles to gain control

HA: A show of real brutality from Bad Intentions

The two whip the producers into opposite corners before following up with vicious lariat clotheslines. Primetime and Hollywood slump to the mat as the crowd boos

HE: Perhaps they should have stayed backstage making their little movies

Carter kicks Hollywood to the floor leaving Porter as the legal man with Primetime; he drags the Producer to his feet and whips him again to the far corner

HA: Carter following him in……….NOBODY HOME!

Primetime dives out of the way and Carter runs chest first into the turnbuckle. Glory lets out a shriek as the tides turn

HE: Primetime needs a tag but his partner is only just getting to his feet

HA: Primetime calling on all the little warriors to give him power

HE: What is he doing?

Primetime starts to shake the ropes and puffing his cheeks, he rises to his feet and starts to run on the spot still shaking the ropes, grabbing Carter he drags him to the middle of the ring, bouncing off the ropes he connects with a shoulder tackle knocking Carter to the floor. Primetime bounces off the ropes again and connects with a frog splash


Ref: 1


HE: Big kick out from Carter!!!

Hollywood is reaching out for the tag and his partner obliges, he picks Carter up with a scoop slam and follows up with a leg drop across the throat

HA: Another quick pin

Ref: 1


HE: The Producers do have the experience to know what to do; I just question whether they have the ability to do it

HA: So far they seem to be doing just fine Henry

Hollywood starts to play to the crowd doing his best Hogan impressions

HE: That’s what I mean they lack the levels of concentration required at the top level

HA: But just listen, this crowd love it!

Hollywood goes back to Carter who has had time to regroup

HE: Thumb to the eye

Carter stumbles back and tags in Porter, Hollywood is throwing desperate rights and lefts at an imaginary opponent

HA: He’s fighting blind right now

Carter grabs Hollywood from behind and leverages into an arched suplex


Ref: 1



HA: That was close!

Hollywood just manages to kick out at two and a half, Carter stands and stomps repeatedly into his opponent’s stomach; he reaches down and grabs Hollywood by the face slapping him across the cheek like a petulant child

HE: Bad Intentions showing who’s boss

HA: It’s uncalled for

Carter picks Hollywood to his feet and tags in his partner keeping Hollywood in a head lock

HE: Great teamwork

Porter punches Hollywood in the kidneys and the Producer and most of the crowd let out a gasp. Hollywood falls to one knee, lifting out a desperate hand he reaches for his partner

HA: He needs to get much closer to have any chance of a tag

Porter pushes Hollywood to the mat with a boot to the head, he starts to goad Primetime who tries to enter the ring but the referee intervenes

HE: Double team from Bad Intentions

HA: The referee never saw a thing

After the double attack Porter tags in Carter once more

HE: Quick tags, saving energy, this is what tag team wrestling is all about, and this is why Bad Intentions fight for championship gold and why The Producers are no more than a side show

Bad Intentions are milking their dominance and begin to bad mouth the crowd, Carter slowly walks towards the prone Hollywood

HA: OH MY GOD, Playing Possum, DDT form nowhere………PIN

REF: 1


HE: No, no, no……….Did he get him?

HA: He kicked out that must have been two and three quarters, so close

The crowd are on their feet as Carter just beats the count; both men are lying in the centre of the ring, the crowd willing Hollywood to get the tag

HE: Carter the first to move

Confidence Carter shakes his head and rolls up to a sitting position, he takes one look at Hollywood before standing and making the tag to Porter

HA: Come on Hollywood!

As Porter climbs through the ropes Hollywood starts to move, he takes one look over his shoulder and scurries towards the outstretched hand of Primetime

HA: TAG, he got him

The crowd pops as Primetime bursts in to the ring he ducks a clothesline from Porter and bounces off the ropes with a diving cross body


Ref: 1


HA: Kick out from the fresher man

Primetime drags Porter up and hits a snap suplex, he signals to the crowd before climbing the turnbuckle

HE: What is he thinking?

The flashbulbs around the arena illuminate the darkness as Primetime connects with an amazing shooting star press

HA: I don’t believe what I have just seen

The ref slides over to the count the pin and the crowd are on their feet

Ref: 1


HE: Yes, Yes, Yes

Porter breaks the pin just as the referees hand is about to hit the mat for the third time. Primetime rolls onto his back his eyes looking at the arena roof, the referee attempts to get Porter from the ring but he manages to get a couple of kicks to Primetimes head and help his partner to his feet before he is pushed towards his corner

HA: A real back and forth to open up proceedings this evening

HE: The Producers have impressed me with their refusal to give up but I think that will be the end of their rearguard

Carter swings Primetime against the ropes but The Producer ducks the attempt at a clothesline

HA: Blind tag

Primetime baseball slides between Carters legs and runs a high knee into the face of Porter who drops down from the apron to the ringside floor

HE: Who is the legal man?

Carter takes a step towards Primetime who smiles and points over his opponents shoulder

PT: He’s behind you

Carter spins and is met with a boot to the gut

Hollywood and Primetime connect with a double face first Russian legsweep and Hollywood makes the cover

HE: GOD NO!!!!

The ref covers

Ref: 1



HA: Wow! The Producers did it!

HE: I don’t believe it, an absolute outrage...

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:22 pm

HA: What a win for The Producers

HE: Bad Intentions looking for immediate revenge...

HA: Oh this is disgusting! The match is over!

Porter who just missed out on breaking the pin drives a boot to the back of Hollywood’s head. Confidence Carter gets to his feet stalking Prime Time before hitting him with the Confidence Killer as Justice Porter runs across the ring hitting the Justice Is Served Brogue Kick taking Hollywood off the apron crashing down to the outside.

HE: Bad Intentions have put their mark on this match and it doesn't look like they're done just yet!

HA: Someone needs to do something about this!

Carter picks Prime Time up to his feet and hooks his arms behind his back as Porter begins landing hard strikes

HE: Who is that?

As Bad Intentions continue to beat down Prime Time a middle aged man calmly walks out on to the stage with a microphone in one hand and a fur coat over his other, his presence causes B.I to drop Prime Time, kicking him from the ring.

HA: Thank god someone is out here!

HE: We have no idea who he is Harold! Your celebrations could be in vein.

The man calmly stands on the stage before beginning to speak

???: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Krasimir Marinov, for my sins I am a Bulgarian native but I am here to show you the future...

HE: What the hell is he talking about?

Krasimir: We are the Death Squad

Krasimir allows a sinister smile to cover his face before clicking his fingers causing the lights to go out for a few moments before coming back on.

HA: Oh my god! Look in the ring!

As the lights return Bad Intentions are now on their knee's with two men stood behind them holding chairs. The two men continue to land chair shots to Porter and Carter before tossing the chairs to the outside. Krasimir continues to speak

Krasimir: I present to you Varyag

One of the men walks to the side of the ring and pulls Confidence Carter with him leaving the larger of the two in the ring with Justice Porter.

Krasimir: Varyag The Destroyer...the Russian Warlord!

Varyag quickly pulls Porter to his feet before lifting him across his back in to a rack, Varyag turns and looks at Krasimir who nods before Varyag throws Porter down in to a spine cracking back breaker.

HA: Oh my god! That just snapped him in half!

HE: He isn't done!

Varyag quickly pulls porter up to a kneeling position before letting out an unholy roar and hitting Porter with a huge clubbing blow to the temple which leaves him out cold, Varyag quickly pushes Porter down to the outside allowing the second of the two men to roll Carter back in.

Krasimir: The man you now see in the ring is El Rey Castile...The King...

Castile smiles as Carter begins to push himself up to a kneeling position bringing even a bigger smile to Castile's face, as Carter reaches a kneeling position Castile charges forward hitting the brutal Boma-Ye knee straight to the face. Castile then quickly pulls a groggy Carter to his feet, turning him around and putting him up on his shoulders in an electric chair position.

HE: I'm starting to like this team! What destruction...

HA: What a move!

Krasimir once again nods to Castile who drops Carter from the electric chair position catching him around the waist and hitting a german suplex.

Krasimir: If you people had turned your eyes away from your beloved 6CW then you would know that Varyag and Castile are the most dominant team that this world has ever seen...

...forget the rumours, the incarcerations and the history...

...the Death Squad are here to take what they want...we do not beg.

As Krasimir finishes speaking Castile and Varyag roll to the outside grabbing the chairs once again before turning their attention to the Producers

HA: Oh god! I thought they were out here to help the Producers!

HE: I think The Death Squad only has themselves in mind here tonight!

As Hollywood gets to his feet he is met by a conchairto that brings a smile to Krasimir. Castile and Varyag once again drop the chairs and turn back to the ring where Prime Time has begun to stir.

Krasimir: What you have seen here tonight is nothing compared to what you will see in the future...this is a lesson to 6CW and the so called teams that infest it...

...surrender or suffer!

Castile and Varyag reenter the ring with Varyag pulling Prime Time up on to his shoulders as Castile begins to climb the turnbuckle. The crowd scream out in shock as Varyag once again hits the massive backbreaker but this time keeps Primetime draped across his knee allowing Castle to hit a double foot stomp to the chest.

Krasimir: We are the Death Squad...game over.

Krasimir drops the microphone and walks down to the ring putting the fur coat on to Castile before the three men pose over the body of Prime Time as the show goes to commercials

Match result: The Producers
Match time: 4 minutes 32 seconds

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:25 pm

Back at ringside after the break

HA: Ladies and Gentlemen, there were a lot of big moments at Ground Zero but for these fans perhaps the biggest cheer was heard at the crowning of a new International Champion

HE: Anthony Grace began his career in 6CW as a divisive figure, he split these fans down the middle and there were many who questioned whether he belonged in this business at all

HA: But at Ground Zero he confounded all his critics by picking up the biggest win in his short career to date and this week he celebrated that victory

A video montage plays showing Anthony Grace in a variety of films. A deep booming voiceover sounds out as the images continue

VO: Anthony Grace……one of the most talented actors the world has ever seen. A master magician of stage and screen, who risked respect to join the ranks of 6CW. Respect that has now been re-established as he soon starts 2015 as a champion. A champion…..of International standards!

A few images are shown of Grace in his wrestling attire and picking up wins against Jackson Black, Jerome Dubois and lastly, Jax Cutler.

VO: Tonight the entire 6CW will show their appreciation for Anthony Grace as we welcome him back to London. We give thanks…..amazing thanks…..for the new 6CW International Champion.

An image is shown of Grace holding up the belt and surrounded by fans.

VO: Let the party begin!

The video stops playing before cheering fans are shown. Wembley Arena has a capacity crowd in, eager to see the aftermath of Ground Zero. The camera pans to the ring which is now decked in red and has balloons held by a net hanging above. The camera starts to move around the crowd and picks up many Anthony Grace supporters; most of whom are carrying a replica 6CW International Champion belt. As the camera continues to circle through the COG’s, we hear the voices of the Lloyd Brothers on commentary.

HE: It is good to be back…..shall we get down to business?

HA: Indeed brother! What a PPV we have witnessed in Liverpool! Ground Zero could well have been the highlight to a truly epic 6CW year! Nearly all of 6CW’s titles were contested but only one man came out of the arena as a new champion……..

HE: I still think it was a two count…..but grudgingly I accept the result!

HA: As we see the thousands of COG’s in attendance, only one man can demand a reaction such as this. Anthony Grace took his first step in becoming a 6CW legend by beating someone who was deemed as unbeatable in some quarters. When Grace pinned Jax Cutler cleanly in the ring, he had finally proved his doubters wrong. Gone were the remarks of being a film star flash in the pan. Now, he had the gold around his waist that proved he was a wrestler of skill, desire and ability.

HE: Let us take you back to the closing moments of that Ground Zero match up.

The big screen starts to come on and shows the ending of Cutler v Grace:

HE: Here we go, this is it. Bearhug locked in. Grace has nowhere to go

The crowd is chanting Graces name loudly, but it doesn't help as he quickly begins to fade. Grace slumps in the arms of Cutler and the official lifts his arm in the air only for it to drop down back to his side, he lifts it a second time and it drops again, then a third

HE: Cutler all but won here, this arm drops and this one's over...AND IT DROPS


Grace stops his arm falling and it shoots back up in the air. It beats the air in time with the crowd’s chants and then he starts to come around, and connects with a punch to the temple of Cutler. The champion keeps the bear hug locked in and Grace continues to rain down punches as Cutler is forced to let go. Grace runs against the ropes and connects with a clothesline, Cutler falls down, but jumps straight back up and into a second clothesline, he gets up again and Grace bounces off the ropes again only to be tripped by Hathaway

HA: This is getting stupid now, the official should have sent him backstage ages ago

Grace turns to face Hathaway but is grabbed from behind by Cutler who kicks him in the stomach

HE: Here we go........CUTTING EDGE





The crowd is cheering wildly when Cutler goes for the Razors Edge only for Grace to fall down on his feet behind him and roll him up into a pin


HA: It was close, but I think you have to give Grace the benefit of the doubt here, he's overcome huge odds here tonight to win his first title as a 6CW superstar

The official brushes past the pair of Cutler and Hathaway to hand the title to Grace who punches the air. He gets to his feet and lifts the belt above his head as camera bulbs capture the moment

Cutler and Hathaway are still protesting when Grace interrupts. He extends his hand toward Cutler but the former champ looks down at it with disgust and then exits the ring with Hathaway in tow leaving Grace to carry on the celebrations in the ring.

HE: I am outraged; somebody should come out here and order this to be restarted. That was a two count. This man is a cheat, obviously being a childhood friend of Dean Andrews has its privileges

HA: Sounds like somebody is a little bitter over losing a fiver. Let me say congratulations to Anthony Grace, what a moment for this guy, what a match, and we still have plenty more to come.
The screen goes off and the camera zooms in on the Lloyd brothers. Henry is seen handing Harold a five pound note, while shaking his head. Harold is smiling broadly as he places the money into his jacket pocket.

HA: Always bet on the good guy…..

HE: Just cut to Christy will you!

Harold smiles and places a hand on his headphones.

HA: Christy……are you there?

The screen comes back on to see Christy James standing backstage.

CJ: Yes indeed I am guys! I just wanted to bring to your attention the total outpouring of congratulations Grace has received via social media. The messages have been coming by the thousands! At one point directly after the match, Grace had the top 3 trending topics on Twitter alone! Hashtags such as Believe 2 Achieve, International Superstar and Grace Wins were flying around the cyberspace and being retweeted and shared at a mind boggling rate. What’s more, Grace’s Hollywood friends were taking to Facebook to post their congratulations. Stars such as Samuel L Jackson, Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, Ian McKellan, Uma Thurman, Daniel Craig and Angelina Jolie………….

A selection of tweets and Facebook messages starts scrolling beside her on the screen.

CJ: But that’s not all! Grace also astounded fans that had paid to watch Ground Zero by asking 6CW to give out free champagne……all at Grace’s expense! He was also seen mingling with the fans after the PPV had reached its conclusion and was on hand for photographs and autographs. The rush for a memento was colossal and only reconfirms Grace’s pull when it comes to the 6CW fanbase!

The camera focuses back onto the Lloyd brothers at their commentary positions.

HA: Thank you for that Christy……..wow!

HE: Free champagne?! Is the guy serious?!

HA: It appears so! And why wouldn’t he share his pleasure of winning his first 6CW title?

Before Henry can answer, the tune “Amazing Grace” starts to fill the arena. The crowd goes wild as they await the new International Champion. As they look to the stage, the figures of Daniel Magnusson and Dean Andrews come out from behind the curtain. They stand to either side of the stage and start applauding.

HA: Grace getting the support from the hierarchy here at 6CW! And why not? He has brought a wave of new fans to the business!

Suddenly, the curtain moves again and this time a small young fan appears. He is decked out in Anthony Grace merchandise and carefully holds the 6CW International belt over his shoulder. He steps out onto the stage a bit more, as Andrews and Magnusson smile broadly and continue their applause. After a few moments, Anthony Grace at last appears onto the stage and the crowd cheers loudly. He is wearing a crisp white suit and has a black shirt on underneath. Grace, wearing his usual cheek microphone, salutes the fans eagerly and even blows a few kisses to the females in the crowd. Carefully walking forward, Grace kneels down and whispers into the boy’s ear. The boy seems star struck at seeing Grace and enthusiastically starts nodding his head. He then slowly makes his way down the aisle, still clutching the International title over his shoulder. Grace follows close behind, slapping the fans hands and posing for photos when asked. Andrews and Magnusson watch them both head to the ring, while still clapping away.

HA: I still can’t get over the noise levels heard in this building whenever Anthony Grace appears!

Slowly Grace makes his way down to the ring, gently pushing the young fan forward whenever he stops. When they reach the apron, Grace takes the boys hand and leads him up the steel steps. They both enter the ring, as “Amazing Grace” continues to play loudly. Grace then stands in the centre of the ring and carefully lifts the boy up onto his shoulders. Suddenly, the ring posts explode with sparklers and the balloons fall from the sky. The arena screen shows the words “Anthony ‘Amazing’ Grace: New 6CW International Champion”, as the balloons continue to fall and fireworks go off from the stage. Grace talks aside to the boy, who slowly lifts the International title above his head. The leader of the COG’s smiles broadly as he rotates on the spot so that the entire arena can see the belt. As “Amazing Grace” starts to die down, the cheers from the crowd only get louder. Grace, surrounded now by balloons, waves and salutes to the audience.

HA: What a reaction! What a showman!

Grace takes the boy off his shoulders and holds him by the hand. He turns to the stage and gives Magnusson and Andrews a big thumbs up. The two main men in 6CW are still applauding, before exiting via the curtain.  Grace speaks to the boy and takes the belt off his shoulder, before a stagehand comes into the ring and leads the fan back down the steel steps to his family waiting at ringside. Grace applauds the family and the camera focuses on the young boy who is grinning and talking excitedly to his parents. The International champion then composes himself before speaking confidently to the crowd.

AG: Well……..we did it!

The crowd cheers at this and an “Amaz-ing Grace” chant starts up. Grace allows the chant to build and beams his best Hollywood smile. After about a minute, he asks the crowd for silence and then speaks again.

AG: And the important word in that sentence is “we”. WE paved the way to being the champion. WE held Mr. Cutler down for the 3 count. And boy, did WE celebrate the win afterwards!

He laughs as the crowd cheers again.

AG: That is why I got young Alfie there to bring out my 6CW International belt. He, along with the rest of the COG’s, have just the same claim to it as I do. It is fair and right to say that I would not be in this permission if it wasn’t for the thousands of fans that push me HIGHER and make me STRONGER! When I lost to Mr. Costello a few months ago, people said that my career was finished before it had begun. When I lost to Mr. Dubois at the last PPV, people said that films were the only thing I was good at! And yet, due to the POSITIVE reaction from the COG’s, the NEGATIVITY was washed away. And now……Anthony Grace stands before you as the NEW 6CW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!!!

The crowd gives a massive pop as Grace holds the International title over his head. He lifts the gold back down and stares at it longingly, with tears in his eyes. He nods a few times in appreciation before he wipes his eyes and smiles.

AG: So here we are…….COG’s united in the 6CW machine. With gold around our waist and a BELIEF that is undying. We stare across the 6CW plains and see no mountain we can’t climb or nor river we cannot cross. This International belt is the start of something truly AMAZING! A time for all of us to give thanks and then ask the question…….WHAT ELSE CAN WE ACHIEVE?!

He looks out across the crowd as they lap up his words.

AG: But permit me now to get slightly negative……..

Grace starts to pace the ring and kick a few balloons as he talks.

AG: There have been slight misgivings in how WE won this belt. The former owner has made it clear of his displeasure and is threatening not just ME, not just YOU, but the entire 6CW organisation. Now, I know Mr. Hathaway feels as if he was cheated. They believe that there is no way that I could pin his client. However, the truth is I did. It was verified by 6CW official and sanctioned by the owners of 6CW. And I hate to say it Mr. Hathaway, but sour grapes just isn’t becoming of you…….

Grace turns to the camera.

AG: But…….but…….I would not be the man I am, without giving the fans what they want. Instead of attacking everybody you can, just concentrate on ME. If you want another shot at getting your hands on this belt, then I WELCOME it! If you want a chance to prove my win was a minor MIRACLE, then by ALL MEANS TRY! I am sure 6CW will allow you to have a rematch. I am sure 6CW will want the BLOCKBUSTER to have a SEQUEL. And Mr. Hathaway……and of course Mr. Cutler……here I stand ready. You want your SHOT…..You will get your SHOT.

He holds his title up so that the camera can focus on it.

AG: Don’t cry or deny. Just try…….to do something AMAZING!

The crowd cheers as Grace turns back towards them.

AG: But firstly……I have an upcoming match with the stand out guy of 6CW at the moment. OH WHAT A MATCH THIS WILL BE! Anthony Grace, newly returned from the North with gold around his waist, facing the 6CW World Champion, one Max Adamson! If ever there was PROOF of hitting the big time, then ladies and gentlemen WE…..HAVE…..MADE…..IT!

He raises his arms and gives a large beaming smile. He allows the crowd to quieten down before continuing.

AG: So Mr. Adamson; a man that I jokingly did not know on our very first meeting when I arrived here, you have a chance to prove to the world just WHY you are the pinnacle of this place. A match that the COG’s will cheer to the rafters and salute the victor. Hoping, beyond hope, that THEIR International Superstar will prevail! And that the A-lister of Hollywood will beat the A-lister of wrestling. As they stand tall…..applaud….and BELIEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


AG: You better believe it!

“Amazing Grace” starts to play as Grace kicks some balloons out at the crowd. He waves and salutes to them enthusiastically as they cheer back in his direction.

The footage ends and the camera returns to the commentary team

HA: What a celebration!

HE: Where’s the rest?

Harold looks blankly at his brother

HA: I don’t think the fans need to see any more Henry

Harold is listening to the receiver in his ear as Henry shakes his head

HA: Let’s go backstage where Tim Allen is with the UK champion Simon Cagero

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:26 pm

*Timothy Allen is backstage in the medical office. Behind him is Cagero on the doctors bed as the 6CW medical officials check over him.

TA: You join me backstage as the doctors here at 6CW are concerned that Simon Cagero should not be competing tonight after receiving severe injuries at Ground Zero

*Cagero shouts from behind Tim

SC: I'm fine god damn it! This is a load of bull!

Dr: Mr Cagero, ownership here demand we keep on top of all injured parties at 6CW. It is obvious that you are carrying problems from your last match.

SC: So what, doc? I'm a wrestler, I work hurt all the time

Dr: That is not something we advise Mr Cagero. And from my examinations I do not think you should be cleared for wrestling tonight

*Cagero sits up abruptly

SC: That isn't an option. You'll sign me off to compete

TA: Simon, the doctor is saying you won't compete tonight.

SC: Shut your mouth Allen. The doctor here is gonna sign me off. He knows he is, cos he's a smart man and knows what I'm capable of

Dr: Sir, we can't let you compete

*Cagero grabs the doctor's lapel and pulls him in close

SC: I said you're a smart man. Use that big brain of yours to work out what happens if you don't sign me off for tonight.

*The doctor hesitates before speaking

Dr: I, I'm not comfortable with this

SC: You'll know discomfort if you say no to me doctor.

*The doctor turns to his desk and signs a form. Cagero smiles

SC: A very wise decision.

*Cagero jumps off the bed smiling. He shakes Allen's hand

SC: Nothing stops Cagero

The show goes to a commercial break

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:28 pm

*Back from the break and Tim Allen is now stood backstage when an irate Michael Hathaway with Jax Cutler by his side storms into view

MH: Is that camera on?

*Allen nods

TA: Yes, we are live around the globe

*Hathaway turns to the camera, his eyes wide with fury

MH: In my hand here is a lawsuit, a lawsuit directed at 6CW with affiliation with Anthony Grace and the referee of Jax's match at Ground Zero. In this document you will find our terms and you will find our demands. At Ground Zero, Jax Cutler was screwed over by a crooked referee, by a company with no morals and a "wrestler" with no discernible talent. Jax Cutler should be standing here champion, winner, instead it's going to have to get ugly...court dates, settlements, all the dirty laundry out on the table.

At Ground Zero you saw. Everybody saw that Anthony Grace only got a TWO COUNT! Then how come the title is in his hands right now, how come Jax Cutler's shoulder is bare, how come things have had to come to talk of lawsuits and civil action and judges and juries?! I will stand here and tell you why....I will give you the TRUTH!

*The camera zooms in on Michael Hathaway and it's clear that he looks sleep-deprived. His eyes are bloodshot, he's slightly unshaven. Jax Cutler has a scowl on his face, his nostrils flaring with each finish of a sentence from Hathaway. His muscular arms are folded, emphasising his size.*

TA: Are you ok Michael, perhaps this isn’t the best time for this?

*Hathaway throws Allen an icy glare

MH: When would be the best time, or perhaps that is just it, perhaps you don’t want the truth to be known, you don’t want me to tell the viewers what is really going on?

*Allen shrugs his shoulders

TA: And what is the truth?

*Hathaway’s voice becomes louder

MH: The truth??

The truth is that 6CW is desperate. Now, I don't want to start making accusations I can't back up but I am one hundred percent positive that I have this whole company nailed down. Something is up because they are showing time and time again their desperation. What else could explain them hiring psychopaths like Edward Plague and Joshua? What else could explain why the control of this company is so often disputed and fought over? But most importantly...it explains why what happened at Ground Zero did happen.

TA: I can sense your frustration but a conspiracy really?

MH: If 6CW is as desperate as I suspect, what could definitely help their cause is having, let's say for arguments sake, a big movie-star on their roster...Hmmm...makes sense doesn't it? Mainstream audience, attention from "Heat" magazine or "E!". Think of the amount of fans it would bring in, the kind of people who know nothing of wrestling, or fighting or athleticism but are just there to see a movie-star turned fighter. Think of the financial benefits, think of the advertising benefits, the TV deals that could bring in. Think of 6CW Films! That's what that kind of big movie-star on their roster could bring.

MH: That the fans can all accept, I can accept it, hell even Jax can accept it. No water off of his back, he's a competitor, an athlete...a WRESTLER. This movie-star wouldn't affect Jax Cutler; he's a champion not an entertainer. He's a wrecking machine not a pretty face. He's an expert in hurting people not in charming people. A movie-star in 6CW sounds okay, sure, I would prefer that the roster stay pure that it wasn't soiled by the introduction of attention-seeking, ass-kissing Hollywood sell-outs but I know that while the cameras would come for the movie-star...they would STAY for Jax Cutler.

However it's clear to me and it will soon be clear to everybody else that 6CW management obviously decided just having the movie-star wouldn't be enough, they got even more desperate, even more money-grabbing...what if the movie-star was a champion? What if the movie star was the 6CW International Champion?....Aaaand the penny drops.

*Michael Hathaway is staring intently down the camera, a small, snake-like grin slowly morphs on his face.*

MH: Jax Cutler lost at Ground Zero not because he was bettered by a growing force in professional wrestling but because Anthony Grace needed a championship and the PR of him being International Champion was too good to pass up. That's why there was a two count, that's why Anthony Grace defied the odds, that's why when I tried to get into contact with management or the referee I have been ignored at every turn. Anthony Grace was backed by management to win that title; there was nothing Jax could do, short of killing him that would have stopped their plan going ahead. This is the biggest screwjob in professional wrestling history and unlike those who have stood back and allowed themselves to be backstabbed in this way, I will not lie down, Jax will not lie down!

*Hathaway pushes the papers in his hands towards the lens

MH: These papers are legal documents and they are going to bring 6CW to its knees. How stupid do they think I am? How insulting to Jax for them to think he would believe that Anthony Grace, that stuck-up, pretentious, ass-kissing, catchphrase-spouting, Poopie-talking son of a bitch, could beat him? We saw the two count, we saw right through your plan and now you've got goddamn questions to answer! I want them answered now! I will go through with this, I will sue 6CW, I will sue Anthony Grace, I will sue all of the fans for cheering along with it if I have to.

This is an INJUSTICE! Jax Cutler should be stood here 6CW International Champion, he doesn't want to have deal with this, he's a fighter, he wants to fight, but if 6CW are going to play these games, he will take his considerable potential, he will take his unmatchable talent, he will take all of the money he is worth and he will go somewhere else.

I want somebody who can answer us tonight, Jax wants his title back, he wants the truth out. That Anthony Grace is not GOOD ENOUGH to beat Jax Cutler in a fair fight and has to resort to cheap tricks, to corruption, to dirty plans to beat him. That's what we want. ANSWERS!

And we will not stop tonight until WE GET WHAT WE WANT!

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:33 pm

Match 2
Simon Cagero vs Terence Kray

We cut back to the ringside area as we are met by the smiling faces of Harold and Henry Lloyd who welcome us back for the second match of the night

HA: Up next we finally get to see the 'Cockney Crusader' Terrance Kray make his official debut against the man he came face to face with at Ground Zero...the United Kingdom Champion Simon Cagero

HE: That's right Harold, it's time to see if the man who came to Bam Sparkleston's rescue two weeks ago have the skill when it comes to an official match and what a start...Kray is taking on a 6CW Champion...he might have bitten off more than he can chew!

HA: It'll be a challenge but for those that aren’t familiar with Kray it's important to stress that he isn't a novice between those ropes! Kray has been a huge name on the independent scene and has amassed a huge following that will only grow with him now being broadcast to a world wide audience!

HE: With all due respect to the 'indies' you're looking at a totally different ball game here in 6CW...He's been a big fish in a small pond but now he's swimming with sharks...


The crowd hop to their feet as 'Up The Bracket' by The Libertines begins to blast through the PA System and a confident looking Kray swaggers through the crowd making sure to tag hands with as many of them as possible.

HA: Well the fans have clearly taken a liking to this man in his short time here, what do you think of this local lad?

HE: I think we'll have to wait and see, Kray looked impressive at Ground Zero but now we'll see him in an actual match and the pressure might just be a little too much for him...he may be a big fish in a small pond but he is swimming in the ocean now...

HA: Well he's looking confident here tonight, Kray is in his element....he has one heck of a following since his days as an independent talent but now he is in the big leagues...

Kray hops the barrier and rolls in to the ring before turning to face the stage, Kray lets a huge smile cover his face as he 'salutes' the stage while waiting for his opponent. Suddenly 'Pardon Me' by Staind begins to play causing the crowd to let out huge boo's but shockingly Simon's trademark speech is nowhere to be heard.

HA: Where is he? Cagero is nowhere to be seen!

HE: Maybe he's listened to the doctors? Cagero probably shouldn't be competing here tonight...

HA: Cagero is a man who never listens to anyone...do you expect him to start now?

Suddenly the boo's get even louder as Cager comes in from the crowd and sneaks in to the ring before hitting Kray in the back of the head with a big forarm that downs the newest member of the 6CW roster. Cagero quickly attempts to continue the beatdown but is forced by the ref to go back to his corner as a groggy Terrance Kray gets back to his feet and reaches his corner.

HA: What a snake!

HE: Oh shut up! Simon Cagero is a veteran of the business and he's using his tactical genius to get an advantage!

HA: Why don't we call it what it really is...cheating...he just attacked him from behind!

HE: All's fair in 6CW and I think Cagero will claim that he's just doing what Kray did at Ground Zero when he got involved after his match.

HA: The big difference though is Kray was stopping another illegal beat down!

HE: Oh what a hero! He stuck his nose in where It wasn't needed and attacked an injured superstar! Simon Cagero had just defended his title and had heavily injured ribs...now he might have gone a bit OTT but the attack left him almost unable to preform tonight!

HA: That's ridiculous! Kray was being a decent human being and standing up for someone who needed his help.

The ref finally rings the bell causing Cagero to burst across the ring hitting a drop kick to the groggy Kray that sends him flying back in to the turnbuckle, Cagero is up but winces as he moves in landing hard shots to the head of Kray only to Kray to cut him off lodging a knee in to his ribs that causes Cagero to hit the ground and roll to the outside.

HE: Kray going after those ribs...still think he's a good guy?

HA: He's just using his 'tactical genius' Brother...

HE: Very funny...

Kray rolls out and quickly follows Cagero turning him around and landing another knee to the ribs before whipping him in to the side of the ring, Cagero pulls himself up using the ropes as Kray charges in crushing Cagero against the apron before picking him up and rolling him in

HA: Kray makes the cover!

HE: Only a one count! Kray will need to do much more than that!

Kray begins to stalk the injured Cagero beckoning him to his feet

HA: Superman punch...NO!

HE: What a reversal! Injury or no injury...this one is Cagero's!

The crowd are stunned as Kray comes down looking for his Superman Punch only for Cagero to spin out of the way before catching the kneeling Kray with his Curb Stomp finisher

HA: Cagero just hit Wasted but with his ribs hurting he's down and can't make the cover

HE: Cagero is crawling...Come on Simon!

Cagero begins to crawl towards Kray who has stars in his eyes although not hit with the full force, after a few moments of crawling Cagero is able to place his hand on the chest of Kray




HA: NO! Kray is still in this thing!

HE: For how long though? Cagero is in the driving seat now!

Cagero is first to his feet, he holds his ribs for a second before shaking off the pain and moving towards Kray who has begun to stir. Kray is pulled to his feet and quickly throws a punch to the ribs of Cagero who reacts angrily throwing a couple of kicks to the gut off Kray before whipping Kray off the ropes

HE: Cagero is building up momentum here

Cagero shows his agility even with injured ribs by jumping up and hitting a huricanrana on the returning Kray

HA: WOW! That will stop ANY momentum! All the air must have just been forced from Simon's lungs!

As Cagero goes for the hurricanrana Kray catches the smaller man on his shoulder and hits a massive powerbomb

HA: He's going for it again!

The crowd cheer as Kray repeats the power bomb not once but twice leaving Cagero down in the middle of the ring before moving towards the turnbuckle and waiting for Cagero to push himself back to his feet

HE: Cagero watch out!

HA: Too late! He got it!

Cagero gets to his feet and turns to face Kray only to be met by Kray falling from the sky with a huge Superman punch that leave Cagero down, Kray quickly picks Cagero up and looks for another move to seal the win

HA: Hammer Time! The crowd are counting along!





The replay shows as Kray puts Cagero away with a big Jackhammer, we then cut back to ringside where we are met by an unimpressed Henry Lloyd and his more enthusiastic brother Harold.

HA: What a preformance! Kray gets a win on his debut over the UK Champion...

HE: An INJURED Champion may I add. Now Kray might have looked strong but I wonder how he'd do if Cagero was 100%?

HA: Kray can only beat what's put in front of him and it was Cagero's choice to fight tonight but maybe we'll find out who the better man is one day and that title of Cagero's could be on the line.

As we cut back to the ring Cagero has pulled himself up using the ropes with an angry look on his face as he looks down at Kray who has leapt the barrier and is celebrating his victory with the fans, Cagero once again holds his ribs and allows the look of pain to cross his face as we cut backstage.

Match result: Kray via pinfall
Match time: 5 minutes; 13 seconds

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:34 pm

Christy James is backstage...

CJ: My guest at this time...Bam Sparkleston!

*Bam shuffles into picture, gives Christy a hug but from there on is a little more reserved than usual

CJ: Bam, an emotional time right now, and tonight you pair with a man who has shown himself to be an impressive addition to the roster here on 6CW, but given away very little else...is that something you are comfortable with?

BS: Christy, it's been a real difficult time for me. My father holds a place dear in my heart and whatever happens he is my priority. Wrestling in 6CW is great, it was once everything to me. But...I don't know...right now its just a part of me, not what defines me.

CJ: Are you focused on what may happen tonight?

BS: I'm here, the match is set.

CJ: And so, Enigma. What are your thoughts?

*Bam shuffles his feet and looks down before answering.

BS: I don't know who he is or what he has planned for 6CW. He seems to be on some sort of mission, but there isn't any clue as to what.

CJ: Do you feel you can trust your partner?

BS: I don't think Enigma is out to get me, I don't think Enigma is out to get the Red Arrows either. He seems to have motives that are true and fair, well so far at least. He has been impressive, no doubting that. Amazeballs I would say in happier times.

CJ: And--

BS: Please, no more. Thanks for the chat, Christy, but I've got to get my head together if i'm facing the tag team champs

*Bam walks off without another word. The camera pans to follow him and in the shadows the man known as Enigma can be seen waiting and watching.

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:35 pm

*Christy James is backstage with a microphone in hand as the camera's begin to roll*

Christy James: Ladies and Gentleman, joining me now...Buck Riggins!

*Buck walks into picture, he removes his cowboy hat and tips it at Christy and then the camera before placing it back on his head.

Buck: Howdi Christy, it's a pleasure to finally meet y'all.

Christy James: Thank you, and likewise. So Buck let's start with Ground Zero, how did it feel to get the win on your pay per view debut?

Buck: Amazing Christy. I was happier than a pig in a mudbath! That kind of thing, it don't happen to guys like me. Buck Riggins, the small-town son of a farmer, beating Daniel Reilly on Pay Per View, that's what dreams are made of. Y'all have absolutely no idea just how much that meant to me, and to have these fans chanting my name after the match, well I hope that sent a message to my brothers and Pa back home. They said it was a waste of time, y'all thought I was a few bricks short of a wheelbarrow load coming to 6CW and following my dream.

Well y'all were wrong, and I don't need them Christy. You want to know why? Cos this is my family right here. These fans are my family, y'all have shown me more support in three weeks than my brothers and Pa ever did. And I'm going to pay y'all back for it. I ain't no movie star like Anthony Grace, I'm living life on a flat beer wallet so I can't get y'all a load of champagne to celebrate. All I can do is promise that I'll keep entertaining y'all, and I'll keep running over my opponents with the Riggins Rampage, just like I did to Daniel Reilly.

Christy James: here at Aftermath, you go one on one with International champion Jax Cutler, but he and Michael Hathaway didn't really have a lot to say about you in the build-up to the match. What did you think about all they had to say?

Buck Riggins: Well, that Mr Hathaway could talk the hind legs off of a donkey I tell y'all that for nothing. The last time I saw a mouth that big, it had a hook in it! He was real mad wasn't he? I mean, he was madder than a pig at a pork-roast!

But I'll be honest with y'all, Buck really wasn't paying much attention to Mr Hathaway after a while. Cos he just kept talking, and talking, and moaning, and talking, and then a little bit more moaning. And if there's one thing that really annoys me, it's moaning. I know Jax Cutler lost his title, but moaning ain't gonna get that title back now is it? If I was him, I'd let my actions do the talking, rather than just standing by and crying like a baby after they lost their rattle.

They didn't say a lot about me, and I guess that's cos y'all think you're above talking about the new guy. Y'all probably think this match is a waste of your time, just like my family thought me coming to 6CW was a waste of time. And y'all know, I just love proving people wrong. If I have to beat the brakes off of Jax Cutler to make him recognise who I am, that's fine by me. Because my name is Buck and I don't give...

Crowd: F***!

Buck Riggins: They're getting better at this Christy!

Christy James: They sure are Buck, back to Harold and Henry at ringside.

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:37 pm

Match 3
Red Arrows vs Bam Sparkleston/Enigma

The action returns to ringside and Bam Sparkleston is in the ring with Enigma. The two men seem to be discussing tactics…

HA: We have tag team action up next here on Anarchy folks and right here we have the emergence of a new duo in the ranks….could Bam Sparkleston and Enigma be viable contenders to the tag team titles?

HE: Don’t get carried away….Sparkleston is fresh off of getting beat-down by Simon Cagero, again, and Enigma is a grown man in spandex who still thinks he can be a superhero….this team is as tragic as it comes…

HA: Both men put on excellent performances at the Ground Zero pay per view….Sparkleston may have come up short but he demonstrated a more serious side to his character…

HE: He’s got daddy issues…

HA: I really don’t think it is something to make fun off….Bam Sparkleston was given up for adoption at birth and he has recently found out his real father was a professional wrestler, that is bound to play on your mind…

Enigma salutes the crowd, drawing big cheers, and then “Stronger” pulses through the airwaves to a standing ovation from the 6CW crowd. Robin Reborn bounces out onto the stage, a big smile on his face, as Jack Hurst strolls out behind him, waving at the audience.

HA: But their opponents are the current 6CW Tag Team Champions….and there is not a better unit in the business right now than the Red Arrows…

HE: Please….this is the luckiest team in the industry. Bad Intentions should be the tag champions right now and they would be if The Producers hadn’t stuck their noses where they don’t belong…

HA: The Red Arrows started out as a very unlikely pairing but they have developed into a tremendous tag team….thus far they have turned back all challengers….

Reborn leaps over the top rope as Hurst wipes his feet on the apron and steps through the middle ropes. There is a respectful exchange of nods between all four competitors and then the referee orders the match to begin…

HA: Jack Hurst and Bam Sparkleston ae going to start us off here….

Hurst and Sparkleston circle one another and then they lockup in the centre of the ring. Hurst begins to push Bam backwards but Sparkleston  spins out and around the back before shoving Hurst off the ropes….Hurst comes back and eats a big dropkick…

HA: There have been rumours swirling for days and weeks as to the potential father of Bam Sparkleston….so many great names in this industry…

HE: I’m not surprised he was abandoned….look at him! I would be embarrassed by him as well…

HA: What an awful thing to say….

They get back up and Bam grabs Hurst’s arm before whipping him off the ropes. Hurst comes back and Sparkleston leaps into the air for a Lou Thesz press but Hurst catches him and counters into a modified spinebuster………………..1………………….2………….shoulder up.

HA: Jack Hurst brings the technique to the Red Arrows and Robin Reborn brings the high-flying attack….what a combo it makes…

Hurst pulls Bam back up and he suplexes him into a front slam before tagging Reborn in. Reborn quickly springs onto the ropes and lands with a high-angled crossbody as Sparkleston staggers back to his feet…..1………….2………..kickout.

Reborn lets Bam up and he scores with forearms to the face before backing his foe up against the ropes. He then whips him across the ring and lowers his head for a backdrop on the return…

HE: What an idiot…

Bam hurdles Reborn and runs the opposite side before returning with a flying bulldog on his opponent. They get back up and Sparkleston scoops RR onto his shoulders before nailing a gutbuster………………..1…………..2………shoulder up.

HA: This really is a much more confident Bam Sparkleston we are seeing….the transformation is incredible….

Reborn staggers back up and is lifted into an inverted atomic drop before he is whipped to the corner. Bam follows in with a turnbuckle clothesline before tagging Enigma in…

HA: The most mysterious man on the 6CW roster….we are still none the wiser as to this man’s identity…

Enigma climbs up onto the turnbuckle and he places his knees on the shoulders of Reborn before flipping forwards into a modified facebuster………………….1………………..2…………..kickout. They get back up and Enigma looks for a swinging kick but Reborn is able to duck it and push his foe towards the ropes…

HE: That was impressive!

Enigma handsprings into the ropes and fires back with a big elbow to the jaw of Reborn. They get back up and Enigma lands a standing hurricanrana…………………..1……………………..2……………..shoulder up.

HA: Enigma is the man responsible for sending Alexande Altair packing from 6CW….this masked crusader has plenty of tricks up his sleeve…

They scramble back up and Enigma looks for a hiptoss but Reborn lands out on his feet and counters with a monkey flip. They get back up and Reborn lands a dropkick, sending Enigma back to the ropes, and then he leaps up and plants him with a big-time falling DDT as Enigma returns…
………….shoulder up.

HE: Bad Intentions should be granted an immediate re-match after the travesty that befell them at Ground Zero…the fact that Reborn and Hurst are still masquerading as champions is an insult…

Reborn rolls over to the corner and tags the hand of Jack Hust. Hurst pulls himself up onto the turnbuckle and he waits for Enigma to standing before leaping off with a heavy clothesline………1……………2….shoulder up.

Hurst beckons for Enigma to stand up and he lifts him up onto his shoulders. Enigma wriggles and manages to drop off the back befoe bridging Hurst into a German suplex…………….1……………………..2………Hurst bridges back out and he spins through before connecting with a belly to belly suplex…………1…………….2………..shoulder up.

HA: Jack Hurst is a resilient son of a gun and even when he looks hurt he can pull that “Washboard stomach” maneuvre out of nowhere….

Hurst drags Enigma up and tries to flip him into the air for a powerbomb but Enigma rolls down the back………………..1…………………….2…………shoulder up. Both men get back up and Hurst scoops his opponent up…


Enigma catches Hurst’s foot on the way down and counters with a dragon screw. Enigma grabs Hurst’s over leg and bridges over the top of him…………..1………..2……..Hurst kicks out. Both men get back up and they charge off opposite ropes before returning to the centre and they wipe each other out with a double clothesline…

HA: Both men now need to make a tag….they need to get their respective partners in there to pick up the flack…

Hurst and Enigma both try and make their way across to their respective corners to tag out. Robin Reborn is dangling over the top rope and he just about manages to slap the palm of Hurst…

HE: Reborn made it first…

Enigma jumps forwards and he makes the tag to Bam Sparkleston, drawing cheers from the audience. Sparkleston runs towards Reborn but RR ducks under him and sprints off the ropes before leaping into a springboard…

HA: Hurricanrana…

Bam is sent flying across the ring and then he stumbles back up to his feet. Reborn rushes into him again and he leaps into a wheelbarrow position before planting Sparkleston with a solid bulldog….Bam staggers back up and and Reborn spins him into a neckbreaker……………..1…………………..2……………..Sparkleston kicks out!

Reborn pulls Bam back up and he tries to lift him into a piledriver but Sparkleston kicks his legs and counters with a backdrop. Reborn gets back up and runs towards Sparkleston….

HE: Samoan…

Bam scoops Reborn onto his shoulders and nails him with the slam. Sparkleston then crawls his way to the ropes and begins to climb…

HA: Sparkleston taking to the skies…..PUKING RAINBOWS!

Bam launches himself into the air for the frogsplash but Reborn rolls free of the impact and sends his opponent crashing into the mat. Reborn staggers back up and he grabs Bam’s arm before rolling him into a mahistrol cradle…………………..1……………………….2……………………..kickout!

HE: Bam’s own stupidity almost cost his team the match there…

Both men struggle up and Reborn hits an inverted atomic drop before whipping Bam off the ropes and he sends him high into a backbody drop as he comes back...Bam stumbles up and Reborn kicks him in the stomach...

HA:Reborn going for the hat trick of suplexes here....

The crowd cheer as Reborn connects with the first two,he pulls Bam up for a third time and lifts him up but Bam swivels off back and connects with a modified angle slam............1................2............Reborn kicks out.

Bam gets up and he pulls Reborn by the head and tries for a piledriver but Reborn sweeps his legs and slingshots his opponent into the corner,Bam slams his head and staggers back into a huge bridging german suplex.....................1........................2...........shoulder up.Reborn and Bam slowly get to their feet,Bam gets up in the corner and Reborn runs at him but takes a big boot the head....he falls back as Bam sprints out...

HE:He got all of that move...

Reborn lifts Bamonto his shoulders as he runs out and connects with his own version of the GTS before slumping on the ground next to his opponent...

HA:Reborn either needs a cover or a tag...

HE:I think both men need the tag...

The crowd pop as Hurstl gets the tag at exactly the same moment as Enigma.They meet in the centre of the ring and Enigma ducks a right hand before pummeling his opponent back onto the ropes and whips him across the ring...he comes rushing back and Enigma lifts him into a huge AA spinebuster...

HA: Enigma is fired up here...

Enigma waves at the crowd and then he turns around as Reborn runs at him and drives through the air...Enigma catches him in midair and the crowd cheer as he nails a fall away slam...Enigma goes to the corner and climbs up...

HA:The superhero gonna fly here....

Enigma leaps from the top rope and connects with a flying headbutt to the chest of Reborn.The crowd are going wild as he gets to his feet and wills his rival up...

HA: Enigma likes that running kick…

Enigma charges towards Reborn and tries to take him out with the spinning roundhouse but Reborn ducks under and springs onto the ropes before floating back with a quality moonsault take-down………………..1………………………2……………Enigma kicks out!

Reborn drags Enigma back up and he scoop slams him down onto the canvass before pointing to the top rope, drawing cheers from the crowd. Reborn then ascends the ropes…

HE: If Reborn lands this one is over….SHOOTING STAR…

The crowd cheer as Reborn launches himself through the air and hurtles down towards Enigma but the masked crusader drives his knees up into the gut of his opponent. Reborn staggers back up and Enigma pulls him into a side-effect neckbreaker………1…………………2……………Reborn kicks out.

Enigma gets back up and he waits for Reborn to stumble back to his feet before jumping in for an RKO…

HA: Reborn dodged a bullet there…

Reborn puts the brakes on and he pushes Enigma into the ropes, allowing Bam to make the blind tag. Bam slingshots himself over the top rope and catches Reborn with a spear………………1…………..2………….shoulder up.

Bam ushers Reborn back to his feet and he grabs him by the top of his head and drags him forwards…


The lights in the arena go down and there are screams from the audience as the big screen turns on. The picture on the screen documents a hooded figure being unlocked from a cell….the figure passes through the doorway and begins to walk along a darkened corridor, illuminated by flaming torches on the wall.

???: The darkness devours your senses….when the light disappears it strips away your security…..Fear is coming for you!

HA: What in the world…

The lights come back on and Bam Sparkleston is down on his knees, blood running down the back of his head. Enigma comes to the aid of his teammate but Robin Reborn dropkicks him back through the ropes to the outside…

HE: What happened to Sparkleston?

HA: Your guess is as good as mine…

Jack Hurst climbs into the ring and he drags Bam up before scooping him onto his shoulders and nails the big punt kick to the stomach. Reborn leaps up top…


Reborn lands the flying attack and hooks the leg……………………….1……………………….2…………………3!

HA: The tag team champions pick up a big win here on Aftermath….their momentum continues…

HE: But what was that video all about….that’s the big story here….who attacked Bam Sparkleston?

Reborn and Hurst high five and then celebrate with the audience before climbing from the ring and make their way up the ramp. Enigma slides back in to check on his partner…

HA: There is a lot more to this than meets the eye….

Match result: Red Arrows via pinfall
Match time: 7 minutes; 15 seconds

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:45 pm

The camera pans out to reveal VC standing smugly with the EWF title draped over his shoulder, dresses in a tailored suit he looks like the cat that got the cream

TA: Vincent how's does feel to have come out of the other side of hell in a cell with a victory over Liam Wood?

VC: You know what Tim, I'm in a reflective mood, so much so I'd like to share with you a story...

There once was a man, a man who got everything he ever wanted, he concurred everything that stood before him, every challenger, every enemy that was in his path... he smited down, laying waste to all that opposed him. But alas this great man, he grew complacent, he got to comfortable aloft the pedestal he shaped for himself and it wasn't long before a challenger who in comparison to the great man was nothing, but he had the hunger, he had the eye of the tiger and he took the great mans crown for his own.

Well Tim I may stand before you as the champion of the world, with Liam Wood clearly in my rear view now and on the run of my career but this great man will not grow complacent, I will never lose my hunger because my pedestal, the one Costello's Law has moulded from the ground up is unreachable, it's impenetrable and in all honesty Tim I'm only just getting started... If you thought you'd seen the most calculus, vindictive, merciless side of Vincent Costello before tonight then prepare yourselves and set your eyeballs to stunned because you haven't seen anything yet!

TA: So what's next for Vincent Costello here in 6CW?

VC: Costello's Law has nothing left to prove, there are no questions left to be answered... I'm the champion and I will continue to defend this title with the honour and dignity I have up to this point.

The cream always rises to the top, yes it's a cliche, but why are cliches... cliches? Because they're true! And in the Aftermath of Ground Zero there's no questioning it, there's no denying it I am at the very top of 6CW. You know I read the the blogs Tim, I've seen the tweets... Before the PPV I was practically written off by all the critics...They said I couldn't beat Liam Wood, that he was a more superior wrestler, more technically gifted but like I've always said... Costello's Law finds a way, always has, always will. I may not be the most technical but I am the most dangerous FIGHTER in this company... just ask Liam Wood, he has the physical and emotional scars to prove it.

And tonight 6CW management in their infinite wisdom have decided to give me, the best damn thing on their roster the night off in ring duty, well that's fine, because you know what... I deserve it! But I won't be catching a west end show or hitting the town... I'll be here tonight when aftermath kicks off to ensure that all those critics, all the guys in the back and 6CW management know that the reign of Costello's Law has only just began!

TA: Finally Vincent, your match with Liam Wood at Ground Zero ended in somewhat controversial fashion with the Puppet Master Joshua inexplicably taking out your opponent, can you tell us what you know about the mysterious monsters reasons for doing so?

VC: Don't give me that controversial BS, I had Wood exactly where I wanted him before that maniac Joshua got involved and regardless of his actions the outcome of Hell In The Cell would have been exactly the same. And in regards to his reasons, who the hell knows and who the hell cares! Liam Wood got exactly what he deserved... A beating!

Allen: So you have no preference over your next challenger...?

*Costello pulls the mic towards him

Costello: Are you stupid....Costello's Law is running the show. That means it doesn't matter who stands up, they will be dealt with....yeah that includes you hotshot...

*The audience goes wild as JJ Johnson steps into the shot and goes head to head with Vincent Costello. JJ smiles at Costello and then takes a look at the EWF Championship.

JJ: Never had me one of those before...see you around champ!

*Costello snarls as JJ winks at him and disappears out of shot

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:47 pm

*Backstage Daniel Magnusson walks into the medical area where the on call doctor is with Simon Cagero

DM: So doc, how is it?

*The doctor rolls his eyes and shakes his head

DM: I’m sorry Simon, I wish there was another way but it’s clear after tonight that you are not fit to compete and any attempt for you to enter a ring would put you in danger of further injury and would threaten our reputation for having the superstar’s safety as the number one priority

I cannot allow you to endanger yourself and following the medical teams advice I am aware there is only one course of action available to us

*Cagero is staring forward; silent he appears in his own little bubble

DM: Are you listening to me Simon, this is for your own safety. This decision is in your best interest

*Still Cagero remains unmoved as Magnusson reaches down and lifts the UK Championship belt from the chair beside the medical bed

DM: As detailed in your contract, if a champion is unable to defend his title due to being incapacitated by injury then the title must be immediately vacated

I am sorry Simon, if there was any other way!

*Cagero lifts his head and glares at the 6CW owner

SC: This isn’t over, I will be back!!

*Cagero gingerly jumps down from the bed and strides away from the medical area as the scene fades

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:47 pm

Back at ringside Wembley Arena explodes as “End Seekers” by Oh, Sleeper begins to blast from the speakers and the Viper Liam Wood bursts out on to the stage with a head of steam. Wood pauses on the stage adjusting his EWF hoodie and letting a massive smile cross his face before walking slowly towards the ring. As Wood walks the crowd notice a slight limp to his walk and the camera picks up the bruises and cuts from his meeting with Costello and Joshua in the Hell In The Cell.

Wood reaches the ringside and slaps hands with some of the fans before grabbing a microphone and rolling under the bottom rope. Wood stays knelt as a “Viper” chant slowly but surly begins to build engulfing the entire arena in to a frenzy. Wood pulls himself up using the ropes and allows himself to lean across it looking directly towards the hard cam still the smile is from ear to ear.

HA: Now this is something that we haven't seen in a very long time...A Liam Wood smile!

HE: The man is crazy...maybe he's finally settled for second best when it comes to Costello?

HA: Oh stop it! Wood had the match won...if it wasn't for Joshua we'd probably be seeing an even bigger smile...

HE: That's another reason NOT to be smiling...right now Wood's in the sites of Joshua! A man who put not only put him through the ring to end the show but the man who rid this place of Edward Plague! Wood is in danger!

Wood pauses for a moment before lifting the microphone to his lips, he remains draped over the top rope as the hard cam zooms in on his face showing more of the damage done to his face from his main event match against Vincent Costello.

“You know as I was lying there alone in that hospital room and the pain was flowing through my body it gave me a lot of time to think about what happened at Ground Zero, the months leading up to it and if it was worth everything that I had gone through to get there and I came to a conclusion that really broke my heart...”

HE: Then why is he smiling?!

HA: If you shut up you might just fight out Henry!

Wood pauses and the smile falters for a second as he continues

“Before Ground Zero I said that I didn't care anymore, that my career could end and I would have no regrets but you see...lying there I realised that Ground Zero could have ACTUALLY been it...it could have been my last moments as a 6CW superstar...my last moments as a wrestler...in the business I have loved my entire life and for what?!...”

“...a scumbag with daddy issues? A 'man' who's career here has consisted of nothing more than taking advantage of those around him and putting his hands on women...a jumped up punk who makes Chris Brown look like a decent human being...”

Wood pauses again and shakes his head

“...I am out here to address a few things but first I have to apologise to each and everyone of you...I allowed that man to get under my skin, I allowed him to drag me to his level taking those around me with him and at the end of the day it was those people who I should have protected who suffered...this right here...well this is a promise not only to you, not only to them but to myself...”

“...I remember who I am, I remember why I am here and it is time to move on because Karma will get Costello...that title will be around my waist again and nothing can stop that because I am Mr. EWF...I am the reason that company was big enough to merge with 6CW and I will be known as the greatest champion that belt has ever seen but first I have to remind each and every single person in this god damn world just who I am.”

Wood climbs up on to the turnbuckle with the mic still in his hand, the crowd's cheers get louder to Wood's enjoyment. Wood nods his head before continuing.

“You see revenge is a dead man's game but I intend to live, I intend to revive and be reborn...the legacy is coming back and it's bringing me back to life! So Costello, enjoy that title while it lasts, act like the big dog and tell everyone about how you 'kicked my ass' at Ground Zero while forgetting about your little helper but know that I'm coming for that title...maybe not tomorrow or the day after but it won't be long until the shadows are closing in and the world looks that little bit darker outside.”

Wood drops down from the second rope and begins to pace the ring, as he paces he runs his hand along the ring ropes and looks at the entrance as he speaks again.

“Now though, we move on to the Aftermath of Ground Zero...”

The fans begin to cheer for Ground Zero; Wood waits and lets them get it out of their system before putting his own unique twist on the PPV.

“...people will be talking about how the Producers got screwed, how Bam narrowly missed out on regaining the UK title and how Mr. Hollywood himself Anthony Grace has no claimed a title here in 6CW.”

Wood's speech is cut off by apposing chants of “GRACE IS AMAZING” and “GRACE SUCKS!” that ripple through the arena

“...I agree guys...”

The fans laugh breaking up the cheers allowing Wood to speak again

“...they'll talk about Altair leaving, Max retaining, that scumbag Jones coming back and they'll also be talking about my new friend Joshua.”

As Joshua is mentioned the crowd begin to boo almost drowning out Wood's voice, Wood pauses and nods along with the crowd once again letting them get it out of their system

“Now that talk of giving up the pursuit of revenge was 100% the truth, that obsession I had was the single biggest threat my career has ever had...it drove me further that I have ever gone and it took at 7ft monster to drag me back...but don't worry guys...I'm not about forgiving and forgetting all of a sudden and I might be more ready than ever to fight because I remember why I did it in the first place...because I love this damn business!”

Wood leans against the ropes again with a huge smile from ear to ear. He turns his attention towards the man who cost him his match against Vincent Costello.

“Now Joshua...for whatever reason...you decided to get your dumb doll carrying ass right in the middle of MY business but the funny thing is...I don't care why...I don't care if this is you acting out or trying to do your best impression of Edward Plague because it doesn't matter...we are going to get in that ring at one point and I am going to show everyone that when I stand toe to toe with giants I will make them feel like the smallest people in the world! I should thank you really, you reminded me that the world is bigger than Vincent Costello and there are a lot of asses to kick out there...you reminded me that I needed to almost start again and you've given me that opportunity...”

Wood laughs to himself

“To me though, it seems like you have been watching way too many horror movies but I have a spoiler especially for you...just like those B-Movie horrors where the girls trip over thin air and the deformed freak stalks their victim...that's you by the way...the ending will be exactly the same...”

Wood's smile is replaced with a confident look on his face as he signs off

“...the monster will be taken out and no matter how many times it returns it will get taken out again and again and again until it gives up because it's met it's match and that's what I am...welcome to the movie event of the year...No Grace...No JJ...just Liam Wood...”

“...Monster Slayer!”

Wood moves to the middle of the ring before sarcastically taking a bow.

HA: Wow, Wood not only saying he is done with Vincent Costello but he's put out the challenge to Joshua!

HE: Wood could live to regret that decision...

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:48 pm

Suddenly there is a loud boom from the speakers and the lights go down low. Wood turns his attention to the stage, as the familiar sound of a heartbeat starts to play.

HA: Looks like Wood is going to have to say that direct to the Puppet Master……..

Joshua soon appears on the stage and carrying the newly returned McCoy. The doll seems to have been repainted and the eyes are as haunting as ever. Joshua starts to slowly make his way down the aisle, with his head bowed and hair covering his face. McCoy looks around at the crowd as they start to boo in his direction.

HA: Joshua has given the fans a lot to cheer about with the brutal matches he has taken part in over the last year. But attacking Liam Wood is definitely going to turn them against him!

HE: You think he cares?

HA: To be honest, I don’t think he cares about anything. Even himself!

Joshua continues to walk down to the ring as the heartbeat continues. Wood watches him every step of the way. When Joshua reaches the steel steps, Wood comes forward towards the ropes and looks ready for a fight. Joshua slowly lifts his head and stares at Wood, before ignoring going up the steps and carries on walking around the ring. When he reaches the commentary position, he carefully seats McCoy down on the table and makes sure his head is facing the ring. Joshua takes his time and leaves Wood hanging in the ring. The heartbeat still plays on, as the Puppet Master reaches out for a microphone. He stares up at the ring again and watches Wood. This time Wood keeps his distance and Joshua slowly rolls into the ring. Joshua stands tall and flicks his hair back with venom as the house lights go up and the heartbeat flat lines, before going silent.

HE: Wood was right about one thing……this guy is a monster. Not in size or strength, but in pure intimidation.

HA: You hear that? The crowd was booing but they stopped ages ago. I didn’t even notice!

Joshua stands looking at Wood but saying nothing. The camera briefly focuses on McCoy sitting on the commentary desk and wearing an evil smile. Wood starts to speak to Joshua in angry hushed tones and baiting him to make a move. Joshua just stands there. After a while, he lowers his hair over his head again and starts to slowly walk forward. He stands to the side of Wood, who glances at him. Joshua slowly lifts the microphone up and whispers at Wood.

J: That smile……doesn’t suit you……

He lifts his head and walks over to the ropes, completely ignoring Wood, as the crowd boos at Joshua’s words. He looks out towards the audience and clicks his neck from one side to the other. Joshua takes a deep intake of breathe before he starts to speak again.

J: To look to the crowd……stomachs full on the feast of pain……it is ironic that they forget what they asked……mere months ago…….When cheering others……their thirst for punishment made them utter……immortal words……Words that when mixed……with the a potent source of venom……created a concoction of agony and suffering……Three words that I listened to……took heed……and acted upon……

Joshua slowly turns to Wood again and cocks his head to one side.

J: Let……Them…….Fight……

Some of the crowd can’t help but cheer at the sound of these words and Joshua slowly sways his head from side to side, while looking at Wood. The cheers die away and Joshua continues.

J: So why is it……when at the end of the show……their stomachs churned when I fought you……?

Joshua flings his hair back and glances at McCoy. He then turns back to Wood and cocks his head to one side again.

J: From afar……I have listened……The symphony of suffering has had an additional melody……that has come from your lips……Week after week……you have sung out a tune of remorse and self-loathing……Blamed the world for what pain you went through……and demanded it should be recognised……as the worst suffering ever known…… You took gratification when comforting arms……were wrapped around you……You grew giddy on praise……when the well wishes of your peers……presumably forced you on……And when you took part in the fight……and the cheers boosted your ego……it was at that point you should have realised……that your supposed suffering paled……when compared to others……

He stares right through Wood, as the Viper and the crowd continue to listen.

J: But still you whined……But still you bleated……A constant craving for charity as your story of pity……repeated and repeated……You could bear not to be……the centre of the universe……and when you felt the love slipping away……you added a few more bars……to the melody of sorrow……

Joshua walks past Wood again and looks to McCoy, who is still sitting on the commentary desk.

J: This constant denial that there were lives worst off than you……begged our attention……Crying for devotion……Pleading for a response……Truly believing that your world……was the most important piece to this place……It is something we have heard before……from poisoned months……drunk on their perceived self-worth……It is something we compare to……and grow tired……As there is no one here……that has a harsher existence of suffering than me……

He glances at Wood and the camera picks up the scars on Joshua’s face.

J: But before you add this……to your casualty list of the year……Remember that I take exception at the notion……and not the individual……For it is not who you are……but what you represent……As McCoy knows only too well……

Joshua turns away and has his back to Wood. He feels the scars of his forehead and slowly pushes his hair away.

J: Do you still stand there……and feel sorry for yourself……?

He turns towards Wood, who is still standing still on the spot. Joshua looks at him up and down, before sighing.

J: I thought as much……

He turns his back on Wood again.

J: The facts of your tale……are far reaching……Your level has not been found……and those around you will continue to suffer……as you cling to a universe……that contains only one person……All around lies fallen victims……of that needy attitude……A friend……destroyed……A lover……abandoned……All your peers……with no respect for you……

He slowly turns around and walks towards Wood. Joshua stands there for a few moments, inches away and looking down at the Viper. Wood stares up, gritting his teeth and ready for a fight. Joshua takes another deep intake of breath and hunches down as if talking to a child. His eyes are level with Wood’s as he speaks.

J: You still look at me……and feel the world is against you……You still look at me……and wonder why this annum has been dire……You still look at me……and believe you deserve better……But……But……

He moves his head next to Wood’s and whispers in his ear.

J: What you deserve……is to be put out of your misery……

Joshua moves his head away and stares in Wood’s eyes again.

J: And I’m not prepared……to give you that satisfaction……

Joshua slowly backs away as Wood swears in his direction. The Puppet Master moves his head forward and glares at Wood.

J: The anger you feel now……is your own doing……The suffering you will feel later……will be by my hands……And this time……that misery will not be imaginary……But it still may mean……that others are devastated……as well as yourself……

Joshua lowers his head and growls his next words:

J: And at that moment……the mortal called Liam Wood……will realise that the world does not revolve around……his lack of a smile……


Suddenly Wood has had enough and runs towards his tormentor. Joshua easily ducks under the blow and then wraps his hand around Wood’s throat. Wood struggles to get free and Joshua merely glares down at him. He carefully lifts the microphone up with his free hand and speaks with venom.

J: It is time for penance……It is time for you to beg for forgiveness……It is time for you to realise your fate……

He increases the grip around Wood’s neck and then shouts out his last words.

J: It is time to……go……to……hell!


With that, Joshua chucks the microphone away and lifts Wood up, still with one hand around his throat. He holds him there for a few moments, before drilling him down to the canvas with a huge chokeslam. Joshua falls beside Wood and kneels over him, with his hair hanging down to Wood’s face. This creates a curtain around Wood’s head, so that if his eyes were open, all he could see is Joshua’s face.


The heartbeat suddenly starts again and the lights dim low. Joshua still hasn’t moved from kneeling over Wood’s head and the camera struggles to see any part of Wood’s facial features. The crowd is booing loudly but nothing seems to move Joshua.

HE: I think this might be the start of something totally unknown to Wood……and the rest of us!

Suddenly the lights go out and the heartbeat flat lines. When the lights go back up, Joshua and McCoy have vanished. Wood is still lying motionless in the ring as the crowd looks on concerned.

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:50 pm

*Christy James is standing backstage with a film crew. It seems as if she has had a makeover since Ground Zero. Christy looks into the camera and starts to speak confidently.

CJ: There are a lot of talking points to discuss since Ground Zero, and my guest at this time provided one of the biggest ones. Still 6CW champion, please welcome Max Adamson.

*Adamson comes into shot and immediately starts looking Christy up and down. He grins broadly and makes the interviewer feel uncomfortable. Adjusting the 6CW belt he has over his shoulder, he finally speaks.

MA: This new get up you are wearing……is this trying to impress Gazzy? Because I know full well he prefers his women with one long zip and a distinct whiff of bacon.

*Christy looks shocked at the remark and Adamson rolls his eyes.

MA: Ok I am lying about a zip. I doubt he has figured out using one yet. It would come in handy across your mouth maybe……

*Christy again looks shocked and upset. Adamson looks at her confused and prompts her.

MA: Your line girl….

*Christy takes a moment to regain her composure before speaking.

CJ: Max, you were able to retain the 6CW championship at Ground Zero. Many have said the tactics you used at the end proved you could not beat Enforcer fairly. How do you answer that accusation?

*Max scratches his head.

MA: I won didn’t I?

CJ: Well yes but……

MA: No but’s. Or in your case no butt.

*He points to Christy’s bottom. Max then stares into the camera with serious look on his face.

MA: You think I care about the finer points of the match? The only thing that matters is Max Adamson again proved what a great champion he is. And what characterises a great champion? It is simply the fact that he keeps winning. That is what happens every time I have a match……I just cannot be beat.

*He turns to Christy.

MA: I am going to do what no-one else has done. I am going to hold on to this 6CW belt until I retire. An undefeated champion. Then Magnusson can give me this belt to keep. I won’t just be the longest serving 6CW champion. I will be the longest champion of any sport.

*Max turns back to the camera.

MA: Max Adamson is 6CW. 6CW is Max Adamson. One doesn’t function without the other. I make the people buy the tickets. I make the people tune in. I keep this business from falling on its knees. And whether you like it or not………it is never going to be any different.

*He breathes in deep and pats the 6CW belt on his shoulder. Max then turns to Christy and smirks, while shaking his head. He then goes out of shot, leaving Christy merely watching him leave.

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:54 pm

Match 4
Jax Cutler vs Buck Riggins

We're welcomed back to ringside by the Lloyd brothers as 'Devils Town' blasts out of the arena speakers San excited reaction from the fans inside Wembley...

HA: And here comes the impressive Buck Riggins, this young man has showed huge potential since his debut here a few weeks ago and I for one am extremely excited to see what he does next.

HE: Get the beating of a lifetime... That's what Riggins does next, courtesy of Jax Cutler, the man who should still be our International champion.

Riggins appears from behind the curtain, tipping his hat the fans he makes his way down the ramp towards the ring...

HA: Well brother, Anthony Grace was crowned champion at Ground Zero and despite how much Cutler and Hathaway whinge about it that won't change.

HE: Jax was robbed, as plain as day, we all saw it, that was never a three count!

As Riggins climbs into the ring 'Bridge Burning' by The Foo Fighters starts to thunder out of the PA system, the fans explode into a chorus of boos as Hathaway followed by Cutler stroll out from the back, purposefully making their way to the ring, ignoring the slurs from the fans at ringside.

HA: Cutler and Hathaway look PO'd tonight!

HE: And wouldn't you be if you were screwed over?! I wouldn't wanna be Buck Riggins tonight, Cutler is going to take out all of his frustrations on that red neck!

Hathaway stops just in front of the ring and signals to Jax...

MH: Get him Jax, beat his hick a££!

Cutler jumps up onto the apron and charges straight for Buck hitting him with a big clothesline that takes Riggins off his feet.

HA: Looks like Cutler means business tonight.

The referee quickly signals for the bell and this one is officially underway.
Cutler picks up Riggins and throws him into the corner before driving his shoulder repeatedly into his mid section.
Riggins grimaces in pain but Cutler is relentless, now stomping a mud hole on the collapse Buck.

HE: Just look at the pure aggression from Jax, he's the real deal brother!

Jax takes a moment to catch his breath before returning to Buck who has now made it back to a vertical base...

A big right hand right into the jaw of Jax

HA: That shot just rocked Cutler.

Cutler holds his jaw and snarls over at Buck, checking his lip for blood he looks at Hathaway who encourages him to get back on Riggins... Buck confidently signals Jax to bring it and both men charge at each other...

And it's Buck who now seizes the momentum with a clothesline of his own, Cutler springs straight back to his feet and charges again...

Another clothesline to Jax sending him down to the canvas once more... Jax beating his fist against the matt in frustration looks up at Buck who smiles back...

HA: This match up here tonight might not be a simple as Cutler and Hathaway planned!

Cutler makes it's back to his feet and the two square off in the centre of the ring, locking up, both men trying to use their strength to their advantage...
Jax overpowers Buck and twists him round before driving him down into the matt with a full nelson slam...

HE: What power from Cutler... He's unstoppable when he gets going...

Riggins attempts to get up but is caught with a huge clothesline that takes him down once again, Cutler doesn't let up though gripping the downed superstar around the waist and hitting a massive deadlift gutwrench suplex that tosses Riggins across the ring and down to the outside. Hathaway continues to scream orders at his client

MH: Keep on him Jax! You know the plan...

Cutler nods and follows Riggins down hitting kicks to the downed star before hitting a snap suplex on the outside. Cutler pulls Riggins up and tosses him in to the ring.

HA: Buck Riggins is a tough S.O.B but Cutler looks like he's here to prove a point tonight! That title loss must have really struck a nerve!

HE: Considering he never really lost you bet it's annoyed him, Cutler is sending a message and unfortunately for Buck he's the one helping him!

HA: I think Buck has other plans! What an impact!

Cutler stalks Buck as he begins to get to his feet before charging across the ring looking for the spear only for Buck to leap frog the strong man sending him crashing in to the turnbuckle. Buck quickly gets to his feet as Cutler stays down against the bottom turnbuckle, his eyes almost glazed over.

HA: Cutler could be out...if Buck hadn't moved he would have been snapped in two!

Buck capitalises hitting mudhole stomps to the downed star before pulling Cutler up and whipping him in to the ropes. Cutler returns as Riggins leaps towards him hitting him with a Lou Thesz Press before landing big right hands only for Cutler to push Riggins off him and begin to get to his feet.

HE: Riggins might have control but it'll be short lived! It always is when Cutler is in a match!

Riggins quickly reacts hitting a knee to the gut, followed by a kick to the face and finally a big DDT


Riggins quickly gets to his feet and beckons Cutler to get up, as Cutler does Buck runs forward hitting a massive drop kick that causes Cutler to roll back towards the turnbuckle. Riggins begins to measure the bigger man across the other side of the ring.

HE: Don't turn around Jax!

HA: Cutler is in Buck's sights! Buck is ready to fly!

Cutler gets back up using the turnbuckle to pull himself up as Buck leaps forward hitting a huge stinger splash that keeps Cutler groggy against the turnbuckle. The crowd cheer as Buck moves back to the opposite turnbuckle and once again charges forward

HA: Another Stinger Splash...


The crowd groan as Cutler darts forward hitting Buck with the spear catching him mid air and flattening him in the middle of the ring. Cutler gets to his feet and lets out a massive roar before running a thumb across his throat.
HA: I don't like the look of this!

HE: Hathaway does, his client has shown just how deadly he can be here tonight!

Cutler quickly pulls Riggins up as Hathaway claps from the ringside position. Cutler quickly pulls Riggins up to his shoulders for the Cutting Edge only for Riggins to drop down the back, Riggins quickly bounces off the ropes and on the return ducks a clothesline.

HA: Somehow Buck is still in this...OH GOD!

HE: What destruction from Cutler! Riggins put up a huge fight but this one is done!

The replay shows as Riggins returns again only to be caught with a second spear bringing him crashing down to the earth with a massive bump, as we cut back to the ring though Cutler's manager Michael Hathaway has grabbed a microphone

Hathaway: Jax that is enough! Your job here is done...

Jax looks at his manager before nodding and exiting the ring to the shock of the crowd, the ref has no other option but to start counting as Cutler slowly but surly walks towards the stage and exits the arena leaving Hathaway with the microphone

Ref: ...6.......7.............8.................9...............10!

The referee reluctantly calls for the bell as Hathaway makes his way in to the ring, he looks down at Riggins who has begun to stir and sneers before turning his attention to the crowd.

HA: What the hell is going on! Cutler hits Buck with the Cutting Edge and is on the verge of victory only to leave at the command of his manager?

HE: I think Hathaway and Cutler wanted to prove a point here tonight and we're probably about to hear what that point is right now.

The crowd boo as Hathaway mocks Riggins before finally speaking.

Hathaway: Ladies and gentlemen what you see before you is the results of a beating by my client Jax Cutler...a man who has been dominant since day one...a man who achieves everything he puts his mind too and a man who is sick and tired of being victimised by this company so has decided to start playing by his own rules...

Hathaway pauses and allows the crowd to boo him before continuing to speak

Hathaway: ...At Day Of Reckoning Jax Cutler WILL receive a rematch for a title that he never truly lost and rid this company of the injustice that occurred at Ground Zero when he reclaims HIS International Title.

The crowd's boo's get louder and louder to the annoyance of Hathaway who grits his teeth before talking again.

Hathaway: Boo all you want but you all know it's true...just like Mr Riggins here your hero Anthony Grace will become just another victim of Jax Cutler and it won't be anything less than he deserves! You all cheer him like a hero but tell me what he's actually achieved here?

Hathaway pauses and mockingly listens for answers amongst the booing

Hathaway: He stole my clients title and now has the guts to swan around like he earned it? I'd be shocked if it was anyone else but ever since he pulled up in that limousine, Anthony Grace has been allowed to act like a V.I.P and play on his connections to get where he is today...unlike my client Jax Cutler who worked his way up to that title and destroyed everyone in his path...Mr Grace was given preferential treatment...

The crowd start a bullsh¡t chant that causes Hathaway to laugh almost out of pity

Hathaway: Do you really not see it or are you as biased as this company is? Are you really all willing to be a part of this injustice? It's sickening it really is...I knew the movie industry was never about real talent...it's just about who you know but I guess 6CW is the same story?

Hathaway shakes his head and looks down at the ground before exiting the ring, he reaches the stage and speaks one last time

Hathaway: To the people who run 6CW I have an ultimatum...Anthony Grace is currently in possession of stolen property...stolen property that belongs to my client...either you give Jax Cutler a rematch at Day Of Reckoning or he shows you just how destructive he can truly be!

Hathaway leaves the stage to the sound of boo's and abuse.

Match result: Buck Riggins via countout
Match time: 6 minutes

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:56 pm

*The scene opens up in the 6CW.com interview area. Sitting on the two chairs are Brian and Anthony Grace. On the table between them, lies the 6CW International Championship. The camera focuses on the young interviewer as he begins to speak.

B: Welcome t-t-t-to another 6CW.com ex-ex-ex-exclusive. I am here with 6CW In-In-In-International champion Anthony Grace.

*Brian turns to Grace and shakes him warmly by the hand. Grace beams into the camera and looks totally at home in front of it.

B: Anthony, m-m-m-my first question is, how d-d-d-do you feel being In-In-In-International champion?

*Grace smiles again and looks into the camera.

AG: Great first question Brian! Going right to the heart of the matter! Well, I can tell you all that I feel amazing being your International champion. It is a great honour to wear this belt around my waist. I would like to think I have earned it. I have beaten a hall of famers, became no.1 contender in a gruelling multi-man match and then beat the unbeatable. Through sheer guts, determination and maybe a little stubbornness, I have reached a height far quicker than anyone before me. Do you want to know why Brian?

B: W-w-w-why?

*Grace leans forward.

AG: Because of you Brian……

*Brian looks surprised. Grace smiles and holds out his hand towards the camera.

AG: And of course, because of you guys watching at home! The millions of people that send me well-wishes before my matches and the thousands that cheer me on when I compete. Those fans that I feel privileged to call COG’s, who when faced with all the negativity in the world, pick themselves up and declare that they will rise above it. They’re men and women, girls and boys, who push themselves with the belief that any achievement is possible. And you believe that as well don’t you Brian?

B: Y-y-y-y-yes.

AG: Of course you do Brian! I never doubted you for a second. You are a man of talent that has decided a silly little speech problem will not stop his ascent to the top! And look at you now! In charge of your own internet show and with rival organisations ready to snap you up. I have an eye for future stars Brian and you, my friend, will be destined for great things.

*Grace smiles into the camera.

AG: And so will you, Mr. Invisible staring at me through your screen. That little nugget of “Can do” will flourish inside you and you will not believe what can be accomplished! My title win is testament to that and shows clearly that anything can be achieved!

*Grace taps his title belt a few times before relaxing in his chair.

B: But w-w-w-what do you have to s-s-s-say about the acu-ac-ac-ac-

AG: Accusations.

B: Yes……people l-l-l-like Jax Cutler saying that it was only a t-t-t-two count?

*Grace grins and places his finger to his lips as if contemplating his answer. After a few moments, he looks at Brian.

AG: Let me be bold enough to ask the master interviewer a question. How would you feel if you were told you were unbeatable……regardless at what……and then someone came along and beat you. How would you feel Brian?

B: Sh-sh-sh-shocked?

AG: Exactly my friend! You would feel shocked. Maybe there will be a bit of guilt as well. Maybe also a hint of embarrassment. And at that stage, you try and find excuses. Something happened. Someone else was to blame. There is no way the invincible could be vanquished. But I don’t blame Mr. Cutler for that! I have felt the same feelings when one of my movies has had less than positive reactions from the critics. You think that as you have been successful in the past, you will continue to be in the future. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case and I learnt that you have to dust yourself down and begin again. That is what Mr. Cutler has to do and I will welcome it.

B: You w-w-w-will?

AG: Absolutely! I don’t intend to hide away! If Mr. Cutler wants a chance to redeem himself then he will get it. It is a test of oneself to fight on when you have been knocked down. Mr. Cutler’s ego is feeling sore and he is lashing out. But, with time, he will refocus and be ready to fight for this title again. And it is up to the COG’s and I to be ready for him!

*Brian looks awe struck, before speaking again.

B: One f-f-f-final question. How d-d-d-does winning this title c-c-c-compare to your successful Hollywood c-c-c-c-career?

*Grace nods and contemplates his answer.

AG: It is right up there Brian! I have won many awards for my stage and film work. And since the win, I have been approached for other roles as well. My fame has never been higher and I have 6CW to thank for that, not to mention the support of the COG’s. But my friend, this is just the start. Movies were my past and winning titles such as these are my future. I look forward to having just as long and successful career in 6CW, as I did in Hollywood. There is a lot still to accomplish, the fight is still there to be fought and there are challenges that need to be overcome. But we will get there Brian……we will get there……with Grace.

*He winks into the camera and smiles. Brian shakes Grace by the hand and then turns to the camera.

B: That w-w-w-was Anthony Grace.

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 8:58 pm

*JJ Johnson and GazzyD are in the locker room talking as the camera manages to pick up what they are saying.

GD: First your back, then your ribs? How are you even standing?

*Johnson looks at him and smirks.

JJ: You think a couple of broken bones gonna stop me man? Hell, I was breaking them long before I got into wrestling. Things like that you can’t escape from. I ain’t for crying, you know that’s straight. But I be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sore when I get my ass out of bed each morning.

GD: So why do you do it?

JJ: Same reason you are still competing after that guy Adamson screwed you. Things aren’t over until you make them over. Yeah I beat Dubois but I don’t think it’s finished, not by a long mile. It is like you and Adamson……

*Gazzy looks at him confused.

GD: What do you mean?

*Johnson sighs and picks his words carefully.

JJ: I respect you man. You have achieved some things, but not some great things. Sometimes I feel you just let things lie without fighting for it. That Adamson gig is a good example. You should have chased him until he fell, man! But you kinda shrugged your shoulders and got on with it.

*Gazzy looks slightly annoyed.

GD: Things got difficult what with the Uprising. I needed to do my bit for the team. For 6CW.

*Johnson nods.

JJ: Yeah but now it’s over, what is 6CW gonna do for you? Or what’s more important, what you gonna do for your damn self?

*Gazzy goes to respond but the door opens. The camera focuses on JJ as he is shown gritting his teeth.

JJ: What the hell do you want?

*Jerome Dubois walks into shot smiling.

JD: Oh mon amis, you get too involved in the JJ Johnson imaginary better than everyone tale. Pardon moiz, but zis iz the 6CW locker room, oui?

*Gazzy and JJ don’t respond. Dubois sniggers.

JD: Then, permit me to stay. Unless ze great JJ Johnson iz in fear of his ribs again?

*JJ flares his nostrils and starts to walk out of the room.

JJ: I ain’t staying around him. I may commit murder. You think on what I said Gazzy.

*He stops and eyeballs Dubois.

JJ: You’ll keep……

*JJ storms out the locker room and slams the door shut. Dubois looks at Gazzy and shrugs.

JD: Some people are so sensitive………

*Gazzy says nothing as the scene fades.

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 9:02 pm

Match 5
Max Adamson vs Anthony Grace

“Radioactive” hits. The arena burst into a loud heated reception as Max slowly makes his way out wearing a robe with the Australian Flag printed all across it, and “Hero” written across the back. Max is seen wearing red trunks as raises he hand in the air as a golden fountain like pyros go off behind him. Max is seen smiling as he descends down the ramp. He leaps on to the apron and unstraps the 6CW Championship from around his waist, holding it high in the air…

HA: Later tonight Max Adamson will find out who the latest challenger to his 6CW Championship is….but right now he has the 6CW International Champion to deal with…

HE: It doesn’t matter who he has to deal with…Max Adamson takes care of business….he’s been doing it for so long now….there is nobody on this roster capable of ending the greatest reign of all time…

HA: Whether you like him or not, Max Adamson is still one of the best wrestlers in this industry today.

HE: The greatest, most dominant champion that 6CW has ever had…

Max climbs into the ring and he stretches up against the ropes, a smug smile on his face, and then “Amazing Grace” begins to echo out to a mixed reaction from the audience. There are very audible cheers but some distinguishable boos as Anthony Grace walks out onto the stage, the 6CW INT belt around his waist…

HA: The brand new 6CW INT Champion….

HE: That is a lie….Grace didn’t win that belt, it wasn’t even a three count….the match should have continued…

HA: It was a highly controversial finish at Ground Zero but despite the complaints of Jax Cutler and Michael Hathaway the result still stands….Grace is the champion…

HE: For now….6CW management will have no choice but to guarantee Cutler his re-match and when that happens he will destroy Anthony Grace…

Grace begins to unbutton his shirt as he pauses by the fan barrier to take selfies with his adoring fans. He pats the INT belt before making his way to the ring and climbing inside….Grace shoots a toothy grin at Adamson, who glowers back…

HA: There has been plenty of animosity between these two gentlemen ever since Anthony Grace joined 6CW….Max Adamson is not a fan…

HE: Can you blame him? Max has had to bust his gut to get where he is….he didn’t get any favours just because he is a famous moviestar and his best friend runs the company…

Max and Grace square up to another and exchange words. Max is grinning as the crowd chant “Let’s go Grace……Grace sucks”. Adamson jabs his foe in the chest and points out at the audience before landing with a big right hand…

HE: Take that you smug son of a…

HA: Impartiality, brother…

Grace staggers back and then charges towards Max as the two men rapidly exchange blows, as the crowd erupts with massive cheers of excitement. The two men continue to swing wildly refusing to give way to their opponent. Max then hits a stiff right hook as Grace responds with a side kick to the ribs as followed by a shot to the head as Max tries to cover up as he falls back against the ropes. Grace pounces on to the opportunity throwing as many fists as he can as the ref tries to separate the two men.

HA: Grace showing a more aggressive side to his character here…

The ref backs Grace away warning him that he could get disqualified should he not give Max a chance to move away from the ropes. Max then comes charging back in smacking Grace with another hard shot to the head, but once again Grace responds with a shot of his own throwing kicks and fists backing Max into the corner.

Grace then comes running back as Max tries to recover and hits a running knee into the corner. Grace then delivers an Irish whip, but Max counters and delivers one of his own as Grace crashes into the corner. Max comes running in but Grace explodes out of the corner hitting a stiff clothesline. Max immediately gets back up but is met by a low drop kick to his right knee. Grace then runs the ropes


HA: What an enziguri kick to the side of the head.

HE: Grace is bound to run out of steam soon enough…

Grace then mounts on top of Max and begins to ground and pound as blood emerges from Max’s mouth and on to Grace’s fist as he relentlessly continues to punish Max. Grace gets up and he beckons for Max to stand..

HE: That should have been a DQ…

Grace tries to pull Max in close for the “Ovation” but Adamson elbows his way free and pushes Grace away. He chases after him but Grace pulls down the top rope and sends his foe flying over the top…

HA: Anthony Grace has the world champion’s number here in the early going…

Max seems completely lost as he gets back up to his feet, Grace slingshots himself on to Max over the top rope taking the Australian Phenom out. Grace then pulls Max back up and hurls him under the bottom rope…

HE: The ref should do something Grace thinks he is some sort of MMA fighter!

Gazzy is not done and drags Max to his feet and whips him into the corner. Grace comes flying in with a flying forearm shot to head. Max stumbles away from the corner and falls to one knee as Grace climbs to the top rope. Max slowly turns around as Grace leaps off with a crossbody.

HE: GORE!!!! GORE!!!!!

HA: My god what a counter!!!!! Max snapping Grace in two!!!

*Crowd: Holysh1t! Holysh1t!

Max falls to the mat as Grace is seen clutching his ribs in pain. Max rolls himself over to the ropes as he tries to pull himself back up. Max gets to his feet as he wipes away the blood trickling from his mouth, and takes a deep breath.

HE: Max just knew exactly what Grace had in mind and hit one almighty counter.

Max then makes his way over to Grace and Max then hits a stomps directed to the head, as he then leaps in the air and hits a knee drop once again directed to the face. Max then goes for the cover.



HA: Gracekicks out!

Max then drags Grace to his feet and drives into the corner as he hits a series of shoulder thrust into the gut followed by a stiff uppercut as Grace holds himself up in the corner. Max then whips Grace across into the opposite corner, and comes charging with a splash but runs straight into Grace’s boot. Max stumbles away as Grace run towards him, but out nowhere Max plants Grace with a powerslam in the centre of the ring.

Max shakes his head as he pulls Grace up by the hair and hits a kick to the gut and backs Grace against the ropes. Max then hits stinging chop across the chest and shoves his hand in Grace’s face as he is seen smack talking Grace shouting “You Ain’t Nothing Movie Star!!!”

HE: Damn right Max, show him how it is done!


HA: What a punch…

Grace hits a right hook shot out of nowhere which catches Max off guard as he is met by constant shots by Grace as the crowd slowly comes to life once more.

But Max then cuts the momentum with a thumb to the eye, followed by a knee thrust, as Max then hits a neckbreaker, and goes for the pin.



HA: Grace gets the shoulder up!

Max gets to his feet as Grace tries to push himself back up, Max flies in with a hard kick to the ribs. Max then drags Grace back to a vertical basis and locks in a bear hug as Grace is seen in a considerable amount of pain. Max intensifies the hold as Grace is seen trying to reach the ropes as Max carries Grace back in the centre of the ring and continues to mount the pressure. Grace slowly seems to fade away as a confident Max continues to apply more pressure. The ref rushes over to check on Grace as he raises his arm in the air the first time but drops hard on to Max. The ref raises it a second time but it instantly stays up. The crowd begin to rally behind Grace as he comes back to life. Grace shoves his left forearm into Max’s face creating an opening as he hits a quick series of shots with the right.

Grace breaks free, as Max groggily moves away. Grace comes charging in once more and goes for clothesline.

HE: SKY HIGH!!!!!!!

HA: What a counter by Max!!!




HE: Grace gets the shoulder up once more!

HA: Max can’t believe it but what a move by the Australian Phenom!

Max stares into the referee’s eyes, and is heard arguing with the ref saying it was a slow count. Max then beckons Grace back up and he scoops him onto his shoulders…



Grace manages to elbow his way off the shoulders of Max and then he connects with his finish move on the world champion. The pace of the match leaves both men flat out…

HA: Can Grace capitilise and pull off the biggest win of his career…

The referee turns around and checks on the two wrestlers and begins to count to 10.




4….Grace is seen pulling himself over towards the ropes.

5….Max rolls over to the corner.


7…..Grace gets to one knee, as Max is almost back up.

8….the two men get to their feet.

HE: Go for it Max!!!

HA: Watch out Grace…


Max comes rushing forwards for the spear but Grace lowers his head and counters with a huge backbody drop. Grace ushers Max back up…

HA: Anthony Grace senses he can finish this match and pin the world champion…

Grace tries to pull Adamson in close for the finish but Max counters with a jawbreaker and follows up quickly with a fame-ass-er…………………1…………………………2……………..Grace just throws his shoulder up off the mat. Adamson gets back up and he taunts the audience before beckoning Grace back up, scooping him onto his shoulders…


Grace reaches out and clings onto the top rope for dear life, refusing to be thrown into the F-5. Eventually he manages to wriggle his way free and he counters with a Russian legsweep…

HA: This is a tremendous contest….two prime athletes going at it tooth and nail…what is he doing out here?

HE: This is the campaign for justice…

There are boos from the crowd as Michael Hathaway walks out onto the stage, an ugly grimace on his face. His brow is furrowed as raises a microphone to his mouth…

Hathaway: Ladies and gentlemen you know who I am and you know just who I represent…..I am the managerial representative of the next big thing, Jax Cutler….the rightful and true 6CW International Champion…

HE: It’s true…

HA: Will someone get this idiot out of here…we've heard enough from him tonight

Hathaway: That man inside that very ring, one Anthony Grace, is nothing but a fraud and a thief….he took something which does not belong to him and it is very important to his health that he returns said property to its rightful owner before this situation gets out of hand…

Anthony Grace is back up on his feet and he has made his way over to the ropes to stare out at Hathaway, who is slowly walking down the ramp.

Hathaway: Mr Grace I can assure you there is an easy way and there is a hard way…..I strongly advise you take the easy option as it will benefit you greatly in the long run….the International Championship belongs to Jax Cutler and if you do not give it back I promise you that he is going to take it from your cold,lifeless, hands…

Grace raises his eyebrows, almost taunting Hathaway, as the crowd vent their dislike towards Jax Cutler’s manager. Grace shakes his head at Hathaway and then turns around…


Max Adamson scoops Grace up and drills him with the F-5 in the centre of the ring……………………1………………………..2………………………..3!

HA: The 6CW Champion picks up the win after a massive assist from Michael Hathaway….Anthony Grace didn’t even see it coming…

HE: Serves him right….walking around here like he is God’s gift, with a belt that doesn’t even belong to him…if he thinks this is bad then he better get ready for what Jax Cutler has in store for him….

Michael Hathaway grins from ear to ear and drops the mic before turning on his heel and walking back up the ramp. The crowd arre booing as Max gets up to his feet and raises his arms in a triumphant manner. He mockingly dusts off his shoulder and laughs at Grace before taking the 6CW belt from the referee and he holds it high…

HE: The dominance continues….nobody can stop this man…

HA: Coming up next is a chance for one of eight superstars to prove they can in fact stop the Max Adamson reign….a #1 contender ladder match, the winner will earn a shot at the richest prize in the business…

HE: No matter who wins, they will suffer the exact same fate as Anthony Grace just did….Max is unbeatable…

Match result: Max Adamson via pinfall
Match time: 8 minutes; 18 seconds

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 9:04 pm

*Mike Masters is confidently walking backstage. He sneers at a few stagehands that he passes and makes sure he doesn't touch them as he continues to make his way down the corridor. Suddenly he stops as Christy James comes into view. Masters smirks at her.

MM: My my.....if it isn't Gristy.

*Christy looks confused and Masters laughs.

MM: You know, like Brangelina? Gristy actually works as it describes you two the best. Like some sort of pus-filled scab that needs to be picked.

*He moves his head towards her.

MM: Something that can be easily discarded, you know.......

*He moves his head back and smirks again. Christy takes a breath in, before speaking into a microphone.

CJ: Ladies and gentlemen, I have managed to find the guy that the fans are calling a sell out.........

*Masters stops her.

MM: That's sold out. As in every arena where I wrestle. Fact is I am needed and you are not. And dead weight can't be tolerated. How are you feeling? A little bloated?

*Christy covers the microphone and talks aside to him.

CJ: Can we just do this interview please?

*Masters shrugs and turns to the camera.

MM: Yeah, the fans call me the sell out. But to me survival is the best policy. If that means I have to upset a few people then more fool them. I did what I needed to do for the most important person.......me. You want me to apologise? Then carry on waiting while I am busy scooping up titles.

CJ: And your relationship with Michael Jones......

??: Is the best thing in this business.

*Michael Jones comes into shot and stares at Christy.

MJ: You really have some nerve interviewing my client without my say so......

*Masters laughs and moves closer to Christy.

MM: Yeah, we wouldn't want you to get above yourself Gristy. It would be a shame if one half of 6CW's newest couple had a little accident.

*He smirks and gets his head right in front of Christy's.

MM: I think you have heard everything you need to hear. Soak it all up, now there's a good girl.

*Jones laughs behind him, while Masters holds his stare at Christy. The interviewer backs away, clearly upset, and moves out of shot. Masters and Jones share a handshake while grinning.

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 9:06 pm

*Enforcer is seen walking backstage when a voice shouts out to him from the side.

???: I thought you would be in the care home by now?

*Enforcer turns to see Max Adamson come into shot and grinning broadly. Enforcer takes a deep breath in and snarls.

E: What do you want?

*Adamson gives a sad face.

MA: Awww is poor old big E still hurting over the lil matchy?

*Enforcer says nothing as Adamson grins and looks down towards Enforcer’s groin.

MA: They still hurting? Not the most artistic way to win a match I agree. But the Gore and Cyclone afterwards proved my point. The point I have been making for months.

*Enforcer steps up to Adamson and eyeballs him.

E: What point?

*Adamson keeps grinning and is no way intimidated.

MA: The point is that you should have been put in pasture long ago. Face it E, how many more chances do you want? You lost the EWF belt to Costello and didn’t have the guts to go back after it. So you thought you would turn to me and take what is rightfully mine?! But you still came up waaaaay short. I wasn’t even sweating after that main event, whereas you needed the ropes to haul your sorry ass up.

*Adamson moves closer to Enforcer so that he has to step back a bit.

MA: You are old news……

*Enforcer half smiles and nods.

E: Well you better hope that I don’t win the main event. Because next time we meet, there will be nothing you can do to stop me knocking you out. Not even a low blow.

*Adamson raises his eyebrows and tuts.

MA: Same old E, getting ahead of himself. Whether it is you or the other guys in that match, I don’t care. The winner’s rewards will just be the number one contender to another Adamson beating. A champion like myself has to deal with a conveyor belt of pretenders, but I look around this place and see no-one even closer to my level……

*Adamson grins again.

MA: You hear that E……you are not even close. So do me a favour. You win this match. Because I know there is no chance of you ever beating me.

*They stare at each other for a while, before Adamson turns and walks off camera. We can just hear him shout back to Enforcer while the camera is focused on E’s face.

MA: Good luck old timer……

*Enforcer visibly grits his teeth as the scene fades

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 9:08 pm

*Christy James is backstage again and trying to calm down. Off camera a voice speaks to her.

??: Hell of an evening for you so far….

*Christy looks towards the voice.

CJ: This is my job right….you just stand there and keep rolling. I can take this.

*Suddenly, Scott Harris comes into shot and startles the interviewer.

CJ: Scott! How are you? I wasn’t sure whether you wanted to be interviewed tonight. Did they clear you to wrestler after those head injuries you sustained?

*Harris looks at her blankly.

SH: Why wouldn’t I want to be interviewed?

*Christy looks to the cameraman for guidance. Harris turns towards where she is looking and speaks.

SH: Did you go off and find Mike and……daddy?

*He spits the words out and stares back at Christy. The interviewer nods sheepishly and, once again this evening, looks uncomfortable.

SH: Then you need to talk to me? You did plan to talk to me right?

*Christy coughs and motions to the cameraman to begin filming.

CJ: Welcome back folks! I am standing here backstage with the Sharpshooter, Scott Harris. Scott, how are you feeling right now?

*Harris looks at her before looking down at the ground.

SH: I am feeling just fine Christy. Everything is fine. How can it get any worse after Ground Zero? I came away that night and reassessed. Everyone needs more Harris, but what do I need? In that loneliness and away from distractions, it came to me like a flash of light. I need to embrace who I am and not who I wanted to be. Because you can’t escape your past Christy…..you know that right?

*Christy says nothing.

SH: Of course you do. Masters thinks our journey is ancient history but that past always catches up with you. As well as the choices you make for companions. First it was me…….then my father. Choices like that always come back to haunt you. He thinks he holds all the cards now, but the Sharpshooter is finished playing games. It is time to deal with the devil and his offspring. And poor old Mike has both either side of him now.

*Christy raises her eyebrows and looks at the cameraman again. The camera pans down and we can see that Harris is constantly wringing his sweaty hands.

CJ: Are you sure you are ok to go on with this Scott?

*Harris puts a hand to his face and feels his forehead. He stares at the ceiling and closes his eyes.

SH: Forget it. You wouldn’t understand……

*He barges past Christy and walks out of shot. The interviewer stares into the camera and shakes her head.

CJ: What a night!

*She moves her hand across her throat to signal to stop filming, and the screen goes to black and the show goes to commercial for the final time

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 9:09 pm

Main Event
#1 Contender (6CW Championship)
Ladder Match
Scott Harris vs Mike Masters vs Joshua vs JJ Johnson vs Jerome Dubois vs GazzyD vs DeMarcus Brown vs Enforcer

Ding ding

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a ladder match to crown the #1 Contender to the 6CW Championship!

*Crowd pop

HA: Matches do not come much bigger than this in professional wrestling…..eight of the absolute best in 6CW will compete for the opportunity to contest the richest prize in this game…

HE: I have been so excited about this match all night…

“Gangster Rap” booms out to a mixed reaction from the 6CW crowd and DeMarcus Brown makes his way out onto the stage. The cameras pan down the ramp to show a plethora of ladders that have been set up…

HA: The 6CW Xtreme Champion….DeMarcus Brown has the chance tonight to make the step up to the elite level…

HE: Brown is a tough, tough man….but is he ready to go to the summit? I don’t know…

HA: He certainly won’t be intimidated by the environment….he thrives on it….

Brown walks past the line of ladders and then pulls himself up into the ring. “Saturday Night” then screams out to a boom of cheers from the 6CW faithful. Red and green pyros hit the air as Enforcer marches out….

HE: How does Enforcer have another chance….he lost fair and square at Ground Zero!

HA: It was hardly fair…plus Enforcer is one of the best around, he deserves to be in the frame…

Enforcer makes his way down the ramp and he walks around the ring, his eyes looking up towards the contract in the sky. “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” plays out next and the cowd boo as Jerome Dubois swaggers out. He laughs off the reaction of the fans and makes his way towards the ring…

HE: I wouldn’t mind a second Jerome Dubois as 6CW Champion…

HA: I think you would be the only one…

Dubois wipes his feet on the apron before stepping inside the ring. “Remember the name” then booms out to an almighty ovation…

HA: Could a three time 6WF Champion be on the cusp of his first ever 6CW Championship?

JJ Johnson moonwalks out onto the stage and he slaps hands with the fans before making his way down the ramp. He has a few choice words for Jerome Dubois as he gets inside the ring and then heads to the corner…

HA: JJ Johnson has been in many high profile matches before….does he have the big match edge?

“Champion” echoes out and the crowd boo furiously as Mike Masters swaggers out, accompanied by Mr Jones. Masters has a smug grin on his face as he motions a belt around his waist and heads towards the ring…

HA: The biggest sell-out in 6CW today…

HE: Mike Masters made a fantastic decision when he paired up with Mr Jones….that is how you get ahead in this business…together they will achieve great things…

Masters leaps up onto the apron and vaults over the ropes as “Shoot the runner” rips through the speakers as is met by a huge ovation. Scott Harris marches his way to ringside, his eyes flicking from Masters to Jones and back again…

HA: You can sense the hatred burning inside of Scott Harris….he thought he had got rid of his father, he thought he had his issues with Mike Masters sewn up…but at Ground Zero both came back to haunt him in the most cruel of manners….

Harris launches his hoody into the crowd and then pulls himself up onto the apron. The lights dim and the crowd boo as the steady pulse of a heartbeat echoes around Wembley Arena. The lights flash on and off as Joshua strides to ringside…

HE: Quite possibly the most dangerous man in 6CW?

HA: Oh I’d say without a doubt…..Joshua has shown recently that he is as dark and as sinister as anyone we have ever seen inside a 6CW ring….

HE: What he did to Liam Wood at Ground Zero was so unexpected…

HA: Can you imagine if this man became the #1 Contender to the world title?

Joshua pulls himself up onto the apron and steps over the top rope, his long hair covering his face. All other six men in the ring are watching him with trepidation…

HA: I believe we need just one more entrant…

The arena goes wild as “Limelight” echoes from the PA system and GazzyD bounces out onto the stage. Gazzy makes his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans, and he moves in and out from under the ladders as he makes his way to ringside.

HE: Look at this idiot…

HA: GazzyD is a former 6CW World Champion…..but tonight is such a big night for that man. Not only can he earn a shot at the world title but also get a chance to finally put his issues with Max Adamson to bed….there is unfinished business there…

HE: Are you being serious right now? Max already destroyed this guy…he made his life a misery….why would Gazzy choose to pursue it? He should have stayed at him because I guarantee if he was to somehow win this match it would be the worst thing that ever happened to him…

Gazzy climbs up into the ring to join the other seven participants. The crowd are going wild as all eight men eye each other and then they storm forward and begin to attack…

HA: Here we go….remember folks; the rules are very simple….you climb a ladder, you take the contract and you earn yourself a shot at the 6CW World Championship…

There is carnage in the ring as all eight men begin swinging at one another. Scott Harris is pummeling Mike Masters, JJ Johnson is brawling with Jerome Dubois whilst Enforcer & DeMarcus Brown take the fight to Joshua. GazzyD watches the action and then he rolls out of the ring and grabs a ladder…

HE: Someone get him…

HA: These men are too busy tearing strips off of one another….nobody has even noticed…

Gazzy heads back to the ring and he pushes the ladder under the bottom rope before rolling in after. JJ gabs Dubois by the scruff of the neck and hauls him over the ropes before following to the outside whilst Harris and Masters have already took their brawl into the aisleway…

HA: GazzyD might just pull this off here….

The crowd are going wild as Gazzy sets the ladder up in the centre of the ring and he begins to pull himself up as quickly as he can. DeMarcus Brown and Enforcer ae both taking turns to throw punches at Joshua until the “Puppet Master” grabs them both and clatters their heads together….he knocks Brown over with a huge head-butt and then he uppercuts Enforcer over the top rope…

HE: I told he was dangerous….

HA: Gazzy’s got the contract…

The fans are at boiling point as Gazzy’s hand closes around the contract. He begins to pull it free of the restraint…

HA: What….wait……..OH MY GOD!



Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

Gazzy is about to pull the contract down when Joshua marches over to the ladder and pushes it over, sending Gazzy flying from the top, over the top rope, and crashing through the announce table on the outside. Gazzy is completely motionless in the wreckage…

HE: Gazzy is not moving….

HA: We need medics out here right now…this is bad…

HE: Joshua’s list of victims keeps increasing…

HA: All this in the name of becoming #1 Contender…

The cameras pan around to all the other competitors, who seem stunned by what has just happened. The medical team arrives and slowly they begin to load Gazzy up on a stretcher…

HA: I don’t even know what kind of injuries he may have sustained there…..what a fall…

HE: There is no protection….GazzyD just plummeted over twenty feet through our table….he needs the hospital…

There are concerned faces in the crowd as Gazzy is loaded onto the stretcher and wheeled towards the ramp. The crowd strike up a “GazzyD” chant…

HA: We wish Gazzy a speedy recovery but it does not look good right now folks…

HE: And what about this match?

HA: This match is scheduled to continue….it won’t end until one of the remaining seven have taken control of that contract…

Jerome Dubois is back in the ring and quickly trying to scurry up the ladder but JJ grabs his trunks and drags him back down before smashing his face into the ladder. Joshua then grabs JJ and delivers a headbutt that knocks Johnson over…

HE: Nobody is going stop Joshua…

Enforcer and DeMarcus Brown both roll back into the ring. They look at each other and then nod before grabbing opposite ends of the ladder. They hold it between them and then run forwards, smashing it into Joshua’s chest and sending him over the top rope…

HA: That might be one way to do it…

Enforcer drops his end of the ladder and then runs into Brown with a heavy clothesline. He picks the ladder back up and slams it down on top of the Xtreme Champion’s back…

HA: Enforcer will do anything to win….it has set him apart on so many occassions…

Enforcer slams the ladder down twice more but then Scott Harris waistlocks him from behind and launches him into a German suplex, sending the ladder flying across the ring. Harris grabs the ladder and begins to set it up before climbing towards the summit…

HE: Not Harris surely…..


Masters springs off the ropes and detonates his trademark kick to the jaw of Harris, knocking him from the ladder. Masters looks very pleased with himself as he surveys the scene and then darts for the ladder…

HE: Tha path is clear…

Masters nears the top of the ladder when JJ Johnson starts to climb up the opposite side. They trade with right hands and then JJ grabs Masters’ hair and drives his head down into the top of the ladder….

HA: JJ just has to reach up…

Dubois is back in the ring and he pushes the ladder to the side, sending Masters and JJ falling across the top rope…


HE: Not a happy landing…

Dubois grins and pulls the ladder back to the centre before starting his climb. He pauses to mock the fans and then he reaches up to take hold of the contract……CRACK!

HA: I think Dubois just lost a tooth…

DeMarcus Brown is back in the ring with a second ladder and he jabs it upwards into the mouth of Dubois, sending him tumbling down to the floor once more. Brown sets his ladder up next to the first and starts to climb….

HE: Surely this street hooligan isn’t going to compete for the most prestigious belt in the world?

HA: If he wins tonight he will have earned it…

Enforcer is back up and he climbs onto the second ladder, racing Brown towards the top. Both men exchange punches and elbows before Enforcer smashes Brown’s head off the top of the ladder. Enforcer prepares for a back suplex but Brown counters and scoops Big E onto his shoulders…

HA; Surely not from up there….OH GOD HE DID!


HA: Pure and utter carnage…

Crowd: This is awe-some x10

Brown holds Enforcer there for a second and then he shoots him off with the incredible F-5, leaving both men down and out in the centre of the ring. The audience then begins to boo as Joshua steps over the top rope and heads towards the ladders….

HE: There is nobody in sight…

HA: Joshua is going to climb that ladder and he is taking that contract…

HE: Please don’t….I don’t want Max to endure that…

HA: I thought Adamson could beat any challenger?

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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 9:11 pm

Joshua begins to make his way up the ladder. He gets near the top and he stretches out one of his long arms towards the contract…..CRACK!



The crowd roar as Liam Wood dives into the ring and he smashes a steel chair across Joshua’s spine. Joshua slides down the ladder and Wood delivers several more chairshots before landing a destructive blow across the top of Joshua’s head, sending him through the ropes to the outside…

HE: Wood looks possessed….

HA: Liam Wood is hell-bent on revenge….

Wood climbs out of the ring and he continues to attack Joshua as they take the fight up the ramp towards the backstage area. Security move out to try and break both men apart but both seem keen on continuing…

HE: Wood isn’t a part of this match….

HA: Joshua wasn’t a part of Wood’s match at Ground Zero but he still got involved…

HE: I think we might be down to just six competitors now…

Wood and Joshua continue to scrap through the entranceway as the cameras pan back to ringside. Scott Harris is halfway up one of the ladders, the crowd chanting his name…

HA: What a moment this would be for young Scott Harris….a shot at the biggest prize in 6CW….OH FOR GOD SAKE!

The boos are furious as Mr Jones climbs into the ring and grabs the foot of Harris, pulling him down off the ladder. Harris quickly spins around and fixes his father with a look of pure hatred…

HE: Oh no…

HA: Now what Jones?

Jones tries to run but Harris grabs him and pulls him back before grabbing his arm and he delivers an almighty “Shot in the dark” to his father, drawing huge cheers from the crowd. Harris is just about to begin his climb again when Mike Masters delivers a low blow and throws him from the ring….

HA: If its not one it is the bloody other…

Masters grins and spits down on Harris before leaping onto the ladder and starting to climb. He gets near the top and reaches out to grab the contract but DeMarcus Brown seizes his hand and slams it back down. Brown nails three big right hands to Masters and then pushes him back down to the mat below….

HA: Brown’s path is clear once more….this is his big chance…OH MY GOD!


Enforcer places a third ladder at an angle, lodging it like a staggered platform between the two in the centre, and he shows amazing athleticism to run up said ladder and dive through the air with a thunderous “facecheck” to Brown that sends both men flying down to the canvass with an almighty bang….

HA: I didn’t know Enforcer had so much grace….

HE: These guys will never be the same after this…

Crowd: 6C-Dub x10

JJ Johnson and Jerome Dubois are both back up in the centre of the ring. They begin to trade with furious right hands until Johnson’s punches take their toll and rock Dubs backwards. Dubois responds with a rake of the eyes and he flips JJ up…


JJ drops off the shoulders of Dubois and he pushes him off the ropes before launching him high into the side of the ladders as he comes back. JJ drops down on top of Dubois and begins to land big punches as Mike Masters makes another dart for the ladders…

HA: Masters is a determined son of a gun…

HE: This time he’s got it…

Masters gets both hands on the contract, a broad grin crossing his face, but his smile then falters as Scott Harris seizes him around the waist and delivers an earth-shattering German suplex from the top of the ladder…

Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

HA: I’m inclined to agree with the audience….incredible scenes here at Aftermath….

HE I am shellshocked…

JJ Johnson stands back up and he fixes his eyes on the contract above the ring. He looks out at the audience and he grins as they chant his name…

HA: JJ Johnson is the last man standing….the title shot is his for the taking…

JJ makes his way over to the ladder and he begins to climb towards the top. He nears the summit and he reaches out to grab the contract…

HA: He’s got it…JJ Johnson is the new #1 Contender….

*Crowd boo furiously

HA: Disgusting…

Jerome Dubois is back up and he seems to produce a can from nowhere and he sprays a substance upwards into the face of JJ, completely blinding him. JJ drops from the ladder and desperately tries to clean his eyes…

HE: Dubois is a genius….the title shot is his…

HA: That was a damn aerosol….he could have blinded JJ….

HE: This is Dubs…

The boos grow louder as Dubois climbs higher and higher up the ladder. His smile grows wider as he nears the top and reaches out…

HA: Dubois is about to steal this…

HE: He’s earned it….


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6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014 Empty Re: 6CW Aftermath Results 12th December 2014

Post by JJJohnson on Fri 12 Dec 2014, 9:13 pm

*Crowd ultra pop

The entire arena erupts as GazzyD staggers back out onto the stage, his head and ribs heavily bandaged. He makes his way down to the ring, limping badly, and he rolls in before pushing the ladder over and sending Dubois tumbling to the floor. Gazzy picks the ladder back up and he starts to climb….

HE: This can’t be happening….he’s supposed to be in the hospital….

HA: GazzyD is a warrior….what heart he is displaying here tonight, incredible…

The crowd are bouncing as Gazzy slowly tries to pull himself up the ladder. He gets halfway when Dubois comes back and lands horrible punches to the back and ribs. He drags Gazzy back down and he throws him off the ropes before twisting him into a huge spinebuster as he comes back…

HE: That is why Gazzy should have stayed away….he isn’t fit to compete….

HA: As long as Gazzy has breath in his body he will fight…

HE: I’m worried there will be no breath left…

Dubois stomps down on Gazzy’s injured head and ribs before making his way over to the ladder and starts to climb. Gazzy staggers back up and he tries to pull himself up the opposite side of the ladder….

HA: It is a race…

HE: Dubois is fitter and faster….he’s nearly there….

HA: Dubois’s fingers are touching….WAIT A MINUTE…..NO…..YES…..MY GOD!


Ding ding ding


Jerome Dubois’ hand reaches up to take control of the contract when JJ Johnson comes up the opposite side of the ladder and lifts Gazzy onto his shoulders, pushing him ahead of Dubois and allows him to take the contract right out of the Frenchmen’s hand.


HE: This is an outrage….Jerome Dubois had the match won….what the hell was JJ doing?

HA: JJ recognised he couldn’t get there…..I guess anyone is better than Dubois….

JJ slides back down the ladder, blinking, and he looks up at Dubois with a grin before dropping from the ring and heading backstage. The cameras pan around the wreckage of the arena and then back to GazzyD, who is slumped across the top of the ladder with a mixed look of triumph and agony….

HA: Despite falling twenty feet through our announce table GazzyD came back out here and he has won this match….he is the new number one contender to the 6CW Championship…

HE: And what do you think Max is going to do to him in that state?

HA: I’m sure we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it…..folks this is 6CW signing off for the last time in 2014….it has been an absolute pleasure….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all….we’ll see you in 2015!

The show goes off air as a very amused looking Max Adamson makes his way out onto the stage. Max raises the 6CW belt over his head and stares down to the ring whilst Gazzy glares back from the top of the ladder with the contract in hand.

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