The re-up promos

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The re-up promos

Post by TwisT on Sat 17 Feb 2018, 9:09 am

The office of Anthony Grace would like to make the following statement.

Anthony Grace would like to answer fully the rumours that have been circulating about a revival of 6CW, what his current involvement level is and accusations against him stating he has grossly interfered with 6CW and Monster Energys relationship.

1. Anthony Grace has been concentrating solely on his film making and charity work since the turn of the year. He has also been setting up new business interests in the entertainment world, which has included a stake in Fox Broadcasting Company and whose owners (20th Century Fox) are producing the new Gambit film in 2019 - of which Anthony Grace has a leading role.

2. Whereas Monster Energy and 6CW have been in contact with Anthony Grace over the last few months, conversations have been strictly to do with 6CW's current legal case and when Anthony Grace is due to wrestle with the organisation again.

3. There has been no discussions over a potential sale of 6CW to Fox, Anthony Grace or any other organisation. Monster Energy have made it clear in their statement that their stance is supporting 6CW and carrying out their current ownership obligations and protecting their stakeholders.

4. Anthony Grace's recent involvement with Max Adamsons Christmas Bonanza was strictly theatrical and his fee donated to charity.

5. Anthony Grace wants to make it clear, yet again, that once 6CW has satisfied their requirements and can broadcast again, that he would be happy and proud to take part in 6CW once more. Although his frustrations have been made clear in his previous statement, Anthony Grace sees much potential in a reborn and cleansed 6CW.

6. Anthony Grace will not comment on the rumours of a recruitment drive in 6CW.

7. 6CW is in the entertainment industry and Anthony Grace is an entertainer. To that end, Anthony Grace's persona in 6CW has and will have no impact on whatever business dealings he has outside of it.

8. Anthony Grace wants to make it clear that he has had no dealings with disgraced PR guru Charles Kramer or his nephew Kaydon Kramer. Nor has Anthony Grace been contacted by Kaydon Kramer's representatives in his sports agency company.

Lastly, Anthony Grace would like to thank his fans and wish them all, and himself, a prosperous 2018.

Any questions to do with this statement will need to be made to Anthony Grace's communications team.


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Re: The re-up promos

Post by MtotheC on Thu 22 Feb 2018, 12:00 am

***6CW Presents a special edition of ‘Behind the Curtain’ with Henry Lloyd***

HL: Good evening sports fans and welcome to a very special edition of Behind the Curtain… man am I pumped, because boy do we have a treat in store for the 6CW universe tonight!!!

It’s been nearly two long years, but joining me tonight for his first sit down interview since his departure from 6CW… its the former 2 time heavyweight champion of the world… all the way from Hell’s Kitchen, in the heart of New York City… it’s the founder, enforcer and preacher of Costello’s Law… the one, the only… Vincent Costello!!!!!!!!

*The camera pans out to reveal Costello sitting opposite Henry, dressed impeccably in a three piece suit, his long jet black hair gelled back and a trademark red rose adorning the pocket of his navy blue suit

HL: Vincent, firstly let me say how exciting it is to be sitting down with one of the greatest champions of the modern era, yes I said it… because it’s a damn fact! Man have we missed you around here!

*Costello smiles a half smile as Henry continues...

HL: Look, I’m gonna cut right to the chase, i’m paid to ask the big questions and I’m all about giving the people what they want… and what the people wanna know is, is Vincent Costello back in 6CW, are you back to compete Vincent, or is this sadly just as many are speculating a promotional visit?

*That rye half smile is back on VC’s face, he adjusts his position in the chair and begins to respond…

VC: You’re clearly not the first person to pose this question to me in the last two years Henry and I get it, I really do… Costello’s Law blazed such a trail of dominance here in 6CW that the reverberations are still being felt to this day. You know I cant put a tweet up, I cant do a single interview, hell I cant even buy a cup of coffee without some moron asking me that same question… Are you coming back?!

And I’ve thought about this long and hard… and as much as I’d love to beat the living hell out of Liam Wood again, to return him to the status quo that is my shadow and dominate professional wrestling yet again… I’m just not sure that’s enough to get me back in the ring! I thrive on a challenge, on a mountain to climb, on a glass ceiling to smash to smithereens… and I just don’t see that kind of challenge for me in 6CW.

HL: So tell us Vincent, just what will you do if you’re not lacing up a pair of boots?

VC: Firstly, I live in the greatest city there ever was and ever will be… New York City… and when you’re the former champ and the pride of Hell’s Kitchen, there’s always something do. But lets just say I’ve got a lot of lucrative irons in a lot of interesting fires.

HL: Come on Vincent, I know you too well… I can see that competitive streak, hell its more than a streak, it’s an obsession to be the damn best.. I can see that glimmering in your eyes!

VC: You’re right Henry, you do know me well and you’re right again... I am obsessed with being the best, I’m burdened with a glorious purpose, a purpose that time and time and time again has seen me stand at the pinnacle of this profession… it’s a purpose that was driven by the competition to be just that… the very best.

But Henry, look at the state of 6CW, look at how far its fallen in the last two years… I put this company back on the map, I single handily was the heartbeat behind all of this companies competitors falling by the wayside. I made this company millions, off the back of my name, my talent, my blood, sweat and hard work… and what do I get in return? How do you think a company should treat its mostly valuable commodity? No seriously you tell me Henry, how would you treat Costello’s Law?

HL: With the damn respective you deserve!

VC: Exactly, but no… when I got injured, when I got hurt, after putting my body on the line night after night, main event after main event, after the sound of cash registers ringing were drowning out even the noise coming from ringside… 6CW treated me like dirt, like a piece of meat, like some nobody… hell this is Costello’s Law were talking about here… not some jobber like Thunder, or a punk like Robin Reborn…. Vincent Costello god damn it!

And yeah I took my ball and I went home, back to New York City, back to a place where I get the respect I deserve… and low and betide what happens to 6CW once I’m gone? It’s falls apart, the ratings slide, the cash dries up and the standard of competition? Well less said about that the better!

HL: So, Vincent lets address the elephant in the room then… what would it take to get you back wrestling here in 6CW, I want it, the fans want it, hell the whole world wants to see Vincent Costello back where he belongs… so lay it out straight for us… what needs to happen, what stars need to align?

VC: It’s simple Henry… Firstly I’m gonna need a procession of 6CW executives at my door begging me on their hands and knees to come save their company and secondly… its gonna take the most lucrative, the most eye watering, the most obscene contract this company has ever written! You wanna hear those registers playing that happy tune again, you want sell out arena, after sell out arena, you want people to turn 6CW on rather than off? Then this company is gonna have to delve so deep, deeper than its ever delved before and then and only then, will Costello’s Law maybe, consider putting 6CW back were I put it to start with.

HL: Well there you have! It sounds like good business to me, in fact it’s a ‘no brainer’… so come on 6CW… you’ve heard it loud and clear… lets make this happen!

Vincent, its been an absolute pleasure having you hear on Behind the Curtain tonight and I for one cant wait to see you back inside a 6CW ring!

Well that about does it ladies and gentlemen, what a statement from the former worlds champion, will we see him back in 6CW? Only time will tell.

Vincent, thank you again and goodnight 6CW universe… join us again soon for another edition of Behind the Curtain!

*The camera pans out as credits roll and the theme song plays out, the two men shake hands as the scene fades to black.


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Re: The re-up promos

Post by Engel Harlequin on Fri 23 Feb 2018, 8:52 am

*The 6CW logo appears on screen before fading to black, and then to a dimly lit room. At the back of the room is a single flickering candle. A shadow crosses the eerie light and then crouches, his back to the camera rocking gently*

??: he hehe. They use to laugh at me. Call me a freak. I hid my sadness behind a mask of smiles. A mask of smiles to entertain the masses. But still they laughed...still they ridiculed me and STILL my sadness grew.

*The silhouette stops rocking and goes deathly still*

??: The circus I had built around me was a lie, bred from a distant memory of my mother, my dear dear mother who would be beaten by my alcoholic father. She would sit me down and smile at me. I once asked "why?" She looked at me curiously. "Why do you smile so? When your eyes wish to cry?" She looked at me with those soft blue eyes. "Engel, the Harlequin does not ever frown, no matter how hard life gets he puts on his face paint and he forever wears a beautiful smile"

*The silhouette lowers it's head solemly"

Engel: My Father came home one evening. It must have been a long day at work because I could smell the whisky on his breath and hear the fireplace crackle louder almost as if the flame could smell the alcohol and knew of the consequences were they to meet. My father began to walk upstairs, and as he did he undid his belt. I took the firebrand in my hand and...

*The candle extinguishes suddenly and there is complete silence for a second*

Engel: (slow laughter) he he he he...

*the greasepaint covered face of Engel suddenly appears close up to screen*

Engel: Whose laughing now...

*fade to black as manic laughter echoes in the background*

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Re: The re-up promos

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