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World Cup 2019 Ticket Ballot Empty World Cup 2019 Ticket Ballot

Post by screamingaddabs on Wed 22 Aug 2018, 2:16 pm

I normally lurk on the rugby bit of the forum with occasional posts but I have a rather stupid question regarding the ticket ballots for the 2019 cricket world cup. I have just applied for a load of tickets via the website but I was wondering if anyone knows if the system is "all or nothing" or not. Basically, if I have applied for 6 matches is it that I will either get all 6 or nothing or could I potentially get tickets for say 3 of the matches? I have checked the terms and conditions and the website but can't actually find the answer!

At the moment I have just the one application in with 6 matches on it. I also noticed you could do more than one application, so is there a difference between 6 individual applications and one big one or not?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but I can't find a decent place to get the question answered elsewhere...

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