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Danny Williams

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Danny Williams Empty Danny Williams

Post by adamk Wed 09 Mar 2011, 10:44 am

Hello again

I dont know if this has been posted before or has just slipped under the radar but i've just noticed on another forum that Danny "brixton bomber" Williams came out of retirement at the weekend in Germany and beat Frank Kary Roth via a KO in the 2nd.

I had hoped that when he retired after the Chisora fight that he would stay retired as he has not looked good in his last 2 fights (fair enough 1 was against Chisora but he should've been a class above Carl Baker).

I just hope he doesnt do himself any serious damage and retires again but this time he stays retired.


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Danny Williams Empty Re: Danny Williams

Post by 88Chris05 Wed 09 Mar 2011, 11:27 am

To be honest, the pair of defeats he suffered against Skelton and Harrison back in 2006 should have been the end of it for Williams. He was never a world beater, but even so, seeing him box on like this (presumably for his pension fund) isn't good to see.

I actually always thought that he could have potentially picked up a strap in that terrible portion of Heavyweight history between 2005 and 2008 had he shown a little more discipline. He had the profile thanks to his win over a shell which we once called Mike Tyson and, as much as people will laugh at this, he had a fair amount of talent, too. When he was in shape he would be a tough night for anybody at European or Commonwealth level.

But he blew it, really. Coming in at 288 lb for the second Skelton fight was a disgrace in all honesty, and how he conspired to lose to such a poor technician I'll never know. I'll probably be slated for this but, while he's had a decent enough career, I actually think Williams has underachieved.

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Danny Williams Empty Re: Danny Williams

Post by bellchees Wed 09 Mar 2011, 1:58 pm

I'm not sure how Williams could be so committed once he was in the ring but put so little effort into training. He showed so much heart while he was fighting with a reasonable amount of skill and a decent punch but never seemed to be dedicated between fights. Should stay retired.


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Danny Williams Empty Re: Danny Williams

Post by Guest Wed 09 Mar 2011, 4:03 pm

Whatever shape he decided to come in at, he was not quite the finished article.Saw the Sanil Sam fight, and he was destroyed.Sam never went on to do much else afterwards.


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Danny Williams Empty Re: Danny Williams

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