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Welcome back Sam Hutchingson

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Welcome back Sam Hutchingson Empty Welcome back Sam Hutchingson

Post by Gregers on Thu 08 Dec 2011, 5:39 pm

Sorry in advance if this has already been talked about but I thought I would share a piece of good news about a Chelsea youngster.

Just over 12 months ago Sam Hutchingson was forced to retire at the young age of 21. As a highly talented product of the academy after only making three appearances for the first team. This retirement came just over 18 months after Jose Mourinho touted him as one of the most promising young defenders in the country. The interview in which Sam announced his retirement was incredibly moving and acted as a reminder that sometimes the most talented of players still dont make it.

However, as of this week young Sam is a Chelsea player once more! His severe knee problem has healed better than anyone could have ever hoped for.

Article from the Mail Sport online:

Chelsea’s Sam Hutchinson’s brave fightback from an injury so
severe it forced him to retire at the age of just 21 is a rare
heart-warming story in football. Let’s all hope it has a happy ending.

Amidst the diving, players refusing to play and obscene levels of
money, rarely does football – especially at the top level – offer
heart-warming and uplifting stories. But the tale of one Chelsea
youngster is a rare shining light shimmering in a game increasingly
shrouded in darkness.

During Jose Mourinho’s reign
at Stamford Bridge and several years after Roman Abramovich’s
gargantuan investment in the plush new Cobham training facilities and
academy set-up, small buds of young, English talent were just starting
to blossom in the heart of Surrey.

All the talk now surrounds the potential of the likes of Josh
McEachran and Ryan Bertrand, but at four years their senior and with a
tale of persistence, determination and courage already under his belt,
maybe the player Chelsea fans should really start buzzing about is Sam

The 22-year-old defender hung up his boots just 16 months ago,
believing his short-lived playing career to be over after a succession
of knee problems. But Chelsea offered him a route back into the game
with a coaching contract and it was through that he realised he may be
able to keep the dream alive.

After noticing he could coach without knee pains, Hutchinson began
the process of resurrecting his playing career bit by bit. He was
training three days on, one day off and he’s now progressed to four days
on, one day off and playing regular 90 minutes for Chelsea’s reserves,
of whom captained before the injuries took their toll.

<blockquote>While player and club are rightly approaching his
rehabilitation as a ‘one step at a time’ process, there are certainly
bright signs for the future.
These are promising signs for player, club and fans. Hutchinson was
starting to edge his way into first-team contention under Mourinho after
making his debut in May 2007 and became a regular face on the Chelsea
bench, with four very exciting appearances for the Blues. He’s a young, versatile defender,
able to switch between full-back and centre-back with ease, with an eye
for a foraging run forwards – a more controlled version of David Luiz
and with more controlled hair too!

And while player and club are rightly approaching his rehabilitation
as a ‘one step at a time’ process, there are certainly bright signs for
the future. Although Hutchinson may not be the immediate solution to
Chelsea’s defensive woes, in the long-term he certainly has the
potential to be John Terry’s successor, not just at centre-back but with the captain’s armband too.

Having made his comeback for the reserves in July in a friendly
against Crawley Town, Hutchinson has taken another step towards securing
his future on the pitch, as this week he signed a new 18-month deal
with the Blues.

But it’s going to be a long road for the youngster, requiring
patience from himself and common sense from the Chelsea medical staff.
Though having seen the attitude with which he’s already approached his
return to football and the maturity with which he’s rebounded from
set-back after set-back, Chelsea fans should have no concerns about Sam
Hutchinson’s desire and attitude. And should he recover the promise he
showed under Jose Mourinho, it could be a very exciting future for the
young defender.


What a great story and as the author puts lets all hope that it has a happy ending.

On behalf of myself and (hopefully) everyone at 606v2 welcome back Sam!


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Welcome back Sam Hutchingson Empty Re: Welcome back Sam Hutchingson

Post by Beer on Thu 08 Dec 2011, 5:44 pm

I mentioned him on the Newcastle thread a week or so ago

Brilliant news.


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Welcome back Sam Hutchingson Empty Re: Welcome back Sam Hutchingson

Post by Kay Fabe on Thu 08 Dec 2011, 9:46 pm

What a fantastic story, it's always horrendous to hear a player having to call it a day but it's that wee bit more whenits a young guy with obviously high potential

Whether he makes it or not at Chelsea I hope he goes on to have a long and healthy career

Kay Fabe

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Welcome back Sam Hutchingson Empty Re: Welcome back Sam Hutchingson

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