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Wage bill

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Wage bill Empty Wage bill

Post by westernosprey Wed 21 Dec 2011, 9:16 am

£100,000 a year
Nice studio flat in Swansea Marina
Spend your weekends in Mumbles

£500,000 a year
CHATEAU in the Pyrenees or French riviera
Spend your weekends in any number of ridiculous hot European locations

Pretty obvious choice. All that will happen is our better players will be moving to France at a younger age, but it's not a bad thing. The best players in Wales are getting regular rugby in the Top14 and our best up and coming talent is getting regular rugby in the Pro12, which they never had before. It may be a tad annoying for the regions that once a player becomes a "star" then someone else signs them. However there are more and more YOUNG stars in Wales all the time now and they can't all go to France at the same time. We are not going to lose all our star names from the pro 12 and it's good financially for us to have a salary cap and not be paying small fortunes to players like Mike Phillips who would rather get beaten up while drunk or give bouncers in McDonald's abuse on a regular basis etc etc..

If the regions try to say that they will lose their fan base or crowds from losing star players then that is a very lame excuse. The crowds have been, are and will be shocking with or without the biggest names playing there.

All in all the players benefit, the youth benefits and Welsh rugby benefits. More players playing in better leagues means our national side has a deeper pool of riches to chose from.


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