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Should Patrick Vieira show Arsenal more respect?

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Should Patrick Vieira show Arsenal more respect? Empty Should Patrick Vieira show Arsenal more respect?

Post by Guest on Fri 18 May 2012, 5:54 pm

I don't know Vieira's exact role at Man City but I do know that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger helped make him one of the finest midfielders of his generation. He wasn't exactly pulling up trees at AC Milan but Wenger took a risk on him, making him his first major signing (building his first championship winning side around him) and you'd think there would be at least an ounce of respect from Vieira shown towards the Gunners?

And not:

"It will be as difficult (for Arsenal) as when they lost Cesc Fabregas or Samir Nasri last summer. And if they lose Robin now, who is left behind?

"Of course, it is going to be difficult to keep him or convince him to stay, but I don't know what is the plan for them.

"I don't think you have many talents like Robin who have just one year left on their contracts - I think there will be a lot of teams who want a signing like him."


"When Samir and Cesc left, you could say, 'OK, but we still have Van Persie and Jack Wilshere at the club',"

"But if Robin leaves, that means next year it may be Theo Walcott, next year it's Wilshere, and it's going to be difficult for Arsenal to keep their top players.

"Robin wants to win trophies - and Arsenal have to prove he can do it with them."

I might be missing something here. Have he and Wenger fallen out? I just don't see the need for this kind of thing especially from a former player. It is of course tapping up but it's cheap tapping up and it's certainly not discreet.

Maybe this is his way of making himself appear relevant in his position? RVP probably will move on in the summer and he may well be donning a City kit next year but I doubt Vieira's input will be the head turner.

Cheers guys


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Should Patrick Vieira show Arsenal more respect? Empty Re: Should Patrick Vieira show Arsenal more respect?

Post by azania on Sat 19 May 2012, 3:18 pm

He hasn't fallen out with Wenger. But he's correct. An Arsenal legend speaking the truth. If we lose RvP it says loud and clear that Arsenal are a feeder club and that Man City, Utd and Chelsea are the main teams to go to if you want to win trophies.


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