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The Final! - The Result

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The Final! - The Result Empty The Final! - The Result

Post by Gregers Sun 09 Sep 2012, 4:16 pm

Middlesex Panthers 4 vs Nottinghamshire Outlaws 3

So in an incredibly close final the winners of the first ever 606v2 EPL are...

THE MIDDLESEX PANTHERS lead by Daniel Vettori and Pete C

Congrats to both finalists as I believe that this match was the hardest to call out of any match this season or in the IPL.

Please leave any feedback below Very Happy


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The Final! - The Result Empty Re: The Final! - The Result

Post by Pete C (Kiwireddevil) Sun 09 Sep 2012, 4:24 pm

Phew. I think winning the toss made the difference.

Thanks Gregers (and Sainty) for all the hard work organising. It's taken us a while but it's been fun.

And well played Jdizzle, impressive team building and tactics through the comp.
Pete C (Kiwireddevil)
Pete C (Kiwireddevil)

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The Final! - The Result Empty Re: The Final! - The Result

Post by Shelsey93 Sun 09 Sep 2012, 5:48 pm

I already thanked Gregers and co. but it would be remiss of me not to do it again clap

An extremely difficult match to call - I think Notts were the best side in the competition (with Middx improving throughout), but that the toss and Eoin Morgan in a run chase made a big difference in this match.

Definitely the right final between two of the best run sides.

I must say that JDizzle built a stunning team (well, I would say that after running into him in the quarters!) and is very unucky to only come home second.

Kiwi turned Middx into an effective side as the competion went on, and eventually thoroughly deserved the win.

Well done all, and I look forward to the next fantasy game!


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The Final! - The Result Empty Re: The Final! - The Result

Post by JDizzle Sun 09 Sep 2012, 9:32 pm

Cheers Shelsey and Pete/Kiwi. I was helped greatly by having one of the strongest start squads, I think several other people did a much better job than me of building a squad from scratch. And well played Kiwi, many scoffed at a T20 side build around NZ players but they were proved very, very wrong! Wink

You'll be hoping Guptill and McCullum will taste more success in the actual event!

I thought I might just have enough this time, but after coming third in the IPL and now second in this I am drastically becoming the Somerset/South Africa/Andy Murray of the 606v2 fantasy cricket games! I have to win next time, haha. Very Happy

Many thanks to Gregers et al., for running it, congratulations to Kiwi for winning it and thanks to every who has put the time in to putting out solid tactics and reasoned voting. Shelsey's votes were always a brilliant read (except when he was voting against Notts!).


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The Final! - The Result Empty Re: The Final! - The Result

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