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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Beer Fri 21 Sep 2012, 6:31 pm

Match 1
6WF Freeweight Championship
Vortex (C) v Mr Kenty

Match 2
Triple Threat Match for the 6WF Tag Team Championships
Blade & Dragon (C) v Chaos & McManus v Dopant Zero

Match 3
Triple Threat Match for the 6WF European Championship
Trevor Swann (C) v Hobo v Kenji Hidari

Match 4
Triple Threat Hardcore Match for the 6WF Hardcore Championship
Logan Kincade (C) v Nay Bother v Blue Dragon

*If Logan hits either of his opponents with a chair shot to the head, he will stripped of the title and removed from the match.

**If any of The Consultancy interfere in the match, Logan will be stripped of the title and removed from the match.

Match 5
Triple Threat Match for the 6WF Undisputed Championship
Crime Lord (C) v TGA v Cassius Zhi

Main Event
Winner Gets a World Title Shot at Born In Fire
Gold Rush Battle Royale
*Competitors can be eliminated by Pinfall, Submission or by being thrown over the top rope


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by CJB Mon 24 Sep 2012, 5:59 pm

Andreas Deimos is striding backstage in a grey pinstripe suit. Jack Reynolds emerges from a door the other side of the set.

JR ‘Can I have a word’

Andreas Deimos stops and looks over. A small twisted smile creeps onto his face. He slowly strides over, keeping his eyes on JR the whole time.

Andreas ‘A word? You can talk to me about the greatest debut this company has ever seen. When I defeated Javier Grace! Not only did I defeat him in my debut, I defeated him this week on Lockdown. I showed everyone that words to me aren’t just words. I am not just saying these things, when I say I’m God’s gift, I damn well mean it

JR: ‘Didn’t you have to form an alliance with fellow superstar Andre Licentia to overcome Grace’

Andreas Deimos gives JR a long and cold stare.

Andreas ‘I didn’t have to form an alliance with anyone. I am the greatest warrior you will ever see in this ring. I do not need (Stresses the word) to form alliances with anyone. Andre represents the clever people in the business. He realised that he did not have the required quality to survive in this company. He aligned himself to a great warrior. Me, Andreas Deimos. He is a Darwinist. He isn’t on my level and he knows but he damn well doesn’t want you to know it. So he, like Mussolini, has aligned himself and hidden behind a greater power, me!’

JR looks fairly taken aback

JR ‘You will enter the Gold Rush this week, how do you see your chances’

AD: ‘Well JR , I think the Gold Rush is nothing but luck. You see, it’s not a fair fight. Not one warrior against another. Anything can happen and I’m betting it will. The Gold Rush is a gimmick, a gimmick created so that the company can choose its favourites. A gimmick that is flawed with cheating and bribery. How can I expect to win against a system that does not lend itself to the best in the world, I can’t. But you will see an impact this weekend. You will see just what talent I have. And I have a lot of that’

Andreas Deimos walks off


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Lee Mon 24 Sep 2012, 8:57 pm

The crowd in the arena are still taking their seats when the lights go out, some screams can be heard from the rafters as a heartbeat begins to pound out of the speakers.

RJ: Ladies and gentlemen seems like someone seems to want to get this show on the road as soon as possible, and I have a feeling I know who it will be

MW: please please please be him....

Red and Blue lights begin to fill the arena as the more clued up fans recognise this sign and begin to boo. Suddenly the customary warning sounds out sending the fans into a frenzy of hatred


'Edgecrusher' by Fear Factory blasts out of the speaker system as the fans sound levels hit a deafening high


RJ: Hooray....

Logan Kincade steps out onto the ramp, he looks in a particularly bad mood.

RJ: Oh good lord

MW: Oooo we are in for a treat.

Logan snarls at the fans around him as he makes his way down the ramp, pyros exploding around him. He reaches the ring where he stops and stares through the ring towards the announcers desk. He smirks at RJ before climbing the steel steps and entering the ring through the ropes.

LK: Hnnnnnnnnn This week, I have to defend MY hardcore title in the most..... biased (Crowd: WHAT!?) Unfair! (Crowd: WHAT!?) and down right wrong! way imaginable.... And where is McGraw? Ay! He does a runner knowing full well he would have to deal with me in a....let's call it a, less than happy mood. Abe need to be taught a lesson, so when I win my match this week, and when I win the Gold rush battle Royale...and cement my place as the most dominant, most hardcore and THE greatest wrestler in this or ANY company....I will show Abe why he is messing with powers that are above him, and he will regret ever crossing me....

Crowd: WHAT!?

LK: ooooooooooooh can we not do this juvenile bull SH*T!? Are you people that dense? Ay? I mean really, more so than annoying me, or getting "under my skin", you are just embarrassing yourselves and this industry no, this country by acting like.... like savages!


LK: Boo all you want, I speak the truth! You look to yourselves before you judge me and my actions people, You pathetic low life scum bags with your Bar Steward children who cry for merchandise from their favourite nicey nice superstars, and you go ahead, like the idiots you are and put yourself in debt, having to buy these toys from a catalogue that you pay off monthly when the dole cheque comes in so's to look like the perfect parents when in fact you are just drains on this country and it's hard working people like myself, you should be ashamed. shame on you all! You aren't fit to be in the same country as me let alone the same building, why don't you do yourselves a fu**ing favour and take little timmy and f**k right off!


LK: ...Go back to your council flats with your flea infested mongrel dogs and uncarpeted bedrooms, and reflect on the lives you live, or don't live...but suffer through....

...You people disgust me, I hate each and everyone one of you so much I can't find the words to explain my hatred, and so does every moron in the back there, even the most deluded of them, like Uryu...

Crowd: YES!

LK: Hahahnnnnnnnnnnnn....Nay. Bother...

Crowd: YES!!

LK: The Dragon...

Crowd: YES!

LK: Pah, The Dragon, he isn't a dragon I AM A DRAGON! I AM THE REAL BLUE DRAGON! Not like......well here lies our biggest miscreant...The charlatan...he hates you all the most, even more than he will admit, you see, The "Blue Dragon" has a mental problem!

RJ: Hmm....

MW: Careful RJ...

LK: ...See, he has it in his head, that he is someone that he is not. No "Blue Dragon" is the title in MY! FAMILY! which the strongest and mightiest warrior earns through defeating all who may lay claim to that title..... and we all know....he hasn't done that. And this week...when I retain MY hardcore title against that tool and Nay "the headache" Bother, I mean really Nay? Do you just love being close to death? Or are you one of those self harmer's who enjoys being in pain? That's not a very good example to set for these.......sheep.

Logan smirks as his eye begins to twitch

RJ: Is this Logan finally coming to terms with his family issues? They need to deal with the problems they have! In a few weeks time I will be finished with the 6WF special I have been working very hard on, about the whole story around Logan and Blue, their history and what happened to turn Logan so bitter and twisted...

MW: We all know why he is ANGRY, not bitter and twisted as you put it. But yet again! You are putting your nose into business that is not yours! Blue Dragon is already upset with you doing so why? WHY? must you do these things?

RJ: Because unlike you, I feel a need to help those in need, and regardless of what he thinks Logan NEEDS help.

MW: Really? You are unbelievable...

Logan stands and stares at the ramp way expectantly

MW: Well looks like Logan has had his say for now, will Nay or Blue come out and confront him? Or will they wimp out and stay in the back

RJ: They will come out. They have to

MW: I dunno, Nay is out of his league and Blue is an idiot, but he's not stupid enough to try and anger an already furious Logan....


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Cable Tue 25 Sep 2012, 10:34 am

Team Japan RP

(The scene takes place backstage with all three members of Team Japan as they each prepare for their upcoming big matches at Destiny. The scene shows a 6WF Reporter announcing the Team on their matches)

Random 6WF Reporter- Hi 6WF and welcome we are 5 days and counting til this Sunday on PPV where we head to Destiny. Now with me I have a Team of superstars. A Team of hardworking dedicated men who believes it's their time to shine. Please allow me to welcome you Team Japan!

(All three members walk into the picture. Dopant Zero's Tsukasa and Kenzaki are peed while Hidari looks calm.)

Random 6WF Reporter- Now you three are heading into the biggest PPV in a lifetime when you face for gold! You three said you were looking to change 6WF and add more meaning into it's divisions! What do you mean by change!?

(Hidari speaks first)

Hidari- Well good Random 6WF Reporter or whatever you want me to refer to you. Behind me you are looking at two men who have been scratching and clawling just to make it to the top of the tag team division. Let's face it Blade and The Dragon are very tired...dry as you would say as our current tag team champions. Chaos and James McMagnusesessdsdsadadfa whatever his last name means are also boring.

(Hidari pauses)

Hidari- What this sad poor televised program need is

1. Better Champions who actually work for their spot!

2. Not give chances to lame ducks...just saying

Random 6WF Reporter- So Hidari what are your chances going into the triple threat match for the European Title although you failed to secure a win over Hobo?

Hidari- My chances are indeed 33.3% typical math. But to all you Hidari-maniacs out there supporting me and know that I am the right guy for the new European Title I applaud you =D

Random 6WF Reporter- Are you trolling the 6WF fans?

Hidari- My goodness man I can't be happy for once?

Random 6WF Reporter- I don't know I just don't believe anything your saying! Now how about you Dopant Zero what if you get screwed? What if Team Japan don't win none of their matches Sunday?

(Tsukasa stares at the annoying Random 6WF Reporter)

Tsukasa- Then this will happen!

(Suddenly Tsukasa and Kenzaki brutally beat the hell out of the Random 6WF Reporter. Kenzaki pulls a random table and Tsukasa picks him up launching a Kunai Powerbomb)

(Hidari grins as Dopant Zero walks off throwing equipment and other materials around in the Arena)

(Scene fades away)


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by JJJohnson Tue 25 Sep 2012, 12:12 pm

RJ:Ladies and gentlemen we are building up to one of the biggest pay per view events of the year……we are on the cusp of 6WF Destiny………….

MW:And what a night it is going to be……..5 championships on the line…………….and the big one…..30 men in the Gold Rush Battle Royale… opportunity….who is going to Born in Fire?

The humidity is sweltering inside the arena, in stark contrast to the pouring rain outside of it. The fans are packed into their seats and making a lot of noise as a familiar electric blue spotlight falls onto the stage and then “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor screams out of the sound system. There is an amazing procession of blue and gold pyrotechnics before a figure, dressed in an unzipped white hoody and black cargo pants, moonwalks out onto the stage and raises a lone arm into the air.

RJ:And this man…………he will enter the Gold Rush this Sunday………at number 1….

MW:The odds could not be stacked anymore against JJ Johnson……….the crowd favourite will have to literally walk through fire to even get close to headlining Born in Fire…

RJ:JJ says it is his dream….it is his ambition to headline Born in Fire one more time, to contest for the 6WF Championship once again…but in order for that to happen, he must overcome the odds…

*JJ pulls the hood down on his top and he smiles as he gazes around at the packed out crowd. Johnson removes his trademark sunglasses and his eyes burn with emotion. He gives the “Coalition” salute and then begins to walk down towards the ring…

RJ:Six months ago we watched JJ Johnson toil and struggle to even get a victory…..a three month losing streak seemed to be putting doubts in Johnson’s mind regarding his future…..but since then he has regained some of the form that saw him win two world championships…….JJ will never have a better chance at getting back into the big time…

MW:I agree he is one of the form players right now….but he is coming in at number 1….JJ would need to last over an hour to have a chance at winning Gold Rush…..I just do not think it is possible…

*JJ slaps hands with his fans at ringside and then climbs up onto the apron. He takes to each turnbuckle and poses for the fans, the flashbulbs erupting all around, before hopping down into the ring and accepting a microphone from the ring announcer.

Crowd:JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ!

JJ: Number 1…..

*JJ smirks as the crowd cheer him.He is aware that he could say anything and the fans would cheer his words.

JJ:All my life that is a number I have sought after…..the number that I wanted associated with my name. No matter what field I was in…number 1 is what I always strived for.

And I guess I got my wish…

*JJ pulls out a ball from his pocket with a number 1 etched on it

JJ:Be careful what you wish for, because one day it might just come true….it has for me, in a way I never expected. This Sunday night at Destiny…..I will enter the Gold Rush Battle Royale at number one……the first man into the coliseum………the first warrior into battle……

All eyes are on me…..because for everything JJ Johnson has said and everything JJ Johnson has done, I now have the job of a lifetime to back it all up…………I said I would win Gold Rush…………moving on to Born in Fire………….November 30th standing tall, 6WF Champion………….

Now… I gotta prove it….

*JJ rolls the ball in his palm and then pockets it again

JJ: And heck I’ve made a career by overcoming the odds…..doing things that nobody expected me to do…….but Sunday is a whole different ballgame………..Sunday is the biggest test, the biggest challenge I ever done faced in my life…..

We are talking about thirty men……………..not ten…………..not twenty……but thirty 6Wf superstars….you go in the back and you can sense the atmosphere…..they all want it….they can all taste it…… match… more match and the dream of headlining Born in Fire is in the bag…..

And every man in the back is willing to do whatever it takes…go to any lengths they need to….this is the night when stars shine bright… become legacies……when destiny becomes reality…

I ain’t no fool……….I know I got my back against the wall…..i know that the smart money ain’t backing JJ Johnson to win this match…….I know that JJ Johnson gone have to put on a show, gonna have to produce the single greatest performance of my career….

I need to go above and beyond…I need to outshine everything I done in the past….the ladder matches….hell in a cell matches….elimination chamber……steel cage… championship bout after world championship bout…..JJ Johnson needs to be better than all that….

Pinfalls….submissions….over the top rope….I gotta prevent it all….I got protect myself from the moment that bell rings…..till the moment the confetti falls from the sky…………JJ Johnson needs to make history at Destiny….because no man has ever lasted an hour in this match…….no man has ever gone from number 1 to the main event at Born in Fire…..its all on the line for me………….go hard or go home………..

*JJ stands and stares around the arena.He looks deep in thought

JJ:Because I don’t expect y’all to understand right now, but you will……..this is my big chance, this is JJ Johnson’s ultimate and by god only opportunity to break through the barrier one last time………….head fo’ the promised land……… the goddamn fruit from the garden of Eden for the final time…………..this is it for me………JJ Johnson either hitting the heights or he sinking to the murky depths, never to be seen again….

I’ve made a lot of promises….made a whole lot of declarations in my life…………been out here and talked mo’ than anyone else probably ever has………………but Sunday all the talking stops………..everything I have ever said, it needs to be turned into actions…..I need to substantiate every single comment to ever leave my lips…

So Sunday at Destiny…………….JJ Johnson gone prove why he is the “Supreme One”……………..the “Franchise”……….”Main Event Player”…………”Greatest of All Time”………….each of those bold a55 claims gone come to fruition………..they gone mean something……………why?....because they have to………because JJ Johnson either makes good on his promise or he goes down as just another mealy mouth punk that couldn’t get the job done…

And that’s the difference….because a whole lot o’ those guys in the back, they still got a career to make….they still got years to prove they worth…..but for me, this my last shot…..this is where I either add one mo’ chapter or the book done closed forever more… I need this….more than anything else….more than anybody else…

Desperate men….hey they do some desperate a55 things and believe JJ Johnson when he tells you that I will do whatever I need to come Destiny……I will shed blood,sweat and tears…leave it all in this ring………..leave no stone unturned in my quest…..

And no matter who I gotta go through…………….no matter how many shots I gotta take…………….i’ll surpass number two…………..number 12……17……………25….don’t care if they got some surprises lined up cos bet yo a55 that I am hauling those sorry sons o’ b1tches over the top rope….

Don’t matter who you drawn in the office pool…..cos if you don’t have JJ Johnson on yo ticket then I gotta apologise in advance, you ain’t gone win….

Uryu……Saint……Patricks………..Kenty…..Kincade………….Dragon……..the list goes on….each and everyone o’ these fools they want this match……..they wanna see they name up in lights……..wanna see their dreams come true…….main event slot, Born in Fire…..but JJ Johnson says hell no…

*Crowd pop

JJ:Because I ain’t going out like that………..I ain’t bowing down for nobody….ain’t rolling over fo’ anyone….this my night……..this our night (he points around at the crowd)……………this is OUR DESTINY!


JJ:So bring all you got……throw everything you have at JJ Johnson…………you can give it yo all…..cos I stand befo yo now…hand on my heart…..never a truer word spoken and I promise….hell no I guaran-damn-tee…..body after body going over that top rope…..anklelock after anklelock…..fistful o’ dollars….stacking high those subscriptions to the VIP Experience….

If I have to then JJ Johnson will eliminate 29 men….i’ll take you all out…I’ll lay it all on the line because damn I need it……JJ Johnson is doing it fo’ himself….fo’ Brandi….my baby……………’ the millions….


JJ:And millions of playas and playarettes that always got my back……………we making history…..breaking necks,cashing cheques….we going to Born in Fire…..main event baby….6WF Championship on the line………lights on bright………..bringing home the gold….

I stand befo you a man tonight…..and from the bottom o’ my heart I thank you all…for the love and support you done always afforded me…..because you guys my family……and I am proud to be able to perform each and every night for the amazing 6WF fans…

Crowd:JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ!

JJ:And this Sunday….everything I got, I’ll leave it in this ring………………..I’ll do it for each and every one of you…..I’m paying back the debt………….because JJ Johnson may have the odds against him, but with yo support electrifying through my body….there is no force of nature, no act of God gone hold me down…..we going global……JJ Johnson gone give y’all one last ride to remember…

*JJ walks up to the ropes and he climbs up onto the ropes.He nods his head with emotion etched across his face as the crowd chant his name. A clock then appears on the big screen.

“Destiny Countdown: 125 hours……..55 minutes……………17 seconds”



*JJ smiles and throws the mic down. “Remember the Name” screams out and JJ beats his chest before raising his arm in the air, breathing in the mass of deafening cheers.

RJ:JJ Johnson is in confident mood….he’s ready…

MW:But he still has the odds to overcome….confidence won’t win him that match at Destiny…

RJ:No it won’t….but hard work and pure heart and determination just might……..whether JJ Johnson survives Gold Rush from Number 1 remains to be seen…but one thing is for certain, he will give it his all….and Sunday at Destiny we are going to witness a pay per view extravaganza that will never, ever be forgotten…

**JJ continues to pose for the fans as the cheers roar around and then the scene fades out.


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by TwisT Tue 25 Sep 2012, 2:46 pm

An abandoned car park is shown. It is night and the area is dotted with a few streetlamps. In the distance, a stream of cars plough along a motorway, causing a stream of white from their headlights to cross the screen. It is eerily quiet apart from the sounds of a few barking dogs and the faint hum of the traffic.

Footsteps are heard. The stride is slow but the steps taken are loud. To the left, one of the streetlamps flickers on and off before giving up and dying. The footsteps stop. A faint electrical hum is heard and suddenly the same streetlamp fizzes back into life with a light more dazzling than before. The camera quickly zooms in and focuses on Vortex, now standing beneath the light, with his head bowed.

Slayer of Light” by Ensiferum starts playing........

I have come to unfold your mind,
In my veins runs the poison wild,
In the streams of mountains I flow……

Vortex lifts his head and looks into the distance at the bustling traffic. He lifts up his arm and clicks his fingers. Suddenly the stream of white coming from numerous headlights vanishes. The sound of the traffic disappears as well. He starts to move away from the streetlamp, which also goes out. A sound of a door slamming shut is heard and then silence in the car park again.

The scene cuts to the empty arena. The camera starts from the ring and then slowly zooms down the aisle. The music is still playing, and certain scenes flash up while the camera moves. They include scenes of Vortex smashing Uryu, beating down Dragon and delivering VX Bomb on Nay. The camera continues to zoom in before it reaches the top of the aisle.

I have opened the doors for unleashed and endless hate,
It will burn like the raging green flames……

At this a huge plume of green smoke suddenly appears and green pyro’s go off in a V and then a X shape. Vortex strides out with his Free Weight belt over his shoulder and looks around at the deserted seats. The quiet sounds of boos can be heard emitting from the empty seats as the invisible crowd make their feelings known. Vortex bows his head again and starts walking slowly up the aisle to the ring.

Inside a man dwells secrets so cold….

The boo’s grow louder and cover the music and the faint shapes of a ghostly crowd appear. “You suck” chants follow and their faces show anger and hate. When Vortex reaches the ring, the camera pans around to reveal more of the faint images of people in the seats. The arena is now full of spectres; all still booing, all still showing hate. The camera continues to pan around while Vortex lifts both arms into the air. A spotlight comes down upon him as the camera continues to circle around him.

Through the dreadful storms, across the frozen oceans,
I have come from the dark lands with sorrow in my hands,
The fire wind rages in the sky…..

The camera spins quicker as the light continues to shine down on Vortex. The Free Weight title drops from his shoulder and lands at his feet. He continues to look up at the light; arms raised as if pulling it down. Suddenly the light dims and flows down from the ceiling and into Vortex’s outstretched hands. His fists start to pulsate with light; as we see the ghost crowd start to get to their feet and increase the fury from their mouths.

And my luminous sword hungers for more,
I will leave no one alive,
For I am the slayer of light…….

Vortex flings his arms out and white beams shoot from his fists. The phantom audience hold their hands over their faces in fear as the light shoots them all into the ether. Vortex aims at various parts of the arena and obliterates the crowd.

Suddenly a ghostly Mr Kenty appears through the curtain at the end of the aisle. The camera focuses on him as the music continues to play.

I, I will break your will…

Kenty is joined by Hobo and Kenji Hidari, who stand behind him.

I, I will crush your faith…

Nay Bother and Blue Dragon appear next, standing to the left and right of Hobo and Kenji.

I, I will slay your dreams…

All five men start walking down the aisle towards Vortex, who clenches his fists, still with the bright light surrounding them.

Suddenly, the vaporous figures of Trevor Swann and Logan Kincade appear behind Vortex. They place their hands on Vortex’s shoulders as it stares down at the approaching men.

I will reclaim the stars,
And I will tear your precious world apart,
Will tear it apart….

At once, Vortex flings his arms in the air and aims it at his opponents. They back away from the blinding light, before vanishing. The camera zooms back to Vortex who lowers his arms, as Logan and Swann disappear as well. He looks up to see three huge faces appear above him. The faces are of Lennox, Abercorn and, in the middle, McGraw. All three of them start laughing loudly as the ring gives way and collapses. Vortex falls through a massive pit that appears and fades away.

I will pull everything with me under the surface,
And all the screams will fade into my dreams,
(Fall now, dying light)…..

Images of various 6WF wrestlers appear on the screen as the camera speeds downwards through the open chasm. The speed increases as the music continues, until the entire 6WF roster is shown, with Crime Lord appearing last holding the 6WF Undisputed Championship.

I will burn away the ground beneath your feet,
And all will be vanished in the darkness, dying light
(Fall now)……

The camera gets to the end of the chasm. Steam pours out from red hot pillars of rock that shoot from the ground. Ash covers the floor and plumes of fire appear at various moments.

An electric sign lays at the bottom with the “Destiny” logo on it, along with the date 30/09/12. It glows brightly and then fizzles out.

Below it, you can now see the letters “B I F” dug into the soil of the chasm. One final plume of fire covers the screen before it turns to black.

And let the night arrive…


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Uryu Ishida Tue 25 Sep 2012, 7:11 pm

*Uryu is seen in the gym with several rookie wrestlers as he smiles as they nod*

Uryu: guys relax, all you have to do is try and throw me out of the ring over the top rope. We will do this for about twenty minutes.

*The rookies charge at him as the footage cuts to several precarious scenarios for Uryu as threeof then nearly toss him over multiple times but he fights back each time and climbs into the ring, encouraging them*

Uryu: Thats good! keep it up! I wanna be ready for Gold Rush!

*After the 20 minutes is up Uryu smiles and congratulates the rookies*

Uryu: Great job guys, you did really well. Keep it up and you might get a tryout match out there soon!

*They seem excited and head to the changing rooms as Uryus phone rings*

Uryu: Heya Clarissa, how are you doing? What? you gonna be watching tonight? Excellent! well I know your spirit will spur me on and keep me going. Oh i'm just prepping with a few rookies here, they got potential to go far if they work on their skills. I left Max a message about giving these guys promo tips but not even Marlon has seen him recently. Must be in New Zealand as thats where you go to drop off the earth. Yeah I know he won't like the joke but lets face it, he and I have called each other worse. Look I gotta go, these kids need to learn their pinning techniques and i'm the test dummy. ok, love you too. bye!

*Uryu hangs up smiling*

Uryu: Alright, break time is over, back in the ring!

Uryu Ishida

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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Cable Tue 25 Sep 2012, 8:21 pm

Dopant Zero RP

RJ- And we are back to you live ladies and gentlemen we lost contact with our 6WF Reporter before he was brutalized by Team Japan!

MW- What are you talking about? Dopant Zero jumped that reporter Hidari didn't get himself involved.

RJ- Stop defending Hidari!

(As the scene jumps back to the ring. "Shook Ones" blast through the PA System as the fans erupt in a roar of booes. Tsukasa and Kenzaki walks out from the curtains in anger as they both march down to the ramp)

Mike Bird- Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce to you Future 6WF Tga Team Champions Dopant Zero!!!!!!!

(The fans are booing at the top of their lungs as Tsukasa walks over to Mike Bird take his microphone away and pushes him down)

RJ- These idiots don't have no respect at all. They will never be 6WF Tag Team Champions with that attitude!

MW- What? With that attitude we will have new Tag Team Champions this Sunday!

(Tsukasa goes back into the ring)

Tsukasa- Cut that damn music!

(The fans boo)

Tsukasa- Shut the Hell Up and show us some damn respect!

(The fans boo)

Tsukasa- I am sick and tired of those idiots in the back who don't realize the talent we posses! I am sick of tired of hearing the names of Chaos and McMagnus! Blade and The Dragon but not Dopant Zero! You people are a bunch of idiots if you think that Dopant Zero are the weakest Tag Team in 6WF!

("You Can't Wrestle Chants")

Tsukasa- Oh really! OH REALLY! We can't wrestle but I assume that each and everyone of you don't know what a damn Armbar Submission Move looks like!

MW- Yeah these fans are dumb!

(The fans boo)

Tsukasa- I am tired of people telling us that we won't win the belts! We've been fighting! Scratching! Clawing our way to those damn titles ever since we came here but with no opportunity! This Sunday it's extremely personal and I will not quit.. I refuse to be pinned in that match! I will become a Tag Team Champion! Because I am a 6WF Tag Team God!


(The fans boo)

Tsukasa- Yeah you idiots can boo all you want to but rest assure! Yarmouth Blade your time holding those damn titles is surely coming to a stretching holt! Chaos you son of a b!tch! You think just because you were a former World Champion in this business you can just walk all over us! New flash Old Man!

RJ- Wow!

Tsukasa- Thats right old man! I am about to become a Champion and I will not let your ego get in the way of me achieving what I worked so hard to get!

(What? Chants)

Tsukasa- What I climbed to get!



(The crowd erupt and a louder roar of booes)

Tsukasa- You people are stupid! Your people are idiots and comes this Sunday I will reach my Destiny! Noo! DOPANT ZERO WILL REACH IT'S DESTINY AS THE NEW 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS AND WE WILL BE THE LONGEST REIGNING TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! I CAN GUARANTEE YOU THAT!

(The fans are booing and throwing stuff at Tsukasa and he hans the microphone to Kenzaki and proceeds to walk out the ring screaming and arguing with fans in the Arena... The fans are going nuts of the disrespect Tsukasa is showing the fans)

MW- Dopant Zero is Angry with no momentum heading to Destiny how will they win the titles!

Kenzaki- You now what Tsukasa your absolutely right! Dopant Zero will be the 6WF Tag Team Champions but somethings missing. Remember back in 6CW when we use to take charge of anyone that stood in our way? What happen to that? Tsukasa? We had a fire to kick ass and take names now we're losing singles matches and for what? Against Blade, The Dragon, Chaos and McMagnus?

(Kenzaki looks annoyed)

Kenzaki- Either thats some terrible booking or to keep idiots around in the comapny we have to lay on our back and watch losers and washed u talent defeat us when clearly we will be around in the company for the next 3-4 years while Chaos and McManus are both on life support heading to the nearest retirement home.

(The fans boo)

Kenzaki- Starting today we will take charge and I'll be damn if we lose those title because we will get our name across! Hell Dopant Zero will be a In yYour House hold name!

(The fans boo)

Kenzaki- Blade and The Dragon you two cowards are nothing but overrated Garbage. Chaos you are the worst wrestler that has worn a pair of boots in this company and watch when on Suday Dopant Zero will bring the fire!

Kenzaki- Yo Tsukasa it's time to change course! It's time to change the table and eliminate the weak competition! The weak individuals who stands in our way!

(Kenzaki pauses)


("Shook Ones" blast)

MW- We'll see we'll see what these two can do on Sunday but it seems like these two are the first to ignite the fire!

RJ- They are indeed trash talkers but their ring style is questionable! Dopant Zero is indeed talented but are they ready to take the next step! To shut everyone up in the back and to make believers out of others? We'll just have to wait til Sunday!

(Scene fades Away)

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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by President Trump Wed 26 Sep 2012, 3:43 pm

Chris walks into the Arena’s main entrance and see’s Jack Reynolds interviewing a fan for, an evil grin comes across Chris’ face as he makes his way over, he stops behind Jack and stares intimidatingly at the fan who starts to stutter his words which makes Jack turn around and come nose to nose with Chris, Jack backs off but Chris grabs him around the shoulder and pulls him close

Chris: Don’t be like that Jack, what no interview for your old friend Chris on the week he becomes No1 contender for the Undisputed Title, I thought we really hit it off the last few weeks, I tell you what I will do an interview with you for your rubbish website and this fine upstanding citizen can stand beside me to bring out my “Man of the people” side.

Chris lets go of Jack before pulling the mic from the fans hand and placing his hand at the back of the frightened fans neck

Chris: Well what are you waiting for Reynolds…do your job

Jack stands in front of the camera and tells the cameraman to start rolling

Jack: Welcome folks to another addition of interviews with me, Jack Reynolds, today we have as a guest, Chris Patric…

Chris shouts cut before he back hands Jack across the interview space, Chris storms over to Jack and drags him up off the floor and dusts him down

Chris: Now I think we need to do my intro again…don’t you? and this time sell me to the fans, there’s a good boy

Chris walks back into position and smiles at the now terrified fan; Jack walks back over rubbing his reddened face and tells the cameraman to roll again

Jack: Welcome folks to another addition of interviews with me, Jack Reynolds, today we have as a guest, a former European, Tag and Undisputed Champion, the Enigma…Christopher Patricks

Chris: Thanks Jack it’s great to be here and on this one of the most important weeks in the 6WF calendar, the road to Born in Fire has truly started and on Sunday my deserved Main Event slot will be set in stone when I walk out the 2012, Gold Rush winner, isn’t that right…whatever your name is…

Chris squeezes the back of the fans neck making him wince in pain

Fan: Yeah…yeah it sure is Mr Patricks; my hard earned money will be on you for sure…

Chris: You see Jack, even lowlife chavy scum like my friend here know that I will win, not because this company owes me this shot but because I am the better man, there is nobody out there that can touch me right now, talent wise, just look at that debacle of the main event last week on Lockdown, no class, no restraint, the whole roster was tearing each other apart, and where was I? I was standing on the ramp watching, why should I run down and join in, I could have torn them all apart but I am a thinking man’s wrestler, I am not a brainless idiot like Teej or Saint or as some like to see me, a nutjob like Chaos or Cassius, I am the complete package, I am at the peak of fitness and of health, mentally and physically and after my week off I am 100% ready to claim what is mine at Destiny and then carry over my momentum and win my belt once again and this time there will be no wife or children to distract me from being the greatest champion ever to walk in 6…W…F, and if you don’t believe me, ask the fans

Chris again squeezes the fans neck that in turn starts to chant ENIGMA over and over again

Chris: Just like the old days

Chris starts to laugh as he lets go of the fans neck and walks past Jack and slyly smiles at him

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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Cable Wed 26 Sep 2012, 4:26 pm

Hidari Kenji RP

(The scene opens up in a dark room which inside is pitch black.) The 6WF Camera zooms into the center to a figure who appears to be sitting at a desk. Light flicks on as the figure appears to be no one other than 6WF Superstar Hidari Kenji. Hidari is shown wearing his campaign shirt "Support or Suffer as he stares at the 6WF Camera with a huge grin on his face.)

Hidari- Greetings 6WF Fans and all my Hidari-maniacs and welcome! Welcome me on this road as I wish to Obtain something 6CW would haven never promised me after all the times I kicked Jackson Black ass all over the Arena. A title shot at a International Title however this International Title is none other than the European Title.

(Hidari smirks)

Hidari- Last week on Lockdown as I was about to kick Hobo's teeth down his throat. I find myself fighting to make it inside the ring for a 10 count which I was unsuccessful at doing. Now this upcoming program, PPV, etc which is called Destiny. I will promise to make a name out of myself and become something relevant.

I will become your future European/International Champion!

(Hidari smiles hard into the camera)

Hidari- Looking at what steps I have before I climb to achieve success will indeed be a challenge but I Hidari Kenji and with the help of all you people will do something that no one has done in a while and thats win the European Title from the predecessor Trevor Swann. It will be a challenge since Hobo is in the match which he did not deserve to be in but for all my fans I promise I will make you proud. i will make each and everyone of you Great European People proud as the new 6WF International/European Champion!

(Hidari pauses)

Hidari- On Sunday will be the beginning of the end for Trevor Swann three months as champion and the reign and new political era will begin as I make History as your first Japanese Born 6WF International/European Champion. The new start a new era for Hidari Kenji will occur. Trevor Swann and Hobo see you two lads Sunday. (speaking in a British voice)

(Hidari folds his hands)

Hidari- Well enough of me bragging about what I will do Sunday and actually present you footage of why you are watching this broadcast. In the new minute I will present to you footage on why you should continue to support for me and not my campaign opponents for the 6WF European Title. Please allow me to steal 2 minutes of you life and watch my campaign ad! =D


(The scene fades as a video is shown with the following production is sponsored by you Future European/International Champion Hidari Kenji. The video jumps to a voice over by Hidari Kenji with a picture showing him holding a toy European Title Belt)

Hidari- Hi I'm Hidari Kenji and I Approve this message!

(The scene jumps to Hidari Kenji wearing a suit and a red tie)

Hidari- Hello My name is Hidari Kenji and this Sunday I will be put to the test as I go on to face two competitors for the greatest prize in our business. The European Title and I'm going against two people who i do feel are competitors but as far as their history I don't think they qualifies to be champion for many months to come. But today I will only talk about my one opponent the Current 6WF European Champion he is Trevor Swann. You see Swann is a man of negativity. He is a man who feels he's the best in the world just because he owns a title that stands out as a Worldwide Champion. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages I am here to change that. This advertisement will showcase my opponent trevor Swann as a man of Integridity and fairness.

(Hidari smirks)

Hidari- Please Enjoy the video

(The scene cuts and opens to what appears to be a video and a British Speaking Woman in the background)

Random Woman's Voice- Trevor Swann current European Champion. A man full of sh!t and a man who easily cares about himself and his own well being. Trevor Swann is not a champion is is a fraud who won the title back on June 15th of 2012. This Year from Clarke James. Trevor Swann has held the title over 100 days now and I can say the European Title is a bit rusty. When he defeated Clarke James we thought we would see change but all Trevor Swann has brought to 6WF was nothing but despair!

(A slide flips to Trevor Swann holding the European Title after he defeated Clarke James)

Random Woman's Voice- Trevor Swann is apart of this stable The Consultancy in affiliation with Danny McGraw, Vortex and The Consultant. Throughout the last months these men have corrupted others and by any means did what was nessicary to retain those belts. As of now the Freeweight Title and the European Title are held by men who are not living up to the hype as that champion. For crying out loud these men do not support the fans and this is a proven fact.

(Another scene jumps showcasing a picture of Trevor Swann disrespecting Miss Jessica)

Random Woman's Voice-- Here is another reason why the man before you is a man of not the people. Trevor Swann disrespects woman and degrades them. If you want someone to hold the title supporting all woman regardless of who they are then Hidari Kenji is who you should believe in!

(Another scene shows Trevor Swann bullying kids back on the 13th of July)

Random Woman's Voice- Yet here is another reason why Trevor Swann is a terrible champion here you see Trevor Swann bullying children! Bullying children is a crime. Children is our future and Hidari loves kids.

(A Picture shows Hidari hugging a baby while it cries)

Random Woman's Voice- What more must I show Trevor Swann is a man who doesn't appreciate the people! If you want a new champion.

Please Support Hidari Kenji or suffer!

You ask will I support Hidari?

Well of couse he loves the b!tches

(The scene fades away as it jumps back to Hidari Kenji still strolling through the park)

Hidari- Soo sad soo sad Trevor but that doesn't end join me next time as I showcase the rise and fall of Hobo a fomer multi-champ to a homeless chump! Thank You and I am for you! I'm Hidari Kenji and i approve this message!

(Scene fades to black)

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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Teej Wed 26 Sep 2012, 5:04 pm

(The screen comes to life showing a deserted country lane. The revving of an engine can be faintly heard; slowly growing louder. A black pick up truck goes by and the shot changes to inside the car. TGA is sat driving, his eyes staring intently out infront of him.)

TGA: So my time has finally come. Alright, not everything has been ideal, I’m not even sure Cassius Zhi should still be employed by 6wF. However, I am getting another shot at the World Title. Another chance to save my legacy and save 6wF from Crime Lord.

When I returned this summer, I made it very clear that I was back for one sole reason. There began my path; my yellow brick road so to speak. Except I’m not searching for help or to find something, I’m going to show the Crime Lord for what he really is- a fraud! Crime Lord is still chasing my record and Cassius is trying to prove he’s the craziest Bar Steward this company has ever seen. I don’t have any ulterior motives, I’m not letting myself be sidetracked by other challenges. Coming out of Destiny with that belt around my waist is all that I need.

There’s no question that the road I have travelled has been a bumpy one indeed, but the biggest bump will come this weekend. I haven’t hidden my hatred of the two men that I oppose at Destiny. But I am not naïve enough to write them off and discredit their wrestling ability. The reason the three of us our battling it out in the main event is because we are the three most talented wrestlers in 6wF at this moment.

I know you’ll get tonnes of guys in the back complaining that they can go at it with the best. They need to realise there’s a difference between going at it and beating. 6wF has its fair share of good wrestlers; some are even fantastic. But rarely do you find someone as truly phenomenal as myself. When you do, you bow down in awe. Yet the disrespectful beasts in the back have done nothing except question my ability and moan about living off past successes. Destiny will be the night where I finally silence all of my critics. Including Zhi and Crime Lord.

(TGA pulls up outside a building and undoes his seatbelt.)

TGA: To constantly be at the top of your game and push yourself to levels you never even knew you had takes a lot of strength. Not just physically; if you can’t push yourself mentally then you are destined to fail. Now ask yourselves, is Cassius Zhi going to be sane enough to cope? Many a star has crumbled at the final hurdle because they couldn’t hack it. Because they were weak!

I am no addict, but Zhi has started to intrigue me now. How much longer can this charade continue before it is forcefully stopped? See I know the real reason why Cassius is having to hide behind this crazy persona- he’s scared. No, he’s more than that… He’s terrified. Terrified of the thought of having to face Crime Lord and me. His mind games have worked brilliantly for him so far, but I hope he realises that it doesn’t work any more.

Well, I can’t speak for Crime Lord although I probably should because recently he has been spouting so much rubbish that his breath is stinking worse than a festival toilet because of how much crap he’s producing. It’s embarrassing. This is someone who is supposed to be the pinnacle of what 6wF has to offer.

6wF needs a proper champion. 6wF needs TGA to reign over this kingdom and kick ass just like old times. And that will happen.

(TGA walks out of the car and into the building.)


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by MtotheC's Wrasslin Biatch Thu 27 Sep 2012, 3:31 pm

Outside the arena, Cassius Zhi is slowly circling TGA’s black pick-up truck, looking around it without any hint of emotion. He runs his hands along the open top cargo hold of the truck then stops as he hears running footsteps behind him. Cassius looks behind him through the corner of his eye, but doesn’t turn to greet the oncoming Jack Reynolds and cameraman. Cassius smiles to himself sinisterly then turns his attention back to the truck.

Reynolds : Cassius… you are just hours away from your 6WF World Heavyweight Championship match against TGA and the defending champion Crime Lord. I thought I’d find you inside, preparing for what might be the biggest match of your career. So why are you out here? In the parking lot?

Cassius continues to stand with his back to Reynolds, he looks down at the concrete below for a moment then begins slowly pacing around the pick-up truck again.

Cassius : Do you really think I require these last few hours to prepare? When I have spent the last few months doing just that? Everything you have seen… everything you have experienced… even the reason you stand before me as some cheap temp labour to fill a hole… a hole that I created… was that all not preparation? I have relentlessly eroded away the defences of this company. My own little Chinese water torture inflicted upon 6WF. All that I have done, Reynolds, all that I have achieved, means I am already prepared… and I have been for a long time.

Cassius still walks around the truck, as Reynolds looks unsure whether to ask any further questions.

Cassius : Do you not think it’s odd Reynolds, that even something as inconspicuous as a 6CW interviewer achieving his dream job in 6WF, can be traced back to me? Clarissa’s absence… all under my control! How about 6CW’s demise itself? Was it just coincidence that the moment I gave the addicts exactly what they wanted, 6CW died? No it wasn’t… it was all under my control! I have been both your dream-maker and the wielder of your nightmares in the past few months, Jack, yet I’m sure you have never even considered such a correlation between your fate, and my actions.

Cassius stops and looks over at Reynolds

Cassius : Nobody does, Reynolds. Nobody sees the correlations that are right before their eyes. But I do. I see the connecting wires, the puppet strings, the pipelines and they all lead back to one source, Jack. And it’s me, Jack. It’s me.

6WF… is all under my control. So how can it possibly be that I am not prepared?

Cassius twitches his head towards the truck.

Cassius : Join me Jack.

Cassius turns towards the truck and then aims a sharp kick to the driver seat window, shattering the glass. Zhi reaches inside and opens the door. He sits in the driver seat and leans over to open the passenger seat door for a hesitant Jack Reynolds to sit inside. Cassius pats the seat with a maniacal stare, and Jack joins him. Cassius smiles and leans over to lock Reynolds’ door, who begins to look panicked. Cassius turns to stare out of the windscreen.

Cassius : Tell me Jack… how does this feel? How does it feel to be a reluctant passenger… unaware of your destination?

Reynolds : I’d like to get out please, Cassius.

Cassius furrows his brow, looking almost confused.

Cassius : Is this any different, Jack, to how you are out there? Is it any different to how Crime Lord, and TGA feel right now? Whether it’s in here, or out there, you are just a passenger Jack. You are MY passenger! Just like TGA. And just like Crime Lord. They are sitting in that seat with you right now Jack. You’ve all been sitting in that seat for so damn long that you’re completely blind to it. You’re all just addicts, on one long trip of my design. And you don’t know where you’re going. And TGA doesn’t know where he’s going. And Crime Lord doesn’t know where he’s going. And right now, Jack, I’m really not sure I know where I am going… but I am going there as 6WF World Heavyweight Champion!

Cassius leans closer to Reynolds, sinisterly hissing near his ear

Cassius : And everyone else… Jack…

He puts a hand on Reynolds’ shoulder

Cassius : … all the addicts… they will simply follow. Just reluctant, hopeless passengers on MY journey.

All… under my… control!

Reynolds shifts in his seat uneasily, and Cassius laughs as he leans over and unlocks the door again, opening it for Reynolds. Jack quickly jumps out and Cassius steps out of the driver’s seat, walking around the truck to stand next to Reynolds.

Cassius : Crime Lord and TGA are the ones who need to prepare, Jack. Not me.

But unfortunately for them… how can you possibly prepare, when you don’t even know where you are going?

Cassius begins laughing to himself, almost hysterically.

Reynolds : And… err… what about the Gold Rush Battle Royal? Do you have any thoughts on that Cassius?

Cassius’ laughing stops almost immediately, and he snaps his head to look at Reynolds

Cassius : Why would I have any thoughts on that Jack? Why... Why would I?

Listen Jack… I might not be too sure where we are all going on this journey right now… but I do know where I’m going during the Gold Rush Battle Royal. So does Crime Lord. So does TGA. And deep down, Jack, so do you.

Cassius stares at Jack intently

Cassius : I’m going home, Jack. As World Heavyweight Champion.

And for just this once… during that Gold Rush Battle Royal... I’ll let all the addicts decide their own fate.

Just this once…

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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Marky Thu 27 Sep 2012, 5:11 pm

The area behind the Destiny arena, marked "Superstars Entrance" is awash with expectant 6WF fans, waiting and hoping to catch a glimpse of their favourite 6WF Superstars and personalities. Every time a car or limousine pulls up they lean forward in more hope than expectation, looking to see JJ Johnson, Cassius Zhi, Saint or TGA. They are usually disappointed when it's only Scorpion...

The crowd on one particular occasion are thrilled when a white with black trim Joss JP1 pulls up at the entrance -


And as the crowd stare at the gorgeous supercar, the cheers go up as the crowd begin to suss who might be in the car. The window opens and Max Adamson smirks at the fans who cheer and a loud "Adamson" chant goes up.

Fan 1: Max, are you in the Gold Rush?

Fan 2: Of course he is, I read it online on [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] so it must be true.

Max grins as he drives forward away from the fans and parks his car in the secure compound. Max steps out of the car as his door opens up, he closes the door with a button on his car key, knowing the crowd are looking at him, he drops his trademark sunglasses down over his eyes, gives the fans a wave and heads towards the secure entrance.

Security: Name?

Max: Name?! You need my name?! Those people out there know who I am, they just chanted it as I parked my custom made Joss JP1, the first ever Australian supercar and the first ever one to be driven outside of Australia!

Security: Name?

Max sighs

Max: Max Adamson.

Security: Not on the list.

Max: But, i'm Max Adamson! Did you not see the car?!

Security: Listen mate, I don't care what car you drive, i'm under strict orders to only let in those on Danny McGraw's list.

Max: Well, I didn't phone ahead... But come on, i'm a 6WF wrestler, look, I even have my pass... It's right... Erm...

Max slaps his pockets in an attempt to find his pass, he pulls out his wallet and searches through unsuccessfully as the security guard looks at him unimpressed

Max: Look, I don't have my pass alright? But come on, don't you recognise me? I've only been out of 6WF for three months!

Security: I've only been here two months, so I don't recognise you, and your name is not on my list. So I cannot let you in. Good day sir.

Max: Oh, one second, I appear to have found my pass after all...

Max peels £100 from his wallet and presses the notes into the Security Guard's hand

Security: You're still not on the list...

Max puts another £50 into the Security Guard's hand

Security: Sorry, you're still not on the list...

Max sounds fed up as he puts another £100 into the Security Guard's hand

Security: Adamson... Ah, here we go, Max Adamson. In you go. Have a nice day.

Max: Oh I will, thank you very much.

Max walks in through the entrance and turns back at the Security Guard who is smirking

Max: "You wont get rid of those counterfeit £50's" he said, worked a treat...


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by jp97 Thu 27 Sep 2012, 6:48 pm

giles mortimer is on his phone

mortimer:have you handed out all of the fliers?. did you contact the radio show?. i know you are busy kylie but that is your job, mr licentia is not paying you to sit around all day. ok, well get back to me when you have finished.

mortimer looks highly irritable as he hangs the phone up. andre licentia is soon stood next to him.

mortimer:ah mr licentia

mortimer holds out a steady hand and licentia shakes it

licentia:i trust everything is in order?

mortimer:absolutely sir.

licentia:and what we discussed last week, have you taken care of my request?

mortimer:yes i have. I have appointed kylie stone, a very adept young female to take care of any errands we need here at revolution promotions.

licentia:good.and the second piece of business?

mortimer:yes, if you will please follow me.

mortimer leads licentia down the hallway to a room with a solid oak door.On the front is a nameplate "Revolution HQ" and a large red "R".

mortimer:6wf would not give us our own office, but here downtown we can have anything we want.please,come inside.

mortimer holds the door open and licentia enters the luxurious office space. A white rug covers the whole floor and a large sofa has been set up across from a mahogany desk. A man, dressed in a designer black suit, with silver hair and a silver mustache stands up from the sofa and holds out a hand.

mortimer:allow me to introduce to you, Mr grey carter!

licentia and carter stare at one another before shaking hands

carter:pleasure to meet you mr licentia


mortimer:mr carter is a famed manager from the MSPWT (Mid-South Pro-Wrestling Territory). it is my understanding that he has tutored over 40 distinguished champions, including many that have moved on to global fame.

carter:i like to think i can get the best out of anyone.

carter and licentia take a seat on the sofa as mortimer situates himself at the desk

mortimer:i hope you are happy with my appointment mr licentia?

licentia:first impressions are certainly amicable. obviously i will need a few weeks to trial, no offense meant.

carter:none taken, i am pleased you are level-headed enough to deliberate.

licentia: but i am sure mr carter will soon come to realize that revolution promotions are the future of this business. we are taking over, inch by inch, step by step. soon 6wf will be our playground.

carter:ambition, i approve. but let's not get hasty son. we all need to sit down and map a little direction. we cannot just jump in with both feet. i want true reconnaisance on all avenues before we set out on this journey.

licentia:i agree.

carter:we will need a full staff meeting as well. everyone needs to know where this is heading, key goals and expectations.

licentia:once again,i agree.

carter:that means getting this kid demios on board. i know you have this little duo going on right now, but we need to know he is on board. we need to know that he wants the same things we do.

licentia:we'll see what we can do, get the new girl on that giles.

mortimer quickly fumbles with his phone and sends a text message

mortimer:i have informed her to find demios.


carter:excellent. i have trained some of the best in the business and believe me, it takes hard work from everyone involved. i can take an impotent stag and turn it into a god damn racehorse stallion but i need commitment and dedication. we need to be on the same page, reading the same book, son.

licentia:and in turn, i expect your tutelage to match your salary.

carter:oh believe me, it will. fact is, your getting me on the cheap. because i see something special in you kid, and i know we can go places. i have seen talent in texas, tennesse, mississippi, georgia and you match, if not surpass near enough all of them.

but potential is only going to take you so far. if we are going to do this then we are going to this properly. that means drummimg into you my philosophy, my mindset and my expectations. i am not going to pander to your ego, i am here to train you in how to be the best that you can be.

licentia:i am happy to take any advice you have. but my ideaology will not be altered.

carter:i wouldn't expect it to be. you're a unique guy and i want to keep it that way. but you still need the winning formula and you still need slight modifications and alterations to how you take care of your business. that is where i come in. i can take you from the bottom to the very top, i can raise your bar and boost your career.but we need to get our minds in the very same category, because only then will we achieve maximum results.

mortimer:i think this is going very well.

carter and licentia turn to mortimer, who quickly looks at the floor.

mortimer:i am going to get a studio set up in this building, andre, so we can do the revolution interviews from here instead of trekking over to the Birmingham Bowl every day. we can dictate on our terms.

licentia answers without looking at mortimer

licentia:good work

grey carter and andre licentia still seem to be weighing each other up, there is a lot of fascination in the air

carter:i can see your itching to know some of my secrets andre, and perhaps take a look at my portfolio.

licentia:you must understand mr carter, whilst i do not doubt your credentials, i have big plans here and i want only the best to join me on my mission.

carter:i understand complicitly, allow me to demonstrate my areas of expertise.

grey carter takes a black folder from the arm of the sofa and passes it to licentia. andre spends the next few moments studying the documents.

licentia:this is greatly intriguing to me mr carter, and i am sure there is much to discusss. there is one section in here which i wish to discuss.

carter:i thought there might be

licentia turns the folder and shows a certain page to carter, away from the camera's scope.

licentia:this man, how do you know him?

carter:well as the documents explain, mr licentia, this man was indeed my greatest creation. however, he is also my greatest failure and disappointment.

licentia:what went wrong?

carter:he did. i ploughed every resource into that man. i gave my time, my life and my money to make him into a star. he was an untameable beast, destined for greatness. but when it came to the point where the offers rolled in, he cut me off, turned his back and claimed the success and glory for himself.

licentia:the success and glory did not last long?

carter:no it did not. he was not ready to go it alone, despite what he felt. for a time he continued his success, i had taught him enough fundamentals to at least hold his own but when he reached the pinnacle, he had no idea of how to progess to the next level.

licentia:and what happened?

carter:that, i cannot answer. not right now, perhaps in time mr licentia we can share the culimination of that story.

licentia:i look forward to it.

carter:but even so, that is the past, and this partnership, this will be the future.

licentia:yes it will.

carter:so i believe mr mortimer has a little gesture of my good will that i would like to share with you.

giles mortimer smiles and then produces an expensive bottle of champagne.

carter:i propose a toast

mortimer pours into three glasses and hands one to carter and one to licentia

carter:to the future, to revolution unlimited and everlasting success.

all:everlasting success

there is a tinkle of glasses touching together as the scene fades out to blackness.


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Bentyf1 Thu 27 Sep 2012, 8:49 pm

*The screen comes bursting into life and greeting the audience is the Born In Fire sign hanging far in the corner of the rafters. The camera pans out from the Sign and reveals the arena in all it's glory. The chairs are empty,the commentating area is abandoned and only a few stage hands are milling around far in the background with technical equipment. A voice can then be heard but the figure unseen.*

???: Destiny.. Destiny is the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.

*The camera then reveals the figure speaking to be Mr Kenty, who is stood looking ice cold at the Born In fire sign with his baby blue eyes ever piercing. Stood unmoving, Kenty is wearing a long black shirt and a pair of blue casual jeans. Breathing heavily Kenty looks away from the sign and directly at the camera.*

Mr Kenty: I'm a huge believer in Karma or "what comes around goes around" If you will... Since I have come to this federation I have had to put up with behind attacks, mocking, psychological warfare and most of all getting my ass kicked all of this very arena.. and the man that I consider has done most of this is the man I will be facing tonight here at Destiny, Vortex. In my career I have fought some monsters such as Cerberus, Internecio.. the list goes on but I'm being totally honest, Vortex is one of the biggest and baddest monsters I have ever gone toe to toe against so far and Destiny tonight I'm expecting one hell of a fight.. I'm expecting to be beaten between pillar and post, thrown about, kicked to the Mat and punched all over the shop..

*Taking a deep breath and looking up into space, Kenty momentarily reflects before staring sharply back at the camera*

Mr Kenty: But what Vortex has to remember.. I'm not a quitter. I'v taken a few bruises, taken a few hits.. experienced some lows but this has made me a more rounded individual and I expect to learn more as it's all part of the game. And as I said before I'm a great believer in what comes around goes around.. and tonight will be no different. Plain and simply, Vortex these past couple of months has put me through a nightmare.. Hell I even considered through the mic away for good after Explosion as my confidence was blown to pieces in a blink of an eye by the VX bomb.. Vortex has hurt, torn and clawed away at me and tonight I firmly believe a change is coming.. I'm standing out here right now. The lights are dim, the people are queueing outside as we speak right now, the millions around the world are frantically buying the PPV through there sky boxes or whatever and all wan't to watch one thing.. and that one thing is Me kicking Vortex all around this very arena!

I remember Vortex questioning my integrity a few weeks ago prior to our match at Explosion.. I remember him saying "why should I take you seriously?" well I will tell you why you should take me seriously.. it's because I can be the most ruthless S.O.B you have ever had to share this very ring with. I see the looks in the halls, corridors and locker room when Vortex is around and the looks are of fear and terror.. and tonight, these looks will all stop. Tonight is where Karma comes back around and turns this monster into a little puppy with its tail in between it's legs! I'm also under the impression that many people think He won't do it.. he can't do it.. but these doomsayers so to speak know nothing about me. Nothing what so ever. Vortex claims he will crush my faith.. he will crush me all together if you will.. But! he will never crush my spirit. See, Vortex describe me as chewing gum on his boot.. now me and chewing gum are quite similar in this case.. sure you guys think its annoying but I believe chewing gum is quite hard to remove from said boot. It will just stay there.. it will stay there and that means Vortex I'm not going anywhere..Tonight Vortex, I don't care that you will try and break my faith or break me entirely but what I wan't you to know that first up under the lights.. it's going to be a whole different ball game and I will take what you crave most and that is dominance..and more importantly your Freeweight title.

*Taking a deep breath with a smirk creeping out, Kenty shows that famous glint in the eye. Pointing up to the Born in Fire sign, Kenty continues to speak*

Mr Kenty: And that's why we are all here tonight.. Born In Fire. Every guy in that locker room whether it be JJ Johnson, Scorpion, Uryu, Kenji Hidari, Blade or Dragon or anyone in the back want's to headline this event and go up against the Champion whoever it may be.. The Road to Born In Fire starts here tonight..

Now to get the honour to face the champion one of us are going to have to outwit and outfight every other single guy in this Gold Rush Competition whether that be by pinfall.. submission or by K'O.. I speak for everyone in this very federation that the reason we train, the reason we physically and mentally prepare is for these type of matches.. It's like being thrown into the sea full of sharks when your dripping blood. You have got to be alert.. focused and out to be survival of the fittest. It's irrelevant if your number 1, Number 10 or hell even number 30 it just doesn't matter as anything and I mean anything could happen on this night!

Last year.. I remember being thrown right in The dragons den when I was Number one and out came Dicey Reilly.. I knew I had to use my initiative and I did..I lasted a whole 15 minutes and for a rookie.. well I could hold my head up very high.. this year I wan't to aim even higher..I wan't to aim for the stars and back! I don't care.. you see I'm on a mission. I'm on a full scale assault to have my name Headline Born of Fire because it will be an absolute honour to represent this iconic federation.

I have been working myself to the bone in the gym for weeks now just preparing for this very night as basically this is going to be a night of attrition.. I know I'm going to suffer move after painful move tonight but if it means I will be in the main event of Born in Fire.. I just don't care.. if its boils down to the situation that I will be walking into Born in Fire in crutches, my head in bandages I will because it means that much to me..

I will stand in this very ring with the millions watching around the world and the fans in attendance watching every move.. the pressure rising.. and I hope to thrive off it. They say if you can't handle the heat then get out of the kitchen.. well this is as hot as it going to get and I'm not leaving this kitchen! 29 other guys are going to be rolling out of the kitchen smouldering and I will be damned if I'm one of them!

So tonight.. when I enter this war.. I'm laying myself on the line but again.. 29 other guys are doing exactly the same but it will be a simple case of who want's this once in a lifetime opportunity.. the opportunity to be star.. to forge a legacy and create a hall of fame status.. and I hope to be this man because I' am...



*Looking seriously focused and unrelenting, Kenty gaze returns to the Born of Fire sign. A few fans who have sneeked in can be heard chanting "Mr Kenty" causing Kenty's gaze to fall to the fans. Kenty throws up a arm and waves at the fans before striding up the ramp and into the backstage area. The scene then fades away.*


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Bull Thu 27 Sep 2012, 9:43 pm

The lights go down in the arena as 'Wake Up' by Rage Against The Machine blasts out over the speakers, suddenly the tron flickers into life as the image of two scorpion tails whip into shot creating an 'X' with the words "Anger Is A Gift" underneath as the music fully kicks in Scorpion steps out onto the stage where he stops and forms an X with his arms as diagonal pyros explode around him and the crowd descend into a chorus of boos.

Scorpion walks towards the ring as the crowd continue you to boo, he stops and looks around before taunting the crowd.

S: This Sunday is destiny and the main event will feature 30 superstars with a chance of earning a world title shot..but you see the main event features only 1 person and only 1 person who is going to win the gold rush.

S:...and i can tell you idiots that it won’t be that pathetic talentless man who you all hope will return know as "Max Adamson", You see the winner will be a man of great intelligence and a man who is sane so yeah that rules out Crazy Zhi, but never the less let’s get to the point the man will be ME!

S: I will show you all why i no one else will steal my spotlight and i will show them just like before i am the future of this industry and you may not realize but the rise is nearly upon you morons as i speak!!

S: You see it is upon you and the rest of the locker room in the back fail to see it but when it happens it will happen with a bang! Then you’re so great "heros" will all start to fall one by one as they see this company crumble to there knees.

S: I have warned you and it’s up to you to either ignore it or take it as notice and don’t forget as Malcolm X has famously said before "Anger is a gift

S: So it’s about time I showed people that I can use it but you see you may think everyone can use this gift but people fail to see is that others allow their anger to control them while I can control my anger!

S: Ill make sure to show the likes of the so "great" JJ Johnson ,Vortex , Blue dragon as well as the Idiot who does not even know his own identity Logan kincade.
Also the 6CW Rejects and The man known as the saint who thinks he will win due to being "lucky"about drawing the number 30 well you see Sainty your missing the point there is no luck in this just pure talent which you dont have!

S: Heck ill even show the stupid "legendary" GM Abe abercorn who think he knows how to run a show around here? Ill show him if he is to stay running this show he will stop putting me in the most pointless matches I've seen with the likes of Uryu ishida who are worthless pieces of space and time , Not only that ill show Danny that he should have never have given up on me and joined the Consultant's mindless puppet army where he is used every single day but fails to see it,heck I will show every single one of you watching at home , watching on the internet and in this arena , heck you know what ill show the world that I am the spotlight and the stage will be mine at destiny!

Scorpion grins as the crowd boo loudly.

S: my destiny will be bigger then you're legacy!

“MY DESTINY WILL BE BIGGER THEN YOU’RE LEGACY!” echoes out as scorpion begins to taunt the crowd

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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Nay Thu 27 Sep 2012, 10:25 pm

???: Except some of us try not to spend our time in the back

*Logan stands in the ring his mouth starting to join his eye in twitching as he surveys the arena looking for the speaker, finally he spots a commotion high up in the crowd. With Logan looking up Nay Bother steps out from behind a group of fans wearing his New York Yankees hat, some baggy grey joggers, a polo shirt and mic in hand*

Nay: Logan, even from up here it hurts to hear you whinge non stop, doing exactly what you hate these fans for and blaming everyone but yourself for your problems.

*Nay starts to walk down the steps between the seats, fans clamoring to get a touch before he stops at the halfway mark and takes a seat on a step*

Nay: I think its time for story time with Nay, so please bear with me.

*Nay shuffles to get comfortable before pointing to the Titantron showing a still picture of Logan punting Nay in the back of the head at Night of Glory.*

MW: That was a beautiful moment RJ.

RJ: You have got to be kidding MW, Logan has never been same since that night

MW: You're right, He changed that night to one of the most dominant Hardcore Champions in this companies History

*Nay continues to look at the picture before turning to stare at the ring*

Nay: That one moment Logan, is the monent why we are all here, its also the reason I am one of your number one contenders this week. You see before that moment I was a nobody in this company, I had been here for months and was getting no where, I was drowning in obscurity.

Then that night you decided to perform that kick, and it gave me something to cling to, after that all I wanted was that one match, that one opportunity for revenge but you had other ideas and joined the consultancy, you put a barrier up and wouldn’t face me, each week you attacked me, hit me in the head. You turned what was a simple matter of granting me one match into what you see before you.

*Nay laughs*

You gave me a cause, a reason to fight, to climb the ranks of this company because if you were not going to face me, I had to make sure I became the number one contender for that Hardcore Title so you had no choice in fighting.

But here the funny thing Logan, once I became number one contender then I started to think why cant I become hardcore champion and that brings us to this Sunday.

*Nay stands back up removes his cap before wiping his brow, ruffling his hair and handing the cap to a kid sitting next to him*

Nay: This sunday is likely the last opportunity I will get at your Hardcore Title and I have been through to much, taken more than my fair share of shots to fail at the final Hurdle.

That’s why this week I will walk into the ring and complete the final step of this journey from Nay Bother 6WF Chump to Nay Bother 6WF Champ.
But don’t worry Logan I wont forget to send you a thank you card

*Nay takes off his shirt dropping it to the ground before once again starting his descent down the steps pointing towards Logan standing in the ring*

RJ: Nay looks primed and ready for Destiny Michael

MW: I'm just glad that’s over he has almost ruined that punt for me


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by TwisT Fri 28 Sep 2012, 1:39 pm

A church……

Standing desolate in the night’s sky. Lights from flickering candles peep through the stain glass window and shadows dance and illuminate the sparse trees that dot around the entranceway. Haunting choir music, sung in Latin, rides the air and seeps out of the grand old architecture. The building that stands for Godliness. A beacon of hope in the darkness. A pinnacle of good.

We drift through the now open doors and see the choir singing at the back. The church is empty. The pews missing a congregation. But the choir keep singing. Keep releasing the hope. For better times? For themselves? For the world?

If they sing, then our destiny may be fulfilled.

We turn to the last row of seats. Vortex, head fixed downward, is listening. Taking it all in. Covering himself in the sounds, the light and the hope. Will doing so aid him? Will leaving now dethrone him?

What will shape his destiny?

He rises to his feet, and slowly makes his way to the door. He lays a hand on the wooden panel and takes a brief glimpse backward at the chant of hope. He shakes his head, and walks out into the night, turning his back on them all. The door slams shut, and as Vortex walks out into the street, we see a notice pinned on the door. In red letters the following message can be seen:

“Destiny is but a phrase of the weak human heart - the dark apology for every error.”

As he walks, the sounds of the choir can still be heard eerily in the background, and the viewer starts to hear Vortex’s inner thoughts

Vortex (thinking): Life formed. Life destroyed. Destiny fulfilled. We each walk a path that we believe has been premeditated. A path that we deviate from at our peril. And even if we do, we will find ourselves thrust back onto it at any given moment. It is on this path…..this search for light…..that I find you Mr Kenty. A roadblock in my ascendance. A barrier in my domination. A constant thorn in my side. And yet…..though divine means….I have come to realise you are needed. That your presence is required. Because without you my destiny becomes unfulfilled.

He continues walking down the street. Cars pass him by, and pedestrians stride pass quickly in fear of the large shadow coming towards them. He pays them no attention. His mind on other things. A red bus drives past and then stops at the traffic lights. Vortex crosses the road, and we see the following message on the advertising strip at the top of the bus:

“The strong and virtuous admit no destiny.”

He makes his way to the arena, crossing the car park and heading for the fire door entrance.

Vortex (thinking): But…….but……the more I think…..the more I envisage that my own destiny is shaped away from my own boundaries. That destiny is a by word for the blind. The darkness covering them with false hope. Do I confess that I walk a path laid out before me? Will my light ever reach the end of this dark tunnel? My inner being….my very soul… constant conflict of what side to take.

He reaches the door and stops before entering it. He lays his massive head against it and shuts his eyes.

Vortex (thinking): Dark and light…….which direction to take? Will winning against you Kenty make me find my way? Will losing actually help chart my course through dangerous waters? Do I admit defeat and stray from destiny? Fling myself off the cliff in hope of surviving the waves? Destiny means what for me?!

He storms through the doors and it slams shut behind him. The booming sound echoes around the car park. Inside the building, we follow behind Vortex walking through the corridors. The lights flickering above him every time he walks under them.

Vortex (thinking): The rest of the roster is so convinced with Destiny that they have forgotten that there can only be one. And if that one is not them, how do they react? What will become of them? Does failure bring torment? The very nature of destiny means that if you try and control it, it will start to control you. It will warp your mind and make you become focused on things beyond your reach. You can dream…..but be prepared to wake up.

He reaches the locker room area, and walks to his own locker. A notice is pinned on it and he rips it down. Vortex reads it and his eyes widen as if a revelation has finally dawned on him. He lays the note carefully on the bench and, for the first time, addresses the camera.

Vortex: Mr Kenty……I can only say to you what you have already realised. Pain will come in our match. That is assured, and destiny will play no part in that. It is fact. With that aside, the rest of the evenings events are beyond my control and I do not care. I can only tell you what I will tell the entire roster. I will give my all. I will climb the ladder. I will become dominant. If not during Gold Rush……then at some point. I don’t wish to think about destiny. It is a fraud. It is……invisible. My path may deviate. May have many corners. And yes……in regards to the entire 6WF universe…..may have pitfalls and obstructions. But I will remain focused. I will find the light. And while you mortals worry about destiny and fighting for meagre scraps, I will move on to bigger things. Destiny cannot contain me. It will walk behind me. I lay the path. I forge the way. I…..make…..things….happen.

He walks to the exit, and peers back towards the camera.

Vortex: With that in mind…….I will see you all on Sunday. And beyond. Wherever your blessed destiny may take you. It will follow my footsteps. For that is the path…….and no one will dethrone me.

Vortex walks out of the door and the camera slowly zooms in on the note laid delicately on the bench, before fading to black:

“On earth conscience guides; in heaven God watches. And destiny is but the phantom we invoke to silence the one and dethrone the other.”


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Dave. Fri 28 Sep 2012, 3:00 pm

-Abe Abercorn is in the director's box at the Odyssey Arena, surveying the arena below-

AA: This place brings back memories. That ring brings back memories. It was the place I broke through the barrier, and also the place where I shattered the glass ceiling. It's also my home.

Granted, I am a country boy. I actually live two hours down the road, down the M1. Only old motorway in Northern Ireland to be built to conclusion. But this defined what I am. A child of our new "Shared Future". To show the new Northern Ireland to the world.

For too long, it seems I didn't. But I'm taking this new role as a chance to put things right. And don't get wrong, I think I did a lot of good during my past here. Ah, you never forget the roar whenever you enter here, it's something else. I was their hometown hero, the only place on this Earth where JJ Johnson gets booed - when he faces me! Of course, they'd cheer him when I'm not about, but I'm taking it! Just great, pleasant, knowledge fans.

And that's why Belfast gets the great honour, nay, it gets this great power. It gets the power to choose who goes to the big one, to go for the world title in Born In Fire. I never really hit the ground running there, not a real regret, I was always away doing something else. But you look round at the locker room, boy I remember, you see veteran, you see up and comers, and they all feel equal. You can't call a match like the Gold Rush. Anyone can win, and they usually do. It's like a big surprise. There are bullseyes everywhere. JJJ is going in at 1, can you imagine what it'll do to the career of the guy who throws him out first, if that came to pass? I guarantee you, there'll be an unheralded star who will go long in this - not necessarily to win, but make a name for himself.

Many say alcohol is the great leveller - what tosh. The Gold Rush is the leveller - make no mistake.

Ahh, good old times. Two years ago, I won the TAW World title (a title now since departed). Now, I..sorry we, call the shots. Something worries me, though.

Who is this man McGraw has? I don't know what to make of it. Something just doesn't feel right. Is this a trap? Is this to catch me out? Does somebody out there still hold a grudge? Ack, stop worrying Abe. It's your hometown, what could possibly happen? For once, listen to your friends, and stop worrying! Take it easy, and enjoy yourself!

-Abe smiles, and walks off!-


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Cable Fri 28 Sep 2012, 4:58 pm

Dopant Zero RP

(The scene takes place in a 6WF Arena.. The fans are all hyped and excited ready for Destiny Sunday Night. The fans in the Arena are all hyped and over excited when One and Only' by Chesney Hawkes blast on the PA. The fans in the Arena rise up clapping and cheering for the Current 6WF Tag Team Champions who will be in Action this Sunday against Dopant Zero, Chaos and McManus.)

RJ- Good Evening and welcome again to rise side I am RJ and my broadcast partner MW we are just 2 days! Two days away where we know in fact History will be made!

MW- Yeah I'm pumped for this and I can't wait..

RJ- Seeing our Tag Team Champions walk down the ramp at this time Yarmouth Blade and The Dragon!

Ring Announcer- Please Welcome to the ring at this time the 6WF Tag Team Champions! Yarmouth Blade and The Dragon!!

(The fans are all excited as they see no one walk out for the ramp and down the ramp. The fans proceed to boo as everyone in the Arena are confused)

RJ- Well where are our Tag Team Champions??


(Suddenly two men walks out the ramp as the fans gets overly hyped. But the hype suddenly dies down as two midgets who look completely like Yarmouth Blade and The Dragon comes out the curtains in ring wear with Toy 6WF Tag Team Title Belts!)


RJ- Those are not our Tag Team Champions!

MW- Yeah they look like clowns!

RJ- They're midgets god damnit!

(The two midgets makes their way down to the ramp as they run down the ramp and into the ring. The midget Yarmouth Blade seems to have a problem climbing into the ring as he run up the steps)

RJ- If this is suppose to be funny it's not!

MW- C'Mon where's your sense of humor!!?!?!?

('One and Only' by Chesney Hawkes dies down as Yarmouth Blade starts talking. The fans are booing.)

Midget Blade- Hey Guys! Do you know what time it is?

Midget Dragon- It's 6 hours later in Japan!

Midget Blade- I didn't ask for that dummy! It's time for once again to botch!!!!!

Midget Dragon- Botch!!??? We don't botch in our matches? I'm not Mexican!

Midget Blade- Yeah but you are Japanese and you can't even see straight!

Midget Dragon- Thats not nice!

(The fans laugh)

Midget Dragon- Well you like Fried Chicken!

Midget Blade- And??? Chicken is the main reason why I'm who I am! It boast my cofidence and energy. It's like taking a suppliment!

Midget Dragon- Well we need to continue winning matches

Midget Blade- Yeah you need to continue winning matches do you not realize you're 7'2 tall ass lost last week in a triple threat match! TO CHAOS!!!! CHAOS!?? DRAGON SERIOUSLY??? You're a damn fire breathing creature and you lost to Chaos?

Midget Dragon- Well he was hard to beat! And that Tsukasa Yaraguma he was getting in the way!

Midget Blade- I swear Dragon if we lose the belts Sunday I mean we completely suck! We make Vortex look like a dominate 6WF Competitor Champion

Midget Dragon- But Vortex is good also! I like Vortex I think he can beat Kenty this Sunday!

Midget Blade- Well I don't I don't want the title to change Sunday although it would be cool to get our asses handed to us by people who are much bigger!

Midget Dragon- What are you saying!!!????

Midget Blade- That we might lose look at this we lost both our matches last week and the week before well I beat Kenzaki because I'm better than him but we lost our matches last week and I'm too scared to head into Destiny Sunday! I'm going to Poopie myself and you gotta change my underwear once I do that!

Midget Dragon- Why Me?

Midget Blade- Because The Dragonn I'm like a Sumo Wrestler you must change my underwear and clean my ass!

MW- This segment is hilarious!

RJ- This is a mockery and I don't take this a humor I wonder who's reponsible for this!????

(Suddenly "It’s an Omen" screams out before 'Granite' by Pendulum plays as the fans are giving a mix reaction for Chaos)

RJ- I didn't think Chaos would be behind this madness but wow..

(As a figure appears from the curtain it appears to be overweight verisons of Chaos and James McManus.. The fans are laughing as Chaos theme dies down)

RJ- This is getting stupid and I now know who's responsible!

MW- You mean to tell me Chaos is not a lunitic!?

Overweight Chaos- The sins are crawling and the devil will rise up. I will reach my destiny as I set to become a Triple Crown Champion! My heart races as the darkness crawls into my pants. I am here to embrace the feeling!

(The overweight James McManus looks annoyed out confused as he leaves Chaos and walk down the ramp)

Overweight James McManus- I don't know what the hell he just said but I got something to say!

Midget Blade- Well say it!

Overweight James McManus- I will once I get into the ring damn it it takes time!

(The fans are laughing)

MW- I think James gotta lay of the Cheeseburgers HA!

RJ- Thats not even him!

Midget Blade- Well as McManus takes his sweet slow ass time down to the ring

(Chaos cut him off)

Overweight Chaos- The Darkness will rise again and I will yet become A Deatheater or destruction! I am related to the Lord of Darkness!

Midget Blade- What the hell are you talking about Chaos???

Chaos- QUIET! I'm coming up with a good line for my next roleplay! I'm in a guild!

(The Overweight James McManus is finally in the ring as he begins to talk)

Overweight James McManus- Now as I was saying before! I am....

(Suddenly Feeling It Blast on the PA as the fans are in a roar of booes.. Tsukasa and Kenzaki comes from out the curtains in new T-Shirts entitled Tag Team Belts goes down with a arrow pointing)


(The duo are in shocked to what is going on in the ring)

Tsukasa- Wow I mean I knew we had a match this Sunday but you really couldn't leave us out I mean what has happened since Last Week on Lockdown.. Chaos and McManus you guys gained alot of weight!

Overweight McManus- You shut up Curry Rice before I eat you!

(The midget Dragon took offense as he starts to cry)

Tsukasa- I mean I've been called worst than that but my friend The Dragon is looking extra sad by what you just said.

Overweight McManus- I don't care I eat him to!

Tsukasa- Okay we don't want to get charged for cannibalism do we?

Overweight Chaos- Darkness Falls!

Tsukasa- What?

Overweight Chaos- Don't talk to me I am related to Lord Voldermort!

(Tsukasa stares at Kenzaki in confusion as the fans start laughing)

Overweight James McManus- You know what you two look like Japanese Panda express and I'm hungry! Come Feed Me!

Kenzaki- Feed You??

Overweight James McManus- Yes Feed ME MORE!


Midget Blade- I am the TAG TEAM CHAMPION!

Midget Dragon- No I am the TAG TEAM CHAMPION!

RJ- This is just god aweful

MW- Hey RJ you think we can get popcorn over here?

Kenzaki- Okay just stop that right now!

1. This is a Rated 17 and Up show.

2. Since we all got something to say out our mouths how about we talk it to the ring and have a battle royal!!???

(The fans cheer as everyone stares at Dopant Zero...The scene cuts and resumes to all participants in this upcoming match in a over-the top battle royal)

RJ- And welcome back to Trash Talk folks we are not engaded in a Battle Royale match with all participants in this Tag Team Title Match Sunday.

MW- No seriously I think I want popcorn!

(The 6 men are in the ring as they prepare to take out each other. The fake Chaos looks around as both Tsukasa and Kenzaki quickly eliminate him)

RJ- And just like that Chaos is eliminate...

MW- This is so going on Youtube!

(There are five men in the ring as both midgets try to gang up ob McManus but McManus picks both midgets up setting to eliminate them. Blade slips out of Mcmanus hand as Tsukasa pushes both McManus and The fake Dragon over)

MW- We are down to three men!!!!!!!!!

Kenzaki is like a tower compared to the midget Yarmouth Blade as he looks down. The midet Blade starts swinging but that does nothing. Suddenly The midget Blade kicks Kenzaki where it hurts and climbs to the ring.. Tsukasa just watches as he goes over the ropes just to pick up a chair.

MW- Wait Tsukasa just eliminated himself

Tsukasa walks over to the announce desk as he steals a steel chair. He folds it as he plants it in the ring. The midget Blade is setting up for a moonsalt while Kenzaki is on the mat. The Midget Blade jumps off as Kenzaki rolls out the way...

MW- Aww Blade was soo close

(Kenzaki see's the chair as he picks it up swinging it at the forehead of the midget Yarmouth Blade)

MW- Damn that was a hell of a chair shot!

(Kenzaki picks up the fake Yarmouth Blade who now appears to be busted open. Kenzaki picks him up and throws him out the ring as Tsukasa runs over and rings the bell!)

Tsukasa- Here are you winners AND NEW 6WF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS DOPANT ZEROOO!!!!!!!

(The fans boo as Kenzaki laughs his ass off)

Tsukasa- Enough jokes! We are sick and tired of being overlooked and unappreciated in the back! We are far more qualified than that damn Ministy of Darkness Chaos! That loser James McManus and those two cartoon characters Blade and Dragon!

(The fans boo)

Tsukasa- This Sunday we take what we want and we are hungry for the gold! We will be your new 6WF Tag Team Champions and there's not A GOD DAMN THING ANY OF YOU PEOPLE CAN DO ABOUT THAT! WE ARE TAKING THE BELTS!




"Feeling It" blast as the scene fades away)

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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Lee Fri 28 Sep 2012, 4:58 pm

Nay reaches the ring and looks at the fans before turning and quickly climbing onto the apron, but as his feet reach the canvas Logan is face to face with him causing him to pull his head back sharply.

LK: Ohh......don't you worry Nay, no need to be so........jumpy.

A smirk spreads across Logan's face.

LK: Now let's address some of the.... haha hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! *deep breath through the nostrils* ..."facts" you have raised.

...You, haha, Nay are STILL a nobody, don't think you can ride my coat tails and declare yourself something that you are not. You are and forever will be, a nobody.

Also! The reason we are here is simply one of jealousy, You, just like Blue, and countless other loser, wannabe, jealous "superstars" want what I have, the power, the agility the ability to become a champion.... I have it all, and YOU more than most.... envy what I have, what I have achieved and what I WILL achieve in this this industry...

And you being obbsessed with "that moment" is not I say, jealousy is a powerful driving force....hahahahahaha

Nay looks unimpressed with Logan as he steps through the ropes and walks around the ring keeping his eyes on Logan, the two former tag team members circle each other, their eyes fixed on the other, the lack of trust apparent.

LK: Now let's look forward from this, where do we go now? Well? I will tell you where we go Nay, let's start with you....You will enter this Match at Destiny, as the underdog, and god knows these sheep love an underdog


LK: Hnnnnnn See they LOVE to chant the name of those who have no chance, You see to them, and to me, you are a punch line, you are the butt of a joke... they don't respect you, they don't even pity you, to are a source of entertainment before the real wrestler put on a show, you are the opening act if you will. You will never be anything but Nay Bother 6WF Chump.... so just be happy you even reached that level....

NOW! As for me, Once I win this match, I will then go on to win the Gold Rush Battle Royale, I will defeat whom ever holds the World title, then once I am World Champ.....I will be the World Champion for as LONG AS I SEE FIT! Just like I will be Hardcore Champion for as long as I see fit, and there is not a god damn fu**ing thing You, Blue, Abe or anyone else can do about it.

Logan stops and turns to the fans



LK: I am sick and tired of you people. You don't deserve to enjoy my wrestling master class each week! But lucky for you, I just enjoy kicking the sh*t out of people week in week out....

Logan smirks as Nay looks bored in the centre of the ring.

LK: Weeeeeeell well Well, seeing how I am boring you Nay, what say you sod off and someone who has a chance can come down and we can argue about something other than whether you are terrible or just. Plain.... Awful.....perhaps Rasta is around? hnnnnhahahahahahahahahahaha!



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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly Fri 28 Sep 2012, 6:07 pm

*We cut to ringside where Michael Wire and RJ are sitting*

MW: "This weekend it is the Destiny PPV, one of the biggest PPV's in 6WF. And of course with Destiny, comes the famous Gold Rush matchup, where any one of 30 superstars could win, and earn a world title shot at Born in Fire."

RJ: "Indeed Michael! The Gold Rush has been the making of so many of 6WF's greatest superstars!"

MW: "Well one superstar who has been on a destruction streak ever since that earth shattering debut is, Lucas Takeo."

RJ: "The man is a freak of nature, I don't know how anybody will eliminate him from the Gold Rush match!"

MW: "Well here is a message from the man mountain himself..."

*The titantron starts to go all fuzzy, and we end up in a graveyard with Takeo sitting on a gravestone, with a towel draped over his head sitting on the floor. The wind and rain is hurling around him.*

Takeo: "This Sunday night, it is the Destiny PPV. The one PPV, where all superstars come together in one match and compete against one another, the Gold Rush match. They say to win this match, you need to have allies, create alliances within the match, to protect yourself from getting eliminated. I however do not need such charity from my fellow competitors. As Vortex found out last week on Lockdown, I don't want partners, and I definitely do not need them. He looked down on me, like a piece of sh!t. I bet he had fun looking down on me, when I had him held 10ft in the air, ready for the Chokeslam."

A video comes on the screen of Takeo chokeslamming Vortex last week on Lockdown.

Takeo: "Onto my fellow competitors in this match. You may all underestimate me, just like the fool Vortex did last week. Well underestimate me at your peril."

Takeo shuffles on the gravestone he is sitting on

Takeo: "Guys such as Andre Licenta, Javier Grace, Gary Traitorelli and Rasta. Eliminating you two, will be as easy as opening a bottle of milk. You will feel my wrath come Sunday. Scorpion, the little loudmouth, you proclaim you will be the next big thing in this company, and the legends are stealing your spot. Well here is my advice for you, you little rodent. Let your actions speak louder than your words. Because at this moment in time, you are merely the loo brush that this company whips the toilet with. You will also feel my wrath on Sunday night."

Takeo re-positions the towel on his head

Takeo: "Now we all know who the first and last entrants to the Gold Rush will be. JJ Johnson and The Saint. You guys, are undoubtedly legends of this company. However that is all you are. Merely old timers, who are no longer relevant, so you have to go after each other, to maintain some credibility in your eyes. Well come Sunday, I will put you two legends to bed. You will feel my wrath."

The wind and rain continue to swirl around Takeo, however the rain is now coming down harder and harder.

Takeo: "Nay Bother, Blue Dragon, Chaos, and James McManus. You guys have all faced me before, however did one of you actually defeat me? No. None of you four managed to pin me, or make me submit. And on Sunday, I intend to dissect each and every one of you, one by one, as you four will all feel my wrath again."

The wind is really picking up now, the towel on Takeo's head however stays still.

Takeo: "There will be many other competitors in this match, two out of Cassius Zhi, TGA and Crime Lord will be in. And quite frankly, I look forward to proving to the whole world, that you three don't deserve to be near the World Title. Because you are not the best in 6WF. I am the best. And for the first time on Sunday, I look forward to showing two of you, what it feels like to feel the wrath of Lucas Takeo."

Thunder and lightning begin in the distance, however Takeo remains unmoved.

Takeo: "Mr Kenty, Logan Kincade, Blade and Dragon, Hobo, Kenji Hidari, Dopant Zero, you guys may as well not even take part in this match. Because not one of you can eliminate me. I know that, and most importantly you know that. So I will eliminate you, and in the process, unleash my wrath upon your worthless souls."

Takeo now stands up, takes the towel off his head, and stares into the camera. His eyes emotionless.

Takeo: "I may enter second, which I would enjoy, because then I could make every single one of the other twenty nine superstars in the Gold Rush match feel my wrath and my pain. I may enter twenty ninth, which I would also enjoy, because I would still tear every superstar I come across apart. Quite frankly, come Sunday night, it doesn't matter what you other twenty nine parasites do. Because, I Lucas Takeo, will win the Gold Rush match. And there is absolutely nobody, who can stop me."

Takeo continues to stare into the camera, eyes emotionless, as the titantron returns to the arena...
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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Amy Fri 28 Sep 2012, 6:14 pm

posted for James

Dopant Zero are still standing in the centre of the ring smirking, suddenly there music switches off and the arena is plunged into darkness. A blue spot light searches around the arena before stopping on the top of the rampway. Sad But True hits and Mcmanus storms out onto the ramp way. He is wearing his ring gear and a new t-shirt which has a silhouette of a person on it who appears to be looking in the direction of a sign in the style of the hollywood sign which instead says the future. he Stares at Dopant Zero for several moments before being handed a microphone.

JM- Great Joke Guys, Great Joke. Not the joke of me and Chaos being overweight, Not the Joke of Dragon and Blade being Midgets, but the joke of you walking of Destiny with the tag team titles. Because it must be a joke must it not, as everyone including yourselves know deep down that you stand absouloutley no chance, especially after that little stunt, Dont they?

Mcmanus shrugs before continuing to speak.

JM- You see Dopant Zero, You have never beaten me, not in tag matches, not in singles matches and that is in no way going to change come the close of Destiny. It is my destiny to win championships in this company for I'am the future afterall.
I believe earlier on I heard you guys saying when you guys are climbing up the mountain here in 6WF i would be old and decrpet in a retirement home? well you will be waiting a long time, because you do realise im not even 21 yet, experienced yes, 5 years or so under my belt so far but old? quite clearly not. I mean come on look at me Im a specimen of a human being.
Also as you 2 idiots, as quite franlly im bored of talking to and about you 2 idiots so I will talk about 2 more idiots who are in the tag team title match and 2 more men who stand no chance in winning the match Yarmouth blade, the man who iam suprised to see walking, let alone holding a championship here in 6WF and his Tag Team Partner them man who seems to like fisting more than fighting, The Dragon. You see you two you got lucky last PPV, You were so lucky that big fat snorelax Takeo, Tensai whatever his name is had weakend me significantly a few days before. You see a fully fit Mcmanus would have beaten you 2 with one arm tied behind his back, you 2 are more of a joke than the ones Dopant Zero made a few moments ago, you are disgrace to this company and not fit to be in the same ring as someone as great as me or even those 2 idiots in the ring.

Mcmanus smirks

JM- After I defeat you 4, and win my first title its onto the main event, The Goldrush Battle Royal, A Match that will be full of has beens like JJ Johnson, TGA, Cassius Zhi, Crime Lord, Blue Dragon and Hobo, Returning Has Beens Someone Like I dont know, Max Adamson And the never will bes like Rasta Logan Kincade, Uryu and Scorpion. I will march to that ring head held high, March through 29 other wrestlers and become the number 1 contender to the 6WF world title, There is nothing that anyone in that locker room can do about it, The age of the Future Will begin.


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Cable Fri 28 Sep 2012, 6:51 pm

Dopant Zero RP

(As Tsukasa looks up at the handicapped McManus he strolls back into the ring with a Microphone in hand.)

Tsukasa- Repeat what you just said you you sound completely retarded like a disabled kid I just threw down the steps!

MW- Ouch!

RJ- What the f$&k!!!???

Tsukasa- First you piece of European Park trash. You may have won matches but you never pinned me or Kenzaki, let alone beat me and Kenzaki. In one on one competition so get what ever crazy fantasy you have in your head out! Secondly you wanna come out here claiming your going to do something then how about you say that to my face because I am damn sure about to walk up there and say it loud and clear that you and Chaos in your wildest dreams will become the new 6WF Tag Team Champion!

(Tsukasa walks out the ring as Kenzaki looks on.. Tsukasa approaches Magnus face to face as Tsukasa smirks)

Tsukasa- You're a joke Magnus and I could give a damn how old you are I still will send your ass back to daycare! I'm only 24 years old.. Half younger than all of these old idiots running around claiming that they're the top notch in the company.

(The fans boo)

Tsukasa- You maybe younger than me but let me school you on something. You don't have to be old and wringly to go to a retirement home. This team could be a career ender for some people and you have the audacity to claim that you will win the Goldrush Battle Royale. Outlasting 29 other competitors well let me school you on something else boy! This isn't about Gold Rush Tournments or number 1 contenderships. It's about what Blade and Dragon has that either one of us will obtain. Those damn 6WF Tag Team Championships. And how in one minute you and Chaos don't see eye to eye to become overly cofident that you'll win that match Sunday. You may have much more experience here in European but I'm more dominate than ever back in Japan. A real wrestling country!

(The fans boo)

Tsukasa- You see Sunday this hoax...this so called Age of the Future will you brag about will not happen. On Monday's's website. You will glaze your eyes as Dopant Zero are holding what we've been fighting for all this damn time. What 6CW never realized and what no other promotion has ever realized. That we will be the most dominate...brutal....highly successful TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THIS INDUSTRY HAS EVER SEEN!

But You Already Ready Know That.....


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by ncfc_Tooze Fri 28 Sep 2012, 7:10 pm

JM- Most Dominate, Brutal Tag Team? Well Done on Reading your Parasite Killers 2010 handbook

Mcmanus gives Tsukasa a thumbs up and winks as Tsusaka can be getting angrier

JM- Also what am I supposed to know, that im supposed to already know? If its that you are blabbering idiot then I know that. You Sir need to pull your head out of your backside if you think you think you are going to walk out of the ppv with a championship. Hell you may not even walk out at all if you keep flapping your gums, because I will make full well that if you do, that you will never be able to open your mouth ever again. Why Dont you just watch this of what I can do to people who get in my way and talk rubbish about me, roll the footage.

We cut to footage of Mcmanus and The Fanatic wrapping a steel chair around the leg of yarmouth blade, Mcmanus climbs to the top rope, he dives off with a vicious knee drop, a snap is heard around the arena as Blades leg breaks.

Mcmanus points at Dopant zero, and can be seen mouthing the words shut up or thats you

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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Cable Fri 28 Sep 2012, 7:28 pm

Dopant Zero RP

Tsukasa- Parasite Killers?????... Really? Really? The last time I heard that team name was when we retired their asses back when they came to 6CW. Thats a compliment really I don't know whether you really can't wait to get your ass kicked on Sunday or you're just plain stupid!

We got our head in our own arseseses??? Speak clear English..if you can actuaally do that without that stupid accent of yours

(Tsukasa proceeds to clap)

Tsukasa- Oh my friend and you wanna show clips well let's just point to a real picture back last year over eleven months ago when Kenzaki and I made our debut against the Former Tag Team we also retired! Frosted Dice

(A picture appears on the Tron of Kenzaki and Tsukasa victorious over former 6CW Tag Team Champions Frosted Dice.)

Tsukasa- Where's Frosted Dice you ask...oh they're not here anymore in fact we retired them..

Hell they're middleclass workers now.

Nope not even that they work at Mcdonalds

Nope they work in the circus now!

Nope..thats not right...we retired their asses badly they might not even be alive. That means we commited a crime. Kenzaki and I are felons!

(Kenzaki smirks as Tsukasa grins at James Mcmanus who looks extremely mad)

Tsukasa- This Sunday you are going to war..this will not be a breeze through the park..this will not be a wishing match. This is will be a match where you and wherever the hell that idiot Chaos is will go up against The True and Real Gods of Tag Team Wrestling DOPANT ZERO!

(The fans boo)

Tsukasa- So Sunday be prepared get your wand...get your cauldron..and your broomstick because I'm taking your European Ass back to Hogwarts!

(Mix Reaction)

(Kenzaki laughs histeracilly as Mcmanus looks embarrassed with no one by his side..Chaos is not around...scene fades away)


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Mat Fri 28 Sep 2012, 7:39 pm

*The crowd start to boo as Mike Hill steps out onto the ramp. There is no entrance music or pyrotechnics and Hill is dressed in normal clothes, jeans and a t-shirt. He steps through the middle rope and into the ring.

RJ:What's Hill doing out here? He's not under contract...

*Mike Hill is handed the microphone.

Mike Hill:Isn't that mature of McGraw, Abe and the Board of Directors, not playing my entrance music. And having security all around backstage trying to stop me getting to the ring. Well I've got round all those little obstacles to get out here and speak my mind.

I know you don't really like that sort of thing though, so I fully expect this mic to be cut off at some point so let me just rattle through things. The name Mike Hill carries a lot of value in wrestling circles, not just around here but around the world. I am a rare commodity in this industry, I am someone who sells tickets whether these fans like me or not.

I sell tickets because I am one of the best wrestlers in the world, and certainly one of,if notthe, most entertaining wrestler in the world. I take risks that no-one else would even think of doing, I will put my body through everything it can take to win a match. Mike Hill is the epitome of excellence.

Mike Hill can beat anybody he wants. I can beat the freaks like Takeo. I can beat the technical wrestlers like James McManus. I can beat your hardcore maniacs like Logan Kincade, as shown by my record reign as champion.I can beat the happy go lucky losers like Uryu and I can beat "The best" like Crime Lord, TGA and Cassius.

The fact of the matter is I am the perfect man for this Gold Rush match because I can beat any of the individuals in that ring. That is not me bigging myself up, that is an actual fact. I have beaten guys like Crime Lord, someone who is now considered untouchable. I have beaten Trevor Swann, it's a sad, sad day when he is considered a tough champion. A good competitor yes but a tough champion? I don't think so.

Taking all this into account, you have to wonder why I've yet to be offered a contract by McGraw, Abercorn and the brain-dead buffoons at the Board of Directors? Why is it that I have yet to be offered deal that is equivalent to my ability, that is equivalent to how much money I will make 6WF. Is it because I speak my mind?

Is it you Danny? Is it you stopping me from coming back? I don't dislike you Danny, in fact I pity you. You had The Association, you had the top guys in this company like myself, Hobo and The Saint and you had the top up and comers like Riddick and La Pulga Loco but you messed it up Danny. And now you are trying to recreate the same thing with lesser talents. Are you scared I'll them what you're really like? I wouldn't be, because they will figure out you are the best bs'er in the business.

Or is it Abercorn? Don't you want me back because I'll overshadow you, because you won't be the only legend around the place anymore? I've always had respect for you Abe, you've stuck to your guns for better and for worse. But now I think someone needs to swallow their pride and realise that signing me would MAKE YOUR CAREER.

Get me signed up and ready for the Gold Rush match, and you will not regret it fellas. I've looked at the entrants in this match, it's great what you find on the net these days. I've seen whose in this match, I see who you've invited back! All these guys, they couldn't hold a candle to my ability. Chaos? He's just a poor man's Snake Eyes, who was a poor man's Mike Hill!

Hobo? How many chances does this guy get damn it! He was past it when I arrived, and he only found his mojo when he was alongside Mike Hill in The Association. JJ Johnson is still going, and I've seen his promos lately, and he is still wheeling out the same old crap, the same old routine week after week that has you idiots eating out of the palm of his hands! The Saint is also still going, and he's still got that damn inferiority complex.

Crime Lord could potentially be in the match, the man who quit the New Dynasty because he knew that Mike Hill was over-taking him. The same can be said of TGA, another one who tried to keep me down but couldn't. Andre Licentia, Andreas Demios, Javier Grace...they sound like a freaking mariachi band not wrestlers. In fact, I swear I saw them in those dorito's adverts!

The Consultancy? Are these guys really a threat these days? Is that what 6WF has come to, that these guys are regarded as tough. Give me a break, they don't even make a dent in the history of 6WF stables. Name any of the successful stables in 6WF, and I mean successful as in titles not in terms of the cult that Trash TV created, and you will see there is one constant in these stables...Mike Hill!

And Scorpion! This kid whines and moans about how he's being over-looked for legends. If you think a guy like Adamson is a legend you have some serious problems my friend. Look at me now, I am a legend. I was in your shoes once, constantly seeing people comeback and take my spot but I didn't whine about it, I just beat them until they realised they weren't up to the challenge anymore. Uryu? The man is as crazy as a box of frogs, and half as talented.

Get me signed up and I will win the Gold Rush match because I AM THAT GOD DAMN GOOD!

*Hill drops the mic and steps out of the ring, the crowd are booing loudly as he swaggers back up the ramp.

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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Bull Fri 28 Sep 2012, 8:56 pm

Scorpion can be seen walking towards the locker room as Reynolds stops him.

Reynolds:...Scorpion I was wondering what you thought of some of the comments made by the other superstars and was hoping I could get your thoughts in an interview

Reynolds can be seen trying to stick the microphone into scorpions face, scorpion begins to look at him with no emotion before snatching the mic of him.

S: Now i see its time for me to take the stage again Jack, you should pay close attention Jacko you might actually learn something.

S: Now you see I saw and heard what Takeo if that’s even a name or whatever but I heard what he had to say about me being the company's toilet brush and that its time to allow actions to speak louder than words?

S: Now I could take this so called "advice" but then again unlike Takeo I have a brain and can speak perfectly fine as I am the most charismatic superstar this industry has scene. Oh and "Lucas" if I'm the brush you must be the sh*t in the toilet and what does that mean? Well it means I'm used to clean up your sh*t as you have no talent and are just a pile of well you know.

Scorpion grins as Jack Reynolds can be seen pretty shocked.

S: As for the "legendary" Mike Hill you claim to be a legend and that you beat people up and that you know how it feels to be in my shoes?

S: Please explain to me how a man who claims he beat the best disappears of the planet for who knows how many years and then comes back to this company and claim's he wants a contract?, Yeah that's what I thought why would the "best" want to come back to this sh*th*** so basically in other words "Hilly" is lying to you as he failed to become a success and instead ended up becoming a worthless bum on the street who drowned himself in that poison you call "beer" due to the fact he failed to beat anyone in his pathetic so called career.

S: What about the man who is a Hobo? well he has been past it now for who knows how many years the man needs a walking stick to even get down a ramp, poor guy really thought it could have been his year' nah I’m just messing with you idiots there's more of a chance of Berserker coming back and wining it then him.

Scorpion begins to smile in a sarcastic fashion.

S: well what else is there to say really apart from making the BOD realize that there "fresh talent" has been standing right here since he walked into this company during NXT and was pushed out of the way due to being "better than the competition” as you all know I was "voted" off that cheap C rated show for being too good for it and how did i prove my point? , When I ended the second longest streak in 6WF history I showed everyone that I was looked down upon for too long but then it happened again the BOD cost me chance once more and placed me down where I should not have been and it’s time that I SHOWED YOU I AM THE REAL MAIN EVENT!

S: if there's any A** in the back that disagrees then well I’ll be waiting in the gold rush for you to come and say it to my face!!

Scorpion shoves the microphone straight into Reynolds’s chest.

S: Now get out of my way.


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Guest Fri 28 Sep 2012, 9:25 pm

The setting is the arena for 6WF Destiny. Its night time, with no sign of anybody being present. Faint footsteps can be heard in the tranquil night and they get louder, and louder and louder as it’s evident somebody is approaching. Adorned on the face of the building is a huge poster promoting the PPV as the word ‘DESTINY’ is flanked by a number of 6WF stars, casting their eyes on the 6WF title, which is situated on the ‘T’. A person strides past the camera and stops on front of the building, training his eyes on the poster.

The camera moves around him and slowly starts moving up towards his face, his intense breathing connoting focus, desire…Want. The camera halts at his face, The Saint never takes his eyes away from the word Destiny as he begins to speak.

The Saint: This is it. My time. My moment. The opportunity that I’ve strived for, the chance I’ve bent backwards for, the time that The Saint turns his great year… Into the greatest year!!

I don’t know how many more times I have to emphasise that point, but this year, I’ve achieved feats that others deemed impossible, I’ve scaled peaks that were rendered insurmountable, exorcised demons that nay sayers claimed could never be exorcised. I’ve slowly but surely accrued the greatest resume that a man could boast and I’m now on the cusp, agonisingly close to beginning the end game. The end game that is The Saint headlining Born in Fire, competing for the 6WF Title, WINNING the biggest prize of them all on the grandest stage of them all. I’ve spent a year on the cusp, honing myself, developing a mind set, searching for that killer instinct that is a must to hold the biggest prize, and The Saint of 2012 now has the tools to be THE man in the 6WF.

It’s only right that I am the heir apparent, I’m the most dominant man to walk these halls, I made the now “unbreakable” Cassius Zhi tap out in his own signature match, I pushed him over his threshold, and left him clutching to whatever trace of life he had left, as I near on tore his damn throat out.

If that wasn’t enough, I then bested JJ Johnson over a sustained period. I weathered his “resurgence” and then when every man and his dog seemed to think Johnson had bested me…BOOM… One dose of Divine Intervention and it was all over… The Saint standing in a familiar position. A Position of dominance, head and shoulders above anyone else on this roster…


I break new ground, do things people never thought possible, I bring a relevance to this company, yet for the past year, I’ve been handed scraps rather than the meaty, succulent carcass that I deserve. I’m not calling it a conspiracy, because frankly, I’ve enjoyed re-establishing myself, reintroducing the dominance that has made me a living legend, I’ve adored slowly manifesting myself as an unpredictable, evil, calculated son of a bitch.

And I feel better for it, because now I believe that I can walk into that ring on Sunday, and cast aside anybody in my path. I’m on a head on collision with the World Championship and nobody can stop me!

Because my cretinous, pathetic colleagues, you’re simply going to have to accept that when you’ve fought, and strived, and fought and clawed your way towards the climax of the Gold Rush Battle Royal, that when that claxon sounds and Monster plays, your participation in that match is severely under threat. Because I will come out at number 30, fresh, fired up and I will hurt, I will bludgeon, I will dominate, I will take all of your dreams, your faint hopes and I will crush them in one fell swoop.

Because when the Gold Rush reaches its ending stages and I come out, it will rain Divine Intervention, it doesn’t matter if you’re JJ Johnson, Logan Kincade, TGA, The Scorpion, Javier Grace, Christopher Patricks, James McManus, Lucas Takeo… IT IS IRRELEVENT! It doesn’t matter who you are, because The Saint is so much better than you!

And Destiny will prove it!

Because I will realise my destiny, I will scale that final mountain and I WILL be in the main event of Born in Fire!

The Saint will be at the top of the mountain once again, in my rightful place…

And 6WF, there’s nothing you can do about it!

That’s my Destiny, defy it if you dare!


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Cable Fri 28 Sep 2012, 10:35 pm

Hi I'm Hidari Kenji and I Approve This Message =DD

(The scene takes place in a back-alley way where the 6WF Cameras Zooms to a man who is none other than Hidari Kenji showing wearing a Business Suit and a blue tie)

Hidari- Good Afternoon everyone and you are currently watching yet another Campaign Ad of mines. You see last time I talked to you and informed you why Trevor Swann is a overrated man and why his reign is very boring as how current European Champion through statistics and facts!

(Hidari smirks)

Hidari- Hobo good sir I heard alot about yourself i head you set records in the 6WF. Let's see former 6WF Hardcore Champion...World Heavyweight Champion... a former Tag Team Champion... Internet offense Ryder woo! Woo! WOO!

Hidari- But WOW Hobo you really about to make Grand Slam but you need the European Championship. You need the European Championship to complete your Grand Slam! Hobo I can't allow you to do that you see Hobo you maybe a former 6WF World Heavyweight Champion but I make this too good. I'm the most hardest working wrestler on this brand.


Hidari- I am the self proclaim top rising Superstar in 6WF and the same in 6WF. I beat former world champions and I am a uncrowned champion. Why should I let you win this European Championship where it's already in rust by Trevor Swann. I mean why should i let you climb my mountain top and win the gold?

(Hidari looks worried)

Hidari- I'm sorry to say this Hobo you may be a good political opponent even though I haven't heard from you all week.. I still would love to see you get your shot at Destiny.

Hidari- But speaking of Destiny let me tell you a lil about myself and my Destiny to finally after 11 months of busting my ass in this business without a sense of consideration. I will explain to you why it's my Destiny to walk out Destiny as European Champion. You see Hobo it's been my Destiny since day one to win Gold..ever since I stepped in 6WF. I told the world and the people in the back I was climbing the same exact ladder and i was going to push people off just to reach my Destiny! My destiny to become a champion! I told you I was coming up. You see Hobo my friend you had your chance! You had the spotlight now it's time for new blood! it's time for someone to make history! It's time for TV and the amazing viewers at home to witness a Japanese All Born European Champion!

(Hidari continues to smile)

Hidari- You see Hobo I'm not just expressing my opinion but I also telling you and the viewers at home the truth about what should happen at Destiny.

Hidari- By All Means. I'm taking that European Title to Japan!

Hidari- Now I will showcase you nothing but straight facts on why my other campaign opponent Hobo is also indeed not someone you would would want support this company! What 6CW needs is a true leader or the European Championship division. A Man who can move forward to success and bring righteousness back into The 6WF European Championship...

Hidari- Allow me to take your precious time as I pull a are about to watch another video within another video =)


Random Woman's Voice- Hello and welcome to another campaign ad sponsored by soon to be Future 6WF European Champion Hidari Kenji.

Random Woman's Voice- Once again we have have another problem with a superstar who feels that they could be the new 6WF European Champion. This time it's Hobo. Although Hobo has many success in his career pathway but he has failed many of times on given opportunities presented to him

(A Picture Shows Hobo winning his first singles title in 6WF)

Random Woman's Voice- On May 1st 2008. Hobo put into the battle royale for at the time the Internet Championship which is now the Freeweight Championship. That reign only lasted 10 days!

(A Picture is shown oh Hobo as a tag team champion with Bezerker.)

Random Woman's Voice- Yet another Championship title victory with then team mate Bezerker of trash tv. We do not know of his whereabouts. That reign only lasted a month.

(A Picture of Hobo winning the 6WF Hardcore Title from Mike Hill)

Random Woman's Voice- Yet here's another picture showing Hobo defeating Mike Hill but for the Hardcore Title. News Flash Hidari has already embarrassed and humiliated Mike Hill on some many separate occasions.

Mike Hill is what you would call overrated. -Hidari Kenji 2012

(A Picture shows Hidari pinning Mike Hill from 6CW 1..2...3)

Random Woman's Voice- And last but not to mention the 6WF World Heavyweight Championship...Hobo won this back in August of 2009 when he defeated then Champion The Enforcer. This reign only lasted a month.

(A Picture of Hobo today face to face against Hidari)

Random Woman's Voice- Hobo is the source of all you really want this short reigned man holding the 6WF European or would you want Hidari Kenji to carry 6WF on his back!

(I'm Supporting for Hidari Kenji are you?)

Hidari- I'm Hidari kenji and I approve this message

(Scene jumps back to Hidari)

Hidari- Now is it fair to allow such boring and sad excuse of a champion in 6WF. Where you have talented superstars and wrestlers who are committed each and every single week? Look no further Europe you found your guy! With the fans and Destiny! I will become the new 6WF European Champion!

(Hidari continues to smile)

Hidari- Thank You...Thank You for watching this broadcast presentation. As I said before by supporting me in the match on Sunday anything is possible and I guarantee I'll make each and everyone of you cry. Even babies =)

I'm Hidari Kenji and I'm here to bring hope back

Hidari Kenji 2012!

(Scene Fades Away)


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Crimey Fri 28 Sep 2012, 11:43 pm

(Jack Reynolds is nervously writing notes down as he sits in a room which has been specifically set up for this interview. There are two arm-chairs set up, one with a small table with an ash tray atop of it, Jack is in the other. There are several cameras set up, Jack is quickly writing stuff down. Suddenly the door is opened quite violently, this causes Jack is drop his notepad and he quickly drops to his knees and picks it up. He jumps to his feet and holds his hand out for Crime Lord to shake but the world champion ignores him and takes a seat.)

CL- Right, give us your questions.

(Jack sits down, embarrassed. He sits down, adjusts himself and looks down at his notepad ready to begin.)

JR- Okay...I'll get right into it...can you win at Destiny?

(Crime Lord looks at Jack in disbelief.)

CL- Can I win?...Can I win? Is that what you just asked?

JR_ Erm...yeah...yeah.

CL- Of course I can. Not only can I win, I will win. I am the most dominating, destructive world champion this company has ever seen, TGA and Cassius Zhi can only dream of achieving the same level of success that I have had in my time in 6WF. But Sunday is not about the success I have had in the past, it's not about the fact that I'm the most successful 6WF star ever, it's not about the fact that I was unbeaten for months, lasted a Time Attack match without being pinned, beat the entire's not about any of those things. It's about the future, and the success I will have in the future, starting at Destiny where I will not only beat, but crush TGA and Cassius, I will drive straight through them, straight to the Born in Fire main event.

(Jack is about to say something, he hesitates but says it anyway.)

JR- Is that not massive overconfidence, if anything TGA and Cassius are favourites in your match, as champion the odds are against you?

CL- It isn't overconfidence, it's the cold hard facts of the situation Jack. I'm better than Teej, I'm certainly better than Zhi. Together they might seem to be a tougher prospect but the truth is, both are so stupid, both are so arrogant that their own desires to win, their own obsession with attention will make it more difficult for each other, as Cassius will attempt to make an impact, he'll focus more on that than winning and TGA, he's on a mission to prove he's back and better than he was before. He's also stupid and driven by past failures, he will be too focused on getting the better of me, attention on making a point rather than becoming world champion.

I, on the other hand, have a clear mind, clear focus a clear retain this world championship. Nothing more matters. I don't care about impressing the fans. I don't care about getting some form of revenge over TGA, I achieved that years ago when I ended his title run. I am fully determined to leave Destiny as World Heavyweight Champion. If Cassius Zhi wants to pretend he's a source of addiction, if TGA wants to seek out revenge, they're free to do only makes my path, my goal that much easier to achieve.

JR- Is this the biggest match of your career Crime Lord?

(Crime Lord smirks, before setting back in his chair to think about the question.)

CL- This match is a career-defining match, the be all and end all... unmeasurably important.....for TGA and Cassius. For me...this match is just another step on the ladder, another foot of the mountain of the overall aim. I am on a pathway not to only to establish myself as a 6WF legend, but as THE Legend, I want it so that nobody, not Hero, Saint, not JJ, not Cassius or TGA can ever be spoke in the same breath as me. I am on a level of my own, a level not reachable by anybody else and I have got here through sheer talent, through honing my skills. Each world title reign has gotten me closer to being the undisputed best...they both failed. However, this world title reign, this title perfect. It's the one, the one that I always knew I could do, always promised I would do and it is the one that I will fulfil to the very end. I will defend this title, I will hold this title and I will keep this title for as long as I see fit!

I will go to Destiny, I will beat the men who are seen as so talented, so...special. I will crush that idea, I will crush it into dust, tear it's insides out and rip it apart until nobody would be stupid enough to doubt me against such insignificant wastes of time. Then, the next step is Born in Fire, I will take my rightful spot at the top of the Born in Fire night, I will be reborn in fire when I demolish whoever is unlucky enough to win the Gold Rush battle royal, I will leave them and the rest of the world speechless. Nobody....nobody is capable of beating me, they can win all the career-making matches they want, I will show them for what they are....NOTHING, NOBODYS!!! Cassius Zhi...TGA...Every. Single. Person in 6WF will fall to me and they will have no choice.

I will end Born in champion...unbeatable...THE UNDISPUTED LEGEND of 6WF! The first step...the first step is TGA and Cassius, they come first.

(Crime Lord stares deeply into the camera as Jack Reynolds has clearly run out of questions, the scene fades out with Crime Lord still intently staring at the camera, breathing heavily. Cassius and TGA his intended targets.)


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Gregers Sat 29 Sep 2012, 3:42 pm

(Team Japan and James McManus are still in the ring when "Its an Omen" screams out, the crowds boos intensify as Chaos jumps out onto the stage before charging down the the ring. The music has barely changed to Granite before Chaos gets into the ring. He snatches the microphone from one of the Team Japan chumps before starting)

C: Now let me catch up a little. All I've heard is you stealing my catch phrases and wasting everyones time. You come in here and start calling my Parasites by that name, start telling me that I can't wrestle, start walking around as the, and I quote, True Japanese trash that you are.

Now you listen here you *beep*, I am a former Undisputed Champion. I have been there and done it, what exactly have you achieved? Some fame in a backwards country that half of this audience have probably never even heard of and a sole reign with the Tag Team belts in a company who went out of business the minute that their association with 6WF finished.

Do you know why that is? Well do you? Well heads up you two parasites its because yours truly wasn't on the 6CW roster. Its because idiots such as you two and that even more annoying samurai that you two follow were treated as a big deal.

However I must congratulate you on actually paying attention to what James here was saying. I mean its not as if you got an imposter to pose as me and run away like a scared little girl last week. You see that is why you will never be a big deal. And all of this "Chaos and McManus" can't wrestle, (Chaos puts on a mocking Japanese accent) For we are the bestest wrestlers in the whole wide world and you alweady knew that". You dragged yourself into this when you decided to get in the way of me teaching James here a lesson about respect so how about you get out of my damn ring.

(Chaos spits in the face of one of the members of Team Japan who looks to be on the brink of tears)

Oh I am sorry, do you not like it when I force you to get out of character. When I come out and school you in how this company works.

(Chaos laughs manically before turning to McManus)

As for you, for the first time since we started our little disagreement you are finally showing some fire. Keep this up and you might actually be worth listening to from time to time.

Remember James, you work for me and this weekend you will be there and not get in my way. As I finally complete my Destiny of becoming the Greatest

(The crowd boos as McManus reluctantly says Greatest)

Greatest Triple Crown Champion of all Time. At Destiny I take my seat amongst the immortals.






(Chaos turns back to Team Japan and laughs at them)

And no one is going to get in my way.




(On Boom chaos chucks the microphone back and Team Japan before laughing as the lights flicker before going off. A women's voice is heard whispering "Destiny". When the lights come back on Chaos is nowhere to be seen and Team Japan are down. McManus looks around before smirking and raising the Tag Titles high into the air)


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Cable Sat 29 Sep 2012, 8:21 pm

Dopant Zero RP

(Tsukasa looks annoyed as the lights continues to flicker on and off. Technical Difficulties)

Tsukasa- Chaos


Talk Nonsense


Tsukasa- In case you haven't noticed self proclaim Triple Crown Champion we've been at the entrance ramp this whole time assaulting your little b!tch James Mcmanus. No one isn't even in the ring if you open your eyes.. and how cute of you to run away giving that horrific speech. I can wait to see Blade now!

Kenzaki- Tick....Tick...BOOM!???? (Kenzaki continues to laugh)

Kenzaki- I know what it is Tsukasa Chaos just didn't want to get that ass beat thats why he ran off once again leaving his partner all alone and you think you're going to win the 6WF Tag Team Titles because of Chaos and he's a former World Champion! Hell we whopped Former World Champions asses who couldn't even perform well as a Tag Team so what makes you think that you'll walk out of Destiny as the new 6WF Tag Team Champions!?????

Tsukasa- Let's face it Tsukasa Chaos is just as delusional as his Gimmick!

Kenzaki- BURN!!!!!!

Tsukasa- What it's true... I couldn't even take Chaos seriously and his godly low rating title reigns! Speaking of which didn't he lose to Blue Dragon at Night of Glory who only held that title for one whole day? Talk about a smack to the face. He lost to Blue Dragon of all people who can't even beat Logan Kincade for the Hardcore Championship

Kenzaki- Overrated?

Tsukasa- Overrated!

Tsukasa- Not let us clarify on some things real quick. This whole Triple Crown nonsense you wouldn't even live long enough to see Grand Slam! And you thinking we've took your words. Please we've been calling your kind European Parasites since we started back in 6CW and the next time Chaos you runaway...Me and Kenzaki would be happy to put your sad excuse of a tag team partner James Mcmanus through a table!

(Kenzaki takes the mic away)

Kenzaki- Tsukasa we can wait to do that Sunday...and speaking of Arguments ever since we stepped through those doors Mcmanus and where abouts unknown Chaos you two are the main idiots who continue to get in our way and for what reason to lose to us week after week. Tomorrow we're not playing any damn games. We're taking this as Life or Death!

We will cause Death and Obtain your Life!

Tsukasa- I feel much better at least knowing that if I would've known Chaos had dead relatives I would pay my respect and pee all on their graves with my english cup of tea!!!!!

(Kenzaki laughs as the fans chant "You Suck")

Tsukasa- McManus the next time you see your b!tch of a tag team partner make sure he brings a flower because tomorrow will be his funeral and you'll be the one giving a speech on how Chaos was a boring unsuccessful Champion and Dopant Zero sent his ass to the emergency room!

Kenzaki- Tomorrow we will achieve our Destiny


Tsukasa- We will make you all suffer or die and Team Japan will be unstoppable with both European Titles and Tag Team Titles in our stable!

(Scene Fades Away)


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Amy Sat 29 Sep 2012, 8:47 pm

As the Scene begins to fade, the lights in the arena begin to flicker a red light ,on and off, on and off. As the Halloween theme eerily players over the arena speakers. Dopant Zero look around the stage area.

MW- Eliminator?

RJ- Surely Not, Why Dopant Zero?

The Eerie music stops and the arena is still lit up in a red light, Mcmanus is gone and Eliminator appears on the screen of the tron

E- You Really Think I Would Waste My Time On You 2 Parasites, HAHAHA. I Could Eliminate You 2 With My Little Finger.

Eliminator's image fades. And the process that happened at the start of this happens again. The Lights in the arena go off, when they come on again Dopant Zero are covered in a blood red type liquid. Eliminator can be heard laughing sadistically. Before he can be heard speaking again.

E- The Parsite Killers will rise from the ashes in a new form and take what should be theres


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Nay Sun 30 Sep 2012, 9:38 am

*Nay pulls his Jogging bottoms up at the thighs as if expecting Logan to strike, before starting to patrol the ring again.*

Nay: Its not just me that you're boring, even your number one fan Michael Wire is falling asleep.

*Nay points to a shocked looking Michael Wire who in turn shakes his head and points to a quivering RJ*

Nay: Logan do you really think I envy what you have, why would I want to be some jacked up orphan boy with such an inferiority complex that he has to pick on a middle age commentators to make him feel masculine. Or is that just how you get your jollies and this whole thing is you struggling to come terms with your sexual preference of dominating middle age men and sleeping with goats.

How does feel knowing that the one man willing to take you under his wing McGraw decides on the biggest night of your life to just leave you, just like every body else has in your life.

I don’t envy you Logan, I do worry what is gonna happen in that all ready messed up head of yours, when this nobody hanging onto your coat tails, wins that Hardcore Title leaving you once again second best to Blue with the measly third longest reign, and further proof they were right to dump you’re a$$ in the street.

*The crowd are going in raptures as Nay goes face to face with Logan, whose face is contorted into a maniacal rage*

RJ: Is this wise of Nay, does he really want to provoke Logan like this.

MW: He probably just wants Logan to hit him in the head again so he has a ready made excuse when he loses.

*Nay steps back from the face of grinning and heads for the ropes*

Nay: This is the biggest night of both our careers Logan, defining moments, but the difference is I lose I go back to the bottom of ladder which I now know I can climb again, you lose everything, can you really handle that pressure. Can you really handle knowing if you lose tonight you may never prove you are the true dragon.

*Nay climbs through the ropes and jumps onto to the floor, backing up the ramp staring at Logan stood in the ring*


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Lee Sun 30 Sep 2012, 10:13 am

Logan begins to laugh uncontrolably.

LK: Go on Nay, play yourself down.. So that when you lose.... And you will. You can jump right back into the role of the plucky under dog.... Well there will come a time when all that will wear thin and the truth about your lack of ability shines through....and then...well i will be there to laugh in your god damn face when these fans grow tired of you!

No you just run away from the facts Nay...just like you run away from me and claim that i avoid you ha hahaha as if i would ever run from you.... So run Nay! Ruuuuuuun!!!! Hahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hnnnnnnnnnnnn hahahahahahahaha

Hnnnnn and Blue.... I know you are watching. I know you are hiding.....well thats understandable seeing how i am and forever will be. YOUR. BETTER!

MW: Logan is pumped for this RJ he cant possibly lose tonight

RJ: He has a real task on his hands tonigh mike....a reql task


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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by Uryu Ishida Sun 30 Sep 2012, 11:34 am

*Uryu is seen in the gym with the rookies as they all look tired*

Uryu: C'mon, I wanna close up here. You guys rest up.

*Uryu and the rookies chat a bit as he locks up, they walk a little way when Uryu shakes his head*

Uryu: I forgot my phone, you guys head home. Get some rest, you earned it.

*The rookies wish Uryu luck in the Gold Rush as he walks back to the gym, pulling his phone out of his pocket and putting it away. He unlocks the gym and enters, locking himself inside and leaving one light on. He proceeds to hit a heavy bag furiously*

Uryu: I can't lose that match, not for her. She deserves it and will get the best suprise of all!

*The scene fades as Uryu intently focuses on training through the night*

Uryu Ishida

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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

Post by BlueDragon1205 Sun 30 Sep 2012, 7:29 pm

Blue Dragon strides through the doors to the arena with a dark smile on hs face, Not the Blue Dragon that we're used to seeing recently....

BD: Here we are, Destiny. Last year I walked out of this PPV as the Gold Rush Battle Royal winner and them spent months fighting for the 6CW championship. To my knowledge I am the only ma to Fight for the 6CW championship in one Pay Per View and the 6WF Title the very next month..

Blue Dragon begins to walk down the corridor and comes to a door with his name on it...

BD: Blue Dragon, A moniker that holds so much mystery.. But not for long, I have had word that next week, a Special Series will begin, and well, I'm not too happy about it...

Blue Dragon opens the door slowly looking around the gap and into the room looking slightly nervous...

BD: I know Logan's got something planned for tonight, and I know that he's been waiting to get me off guard so I've stayed away from 6WF untill now

He walks inside and is ready to close the door....

BD: I'm not taking any chances, I know what that Lost little lamb is capable of....

Dragon slams the door but we hear him mutter to himself...

BD: About as much as me......

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6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September Empty Re: 6WF Presents - 'Destiny!' Sunday 30th September

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