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Jimi Empty Jimi

Post by ONETWOFOREVER Tue 23 Apr 2013, 3:14 am

Have to admit I have just discovered Jimi Hendrix and his music. I can say, having just listened to 3 or 4 songs that this guy was a genius.

Night bird flying - There is about 9 or 10 different riffs in there
Dolly Dagger - Rock, blues, funk infusion
Manic depression - fantastic song

I know I am a little late but better late then never.


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Jimi Empty Re: Jimi

Post by Rowley Tue 23 Apr 2013, 7:41 am

Like you say Onetwo, better late than never. Not a huge fan of Hendrix but you have to be an idiot not to realise he is some guitarist. Are you experienced is about his best album in my opinion. Personally prefer Jimmy Page as a guitarist, his early stuff with the Yardbirds and early Led Zep is outstanding, once they get into the 10 minute drivel about middle earth and the like I kind of lost interest.


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