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Santa tour - Aviva stadium (Landsdowne) - For Irish rugby parents

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Santa tour - Aviva stadium (Landsdowne) - For Irish rugby parents Empty Santa tour - Aviva stadium (Landsdowne) - For Irish rugby parents

Post by GunsGerms Mon 02 Dec 2013, 10:48 am

On Saturday I took my four year old son to see Santa at the Aviva stadium. For the last couple of years I have brought him to a number of different Santa's grottos from the 2 and 1/2 hour queue at Hamleys in Dundrum to the Stephen's green one. None were great.

I was therefore really pleasently surprised the find out just how good the Aviva Santa tour turned out to be. I booked in advance so no waiting and the tour kicked off at 1:30 with a tour of the premium level with maginificant views of the stadium while the guide explained that the Aviva is Santa's Irish headquarters and paints an wonderful picture for the kids of how Santa and his reindeer take off from the pitch and out the short end of the roof on Christmas eve.

The tour continued to the press conference room which is decorated in Christmas adornments and a video of a log fire blazing on a big projection wonderfully setting the scene as the guide continues to tell the kids tales of elves and christmas presents. Then on queue the tanoy comes on and blasts out crowd noises as we are lead out the tunnel to the pitch. Wow I felt like a kid myself, "this is where Richie McCaw lead the All Blacks out last Sunday" the guide remarked as all the Irish dads boo in tandem. I was starting to wonder who was enjoying this more my son or I. After a few photos of the stadium and the subs benches we moved on.

We also go to see the home changing room (elves changing room) and the press room (toy factory) and then onto Santa's grotto. Santa and his elf were easily the best I have seen. All the kids gathered round in a brilliantly decorated grotto and listened for about 10-15 minutes as Santa told stories and joked with the kids and parents. They were excellent and hilarious. Then the kids all took turns getting their photo taken with Santa and received their gifts.

through grabone deals I paid €11 for one child and two adults and it was the best money I have spent in a long time.



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