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Andy Murray - Future Tennis Coaching Star

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Andy Murray - Future Tennis Coaching Star Empty Andy Murray - Future Tennis Coaching Star

Post by Guest Sun 02 Feb 2014, 11:38 pm

I keep hearing things like xxx has spent three weeks working in Miami with Andy Murray's team. For example in the Davis Cup report on the BBC site we have:

"Smith is a forward-thinking captain who is not afraid to take risks. He was very tempted to pick 19-year-old Kyle Edmund, who has put on half a dozen kilos of muscle since Wimbledon and impressed Murray when he tackled the same drills during a three-week training stint in Miami." BBC 31/01/2014

So I am wondering is Murray going to end up a tennis coach like his mum, opening up an academy etc. He would probably base himself in the US rather than Scotland or Ecuador England.


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Andy Murray - Future Tennis Coaching Star Empty Re: Andy Murray - Future Tennis Coaching Star

Post by YvonneT Mon 03 Feb 2014, 8:50 am

I don't know about opening an academy, but I think he'd be a good coach. I certainly can't see him doing much media work when he's retired!

Given previous conversations on here about how Murray's box (Lendl aside) behave during his matches (allowing tension to show, excessive fist-pumping etc), I found it notable how he behaved during Ward's match on Friday. He appeared very calm and certainly gave him encouragement without any of the excesses of his own box. Barely a fistpump in sight!


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