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6CWF Schedule 2024 - 2025

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6CWF Schedule 2024 - 2025 Empty 6CWF Schedule 2024 - 2025

Post by JJJohnson Fri 17 Oct 2014, 7:43 pm

Thursday 25th July - Proving Grounds
Sunday 4th August - "Night of Champions"
Wednesday 14th August - Proving Grounds
Saturday 24th August - Proving Grounds

Monday 9th September - 6CWF Presents Beachfront Brawl
Live from King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, Saudi Arabia

Thursday 19th September - Aftermath
Sunday 29th September - Proving Grounds
Tuesday 8th October - Proving Grounds (Special Event)
Saturday 19th October - Proving Grounds
Monday 28th October - Proving Grounds

Monday 18th November - 6CWF Presents Born in Fire XII
Live from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, England

Thursday 28th November - Aftermath
Saturday 7th December - Proving Grounds
Tuesday 17th December - Proving Grounds

Saturday 4th January - 6CWF Presents At World's End
Live from Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany

Tuesday 14th January - Aftermath
Friday 24th January - Proving Grounds
Monday 3rd February - Proving Grounds
Thursday 13th February - Proving Grounds

Monday 3rd March 2025 - 6CWF Presents Day of Reckoning VIII
Live from Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales

Thursday 13th March - Aftermath
Sunday 23rd March - Proving Grounds
Wednesday 2nd April - Proving Grounds
Saturday 12th April - Proving Grounds
Tuesday 22nd April - Proving Grounds

Monday 12th May - 6CWF Presents Night of Glory X
Live from Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland

Thursday 22nd May - Aftermath
Monday 2nd June - Proving Grounds
Thursday 12th June - Proving Grounds
Sunday 22nd June - Proving Grounds

Friday 11th July - 6CWF Presents Scars and Stripes
Live from TBA

Monday 21st July - Aftermath
Thursday 31st July - Proving Grounds
Sunday 10th August - Proving Grounds
Wednesday 20th August - Proving Grounds

Monday 8th September - 6CWF Presents Beachfront Brawl XII
Live from TBA

Thursday 18th September - Aftermath
Sunday 28th September - Proving Grounds
Wednesday 8th October - Proving Grounds
Saturday 18th October - Proving Grounds

Wednesday 5th November - 6CWF Presents Born in Fire XI
Live from TBA

Saturday 15th November - Aftermath
Tuesday 25th November - Proving Grounds
Friday 5th December - Proving Grounds
Monday 15th December - Proving Grounds

Wednesday 31st December - 6CWF Presents Seasons' Beatings
Live from TBA


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