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Lucha Underground 25/2/15

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Lucha Underground 25/2/15 Empty Lucha Underground 25/2/15

Post by Fernando Thu 26 Feb 2015, 5:00 pm

Aerostar vs. Drago

A quick series of reversals end in a big DDT by Drago, and he follows up with a kick for 2. Drago misses a charge in the corner and gets hit with double knees and a second rope dropkick from Aerostar. A kick sends Aerostar outside, and Drago scores the first flip dive of the night.

Aerostar gets the advantage and hits a dive of his own, but back in the ring Drago lands an armdrag from the top. A series of pin reversals does nothing for either man, but Aerostar hits a magnificent springboard sunset flip powerbomb to the outside and a springboard splash for the pin.

Winner: Aerostar via pinfall (springboard splash)

The two shake hands after the match. Dario Cueto emerges from his office and says they're not done fighting. He's turning this into a best of 5 series after their first match last week. He said the winner will get a unique opportunity.

Cage vs. Prince Puma

A sloppy huracanrana from Puma is followed by a disgusting Cage clothesline that sends Puma to the outside. Cage takes control and punishes Puma with punches, kicks, and chokes on the rope. A big suplex from Cage leaves Puma in a bad way, he's getting dominated.

Puma elbows and kicks a charging Cage before eating a powerslam. Cage misses a springboard moonsault and Puma is trying to get the crowd behind him. A clothesline doesn't move Cage, but an enziguri sees him knocked outside. Puma delivers a breathtaking springboard shooting star press to the outside! Puma hits a springboard 450 inside, but Cage kicks out!

A Puma huracanrana gets two, but he drops Cage with another big kick to the head. He signals for his finish but misses off the top rope. Cage clobbers Puma with a discus clothesline, but Puma gets the shoulder up. Cage follows up with a huge pumphandle face first slam, but Puma kicks out again. Cage has the Stretch Muffler locked on, but Konnan appears to encourage Puma to get to the ropes, which he does.

A double powerbomb from Cage sets up the Weapon X, but Cage doesn't go for the pin. Cage mounts Puma and starts pummeling him. Konnan throws in the towel.

Winner: Cage via corner stoppage.

Apparently Cage gets a world title shot from the victory, essentially handed to him by Konnan.

- Puma is upset backstage, and Konnan says he did him a favor.

- Sexy Star is in Dario Cueto's office, and says she's mad at The Crew for putting Pimpinela and Sagrada in the hospital. Cueto says Big Ryck has a beef with The Crew, so if she wants to fight them, she has to get through Ryck next week. So....Big Ryck vs. Sexy Star next week.

Vinny Massaro vs. Pentagon Jr

Pentagon Jr is about to slaughter this guy. Yep, he's slaughtered. Penatgon slaps him in the chest, and kicks Massaro in the face. 3 Up 3 Down kills Massaro. Pentagon continues to be one of the best booked characters in wrestling.

Winner: Pentagon Jr via pinfall (3 Up 3 Down)

Pentagon powerbombs Massaro through a table. Damn, bro. He then breaks the arm of Massaro and the crowd loves it.

King Cuerno vs. Johnny Mundo

Mundo with a quick takedown and strikes, then follows up with a knee to the face for two. A superkick sends Cuerno outside and Mundo does a parkour dive to the outside.

Back inside Cuerno hits a big backbreaker, then goes to work on Mundo's leg. Mundo fights back and hits a spear that only gets two. Cuerno and Mundo trade reversals until Mundo kicks out of a roll-up attempt.

Mundo is kicked to the outside, and Cuerno lands the fifth, sixth, and seventh dives of the night. The two get a double countout and clothesline each other.

Result: Double Countout

The two trade punches and brawl throughout the Temple. Mundo hits a big kick to lay Cuerno out. They continue to fight up the stairs. The show ends as they go crashing through a gate after a long, good brawl.

- The woman we've seen around the Temple is tied up in a car trunk, and a masked wrestler pulls her out.


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