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New in the bag

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New in the bag Empty New in the bag

Post by JAS Sat 30 May 2015, 3:05 pm

Surprised we don't actually have a thread to discuss our new purchases. so here goes then I'll start

Just purchased: Callaway Mack Daddy 2 tour grind wedges in 52 & 56 deg, in the 60 went for the PM grind.
Cost: got the 52 for £70 as it's been on demo for the past week should have been £90, the PM grind 60 deg was £100 so £260 all in.

Reason for purchase: loved my old 52,56 & 60 Callaway wedges but 4 years of constant use has taken its toll and I was finding I was missing just a little fizz & stop with them.

Initial thoughts: the spinnage is incredible, takes my flop to a new level, love the way they slice through the sand in bunker shots. Was going to be a bit apprehensive about changing from wedges that have served me so well but wow, no worries with these babies.

1st comment I got on the practice area was "They CANT be legal!!"


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New in the bag Empty Re: New in the bag

Post by puligny Sat 30 May 2015, 4:35 pm

JAS - I invested in some lessons, and one relatively small change has been worth all the money. Not sure if that counts, except it makes quite a few of my clubs seem new/different. I've always been a bit stubborn about lessons, but found a way of working that really suits.
Probably saved me a fortune on clubs!!
Interesting to hear your views on wedges, as that is the one area where I probably need something due to wear and tear!


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New in the bag Empty Re: New in the bag

Post by raycastleunited Sun 31 May 2015, 11:01 am

I bought my irons in 2004. How much difference could I expect from a new set? I know driver technology seems to leap forward every year, but what about irons?

I recognise that the grooves in the wedges, especially the lob wedge (TM RAC black tour 60 deg if you must know), won't grip the ball like they used to, but is the difference really noticeable on short pitches and chips around the green?

I play a lot less than some of you lot (c.30 rounds per year) so I'm not wearing out clubs so much.


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New in the bag Empty Re: New in the bag

Post by navyblueshorts Mon 01 Jun 2015, 3:33 pm

Personally, I think the wedge wear/tear is hyped up hugely by the OEMs...but then they're out for our money so why not?

New in the bag? Not a lot as money's too tight to mention just now. Gave an old battered Ping Anser a trial a while back and really liked it so did a bit of eBay trawling and got lucky picking up an über (well, nearly) rare BeNi Ping Scottsdale Anser putter on eBay for £30 a few weeks back. It's both pristine and, now I've practiced with it a bit, fabulous. Suits my eye very well and I have confidence it's pointing where I want it.

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New in the bag Empty Re: New in the bag

Post by Roller_Coaster Tue 02 Jun 2015, 2:42 pm

Awaiting a Titleist AP2 gap wedge (50) purely on spec as I can't hit my Cleveland Rotex CB 50 particularly well and need something between my 46 (Cleveland 588 CB) pw and my 54 (Cleveland Rotex CB).

Might work, might not but I had some prize money and thought I'd spend it on golf and I do like a nice shiny, shiny in the bag.


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New in the bag Empty Re: New in the bag

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