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Kevin Michell

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Kevin Michell Empty Kevin Michell

Post by leedizzle1986 Mon 01 Jun 2015, 8:12 pm

I have to admit I am a fan of Kevin and his fight Saturday has raised a lot of questions in my head.

After thinking his chance had gone and expecting another Burns type loss I don't think a fight has ever took me in like Linares vs Mitchell. As a big fan I was off my seat in the 5th and screaming for him to hold and somehow make it through the tenth. It was a great performance from Mitchell against an extremely good opponent who must have a legitimate claim to be the man at lightweight.

I seen a tweet which summed it up perfectly for me " He may not have won but Kevin Mitchell finally left it all in the ring in a world title fight" My worry is will he ever get that title his talent surely merits?

I don't excuse the Katsidis and Burns debacles but I think it's fair to assume he is telling the truth regarding his lack of preperation. I was sceptical when he said it was different this time, but then he went in the ring and proved it. Let's face it if he produced like he did on Saturday in his previous shots he would likely have been a champion by now.

Where does he go from here? Will hanging with Linares and having a legitimate claim to have been up on points give him more confidence and he will continue to improve or was Saturday "his night", the night where it all came together and it still just wasn't enough. Will he still get redemption by becoming a world champion or is finally producing a gallant effort in a title fight his redemption of sorts?

I hope it's the former but fear it may be the latter.


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Kevin Michell Empty Re: Kevin Michell

Post by TRUSSMAN66 Mon 01 Jun 2015, 8:33 pm

He's finished...........Did you see that eye !!

I'm afraid like your boy Paul Hodkinson...Everytime he's banged on that eye it's going to swell...............Worst eye I've ever seen..

Talented kid who in fairness did Britain proud on Saturday night with a cracking display....

But a bit of a loser maybe...........After all If he'd survived the round and been stopped with that eye he would have won on points... because it would have gone to the cards.......

Unlucky on Saturday but should have beaten Burns and katsidis and didn't take his chance..



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Kevin Michell Empty Re: Kevin Michell

Post by Hammersmith harrier Mon 01 Jun 2015, 8:46 pm

I'm fairly sure it was the damage to his eye that caused the referee to stop it Truss so it was at the point where it was no longer deemed to have been casued by a headbutt.

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Kevin Michell Empty Re: Kevin Michell

Post by Hands Of Stone Mon 01 Jun 2015, 10:04 pm

I really like Mitchell and feel so sorry for him but you have ti think the boat has well and truely sailed now, that eye was so bad

Look at the 3 fighters he lost too then its a good list, linares is an undoubted skill, Burns was in the prime of his career and katsidis has a punchers chance against anyone.

Such a shame that he couldnt perform like he did against the other 2 like he did linares, as he couldve pulled off the win, but its easy to say now.

Regardless hes a credit to british boxing, always remember his wars against Murray, Johanson and his great performances against Prescott, Estrada and Linares

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Kevin Michell Empty Re: Kevin Michell

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