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ESPN on the Warpath....

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ESPN on the Warpath.... Empty ESPN on the Warpath....

Post by melv500 Sat 22 Oct 2016, 3:05 pm

Couple of good articles here from ESPN about the state of the fights being made globally and lack of interest in the top fighters wanting to fight each other. I usually read ESPN everyday as I find they compared to Sky are much more impartial and honest when it comes to all things boxing. I'm not going to go off on about the Sky team but their "experts" are a joke. It's basically a load of mates blowing smoke up each other's arses. Their fight predictions are cringy beyond belief, basically always siding with their mate to win. For example every single of them picked Crolla to win his last fight, utterly impartial and throughly unprofessional. Anyway I digress....

First article is Dan Rafael taking about the whole of 2016. At the risk of contradicting myself from above I do find him a little overly negative about UK fighters but I think he pretty much nails this on the head:

Second article by Brian Campbell and at first I thought it was a bit harsh on Smith it's more of an attack on Alvarez and rightly so:

I'll leave you to decide if you think they are good but I thought it echoed what most people on here have germ saying.


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ESPN on the Warpath.... Empty Re: ESPN on the Warpath....

Post by AdamT Sat 22 Oct 2016, 5:59 pm

Cheers for the links!!


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