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PRO14 Championship - Facts & Stats 2017/18

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PRO14 Championship - Facts & Stats 2017/18 Empty PRO14 Championship - Facts & Stats 2017/18

Post by Pot Hale Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:05 am

Greetings to current and new fans of the new PRO14 Championship as it starts its first season.

A new structure, new teams, and a new season schedule. Exciting times. Welcome especially to all SA fans, either current ones such as our long-time member Biltong, generally a rock of sense and wisdom amongst the more excitable of us; and of course any fans of the Cheetahs and Kings who may be looking for a new forum to discuss their teams starting in the Championship. New voices are always welcome.

Unlike the other PRO14 topics already up, this topic is intended less as a free-for-all discussion topic and more as a fact-based one to post data on attendances, performances and players/teams, etc. Of course, that doesn't stop people having opinions and expressing them but I'd hope it might serve as a useful reference topic during the season on how teams are doing generally.

It's in all our interests that every team does well in the PRO14 as it seeks to expand, grow financially and compete at every level. So whilst we'll all naturally bicker, boast, banter and blag about each of our own team's respective performance and hopes during the season (Leinster to win it obviously
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