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Monthly Moaner - July

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Monthly Moaner - July Empty Monthly Moaner - July

Post by Derbymanc Fri 20 Jul 2018, 1:12 pm

By Dennis Dodge – It’s not been a particularly quiet month in the world of professional boxing but for me it has been, I’ve started a new job, looking at starting coaching again at a new club down South so haven’t really kept up with what’s going alas it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have something to whinge about so here we go.

Pacquiao apparently rolled back the years to KO Lucas Matthyse and as per usual people have gone nuts that Pac is back etc. He’s not really though is he, something of a shell I think he may be in danger of becoming a name on a record for the future superstars and with those loving to gloat over his downfall could cost him a lot in his reputation. Hang them up now and concentrate on yourself, you’ve given the world of boxing plenty of entertainment and shown yourself to be the boxer for our generation. Go enjoy yourself, train new stars and concentrate on your political career.

Off-seasons come to the amateur game so it’s all quiet there

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For anyone interested I'm being kept busy with articles the next 10 weeks i'm told so i'll be posting more on here, for those that aren't...................... well balls to you then :-)


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