Six Nations Competition - Week 5

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Six Nations Competition - Week 5 - Page 6 Empty Six Nations Competition - Week 5

Post by sportform on Wed 30 Jan 2019, 12:26 am

First topic message reminder :

Just one weekend to go in this year's Six Nations. No9 leads this competition after four rounds of fixtures but it's close at the top with only seven points separating him and Tattie Scones RRN, taylorman and Collapse2005 at the top of the overall leaderboard.

To enter All you have to do is guess the score of each game. You gain points on how close you are and the game outcome. This weekend's fixtures are listed below. To see the rules click on the spoiler. You can see the final tables from previous years below by following the links under here:-

2018 No9

2017 stub

2016 Tattie Scones RRN

2015 offload

2014 Norfolklass

2013 Bathman_in_London

2012 mr-bryns-attitude

2011 WillyGilly

2010 sportform

Please add your score predictions for this weekend's three games onto the end of this thread.

The rules are as follows:-
1) Each week you will be asked to predict the scores from that weekend's games. All predictions must be made before the start of the games.

2) You will be get points depending on how close you are to the actual score. Points will be awarded in the following way:-
- You will get 20 points for getting the correct match outcome.
- You will get 10 points for getting a teams score correct.
- You will lose one of those 10 points for every point you are away from a teams score. Therefore you must be with 10 points of a teams score to gain points.
- If you get a match score spot on you will be awarded with double points. So if the correctly predict a match's score you will receive a maximum 80 points.

Your prediction - Ireland 17-31 Wales
Actual result - Ireland 25-31 Wales
Your score 32 points

You would receive 20 points for correctly predicting Wales to win. As you were 8 points off Ireland's score you get 2 points for that and another 10 points for getting Wales' score spot on.

This week's of fixtures are:-

Italy v France
Wales v Ireland
England v Scotland

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Six Nations Competition - Week 5 - Page 6 Empty Re: Six Nations Competition - Week 5

Post by mikey_dragon on Sun 17 Mar 2019, 11:06 pm

carpet baboon wrote:
Wales 17  35 Ireland

Another good call.


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Six Nations Competition - Week 5 - Page 6 Empty Re: Six Nations Competition - Week 5

Post by Rugby Fan on Sun 17 Mar 2019, 11:24 pm

No9 wrote:
bsando wrote:
No9 wrote:Here we go.... Text Book way to throw the lead away..

Italy 28 - 22 France -{ Italy to have one game in them and France to have given up now
Wales 22 - 20 Ireland -{ Home crowd to pull Wales through for another Slam
England 18 - 20 Scotland -{ England to take foot off the gas expecting to win and Scotland to throw everything at them ... look out for the kitchen sink!!!

(100% prediction [winners] so far..... think this could go all pete tong this time.. Erm )

I really hope you are right that would be a fantastic days results!

Yep I was spot on.... it did all go Pete tong...1 from 3 this round. Erm

But who cares, Wales win the Grand Slam... Yahoo
They were three good calls, all in all, given the way the games went. Italy and Scotland could well have pulled off wins. Arguably, the one you got right was the most wrong, since it wasn't a close run thing at all for Wales in the end.

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Six Nations Competition - Week 5 - Page 6 Empty Re: Six Nations Competition - Week 5

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