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Wallaroos coaches resign for "unacceptable language"

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Wallaroos coaches resign for "unacceptable language" Empty Wallaroos coaches resign for "unacceptable language"

Post by Rugby Fan Sat 03 Jul 2021, 9:09 pm

There should be a law, that any media outlet reporting a story about unacceptable language, should spell out what was said (preferably with audio).

Wallaroos coach Dwayne Nestor and his assistant Matt Tink have sensationally resigned after allegedly using "unacceptable language" during the Super W tournament in Coffs Harbour.

Rugby Australia released a statement on Saturday night saying the coaches' language was targeted at "match officials, refereeing decisions and general play in an audio recording of the game which was then uploaded to the team's analysis portal."

The organisation said "some individuals have taken offence to the language used and Rugby Australia would like to apologise to those individuals for that."

N.B. Wallaroos are the Australian women's national XV

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