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Future Lions tour ideas (in a pandemic)

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Future Lions tour ideas (in a pandemic) Empty Future Lions tour ideas (in a pandemic)

Post by MichaelT Fri 09 Jul 2021, 2:43 pm

If this were to happen again, where travelling is such an issue, I suggest a Lions tour is more like this.

Instead of a combined Lions team of the 4 countries, why don't Scotland and Ireland combine to take on England and Wales? This match has happened in the past - 1955, to mark a Lansdowne Road stand opening - so its not completely new. I only know of this as the Lions twitter page has an auction for one of the shirts and just looked it up. Say we couldn't travel like now, wouldn't a tour like the following be interesting and drum up excitement.

Scotland/ Ireland could play Leicester, then Scarlets, then Saracens, then Cardiff
England/ Wales play Munster, Glasgow, Ulster, Edinburgh

Both teams would have four matches as warm ups over a few weeks then you have the 3 test series same as usual but held at Old Trafford as its not one of home stadiums, its more or less the middle and one country would miss out if held at home stadiums on 3 tests.

It could be any combination of the four countries mind, just liked the idea of it when I saw that tweet.


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