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World Cup hosts

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World Cup hosts Empty World Cup hosts

Post by No 7&1/2 Thu 12 May 2022, 1:01 pm

From the uardian:

'The USA will stage its first ever men’s Rugby World Cup in 2031 while Australia have been confirmed as the host nation for the 2027 competition following a World Rugby council meeting in Dublin. Australia will host the competition for the first time since 2003, when England were crowned champions, while the tournament will break new ground by taking place in the USA for the first time.

World Rugby’s council also rubber-stamped England as the host nation for the 2025 women’s World Cup as well as Australia and the USA for the 2029 and 2033 tournaments respectively as part of its revamped model of determining host countries, hailed as a “game-changer” by the governing body.

The decision to stage the competition in the USA will be a historic landmark for the sport with World Rugby confident of building rugby union’s profile in the nine-year lead up to 2031 and taking advantage of the commercial opportunities available. The bid was given backing by the US president Joe Biden, though the USA are not certain of a place at the 2023 World Cup and failure to qualify would represent a setback.

For Australia, the World Cup comes two years after the British & Irish Lions are set to tour and with the women’s competition following 24 months later, it represents ‘“a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revitalise and secure the future of the sport”, according to the union’s chairman, Hamish McLennan.

The World Rugby chairman, Bill Beaumont, said: “We have approved three exceptional Rugby World Cup host nations – England, Australia and USA – providing unprecedented certainty and an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate the growth and impact of rugby globally. It is great for rugby, for fans and for the host nations.

“The confirmation of host locations is supported by a new partnership approach to event delivery, that will power long-term, sustainable development, including in the USA and across the women’s game, enabling the sport to realise its global potential on and off the field, driving significant social and economic benefits for host nations. Today is a landmark moment for the sport, and an exciting development for fans. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in making this dream a reality as we look to deliver a truly global sport for all.”

England are the current favourites to win this autumn’s women’s World Cup in New Zealand and are seeking to capitalise on the groundswell of interest generated in the women’s game. The intention is to sell out Twickenham for the final and it is understood the Rugby Football Union has secured £14.5m in funding from the government to develop its legacy programme.

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The RFU’s chief operating officer and former England captain Sue Day said: “We are thrilled to be hosting Rugby World Cup 2025, it is going to be incredible. We would like to thank government for their support in making this possible. Working closely with government, UK Sport, Sport England and World Rugby together we will create a lasting legacy for women’s rugby in England, the UK and across the world, both in terms of attracting more people to play and attracting new fans.

“As we have seen from other home World Cups in cricket, hockey and netball, a Rugby World Cup will further advance all women’s sport. The tournament will also deliver significant economic benefits right across the country.”'

No 7&1/2

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World Cup hosts Empty Re: World Cup hosts

Post by majesticimperialman Thu 12 May 2022, 2:40 pm

I just hope that by naming the host nation in advance will encourage young girls and women to take up the sport leading up to that country's world cup.

I am very pleased that the Red Rose 's are hosting the 2025 Rugby world cup, the more the game gets spread around the better.
I also hope that come 2025 the likes of Scotland, Ireland will have full time rugby player, ( Full time contracts) It does not seem right that England and France are so far ahead in the sport.


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World Cup hosts Empty Re: World Cup hosts

Post by doctor_grey Mon 16 May 2022, 1:55 am

Lot's going on host-wise in America:
The women's game is really coming along, almost following the path of women's soccer in America. With my club here in NJ, our high school girls team is currently ranked 15th in the USA. And these ladies are skilled and have great coaching. Many of them come out and play Touch regularly with the rest of the club (men, women, old boys, HS girls and boys, and so on) every Sunday, in addition to our New Year's Day tradition). It is easy to see the fitness, skill sets, and teamwork. One of our former ladies player is currently with the USA Eagles. I have also seen massive jumps in skills at other regional clubs so the USA women might just be in good shape when they host their tournament.

I like the proposal to push the USA Men's RWC into summer months. Rugby would have - to an decent extent - a choice of pro and uni American Football stadia which can hold between 50k-110k supporters in every corner of the country. Plus with no real competition in summer from any team sport except baseball, the lack of competition in the media will also mean more media inches, which is critical.

One real concern I have is whether the RWC is big enough to bring meaningful games to enough cites in the USA. But that, at least, is a good problem to have (as long as some rocket-scientist at WR/IRB doesn't think it makes sense to play only one in each city). Strategically picking host cities with strong followings will help the game because with Rugby somewhat familiar in those places would help a real recruitment push from other sports at HS levels.


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World Cup hosts Empty Re: World Cup hosts

Post by doctor_grey Fri 17 Jun 2022, 6:02 pm

Just saw the selection of stadia to be used in the North American Soccer World Cup in 2026. I think the smallest building is BMO Place in Toronto which holds 40k. The rest are all 50k plus, in US all are NFL stadia ranging up to near 90k. These are the buildings in the major cities which we need for the US RWC.


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World Cup hosts Empty Re: World Cup hosts

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